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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][I][B]I didn’t want it to end this way....[/B][/I]

The full moon delivered it’s nighttime light. Puddles of water laid on the sidewalks as it clearly rained a few hours back. A clash of water sprung up into the air as the boy ran as hard as he could. Tears running down his eyes, fear striking him from every corner. No one was in sight, yet he ran as if something was chasing him to end his pathetic life. Then, came the voices.

[I][B]“Why did you kill me, Jeremy? Your only mother!”[/B][/I]

Jeremy blocked tried with all his might to shut out the voices. He didn’t have the sightliest of hat will become of him. He could never return to school, living the live as a rogue.

[I][B]“I am your father! What were you thinking?!”[/B][/I]

He took a quick step into a nearby alleyway as he tried to catch a breath. A light sprinkle began as he placed his hand against th brick wall. He couldn’t help sob and listen to the voices of the past. The ones who’s lives were ended because of him. Why did he do it?

[I][B]I didn’t mean it.[/B][/I]

[I][B]“You destroyed our lives! Why?!”[/B][/I]

[I][B]You had no right to hit me...[/B][/I]

“Jeremy Whitworth?” Asked a voice from the depths of the alleyway. The figure peered from the shadows as man, wearing a clock appeared from nowhere. His face scarred severely and his body seemed to be made of nothing but pure muscle. “I think you and me need to have a talk....”
Jeremy knew instantly who he was. He was from the ministry of Magic! He had come to take him away to Azkaban for murder! The boy knew what he had done was wrong, but he shouldn’t be punished. He didn’t mean it! The man inched closer to him as Jeremy started to rise up. He drew his wand.
“Boy, this is no time for foolishness. You have committed a crime. Be a man and do the right thing!” Jeremy face was covering with tears, easily showing he was scared, but a voice inside him wanting him to kill the man.

[I][B]End his life, Jeremy. Then you won’t go to Azkaban![/B][/I]

“Boy!!” Roared the man as he pulled out his wand to disarm Jeremy, but he was too slow. A green fiery glow came from Jeremy’s wand as the man knew he had made a mistake. The spell of death.
[I]“Avada Kedavra!”[/I]

Albert awoke, completely drenched in his own sweat. Panting, he scanned quickly around him, only to see the room engulfed in darkness. Clearly it was still night as he fell back down on his wet bed. He had his nightmare once again. The dream of Jeremy. His brother.... Hopefully the nightmares will vanish once Albert finally goes back to Hogwarts.

Which was Today.[/FONT]


[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Hello everyone who is reading this! welcome to Hogwarts! I've been reading book 7 and just had to make my own story as well. It got me in the mode, haha. Anyway, this will not be containing any spoilers become this is set way after the end of the 7th book, so those people who have not read it yet, don't you worry

The story will be primarily located in or around Hogwarts. Rarely would we actually leave and travel far away from Hogwarts. The RP will be loose and easy to follow. Everyone that joins will make a character of their choice and classes. They will be able to venture around Hogwarts and descover it's secrets. Consider it side-quests. Ultimately, it will all connect to the main storyline that revloves around Albert and Jeremy.


[U][B]Classes and how they work[/B][/U]

As Hogwarts is a school of magic, students are not taught ordinary subjects such as mathematics and English: in the case of some subjects, students are assumed to have been taught a basic level and are not expected to need any more; in the case of others, students simply never learn them. Before attending Hogwarts, most wizard-born children are home-educated by parents or others; muggle-borns or those in exceptional circumstances (such as Harry Potter) attend Muggle schools.

First and second year students all learn the same subjects:

[B]Herbology -[/B] teaches students how to properly care for and understand magical plants. Herbology class is located in the greenhouses.

[B]Potions -[/B] Teaches students the art of potion-making. This class is located in the dungeons.

[B]Transfiguration -[/B] teaches the form and appearance of an object, the conjuring and creation of objects, and the vanishing of objects. This is generally achieved through concentration, the precise waving of the wand and speaking the appropriate incantation. One of the trickier subjects, it requires great concentration and effort. Transfiguration is taught from the first year to the fifth, with the option of a N.E.W.T. course in the sixth and seventh years.

[B]Charms -[/B] teaches students about those spells which do not "fundamentally alter the properties of the subject of the spell, but adds, or changes, properties": for example, making tea-cups dance.

[B]Defence Against the Dark Arts -[/B] which teaches students how to properly defend themselves against the Dark Arts, including Dark wizards and creatures, although the subject matter varies greatly from year to year.

[B]History of Magic -[/B] teaches students about historical events in the wizarding world.

[B]Astronomy -[/B] teaches students about stars, planets, etc.

[I]In addition to these, first year students take flying lessons, taught by Madam Rolanda Hooch.[/I]

In their third year, students must choose at least two additional subjects to take. These can include:

[B]Care of Magical Creatures -[/B] teaches students all about magical creatures.

[B]Divination -[/B] teaches students the methods of predicting future events.

[B]Ancient Runes -[/B]teaches students about runic scripts.

[B]Arithmancy -[/B] teaches students about the magical properties of numbers.

[B]Muggle Studies - [/B] teaches students about the life of Muggles.

[I]There are also private lessons that can be taken at Hogwarts. In Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Harry takes Occlumency lessons. [/I]

Grading sheet (just for fun):

Passing Grades
O = Outstanding
E = Exceeds Expectations
A = Acceptable

Failing Grades
P = Poor
D = Dreadful
T = Troll

[B]A Student's Life[/B]

The day begins at Hogwarts with breakfast in the Great Hall. Students sit at their own House table and can eat as well as socialise, or finish homework. The headmaster eats with the professors at the High Table placed at the far end of the hall. During breakfast, owls bring in the students post, generally consisting of The Daily Prophet, letters from parents or friends, or packages from home. A bell signals the start of the first class of the morning at 9 a.m.

There are two long morning classes with a short break in between them for students to get to their next class. After lunch classes resume at 1 p.m., and there is a break around afternoon teatime before another class period. First year students sometimes get Friday afternoons off. In the evening students eat their dinner in the Great Hall, after which they are expected to be in their common rooms.

The four House dormitories have secret entrances known only to members of that house and require a password in order to gain entrance. Inside is the common room, which contain armchairs and sofas for the pupils, as well as tables for studying. There are fireplaces to keep the rooms warm, and students either relax here in the evenings or else complete their homework. There are notice boards in each common room too, as well as at other strategic points throughout the school. There are also parties in these common rooms, where students celebrate after winning a Quidditch game, or when someone from the house achieves something i.e. Harry Potter captures the Golden Egg in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. The students sleep in their House dormitories, which branch off from the common rooms. Each year gets at least two rooms; one for boys and one for girls. Each student sleeps in a large four poster bed with bed covers and heavy curtains in the House colours, and thick white pillows. There is a bedside table for each bed, and each dormitory has a jug of cool water and glasses on a tray.

On designated weekends, Hogwarts students in their third year or higher, with a signed permission slip, are permitted to walk to the nearby wizarding village of Hogsmeade, where they can relax and enjoy the pubs, restaurants and shops. There appears to be a good relationship between the school and the village, and the students get along well with the locals. Favourite places in Hogsmeade include Honeydukes Sweetshop, Zonko's Joke Shop (now closed), clothing stores such as Gladrags Wizardwear, the Shrieking Shack, rumoured to be the most haunted building in Britain, and the pubs The Three Broomsticks and The Hog's Head.

Year: (your year at hogwarts)
House: (The four houses)
Wand: what model is it?

Your classes you want to attend, posted under your sign-up.

(Its easy to put your classes together, just go which classes you want and also by 'A student's life" I posted just above. Let's have some fun!)[/FONT]
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[B]Question: [/B]Just [I]how[/I] long after the events of the Deathly Hallows does this take place? I've read the book so I'm not afraid of spoilers, just wondering if the school would still have the same faculty, some of the same students etc.

Here's my character:

[COLOR="Teal"][B]Name:[/B] Medea Weasley
[B]Age:[/B] 13 (born 29th of May)
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Personality:[/B] She's daring, outspoken and jovial - just like a true Weasley. Nobody's quite sure how she got sorted into the Slytherin House instead of Gryffindor, but it might have something to do with her secret ambition to reach higher than any Weasley has ever reached before.
[B]Biography:[/B] Medea is the descendant of the Weasley Siblings, legends in Hogwarts alongside Harry Potter. The weight of her ancestry hangs heavily on her shoulders, and she desperately wants to prove her worth.

To everybody's surprise she was sorted to the Slytherin House in her first day in Hogwarts, where as all of her cousins went to Gryffindor. She has since became somewhat of a black sheep in her family, although she doesn't agree with most of her classmates on the inferiority of Muggles and Squibs. On the contrary, she is very interested to see the Magic Realms and the Muggles' world united someday.

Nevertheless, she has grown proud and arrogant during her stay at the Slytherin, and she doesn't have many friends outside her House. Even her relatives at school shun her. But she'd rather concentrate on studying than petty rivalries.
[B]Year:[/B] Third
[B]Wand:[/B] 8 inches long, made of ash tree with a mermaid's hair as it's core.
[B]Familiars:[/B] A female tarantula she calls [I]Fat Widow[/I] and a grey owl named [I]Cinderby[/I].
Charms (her favorite class)
History of Magic (her least favorite class because she gets bored easily)
+ Divination
+ Muggle Studies (she's the only Slytherin in the class)[/COLOR]
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[size=1][indent][b]Name:[/b] Vera "Vee/Demon" Adriana Demens
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 14 (turns 15 on March 1st)
[b]Year:[/b] Fourth
[b]House:[/b] Ravenclaw
[b]Wand:[/b] Willow, 10 1/2?, dragon heartstring

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/VeraDemenssketchcolor.png][color=silver][b]Vera[/b][/color][/url] (Yes I drew/colored that myself. Leave me alone. XD)

Vera is a natural blonde, but accidentally transfigured her hair to a light blue when she was little and kept it that way. She has a somewhat pale complexion, and her eyes are a dullish brown. Since she's only fourteen she hasn't finished growing yet, but she is still frustrated with her tiny stature, standing at only 5'5?. She is also naturally slender, but lacks any accented curves. When not required to wear her uniform, she sticks to jeans and t-shirts with sayings that change, the occasional hooded jacket, and her black sneakers.

[b]Personality:[/b] Vera is a very intelligent, sharp-witted and somewhat sarcastic girl. She is often seen wearing a bored expression and doesn't put in much effort to meet new people, and is sometimes thought of as an introvert because of it. But those who do speak to her know her as very social and talkative, but understand that she just isn't [i]all[/i] the time. In class, she is the student who knows almost all of the answers but dislikes speaking in class, so she stays in the back, passing notes and doodling instead. Outside of class, she is quite studious (though a bit lazy when it comes to subjects she doesn't like), but a prankster as well, enjoying messing with her friends, but especially her enemies. She is prone to getting in trouble as well, having received over twenty detentions in her first three months at Hogwarts during her first year (though she's tamed a bit since then). She's an avid Quidditch fan, and one of the Beaters for the Ravenclaw team.

[indent][i]Schedule 1 (M/W/F)[/i]
? 12:00 AM - Astronomy
? 10:45 AM - Ancient Runes
? 1:00 PM - Care of Magical Creatures
? 2:45 PM - Herbology
[i]Schedule 2 (Tue/Thu)[/i]
? 9:00 AM - Transfiguration
? 10:45 AM - Charms
? 1:00 PM - Defense Against the Dark Arts
? 2:45 AM - Potions
? 3:30 PM - History of Magic[/indent]
[b]Bio:[/b] The youngest of two children, Vera was born to a pure-blooded, well-off wizarding family, and as such, has been aware and immersed in magic since she was first brought into the world. Her elder brother, Orrick, is four years her senior, and has been very protective of her since the two were little. She is closest with her brother, but loves her entire family very deeply. It was Orrick who first got in her involved with Quidditch, when the two would sneak out of their studies (since the two were home schooled up until their invitation to Hogwarts) to listen to games on his radio, and later when he took her to her first game (Holyhead Harpies vs. Kenmare Kestrels). His mischievous streak at home and at school also influenced her to become the troublemaker she can be nowadays.

Because Orrick was older than her, he went to Hogwarts when she was seven, and it was during her time apart from her brother that she showed a significant aptitude for transfiguration (transforming her own hair and the family dog) and charms. Her parents, both Ravenclaw alumni themselves, wanted at least one of their children to follow in their footsteps (as Orrick had been sorted to Gryffindor), and pushed her to study. She quickly proved that she was very intelligent, if a bit lazy, and developed the strong desire to make her parents proud of her.

When she was of age, she received the letter to Hogwarts and was fascinated by Diagon Alley when she was brought there by her family to purchase her books. She and her brother strayed away from their parents briefly after she had received her wand, and the two ended up getting lost for a bit, eventually stumbling into Eeylops Owl Emporium where she immediately fell in love with a uniquely colored owl, whom she named Aduro before she had even purchased him. When their parents finally found the two of them, although they were planning on giving her the family owl and purchasing a new one, they bought her her own instead.

Her first three years at Hogwarts are filled with various academic achievements, and a very good performance on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team to which she was promised a spot by the end of her first year. Her aggressive behavior on a broom and the position she played (along with several pranks she was a part of) earned her the nickname ?Demon?, as a play off of her last name. This year will be her first without her brother, who has graduated and is planning to train to be an Auror. She isn't too worried about it, though, as she has made plenty of friends during her previous years at Hogwarts.[/indent]
I hope you don't mind my set up of the schedule. For a student taking nine classes a day, I can't imagine having them all [i]everyday[/i] so I broke it up. If you'd like me to change that, just let me know. :3

[b]edit ::[/b] Excellent point Darren! I feel silly for not realizing that. xD;; Fixed my schedule to make more sense. ^_^[/size]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"] Great sign-ups everyone btw before I answer any questions.

[B]Gavin[/B]: I never really thought that someone would sign-up as a teacher, but given great thought, it should be allowed. So yes, I would be glad for you to sign-up as a teacher.

[B]Sandy[/B]: That also I never really gave much thought. I have a storyline, but not knowing the years past after deathly hallows, thats plain stupidity on my part. I would say maybe 20 years, I should have posted that I wanted the same staff there from the books. Im sure they would still be there even though 20 years has past.

Please, continue on the great sign-ups. I should be posting an underground thread soon everyone.

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[quote name='Lionheart'][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]
[B]Sandy[/B]: That also I never really gave much thought. I have a storyline, but not knowing the years past after deathly hallows, thats plain stupidity on my part. I would say maybe 20 years, I should have posted that I wanted the same staff there from the books. Im sure they would still be there even though 20 years has past.[/FONT][/QUOTE]

One specification, please: twenty years after the events of Deathly Hallows, or twenty years after the epilogue [spoiler](that takes place 19 years after the fight with Voldemort, and includes the main heroes' children attending Hogwarts).[/spoiler]

It would be great to include the stuff from the epilogue [spoiler](such as Neville being the Herbology teacher)[/spoiler], but everybody would have to read the book first (or spoil themselves) to know what happened in it.

What say you, Lionheart?
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[quote name='Sandy']One specification, please: twenty years after the events of Deathly Hallows, or twenty years after the epilogue [spoiler](that takes place 19 years after the fight with Voldemort, and includes the main heroes' children attending Hogwarts).[/spoiler]

It would be great to include the stuff from the epilogue [spoiler](such as Neville being the Herbology teacher)[/spoiler], but everybody would have to read the book first (or spoil themselves) to know what happened in it.[/QUOTE]

[SIZE="1"]I imagine he meant twenty years after the events of Deathly Hallows as opposed to the epilogue, which would set it somewhere around 2018 as opposed to 2037 otherwise, though for all bar Muggles I doubt it would make much difference.

As for staff [spoiler]McGonagall is gone as well apparently by that stage, I'd imagine Flitwick would probably have retired too, unless he's become like Prof Binns. Actually by this stage Neville is the only known member of Hogwarts staff.[/spoiler] [/SIZE]
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[quote name='Gavin'][SIZE="1"]
As for staff [spoiler]McGonagall is gone as well apparently by that stage, I'd imagine Flitwick would probably have retired too, unless he's become like Prof Binns. Actually by this stage Neville is the only known member of Hogwarts staff.[/spoiler] [/SIZE][/QUOTE]

I disagree. Dumbledore lived for hundreds of years, [spoiler]why couldn't McGonagall be the same? Rowling hints that she became the headmistress of Hogwarts after Snape's short term, and having her in this game would be great. But ultimately it's Lionheart's choice, we're not exactly going with canon material here. ;P[/spoiler]
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[quote name='Sandy']I disagree. Dumbledore lived for hundreds of years, [spoiler]why couldn't McGonagall be the same? Rowling hints that she became the headmistress of Hogwarts after Snape's short term, and having her in this game would be great. But ultimately it's Lionheart's choice, we're not exactly going with canon material here. ;P[/spoiler][/QUOTE]

[size=1]True enough, [spoiler]but according to [url=http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19959323/][B]this article[/B][/url] and Rowling herself, McGonagall isn't headmistress of future Hogwarts. And I still imagine many of the older teachers would have retired after the final battle, let the next generation pick up the slack so to speak.[/spoiler]

But you're right it is of course Lionheart's choice in the end.[/size]
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[quote name='Gavin'][size=1]True enough, [spoiler]but according to [url=http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19959323/][B]this article[/B][/url] and Rowling herself, McGonagall isn't headmistress of future Hogwarts. And I still imagine many of the older teachers would have retired after the final battle, let the next generation pick up the slack so to speak.[/spoiler][/size][/QUOTE]

I'm confused... What does the phrase "getting on a bit" mean, then?

[quote name='J.K. Rowling][spoiler]Nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts, the school for witchcraft and wizardry is led by an entirely new headmaster (?McGonagall was really [B]getting on a bit[/B']?) as well as a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.[/spoiler][/quote]
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[quote name='Sandy']I'm confused... What does the phrase "getting on a bit" mean, then?[/QUOTE]

[SIZE="1"]Getting old Sandy. Anyway, I've made enough off-topic posts for one thread. Sorry Lionheart.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=#35425E][b]Name:[/b] Rigel Rosier
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Year:[/b] 5
[b]House:[/b] Ravenclaw
[b]Wand:[/b] Rowan and dragon heartstring. At 8 and 1/2 inches long, its length looks even more abbreviated when seen with its lanky wizard.
[b]Familiar:[/b] A small fussy owl that answers to the name "Arthur". He's only good for sending letters; thank heavens most howlers are too heavy for it to carry.

When it comes to looks, Rigel is every bit a Rosier. He inherited his father's watery grey eyes and unusual hair color -- an even, dark grey shade that's not quite black yet not a single bit elderly in appearance. His ruddy cheeks bring a burst of color to his livid complexion, a rosiness that looks especially shocking after a few minutes of flying. Upon closer inspection, it appears that his nose is bent a little to the left, and his thin lips are nearly the same color as his pale skin. How these features managed to combine into a fine-looking face is one of the reasons why he is easy to spot in a crowd.

...Well, other than the fact that he towers over other Ravenclaws in his year (or the next higher year, for that matter). Rigel is quite tall for a sixteen year old and would often be mistaken for a wizard of legal age.

An accident in his third-year Potions class burned the skin clear off his right palm so he now never goes anywhere without a pair of gloves.

[b]Bio and Personality:[/b]
Ambition, resourcefulness and a fine lineage, not to mention a knack for derision -- one wonders why Rigel was placed in Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin.

Rigel is the eldest of Cepheus Rosier and Agatha Crouch's two sons. Expectations ran high for the first-born; problem was, he was unable to cast even dead simple spells. Try as he may, whatever wizarding was in his blood simply didn't manifest. Because of his inability to perform practical magic, he resigned himself to the study of magic as a theory, hoping that he would come across something that will help him with magic's applied aspect. Cepheus and Agatha staunchly refused to admit that Rigel was a Squib. They were impressed with the depth of his comprehension regarding the history and intermediate theories of magic. When his Hogwarts admission letter failed to show up when he turned eleven, Agatha just clucked her tongue, smiled and said that his son was a late bloomer.

Then on his son's twelfth birthday, Cepheus awoke to a din of victorious hoots from their backyard. He found Rigel zipping across their mandrake patch on a broomstick, chasing after the owl who delivered the first of his many presents. Later that day, Rigel was able to correctly guess all seventeen of his birthday presents, and was confident enough to predict the arrival of one more. His eighteenth present arrived by owl halfway through his dinner party, and it came in the form of a sealed envelope from Hogwarts: finally, his letter of admission.

Every year he tries out for a place in Ravenclaw's Quidditch team and every year he gets turned down. [i]He's a decent flyer[/i], the captain would say, [i]but he could not dodge them Bludgers even if they flew at half-speed[/i]. So with Quidditch out of the question (for the most part of the year, anyway), Rigel found himself signing up for the Dueling Club.

Though a gentleman when it comes to dueling, he never fails to put up a good, dirty fight whenever his dueling partner goes out of bounds. In his fourth year, Rigel chased a Gryffindor student to the lake for deliberately splashing him with a potion. They both ended up in the infirmary -- he had scales pulled off his skin while his partner regrew the bones in his wand arm.

Ask him what he thinks of the Minister of Magic and he'll probably say "His incompetency can only be matched by the number of crinkles on his grotesque mug." His choice of words are quite tart for someone from Ravenclaw, but his statements are never without bases. As part of his plan to become the youngest Minister of Magic (and he isn't the least bit shy to admit it), he familiarized himself with the Ministry's history and now keeps a close watch on its activities. For hours he would pore through the Daily Prophet with quill and parchment in hand, and note every detail of the latest Ministry news with fanatical fervor.

His other pursuit also suffers the same amount of attention: a worn, pie-stained copy of [i]The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection[/i] lies buried under other books by Trimble and Viridian on his bed. And though he doesn't admit it, the same pie stains appear through all of the library's Lockhart books except, of course, [i]Magical Me[/i].

Having read all of those material, it would be natural to assume that Defense Against the Dark Arts is his best subject. [i]Nope, not DADA[/i], some girls would say. [i]With that cute face of his, clearly, he's best in Charms.[/i]

[b]Assignments for the next year:[/b]
Defense Against the Dark Arts [SIZE=1][color=#8C6239][i]- none. buy: Curses and Countercurses, Viridian[/i][/color][/size]
History of Magic [SIZE=1][color=#8C6239][i]- discuss the most potent curse ever used on Egyptian tombs[/i][/color][/size]
Transfiguration [SIZE=1][color=#8C6239][i]- enumerate features that are retained through an Animagus' transformation[/i][/color][/size]
Charms [SIZE=1][color=#8C6239][i]- look up charms used on common room doors[/i][/color][/size]
Potions [SIZE=1][color=#8C6239][i]- running low on lacewings. [/i][/color][/size]
Astronomy [SIZE=1][color=#8C6239][i]- can't map movement of Jupiter b/c tonight's occultation[/i][/color][/size]
Herbology [SIZE=1][color=#8C6239][i]- artemisia looking good[/i][/color][/size]
Divination [SIZE=1][color=#8C6239][i]- what my palms say about 5th year. will use cards instead. IMPORTANT: find cards[/i][/color][/size]
Arithmancy [SIZE=1][color=#8C6239][i]- remember: 6385, Row 90[/i][/color][/size]
Ancient Runes [SIZE=1][color=#8C6239][i]- homework 5 inches short. will draw bigger illustrations next time.[/i][/color][/size][/COLOR]
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[B][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Name: [/FONT][/B][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Alastor Gryffin Robards (named after one of the most famous Aurors ever to have lived, Alastor Moody)
[B]Gender: [/B]Male
[B]Age: [/B]16 (17 in a November)
[B]Year: [/B]Sixth
[B]House: [/B]Gryffindor
[B]Wand: [/B]Maple, 11 and a half inches, with a single unicorn hair as the heart
[B]Familiar: [/B]A young barn owl which answers to the name Albus, named after Hogwarts' most famous Headmaster

[B]Appearance: [/B]Alastor is a notoriously handsome young man, standing just under 6 foot tall, with a muscular physique and a strong jawline. His light-brown hair falls loosely over his brow and into his crystal-blue eyes. An accident in the Duelling Club in his second year left him with a thin scar running from the hairline just above his left temple to his eyebrow, one which even the Matron couldn't entirely heal.

Like many young wizards, Alastor is more comfortable wearing Muggle clothes than the adults, so whenever he is not required to wear his school robes, he tends to be seen wearing some combination of jeans, a button-down shirt (usually plain, sometimes with thin stripes), and a pair of (often brightly-coloured) trainers on his feet. He has a black jacket which he wears over the shirt when it is cold in winter, or when he is travelling.
Personality: [/B]Alastor, or "Al" to his friends, is laid-back, but still studious and hard-working. He is very rarely seen to be stressed, and he is angry even less often. However, he is outgoing, friendly and good-natured, and more than willing to lend his helping hand to anyone who requires it.

He also has a devious edge, which is the side of him not seen by teachers. He will often sneak out of his dormitory late at night, simply to explore the wonders that Hogwarts castle has to behold, and he has been caught by the caretaker more than once for this as well.

But Alastor is funny and well-liked by his fellow students, as well as being an excellent student. He usually has his homework in on time, and always gets good grades. A good all-rounder, many of his teachers would say.

[B]Biography: [/B]Alastor was born to Gawain Robards, Head of the Auror Office, and his wife Kaitlin, not too long after the second fall of Lord Voldemort, when the magical world was still licking its wounds. Gawain urged his wife to keep their son indoors, safe away from harm, but she, being an Auror herself, refused to do simply as her husband had told her, leaving Alastor with the Muggle childminder while she went out on the hunt for the Death Eaters who had evaded capture until now.

However, tragedy struck when Kaitlin was murdered in cold blood by Travers, a survivor of the Second Battle of Hogwarts, who was captured and sent to Azkaban for life immediately after. Gawain never truly recovered from this, feeling that it was his fault for not looking after his wife and child properly. He raised Alastor as best he could, but he was never the same again.

A number of months after his 11th birthday, Alastor received the much-coveted letter from Hogwarts, accepting him into the ranks of students who attended. Of course, he accepted, and on the 1st September he left home for Hogwarts. Immediately sorted into Gryffindor, the house which his entire family had been in for a number of centuries (and which his middle name was taken from), Alastor quickly began to gain new friends, joining the Quidditch team in the position of Seeker, and the Duelling Club, hoping to garner some form of respect from his father.

His time at Hogwarts was relatively quiet, the same, however, could not be said for his home life. He was constantly unhappy at home, watching his father destroy himself through drink and despair, and he spent every holiday he could away from home. During summers he spent most of his time at the home of his good friend, Elias Longbottom, son of Hogwarts' Herbology professor, Neville Longbottom, only venturing home to find out if his father was alright.

He passed his OWLs with flying colours in his fifth year, and is currently all set to do his NEWTs, choosing subjects that would help him follow in his father's footsteps, and become an Auror, hoping that, on some level, this would help to make his father whole again.

[/B]Defence Against The Dark Arts
(As a sixth year, Al only has to take five classes, giving him a number of free lessons - which are unfortunately usually spent studying hard for his NEWTs)
He is also a part of the Gryffindor Quidditch team (although he is considering giving up on this because of the amount of work he is being forced to do this year), and the Duelling Club, of which he is a top member.

-I changed my character a little, because I wasn't totally happy with the way he turned out last time. Hope this looks good.

Also, my advice would be to open up an Underground thread to deal with questions like those posed by Gavin and Sandy, as well as to post the names and subjects of the members of staff, just to give people a quick reference.
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[LEFT][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Black][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Alexander Corvidae

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 43

[b]Staff Position:[/b] Defence Against the Dark Arts

[b]House:[/b] Incumbent head of Ravenclaw

[b]Wand:[/b] Rowan, 14 inches, Vampire hair core.

[b]Appearance:[/b] As seen [url=http://www.geocities.com/orkney5/toptable.jpg][B]here[/B][/url]. Voice as heard [url=http://www.michaelwincott.org/Wavs/Rochcorp.wav][B]here[/B][/url].

Tall, thin and pale. These are the three most common words to describe Alexander physically, indeed had he picked up the habit of wearing black one might have question as to whether there was any blood relation between himself and Severus Snape, though the former undertakes a rigorous, near fervent regimen towards his personal hygiene.

Alexander's attire, as seen [url=http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs13/f/2007/075/4/5/Voles_II_by_ionen.jpg][B]here[/B][/URL] (Credit to [url=http://ionen.deviantart.com/]Ionen[/url]), reflects his status as coming from an old and respected pureblood family. Generally his wand is hidden just up his right sleeve for easy access.

One of the first registered animagus of the 21st century, Alexander's animal form is the raven, which is of little surprise.

[b]Personality:[/b] Though only entering his fourth year of teaching in Hogwarts, Alexander is generally perceived as being stern and unappeasable to all but members his own House and those who are capable of scoring in the top percentile of his class, the fact these two groups are generally one in the same is little surprising. However that said, Alexander has never given his own House any preferential treatment or marks, indeed many Ravenclaws will bemoan him as an even stricter taskmaster to them than he is to other Houses.

In reality, Alexander merely wishes to provide students with as broad ranging and thorough an education he can provide to make them strong wizards. His unappeasable nature is linked to this, but also in the fact that the professor epitomises the emphasised characteristics of the House, having an abnormally high intelligence as well as a near photographic memory which effectively made his schoolboy days at Hogwarts an easy affair.

To those who manage to break through Alexander?s brusque demeanour, though this is not often, will find him to be a man of great wisdom and surprising humour.


"[B]I'm not interested Minerva and that's final.[/B]" Alexander returned the book he'd been scanning through to it's proper space in the bookcase and returned to his seat in front of the recently retired Hogwarts headmistress.

?[B]Alexander.[/B]? He hated it when she used that tone with him, it was half demanding, half pleading and reminded him far too much of his days at school. He sighed, steepling his fingers in front of his face.

?[B]Let?s just say for arguments sake I actually seriously consider your offer, I?m not trained to teach.[/B]? Alexander spotted the change in expression on his old teacher?s face, she?d realised he?s intentionally used the word trained as opposed to qualified. He was certainly qualified to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts, he simply had to intention to give up his travelling in order to do it, even if it was Hogwarts.

Hogwarts, his mind slipped back to his first day there. How even for the so called purity of his blood, he?d still been as scared and confused as any of the Muggle born kids. Hard to believe it was thirty-three years ago, but then it seemed only yesterday that he?d gotten his NEWTS and left to pursue his study of the arcane... mostly he just wanted to get away from England, get away from his family and their much overvalued legacy. Alexander had spent nearly a quarter of a century of his life in that endeavour and returned a much more realistic, even pessimistic man than he had when he?d left.

?[B]I know you wrote to Albus as a lot over the course of your trip. I imagine you felt it was easier to talk to him than it was to talk to your father.[/B]? His jaw clenched, instantly Professor McGonagall realised she?d said exactly the wrong thing.

?[B]My correspondence with Professor Dumbledore, rest his soul, had to do with my studies and nothing more.[/B]? Alexander?s response had been perilously close to outright rage. He rose from his seat with every intention of showing his old teacher to the front door of the castle. He watched as she removed a sealed letter from his cloak, the seal in the wax was Hogwarts, but the writing which he recognised immediately belonged to someone who?d been dead for two decades. Tentatively he reached out and took it.

?[B]I think he?d have wanted you to have it. He wrote it shortly before he died, along with dozens of other letters and left them in my keeping. I?m sorry for troubling you Alexander. I?ll let you get back to preparing for Mexico.[/B]? Gathering her cloak into her arms, Minerva McGonagall walked silently towards the hall door. Alexander?s eyes sped over the contents of the letter, his hand holding it dropped to his side after a moment. He moved forward and blocked her passage through the doorway with his free hand.

?[B]...Wait, Minerva. I?ll take the job on one condition.[/B]?

?[B]Name it.[/B]? Her voice was a surprised, but sincere.

?[B]Make me House head of Ravenclaw. I know Professor Flitwick retired recently and that it?s available.[/B]? Professor McGongall?s eyes narrowed in an almost predatory fashion.

?[B]Why would you want that ? As I recall Alexander you turned down being a prefect because responsibility did not suit you.[/B]? That stung, but it was a fair point.

?[B]Let?s just say a I?m operating on some very sound advice.[/B]? He brought the letter up between them. The professor merely smiled and exited the room with a pop.

He reread the letter again, more carefully this time. He?d respected Dumbledore immensely as a wizard, but far more as a man. Alexander had been lying when he said there?d been nothing personal in what he wrote to Dumbledore as a young man, indeed it had been mostly personal, not that he?d admit it to anyone.

Alexander shut his eyes and allowed his mind to wander back on his old memories, while he tried to figure out how he?d teach a subject as important and complicated as Defence Against the Dark Arts.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"] Haha, It's quite alright Gavin. Sandy, that is as a good idea since then I wouldn't have to make up teachers from scratch. At first I was just going by 20 years after deathly hollows and its epilogue. Though it seems just having a staff already made is much easier.

So...I'll be posting the underground thread in a few minutes. Please check it out if you have questions, suggestions. It will also hold the acceptance list and the School's teachers.

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[size=1][color=teal][b]Name:[/b] Sophocles Pryor.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[b]Age:[/b] 14 (Birthday ? 12th January)

[b]Year:[/b] Fourth.

[b]House:[/b] Ravenclaw

[b]Wand:[/b] Birch, 11?, Hippogriff Talon core.

[b]Appearance: [url=http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c56/Jokopoko/Sophoclessketchcolor.png]Sophocles[/url][/b] (<3 to Kitty for drawing this)

Sophocles is 5? 10? currently and often points it out to his friend Vera in a joking fashion. His hair is a silvery white and, unlike most boys his age, he actually takes pride in his hair and always makes sure it looks just right before starting his day. His eyes are hazel, with the green slightly over powering the brown.

When not in uniform he likes to wear his own muggle clothes from home.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sophocles takes great pride from being in Ravenclaw house and feels that everyone should respect those of his house, as they are after all among the best students in Hogwarts. This feeling is what best sums Sophocles up, he is a very prideful individual and has a tendency to look down on others if he doesn?t respect them or if he feels they don?t respect him. Even his friends find him insufferable sometimes and find it hard to be around when he is in one of his bad moods or ranting. He doesn?t always pick up on this either which can make the problem somewhat worse but he will eventually figure it out and say sorry. He can be sociable but only if the subject being discussed is of any real interest to him otherwise he?ll become easily bored and try to steer the conversation in a direction he wants.

Being a half-blood there are still some aspect of magic and the wizarding world which surprise him and as such he tends to like more Muggle things than his friends, such as music or sport.

[indent][i]Schedule 1 (M/W/F)[/i]
? 9:00 - Astronomy
? 10:45 - Ancient Runes
? 1:00 - Care of Magical Creatures
? 2:45 - Herbology
[i]Schedule 2 (Tue/Thu)[/i]
? 9:00 - Transfiguration
? 10:45 - Charms
? 1:00 - Defense Against the Dark Arts
? 2:45 - Potions
? 3:30 - History of Magic[/indent]

[b]History:[/b] While the Pryor family is not one of the old pure-blood families they certainly are respected due to the fame surrounding Sophocles father and grandfather, Galen and Polybius respectively. Polybius Pryor is credited with advancing the field of alchemy in his day and Galen is currently a higher-up in the Ministry of Magic and both of them are something of legends in Hogwarts even to this day. Even in his youth Sophocles has been in the shadow of his father, from the regular Daily Prophet visits to the occasional book signing, he was dragged to all of these but never was he at the fore.

As such he has never grown that attached to his father, though he respects and loves him immensely he has never had a real father-son bond with him. Most of his time growing up was either spent with his mother of with his friends at their houses, on many occasions he would spend whole summers with friends while his father went across the wizarding world doing interviews and the like. Some say that this is the reason his magic came faster than other children?s as he was hoping to get some attention for himself but it still failed to fully draw his father away from his work. But on the whole his childhood was a happy one and if it hadn?t been for spending so much time with friends it is very likely he would have had a harder time at Hogwarts because as he grew older he found it harder to make friends.

Upon receiving his letter from Hogwarts he finally got a small flicker of interest from his father who was the one to take him to Diagon Alley to buy his school items and his first wand. Something to note about Sophocles? wand is that it is almost identical to his fathers, the only difference is his fathers is somewhat longer. From day one at Hogwarts Sophocles once again found himself in the shadows of those who came before as teachers were always happily recounting memories of his grandfather or father too him. This is one of the reasons Sophocles has tried to excel so much at Hogwarts and because a serious and studious student from very early on.

Indeed, where it not for his friend Vera, he may have spent his entire time at Hogwarts as merely a student and never indulging himself in social activities or just being a child. Now on the eve of his fourth year of Hogwarts Sophocles is looking forward to returning to the school and preparing for his OWLs even though they are still two years away.
Blergh, that history was really hard to write for some reason >_>. But I promise my posts will be better if I get in, heh.[/size][/color]
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[SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkGreen"][FONT="Garamond"]Name: Tom Sinton

Gender: Male
age: 15
Year: 5th
House: slytherin
Wand: 8 inches long with a dragon hair string.

Appearance: Tom. (Click on name for picture.) Without the headband, he looks a lot younger and, with Hogwarts robes.

Personality: Tom is a hard worker.
That being said he does not really do much activity outside of his desk. He always tries to stay on the teacher’s good side so he does not get bad marks on his owls in the upcoming year at Hogwarts. Even though Tom is a hard worker he has friends that he likes to talk to and study with. But sometimes on special occasions, for example right before Christmas break he bends the rules a bit and likes to play around during class.

Tom is friendly enough to most people except Gryffindors, when he is around Gryffindors he sprouts a dark side and starts to play pranks on the Gryffindors to get them into trouble. Most people see Tom as a stuck up bookworm, but to his friends (all of them are from Slytherin) he is a reliable pal who can teach them things and occasionally do their homework.

Familiars: He has a Chocolate brown owl named Newnan and is only good for delivering parcels.

Bio: Tom was born into a very long line of Slytherins. His families were pure bloods up until his mom married a muggle born. For the first few years of his life he lived with his mom and his brother, while his father was away most of the time at the ministry. His father worked in the new department at the ministry called the Dark acts watchers, while his mother worked at Hogwarts as the potions assistant.

When Tom’s brother went to Hogwarts, Tom was both sad and excited; he wanted to go to the great, magical school that the famous Harry Potter went to. At the age of 10 his mother died of a disease no one knew about at the time, at that time Tom felt like a part of his was missing and vowed to work hard for his family and his mother’s soul. On his first day of Hogwarts Tom was sorted into Slytherin and met a lot of nice people that welcomed him to join them in their day to day activities. Tom did not do anything special in his first 4 years of Hogwarts but he did get ea’s (exceeded expectations) on all of his tests.

On his 4th year of Hogwarts his brother (that is 19) was discovered dead on the way to his job at the wizarding bank, Gringotts. This loss Affected Tom more than anything had ever Affected him, from then on he took his studies way more seriously then ever, in hopes to make him self worthy of still living. Tom has grown proud and glum over the years and now does not really have fun at all with the friends he used to always pal around with. He spends most of his time at his desk in his dormitory, studying so that he can be ready to ace anything that is put in front of him. During the summers Tom goes home to his 2 story magical home in Godrics Hollow, where his father had decided to build their cottage. To Tom the cottage seemed to get lonelier every time he lost someone that was apart of his family.

Tom hopes that this year will bring something exciting to make his father, dead mother, and dead brother proud.

Potions (his least favorite class)
History of magic
Care of magical creatures (his favorite class)[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[Edited my sign up, there were lots of spelling mistakes and such, plus I wasn’t that happy with it.]

[B]Name:[/B] Chris [Charis] Crouch

- She introduces herself to everyone as Chris
- When asked, and she’s asked often, Chris always politely states that she is in no way related to the deceased and famous Bartemius Crouch, Sr. and his Death Eater Son Bartemius Crouch, Jr. they merely share the same last name and no blood as far as she is aware.

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age:[/B] Seventeen
[B]Year:[/B] Sixth
[B]House:[/B] Slytherin

[B]Wand:[/B] Eleven and a quarter inches, Blackthorn with a Dragon Blood core

[B]Familiar:[/B] A northern hawk owl by the name of Sevvs, named for Hogwarts former potions master Severus Snape.[URL="http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e70/Illusion87/NOHO14.jpg"][Sevvs][/URL]


[URL="http://www.deviantart.com/print/1442072/?qo=3&qh=special%3Aprints"][Chris] [/URL] [Portrait by Jingna@DeviantART]

Chris is tall and slender; she stands at a height of 5”8’. She is rather skinny and can eat whatever she likes without fear of gaining any weight, she tells others its genetics but she has heard Slytherin girls say behind her back she’s put a charm on herself to stay slim or something. Her facial features are slightly pointed; her skin is rather pale, she looks nothing like her mother, she has always surmised she takes after her unknown father in appearance. Her hair is long at the moment although she likes to change its style and length regularly via magic. Her hair colour is comparable to straw; it’s a mix of blonde and browns, dead straight and almost refuses to get messed up. Her eyes are a dark brown in colour, under some lights they appear as if they are completely black. Her hair has been known to change colour from more of a blonde to a darker brown but it really depends on how much times she spends in and out of the Slytherin Dungeons.

When not in Hogwarts Attire she simply wears her own choice of muggle clothes. Dark jeans, muggle shoes called ‘converse’ of which she has multiple pairs in different colours and a T-shirt of her own choosing usually a darker colour such as Blue, Green, Gray, Black or Purple. Her clothing style is decidedly masculine, not that she cares much.


Chirs is a somewhat confused young woman who is yet to settle on a definite personality as such. She is of two minds about almost everything she does. One side of her brain tells her to act pleasant while the other screams for her to act cruel. She has tried, many times to find a happy medium between the two, if one could ever be found, but has so far been unsuccessful. Her moods change from one day to the next, sometimes violently if she’s angered, other times more subtly. She has few friends within her house; she finds it easier to get along with the males in her house than the females, some of which are completely intolerable suck up…well you get the picture. She is known to be tenacious and ambitious, once she sets her mind on something, there is very little chance anyone can change it. If she is unsuccessful in becoming an Auror then she plans to become a teacher, focusing on Defense Against the Dark Arts.


Chris had a rather pleasant childhood; her mother spent most of her time working at the wizarding hospital St. Mungos, so she learnt to look after her self from an early age. Her blood status is unknown, although if asked she says she is half blood. Her mother constantly used house-hold charms and other magic around her daughter so she was no stranger to it growing up. Chris first displayed signs of magic when she was five, she involuntarily changed the color of her birthday cake from pink to purple to blue-green, much to the delight of her mother and those present who were all magical. Chris only ever questioned the absence of her father once or twice, both times she was shut down by her mother rather quickly and learnt that it was a subject that should not be discussed.

On her eleventh birthday Chris received her letter telling her that she had been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her mother was so very proud of her and told her that she had an almost certain chance of getting into either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, as per her family tradition, nothing was said of her fathers. Chris was thoroughly shocked when the sorting hat placed her in Slytherin house almost as soon as it touched her head. Her grades during her first year at Hogwarts were terrible due to her mother falling ill, after talking with various staff members she was allowed to continue due to her circumstances. By the end of her first year her mother passed away.

Chris was to inherit her mother’s house, bank vault and possessions when she came of age, but until then she moved in with one of her mother’s good friends, a rather eccentric young witch who also worked at St. Mungos. After her mother’s death Chris combed their small house for even a trace of information about her father but wasn’t even able to find a photograph or a letter, she plans on looking up birth records but hasn’t got round to it. After Chris graduates from Hogwarts next year she plans on becoming an Auror, she has been trying in secret to become an animagus but has so far been rather unsuccessful in her attempts.


-Defense Against the Dark Arts [most loved subject]
-Potions [second most loved subject]

-She is a member of the Slytherin Quidditch team [keeper]
-She is a member of the Dueling Club
-Chris has taken all the subjects she needs to become an Auror
-All of her spare time is devoted to becoming an animagus. She has only recently tried to become one and has succeded in sprouting a few feathers, she suspects her animagus form may be some sort of bird. [It will be an eagle]
-Chris passed her OWLS with flying colours, studying hard and achieving everything she wished to achieve. She hopes to become an Aurora and not follow in her mother’s footsteps to become a Healer despite being told she has an unusual un-slytherinistic knack for healing spells. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkOliveGreen"][B]Name:[/B] Zeta Conroy

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age:[/B] 37

[B]Staff Position:[/B] Potions Master

[B]House:[/B] Head of Slytherin

[B]Wand:[/B] Ash, 7 and a half inches, Dragon Heart String core

[B]Appearance:[/B] Zeta was a pretty girl when she was in Hogwarts, though the type of attractiveness that requires a certain taste. She has a slim face with heavy-lashed green eyes and a few light freckles covering the bridge of her nose. Her pale skin is in stark contrast with a mop of red curls that fall around her shoulders and down over her back for a few inches. Just starting to show the signs of age, both from a stressful job as an Auror before becoming a teacher, and from her time during the war, she still manages to hold onto a certain youthful grace. Students seem to warm to her, her smile a rarity but bright and cheery when she does show it.

She can appear nervous at times with the older students, still relatively new to her position as Head of House and Potions Master. When nervous, small spots of colour rise along her cheekbones and she has a terrible habit of chewing any unfortunate strand of hair that wonders near her lips.

Always seen with a green ribbon in her hair to show house pride, and dark green robes under her long black cloak, she has a certain gothic taste when it comes to fashion, not deviating too far from her Slytherin roots in that respect.

[B]Personality:[/B] Zeta is liked by both students and staff, though it has been known for certain Slytherins to have a certain dislike for her and how kind she is to everyone, regardless of background. Though racism within the school has been near wiped out, those proud pure blood Slytherins find it odd that one of their own should be so indifferent when it comes to those of not quite so grand a standing.

While she puts on an outwardly kind demeanour her gradually building confidence with her lessons and new environment means she’s slowly showing her true colours. When in Hogwarts she was cocky and brash and more crude than most of the boys she knew, crediting her much more favourable personality to a quick slap from reality when the war came. Once she had a problem with a weak heart, pining after one Draco Malfoy for most of her years as a student and over compensating with her outwardly fiery attitude, now however she regards any who annoy her with mild, cool disinterest. Though it’s no secret she has a certain fondness for the Malfoy boy, she tries hard not to let that show.

Admiring students who break from the norm and forge out bravely on their own, Zeta is a sort of confidant for any who find themselves unable to fit in, or who can’t quite match up to standards set by either peers, teachers, or parents. It’s because of this she has a certain amount of distaste for fellow Professor Alexander Corvidae, always telling him that he’s pushing his students too far and not listening to them enough.


Dear [I]Diary[/I],

It has been a year to the day that I began teaching here at Hogwarts. I’m quite impressed that I’ve hardly had to attend any detentions with students, as they all seem to have taken to me quite well and behave as they should. I try not to give them terribly hard assignments, at least this way they actually hand them in. Alexander is constantly badgering me about this, saying I’m not stretching his Ravenclaws hard enough, but I’m at the point now where I just tell him to stick it,

It’s stopped breaking my heart now every time Scorpius walks into my classroom, which is a gift. He’s certainly a better student than his father ever was, and that’s for sure. I’m trying hard not to lean too far toward one group or the other, but it’s awfully hard now that I’ve been made Head of House, and so quickly! Minerva seemed to think I was right for the job and that an ‘understanding, open woman should have the job of looking after students’. I suppose she’s the authority on that, really, though it seems a break from tradition. I still keep comparing myself to Professor Snape, I guess I was one of the few who really liked and trusted him.

My dreams are still fuzzy and painful, but they aren’t bothering me so much now. Memories of the war aren’t as strong as they used to be after all these long years of peace, though I can’t help but wonder when the next bad thing will come along. Something always does, after all. Mum and dad say not to worry, and if they’re still around and refusing to retire after all this time I guess I should listen! I miss working alongside them as an Auror, but we have to move on. Hogwarts is quickly feeling more and more like home, with a reluctant, strange family to go along with it.

I never thought I’d enjoy teaching as much as I do, but I always did like Potions. I suppose it seems almost natural to slip back behind a cauldron and enjoy the wafts of smoke and fumes, even if they sometimes are deadly after what some of my students end up doing.

Time for me to start marking these essays, I suppose. Not good to leave them ‘till the last minute or the students don’t really get a good indication, not when I’m being lazy. Bed early tonight, the Duelling Club is on tomorrow and I’ve been invited to take part in a demonstration. I really hope they let me stay on; I hardly ever get to use my wand these days.

Love and best wishes to myself,

[B]Notes: [/B]
-Zeta used to play Chaser in Quidditch and still enjoys flying as a hobby. When the pitch isn’t being used she can be found out there, usually getting up early to have a workout before breakfast.

-She enjoys friendly duelling very much and was quite handy with it in her student days, taking any excuse now to help out in the Club, as her position as Potions master leaves little time for using actual magic.

-She has a flaw when it comes to people who overwork themselves in her eyes. She has been known to try and convince Ravenclaws or particularly hardworking Gryffindors to give themselves a break and live a little, regardless of effects on their grades. Naturally, Alexander came down on her like a ton of bricks and she’s been much more subtle since.

-Her Patronus is a Cheetah, going back to when she had a great lust for excitement and speed and anything seemingly dangerous when she was a teenager.

Probably get an image of her done. I have plenty of her as a student, though none when she’s older.

Also, Gav, I hope you don't mind my inclusion of your character~[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Navy"][b]Name:[/b] Faye Devanie d’Eath
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Age:[/b] 13 (Birthday - February 7)
[b]Year:[/b] 3rd year transfer student (1st year at Hogwarts)
[b]House:[/b] Hufflepuff
[b]Wand:[/b] 11 ¾ inches, Ebony, [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minor_Harry_Potter_beasts#Demiguise][i]Demiguise [/i][/url]hair core
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c135/Minneymin/Samara_by_BlueBlack.jpg][b][u]Faye[/u][/b][/url] [i]© BlueBlack @ DeviantArt[/i]
Petite stature and a slight-looking build, with sharp shoulder-blades and elbows. Hair falls around elbow-length.

[b]Pets:[/b] [url=http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c135/Minneymin/marten3.jpg][b]Mistletoe[/b][/url] - an orphaned pine marten that Faye raised. Quick, clever, and agile, when her mistress is threatened Mistletoe has a vicious countenance and can bite to the bone. About the size of a house cat.

[b]Personality:[/b] Mild and soft-spoken, a usually isolated childhood led Faye to grow accompanied to being by herself. While she does not purposely isolate herself, it is a state of being which she is used to, and at times Faye does not understand what other individuals want from her. She is not completely comfortable in social situations, although is quite skilled at merging into the background.

While at first glance it seems odd to place her in Hufflepuff, in truth Faye is one of the most loyal individuals a person could know, even if she may seem distant. She is not entirely sure how to express affection towards other people. However, she is extremely fond of magical creatures and non-human species, since when she was growing up these were usually her only friends and playmates. Faye becomes very fierce when one of these creatures is harmed, and her eyes become chilling and dangerous when she is angered. Faye is extremely unforgiving towards those who persecute other magical beings. She also becomes very aggressive in competitions (such as Quidditch) or in duels – anything of a competitive nature, mostly because at Durmstrang this was encouraged. However, all other times she is usually passive and quiet, keeping whatever thoughts to herself.

Faye adores books, and is currently stocking her own library at her father’s home. Despite her natural skill with the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and potions, Faye’s favorite subject remains Herbology, in which she can enjoy the solitude of tending different plants in an isolated area. She retains no natural thirst for blood, although she does like her steak rare. ^_~

Faye is the only surviving child of the famous part-vampire singer Lorcan d’Eath and his wife, Deyanira d’Eath. As a result of her father’s lineage, Faye too has some [b]vampire blood[/b] running through her veins. Her mother Deyanira passed away early in Faye’s childhood, and Lorcan d’Eath was often traveling around the world on tour and in concert. As a result, Faye was raised for the most part by various nannies and servants. She spent her childhood living in her father’s castle in the mountains of Romania, and had private tutors until she reached the age of 12. She then attended [b]Durmstrang Institute of Sorcery[/b] for two years. At the end of her second year at Durmstrang, her father decided to move their home to England for the further advancement of his so far vastly successful career. Lorcan felt a little guilty about leaving his only remaining child by herself, and despite Faye’s wishes to remain at Durmstrang she was dragged along to London. She is apprehensive and unsure about her first year at Hogwarts.

As a result of private tutoring, Faye is able to speak a variety of both muggle and magical languages, and is already able to read complicated ancient runes. Two years at Durmstrang has also made her extremely capable and versed in the Dark Arts and a number of aggressive charms and curses. This is also helped by her natural affinity to the Dark Arts because of her vampire ancestry; transfiguration and illusion spells also come naturally to her. She is a practiced spell-caster and duelist, and was a beater during her time at Durmstrang. Faye is also skilled at mixing potions

Herbology – her favorite class
Potions – skilled at mixing due to Durmstrang education
Transfiguration – naturally skilled due to ancestry
Charms – adequate
Defense Against the Dark Arts – this will be her first [i]defense [b]against[/b][/i] the dark arts class
History of Magic – adequate
Astronomy – adequate
+Care of Magical Creatures – another class she enjoys
+Divination – she finds this subject intriguing because of its inexact nature[/list]
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[INDENT][SIZE="1"][B]OOC:[/B] Sorry I haven't done a lot. I'll edit this as soon as I can.
[B]EDIT1:[/B] Added to Appearance, may still edit. Did subjects and extra notes.
[B]EDIT2:[/B] Finally finished, let me know if you wanted me to change anything.

[COLOR="Navy"][B]Name:[/B] Galatéa Mehtevas
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Age:[/B] Sixteen
[B]Year:[/B] Fifth
[B]House:[/B] Gryffindor
[B]Wand:[/B] 14 inches, Ebony, with a Phoenix feather core.
[B]Familiar:[/B] [URL="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2b/Tawny_wiki_edit1.jpg/404px-Tawny_wiki_edit1.jpg"]Columbus[/URL] is a tawny owl that responds only to Galatéa, having been given to her when he was still young so they have bonded closely.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/7893/tifa7lb.jpg"]Galatéa[/URL]
She stands at about 5'6", with a lithe but strong frame and a light build. Her hair is straight and falls to just below her shoulders.

When she transforms however she becomes a [URL="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/07/Canis_lupus_laying.jpg/480px-Canis_lupus_laying.jpg"]Grey Wolf[/URL], distinguishable by having more brown strands mixed in her fur than regular wolves, and her eyes are more honey coloured than the standard gold.

[B]Personality:[/B] Galatéa has a somewhat shifting personality, presenting herself happily as either an individual by herself, or with a group of friends. Most of the time she sees herself as being an open person, with a friendly personality, but there are frequent times when she will shy away from people for any variety of reasons. When it comes to her studies and anything she's interested in she is a fierce competitor and doesn't often like being beaten, but she takes it lighter if the person to beat her is a friend. Galatéa has been known to show no mercy when she's determined about something or when it comes to studies, even to her friends.

That is why when she turned into an Animagus she discovered that the form that represented her inner self was a Wolf, and when she thought about it, it fit perfectly because wolves are mostly social animals, living together in packs, but they can also survive perfectly well alone. They are also fierce and aggressive animals in the things they do, even when it comes to members of the pack.

[B]Bio:[/B] Galatéa is the only child of a pure-blooded, wizarding family so she was brought up with magic constantly around her. As she grew up her interest in all things magical increased and her parents would tell her often that she was showing great magical potential even at a young age.

When she was younger Galatéa spent a lot of time with her father, Matthias, who was a researcher/scholar working for The Ministry of Magic. While he did his work he would teach her about little things here and there to do with what he was presently working on. So she started her education very early.

Her father was also interested in Quidditch and told her stories about his old days in Hogwarts when he played for the Gryffindor Team as a Beater. If there was a game on then he would turn the tv or radio on to watch/listen to it. She unfortunately never attended an actual game.

Her mother, Viléna, was supportive of everything she did but wasn't around often because she was often away on Auror business, being one of the best and highest ranking Aurors out there. She would come home as often as possible and try to stay as long as she could, but Galatéa understood what her occupation entailed. One day when Galatéa was eight years old, her mother returned from a trip with a young owl in a cage, looking like it had just gotten its pinion feathers. She named him Columbus and they have been together since then.

Galatéa was so happy when she finally turned eleven, and she had waited with her father for the letter to arrive, coming by owl. For a few minutes she sat with it in her hands, staring at the wax seal of the Hogwarts crest. Finally she slid a finger under the flap and broke the seal, unfolding the letter and reading its contents. She bounced around the room happily, this was the moment she'd been waiting for for so long. Together with her father she left the house immediately, their destination Diagon Alley to get her supplies for the year.

In her second year she was looking around in some thick library books and found a book about Transfigurations. When she flicked through it she knew it was misplaced and should be in the Restricted Section because it had chapters on Animagus Transformations. Instead of turning it in Galatéa took the book and studied it, learning how to transform. It took her months to actually fully transform her entire body, then she spent the rest of the year perfecting it so she could do it easily at will. She was discovered by one of the teachers and was brought in front of the Headmistress who forced her to become registered and gave her detention for a month.

Galatéa joined the Quidditch Team as soon as she was allowed to and after trying her in several positions it was decided that her best place was as a Seeker. She also joined the Duelling Club to increase her learning and skills in that area because it would be sure to come in handy. Her four years haven't been overly exciting besides the events mentioned above that all got her really pumped (besides the detention). She has requested private classes before in order to learn the Patronus charm, and starting the Occlumency/Legilimency classes last year. She still doesn't know what she wants to do once she finishes her studies at Hogwarts, but so far she just goes with whatever comes.

[indent]?Defense Against the Dark Arts
?Care of Magical Creatures
?Ancient Runes
?Occlumency/Legilimency [Private][/indent]

[INDENT]?She is an Animagus
?She plays Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team
?She is a member of the Duelling Club
?She is very interested in Occulemency and Legilimency
?She has a Patronus, also a Wolf because like the Animagus transformation it reflects her inner self[/INDENT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/INDENT]
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[I]Keeping the Hufflepuff trend alive:[/I]

[SIZE="1"][B]Name:[/B] Aiden Patch Caldwell (Goes by his middle name)

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 17 (June 21)

[B]Year:[/B] Seventh


[B]Wand:[/B] Nine and a quarter inches, [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_mangrove"][U]Black Mangrove[/U][/URL] with a [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underwater_panther"][U]Copper Cat[/U][/URL] Feather at its core

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/7543/badboysiriusincolorew0.jpg"][U]Patch[/U][/URL]
Patch is 5' 11" and weighs 140 lbs. He has a well built frame and is somewhat tan. He has eyes that change color with the seasons, (Green for summer, Blue for winter, Brown for spring, and a Honey Yellow shade during autumn) and some suspect that this is a partial Metamorphmagi trait. He has black hair that is naturally smooth. When he's not in uniform, you'll find him wearing an array of either Brittanica, Muggle band, or Chudley Cannons Quidditch shirts.

[B]Personality:[/B] Patch is a very curious wizard. Most would say that he has book smarts, but not street smarts. Even the simplest jokes seem to fly over his head. Of course he displays the attributes of Hufflepuff, being loyal and just, but he's also very smart in certain core classes of his Hogwarts studies. Not to mention that he's brave and passionate at everything he does. He also posesses attributes common to Slytherin such as his short temper and disregard for the rules. Minerva McGonagall believes that the sorting hat put him in Hufflepuff because it couldn't make up its mind. Patch is very good with words and an excelling conversationalist. He loves every aspect of muggle life, and aspires to make several muggle connections when he's out of school. He's also a quidditch lover, buying season tickets to every Chudley Cannon home game each year. (Despite their losing streak after 1892, they have recently improved a lot)


[I]EDIT: I wanted to add a scene since I don't feel the Personality is long enough and I'm bored...[/I]
[U]1st Year, Sorting Hat Ceremony:[/U]
[B]"Caldwell, Aiden"[/B] Professor McGonnagall looked at the group of nervous first years, scanning each of them for the boy.

It must have been his flushed cheeks that gave him away, because she took one glance at Patch and told him to come forward. Then again, maybe it was magic. But Patch wasn't flushed because of nervousness; it was the usage of his first name, Aiden. He hated it, but he couldn't blame the headmistriss.

The hat was rather old and ratty, with several patches all over it. It had an odd crease in the center of it and Patch remembered his father telling him that it spoke when it was really confused about where to sort someone. Of course it announced the House of choice to all of Hogwarts and it spoke to each student, but Aiden's father told him that the hat rarely spoke out loud. You were quite unique if it couldn't decide.

He wasn't thinking about the hat's mouth, but rather the dirty rag itself. He imagined every head that the hat had rested upon. This revelation brough his gaze to the Slytherin table in particular and the boy name 'Azeal.' He had the greasiest hair in the room that the light from the enchanted cieling above him reflected with just fury that it could proabably light the the darkest depths of the forbidden forest. [I]I'm sure there's a draught to deal with nasty hair,[/I] he thought to himself and laughed.

He sat down on the small stool facing out at each of the tables. The royal blue of Ravenclaw that he envied. The bright canary yellow of Hufflepuff. The glorious red of Gryffindor, the house of the boy who lived: Harry Potter. And then with fear, he turned to the emerald green of the Slytherin table. The boys and girls who couldn't seem to play nice and the sinister house which raised the most vile wizards the world had ever seen. Of all the houses, Patch hoped he wasn't placed into Slytherin.

Minerva dropped the rather large hat on Patch's head, the brim falling over his eyes. He had to pull it back to see.

[B]"Interesting,"[/B] it said aloud. Patch was quite alarmed at the sound of a hat talking, but took solice in the fact that no one else seemed to be alarmed. He remembered his father telling him that there's at least one or two students each year that it talks to. It was just pretty amazing that he was one of those few.

[B]"You're definately loyal. No doubt about passion. And the brains are there. But the rudeness is quite offending, boy!"[/B] The hat said and Patch knew that it had read his thoughts about it being old and ratty. His cheeks turned a violent red as everyone listened in.

[B]"And quick to pass judgement,"[/B] now it was recalling the his thoughts on the Slytherin boy. Patch couldn't help glancing over at the green table, fearful that they might catch on to what the hat was saying, but they stayed pleasently content.

[B]"Just for that, I should put you in--"[/B]He knew that he was going to say Slytherin and his heart dropped.

[B]"No, no. You wouldn't like that would you? But you fit in very well with any of the houses. Very witty. Very brave. Very Loyal,"[/B] It continued, obviously reciting characteristics of the remaining houses after deciding against Slytherin.

[B]"But you seem to be very unorganized and scatter brained. Not to mention nervous,"[/B] And then it spoke only to Patch. He was sure that the other students couldn't hear but that didn't make the words feel any less painful.

[B]"And you'll not be going to Gryffindor after insulting the great Godric's own personal wizarding hat."[/B] Patch didn't know that the sorting hat belonged to Godric Gryffindor. He felt stupid for missing such an important detail, and even more stupid for finding such an old hat ratty on account of a few patches.

[B]"Apology accepted,"[/B] the hat spoke only to Aiden again. At least it was a forgiving hat and a sigh of relief left his lips. Gryffindor wouldn't be such a bad house to be sorted into. Then it spoke aloud again:

[B]"Even so, I feel you would be best for... Hufflepuff!"[/B] it said with a loud roar. McGonagall patted him on the back and the roar of cheering from the houses, especially the Hufflepuff table, instantly let him feel at home. [I]No worries[/I]


[INDENT][I]Schedule 1 (Mon/Wed/Fri)[/I][LIST]
[*]9:00am - Charms
[*]10:45am - Ancient Runes
[*]1:00pm - Care of Magical Creatures
[*]2:45pm - Herbology
[*]Midnight - Astronomy
[I]Schedule 2 (Tue/Thu)[/I][LIST]
[*]9:00am - Transfiguration
[*]10:45am - Muggle Studies
[*]1:00pm - Defense Against the Dark Arts
[*]2:45pm - Potions
[*]3:30pm - Divination[/LIST]

[SIZE=1][B]Biography:[/B] Aiden was born to a muggle-born American, Tayla, and a British pure-blood name Theo. Theo met Tayla on an expidition around the world and they fell in love. When they married, Theo moved to America. There, they had only one child, Aiden, and the three spent several years of happiness together. One evening, Tayla became ill and passed away leaving Theo and Aiden with only pictures and enchanted music boxes. (Aiden still has everything she ever left him) Several years later, Aiden recieved his letter to Hogwarts and Theo saw it as an excuse to move back to Britan. There, Patch became interested in everything wizardly, and became top of his class.
He alwasy loved muggle life because Tayla used to tell him all kinds of stories from her childhood. Patch especially fell in love with muggle music and transportation. By no means, would he ever give up his wizard life, but he's often found carrying muggle items around Hogwarts. (Not entirely unlike a previous wizard at Hogwarts, Arthur Weasley)

[B]Familiar:[/B] A Scops owl named [URL="http://www.peregrinefund.org/explore_raptors/owls/media/sokokesc.jpg"][U]Xanthia[/U][/URL]

[B]Interesting Facts:[/B]
- Chaser on Hufflepuff Quidditch team (if that's okay)
- His Patronus is a Panther
- He is head boy (also, this is only with Lionheart's approval)
- Member of the dueling club
- Made passing grades in all of his OWL tests (studying for NEWTs this year)
- Took Arithmancy for one year and failed miserably
- Has an American accent[/SIZE]

P.S. I would just like to point out to everyone that scheduled their Astronomy class at 9:00am, J.K. wrote Astronomy to be held on the highest tower at midnight. Think about it, how else are they supposed to look at stars? Especially when the sun's up.
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Leon "Leo" Wilson.





Williow, 9 and three quarter inches, Dragon Heart String core.

Leo carries himself about more than his appearance. He believes that as long as he is confident then ultimatley he is beautiful. But that's not saying that Leo isn't well-looked after and essentially a 'pretty-boy,' that's definatley not what I was trying to describe. Although his appearance makes him look like he would rather straighten his hair than learn to use his wand, his strut certainly doesn't.

His hair is perfectly straight; coming slightly down the back of his neck and fringe sitting perfectly at the end of his nose. His eyes shine bright green in the dark and look like tiny green stars sparkling in the light. Often he wears a dazzling silver chain around his neck with a small green cross dangling from it. He would also never be caught wearing anything than the finest imported hand-woven robes.

By Leo's walk you can tell that he thinks too much of himself. That he thinks that no-one could possibly be better than him at anything he does. And to him, he doesn't just think this, he knows this.

Cocky, arrogant and charming all rolled into one quiet obediant teenager. His Charms teacher called him arrogant; his Transfiguration teacher called him shy. He can be your best friend for a split second, and then hate you within an instant. He loves himself more than he will ever love a single soul on the planet.

[I][Will update][/I]

Defence Against the Dark Arts.
History of Magic.
Ancient Runes.
//[i]Also plays as a Seeker (if that's alright) and is in the Duelling Club (again if that's alright).[/i]
[b]Private Classes[/b]:

As a child Leo grew up wondering why plants grew greener and mroe colourful when he touched them, he wondered why 'Mummy and Daddys' friends wore funny hates and long robes. Once as a child he melted the plastic from the swings, and made the metal chains holding the swing up super hot, at the park because a big kid pushed him off.
He never knew the wizarding world until he was 9.
It was a whole new experience after that.
Finding out that the bi-monthly visitor that daddy had over was the Minister of Magic; a head of a whole new Government that was just for gifted people.
Amazed and shocked he eventually asked if he would be able to learn and be able to use this magic that he told he had.

Mummy told him that he wasn't going to be taught in this country; but in a school named "Durmstrang." His father secretly told him when putting him to bed that he wasn't going to send him a million miles away and he'd be taught in the lovely castle of Hogwarts.

He was told fantastic stories about a magical creature called a Basilisk and the fight between this giant and a small wizard only in the 2nd year by the name of Harry Potter. There were also stories that his father wouldn't tell him of a Dark Lord and his claim to power.

He couldn't wait for the day that an owl would fly through his window to deliver a letter.

Unfortunatley he was disheartened when his mother and father kept arguing about where he would be taught. Although he couldn't wait to be taught, he grew scared of what would eventually be made of him; Hogwarts or Durmstrang...

And by the time the arguments had stopped; the excitement had gone, the fun wasn't there...but he still awaited the letter.


The owl flew through the window; tall, proud and clearly at her best. The letter dropped securely on the mound hidden underneath the thick duvet. It wasn't for at least another two hours when the owl had returned and peck on Leo's head that he woke up to see her flying out of the window; as he stirred in complete consciousness and went to put his slippers on for the walk down to breakfast that he noticed the envelope sitting on the floor with the Hogwarts wav seal on the back of it.

He smiled gleefully to himself; picked it up and walked downstairs; his mother Josephine was sitting produly in the living room as the house-elf scurried about in the kitchen preparing food. She turned around quickly finally noticing as Leo walked down the stairs, she frowned as she knew what the letter in her sons hand would contain. She downright refused to let her son be shipped off to a school where they were aloud to teach muggle-borns; but her husband pushed argued with her until she finally agreed. It was only the night before the letter came that she agreed to the outrage that was happening. But when Leo sat downside beside her and opened the letter she couldn't help but smile.

"Mudblood lovers..." she whispered under her breath.

Leo ignored her and quickly read the letter our loud and ran over to his father to show him.

He patted him on the back; gave him a hearty smile and said "Good job son; one day you'll become the most powerful wizard to grace the land."

Leo laughed and disagreed; his father and him argued until they came to the agreement that he would be the most powerful wizard in the household.


He ran back down the the hall and joined his fellow Slytherins; he laughed and joked with first-years around him and couple of Prefects patted him on the back.
He knew he was welcome.
He knew he was home.

The year passed by quickly; he made new friends, almost forgot to write home to his parents every month, he was a kid having fun. The second and third years passed almost as fast.
Summers came and gone. Lessons were learned and occasionally forgotten. Friends were almost always kept.

He couldn't wait for his fourth year.


Hope that's alright for you. I will update the Personality to contain a wee bit more.
If there's anything at all that you don't like then just let me know =].[/SIZE]
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[B]Name:[/B] Albert Randal

[B]gender:[/B] male

[B]age:[/B] fifteen

[B]Year:[/B] fifth

[B]House:[/B] Gryffindor

[B]Wand:[/B] Yew wood, 12 and 1/2 inches, Chimaera Fang core

Albert stands at a height of 5'10 and weighs around 170 lbs. He has short dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Out of school, his streets clothes between a wide variety of shorts. No matter what the weather is, he never really gets somewhat cold. He has a lean body, but mostly because of all the sweat he burns when he's asleep, having one of his dreams.

Albert has a pair of personalities and can get people off-guard. Most of the students know him for his ability to make people laugh and make a joke about anything. Though, depending on the class, is seen drifting away into another universe. Lost in his own thoughts and emotions. Rarely says a word to anyone and is seen as part of the classroom. A shadow that sits with the students and watches them.

He is driven to become a great wizard and usually studies on the classes that teach him what he wants to know. The usual offensive spells and charms that would disarm opponents. His attitude to strive to be the best suprise the teachers as they some see him as a goofball around his friends, while others see him, having alot of potiental inside him.

Albert was not the first child born from his family. As soon as he was born, his parents were dead. Never knowing his parents at all, he was casted away to be taken care of his uncle William. His uncle was just like any other wizard, hard working and very proud of himself of it. When Albert turned ten, his uncle told him what really happened that day when his parents died.

Albert had a older brother named Jeremy. Nobody knew what drove him insane enough to kill his parents, but just like that, he was a killer. Jeremy was never found after that, lost track after him because the next day, the trace, was broken when Jeremy turned seventeen.

When Albert turned eleven, he was enrolled into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Ever since arriving to Hogwarts, Albert swore to himself that he would revenge his parents and face his brother. Though, it seemed his enemy was already watching him as he started having dreams or visions that would pop into his head. Albert told the Headmistress about it and told him that he should consider doing classes to block them out. Ever since then, Albert has been fighting his dreams and tryting to succeeded at Hogwarts.

?Defense Against the Dark Arts
?Care of Magical Creatures
?Muggle Studies

[B]Private Classes:[/B]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][B]Name:[/B] Cyrilla "Cyri" Leonte-Fieraru
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Age:[/B] 15
[B]Year:[/B] 4th
[B]House:[/B] Hufflepuff (cause its the house of pure OWNAGE)
[B]Wand:[/B] Dragon heartstring core and Rosewood, 12 and a third
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://s203.photobucket.com/albums/aa90/Asami_Nina/Anime/Blonde/?action=view¤t=shimmeringmisty1.jpg"]Cyri[/URL] stands 5'3 and is barely over 110lbs.
Cyri is anything but soft-spoken, when she has something on her mind your going to know what it is. And if she wants your attention bad enough she won't hesistate to throw a book at you and her advice can be tend to be quite blunt and sometimes rude. She doesn't mean harm to any of her friends though, in fact her loyality to her friends is top notch. She'd do anything in honour of friendship and is willing to shut her trap to listen to whatever is on your mind. Her close friends know her her as a passionate person, with lots of love and support unlike most people who just see her an dumb blonde. However, Cyri is bit of a clutz from time to time, due to her eratic behavior.

But despite this she manages to have a steady hand in potions and because she's eager to speak up in classes she's gained the favor of most of her teachers. What also makes her such a great student is that she takes critiism rather harshly and strives to perfect her mistakes. Grades are very important to Cyri since her dream to become an Auror requires Outstanding grades.

Cyri grew up in a normal wizarding family or as normal as gets when your parents are from rivaling houses when they went to Hogwarts. Her father, a former Gryffindor, a dragon breeder in Romania; her mother, a former Slytherin, and a worker at Gringotts, the wizarding bank. Cyri is the first metamorphmagus since her great-great-great grandfather on her father’s side of the family. She doesn't have complete control over her ability for example, when she's nervous or shocked her hair changes color quickly and she still has trouble taking on a person's appearance. Though when she’s her normal self she can change her appearance at will.

Her family traveled a lot because of her mother's job, but she didn't mind it gave her a lot of stories to tell and a knowledge of many different places in the wizarding community. Her father on the other hand stayed in one place and offered Cyri the stability of a permeant home, to which she was glad to have incase her mother’s work got to dangerous for a untrained witch to tag along.

Cyri has no problem with mudbloods or mudblood haters as long as they don't bother her with trying to pester those that fall under that category. Unfortunately her parents decided it would be best if they lived apart but, still remained married because of many disagreements in travel and family issues. Cyri now lives with her father most of the time do to the fact that he doesn’t travel and because of his location in Romania she was originally going to attend Durmstrang Institute for Magical Study.

However, do to her mother’s persuasion she was able to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Both of her parents hoped desperately for her to be sorted into either one of their house so that they could be closer to her if she was in their old house. Though when the Sorting Hat decided her best suited for Hufflepuff they where both shocked as was Cyri herself. No one before in their family had ever been in any other house but, Gryffindor or Slytherin.

Secretly a calm came over both her mother and her father because now they no longer felt the urge to vine for Cyri’s attention. As Cyri’s years at the school increased so did her parents connections for instance her mother would pop in for visits during the summer or take a few weeks of to spend time with together. Though it was decided that Cyri was to spend the school holidays that she could leave for, if she wanted to, and at least two weeks of the summer with her mother who volunteers to switch to a desk job when Cyri is there with her and if can’t she merely takes her with her on her travels. The rest of the time is spent with her father.

Quidditch has also played an important part in Cyri’s school life. She was a Keeper her first year for playing the broom sport. Her true skill was reveled after the Hufflepuff Seeker graduated. She was naturally a first draft pick due to her thinness and smaller stature that the others that tried out for the position at the beginning of her third year. Plus her experience from the pervious year helped greatly. Cyri has yet to play a game a seeker yet, only practiced and though she thinks its an honor she still much rather had remained the Keeper.

• Defense Against the Dark Arts (Outstanding)
• Care of Magical Creatures (Acceptable)
• Transfiguration (Outstanding)
• Divination (Acceptable)
• Herbology (Acceptable)
• Charms (Outstanding)
• Astronomy (Acceptable)
• Potions (Exceeds Expectations )

• Cyri has plans on becoming an Auror after she gratuates Hogwarts
• Her Patronus is in the form of a sparrow; small but effective as she like to call it
• She is working on her animagus form in her spare time, and has tried to get private classes with the Transfiguration teacher, without any sucuess so far. Her attempts in the transformation has resulted in many visits to the hospital wing of Hogwarts, for cases of paws and a black shaggy tail similiar to that of a dog.
• Cyri also has an [URL="http://s114.photobucket.com/albums/n267/pluskon/?action=view¤t=Great_Horned_Owl_2_LG.jpg"]owl, named Elliot.[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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