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[center][b][u]Naruto:[/b] Will of Fire[/u]


Konohagakure, Village Hidden in the Leaves. Many years have passed since the conflicts faced by 7th Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki and his allies. Vanquished now are the legendary shinobi of Akatsuki, defeated is the evil Sennin Orichimaru. Many brave souls fell to protect the village, and now the survivors of that time of conflict carry on Konohagakure’s will of fire today, with a new generation of shinobi.

During this age of peace and prosperity, The Ninja Academy has just held it’s latest graduation ceremony, and now a new wave of talented young shinobi are on a new path of adventure, a winding road to their future…

What new challenges and dangers await them?


In this RPG, you will be playing the part of a new graduate from the Ninja Academy. You will not be allowed to play super-powerful shinobi, nor will you be allowed to play pre-existing shinobi. Instead, you will play the path to maturity of a new shinobi. You will start with a handful of shinobi abilities (feel free to be original or use blood line characters) and talents, however, at the end of the day, you will still be a fresh Genin. Over the time of the RPG, your character will follow basically the same path that Naruto and his friends did in the manga/anime series. Learning new techniques, becoming close to your team-mates, and going through perilous missions on your way to ascending to Chuunin and maybe eventually Jounin ranks.

But you’ll have to learn a lot and believably develop your characters in order for them to become stronger. In order to make that happen, myself and two other experienced RPers shall be playing the roles of your Jounin mentors.

[center][b]The Boss[/b] as [b]Shikamaru Nara[/b], leader of Cell 1.

[b]Gavin[/b] as [b]Konohamaru Sarutobi[/b], leader of Cell 2.

[b]Ezekiel[/b] as [b]Temari Nara[/b], leader of Cell 3.[/center]

There are nine spots open. Once your sign up is accepted, you will be placed in a cell randomly with whomever else we three choose. Once in your cell, you will be posting in your cell’s specified thread. During the first chapters of this RP, you will be under the command of your cell leader until we come to the Chuunin exam arc. It is up to your cell leader what missions you will be undertaking. This can range from Land of Waves arc style missions to body guarding a business man, depends on how cool your cell leader is. I personally plan on putting my cell through the former.

Once the Chuunin arc is reached, you’ll be posting in a combined thread. Once you get past the Forest of Death, you will be posting as individuals.

You are allowed to be the offspring of whatever characters you like, with the exception of:

[center]Shikamaru Nara/Temari Nara

Rock Lee


Maito Guy

Kakashi Hatake, The 6th Hokage[/center]

We have plans or history developed around those characters. For starts, both Maito Guy and Kakashi are deceased. Yes, they are dead.

Another condition is that you absolutely must be from Konohagakure. Once (and if) the Chuunin exams are reached, new characters will be introduced from separate villages, and possibly, new players will be brought in for guest spots.

I understand that the back story is very vague, but the real story is going to be told during the RP itself. Use the anime/manga series as reference as to how to let the story develop, and things will definitely go swimmingly.


[b][u]Sign Ups[/b][/u][/center]

Name: (Japanese)

Age: (12-13)


Physical Description: (if pictures are used, they must be original, otherwise, I’d prefer a detailed description).

Weapons: (if any)

Fighting Style: (specialize in Genjutsu? Ninjutsu? Taijutsu? Weapons? Or a well-balanced mixture?)

Jutsu/Techniques: (limited to two special techniques, with limited power).

Short Biography: (what’s your character’s life like? Who’s their family? Etc etc)


Remember, stay believable and stay true to the universe. The more your character grows, the higher quality this whole thing will have. Make it interesting, and most of all, have fun. I look forward to a good turn out. If the other Cell Leaders have anything to add, let them, because they will be acting as Co-authors in this with me.

Have fun.[/color][/size]
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Name: Nei

Age: 13


Physical Description: With long, pink, hair, Nei is 5 feet tall. She wears her hair down. She wears a purple T-shirt and a blue skirt.

Weapons: She carries many kunai. She carries a special jar. it is filled with steak juice. She carries it to use her wolves in battle.

Fighting Style: She's all-around, but capable of ANYTHING.

Jutsu/Techniques: She can use Shadow clones. She can also use chidori.

Short Biography: She was found in Konoha with no memory of her past. Her age when she was found was 5. Since then, she's been raised by Naruto. She only remembers one phrase from her past: Die, demon!
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Name: Hiro Yamanaka
Age: 13

Gender: Male

Physical Description: [IMG]http://www.rpgamer.com/games/suiko/suik2/art/suik2-079.gif[/IMG]

Weapons: A Pair of Kunai

Fighting Style: Hiro specializes in the usage of Taijutsu

Mind Transfer Jutsu (This allows Hiro to transfer his mind into another persons body)
Mind Destruction Jutsu (Hiro can confuse the target, causing them to not understand what they are doing, typically resulting in them attacking their allies.

Short Biography: The son of Ino Yamanaka, Hiro Yamanaka is a strong willed young man and incredibly popular with most of the other Genin. He never knew his father, who was a wandering Chounin who was called away on a mission shortly after Hiros birth and had died during the course of the mission. As such, Hiro has been lacking a fatherly figure and turned all of his attention to his mother and Ninja Studies. It was through this that he met Haruno Tai, son of his mothers long time friend Haruno Sakura.

The two formed a similar relationship to their mothers, a strong friendship but also a close rivalry. They always trained together although Hiro always fell behind Tai in studies. He was getting cocky based on his natural talent and he was paying for it. He was a good fighter but had little mastery of his abilities and he actually facing expullsion from the Academy unless he pulled his act together, he as tempted to leave it but he would have also walked away from a large number of friends. It was this persuasion that got him to focus on his studies Hiro is an incredibly likeable man and all of his friends are proof of it.
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[indent][SIZE="1"]Hey Mike! It's been a while, huh? =D I didn't count Sharingan as one of the Techniques/Jutsus but lemme know if ya want me to.

[B]EDIT:[/B] Edited some bits in Description and Jutsus/Techniques. Let me know if you want me to change anything. Kitty, Hope you don't mind that we're friends.

[COLOR="Navy"][B]Name:[/B] Uchiha Himiko (Miko-chan to her close friends)

[B]Age:[/B] Thirteen

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Physical Description:[/B] If anyone saw Himiko they would be able to recognize her as the daughter of Sasuke just by her appearance. She has thick raven hair that falls just below her shoulders, with the same endless onyx eyes as her father. Her skin is also as pale as his even though she spends a lot of time out in the sun. She just guesses that it runs in the family since her father's relatives were also very pale naturally. She also inherited her father's smirk and death glare which she uses often. She has a lithe, athletic figure and stands at about 5'5". Himiko wears slightly baggy black pants with her shuriken pouch wrapped around her right thigh, and a navy blue shirt much like her father's from his old days, with the Uchiha crest between her shoulder blades, visible under her hair, but instead of wearing the typical sandals she chooses to wear black combat boots with special soles that allows her to channel chakra through them.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Besides the standard ninja gear (shuriken, kunai, scrolls, etc.), Himiko wields a pair of custom made black sais with a holder on each hip. Each sai is perfectly balanced and has the Uchiha crest engraved at the base of each hilt.

[B]Fighting Style:[/B] As an Uchiha she is well rounded in all areas.

[B]-Sharingan -[/B] Acquired it through her bloodline, currently still has currently got two commas and is working on gaining her third.
[B]-Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu -[/B] All Uchihas learn this while they are young as proof of age and to prove that they can uphold the Uchiha ways. Sasuke started teaching her as soon as she was old enough to have chakra control. Himiko has no problem with using this jutsu for extended periods of time.
[B]-Chidori -[/B] Using Chidori has the potential to drain her completely and she needs to have a large percentage of her chakra to pull it off. If she tries to do it with not enough chakra she can be so exhausted that she faints, but this is only if she overdoes it.

[B]Short Biography:[/B] Himiko was born to the last Uchiha heir after he finally decided to take a bride, Mihara Kazuki. Her family was quaint but during her first years she didn't see a lot of her father because he was either helping the Hokage with rebuilding Konoha, or he had to go out to support ANBU teams seeing as he was the Commander.

Once she was old enough she began her training with her father who tried to be around more. They would practice everyday at the crack of dawn until she was tired. She got a grasp on chakra control easily while she was young which advanced her swiftly into learning jutsus. Before her father started to teach her jutsus he taught her how to use her Blood Limit, the Sharingan. It took a while and while she was learning it hurt her eyes to keep it active for long periods of time. As soon as she [I]could[/I] at least activate it she was started on jutsus. Himiko was told of the history about Katon: Goukyakuu no Jutsu and she put all of her energy into mastering it. She wasn't satisfied until she didn't feel tired after doing repeated fireballs. During the learning she would keep her Sharingan up for as long as possible to build up resistance, eventually she had got it to a stage where she could keep it up for a day without tiring.

Himiko hit the Academy as soon as she was able, already having been trained so she had an advantage over most students. Her father continued to train her on the side, keeping up with their dawn sessions. He helped her to work on the Chidori. It was hard and took a long time, longer than Goukyakuu she eventually got it. While she learnt it she got tired more frequently so they would spar. She admires her father a lot because of his strength.

Himiko has several friends from the academy, but someone she finds herself particularly close to is Uzumaki Hotaru. They are a year apart but they became close while they were growing because of their fathers being best friends. She is not as cold as her father used to be in his Genin days, but she is very competitive and can be arrogant, but more confident than arrogant. Himiko is a perfectionist and wants to master all of her jutsus and techniques that she is learning so she can be the best someday.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/indent]
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[SIZE="1"]I am also reserving a spot. :3 Shall have my sign up posted sometime tonight. ^_^

[b]edit:[/b] I hope you don't mind me pairing up Naruto and Hinata (they are my OTP! lol). Also, please let me know if there are any inaccuracies/contradictions with your plot in my bio.

[indent][b]Name:[/b] Uzumaki Hotaru (though she personally detests the name, and often asks others to call her “Ru”)
[b]Age:[/b] 12
[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Physical Description:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/Hotarusketchcolor.png]click here[/url] for a basic scribble of what Hotaru looks like.

Being a descendant of the Hyuuga main branch, Hotaru has inherited the family's Byakugan, giving her pupil-less eyes that are blue like her father's, instead of the typical lavender. Besides her eye color, Hotaru looks almost nothing like her father. She has dark indigo-colored hair, darker than her mother's, that reaches down past her elbows. Hotaru also wears clothing similar to other members of her mother's clan: a baggy, beige, long-sleeved top; black shorts that reach above her knees; a large gray belt around her waist, and the standard ninja foot wear. Since receiving her headband for graduating from the Academy, Hotaru usually wears it across her forehead, just like her father used to. When using her Byakugan, she will often let the headband slip down to cover her eyes.

Also of note, Hotaru is left handed, therefore her kunai, shuriken and scroll pouch is on her left thigh instead of her right.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Outside of the basic scrolls or kunai, Hotaru uses no special weapons.

[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Although one side of Hotaru's family is well known for their taijutsu techniques (one or two of which she, herself, has mastered), she is most skilled when it comes to ninjutsu.

• [i]byakugan[/i] – (kekkai genkai) Has skilled control over her Byakugan, and has even managed to extend its range from the basic 50 meters to 150 meters. But using the ability more than once in a day leaves her extremely exhausted, so she limits its use as much as possible.
• [i]gentle fist[/i] – (taijutsu) Usually used in combination with the Byakugan, Hotaru has adapted the technique to her own fighting style by essentially memorizing where the particular points of the chakra circulatory system are located, and therefore doesn't need to see them to hit them correctly. She managed this in only two years time to avoid using her kekkai genkai, which typically leaves her exhausted after extended usage.

[b]Short Biography:[/b] Hotaru was born soon after the calm fell upon Konohagakure, to the seventh Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata. As soon as was possible, Hotaru began training with her grandfather and mother to master the Byakugan at the Hyuuga household. She saw little of her father when she was young, as he was busy with rebuilding Konoha. She proved herself quite capable of mastering her challenging kekkai genkai, but often showed difficulties with more basic jutsus (Hotaru often recalled conversations at dinner where her grandfather blamed her father for that, making her mother giggle and blush).

Soon after entering Konoha's Ninja Academy, Hotaru finally was able to spend time with her father. They became inseparable, and would often claim to go training, but would really be pulling pranks on friends. When they actually [i]did[/i] train, they would fight in low-stakes spar matches with her father usually winning. Though she knew he would never fight her with all his strength, the stories she had heard of his battles made her wish she could fight someone as strong (or stronger) than he was, and be able to defeat them.

Hotaru is a very independent, determined, hot-headed, and stubborn individual, and is well known throughout Konoha not only for being the 7th Hokage's daughter (though she absolutely refuses to go by “Honorable Daughter” or some title like that), but for her own reputation as well. Despite the lack of physical resemblance to her father, she is practically his twin when it comes to behavior. She doesn't desire attention for the same reason he did, but she still goes out of her way to pull pranks and make a mess of things whenever the chance arises. The only thing she takes seriously is her training and self-improvement, though she'd rather die than let anyone know, so she often goofs off and gets in trouble in front of others so that they think she doesn't care. She considers herself fairly weak in terms of fighting skills (despite her confidence in her knowledge of a wide range of jutsus), and will not rest until she is able to defeat someone equal or superior to her father in strength.[/indent][/size]
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[SIZE="1"]An Uzumaki who doesn't know the Rasengan when there's an Uchiha with the Chidori ?! Kitty, Konohamaru's definitely going to teach you that technique as your squad leader. ;)

I should have my own character submission done before this evening Mike, got caught for time yesterday.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][B]Name:[/B] Haruno Tai

[B]Age:[/B] Thirteen

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Physical Description:[/B] Unlike his mother when she was his age, Tai has already passed many of his peers in terms of growth. He stands at 5’7” with a fairly muscular disposition and is very proud of his body. His eyes are a bright hazel colour in comparison to his freakishly pale skin and his light brown hair is always spiked vertically upwards. However, much to his dismay, Tai has the distinct Haruno forehead that his mother was well known for. It has also been noted that thanks to his complex understanding of the medical arts that Tai has perfect (irrespective of the pale-ness) skin.

Tai is very much a fan of utilising his speed and agility in combat, therefore he dresses accordingly. Aside from the essential weapon/scroll pouches he wears, Tai wears form-fitting, black shorts and T-shirt, as well as the usual ninja footwear to reduce any air resistance and to keep his weight to a minimum. Depending on the situation he is inclined to wear his newly acquired forehead protector either on his forehead or around his neck.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Carries the usual weapons holder on his right thigh and a small scrolls pouch attached to his right butt-cheek. Otherwise, no other notable weapons are carried.

[B]Fighting Style:[/B] Generally a well-balanced, hard-working fighter who leans slightly towards Genjutsu and Taijutsu.

[B]Chakra Control[/B] – Through his genes and through explicit teaching from Sakura, Tai has learned amazing Chakra control and as a result does not expend as much as others would. It also means that Tai can build up his chakra and release it in the form of a hugely destructive force through a punch/kick.

[B]Low Level Medic-Nin Capabilities[/B] – Much like Chakra control, Tai has been taught the arts of the Medic-nin from a very young age. Despite this, due to his affinity for combat, Tai has neglected to practice as much with his medical studies as he has with his combat training and as such, has limited ability with treating more serious injuries.

[B]Short Biography:[/B] Raised single-handedly by his mother, Haruno Sakura, Tai is head-strong, focused on becoming strong and stubborn in the worst possible way. He is unsure of who is father is as his mother doesn't much like to speak of him, and when she does Tai gets the idea that he's long since dead. Tai isn't really bothered anyway, he appreciates the life given to him by whomever that father might be and nothing more, respect is enough for him.

He was taught the theory of chakra control and the medical arts before he could understand the spoken word so these aspects are very much programmed within him. Seen as something of a prodigy upon first entering the academy, Tai was widely popular and compared with great young ninja like Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Itachi. Afterwards however Tai’s stature dropped as others got better where as he failed to improve. This brought about something of an inferiority complex in the young Haruno, further fuelling his stubborn and cocky attitude.

With his abilities not seeing any significant improvement Tai has become somewhat obsessive with his training, not stopping until past the point of exhaustion, even with his considerable stamina and Chakra control. If he’s talking to someone less skilled than him Tai will make sure that they know he’s better and if it’s someone more skilled Tai will do all he can to show he has a wide variety of knowledge and skills at his disposal. In spite of this, Tai has worked hard and finally left the academy into the welcome embrace of the title ‘Genin’.

Much like their mothers (as fate would dictate), Tai has an great friendship/fierce rivalry with Yamanaka Hiro. The two have always competed in the smallest of competitions with heated rivalry from before Tai can remember. And ironically (as fate would also dictate) Tai has an intense (yet secret) infatuation with the Uzumaki ‘Honourable Daughter’, Hotaru much to his mother’s chagrin. As such, Tai isn’t shy of performing his own prank or two every now and then in a vain attempt to catch her attention.

OOC: Hope that PWNED and Kitty don’t mind me including their characters in my bio.[/size]
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[size=1]Finally a bit of inspiration. Reading back over my previous work, I realised I?d turned Konohamaru into a Kakashi-clone.

[b]Name:[/b] Konohamaru Sarutobi

[b]Age:[/b] 31

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Physical Description:[/b] [url=http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs16/i/2007/204/9/6/Older_and_Wiser_by_ihatecollege.jpg][b]Konohamaru[/b][/url]
Credit to [i][url=http://ihatecollege.deviantart.com/]ihatecollege[/url][/i] for the image.

In the words of his surrogate mother Kurenai Yuhi, in the space of a two decades, Konohamaru has grown into a strong ninja and even more importantly, a fine man. Including his hair, he stands just shy of 6?3? with a highly athletic build and is said to bear a striking resemblance to his late father Nachi.

Usually Konohamaru dresses in the standard Jonin uniform, however he is known to still wear the scarf he wore as a child which falls about half way down his back. Along with this he carries the scroll of summoning for the Monkey Clan to which Enma belongs and rules.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Beyond the basic shinobi weapons of shuriken and kunai, Konohamaru wields a chakra infused bō of a similar design to Asuma?s trench knives. Indeed, the grooves at both ends of the weapon indicate that at once, the trench knives were used in combination with the bō as a single weapon. Konohamaru is exceptionally skilled in the use of this weapon, which when used in conjunction with his Earth-based chakra is quite capable of breaking through solid walls of steel.

The only other weapon used by Konohamaru is the transformed state of Enma, the Monkey King, the Adamantine Staff. With this in hand, he becomes truly a force to be reckoned with.

[b]Fighting Style:[/b] Typical of a Sarutobi, Konohamaru is a close to medium range fighter, using elemental ninjutsu as a support to physical taijutsu, and the Jonin is very, very good at both. Kurenai has instructed Konohamaru in the past on genjutsu, however it does not play a usual role in his fighting style.

[b]Jutsu/Techniques:[/b] In an effort to live up to the legacy of his grandfather the Third Hokage, Konohamaru has attempted to learn every non-Kekkei Genkai jutsu in Konohagakure, this has lead to him being called The Student, in much the same way as his Sarutobi was referred to as The Professor. Some of his most used jutsu are listed below.

[list][*][size=1][font=verdana][b]Kuchiyose no Jutsu[/b] Used to summon the Monkey King Enma[/size][/font]

[*][size=1][font=verdana][b]Katon: Karyū Endan[/b] A powerful fire release technique used by Konohamaru and his grandfather.[/size][/font]

[*][size=1][font=verdana][b]Tsuchi Bunshin no Jutsu[/b] Konohamaru learned the Shadow Clone technique a long time ago when he began to imitate Naruto Uzumaki. Nowadays he uses the Earth-based variety of the technique and while he no longer uses it in conjunction with perverted jutsus, it is still immensely useful for training, reconnaissance and battle. Konohamaru can create eleven other clones safely.[/size][/font]

[*][size=1][font=verdana][b]Doton: Doryūheki[/b] A defensive Earth-jutsu created by the Third Hokage, Konohamaru is currently the only user of the jutsu.[/size][/font]

[*][size=1][font=verdana][b]Earth Release: Inner Rejuvenation[/b] One of the jutsus created by Konohamaru himself, this works almost in the opposite way to the Mokuton jutsus used by the First Hokage. After created the seals with his hands, Konohamaru will place his palm flat on the ground and draw nutrients up from the soil to refresh himself. The longer he uses the technique, the more rejuvenated he will become.[/list][/size][/font]

Konohamaru is capable of using the [b]Rasengan[/b] taught to him by Naruto, but rarely uses it in combat as he has never had any success in adding an elemental type to it.

[b]Short Biography:[/b] Though most people look back on it with a nostalgic smile, there is little doubt that Konohamaru was, as a child, nothing short of a complete nuisance. He was arrogant and held little respect for anyone or anything around him due to the fact he was the Hokage?s grandson. Hs outlook on life was completely changed however the day Konohamaru met Naruto Uzumaki, the future Seventh Hokage. Understanding that simply being a Sarutobi did not mean he would be Hokage someday, Konohamaru chose to train hard to accomplish this goal, as well as picking up a few of Naruto?s more questionable habits. His grandfather?s death in the battle to save Konohagakure galvanised this desire to succeed in life, a desire which has since borne many successes.

The death of his uncle Asuma at the hands of Hidan of the group Akatsuki was another major turning point in Konohamaru's life, left as the last Sarutobi his attitude became bleaker and he lost a good portion of the fun-loving nature which had previously been his most recognisable trait. The fact that Kurenai was pregnant with Asuma?s child at the time is perhaps the reason she chose to take care of Konohamaru, or perhaps it is equally fair to say it was always in the nature of Kurenai to take care of children in need.

His cousin's birth some months later is said to have restored some of Konohamaru?s cheer, but he remained considerably more grim than he had been before his uncle?s death. It was around this time that Konohamaru began a friendship with Asuma?s student Shikamaru which has continued to this day, as both shared a commitment to not only protect the child, but to honour Asuma himself after death.

The following year at the Chunin Exams, the twelve year old Konohamaru was among only four Genin to be elevated to the rank of Chunin, many of those who had known Konohamaru as a child are said to have been immensely surprised by the upsurge in skill he displayed, defeating a Hidden Village of Sand ninja with the Katon: Karyū Endan jutsu, a B-Rank offensive technique. Parting ways with the rest of the of his squad, Konohamaru joined ANBU, serving with distinction in the Hunter-nin sub-section.

Much of the next eleven years Konohamaru will not discuss, as either his assignments are classified or he simply does not wish to talk about what went on. It is known that he was involved in the fight against the resurgent Orochimaru in which Sixth Hokage Kakashi Hakate gave his life to finally kill the Sannin once and for all. Though the details of the exact nature of his involvement are unknown, it is rumoured however that his body count exceeded thirty Jonin from Otogakure. Among Konohagakure's lost was Konohamaru's former team-mates and friends Udon and Ebisu.

After the ascension of Naruto Uzumaki to become the Seventh Hokage, Konohamaru served for a number of years in his personal guard along with Neji Hyuga and Rock Lee, believing that he would be able to best serve Konohagakure by protecting the Hokage. It was through Naruto that Konohamaru would be introduced to his future wife, Hanabi Hyuga, the sister of Naruto's own spouse Hinata Hyuga. Their courtship became something of a celebration for Konoha, who saw not only the resurrection of the Sarutobi clan, but also a future successor to the title of Hokage, as despite Naruto's own heroics, there remained a small portion of Konohagakure's populace which saw him as only the Kyubi in human form.

Retiring from ANBU to be with Hanabi, Konohamaru settled into life as a normal Konohagakure Jonin, and the pair were married almost a year later in a ceremony that took place in the Hyuga?s Temple. Konohamaru would also become the favourite uncle of one Hotaru Uzumaki, whom he would spoil ridiculously any time he saw his niece. A little over two years later, Hanabi would give birth to their first child, Nachi Sarutobi, named after Konohamaru?s deceased father, followed by a daughter Hinata Sarutobi after his wife?s elder sister.

More recently Konohamaru volunteered to serve as a Jonin instructor along with the Naras for the latest group of Genin to come from the Academy, a group which includes his niece.


Changed the bio a bit to meet with the new timeline. I think Hanabi would be a better wife for Konohamaru, and an interesting dynamic for his future student. And yes, my team will face the infamous Bell Test.[/size]
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Finished! Huzzah!

[INDENT]Name Arubito, Teisho // Teisho Arubito

Age 13

Gender Male

Physical Description Teisho is a silent man by nature; he has learned that it is best not to draw attention to himself, concerning the bad history of his nation of his birth. His clothing reflects this.

He wears over his clothing a large, dark cloak. It is similar to a kimono in how it can be opened down to the chest. It is made of a dark material, most likely a leather of sorts. The cloak falls down to his shoes, but is cut from the bottom to where his pelvis would be, offering mobility. The cloak’s collar extends so far up that it would cover half of his face; it has a zipper, however, when he needs some room to breath.

He is usually seen with his left hand sleeveless, his left hand tucked into his jacket, much like a ronin. His hand is kept in his right sleeve. When battle arises, he will throw the sleeve off of him, pushing it to the side, and off of his shoulder. He will then draw the Kurou Mizui.

Beneath the coat he has on a sleeveless white shirt. It is undecorated; very simple and clean. This gives him added mobility, since he does not have sleeves to slow him down under his somewhat heavy coat.

He has black leather gauntlets on. This is to prevent his sweaty palms (they [i]do[/i] sweat in battle) from losing grip of whatever they are holding. They also provide minor protection.

He refuses to wear the standard sandal footwear that are so common, seeing them as nuisance. They also provide more protection that sandals ever could.

[center]= = =

[© osy057@deviantart] [/CENTER]

When you look upon the face of Teisho, you see someone who is unusually calm and serene for someone of his age. His face has the look of someone who cares not for the events that revolve around him, but rather the events that involve only him. One would not be too far from the truth with such a statement.

One look into his eyes, and you can tell immediately that Teisho is a serious man. He is one not to express emotions in them; he prefers to use his facial features for that. There is many reasons for this, but they all connect at a single point: tactics. By looking into the eyes of an enemy, a fighter can predict their emotions, motives, and theories. By removing emotions from his eyes, Teisho has gained a tactical advantage in battle. It is also a psychological move – it is almost demon like, the way his eyes just stare into space, but at the same time, are so concentrated.

After his face, one is quick to notice his unusual hairstyle – blue in the front, white in the back. This is a trait from the Arubito family; it is unknown exactly why the Arubitos are born with this strange look. All is known is that they have it, and that is enough for most people. After all, in a world of pink haired kunoichis, a blue-white haired shinobi is not that unusual.

[B]Weapons[/B] [URL="http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/9210/blackorchidv2259bafnd9.jpg"][U]Kurou Mizui//Black Water[/U][/URL]

For a weapon as large as the Kurou Mizui, it has a very slender look to it. It begins as the hilt, with its bronze pummel, and the brown-colored grip, which intersects to the [i]chappe[/i]. The chappe does not end at just where the blade meets it, as is the norm; rather, it extends to the opposite end of it, acting as a guard for half of the blade’s length. The chappe ends at the end of the blade.

As for the blade itself, it is even more fascinating, which one could most likely attribute to the Village of the Hidden Mist’s love for its blades. It is curved, much like a scimitar. Near the central ridge, the blade extends to a sharp edged tip, which was hollowed out. This reduced the weight of the weapon to an extent.

As for the technical terms surrounding the weapon, it is 2 kg in weight, and 11 ½ in length of the entire weapon, starting from the hilt to the point.

The Kurou Mizui was passed down the line of Arubito for the past three hundred years, and will not wielded by any hand that is not of Arubito blood or is not blessed by an Arubito. It is enchanted for this purpose; it will triple in weight if the person has not met the said requirements. On the other hand, it will decrease in weight ever slightly the more an Arubito has wielded it.

Some people say the most exceptional of the Arubito line will see a spirit that guards the blade.

Weapon History: The history of the blade dates back to the founding of Rosato [Lost Village], which predated even the founding of the Hidden Village of the Mist. The people of Rosato were exceptional swordsman, all of them ranking among the best in the world. All others, even those of the Mist, acknowledged their prowess.

The Kurou Mizui was the village’s symbol, its golden eagle if you will. It defined everything that they were, and its sight alone on the battlefield would raise them up into a glorius fury for the valor of Rosato…and the Mist.

When the idea for an Academy was first proposed to the Feudal Lord all those years ago, dozens of sites were proposed. Rosato was one of them, and many were certain that it would be the one. But, fate played a cruel turn, and Rosato was denied.

From there, Rosato plunged into despair. The warriors lost hope; men gave in to drunkenness, women fell to carelessness. The village was doomed.

Only one family still kept the Rosato spirit within: the Arubito. They alone would march on the battlefield; they alone would sing the ancient glory songs. They kept to the old ways.

And so, the Kurou Mizui chose them as its wielder. It would allow no other hand to touch its hilt. Only those with Arubito blood in their veins could even feel it.

As the saying goes, and the rest is history.

[B]Personality[/B] [I know this wasn’t an original category, but I decided to add it anyways! :-p]

Teisho is a calm, restrained, young man. Most people his age is quickly identifiable with a personality trait, but Teisho does not have these qualities. At one glance, one could say he doesn’t have a personality at all.

This, however, is a misconception. Its not that Teisho does not have a personality; rather, it would be far more accurate to say that Teisho has kept his personality [i]restrained[/i]. He keeps it hidden, locked up, for no better reason than to gain another tactical prowess. He shows emotion from time to time, there is no doubt about that. He is just more lax in showing it than the Number One most Surprising Ninja of Konoha.

The personality that Teisho has locked under jail and key is one of too many traits for Teisho to consider safe. For example, he has the most perverted sense of humor. If somebody makes a joke or comment about anything, his mind will find a way to twist it to involve as dirty sex as possible. Granted, he lets [i]no one[/i] know this, but this doesn’t stop the occasional laugh from emerging, much to his chagrin.

Teisho also has an overwhelming anger. He is a very prejudice individual, almost always relying on stereotypes to decide how to judge someone. If someone dares to correct him, he will be sure to make him pay.

In his hunt for the man who humiliated his family, Teisho has developed an alternate personality; a man known only as Oujou. ‘Oujou’ is a maniac; a mass murderer, rapist, tormenter, and absolutely psychotic. He is everything that Teisho is not. Whereas Teisho is reserved and quiet, Oujou is loud and absolutely bloodthirsty. He tears at his enemies with tooth and nail if he dosen’t have a weapon in his bloody hands.

[B]Fighting Style[/B]

Teisho is a swordsman first, a shinobi second, and a man last. His battle style reflects this: all of his maneuvers involve his blade. He does nothing concerning his fists. His path is that of the sword; and if prophet’s wisdoms are to be given any credit, he will die by the sword as well.

The instant battle comes upon him, he throws his left sleeve off of him. It will fall to his side, giving him full maneuverability with his left arm. With his right arm he will have his blade in hand, holding it on his shoulders, using them as a platform for him to balance the weapon.

He is a mix of defense and offense. He knows when to use his blade as a shield to block attacks, but if he knows he needs to lose some blood to get a finishing shot in, he will not hesitate to charge straight in battle.

[B]Jutsu/Techniques [/B]

[+]Eki-Sukin no Jutsu [Liquid Skin Technique]

[b]Jutsu Type:[/b] Ninjutsu

[b]Description / Effects:[/b] The Eki-Sukin is a medium ranked ninjutsu. Unlike most ninjutsus, it is performed subconsciously, rather than through hand seals. This makes it more difficult than the norm to perform, but as much as chakra consumption is concerned, its medium level.

What occurs is the user triggers in their mind to have their skin cells evolve [or devolve, depending on one’s opinion] into water cells, while still keeping a trace of their biological data. This results in the flesh of turning into water; the theory goes that on impact, the water flesh will splatter, but not to the harm to the user. The user will then trigger the cells to revert back to the original state, from water back to flesh.

It is a dangerous jutsu, due to the fact that if one is not careful, they can become completely organic.

[b]Chakra Consumption:[/b] Medium

[+]Ken Mizu Suishin [Blade of Water Propulsion]

[b]Jutsu Type:[/b] Ninjutsu, with a hint of Kenjutsu

[b]Description / Effects:[/b] There is always the need for a fighter to get a few extra shots on a target. The shinobis developed such a jutsu for its blade bearers – the Ken Mizu Suishnin. The shinobi will gather water around their blade, and the rush towards the enemy. They will slash upwards. Normally, this will cut them down; but instead, the water will be released, and at such a velocity that it will send them a few feet in the air. In combination with the Hai Mizu Suishin, the shinobi can leap into the air as well, and slash the unmovable target to shreds.

[b]Chakra Consumption:[/b] Low


The life of Teisho Arubito is not one of peace; it is not one of serenity. It is not one of the upbringing of the warrior. It is simply the beginning.

Teisho was born into the prestigious Arubito family, of the Rosato village in the Nation of the Mist. The Rosato family was known as the greatest swordsmen in not only the Mist, but the whole world as well. They had no bloodline ability; they had neither secret nor curse. It was all pure talent and will to become the best.

But of all the families and villages in the village, the Arubitos were known to be the greatest amongst them. Thus, to say Teisho has large expectations to meet would be overly kind.

The Arubitos, as one could surmise, had many rivals…but none were as great as themselves. The Arubitos were unofficially split into two branches, but unlike the Hyuugas of Konohagakure [Hidden Leaf], which were done to protect its secrets, the Arubito clan was split due to a dispute.

Two hundred or so years ago, a woman from the Arubitos married outside of the family; before, they would marry cousins so distant that it wasn’t considered incest. The woman and her husband distanced themselves from the Arubitos, and for a good many years, their descendants were not even considered of the Arubito Clan.

But then, the leader of the Arubito clan was attacked by assassins…and it was one of the woman’s descendants that saved the Clan Head, only to die moments later due to being poisoned. The Clan Head was moved so that he declared his rescuer’s relatives were to be inducted back into the Clan.

But things were not to be peaceful. The two portions of the Clan agreed on almost nothing, and they butted heads many times. Eventually, two members of each branch were instructed to marry, in hopes that would unite the clan.

The result of that union was Teisho’s uncle; Shojo. He was a clever warrior, a quick tactician, and an even more cunning politician. He knew how to get people to do what he needed, when to strike, and when to pull back.

Being of mixed descent, Shojo struggled with how to unite the Clan. He eventually came to a conclusion: the next descendants in line for the throne from the ancestral branch would need to be declared as outcasts.

That would be Teisho’s family.

Over the course of a single night, he and his bribed elite performed a coup de tat against the ancestral branch. Teisho, his mother, and his father, the son of the Clan Head, were outlawed.

Kohonagakure gave shelter to them, but that would never remove the rage from their hearts, nor the rage they instilled in Teisho as he grew up. Not even Shojo sending them the ancestral blade of their Clan as apologies could remove such a taint.
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[SIZE="1"][B]Name:[/B] Nara Temari

[B]Age:[/B] 38

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Physical Description:[/B] [URL="http://www.cyberconnect2.jp/narutoA/char/image/temari.jpg"]Temari[/URL]

Temari is still similar to her old self, though having done away with the top two pigtails she used to sport, having only the bottom a little longer, though still just as spikey. She wears a basic black kimono with boots reaching to her knees, the toes exposed like most other ninja. She also now wears a long red scarf around her neck and middle which acts as not only a nice accessory but is looped to be a comfortable holder for her fan. She will still wear the Sunagakure forehead protector when on missions, never forgetting her roots, though is also fiercely loyal to Konoha, home being where the heart is.

[B]Weapons:[/B] [I]Giant iron fan[/I], that acts as a club as well as the known fan, which can be used as a glider.

[B]Fighting Style:[/B] Temari is a skilled analyst, second only to her husband, Shikamaru. Due to this, her approach to battle suits the opponent and environment she is presented with. She can use her fan as a blunt weapon, or use it's specialised powers and combine with her chakra to use wind techniques.

[B]Jutsu/Techniques:[/B] As she folds out more of her fan, more of its 'stars' (the purple circles) are revelaed, leading to more power. The more she has, the better the techniques she can use. Once all three stars are revealed, she can use the [I]Kamaitachi no Jutsu[/I] (Cutting Whirlwind Technique) or the more powerful [I]Daikamaitachi no Jutsu[/I] (Great Cutting Whirlwind Technique).

She can also summon a weasel, [I]Kamatari[/I], to create strong gusts of wind for her in battle, as well as other wind techiques to blind the opponent or trap them.

[B]Short Biography:[/B]
After growing quite close to the ninja of Konoha, Temari had no real problems with moving to the village when her then long-term partner Nara Shikamaru asked her to marry him, quite unexpectedly.

Though she still holds her relationship with her brothers and her country dear, the people of Konoha are just as important to her. Still a hard working ninja, Temari struggled at first to fit into the routine of married life, though knowing Shikamaru wasn't handling it that much better certainly calmed her fears they weren't actually meant for each other. Their relationship was one not many expected to last out, due to her quick temper and sharp tongue and Shikamaru's laziness and apparent disinterest in anything remotely romantic.

However, it's probably due to their quirks that the couple have been together for such a long time, and now Temari couldn't be happier in her life. She has continued to grow stronger, especially now she has someone she loves dearly to protect, and is one of the respected, high-rank ninja in Konoha.

She didn't expect to be asked to lead a Cell of Genin, though happily took the chance when she found out her husband would be doing the same. The pair still constantly challenge each other, so Temari views this as her chance to gain the upper hand once again, determined to lead her squad to great glory and have them graduate as Chuunin before her husband's do.

As a team leader she is stern and passionate for missions, pushing her young team to go past their breaking points and reach new levels. If they happen to come across each other with their students, Temari will bicker with Konohamaru and tease Shikamaru, always having been a strong woman since she was young, always eager to exert her self-professed supremacy over the two men.[/SIZE]
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[b]Name:[/b] Lathian Kamigawa

[b]Age:[/b] 13

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Physical Description:[/b] [url=http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m313/DrkLazarus/yuberscary.jpg]Lathian[/url]

(It's just a mug-shot. If you recognize the character, you shouldn't have much trouble picturing a physically younger version, but all the art I have is of course, is of the character as a fully grown adult.)


The weapon is a large two-handed sword, forged generations ago for members of the Kamigwa clan by their demonic patron, the Shichibi. As Lathian is much too small and lacking sufficient mass to properly wield the sword at the moment, the weapon remains under guard at his family home. The sword is used to regulate and control the chakra of the Kamigawa prodigy, as it is mixed with demonic youki. Lathian wears an amulet and a sealing sigil on his breastbone which links him to the weapon despite distance, allowing it to filter chakra, although the process takes time. The blade bleeds a supernatural cold when the unique chakra of the Kamigawa clan is channeled into it, purifying the blazing youki of the Shichibi.

[b]Fighting Style:[/b]

Lathian focuses on his use of ninjitsu, although his kenjutsu is also important as he will one day take up his family's heirloom sword and he intends to know how to use it effectively.

[b]Family History:[/b]

The Kamigawa have a long history. Their family line is traceable all the way back to the Ainu, the ancient peoples of Japan. At some point, the family forged a pact with the Shichibi, the seven-tailed beast, a phoenix. Over time the bond grew as the Kamigawa stayed faithful and worshiped the Bijuu. The Kamigawa began to exibit symptoms of over-exposure to youki, and the entire line nearly died off before the techniques were developed to filter the demonic influence from their systems. The Shichibi had the Frostmourne made, it's purpose threefold. The weapon was to protect the Kamigawa heirs, to filter their energies clean of the harmful youki, and to serve as a conduit between the Shichibi and it's chosen people.

The Kamigawa were an unknown clan when Konohagakure was founded, and they remained so for quite a while, content to handle their affairs in the background. The weapon gifted to them kept their connection with the Shichibi alive regardless of distance. In time, the Kamigawa began a ritual of honoring the Shicibi with a small offering of the newest heir's blood. The ritual strengthened the connection between demon and man, and the Kamigawa found that they could wield their youki tainted chakra to an extent without requiring filtering. The youki can only be used for a handful of techniques native to the Kamigawa clan. Attempts by clans and individuals alike to copy or learn these techniques legitimately have failed due to the unique nature of the blend of human chakra and demonic youki. Still, this tainted chakra cannot be used for normal ninja techniques.

The domain of the Shichibi is light and heat, and the Kamigawa clan techniques all focus around those. The Kamigawa do learn other technique types, although they have shown a natural affinity for Katon type jutsu which rivals the Uchiha of old.


[b]Sanryoukyou[/b] ? [i]Prism[/i] ? Allows Lathian free manipulation of light in the air near him, slowing it down, shifting its spectrum, making it solid, etc. The ability is a gift from the Shichibi and consumes little chakra. Advanced Kamigawa clan members can use the skill freely and without handseals, much like all ninja learn to do with simple genin techniques. As experience in the skill grows, the speed at which light can be manipulated grows, and light constructs become more sturdy.

[b]Katon: Soudai Appakusei[/b] ? [i]Grand Compression[/i] ? Lathian flash compresses the oxygen molecules in an area, causing them to combust in a conflagration of flame. Without some attention, the flame is there and gone in an instant, enough to scorch and wound deeply, but without sustained heat required to ignite anything. With attention, the flame can be sustained provided there are combustible materials such as hair and cloth. The technique consumes a moderate amount of chakra.


Following the defeat of the Akatsuki, the captive Bijuu were quietly dealt with. The Kamigawa clan managed to rescue their patron spirit from it's ignoble fate by granting it refuge within their clan compound. The Shichibi sought to strengthen it's connection to the Kamigawa family on the anniversary of the date that their pact was originally forged, as well as escape any possible further capture by bonding with a child. Lathian was born on that day, and his young soul was bound to the Shichibi for all eternity. This does not make him a Jinchūriki, as the joining was not forced upon the demon, and it remains free. The Shichibi can freely manifest within Lathian's mind and body, or bring itself to him and vice-versa instantly. This is accomplished because Lathian shares a piece of the Shichibi's essence, and the Shichibi holds a portion of his soul.

This partnership presents Lathian with untold potential, provided he can master the unique chakra and techniques of his clan, and come to wield Frostmourne. The child truly is the scion of the Kamihawa clan, but despite this he is not vain or conceited, preferring to treat others fairly and honestly even though his own clan is often quietly derided for it's open secret of demonic association. The child is not as ostracized as Uzumaki Naruto had been, but people still look down upon him. The encouragement the Shichibi gives on occasion allows Lathian to ignore the negative behavior and maintain a positive outlook.

The Kamigawa scion is centered on his clan, looking up to the clan Elders and is focused on obtaining their praise and acceptance. As a child he doesn't yet understand that he has it, although he is an unknown quantity and his clansmen fear offending the Shichibi through him. This leads to his clan keeping something of a respectful distance from him, excluding his immediate family.

((Done. Not still sure I'm happy with all of it, although I think the balance as far as strengths and drawbacks is perfect. Feedback would be nice.))
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[SIZE="1"]I don't know why it took me so long to realise this, but there's no way we could have Ino, Uchiha and Uzumaki descendants if this is only set 10-15 years after the current Naruto timeline, as we're basically saying that either the kids already have kids we don't know about, which would be just weird, or that they're going to become parents very soon.

Mike, recommend moving the timeline up to 20-25 years after to make it a little more believable. [/SIZE]
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It's been altogether too long since I RP'd.

[size=1][b]Name[/b] (formatted Family name, Given name)[/size]
Sato Ryuji



[size=1][b]Physical Description[/b][/size]
Ryuji's a scrawny kid. Small for his age, and built stringy. His hair is dirty blonde, messy, and would fall over his eyes if not for his forehead protector. His eyes are usually narrowed, like he's looking suspiciously at everyone and everything. He wears loose dark green trousers for easy movement and a sleeveless kaftan-type shirt. He has two shuriken pouches, one on each thigh, and on his belt hang two folded Fuuma Shuriken.
[URL="http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s216/phyreblade_blog/Weapons/Fuuma%20Shuriken/Fuuma_Shuriken_tn.jpg"][u]Fuuma Shuriken (folded)[/u][/URL]
[URL="http://blogsimages.skynet.be/images/000/961/629_f423e4151e0d897310f2f6060c16c970.jpg"][u]Fuuma Shuriken (open)[/u][/URL]

Ryuji specialises in thrown weapons. He carries a large stock of shuriken and two larger Fuuma Shuriken (Demon Wind Shuriken), similar to the one used by Sasuke and Naruto against Zabuza.

[size=1][b]Fighting Style[/b][/size]
Ryuji uses a mixture of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu in combination with his Fuuma Shuriken. He's never got the hang of Genjutsu (either using or countering it) - he considers it cowardly and underhand.

[i]Hakosen no Jutsu (Arc Blade Technique)[/i]
This is a simplified version of the Kugutsu no Jutsu (Puppet Technique). Ryuji attaches chakra strings to his Fuuma Shuriken, enabling him to direct their flight. He can bring them back to his hand after being thrown, or pull them back towards an opponent that's dodged their first pass. As yet he is only able to direct the Shuriken in wide arcs.
[i]Hafuusha no Jutsu (Blade Windmill Technique)[/i]
Ryuji places his hand in the central hole of the Fuuma Shuriken, gathers chakra in his palm and sets it spinning, causing the Shuriken to rotate around his hand at high speeds. The spinning blade can be used as a shield, or combined with Taijutsu to make a deadly close-combat buzzsaw. Keeping his chakra spinning takes immense concentration, so Ryuji can currently only use this technique with one, not both, of his Fuuma Shuriken, and only for a short period of time.

Ryuji grew up on the streets of Konohagakure, one of the many orphans of the wars with Akatsuki and the resurgent Orochimaru. He got picked on for being small, and that toughened him up, but also made him a naturally suspicious character; quick to weigh up a new acquaintance's strength against his own, but slow to trust.

A particularly vicious street fight got Ryuji dragged in front of the Hokage, and to his surprise, instead of being punished, he was enrolled immediately in the Ninja Academy. Now Ryuji is the kid with something to prove. He didn't get into the Academy through family ties, he got there by his own strength (and some luck, and a kind word from the Hokage, though he doesn't admit that even to himself) and he's out to prove to everyone else that he's the strongest shinobi there.

Selfish as he sounds - and as he makes himself out to be - Ryuji's determination to prove himself comes from a deep desire to protect the village and his few friends; because once he's finally decided to trust someone, he considers it his duty to protect them with all his strength.

(I expect Ryuji's few academy friends are in the RP as well - it'd be pretty dull playing a total loner. But I didn't want to be presumptuous and pick sign-ups to be his buddies. If I'm picked we can figure it out when the RPG starts.)
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Name: Uchiha Salene

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Physical Description: She has black hair. Her hair is to the middle of her neck in the back and a little past her shoulders in the front. She has navy blue eye's that change color with her mood. She wears a black skirt about 4 in. above her knee. her head band is worn around her leg. She has a red leather tank under a black jacket that is normally unzipped. Well developed for her age. Has the Uchiha symbol tattoo'd to her neck.

Weapons: A katana. the hilt is red with black snakes. Windmill shuriken.

Fighting Style: Well balanced mixture with Kinjutsu(Forbidden jutsu)

Jutsu/Techniques: Shadow Chidori, Reversed sharingan( demon possesed)

Short Biography: Salene has a history similar to Naruto's, shunned by the village for the possesion of a demon. She doesn't know her parents. Though the whold Uchiha clan was killed all those years ago, rumor has it that the couple that had her were run away Uchiha's. She was left at the village gates and grew up on her own. She was one of the top students in her class though there was noone to appreciate it or anyone to care. She's never been good around people and doesn't enjoy the Idea of working in three man cells.
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[COLOR="Green"]Yes, [B]Salene_Uchiha[/B], when deciding on what RPGs to join, please choose from threads where the last reply was posted less than few weeks ago. No point in writing a whole sign-up sheet for a game that isn't going to happen, or has [I]already[/I] happened. You'll just end up wasting the effort.

- Sandy, Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator[/COLOR]
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