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As of now I have a few favorites.

I just recently finished watching Tekkon Kinkreet. I am really really impressed by this movie. The animation was REALLY high quality. Like the action scenes were perfectly fluid and the city almost became a character it was animated so well. That's another really cool thing about the show. The city itself was an entity and the people in the show regarded it as such.

A cool thing about the characters were that there was a a large group of gangsters. One group stood to some sort of code but was still style and cynical enough to be successful. Then there was an completely evil group of gangsters who didn't care at all about the town or it's people. Finally the main characters black and white were two of the most dynamic characters I have ever seen. It wasn't even their actions necessarily but just how they got to be the way they are and how they survived off of it.

This is a recent favorite of mine. If this thread has any longevity I will post up more.

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[SIZE="1"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][INDENT][COLOR="Red"]By the way AmyraSuzuki, you might want to lay off using all caps. Online that's the same as shouting and no one likes to be shouted at. ^_~ Just something to keep in mind okay? Thanks! ~Aaryanna[/COLOR][/INDENT][/FONT][/SIZE]

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1. [B]Gokusen[/B]-a teacher who happens to be part of a group-Yakuza.
2. [B]Card Captor Sakura[/B]-a 10 year old girl who claim magic powers and gather clow cards.
3. [B]One Piece[/B]-a boy named Luffy who embarks on a journey with his friends to be the pirate king.
4. [B]Ranma 1/2[/B]-a 16 year old boy who when splashed with cold water turns into a girl and when splashed with hot water turns back into a boy.

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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][B]Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - [/B]Action packed, comical at times but also has a deep storyline to it which I really love. I also like the relationships between the characters and how they develop. Each main character has their own story which you learn over the series which I really like. The Samurai X OVAs are so tragic and beautiful, overall these two make up my favourite anime series.

[B]InuYasha -[/B] I love the relationship between InuYasha and Kagome. Some cute characters all with thier own story. Some funny parts, epecially with Miroku and when Kagome tells InuYasha "Sit". One of the few series where I actually like the Dubbed version. I just generally love this series.

Some other of my favourites are:

* DearS
* Tokyo Mew Mew
* Slayers[/COLOR]

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[FONT="Times New Roman"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="Red"][U][B]Detective Conan[/B][/U] = First of all, If you're a detective nut like I am this series is great. Easy and hard cases from something as intense as a locked room murder to something as easy as a little slip in a drink. The series has been going for over 10 years now and is a lot of fun. The character development and chemistry over all though I think is what makes this series enjoyable.
Mahou Tsukai Tai (Magic Users Club) [/U][/B]= VERY fun series about, who would guess it, a high school Magic Users club. The characters are fun, they have a bit of pervyness to them but it's all in good fun and is NOT OVER DONE! The set-up is simple, easy to get used to, the art while not INCREDIBLY original, is fun and the series over all will forever be something that will always be on your happy list.

[B][U]Genshiken[/U][/B] = This anime/manga made me VERY happy. First of all, most manga/anime that I have seen who try and portray the "Otaku lifestyle" fail miserably at it and make the characters hyper and the stereotype of what the "Anime Fan" is. Genshiken is clever, well written, has good characters and lets you not only relate but also if you think you're bad and are a "loser" many might change their minds after seeing this series.

[B][U] Tennis no Ojisama (Prince of Tennis)[/U][/B] = Now before anyone says anything! I know many have a grudge against sports manga because they're boring and have nothing but sweaty men. But no, Tennis no Ojisama is different. It's entertaining, has good characters ( who realizes I have a thing for GOOD CHARACTERS????) and if you're into Shonanai/Yaoi and love to write fanfiction including such great, compatible pairings (such as myself) you will REALLY enjoy this series.

I have many more favorites but it takes too long to type them up!!! So, here are some for now, I may come back and talk about more in the near future. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]Where to begin...

[U][B]Sailor Moon:[/B][/U] You heard right. Sailor Moon, unedited of course. Why? Because it's the series that upon seeing it unedited drew me back into anime when I had grown up and left it behind. So silly sailor outfits and all... it will always be one of my favorites.

[U][B]Pretear:[/B][/U] It's one of my favorite versions of Cinderella. Anime style! Short and sweet and to the point. That and I enjoy the music.

[U][B]Fruits Basket:[/B][/U] I just love how this is a slice of life show about growing up and yet is infused with great comedy; what with all the craziness from transformations caused by members of the zodiac being hugged by the opposite sex. That and Black Haru... that was so me as a kid. o_O

[U][B]Crest of The Stars:[/B][/U] It's more slow paced and relies on conversation to build the story, but that just really comes together at the end, making those moments when things do get filled with action more alive. No super flashy battle scenes, just the story of two very different characters caught up in the changes caused by a war between their respective races.

[U][B]Detective Conan:[/B][/U] I enjoy the mystery aspect to this, how tiny details in the show itself are clues to what's really going on. Along with the circumstances surrounding the main lead... it's just fun to watch.

[U][B]Lucky Star:[/B][/U] I love how this show is nothing more than glimpses into the lives of high school students. That and I swear... Konata is a female version of Des with her otaku nature and gaming personality. I re-watched this recently and still loved it just as much as the first time I watched it.

[U][B]Lovely Complex:[/B][/U] It's a romantic comedy about a tall girl falling for a short guy. It's just full of all sorts of fun moments and it's augmented by just how lovable the lead, Risa is.

There are more of course, but this will do for a start. :catgirl:[/FONT][/COLOR]

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1. [B]Rurouni Kenshin Series / Samurai X OVA's[/B] - Do I even need to explain? Well written, great action sequences, a love story that evolves over time (especially through the OVA's), and a nostalgic precursor to current action animes.

2. [B]Neon Genesis Evangelion[/B] - Once again, for obvious reasons. Back before anime was anime, you had titles like this. Brilliant story that could keep you thinking for days, gripping action, and once again, it set the tone for the animes of today. In-depth characters who you could watch evolve as the story pressed on.

3. [B]Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho[/B] - I honestly couldn't find anything bad about this anime. This is slowly winning my heart in the best anime category. Every time I watch this movie, I learn a little more about a character or I pick up on something I missed before. In my eyes, those are the best types of anime: ones you can enjoy every time and learn from every time.

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[b]1. Samurai Champloo:[/b] I'm an anime fan. I'm a martial arts fan. I'm a hip hop fan. I'm a history fan. So it's pretty easy to see why I love Samurai Champloo so much. Mugen is easily my favorite anime character ever, and the supporting cast is just as cool. My favorite episodes include the one with the female ninja (props to Memphis), the last three episodes, and the episode with the big gay dutch guy ("It's okay, I like man better..."). Good times. The show's music, also, is worthy of listening to on its own, which I do. Nujabes is a genius.

[b]2. Eureka Seven:[/b] Beautiful animation, an enthralling story line, epic in length compared to the standard anime series, and characters that I actually cared about made Eureka Seven my second favorite anime. While the show may look cutesy and pretty up front, there was still plenty of brutal violence being handed out. The romances in the show were actually realistic, and not the standard "Oh, we think we like each other but lets not talk about it just imply it for fifty episodes". And as for the music, all of its awesome. I've downloaded the soundtrack and listen to it often. And that's big, being that I'm not even that into Japanese music.

[b]3. FLCL:[/b] (aka Furi Kuri, Fooly Cooly). It's one of the weirdest, craziest, funniest shows around. Good humor, great animation, fun character designs, a great voice cast make this an awesome show, not to mention the Pillows doing an amazing soundtrack. Again, I don't listen to much Japanese music, but if a show can hook me with good music, then it's likely I'll love it, which is the case for my top three. If I need to explain anymore why FLCL is awesome, then you obviously haven't seen it.

[b]4. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in a Pocket:[/b] My favorite of the Gundam franchise, which I am already a huge fan of. The show really gave a realistic depiction of war and its effects on the common people while still maintaining the giant-robot coolness of Gundam. Also my two favorite Moblie Suits were in it. The Hy-Gogg and the Kampfer (that's right, screw Wing and all that mess, Hail Zeon, baby!).

[b]5. Cowboy Bebop:[/b] The show that really got me hooked to [adult swim], and instantly matured my anime tastes. The combination of hard-boiled bounty hunter action and ghetto-future technology really interested me, not to mention how Bad-A Spike Spiegel was. I'm a huge Bruce Lee fan so it's obvious why I love Spike. Also for a "weekly adventure" kinda show, every episode was very interesting and the show still managed to pull together a good storyline from start to end. Love Cowboy Bebop and its music was amazing, even though I don't dig Jazz all that much.

[b]6. Fullmetal Alchemist:[/b] It did a great job of introducing me to steam-punk, and also caught my attention with the change on the typical magic anime by doing something new with Alchemy (which sparked a bigger interest in ancient alchemy also). Edward was a pretty awesome main character, and while I could have done without some of the show's immature humor, I still enjoyed its very creative action scenes and fluid animation.

[b]7. Bleach:[/b] Just a generaly awesome show. Cool premise, AWESOME characters, dope action and fun music. While the standard animation may not be all that, the fluid action sequences make up for it (see both Ichigo v. Grimmjaw fights for confirmation on that). Its what I think Yu Yu Hakusho could've and should've been by concept. I skip the filler, so I can't complain about it, so I like it a bit. Ichigo is a cool character, but really, I come to the show for Kenpachi Zaraki and Grimmjaw Jeagerjaques. Bad-A defined.

[b]8. Death Note:[/b] the only reason this show is low ranked is because I haven't finished it yet. Awesome, AWESOME story line and psycholgical twists, it really makes for a great and smart thriller. Light is essentially the douche-bag you hate to love, and L is a cool guy on his own. And who knew death-gods could be so goofy? Alot of good times have been made with me and my friend while watching the show and commenting on how Ryuk kinda just hangs out.... all day, with Light and kinda does nothing much more than hang out and eat apples. He's pretty much a floating stoner. Also Maximum The Hormone is awesome.

[b]9. Outlaw Star:[/b] It's like Cowboy Bebop-light but with some magic tossed in and awesome grappler ships. If it's animation were a little more up to par and its dialogue maybe fixed up a bit, it would've been a possible top five or even three. But some of its quality is admittedly bad. However, the characters and cool ships make it shine, not to mention the action. The first Anten Seven fight against Shimi will be remembered by me forever as one of the coolest fights in anime ever. And the McDougle brothers were genuinenly fleshed out and deep villains rather than "just being the bad guys".

[b]10. Dragon Ball Z:[/b] It was my first. And also Majin Vegeta. I think everyone here understands me.

[b][u]Honorable Mentions:[/b][/u]

Ruroini Kenshin (for being awsome, but I just never finished it.)
IGPX (for being original and having an awesome storyline for a Toonami-made show.)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (if it counts, its great though.)
Hellsing (Alucard v. Anderson, fight of the century.)
Tenchi Muyo/Tenchi in Tokyo (come on... it's Tenchi!)
Street Fighter II (for being so bad it was good).
Blue Gender (for being one of the saddest things I've seen this side of Grave of the Fireflies).
Neon Genesis Evangelion (....what?)

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Being a complete tech nerd, I couldn't leave this show alone. Not to mention it's a futuristic detective story half the time, and an urban warfare show the other half. It's definitely a lot of fun to watch. Now if I had to pick a favorite character of the show...Saito. I'm a sucker for marksmanship...probably seems strange. :animeswea

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1.DragonBall/Z/GT - What isn't there to love about DragonBall? Amazing Fights, Transformations, Adventures. I really love Dragon Ball Z, one of my fave animes growing up. DragonBall was great, good adventures that just made you wanna see it over and over. DragonBall Z was AMAZING, the various fights and transformations, along with the battles,Villians,new characters,Movies and endings are just so pleasurable to watch. DragonBall Gt, Not many people actually like this, but I do. Even though it didn't come from Akira Toriyama's Imagination, the fact that it continued DragonBall was a pleasure to me. Come on guys, it wasn't too bad, Super Saiyajin 4 was pretty cool, and some of the fights and Attacks were cool too! The music is also very good :animesmil

2. Death Note - After watching this anime, i was just like..holy crap. The anime is very interesting and after seeing one episode..you just need to keep watching. The anime just pulls you in, so to speak, it just has a sort of magic to it that makes you want to keep watching.

3. Inuyasha - This Anime puts togeather alot of things i love about anime. The action, the adventure and of course, the romance. Inuyasha, Kagome and friends set out on a journey to find to shards of the Shikon No Tama, also known as the Shikon Jewel. Along the way, the must fight the villianous Naraku, His Minions and alot of other demons and villians. Inuyasha weilds the Tessaiga, made from the fang of his father. Apart from that, the romance. the romance betwine Inuyasha and Kagome just stunned me. It was so romantic, and yet amazing at the same time.

4. Pokemon - Perhaps it's the fact that the series is so incredibly long or that most of my video games are Pokemon ones that got it on this list. Like DragonBall, I grew up watching this anime. It is good, with all the series' of it.

5. Black Cat - The Music is a big part on why i love it, it is also very well done and rather interesting.

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So far my favorite are...

[B][U]Soul Eater[/U][/B] - This series has action and comdey mix into it, which is great. Right I'm only on episode 25 or 26 and I really need to catch up soon. I remember episode 8 where [spoiler] Death the kid is trying to write his name on a test paper and he's trying to make it perfect, but he can't because he wanted to make his name even and just start freakin out when he try to make it perfect. Finally at the end when Death ripes his paper thats when it was so freakin funny[/spoiler]. I laugh so hard at that funny episode that I almost cry from it. Funny episode though.

[B][U]Toradora![/U][/B] - This is another one of my favorite anime that I also enjoy. They're some sad moment, but when the comedy hits that where it's funny. At first its kind of slow, but when you start watching more episode, the comdey will start to show. I'm on episode 11 and need to watch some more soon. Some almost most of the stuff in Toradora! is really funny like when [spoiler]Minori, Taiga, and Ryuuji is on the roof of the school. Then Minori thinks that Ryuuji and Taiga is dating each other and thats when Yuusaka pops out of no where and also think that Taiga and Ryuuji is dating each other too. When Taiga heard that from Yuusaka she faints and Yuusaka just laugh about it.[/spoiler] The 2nd episode was funny though.

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
No other series has affected me the same way TTGL did. The character development is amazing, but not as great as the message it was trying to convey. Whenever I would finish an episode of TTGL, I would feel so uplifted afterwards. No other anime has made me feel this way 'til now. TTGL is not only an anime to just watch, it's an experience.

"Believe in you, that believes in yourself!" and…
"Pierce the heavens with your drill!"


After that comes Lucky Star.
I fell in love with the cast of characters. I just loved how this show hardly ever takes itself seriously, countlessly poking fun at everyday cliches of anime out there. Also because Konata = automatic win. I love slice-of-life, insider-joke, shows like these.

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Well, there are lots of nice animes but I really only have a few so far that I really like:
(these aren't in order since I change views on the animes I watch alll the time!)

1. Full Metal Panic!
I adore this anime.. I loved the banter between Kaname and Sagara, and they are both such great characters. The artwork is great, and I think the voice actors did a great job with their characters. The anime is light hearted, but it's very engaging at the same time... I just kept wanting to watch more. This was the first more mature anime that I ever watched, I still love it alot and watch it quite often.

Yes, I know it's quite an old anime, but...wow. There isn't much talking throughout, but when the characters speak, their words are always pretty vital to the storyline.
The background music is beautiful, and it tells a story alongside the words. The main characters (Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yumura) both have very dark pasts, and it seems that their dark pasts are always coming back to haunt them somehow. I cried a little in this anime... it's amazing how deep Noir is. I especially remember Altena's words, somewhat dark...but memorable - "If love can kill, then hatred can save."

3. Love Hina
Incredibly light hearted. Puts me in a good mood every time I watch Keitaro's hilarious exploits. And he's such a great guy... always caring about other people.
Of course Motoko was my favourite character alongside Keitaro.. she just makes me laugh, and her character develops quite a bit. I wish I was more like her. Just... not afraid of feminine turtles so much...anyway, I couldn't help but mentioning Love Hina, it's just so... cheerful!!

(..Honourable Mentions..)
Death Note (Light and L are awesome...)
Rurouni Kenshin (Did I mention I love Sanosuke and Himura?)
Angelic Layer (great character development)
Naruto (Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke. Heh-heh. Aside from him, Naruto is pretty good.)
Fruits Basket (so sweet)
Pokemon (this was my first anime ever. Charizard is the best...)

Well, I would write more but I think I've written the necessary..and besides, I'm just so tired! *yawn*
Anime is just the best.

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My favorite anime's are as follows

5. Love Hina. Traditional harem anime, a lot of slapstick comedy and the funny animations fit well with the scripting. All in all a nice anime.

4. Cowboy Bebop. Amazing animation and excellent storyline. Lot's of action and who can't not love Ed. :P

3. Girls Bravo. Another harem anime, ecchi, multidimensional story, funny antics and good artwork.

2. GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka). One of the funniest and crazy high school life drama comedies out there.

1. Golden Boy. Hilarious and well written. A great love story as well as one of the craziest Ecchi genre types there are. Study, study, got to study. :P

Honourable mentions
~ HSD Kenichi - Miu's hot and who doesn't dream of having muscles like that
~ Kamen no Maid Guy - wierd but hilarity ensues
~ Sumomomo Momomo - Unfinished though amazing
~ My Hime - Gotta love girls and their toys
~ Maidens are Falling for Me - Gender bender but funny
~ Amenadayo - Pervy monks and hot maidens
~ Naruto - good story but gets tiring

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Ahh anime best cartoons I ever saw. And in no particukar order(well the order I can rember them) what so ever.
Trigun: because characters like Vash are dope. I love his coat, attitude and hybrid Me.Te.Ba./Dessert Eagle revolver. I want one just like it. Its just too good and to short of a series. I will eventually own it.
Tenchi Series: One of the top shows I'd watch. Ryoko is a hottie hot hottie. Theres just something about this series I love. I have often caught myself daydreaming myself into the cast, usually as Ryokos brother, lol
Outlaw Star: theres nothing like space based shows and this is the only oneI've seen with te unique way of fighting ships.
Gundam Wing aswell as other series, except the series with the small ones that was more of a kiddy show.
Sailor Moon: as ths was one of the first ones I've seen
Card Captors: See above.
Pok 'e Mon still has a place.(The time I need the accent over the "e" I cant recreate what I accidentally do majority of the time typiing)
Big O: CN wont aire the second season so I need to buy it. i just love anime with giant mechs, I have seen a few but can't remember there names, I think another is Gad Gaurd.
Megaman: original not the new one
Sonic the Hedgehog: Not that new one but the first one and Sonic Underground
But back to giant Mechs, Transformers is always a classic.
Lupin the Third: Always a good show. I still can't believe how old it is
Speed Racer: Car show, I am a gear head, go speed mutha suckin go!
Others, I've seen where pretty good:
FLCL: I wat5ch it whenever it airs
ROD TV: was good and the movie that was from it or the anime its spun off from or whatever.
Samourai X: was good I like the series with sords and other extreme weapons
Bleach: I watch it.
Samourai Champloo: I wish I coulda seen it from start to finish.
.Hack//Sign: I want this
Then there where some I really didnt like but watched anyway:
Blue Sub 6
Witch Hunter Robin
Shin Chan(refuse to watch)
Cowboy Bebop(not that bad, just CN over did it)

Theres also some I kinda enjoyed:
Monster Rancher(yeah anothe digimon/pokemon type show)
Also I recall a giant Mech anime that aired like an hour or so before Kids WB, but didnt last long, in the 90's before the era of "fraturdays".

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[COLOR="Blue"]1) Deathnote,
I absolutley love death note, its an amazing concept with an amazing storyline, it has memorable characters with designs that suit their different personality, the artist is amazing he draws really well, animation is better than a lot of series, theirs a lot of suspense plot twists that keep you watching and character development is their too. also the soundtrack really suits the series.
synopsis: Shinigami own notebooks called ?Death Notes? which are used as killing devices. Whoever?s name they write down in a death note will die within 40 seconds. Shinigami Ryuk dropped his Death Note in the human world where it?s found by honor high school student Light. With the death note actually having directions in it for its use, Light discovers he now has the power to discreetly kill people, and with this new power he plans to change the world in his ideal world by killing off criminals. Eventually the governments of the countries around the world notice the unusual amounts of deaths of their criminals, and figure out someone is behind them, but they have no way of discovering it themselves. That?s when they hire L, a master detective, to find out who is behind the murders.


2) Higurashi no naku koro ni,
I first watched higurashi becuase of stepmania, I played the opening to it and really liked it so I looked around on the internet for it.
I have to say, I was pulled in by mystery surrounding the series at first but then i saw the characters and how funny they all were with great personalities... but of course, i was a bit shocked to see what the series was like and it actually scared me at some bits but I just had to figure out the mystery of it.
The storyline was extremely interesting for me so i kept on watching, the art is so-so my facial expressions were pretty amazing. the voices were epic eg. rena's USODA! and same for shion and mion's voice they were very well done and their
voice actor is my favourite now, rika's voice was well played especially the darker/ maturer voice she had. in my opinion satoko's voice was no match for the other girls voices while keichii's voice was full of emotion and well played. The soundtrack was also very good with higurashi no naku koro ni as the opening sung by eiko shimamiya
and why or why not as a calming song to end the series. and stepmania is a rhythm game if you don't know
synopsis: Keiichi moves to a small town named Hinamizawa Village consisting of 2,000 people. His friend Rena is interested in the junk yard, and there, Keiichi finds out from a camera man that "something" happened there years ago.

"They didn't end up finding the missing arm, huh..."

Keiichi asks around about the Junk Yard and his friends tell him that it was an area for the construction of a dam, but it was unsuccessful. He then asked if anything disastrous, or weird happened then, his friends Rena and Mion immediately say nothing happened.

He's yet to find out that a chain of deaths have been occurring each year around June. The same time the big fight happened around the construction of the dam. One person will die, and one person will disappear.

Is this planned? a coincidence? ...or a curse?

Sorry for going on so much LOL!

[CENTER] sorry ill shorten the descriptions now becuase im talking too much![/CENTER]

[COLOR="Blue"]3)welcome to the NHK,
this was a very good series for me becuase it mixed the slice of life drama with great comedy and the fact they taught viewers about hikikomori, a social disorder made it a very interesting series.art was pretty good and animation was good but I dont really remember many or any in fact of the main characters names which is a disappointment.
synopsis: Satou Tatsuhiro is a twenty-two years old man, who is a NEET (Not in Employment, Education, or Training) and a hikikomori (meaning acute social withdrawal). He thinks everything around him is a conspiracy, including the reason why many people, including himself, become hikikomori. Satou comes up with this strange conspiracy theory which includes the Nihon Hikikomori Kyoukai (NHK), a secret organization with the intention to make the world filled with hikikomori. Satou wants to break free from the NHK's clutches, but cannot, since he finds it too frightening to go outdoors by himself; that is until he meets Misaki Nakahara, who selects Satou for this "project" to cure him of his hikikomori ways.

4) Elfen lied,
I really like this series, i first watched it on TV (the second episode) and i thought it was an ecchi show with a girl with amnesia who would sleep with the main character and their would be dirty stunts left right and centre.
I was shocked to see great art and character designs, an amazing storyline with the odd bit of anime overkill eg. the start of the first episode with a perverted twist to kind of balance it out should i say.
i would recommend this to anyone who can take a bit of gore and loves good storylines.
synopsis: !(MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)! The Diclonius, a mutated homo sapien that is said to be selected by God and will eventually become the destruction of mankind, possesses two horns in their heads, and has a "sixth sense" which gives it telekinetic abilities. Due to this dangerous power, they have been captured and isolated in laboratories by the government. Lucy, a young and psychotic Diclonius, manages to break free of her confines and brutally murder most of the guards in the laboratory, only to get shot in the head as she makes her escape. She survives and manages to drift along to a beach, where two teenagers named Kouta and Yuka discovers her. Having lost her memories, she was named after the only thing that she can now say, "Nyuu," and the two allow her to stay at Kouta's home. However, it appears that the evil "Lucy" is not dead just yet...

[COLOR="blue"]5) genshiken,
this had to be up here really, its a great show which most otakus can relate to which helps the viewer get into the series. the art is good and it isn't a load of characters with pink, green or blue hair either, all the characters have normal looking eyes and mostly black hair with a few exceptions and i would strongly recommend this to any anime fan or otaku who wants some comedy, great characters and something to relate too.
synopsis: Sasahara Kanji is a new college student, and he makes up his mind to join a circle to share his thoughts of "Manga, Anime, and Games", that has been hidden until he enters the college. Based on a popular 4-panel comic about the Japanese otaku lifestyle, this anime follows Sasahara Kanji as he dives face first into a world of anime, manga, video games, pornographic doujinshi, and the like.

Creator, Kio Shimoku, pokes fun at every element of the otaku world, so sit back and enjoy the ride. This is an anime for hardcore fans, with very complicated references that will test your knowledge of all things otaku. [/COLOR]


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[COLOR="Sienna"][FONT="Tahoma"][B]skllngtn[/B], how about you tell us a little bit about why you like the shows. Lists on their own are pretty boring. You don't have to do as much as [B]necrojesta[/B] did, but just a sentence or two is a good idea. [/FONT][/COLOR]

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Chobits - My very first loved anime, chii :p
Rozen Maiden - they are all so cute O_O
Elfen Lied - i love nyuu!
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - the story strucked me, real life relation
Jigoku Shoujo - ai's so cute!
Ragnarok the Animation - roan, the sturdiness of the lesson is in heart
Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu - Haruhi! reminds me of my friend!

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Currently, I am trying to perfect my favorites list through something called [URL="http://21stcenturydigitalboy.wordpress.com/2008/12/19/an-epic-journey-introduction/"][B]the epic journey[/B] [/URL]that will take me about 5 years to complete.

In the meantime, my favorite anime is as follows, and in accordance with the epic journey, it is the only one I am defining as a favorite. Extensive information as to why it is my favorite is given in the above link, but here's the abbreviated version.

[B]Eureka Seven[/B] - Of all the anime I’ve seen, this is the most well-constructed in every way, and no other show has made me care about everything in it so much. Every character is memorable, and Renton and Eureka are spectacular. Possibly the only show that I can’t say anything negative about. I never wanted it to end, though the ending was beautiful.

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