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Gaming Games that you never finished


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I got to thinking about this since I?m currently in the middle of a three week break between semesters. I was looking through my games to decide just what looked like it would be fun to play. It was then that I realized that I have more games that I haven?t finished than ones that I have. Some of them I have no intention of finishing, but some of the others are games that I really enjoyed so I don?t know why I got lazy and didn?t finish them. Anyway to give you an idea? Ones I haven?t finished and why? Starting with?

[B]Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean[/B]? the main character Kalas just annoyed the hell out of me. I found him annoying and irritating. Plus the voice acting sounded terrible due to what seemed to be a very poor recording as it sounded all metallic.

[B]Baten Kaitos Origins[/B]? Ironically, I actually liked this one better than the first one so I?m not sure why I haven?t finished it. Though it?s been long enough that I don?t even remember what I was suppose to be doing. XP

[B]Chrono Trigger[/B]? I don?t know why I haven?t finished this since even with the horrible load times, it?s a fun game and I like the characters. There?s just no reason why I can?t finish this one.

[B]Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King[/B]? Now this one is just a shame really. The character artwork, game style, voice acting, world and story is just gorgeous and really put together well. Even if I don?t remember what I was doing, this is one of my favorite games so it seems rather silly that I?ve never finished it. XP

[B]Final Fantasy[/B]? Just about every game in the series really. Even though many of them were fun, usually about halfway through I just get tired of playing it. I haven?t finished a single one even though I like playing them and I?ve gotten pretty close to the ending for some of them.

[B].hack[/B]? Once it became apparent that you?d need to buy four sections? I lost interest and never went back to it. The dungeon crawler aspect to the game was tedious, time-consuming and frankly, quite boring after a while, even though some of the characters were fun.

[B]Kingdom Hearts[/B]? I am just not a fan really. It was fun, but not enough to sink the time needed to actually finish the first game let alone the others made.

There are others, but since I?m currently playing them they don?t count since I haven?t lost interest in them yet. Now I?m sure I?m not the only one to not finish a game. So what games have all of you never finished and why?
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[color=darkred]I usually finish most games that I start because I don't fall into the trap of buying loads of them at the same time. The only one that comes to mind is Kingdom Hearts because my brother spitefully deleted my file to get back at me for something, which he did a lot of. I eventually saw the ending at a friend's house, though.

Edit: Oh, and FFX-2. That game was crap.[/color]
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I've finished almost every single game I've bought, no matter how long it takes me. I have no idea why, but I sort of have to finish a new game before I begin playing my other games agian. Sometimes, I'll give up and return to it later. I think it took me about 3 years to actually finish FF 7 the first time I'd bought it though.

Also, by finish, do you mean just finish the story, or finish as in get 100% completion?

If you mean the second one, then I've not finished any of my games at all. It just sort of bores me trying to get 100% unless they are amazingly fun.

In terms of ones I've not finished story wise, these are the few I've not been able to complete.

Final Fantasy VIII, X-2 and XII: These three were just so different from the others that they didn't seem as much fun as the rest of the series. And their stories weren't as gripping to me as the others, thus losing one of the main motivations for me completing them.

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, and Lucifer's Call: Great games. Absolutely loved them, as they were quite fresh and original. Possibly the best games I've played for a few years. I really wanted to finish them, but couldn't. As my PS2 broke, and I haven't been able to replace it since then. :animeangr
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[COLOR="Navy"]I normally finish most of the games I buy. The games I don't finish are the ones I end up trading in because of a lack of interest. With that being said:

[b]Chrono Cross[/b] - I don't know what happened here. I've heard a lot of great things about it, and I was anxious to get my hands on it. About 10-20 minutes into the game, and I just turned it off, and shipped it back. But then again, that was the beginning of my lack of interest in rpg's in general.

[b]Star Ocean - Till the End of Time[/b] - I'm steppin on a few toes here XD. Again, I was losing interest in RPG's. (and the ps2 at this point.) Fayt annoyed the hell out of me. I can't stand playing as naive characters. (A bit shocking because I consider Sora annoying and naive too.)

[b]Kingdom Hearts[/b] - I hate kids being the leading character. Naive kids, no less. Sora is just as naive as Fayt, but stupid as well. He is more tolerable in Kingdom Hearts 2 though. I may get this one again though, because I want to beat those hidden bosses.

[b]Onimusha[/b] - Resident Evil type camera/control setup. I hate it, and will never play it or anything like it ever again.

[b]Prince of Persia[/b] - No doubt, it's a very challenging game, but here's the thing. I hate thinking lol. Not saying it's not a fun game because I'd be lying. I'm a gung-ho type of person. I may give this one another try some time down the line.

[b]Final Fantasy X[/b] - I never clicked with the game. The main character is annoying, and then his wimpy voice didn't make it any better. The graphics are prettiful, though. Uhh.. I traded this in before my lack of interest in RPG's hit.

And then I had games where I just brought them, but never got around to play them (Lack of interest in the ps2 at the time.) and I just got rid of everything.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"]Same boat as everyone else, generally if I don't finish a game it's because I've lost interest.

[b]Final Fantasy XII:[/b] Despite having a vaguely interesting story, albeit it with mostly irritating characters, I just couldn't keep playing this grind-athon. I don't have any problem with spending an hour or so just training, but having to grind for five for one hour of gameplay, hell no.

[b]Morrowind:[/b] How anyone ever got to grips with this game I don't know, I played it for ten minutes, after spending an hour installing it and decided that I didn't need an anurysm from stress. I can't for the life of me understand how it was rated a better game than Oblivion.

[b]C&C3 Tiberium Wars:[/b] Just not worthy of it's lineage. C&C has always been at the forefront for pushing the boundaries when it comes to RTS games, with Tiberium Wars, we got a recycled plot and no innovation. Thanks for nothing EA.[/SIZE]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium]I'm along the same lines as well, I tend to lose interest and move on to the next thing. Some titles that come to memory were...

[B]Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater[/B]- I got all the way to the battle with The Fury and just stopped playing, dunno why. The game was great and I loved the fact that it had me constantly going in first person mode due to the lack of the Soliton Radar, which in my opinion, makes Metal Gear less fun. You could play MGS1 and MGS2 by looking at your little blip on the screen and avoiding the cones of the enemies. That easy.

[B]Marvel vs Capcom 2[/B]- By this one, I mean I've never unlocked everyone. That game has a ton of characters, over 50 if I'm not mistaken. It's just a pain to save up that many points and hope that the right character is in the shop at that time. Soooo frustrating. Which is not that bad, considering I would never play as Servbot or Roll anyways.

[B]Midnight Club[/B]- I never even got out of the first city with that one. I hate racing games and the bosses in this game were just plain unfair. Their cars are so much better that nothing you get can compete with them. I abonded this one pretty early. Never looked back.

[B]Megaman and Bass[/B]- One of the harder titles in the Mega Man franchise, I never beat the GBA port. I got all the way to the final stages and King whoops the reploid out of me. That boss fight by itself made me so frustrated that I quit playing it for over a month and tried to come back a week later and bam....still no luck.

[B]Trace Memory[/B]- The puzzles in some parts of this game are simply frustrating. I never got into it too much, but once I started solving stuff, it got better. Then I just quit, never got back to it. I need to though.[/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Thank god I'm bored out of my mind, because this list ought to be so massive your eyes will melt while reading. Assuming I even decide to do a list - you see, I never finish games. Like, ever. Back in 2004/5 i was hugely into gaming and buying the things constantly, at first focused on whatever was popular but eventually fining my niche in JRPGs. Now, of course there are plenty of games that I never intended to finish or got sick of but at this point, I'e sold all the games I never intend to play again, keeping only what I sincerily belive I will one day complete, even though I know that's a fat ugly lie.

Now over the years there has been a lot of game-trading over the years from my brother and I so when I write lists like this I often get confused because there are games that I had on my 'get around to' llist that my brother actually got around to and we traded at some point. that's how he ended up with a lot of my RPGs - he'd actually play them to completion if he got into them and if he liked them, I eventually traded them to him. Not to get it confused, there are still a ton of games he owns that he hasn't beaten.

I'd like to start with the [B]Final Fantasy[/B] games because at some point I owned ALL of the final fantasy games and currently I have NEVER completed a final fantasy game. Te closest I came was Final Fantasy the remake on the GBA which I was almost done finishing my bestiary before going to the final level, however before I could ever go there i lost my copy of FF 1+2 and was never able to finish. FF3 my bro got for DS and neveer beat, and I actually never have owned 4. Sidstepping 5 and 6 which I never got into, 7 was one where I got to the end of disk 1 before ambiguously putting it down and simply never playing it again. Same goes for 8 when I was somewhere on disk 2.

[B]Final Fantasy 9 [/B]is the only final Fantasy that I ever genuinely got involved in, enjoyed, was interested, and engrossed in. I played like crazy till I got on the third disk and majorly ****** up. At a part here I had to take 2 characters to a dungeon where you can't use magic I wasn't paying attention and chose Vivi and Zidane, and thanks to poor level design there is nowhere to buy items in that level, and no way to go back, so I royally ****** myself over.

X is the one my brother got to the final boss in but never could beat and gave up (or bought another game and stopped caring) I also had X2 but never played it since I wanted to beat X,, sold them both recently thouhg. and 12 I just never got into enough.

Moving on, I will start by simply listing the games in my collection that I supposedly intend to play but haven't beaten: [B]Star Ocean 2, Metal Gear Solid the Twin Snakes, Metroid Prime, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Fable, Ninja gaiden, Tenchu, Atelier Iris, Devil May Cry 3, Disgaea, Disgaea 2, Shadow Hearts Covenant, Shadow Hearts From the New World, La Pucelle Tactics, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoa Versus the Soulless Army, Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3[/B], and [B]Xenosaga[/B]

(even without the games I traded, there were a few more for a LONG time that I only recently sold, such as[B] Star Ocean Till the end of Time[/B] which I could never play for very long before getting pissed at the battle sysem and quitting).

So most of those are FF7 copy and paste, where I was playing it, put it down, and just never got back to it, however, there are a few that I still feel the need to explain, not including [B]Persona 3[/B] which I'm suppopsedly still playing, soon as I get the time.

[B]Shadow Hearts Covenan[/B]t is the most important because this is one of my favorite games ever, but the problem is the final boss is un-****ing-possible unless you've completed a bunch of side quests which I was too lazy to do. I tried to beat him but could never even put much of a dent in him which pissed me the hell off - I was playing the game because I loved the story and really wanted to get it over with and I'm not the type to dick around on side missions when I'm right near the epic finale. Since I could never beat him eventually the file got deleted in the endless struggle for memory card space, but I still want to go back and play the game again and beat the damn thing.

[B]Disgaea[/B] may well be my favorite game of all time, but ever since I first got it I've only ever played it in increments. There have been times where I played it consistently for a few days in a row, but mostly it's been that I pop t in on a whim for an hour or 2 and then forget about it again for a good long while. The time that I got into it the most was a few years ago when I was listening to all the songs that were on my computer that I had never heard before. I discovered the band Tool that way and listened to them while playing disgaea for a while. After that, when I was eally into music I made it a custom that whenever I had a new CD I would lisen to it while playing Disgaea as a sort of welcoming into my collection. That tradition doesn't exist anymore but it used to be great fun, because somehow everything sounded better when I was playing Disgaea.

then there's [B]Xenosaga[/B], which I have neither played a large amount of time nor played in a few years. however, there was once a very close friend I had who was a very big fan of Xenosaga and Star Ocean, so I had always intended to beat those games to impress her, or whatever my goal was supposed to be. Anyway, I always place great importance on beating those 2 but the bottom line is that I suck at them and sold SO, but I really enjoyed Xenosag when I did play it, so I still hope to finish it on that magical day when I actually play all these ****ing games. [/COLOR]
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most of my games i haven't finished mainly boktai 2 and luminous arc both great games just haven't taken the time to finsh them

final fantasy 8- got kind of boring in the middle so just stopped

tales of phantasia- great game just got kind of bored of it

alot of other games that i can't seem to remember
but they're all great.
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@Rach: what do you consider finish? Beating the game through once, or collecting everything there is in a game?

I used to play a game until I got absolutely everything. To me, it wasn't finished until then. Nowadays, I'm just happy to have time to finish the game once! Oddly enough, I actually enjoy games more this way. I think the gameplay doesn't tire out this way, and I can always go back to the game enthusiastically if necessary.

I have been refraining from buying many games since I noticed they just sit there for up to a year without being touched, and have been trying to beat all my unfinished games before buying a new one. With the exception of [B].hack[/B], I'm actually done with doing so. AAAAAND, if you wanted to be technical, I did beat all the .hack games I started, but I haven't even started the last one. I don't know if I even want to buy this G.U. Rebirth or whatever version of the games either...
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]I'm actually kind of proud of myself. I went through all the games I still have, and I actually beat about 80% of them. Now, of course, most of them are older games from when I was a kid and had no life, but same difference. This topic makes me sad because it made me realize I still have some unfinished business I have. Oh well.

[B]Resident Evil Zero[/B]- I love all of the Resident Evil games, but for some reason I could never finish this one. It's technically not even my game, but actually my friends whom I'm borrowing it from. For like, two years. I think I played this for a few hours and just decided I didn't like it, so now it sits in my entertainment system collecting dust.

[B]Jade Cocoon 2[/B]- Jade Cocoon was one of my favorite PS1 games, so I thought that I couldn't go wrong with a PS2 incarnation. I don't actually remember why I stopped playing, but I think it had something to do with being annoyed by the repetitiveness and the voice-acting.

[B]Every Racing Game[/B]- I don't like racing games, so I never finish them. Easy as that I guess.

[B]Grand Theft Auto, PS2 and PSP Games[/B]- I can honestly not figure out why I have never beat a single GTA game. I have almost all of them except Vice City, which was stolen ..., but I just have not completely finished any of the story missions all the way through. I came the closest with San Andreas, but eventually it got too hard and I gave up. I'd rather just stop playing then have some more broken controllers.

Well, that's just a comprehensive list. There's also a lot of game I'm playing right now that I wouldn't consider lost in time, like [B]FFT: War of the Lions[/B], [B]FFXII[/B], an [B]Earthbound Rom[/B], [B]FFX[/B] for about the eighth time, and a few others. Deuces. [/FONT]
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[quote name='Zero Sephiroth']Also, by finish, do you mean just finish the story, or finish as in get 100% completion?

If you mean the second one, then I've not finished any of my games at all. It just sort of bores me trying to get 100% unless they are amazingly fun.[/QUOTE][quote name='AzureWolf']@Rach: what do you consider finish? Beating the game through once, or collecting everything there is in a game?[/QUOTE]Sorry for not being clear, by finish I mean getting through the main storyline, not getting absolutely everything or doing everything you can. Like the game [B]Star Ocean: Till The End of Time[/B]. I consider that one finished since I beat the main storyline of the game. I've only beaten two of the three bonus dungeons that beating the game unlocks and I'm nowhere close to earning all of the items or battle trophies or unlocking the harder levels to this game. Those I'm still working on from time to time just for fun since I like the game. XP

It's the same with other stuff like [B]Twilight Princess[/B], I just about never find every item or unlock every secret area. But I consider it finished since I beat the main storyline. Oh and JimitheGreat11 reminded me that I too have never finished a racing game ever. They're just not fun enough nor do they hold my attention long enough for me to actually get good enough to unlock all of the levels. In fact, the few I had I traded in a few months ago for something else since all they did was sit on my shelf and never get played.
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[COLOR="Navy"]I'll go way back with it.

[b]Super Mario Bros[/b] (series) - Honestly, I haven't finished a single Mario game because there would always be a point to where I just couldn't get past a certain part of the game. I don't remember it too good, but in the 1st SMB, I couldn't get past the 8th world... Whatever it was I couldn't past it worth a lick.

Me and platforming games never did click.

[b]Sonic[/b] (series) - Sonic 2 to be more exact. I would get so far (which probably wasn't far to begin with.) and get stumped on some water level. (Water levels in anything is stupid.) But I really gave up when I was attempting to [spoiler]play as Super Sonic[/spoiler] (throw some spoilers on it even if it is old lol) because the stupid thing would never work.

There are some other old games that I never finished, but I hated them anyway.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Arial]Of the unforgivable ones, I admit to [B]LoZ: Ocarina of Time[/B] and [B]Majora's Mask[/B]. No real acceptable reason for either; I just never got the time.

Of the understandable ones, only [B]Star Wars: Bounty Hunter[/B]. There was only so much of that I could take before the whole game devolved into tedium.

Other than that, I always beat every game I own, mainly because I don't buy really crappy ones. (I think that might be the single perk of an extremely limited budget.)[/FONT]
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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"]
I find myself not finishing games more often than not. There's only a few that I have finished, simply because I really enjoyed them or found the pace appealing.

Here's a handful:

[b]Final Fantasy X[/b] My housemate owned it and I loved playing it, but I was about 9 hours gameplay in and I just couldn't stand playing it any more. The story was intriguing but the monotonous hours of fighting and...well..I hate to say it but I found it [i]boring[/i]. The obvious nature of the railroad story movement irked me also. Yet I don't really hate the game, just wasn't for me.

[b]Neverwinter Nights[/b] Actually, I loved this game. Cost me $20 and it was well worth it. It ran well for the first 10 minutes and then I lost sound, then suddenly I had stop motion animation...yet I completed the first chapter because it was so much fun. The system requirements for the game were minimal [considering how old it was when I got it] yet it was awful on my PC. Years later I was advised by a tech friend that my soundcard may have been the cause..

[b]Oblivion[/b] System heavy, but ran pretty well. Finished its prequel Morrowind and enjoyed it. Only reason why I stopped playing was because a: holidays were over and it was so time intensive and b: I [being me] managed to construct a set of armour that rendered me entirely invisible to the monsters in game. Great fun at first...but then I found it too easy and the areas I was up to by then were much to hard for my char to survive thanks to my "circumvention." Ruined the game for myself, though I'm very tempted to pick it up again now I have time..

[b]Zelda[/b] Any one of them. *avoids lurking death*. Fun games, but I lost interest when it became a chore to get through the never ending dungeons. That and there wasn't a decent save function drove me nuts. Sorry. [/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR="77656"]Well, I finished final Fantasy X, but the ending pissed me offa t so many levels, that I want to jump in there and kill the cast. But alas, there is a sequel.

[B]Digimon World 3 -[/B] It's a shame really, thsi is one of THE best playstation games out there, no matter what anyone says. I was jsut bout to go against Gallacticmon and save the real and digital world. But the disk broke. It was the second time I had it to, it broke before that as well.

[B]Rogue Galaxy - [/B]I rented this game, so it was no surpise that I didn't finish it. the game was awesome, the characters, the gameplay, it was all good. I got to Eden... and I had to take it back.

[B]Final Fantasy 7 -[/B] I can't seem to finish a lot of RPGs, which is the genre I mostly play. I beat the last for of Jenova, and then the game stopped working. It was my favorite PS1 gane too.

[B]Final Fantasy 8 -[/B] My sister's dad found it in a trashcan, good condition. But her boyfriend's CD case was a dick and the game didn't work at all. I got the the first cutscene with the beach... that's it. >_>

[B]All Full Metal Alcemist Games -[/B] They sucked so I stopped playing.

[B]LoZ: Ocorina of Time -[/B] I started this game at a freind's house, then we weren't friends anymore.

[B]Spyro the Dragon -[/B] The last boss is a *****, I stopped playing cause I lost hope.

[B]Final Fantasy IV Advance - [/B]I used a gameboy advance gameshark and I got stuck in that samurai guys head during that 're-gather your party members' thing after Kefka [spoiler]rules the world.[/spoiler] I refused to restart a new game, I WAS DOING SO GOOD TOO![/COLOR]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]I've got a fair number of games I haven't finished, not because they were necessarily bad, but because either I lost interest, got busy doing something else or they really were bad. Some, even though I haven't finished them, I do intend to actually do so at some point so I won't bother to list those games.

[B]Final Fantasy:[/B] Every game in the series, even my current purchase of FFXII, which even though it's fun and I love the game play and the voice acting, it's reached the point where you have to put in absurd amounts of time getting stuff just to be able to buy weapons and armor. Net result, at the moment, I'm starting to lost interest in it real fast. A few others don't count since a few years ago my house was broken into and my ps2 and games were stolen, so FFVIII, VII and IX didn't get finished because I no longer have them. FFX and FFX-2 were just annoying and I choose to not finish them.

[B].hack:[/B] Because like Rach said, the need to get four installments and then the endless repetitiveness in the form of them being dungeon crawlers... got old real fast so I quit playing it.

[B]Baten Kaitos Origins:[/B] This is surprising really, I do like it, but I got busy and never went back to it. And what's sad is I beat the first one even though I didn't like it as much as I like this one.

[B]Children of Mana:[/B] I got this because I loved the SNES Secret of Mana game. It was disappointing to find that it too was a dungeon crawler in a very unimaginative manner. I got tired of it rather quickly, even though the sprites and the graphics for the DS were cute.

[B]Legend of Dragoon:[/B] In spite of being a fun game for an older ps1 format. The tedious aspect of hitting buttons in the right sequence just to pull a move off got on my nerves. Once the story reached the point where you had to do that a lot, I put it away and never took it out again. And once it was stolen, I never bothered to replace it.

[B]Kingdom Hearts:[/B] I never finished the first one because I disliked the battle style and Sora was annoying as well.

[B]Every Racing Game ever made:[/B] I just hate unlocking levels. I like playing it for fun but to actually earn the stuff? I just get annoyed since I have no interest in getting good enough to beat the stupid AI. In fact, like Rach, I traded in the few I had years ago and never made the mistake of wasting my money on another one.

[B]Almost every Mario game for the NES: [/B]Well other than Super Mario Bro. 2. For some reason I was able to beat that game. The rest? Even though I spent hours playing them with my brother, I never managed to beat any of them other than the one I mentioned.

[B]Xenosaga: [/B]After so many horribly long cut scenes, I lost interest and never finished the first one let alone get any of the other ones.

I'm sure there are others, but those are the main ones that come to mind. There are a few that I couldn't beat the final boss of the game, but since overall I enjoyed it a lot and finished off a lot of the quests as well as the main storyline, I didn't list them since they are close enough that I consider them pretty much finished.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=crimson][b]Star Ocean 3[/b] - Was incredibly terrible to me. I got through about twenty to thirty hours of it when I reached some kind of inner limit, turned it off, and went to GameStop and traded it in. I know some people around here really enjoyed it, so I will leave it at that.

[b]Xenosaga[/b] - I was thirty to forty hours into this when it became too pretentious, too convoluted, too lost in its own head to really be likable. I was amazed at myself for not finishing it because it was enjoyable for intermittent periods of time, but I think, in the face of better games to play, it became something unnecessarily punishing.

[b]Baiten Kaitos[/b] - Was not endearing to me with the voice acting. I feel bad ditching a game based on the voice acting, but it is sincerely and honestly horrible.[/color]
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[COLOR="goldenrod"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][quote name='DeathKnight'][color=crimson][b]Star Ocean 3[/b] - Was incredibly terrible to me. I got through about twenty to thirty hours of it when I reached some kind of inner limit, turned it off, and went to GameStop and traded it in. I know some people around here really enjoyed it, so I will leave it at that. [/color][/QUOTE]You're a fluffy owl, so we'll let it slide. :p That and getting upset over someone not liking the same game is pretty silly anyway.

Now for my short list! Short because I don't have a lot of games.
Kingdom Hearts[/B] - I got it and within a short time I got bored with it. Naive I can handle, but naive and stupid? Sora just got on my nerves too much so I set it aside and I don't plan on starting it again.
Final Fantasy X and X-2[/B] - There's just two words as to why I did not like this game, Yuna and Tidus... Every time I played it I wanted to reach through the screen and smack them silly. They just got on my nerves a lot. XP

And that's pretty much it. I have other games I haven't finished yet, but it's not because I don't like them, it's just because I haven't gotten to the end yet. ^_^[/FONT][/COLOR]
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