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Resident Evil: Raccoon's Requeim

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Welcome To Raccoon City.

Population: You.

You are one of the distraught survivors of the T-virus outbreak. You've evaded infection, miraculously... or have you? You are lost in what was once a prosperous and quiet city, a typical North American suberb. Now it is a ghastly nightmarish place, from which there is no waking up......

There are several places your character can start, though none of them are any safer than the last.

[COLOR="Red"]Raccoon City Zoo:[/COLOR] This fun and exiting zoo has been transformed into a dismal and frightening place, once harboring animals of interest, now harboring only mutated and undead monsters. The animals here no longer respond to anything, only the most basic of needs..... the need to feed. They may no longer need to eat, but they still hunger......And watch out for Oscar the Elephant....he's not so nice anymore......

[COLOR="Red"]Raccoon City Junior High School:[/COLOR] This once prestigeous school is now direlect and abandoned, like most of the city. Though take heed, it may be abandoned, though not neccessarily uninhabited...... The dead walk here, and there is no escape when you're cornered in the halls.....

[COLOR="Red"]Raccoon City Police Department:[/COLOR] This infamous building has been the attention of much throughout the disater unfolding at Raccoon City. Though the long arm of the law has no reach in this city anymore.
Raccoon City Hall[/COLOR]: Here, within this monolithic structure, is housed the backbone of Raccoon City's law and order. Having sent out a majority of the department to combat the monsters that have over taken the city, the building is devoid of all life, but that doesn't mean that it's empty.

[COLOR="Red"]Umbrella Corps. Raccoon City Offices:[/COLOR] Ah, yes, of course you could start here, where it all began, a hundred feet below this very spot.... But be forewarned, not all of the monsters spawned by Umbrella's experiments have escaped into the city.
East Ridge Hospital:[/COLOR] This former place of healing no longer possesses that special quality that makes people prefer this hospital to the others. Now it's undead doctors are just dying to meet you...... and perform their own kind of special surgery on you.....

[COLOR="Red"]Raccoon City Subway:[/COLOR] This noisy and often bustling place has fallen silent, the busy trains stilled with the lack of people to use them. Be careful where you tread, Some of the dimly lit corridors hide more than leaky pipes.
Raccoon City Public High School:[/COLOR] Teachers here are uncommonly strict, and the disipline heavy, but place one toe out of line now, and you just might be dinner. Uniforms are required to attend school here, as anyone would know. But now those clean halls and decorative trophy cases aren't helping anyone, unless, of course, those trophies are great for being used as billy clubs......
Raccoon Blue Night Club:[/COLOR] The dancers here are beautiful, and now they're deadly, too...... Be careful what you touch, it might be the last feel you cop.

[COLOR="Red"]Cityview Apartments:[/COLOR] Start up here, it's just down from the High School. A lot of people once lived here, and all of them rich. Doesn't look like their money is helping them now......Especially when they're being eaten by their neighbor....

Raccoon City is no longer a peaceful mid-western suberb. It's been transformed into your worst nightmare. Umbrella has insured that no one will be leaving, they've sealed off al the major roads leaving the city. How will you escape? Or here's a better question.

[COLOR="Red"][B][I]Think you can survive?[/I][/B][/COLOR]

Here's the sign up:

Starting point:
Infection status: ( T-virus + or -)

Just remember one thing.

If the suspense doesn't kill you,

[I][COLOR="Red"]Something else will.[/COLOR][/I][/B]

Name: Kristopher Fuller

Age: 17

Occupation: Waiter

Starting point: Raccoon City Public High School

Infection Status: -

Bio: He's not exactly a normal 17 year old, though you wouldn't know it. He loves to drink with friends. He's easy going, friendly, and always up for a party. He works as a waiter at Chevy's, a restaurant near the Zoo. He guards his secrets carefully, he graduated high school at the age of fifteen, his I.Q. is that of a genius. Right out of high school, he began to work as a researcher for Umbrella. Umbrella had seized a valuable commodity, and they held him more or less as a prisoner. But, he one day saw his chance to get away, and managed to escape with a vial of the T-virus vaccine, hoping he would never need it, but knew the risks of what might happen, all the while praying it never did. Umbrella still searches for him, but he's hiding right under their noses under a false name, pretending to be a normal teenager, attending high school, working as a waiter, all of it nothing compared to his mental capacity. It's been a year now since he managed to get away. But, the virus broke out, and now he's trapped in the school, with no weapons and no car. He had to abandon his car when the virus broke out, a mob of undead had been converging on Chevy's. He had managed to climb a fire escape, and run across the roof tops, mortified by all the chaos breaking out in the streets. The vaccine he escaped with is in the trunk of his car, and now he has to get to it, to save as many people as he can.The vial is the proof he needs to take to the government, it's the proof that will shut down Umbrella for good, ensuring nothing like what's happening in Raccoon City will happen anywhere else. If he can get back to Umbrella labs, then he could make another batch of the T-Virus vaccine, and possibly save other lives, before they become like the monsters inhabiting all of the city. He knows the danger, and he's willing to risk it all to save as many people as he can.
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Name: Payton Rogers


Occupation: thief

Starting point: Raccoon City Police Department

Infection status: -

Bio: Payton was really a good kid just had bad tendencies, grew up in a bad neighborhood. His father was a karate teacher but that never paid the bills his mother did what she could after he died. They stole things not a lot just enough to survive on. They were experts at what they. After his mother died from starving herself so he could eat, Payton was left all alone.

Payton was hotwiring a car to flee the city but he was too slow and got caught.
It?s been almost a week and he?s still stuck in jail. At least there was a tv facing him and to his horror he knew what was going on? luckily he knew what he had to do.

?Come on.. there?s got to be tons of weapons here.. now if I could only get a officer over here?
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Name: (as from other posts) Draco Alimo Tarik

Age: 26

Occupation: Rogue Umberlla Special Ops (Hope a rogue agent will be ok)

Starting point: Raccoon Police Station

T-Virus sign: -

Bio: Draco grew up in Raccoon city and graduated his school with a the schools highest honor for Sports. The Umbrella Corp saw his potential as a military soldier and recruited him after graduation. At the time, He had no idea what he got himself into. That was 8 years ago. Today he is rogue, hating what he had become. After learning that the city will be sealed off and anyone trying to leave will be shot. Their was only one solution to this outbreak. It wasnt pretty either. If he could get has many survivors as possible and prove that they werent infected then they could leave.

He volunterred to go into the city with a squad to recover an important docter when he mad his move. He carried a shotgun, pistol, some grenades, ammo, and a first aid kit. If all else fails, and he was infected. He would have about an hour or two before he turned into one of them and as a last resort. He would use a grenade and kill himself so not to infect any survivers he found.

He jumped off the convoy and ran into the Police station. When the convoy radioed him he said he had another mission to do and would meet back up. They new that he was Spec Ops and didnt question him. Know he just needed to find survivors and make it to the abandoned Umbrella Lab under city hall.
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Name: Jamel Ashton

Age: 24

Occupation: Black Guy, (General thief.)

Curent status: -

Starting point: Racoon High School.

Bio: Jamel grew up in the less savory part of Racoon, he had to learn to live by any means. If that means steal, lie, trick, or even kill, he has no problem with that. Jamel, even though his, "occupation" is a good person at heart and can be trusted, but if you cross him, you'll get a cap in yo' ***! He came to be at the High School by means of walking home with a friend, but his friend was attacked by one of the undeads. He ran into the High school to take refuge.
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Hope your ready for Black theif to meet white Cop Bot man

Name: Lance Crawford

Age: 24

Occupation: Street Cop

Starting point: Racoon High School

Infection Status: -

Biography: lance had been tailing a notorious theif, Jamel Ashton, and followed him to a local high school...and then to the junior high...

Before that though Lance joined the academy fresh out of high school. His scores were high enough to get him a shot at joining STARS, but instead he elected to stick around. Before everything went to hell he was an aspiring detective, and only two days away from the next detective exams.
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I'll be a leading lady!

Name: Tahlia Reins

Age: 24

Occupation: Nurse

Starting point: East Ridge Hospital

Infection Status: -

Biography: She's a bright girl, her grades were perfect. She started nursing school right out of high school, and after getting her certification, moved to Raccoon City. She started working at one of the local hospitals. She, like so many other people, was oblivious to the danger the Umbrella corporation posed. When the virus broke out, she went to work, like any other day. So many people had been coming in lately, feeling ill. Umbrella's goons were frequenting the hospital more than usual, and then Tahlia got wise to the fact something was up. The patients with the unknown disease started dying, and Umbrella's goons started doing autopsies. Tahlia knew there was something wrong. She went back to work, and soon madness broke out. A group of the infected converged on the hospital, some from down in the morgue, having already been brought to the hospital for an autopsy by the Umbrella corporation They had a lot of dealings with thie hospital, Tahlia had been told that Umbrella privately owned the hospital. But, already, it was far too late. Tahlia was trapped. The front hospital entrance was blocked, she couldn't get past the hoard of infected people. She was trapped on the fourth floor.
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Name:James Cornell

Age: 33

Occupation: Photographer

Starting point: East Ridge Hospital

Infection status: -

Growing up in Chicago, James Cornell had been lucky enough to show an aptitude in his media and English classes growing up. Taking advantage of these natural talents, James began studying to become a Photo-Journalist. This turned out to not work for him due to a lack of work ethic and he is now merely a struggling independent photographer looking for a scoop.

This big scoop came when the news of the S.T.A.R.S botch at the mansion on the outskirts of town. Realizing that he could gain shots and footage before any of the large networks James set off to Raccoon City to gain the footage that would make him a star.

Oh how cruel fate can be...

After he gained his material from Police Chief Irons, James overheard a report in the police station about a number of sick individuals turning up at the hospital. Feeling that at this point in his career, any news was good news, he got quickly to the hospital and began his work. And then everything went crazy
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