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The Witches

Akieen Cloud

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[CENTER][COLOR="Red"][SIZE="2"]!!Mature Warning!!
violence, alcohol, drugs, maybe sexual content. You have been warned.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]

[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]April 21st, 3011
For as long as I can recall I have been special, and not retarded kind of special either, not the kind of special that you have to where a helmet for; no way. The kind of special I'm talking about is the kind where in the old days you'd be burned at the stake for, the kind that you see in the movies. Yeah, that kind. I can't remember much about my past but I do know that I killed my father, or adoptive father I should say. Grubby bastard tried to kill me when he found out what I could do...so I killed him instead; didn't blink about it either, in fact kind of felt good. But on to the point, I was found roaming the streets living off what food I could find here and there; they said I wasn't alone and that I could be useful, although at the time I doubted it I went with them anyway. Come to find I'm not the only one, there are plenty of us out there and we're called witches, kind of old timey right? No kidding. I went to school with others like me, learning math and English, all the things the normal kids learn, than there were the other things that they didn't get to learn, like weapon management and tactical training, things like that, things that made us weapons as well as people. I was placed in a group of people like that. We were all kids at the time; we've grown up together, all of us have our own unique 'talent' and our own style of dealing with things; our own little addictions to make us forget what we were, some of us smoked, some of us drank, others just ignored it but we all did what we were there to do and that's learn how to fight and kill.
That was years ago and now we are known as the best team in the facility, Geno Squad; besides the main unit that goes on missions above us. We graduate tomorrow, and I hear it's not pleasant from the other teams that have made it have said, out of the history of this place, it being here for centuries, there are only us and one other team and who ever is the best out of us graduating I hear is taking their work. Which makes me wonder just what the graduation exam is going to be like. Saying it like that makes it sound kinda brutal, like it's going to be an all out death match, and whoever lives gets to be the Mission Team. I hope all of my team make it; I don't want to get to know a whole new team, and field work would be so much more fun with the team I have now than this classroom bullshit we have to sit through all day. We've been together so long, since most of us were kids and are synced with each other to the point of reading one anothers minds that I don't see how we can't be the ones to be chosen. But the other thing is, I'm not sure I'm ready to lead the others, I mean who am I to decide how and where they are to put their lives on the line and for things that they my not even believe in? How fair is that? Not at all if you ask me. But in the end I suppose it's their choice. Weather they follow me or stay behind to be the organizations lap dogs it's their choice; but in all honesty, not that I'll ever tell them, I hope that they all stay by my side...

Name: Shan Ookami (Translation: Beautiful Wolf)
Age: 23
Ability: Military Experiment
The Subjects mother was used as a test subject to the fusing of different DNA strands and after being raped by one of the scientist and becoming pregnant with the subject the experiments began to take their tolls on said subjects mother more and more until she had to be put on life support, the scientists unknowing that the tests that had failed on her mother had worked on her DNA with no complications what so ever making her what would be considered a natural born Werewolf in the old days with some differences. No full moon, no weakness to silver or any of the other stupid fiction claims from the movies. But with all the strengths, heightened senses, faster reflexes, elongated canines and nails along with other physical alterations to the subjects appearance. After being born she was put up for adoption and raised by other til the day she killed her father and was found on the streets. Since than the subject has been trained to be a lethal fighter and efficient killer. She is one of the organizations greatest achievements.)
Profile Picture: [URL="http://media.photobucket.com/image/anime+wolf+girl/galactic_empire/anime/wolf.jpg?o=10"]Shan Ookami (Beautiful Wolf)[/URL][/FONT][/COLOR]

Okay, I would like for the sign ups to resemble this one to a degree. I short journal entry and a small file of what the 'Organization' has on you. I would like it to be a reasonable length. Have fun and be creative if you please.
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Name: Bréagán Aigne [Bre]
Age: 24
Ability: Electrokinesis
Oct 9th, 2983
Subject 89 was born into captivity, adopted from the mother and father to be a subject. (Note: both parents were Organization employees) Subject 89 showed positive reaction to early tests, developing a highly acute level of high voltage control.

Dec 12th, 3003
Approximately 2 years ago subject 89 lost all progress, appearing to have lost his abilities completely. Plans for termination of the test and subject 89 were underway when several 'accidents' took place. Many of the employees assigned to the subject began committing suicide. We were only starting upon proper protocol when one scientist brought the pattern into questioning. The ones to seemingly have committed suicide had all killed themselves in the same region and around the same time frame. According to security cameras, all 14 victims were killed between the hours of 5 and 7, the time of subject 89's last meals, and all of them died within 3 meters of the subject. Each victim also showed signs of severe hallucinations immediately prior to their deaths. It will take some time to find out exactly what happened to them.

Jan 28th, 3005
We have found the source on the ongoing murders connected to subject 89. It began 5 years ago when subject 89 apparently lost his powers. Rather than lose them, subject 89 was simply experimenting with them, outside of our knowledge. His new favourite is a form of faint electrical field generated around him, in a 3 meter radius. Generally this field does nothing but cause frequent electrical interference with small electrical devices, such a cell phones, P.D.A.'s and the like. However, when concentrating subject 89 can focus this field around a specific individual and cause their body to experience electrical based waves, not unlike those our bodies use already. In fact the signals subject produces are indistinguishable from natural signals, allowing him to subject s target to a wide array of 'fake' senses and impulse’s. The full extent of this new power is unclear, but we do know those who have killed themselves were definitely in his field, and affected by it. Analysts theorize that h targets were subjected to orchestrated visions, sounds, smell, and perhaps even feelings, brought on by subject 89. Ongoing research is in development, and new methods of questioning observation and feeding are already underway. Warning: We advise any organization staff to maintain a 3 meter no entry zone around subject 89 at all times.

Profile Picture: [URL="http://i601.photobucket.com/albums/tt100/bilien_woldetatios/anime/nerd.png"]Bre[/URL]
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[B]March 8th, 3000
It was... interesting, it was the first time that someone faced me, that was a long time ago now, i feel more normal at least, tho i guess most still see me as some sort of freak by normals. Either way this is my home, at least for now.

[B]April 12th, 3007[/B]

I heard there was a test coming up, i'm not too concerned, i feel like I'm being used now, ofcourse an education and place like this to live wouldn't come free no hooks attached, as long as the people i know get through i don't mind i guess, just have to make sure no one gets hurt, maybe even killed, there's some bad rumors about this test going around.

[B]Name:[/B] Boush
[B]Age:[/B] 22
[B]Ability[/B]: manipulation

Boush's ability is odd in it's workings, he appears to have the power to manipulate the elements of fire?(heat), lighting?(wind) and water?(ice), while this in itself is not overly miraculous as he has very little manipulation of the elements outside of his body. Unlike other manipulators he cannot shoot out lightning or move water around as a shield, the power seems to come from when combining the elements together, even with themselves, he seems to augment himself with the elements and then gains an ability depending on the combination, these abilities are odd as they seem to be out of his control once he releases the ability, he can enchant another with lightning/fire which makes them stronger and faster, (we assume this is through the nerves) without actually concentrating besides the point he starts the ability, and it lasts a set amount of time before running out, we figure the ability has a sort of mind of it's own, possibly some sort of program within the power itself. besides this he has shown other abilities even so far as turning turning invisible and summoning a wall of ice for extended periods of time. As far as we know he cannot use the same ability in quick succession tho can use different abilities within very short periods of each other.

A recently noticed attribute seems to be not only does augmenting give him a new ability to use it seems to provide his body with benefits, this is shown in increased healing, speed and strength.

A list of his known abilities is as follows
[B]invisibility:[/B] it appears through the use of wind and water he creates a mist around his body that doesn't obscure but bends light around him, this ability has only been shown to work on himself.
[B]ice wall:[/B] water shoots out of the ground and immediately a wave of heat is admitted from the wall of water as it turns into ice, the wave is fairly intense but not such that it would do serious damage.
[B]neural enhancer:[/B] increasing strength, reaction time and speed of a person, he can activate this ability fairly often it seems and on anybody including himself
[B]chill:[/B] he seems to be able to lower the body temperature of an opponent for a period of time, he has rarely shown this ability but after a short time they seem to gain back their body heat if this was because he was holding back or not is not known but we assume not since he hasn't appeared to have that good control over any of his abilities.
[B]inferno:[/B] creating basically a ball of fire that moves forward in a straight line, this moves slow but it's destructive capabilities are tremendous, this is his most powerful move.
[B]EMP:[/B] we don't know what else to call this, a ball of lighting is release from his hand and after a short time explodes not only canceling electronics in a short radius but anyone caught near it will feel weakened and receive non lethal shocks.
[B]blast of wind/sound:[/B] we are unsure of these two abilities, we are unsure if they are variations of the same ability or 2 separate ones, one appears to create a strong upward blast of air that launches objects/people upwards into the air and even suspend them there for short time and another blasts them backwards as well as causes a stunning(more of a daze) and deafening effect.
[B]sun Strike:[/B] we are unsure of this ability but it appears through reassessment of energy into the upper atmosphere he can cause a strike of fire to fall upon a target location, this apears to have extreme range but like his other skills after using it has no control over it's landing place, we have suggested not using this ability during battle as an ally could move into the trajectory.
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Name: Hathfertiti.
Age: 22
Ability: Necromancy.

Dec 14th, 3003
It has been two days since the incident with subject 89. The bodies of the deceased were being stored in the cold chamber, with only security cameras surveying the area. According to surveillance videos, another anomaly had began, several of the bodies had shown distinct movement with no visible stimulus. At first we suspected this new phenomenon to also be the work of Subject 89, although we had no way of connecting him to the event. Later observation showed us the true culprit of this unusual deed. The chamber used for storage of our deceased was directly adjacent to the holding cell of Subject 92. A comparison of video tapes showed us the posthumous activity was directly correspondent to some strange behaviour of subject 92, specifically: listening to the wall, playing with figures that weren?t present and talking to herself.
While subject 92 showed no overly dominant abilities at first, simply a slight obsession with death, and an insatiable curiosity about the afterlife. Recent analysis shows her true powers, we call her abilities ?Remote Posthumous Manipulation? or more commonly necromancy, as it is labelled in fantasy.

March 27th, 3004
After some in depth research, we have determined that subject 92's conversations with herself are more than mere psychosis While the tape?s of her show nothing out of the ordinary, one on one interviews with subject 92 show she gains knowledge from these conversations, new facts and information she was not aware of previous to these conversations. Surmising what we know of her abilities already, we speculate these conversations are actually taking place between
her and some sort of posthumous being, perhaps a spirit or ghost of some sort. Using this ability she is able to attain new information she would normally have no access too. The most serious case of this is when she nearly got into a top secret area off limits to students. Fortunately she was stopped by a few near by professors, but how she got so close was incredible. Apparently these spirits or ghosts she was talking to gave her the pass codes for 4 out of 5 securely locked

Profile pic: [URL="http://asteyni.deviantart.com/art/Necromancy-Contest-Piece-102325947"]Hathfertiti[/URL]
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[b]Oct 13 3000[/b]
I don't know what is happening to me. I did something today i never had done before. I killed someone today. Well it was me but it wasnt me I really dont know. I dont know exactly how it happened but i brought something from somewhere, something that didnt belong. I feel wierd for saying this but it felt good. i am going to look further into it.

[b]Jul 21 3002[/b]
I met some people today, said they could help me. Help me control what I have. This power I contain. I have decided to go with them, see what they can help me with. I guess i will cut this journal short....for now.

[b]Name:[/b] Cassen Wiliasion
[b]Age:[/b] 25
[b]Ability:[/b] Summon/Possession

Cassen's ability is a different one. He is capable of summoning spirits and demons then possessing thier forms to use for his own gain until he has no more need of them. The only downside is he must force the spirits; own essance out before taking over and thus mastering it. Extansive tests have shwon he is quite a dominating force able to master all of them except one. This one almost killed him and we strongly mark he should never try to bring this one back into our realm. We have also noticed that his persona is slightly altered with each different form, we do not know exactly what causes this but we have a theory that it happens when he enters the different forms, taking on personality characteritics of that said form.

In addition, he seems to be able to draw upon the residual lifeforce of these spirits to heal himself, but only when he is in their form. It seems to be that he has all the knowledge that they possessed and is able to use their powers quite effictenly. Due to the fact that this is his talent and he must change form to use their powers we have but the subject through extensive martial arts and muscle building programs so that he will not be useless in human form. But in all Cassen is suitable for the team and will make a valued member to this orginization.

[url=http://www.testriffic.com/resultfiles/3918werewolf-11.jpg][b]Sleet:[/b][/url] Though it is Cassen's weakest form, it still is quite a formidable aspect. When changed, it was noted that Cassen seemed more calm and patient. He waited till the perfect moment to strike after he had assessed everything about his enemy. Though Sleet is white, it also has the ability to blend into any environment, allowing him to stalk his prey. This is all that we have noted about this form

[url=http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/bloodyroar/images/thumb/5/5e/XionAnimalBRX.jpg/300px-XionAnimalBRX.jpg][b]Tarvuk:[/b][/url] A unique demon in itself and very much a deadly opponent. When possessed, Cassen seems to take on a more slightly upbeat and a little mischevious twist. In this form he moves at inhuman speeds, dodging numerous attacks with pure ease. Its skin seems to be made of a kind of extremely hard metallic substance. Combined with Boush's ability this form becomes even more deadlier.

[url=http://lineage2.stratics.com/content/features/CT1-1/Demonic%20Dual%201.jpg][b]Kamael:[/b][/url] The form of Kamael is an interesting one. It makes Cassen extremely cocky and constantly taunts his opponents. This form is a master swordsman, easily dispatching the opponents, though seems to prefer decapitations to skewering hte enemy. It has also been noted that the wings are not actually wings but blades used for catching people trying to sneak up from behind. This form seems to have some power of distortion though not much has been researched.

[url=http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/ss_gallery/49123.jpg][b]Gravel:[/b][/url] This form is about sheer power. Cassen doesnt really think in this form just attacks whatever attacks him. This form stands at about twenty feet tall and other then its size and power has no other special notes

[url=http://www.conceptart.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=239021&stc=1&d=1195004119][b]Bruthos:[/b][/url] An extremly sadistic being. This form makes Cassen extremely bloodthirsty and demented. Stands at about twelve feet tall and has an extensive dominace over fire. The immediate area around it wavers from the heat it contains inside.

[url=http://th01.deviantart.com/fs10/300W/i/2006/090/c/b/Volte_face_by_silverbobcat.jpg][b]Kisaxion:[/b][/url] Not much is known about this form. It is not to be used and almost killed Cassen, it is extremely unstable and easily provoked. A failsafe has been given to Shan incase this creature comes out

[b]Profile Picture:[/b] [url=http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs50/f/2009/266/7/f/Anime_Guy_by_CannibalTaco34.jpg][b]Cassen[/b][/url][/size][/color]
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October 5th 2998: As long as I can remember my parents and I have kept my secret. At a very young age my powers manifested themselves, and my parents knew what to do. They immediately began moving around often, changed our names and tried staying "under" the radar. Until today I never fully comprehended their skittishness. Today, however, the past has been revealed to me. The "men in black" who have, unbeknownst to me, been following us for years assassinated my mother and father before my eyes. Twin bolts of what seemed like lightning shattered both their skulls simultaneously, and I was standing right in between them. Within seconds, I didn't even have time to jump, I was trapped under a net that wouldn't allow me to move. It was then, that I realized that my powers weren't an accident. It explained why my parents didn'tkill me, or send me away to be killed. I wasn't alone...I was FINALLY going to be with people like myself.

Name: Jensen Fellows
Age: 25
Ability: Jumping/Symbolic Alchemy

January 11th, 3007: Upon recovering Subject 95 9 years ago, we regretfully had to put down his parents who were both renegade mission agents. We monitored their progress until the child was born, and though we lost both parents the child has shown much progress. His jumping ability has proved, as we first theorized, to be a product of a unique connection with the elements themselves. We have tested the use of symbolic alchemy to channel his deap connection and have discovered some amazing powers he is able to utilize;

[B]Quick Jumping:[/B] Subject is able to jump short distances in minimul time. Thus creating a "quick strike" capability, subject is vunerable in short time he is dissassembling/reassembling his molecules.

[B]Long Jumping:[/B] Subject can dissasemble his molecules and use the elements themselves (air, earth, water) the transfer over long distances. After extensive training it is found he can move multiple individuals, but each jump distance is reduced by about half of its normal length.

[B]Troop Transfer:[/B] With the help of a large "transporting" machine, the subject is able to transfer up to 8 people a full length of his jump with little power. Portable unit is being developed, not expected to begin production for a decade.

[B]Symbolic Alchemy:[/B] Subject shows promise in this field, however due to his nochalent attitude (considering frontal labotomy) his progress is slow. Only small manipulation of the elements of Earth, Water, and Air are found possible at this time. Subject will not be ready to use these abilities in full force at any known future date. Development will fall upon subject in the future.

As of now subject has only mastered the art of practical joking, sample of his dna has been taken for further reporduction due to the high probabilty he will not survive the upcoming exam.

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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B][FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkRed]Name: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B][FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkRed]Malinda Koli
[B]Age: [/B]19
[B]Ability:[/B] Voice Hexes/Minor Summons
[B]How I came Here:[/B]
I first found out I was 'different' when I was a little girl, on the thirteenth of the month. It was a full moon that night, although I didn't realize the importance of that at the time. I was still a bit energetic from all of the cake and ice cream, so I flipped off my bed. The strange thing is, my feet stuck to the wall. I walked up and onto the ceiling and walked around there for a bit until my mom came in and nearly fainted. She tried to pretend it never happened, but I would never forget that night.

Doing some research on my own into our family history, it seemed that almost all of the women in the family had been a little strange as well. It never said it bluntly, but thanks to that night I knew what to look for. It was like finding that one jigsaw puzzle piece that makes the other pieces around it turn into recognizable pictures. I also found out about being 'Skyclad'. I decided to try this, and if I was going to try it, I would do my best at it. Which meant practicing it in my daily life. So I burned all of my clothes, which my mother wasn't happy about at first. But she let me go to school, took me shopping, and even still took me to all of the boring baby showers and other get togethers she was invited to. I guess she did it because she didn't want me talking about that night. She got what she wanted, but for my own reasons. I didn't want anyone interfering with my research.

Some nights after that first incident, I woke up with a strange pain in a certain area and my mother dismissed it as women's troubles. However, I knew it was something more. (Especially since I later on found out it was much too early for me to have such problems.) What I didn't tell her, was that there was a white bladed dagger left by my bed. It was extremely sharp and seemed to be able to take shape of some other weapons as well. I would find plenty of uses for this one later on. (I would also find out that an incubus visited me that night and had his way with me.)

Now, with much experimenting, I can now create hexes and I've also discovered a healing ability in mud that I can use on myself. Which is useful, since all of my spells require blood for their upkeep. I can also do some minor summoning, thanks to the seed that the incubus left behind. However, I can't control what comes out, and even though it happens instantly, it still hurts and because of that it can't be anything very big like a dragon or anything like that.

I'm also now a master with the weapon that was left behind, and with the help of some spells, I can elongate the chain attached to my choker and attach the blade to it. Then, when I dance the blade will swing and cut anyone trying to get to me.

I had done a lot in just a few months, especially for a girl so young. However, my mother must have broken our little secret and told someone. Because some strange scientists are bringing me somewhere they won't tell me. All they will say is that I will be with my own kind, which is good. I just hope that we all get along.

[B]Malinda Koli[/B][/I]

[FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=Black]Profile: This letter is more than a decade old, considering the subject is now 19. With her voice, she can create hexes to create desire, confusion, and many other symptoms on others. She can even create hexes on her hexes to make a sort of 'anti-hex' to turn the symptoms into positive ones. This could be of much use to her allies. Her other abilities are to summon minor entities by 'giving birth' to them, although she tends to avoid using this one unless forced to. She can also heal herself using mud. This would be very useful, but she can only seem to do it for herself and not others.

Further testing might indicate that her constate state of being 'skyclad' as she calls it, might actually be of benefit to her, unlike others. Also, the subject claims that if she wears body paint, she can use greater spells. However, the right combination of paint and design has not been found. Especially since the subject cannot paint herself and is having trouble explaining how to make it work. Further research into these areas and into her weapon, is highly suggested. Enclosed is a picture of the subject on file. It is out of date, as the subject has cut her hair to just below the ears and dyed it one shade black and the other a shade of deep red. Update with new picture when possible.

[URL="http://i50.tinypic.com/11j17uo.jpg"]((ATTACHED PICTURE OF MALINDA KOLI))[/URL]
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Okay, everyone is accepted, Drittz, Lilt, both of you are in, you have plenty of time to put them up, I'm shareing one laptop between me and two other people so I get limited time on here but this IS going up sometime in the next few days, most likely this weekend so keep an eye open for it. I'm really sorry it took me so long to get back to everyone here and tell you all everyones in but my laptop decided to go belly up on me and my husband so we're in the process of getting another one, til than we're useing our roommates so like I said I'll be on here limited amounts of time but have no fear, I am getting this up and running. So Drittz, Lilt, get your characters up and we'll get started. Sign ups are still open til this goes up in the theatre. [/FONT][/COLOR]

Okay, I've gotten ahold of Lilt and she will be getting her signup done shortly. I'll be getting this up asap, if I'm not able to look for it from Enemy, I asked him to get it going if I was not able. So please be on the look out this should be up by one of us in the next couple of days. I was hoping to get it up today but my husband is getting sent out on a surprise deployment in a day or so, so I'm trying to spend as much time with him as I am able. Everyone please bear with us. I PROMISE this will be up soon. Just keep an eye for it. [/COLOR]
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So sorry for the wait everyone, I've been stuck on how to start it but I think I've got it now. Lilt has to add some minor things to her post and it'll be up so she is in! As for everyone else. I love the different characters and I hope this'll be as fun as it was last time! Now enough babbling, I'm gonna go start!

Signups are still open till Wednesday night!
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[quote name='Knuckles' Girl']*gives Takuuya a great big hug* your always welcome little brother, if you havent read any of the thread already all of our old characters are in it. hee hee. But your more than welcome to join. *still hasn't let go*[/QUOTE]

lol, i did read it... it made me smile lol.. and i'm quite curious as to how you'll mix the old and new together... i'll work on my sign up and it'll be post later today...
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Character sheet is at the end... you want want to skip this part.::::

?Sir they appear to be in Paris, though we are still unsure of their exact location. Should we send in the bloodhounds to retrieve them??

Red?s vein throbbed uncontrollably, ?No? If the rouge witches are truly behind this they?ll be ready? and this could blow up really big and fast, attracting unwanted attention.? Red walked over to his desk. ?We?d also be stepping over jurisdiction, since there is another organization that handles paranormal activities there.?

?Sir, should we ask for their help? Maybe a team of their witches could assist us, that organization might have detected them when they first arrived?

Red shook his head? ?We?d have to share information, and I don?t want those people in our affairs?

?Excuse me sir, but I don?t think we?d have to them the whole story, maybe just enough to get them motivated in helping us get to the rogues and the almost-agents?

Red looked as if he had the sudden urge to kiss his assistant. ?Brilliant! Yes?yes? we could do that, I mean those rogue witches are dangerous and to tell France they could pose a great threat to her people wouldn?t exactly be a lie so? yes this could work?

?Do you want me to contact this organization now sir??

?Yes but keep the blood hounds on standby tell them don?t make a move just yet. I?m sure our friends in france will draw them out.?

?But how sir, With force??

Red shrugged, ?Force, false sense of security, it doesn?t matter but the sooner the targets or in our sights the sooner this nightmare is over. And we can do this with no questions asked. France will just be great grateful to have such dangerous witches off their soil.?

?I will contact them now sir,?

?And make sure they send me information on the agents they choose to assist us, as soon as you can?

Encrypted Document from: Sanctuary, Europe?s Paranormal reservation and research branch.

[COLOR="Blue"]Sanctuary Agent: François Leslie Dublètte
Age: 22
Rank: Herald
Witching: Time manipulation
Witching notes: Subject seems to channel his power through his hands most of the time, and rarely his eyes.

François can freeze most things within a limited area around him, though demons and spirits and beings from higher plains remain unaffected because they move outside our time.

Since his power can move the very fabric of time he can cause a rabid flux around his body making his molecules vibrate at a alarming rate, thus enabling him to walk through solid objects, But if the wall was a charged electrical fence it would cancel out Francois?s phasing.

This control of time can extend from his body as well. He can cause friction in the air to create a spontaneous combustion. He channels this power through his hands by opening them facing the target, which causes enough force to blow up a normal human head. Or he snaps and makes the shape of a gun this however is less affective but can blast his target away from him.

His powers seems to affect his psyche as well. If the He comes into contact with certain people or even objects it can trigger a vision. He can use incantations to make these occurrences more accurate.

Agent Dublètte Bio:

Fran Came to Sanctuary as an orphan, and has been with us for almost twenty years. He is a charming and very flirtatious person, if he cant fight his way out of a situation be sure he will bat his eyelashes and try to talk his way out of anything, though don?t be mislead in thinking he?s deceptive. Fran is a warm and loving person but as calm and collected as he may seem he can be ferocious if it comes to it.

Even with his 5 year old son still in a coma François is a dedicated member of this organization????? which is why we?re sending him to aid you in your endeavors concerning YOUR rouge witches.




its a bit much, but if there's any promblem just telll me and ill fix it lol

i know some times i can get carried away lol.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[B][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3]I asked KG if she wanted me to make one, but I still haven't heard back from her yet. So I just made one anyways. So everyone can go here to discuss everything about the Witches, so we don't get this thread locked before Drizzt can post his sign up.

[URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=848889#post848889"]The Witches' Coven[/URL]

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Hey Lilt, I thought I did get back to you on that, I guess it didn't send, crap. Sorry about that, glad you put it up anyway, I had given you the go ahead. XD. I really wanna get this up and going, my writers block is no longer blocked so once we get everyone back into the groove I have some good ideas for this that I'll put up in the backstage soon.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Ali! welcome back, I kinda already incorperated your old character into the rp, if you wanna read it and and find a way to head over and meet us that would be great! I would not mind you joining in to the least! I'd be more than happy to have you. Welcome back Ali. Good to have you with us again.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="Gray"]I just read everything and it seems that I came back at the right moment.

[CENTER]Name: Jerrod "JB" Brookstone

Age: 25

Ability: Muscle Memory (Can learn and memorize anything, instantly.) & Memory Mimic (Can recall and use almost any ability that he has seen being used. But only to a certain extent.)

April 21, 3007

We did it! We passed our graduation exam with flying colors! Now we're qualified to go on missions....which brings me even closer to seeing more of what the world has to offer. We're all packing for our first mission right now which is in Rome! Italy's most ancient city...I really can't wait!

April 22, 3007

We've only been here in Rome for a day and we've already been attacked by the Innocents...luckily for us we're strong, otherwise a few of us could have died tonight. We also have a new addition to our team and his name is L'Ansey....he's a really cute kid who is really fascinated with my abilities, he's pretty cool so I'm sure he'll fit in just fine...speaking of abilities, after the leader of the Innocents was defeated, I've been feeling strange...

April 21, 3009

It's been 2 years now...2 years since I left my family and decided to travel the world to learn as much as I could....and 2 years since my abilities made that drastic change....I still keep in contact with most of them though and everyone seems fine....I miss them...

January 10, 3011

So I finally returned and my family greeted me with open arms asking about my travels, and wondering if I learned any new spells or abilities...but the truth is, I've been concerned about them....The Organization is training a new batch of kids and I have no doubts that Red is gonna send them after us....but what if we get to them first and rescue them before Red has a chance to sink his teeth into them...

Appearance: [URL="http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c356/high_on_shugar/Anime%20Boys/cloud.jpg"]4 years ago[/URL], [URL="http://i182.photobucket.com/albums/x108/i-like-manga/manga/Sexy_Kakashi.jpg"]Current[/URL]


If anything needs to be changed just let me know.
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