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"Die!" screamed the demon, he all the while disguised as a human priest.

A blazing roar of sheer undiluted power came roaring at a lone boy, incinerating all that got in its way.

The boy merely stared down the fire, unafraid. The fire within mere seconds was upon him, surrounding him.

The demon in human form laughed, his howling guffaw rattling the windows of the church.

"How foolish to underestimate your opponents..." Said the boy, the flames parting, revealing his black wings, they spreading majestically, the flames going out in response to he beginning to use his true power. The demon's eyes glowed red in the dim light, though his expression of terror was plain as day.

The boy's hair changed color, the deep reds shifting to black, and growing down to his ankles. The boy's own eyes changed color as well, from a pretty hazel to a deep red.

"A Fallen Angel..." the false preist breathed, before composing himself. "You make me wretch! You presume to be different than me? One who has been cast from the heavens?"

The boy raised a gloved hand, looking into it. "I am different. I still fight against evil creatures like you who perverse this world..."

A glimmer appeared in the boy's eyes, and wispy, white figures appeared from under the floorboards of the ancient church, and the demon stepped back, disbeleiving what he was seeing.

The demons's past victims were now rising, having been found at last, and were most vengeful to the one who had killed them, ripping them apart. They were free to go now, though they had one last desire before departing to the afterlife.

"I think I'll let them seal your fate... And I'm afraid they hold no mercy for you..."

Turning, the boy could hear the screams of the demon as he wreathed in pain from his victims doing the same to him as he had done to them. With a final roar, the demon burned away from the inside out, and drifted away as dust.

Walking away between the pews, he could see peices of the church falling, starting as a trickle of dust and plaster, and then whole beams and windows breaking apart. By the time he reached the large doors leading into this perversed sanctuary, they had fallen from their hinges and the sunlight was shining on the dusty wooden remains of the church flooring, the stone mortared walls having fallen away to the condition it had been in before the demon had claimed this place as it's own.

His work was done here, though he didn't feel a sense of being liberated, nor a sense of being blessed. There was more to do, as was his task here in the human realm. He and his allies were different than their bretheren,

On stepping outside, three more people greeted him, their own angelic appearences disguised as that of humans. The boy's black wings seemed to let off a dark energy, before they floated away as individual feathers. Their expressions were the same as his, they knew there were many other souls trapped like these had been, and needing to be found and released.

Hoping on a motorcycle behind one of the others, they sped off, followed closely behind them were the other two angels.

And yet, the man before him wasn't an angel at all, though still serving the same purpose as the boy, a demon who knew the same calling and duties. The line between heaven and hell blurred even more, ever more.


In this tale, not every hero is pure. Not every angel is good, and not every demon is evil. Both exist on both sides of the war between these two great powers, while it seems their leaders turn blind eyes to the feuding between their charges. Demonis and divine... where's the difference?

We are those in the middle, destroying those who make the humans suffer, whether they be angelic or demonic in origin. We are the protectors of the humans. We are angels, and we are demons, wings sullied by what must be done. Our appearences as humans differ just as much as our other forms, our true forms and where we come from, though we are united in our cause. Also, in either form we are in, we have far more superior strength, agility, and speed than humans. Your muscles might be bulky enough to squash televisions, though there might be someone who hurls tanks around like toys.

Will you join me in the hunt?

Okay, here's the sign up sheet. Feel free to be as creative as you want, though I want a lot of details.

Remember though, that even our second forms are humanoid, and our facial features and muscle structure don't differ that much between the two. All of us also have the ability to partially transform from human to our other forms.



Race: (angel or demon)

Human Appearence:

Second Form Appearence:

Personality: (self explanitory)

Weapons: (be reasonable, please?)

Powers: (what kind of abilities do you have that aren't exactly normal? Do you weild the powers of fire? Or do you control the air?)

History: (be creative. Were you human once? Or were you born the creature you are? What have you done in your life until now?)

Let's get this party started!
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Name: Taryn

Age: 80

Race: Demon

Human Appearence: Taryn is a tall darkhaired man, standing at 6'3 and weighing around 212 pounds. His dark hair is cut in a military style. He carries an odd scar on his face that his stubbly facial hair barley covers. He appears to be about 25 years old and is found in Workboots, Jeans, white t-shirt with a leather jacket. He wears sunglasses most of the time to hide his eyes, his ice blue eyes stand out so much that most never forget.

Second Form Appearence: Being only a "young" demon, Taryn has not fully undergone the metamorphesis bringing his true power to the surface. As of now he only undergoes a "semi" transformation. His skin darkens from a light tan to an ashen color, he grows a slight bit. He reaches just about seven feet tall and grows to 280lbs.

Personality: Taryn is very military minded. If he feels somebody has authority over him then he tends to follow orders, this also tends to make him become a little "bossy" at times. His biggest philosophy in life was, life is to short to lack a sense of humor, fortunetly for him that followed him into the afterlife.

Weapons: In human form Taryn weilds a .45 desert eagle, each round it fires contains holy energy, the weapon is called "Divine Baptism". In his enhanced demonic state he can summon a pike given to him by a higher demon, it contains pure darkness energy.

Powers: Taryn is able to use telekenesis in a couple ways, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. He can use it to form a shield around himself or others, but can only maintain it for a few seconds. He can use it to increase his speed and agility, but is not able to use it for anything else while he is using it. He can use it in combat for a push or a pull, but cannot use it on multiple opponents. Or he can adjust the trajectory of a bullet or thrown projectile.

History: Taryn was a special forces sniper during WWI, he was known as "mindkiller" because it seemed like his bullets were willed to their target by his mind itself. He was killed by a rival German sniper and sent straight to hell for all those he'd killed.

He was tormeneted, tortured and made to relive his sins in obscured ways that made him truley believe he was guilty of his sins, and eventually he resigned himself to become what he fought so hard to keep from being, a demon. He gave himself to the "dark" lord, and quickly his combat training made him a quick learner and quick to climb the ladder.

Finally, a year ago, Taryn was choosen to lead a small team to Earth to cause some "trouble". He was given his pike as a symbol of his authority. During their mission an angel sent from heaven got in the way, during the battle Taryn's team was killed but he proved stronger then the angel and bested him. The angel's dying words were that he saw a good in Taryn that he hadn't seen before, he then put "Divine Baptisim" in his hand. This allowed Taryn to take a human form, since then he'd been searching for others like himself, others that strayed from the path of true evil.
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That's cool by me. And we're all 'good' so to speak. Well, as I stated, we're too good for hell and too bad for heaven. I might as well make mine to make an example.

Name: Rayne

Age: 705

Race: Angel

Human Appearence: Rayne is slight of frame and short of stature, weighing in at only 90 lbs naked soaking wet and being only 5'0" tall. His skin is pale white and flawless. His hair is a shortly cropped dark red, shaved on the underside in a sort of bowl cut, though cut at a slant, being longer in the front than in the back. His eyes are a pretty hazel color, and seemingly filled with a sorrow and a kindness at the same time. When angered, regardless of if he shows it or not, his eyes change to a red color. He wears a simple black leather jacket with a A-shirt underneath. His leggings consist of black leather pants and a pair of leather combat boots. He has a dollar coin sized cross earring in his left ear, made from pure silver with a four karat diamond in the center. Around his neck he wears a leather studded dog collar. On top of his head he usually sports a pair of wrap around shades.

Second Form Appearence: Rayne gains no increase in height or weight, nor a change in skin tone. His eyes change color, becoming red in hue. His red hair grows down to his ankles and becomes black in color. Enormous black feathered wings sprout from his back as well.

Personality: Subdued though always warm and smiling when not working, Rayne is by far a normally kind soul. He'd give the clothing off of his own back to help someone, though he's no fool either. Many claim he has the mercy of the Holy Mother, and the Grim Reaper's heart of stone. However, this changes quickly when he and his group find a target to destroy. His demeanor hardens, and he no longer remembers the meaning of the word 'compassion' in this state, as usually his targets deserve none. He's vicious and cold, with a quiet anger burning in his eyes.

Weapons: Rayne weilds a massive magnum handgun, immbued with the ability to bless its ammunition with the power to harm celestial or abyssal beings. Rayne jokingly calls it 'The Gospel."

Powers: Rayne is immune to the elements, and can absorb them when used as weapons against him to deal devastating counter attacks. He also has the uncanny ability to heal others, whether they be human or otherwise.

History: Rayne was once human, so many years ago. However, even then, he had had his unique ability to heal, and no mortal understood it. He was revered as a healer, and welcomed in every villiage. But, like any mortal unsulllied by war and famine, he sought only to make the world a better place. He was blessed with the ability to see goodness where others could not, and lit the way for them to follow. He was a powerful enemy to those who weilded powers beyond that of humans, and weilded his abilities to protect them, and those lost within the darkness he would aide to lead them to salvation.

But, someone like Rayne was also a prime target for demons, and soon enough they attacked him while he was staying at a villiage. On his capture, he vowed to be allowed taken if the demons would spare the villiagers, and they agreed. But, they broke their promise, forcing him to watch as they slaughtered all of the women and children first, then the men, and then torture him. They laughed and screamed as they tore apart his flesh with the shredded remains of the villliagers, though grew angry when he refused to cry out. Rayne had already been sullied from his purity, and in his final hours, he stood bravely, goading them and laughing in their faces because he wouldn't utter the scream they so longed to hear. Finally, they just killed him outright, to lie along side the villagers trapped in the mortal realm. However, this was not to be the case for Rayne, as a force of otherworldly mercenaries came into the villiage, freeing them all. However, Rayne would not be roused from his anger and drive, and he was allowed to stay on Earth.

Rayne fought from then on against those whom had killed him, taking them out one by one, his lust for vengeance sated with each he killed. Then the time came and he delivered the final blow to the demon who had struck him down, uttering loudly how fun it was to do the same to the demon as what had been done to him. The screams of the demon were the sweetest sounds Rayne had ever heard.

His vengeance sated, Rayne departed into the afterlife, becoming an angel who fought against the hoardes of demons. However with the passing centuries he grew tired of taking orders, and not helping those who truely needed it, as the war between heaven and hell often spilled into the Mortal realm, and countless innocent humans would be injured or worse. Then, came the final straw when Rayne was ordered to killl several demons whom Rayne had witnessed trying to protect the humans from the battle. Rayne then turned on his superiors, and then revealing he would do no harm to those who would fight for the one reason that any battle should be fought; to protect something. Forcing his superiors back, Rayne and the demons fled, with the humans in tow. Later, they erased the human's memories of what had occured, though Rayne and the demons leaving to join up with other angels who had decided to follow the same path as Rayne.

Now, Rayne has a purpose, and he beleives what he does is right. However, the centuries of fighting are often tiresome, the battle neverending. But, as such, Rayne will fight one, knowing he fights for the protection of the future...
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[COLOR="Navy"]Name: Anue Ookami

Age: 76

Race: Demon

Human Appearence: Anue stands at about 5ft 7in and weighs about 158lbs, she has a slender build, slightly muscular she has black hair with bright blond roots, bright green eyes she wears hip hugger jeans with two thin stapped shirts, the under one is bright red and the top one is black. She wears thick soled combat boots to complete the wardrobe. She wears very little jewlery, a simple silver coss around her neck and a silver braclet with a wolf charm on it on her left wrist. She also has a tatoo of a wolf on her right shoulder.

Second Form Appearence: Her apperance doesn't change much other than the fact that her hair changes color, the blond becomes black and the black becomes blood red, her eyes turn bright yellow, she gains elongated canines and she gains wings that are made of pure lightining.

Personality: Upbeat and slightly hyper she loves to have fun and will make a joke out of most anything if she can. Not one to be overly serious she is taken for granted most of the time as a well developed fighter. Eaisly distracted she can never sit for to long of a time period or she becomes overly bored and tends to do very foolish things. A chatterbox she can have a one sided coversation and not even notice if the other person is answering or not. Very child like she often gets herself into a tight spot just by being curious. The expression 'Curiousity killed the cat.' seemed to be made specifcly for her.

Weapons: She weilds a large scyth made of Onyx and steel, the handle is formed to look like a human spine. But she is also very skilled at hand to hand combat, when not in the mood for useing her scyth she uses her unique fighting style of Savate to kick some ass.

Powers: Anue can control air, she can bend it to make it a lethal wepon or a gentle breeze on a hot day when there is none. Her favorite is a large twister that she controls. She also weilds some lightining powers but she is only just learning.

History: Born into a not so wealthy family Anue grew up on the wrong side of town, every night there was a killing or a robbery. Growing up in this kind of neighborhood she became well known in fighting and often had to put it to good use. Being human was her only downside. She was unique in her own aspect she never gave up and she neve let things get to her. Even when she had to watch as her parents were murdered infront of her for a scrap of food she was able to shrug it off after a few minutes of crying and move on fighting for the right to live. At the age of 22 she was killed in a hit and run, not the most eventful way of dieing as she would say now. She was walking across the street and someone, not watching where they were going(a rich snob who was late for a whore meeting as she puts it) hit her and made her flip four times in the air til she hit the asphault breaking her back and most of her ribs and rupturing a few of her organs. She lay there for what felt like hours til her eyes finally closed for the last time, feeling as if she were going to sleep she opened her eyes again to find herself in the same steet as before but this time she was different and she had a weapon with her as well. Looking up she heard a voice tell her she was bound for greater things and to live amoungst the humans til her time came. Having no problems with being allowed to live and have some more fun she took the offer swiftly and hasn't looked back since. [/COLOR]
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Sounds fun, Inu!:animesmil

Name: Syria Adec

Age: Even she can't remember.

Race: Angel

Human Appearance: 6 ft. tall, thin (161 pounds), pinkish hue in her skin. She has shoulder length light blonde hair that curls inward at the ends. Windex blue eyes that are often covered by a small pair of glasses.

Second Form Appearance: Same as human form, but with a bright yellow cross mark in the middle of her forehead. Glowing halo and large, feathery wings with a sky blue tint to them.

Personality: Very arrogant and snarky. She doesn't like weaklings and is very bloodthirsty. Often speaks in a sarcastic or mocking tone of voice. Has a soft spot for animals though.

Weapon(s): A white and gold colored staff with a cross shape at the top. She calls it 'Heaven's Light'.

Power(s): Can summon A large, white, feathery creature that spews beams of light from its mouth. Syria may also manipulate the element of fire.

History: Syria was once a guardian angel to a woman that had the rare ability to see and communicate with angels. They were very good friends, but there was an incident involving a group of rogue angels... The woman was killed. Syria was devastated, and in her grief destroyed the entire city, killing the angels as well as everyone in the city's perimeter. Syria is now hunted by her fellow angels, though she works to help protect humans as her own way of trying to make up for the deaths she caused.
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Well, I return as well, ladies and gents.

Name: Tahlia

Age: Unknown

Race: Demon

Human Appearence: Tahlia's frame is slender and yet voluptuous, hence her dress. Tahlia is 5'9" and weighs about 110 lbs. Her large breasts are often all but completely exposed by the black lace and leather corset she wears, leaving little to the imagination. Her skin is milk white contrasting with the black garb she wears. Her almost gray blue eyes often catch people off guard, they off set by stark red eye shadow that makes people look twice to take her in. Her arms are clad in fishnets, while her legs in tight form fitting black leather pants. She wears high heeled boots to match this look she has going for her, and doesn't care to differ from it. Around her neck is a celtic cross necklace, silver in color and substance.

Second Form Appearence: In truest form, Tahlia's torso remains human, though her skin becomes a deep red in color, and her legs and feet appearing to take on a more beastly look, complete with clawed feet. Her fingernails become inky black and lengthen to over four inches long, and are razor sharp. Her muscle tone doesn't become much different, though her hands seem to be longer in length as well. Tahlia does increase her height when in demonic form by almost two feet. Two white horns appear on her forehead, small and pointed. Her wings, when spread, resemble those of a bat, and are white in color.

Weapons: Tahlia weilds her own claws and feet as her usual weapons.

Powers: Tahlia has no abilities other than supreme strength, far beyond that of most other creatures and life forms.

History: Tahlia has no memory of her past, though often enough she has nightmares about bloody battles and screaming people.
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[SIZE=3][COLOR=Navy][B][FONT=Century Gothic]Inu, I'm going to have to finish the rest of this tomorrow if that is okay. I want to add more details to her appearances, and finish up her personality and history. Then after that, I'll be able to post in the RP tomorrow too.

[/FONT][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Damia Ermingild
Age: [/B]302
Race: [/B]Angel[B]

Human Appearance: [/B][URL="http://i49.tinypic.com/20ge8ap.jpg"]Damia, before she was murdered.[/URL]
Her appearance hasn't changed very much, except she has a tan to cover up her pales skin, so her skin is a bit darker now. Also, she has heterochromia, although it is hard to notice unless you see both of her eyes. Which is hard, since she usually tries to keep a bandage on her eye in case she changes to her angel form. Besides that, she has the Alchemic symbol of phosphorous on her forehead, to symbolize light. When asked about this by normal humans, she just tries to explain it's just a tattoo. She is normally 5'8", at 160 pounds. Damia normally wears a Newsboy hat, black in color, a dark blue turtleneck sweater, with a white strapless tanktop underneath. (Although most of the time she will just wear the tanktop, it stops above her stomach and resembles a sports bra somewhat.) Besides that, she usually wears long shorts of different colors, depending on her mood, and black leather boots with a heel.
Second Form Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i48.tinypic.com/214t506.jpg"]Damia[/URL], [URL="http://i49.tinypic.com/15fqcz5.jpg"]her angel form[/URL]. Also, [URL="http://i49.tinypic.com/14o7t05.jpg"]her angel form inside of her Mind's Eye.[/URL]
Damia's angel form has changed slightly, from how it used to be. Now, her hair changes into a brilliant white instead of black, also her skin turns a bit more pale. Her left eye begins to glow with a blue flame. She also grows taller, to about 6'6", while still keeping her same slightly muscular figure. Also, black wings grow out of her back. Besides that, she is relatively the same, although a bit stronger and taller. Usually sporting a different outfit too, if she gets the chance to change.
Personality: [/B][/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Navy]Damia used to be a self sacrificing kind of person. She still is, just not so much anymore after her incident. Now, she's a bit more serious but friends are still her priority. So is a good laugh now and then when things get too serious. However, when times call for concentration, she doesn't get easily distracted with the matter at hand. Being a fallen angel, she has a cruel streak that she likes to show to her enemies.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Navy][B]
Weapons: [/B]Damia carries a [URL="http://i47.tinypic.com/egpg6v.jpg"]modified M40a3[/URL], for long range combat. However, for short range combat, she uses [URL="http://i49.tinypic.com/jggtaq.jpg"]two sickles[/URL] that she keeps chained to her waist.
Powers: [/B]Damia's powers change depending on which form she is in at the moment. However, in both forms she has the power of sound. Her uncontrolled power, is taking someone who is out to kill her into her Mind's Eye, the world inside of her mind, where she can battle them with an advantage since it is familiar territory for her. However, she is vulnerable in the real world since she goes in a trance, so she keeps her left eye bandaged or covered to keep it from going off when she doesn't want it to. Also, she is only able to bring one person there at a time.

As for the powers in her control, when Damia whistles, hums, or even sings a few 'la la's, she can create a piercing whistle, a hypnotic effect, or a full song, although she hasn't tried the last one yet and is not sure what it does. For a last resort, she will let out a loud yell which will cause a large sonic boom. She only uses this to escape, however, since it affects everyone around her in the area. In her angel form, if she uses this power, it starts up Music Box, a small music box inside of her body that grows and replaces her limbs and other parts of her body. Since it replaces her wings too, with those of old metal and gears, she cannot fly when using this power. This is only when she sings her 'la la's however. The other sounds seem to work like they do in her human form.

This also extends further, however and gives her the power of 'clairaudience', the ability to hear sounds in the past or near future. Because of this, she is perfect for gathering intel for the hunters.

[B] History: [/B]For Damia, her little brother was her world. She lived a few years without any brothers or sisters, so when he was born she always paid attention to him. When they were both older however, her brother ran off and was talking to a man in the park. She found him and took him back home, forgetting about the incident a few days later. However, it resurfaced on its own. The man showed up and threatened to take away her brother, especially if she called the police or told her parents. He only gave her one option to save him. Leave her house late at night, with no clothes. He would pick her up and leave her brother alone. Not trusting his word, Damia didn't want to go through with it but she was left with little choice. She accepted.

That night, when her parents and brother were asleep, she stripped naked and went to her brothers room. Holding back her tears, she kissed her brother goodbye. She went walking outside and soon a car pulled up and someone got out and pushed her in. Everything went black after that.

What happened for the next few days are too horrible to mention. However, he soon grew tired of Damia and started replacing parts of her body with metal, until all that was left of her was one of her eyes. The one that he liked. (Damia had heterochromia, so he only liked one of her eye colors.)

Damia returned as an angel, and killed her murderer. Feeling content, she watched over her brother. However, he turned into an evil young man, so filled with rage at the waste of her sacrifice, she killed her own brother. Because of this, she was banished and became a fallen angel. Now she works for the Dark Hunters, and helps them gather intel.

She has been flying solo for a long while recently, and is soon heading back to meet up with the other Dark Hunters with some new information.
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Human Appearence:She has green eyes and brown hair. She is skinny and wears green sweat pants and a blue top. She wears an emerald pedant

Second Form Appearence:She just gets a rainbow top and pants.

Personality: She is shy but very kind

Weapons:A bow (that can change to blades.) and arrows

Powers: She controls light and can summon dragoons

History: After her parents were murdered she was left alone. She is looking for a boyfriend.
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I see that the RP has already started and if it's to late to sign up that's fine, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I guess Oliver could make some trouble and be a target for the dark hunters, then decided to join them, or something like that.... I guess.

Name: Eilif/Oliver Ramirez

Age: 750/19

Race: Demon/Human

Human Appearance: A little better looking than average college students, Oliver has dark brown hair, usually kept around four inches long, which is uncontrollable, always giving off the impression that he just rolled out of bed. His eyes are a soft brown, like wells of melted milk chocolate, as some of his female classmates have decided. Like most hispanics, or in his case half hispanics, he has naturally tanned skin and facial hair, though he dislikes mustaches and beards so he usually keeps himself clean shaven. He is average height and weighs about 145 pounds. He is thin compared to most people he meets, not carrying any extra weight as far as fat or muscle is concerned. Doesn't really care much what he's wearing, jeans and a tee shirt suit him just fine.

Second Appearance: Oliver's truer self, the demon Eilif looks nothing like his human host. He is tall and well built, though lean instead of bulky, weighing in at about 180 pounds and measuring about 6' 2''. His skin is just barely transparent, allowing some of his bigger veins and arteries to be visible up close. Eilif has many thin tentacles that hang down from his arm and shoulders, which can move independently of his arms and on occasion he has shown the ability to stretch them while maintaining his ability to move them around. Also extending from his torso and mid thigh are pieces of extra flesh that wrap around his lower half like a skirt. This looks similar to a jellyfish's bell shape. Because of this "flesh skirt" he doesn't normally need to cover himself with pants, though often times he does enjoy dressing himself up in the nicest attire he can get his hands one, as fine made clothes and jewelry are some of his favorite things, he usually has at least a few rings on his fingers, or a bracelet on his wrist while he was in this form.

Personality: Oliver was lonely and depressed until he merged with Eilif, and now Eilif has run of the ship. Eilif was and still is calm and calculating, and possible devoid of real emotion, though he can understand them and emulate them. While using Oliver's body he portrays a semi-social guy who is a jerk, some times in a comical way, some times in a malicious way, to most of them people who know him. Though Eilif only has a few years experience in the human world he struggles in school though his real intelligence is some times demonstrated when he argues or is making plans. He is always cautious and often over prepares, and always likes to have a backup plan and an ace in the hole.

Weapons: None, it'd be silly for a college student to walk around with weapons, and Eilif places great faith in his natural abilities and his learned talents.

Powers: The tentacles that he has in demon form have microscopic barbs on them that administer a powerful poison. The barbs can be retracted if the poison isn't needed. Eilif can manipulate these tentacles with pinpoint accuracy and uses them as whips and restraints.Even in his human form he can call out the tentacles if he ever needs to defend himself. Eilif also spent the better part of four centuries learning and mastering the art of water manipulation. While this power was rather lackluster in the fiery pits of hell, he planed on using it to aid in the conquering of earth. He had almost complete control of the ocean and the atmosphere before the merge and could suck the water out of any living being, leaving a dry husk behind. However post merge, his powers have been greatly weakened.

History: Born a demon in on of the lowest circles of hell, he was forced to gain power as quickly as possible or be killed in the never ending violence. He eventually became a member of a great demon army under the control of a demon lord Yami. The house of Yami was always fighting other great demon empires in an attempt to expand its own power. Eilif, slowly moved up through the ranks and eventually became chief of the intelligence department, helping makes plans for Yami's eventual conquest of Earth.
During a siege on Yami's lands by a neighboring territories top warriors Eilif was cornered and defeated by one of the assassins. In exchange for his life, he switched to the assassins side and aided in the almost complete destruction of the great Yami's kingdom. But in the end, Yami's armies were to mighty and Yami personally helped in the slaying of every member of the opposing army, except one.
Eilif had managed to escape to Earth at the last minute. Realizing that he could never return to his homeland he decided to take up residence on Earth, and fought to protect it from Yami's agents. Eventually a band of angels apprehended him and brought him for heaven for trial. Because he had not actually done anything wrong to the humans of earth, and he was killing demons that managed to follow him, he was allowed to remain in the human world, under the condition that he have his power sealed away, and took up living a normal human life. Unwilling to part with his power for fear that Yami will come seeking vengeance. He went back on his word to the angels by hiding the the body of a young boy. The boy had committed suicide, but just as the soul separated from the body, Eilif forced his way inside the body, saving the boy's soul and hiding himself. Oliver's soul partially fussed with his own, and how he is unable to leave his body. Oliver allowed Eilif to live his life, not wanting his second chance, Eilif however, is unable to return to his true.
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How about this?



Race: Demon/human

Human Appearence:She has green eyes and brown hair. She is skinny and wears green pants and a blue top. She wears an emerald pedant

Second Form Appearence:She just gets a rainbow top and pants. She also gets a rainbow hair pin in the shape of a flower. She also gets angel wings

Personality: She is shy but very kind and nice

Weapons:A bow (that can change to blades.) and arrows

Powers: She controls light and can summon dragoons

History: After her parents were murdered she was left alone with her cruel aunt and uncle.She was treated badly through her life. She was always slapped and hurt by her aunt and uncle. When she finally lost it she didn't remember what she had done. When she woke up, she was surrounded by broken objects and her aunt and uncles dead bodies. She was (and is) looking for a boyfriend.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Try putting more into your apperance, and your second apperance. Like what kind of top does she wear, what kind of pants are they? And your second apperance, what color are her wings? Does she have more than two? That kind of thing, with her personality, does she have any quirks about her, you said she is shy and kind, but does she have a violent streak when she fights or does she hang back more and just watch until all the blood has already been shed. does she like to have fun? Is she talkitive at all or does she stay quiet most of the time. With your background a good thing to do is go through like where you were born, what age were you when your parents were murdered, who or what murdered them, in what ways were your aunt and uncle cruel other than just being slapped around. Things like that.
The more little details you put into these things the better you make them. I know its kinda hard to understand and hard to apply the first time but just five it a try and see how it goes. I promise, little things like that make all the difference. If I sound hard or something like that I don't mean to I'm just trying to give you some advice and if you need any don't heasitate to ask us here, we were all new at this at one point in time and we just worked at it and got better at it so don't feel bad. It'll get easier, I promise. Another good piece of advice is to look at others entrys as well. It'll give you a good idea on what to do and such. If you have any questions just ask us and we'll help you out as much as possible. I promise we don't bite and we're all pretty good friends so we'll help you out as much as possible. ;)[/FONT][/COLOR]
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oh ok thanks :animesmil:animesmil:animesmil:animesmil i just have a habit of rushing :animeswea:animeswea:animeswea:animeswea:animeswea:animeswea:animeswea

ok here i go :animesigh:animesigh



Race: Demon/human

Human Appearence:She has green eyes and brown hair. She is skinny and wears long green pants and a blue t-shirt. She wears an emerald pedant. Her hair is mostly in a pony tail

Second Form Appearence:She just gets a rainbow t-shirt and rainbow long pants. She also gets a rainbow hair pin in the shape of a flower. She also gets rainbow angel wings

Personality: She is shy but very kind and nice, but when she is in second form she gets a bit violent. She likes her friends and likes to have fun with them. She is very quiet.

Weapons:A bow (that can change to blades.) and arrows

Powers: She controls light and can summon dragoons. She also can talk to animals and heal wounds

History: Kari was born in the USA. After her parents were murdered when she was 4 she was left alone with her cruel aunt and uncle.She was treated badly through her life. She was always slapped and hurt by her aunt and uncle and they'd always beat her with glass bottles. They treated her like a slave. When she finally lost it she didn't remember what she had done. When she woke up, she was surrounded by broken objects and her aunt and uncles dead bodies. She was (and is) looking for a boyfriend.
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