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[font="Palatino Linotype"]We may have had a topic like this before - and I know we often post YouTube videos in this forum - but I thought it'd be a good idea to actually create a topic where we can talk specifically about music videos.

I don't watch music channels nearly as much as I used to, but I'm still a lover of good music videos. They are getting increasingly sophisticated and many are becoming a lot like mini-movies, even containing narratives that stretch across multiple videos (Lady GaGa being one recent example of this).

One of the great things about music videos, for me, is that I don't even have to like the song. Sure, it helps, but sometimes I can really love a video without actually digging the track itself. And sometimes the video actually helps me to like a track more. Go figure!

I also find that once I watch a music video - especially if it's memorable in some way - I will [i]always[/i] imagine it when hearing the song on the radio.

I thought it'd be fun to post our favourite music videos here, or even to post videos that you want to discuss. I'll start and I'll put together a little suggested format for us to use, too. Before we start though, my main suggestion is wherever possible to use the HD version of the video. It just looks nicer and hopefully most people will be okay to load it. If you can't find an HD version, don't worry. :)

Also, as evidenced by the very first video I'm about to post, I understand that [i]many[/i] music videos are not strictly PG-13. I have no problem with that, as long as you bear two things in mind:

[*]If you think the video is mature in nature, please flag it like I have done below, and;
[*]The video may not be pornographic. I'm sure many artists will have videos that contain some skin or whatever, but let's try not to let it become X-rated, okay?

I will monitor this as we go and so can the staff. If something is really objectionable, it'll be removed - but I think for the most part we should be fine. :)



[b][i]Unfortunately embedding is disabled for all the versions of this video. Please feel free to watch it on YouTube. >_>[/b][/i]

So, Americans here may know a little of Kylie Minogue. I think she did relatively well in the U.S. for a very brief time. However, she has been quite a major pop star in Australia and Europe for more than twenty years now.

As far as pop music goes, I tend to think that Kylie's stuff is generally pretty insipid. It began to really border on light dance around a decade ago and now it's moved further into that general realm. I like maybe two or three of Kylie Minogue's tracks, although never for her voice, which seems to require substantial editing in order to actually sound reasonable (and even then, the end result is questionable).

I am giving this preamble because, while I think Kylie tends to stray on the safe side by default (her voice), she is also constantly in the business of re-inventing her image and general themes. All the Lovers is one of her newest singles, possibly on her very last album (although I think that's doubtful). The video itself is actually pretty cliche, but it's well-made and builds into a pretty interesting concept towards the end. It's feel-good, but not in an overly patronizing way.

And, yes, there's lots of skin here - although as far as I know, absolutely no nudity. So take that as you will. Speaking of Kylie Minogue, it is also true to say that my favourite songs from her library are ones that never really became particularly successful and most constituted some kind of collaboration. See next video...



As mentioned above, this is one of Kylie Minogue's collaborations. She worked with Japanese DJ, Towa Tei (who does some okay stuff if you're into relatively minimal electronica). I mostly just like the video. The track is okay, but it gets old very quickly, even for me, as a fan of electronic music.

I personally think that Towa Tei brings a kind of officious straight-jacket quality to electronic music. In other words, it's not just minimal - it's almost anal. You can [i]hear[/i] that it's Japanese. I think that sometimes prevents Towa Tei's own tracks becoming as big as his mixes, especially outside Japan.

In any case, I like the video because I think it's actually one of the few examples of Kylie Minogue's apparent acting ability. Er, well, if you can call it "acting".

[center][size=3][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] WALKING ON A DREAM | [b]ARTIST: [/b]EMPIRE OF THE SUN | [b]MATURE: [/b]NO | [b]COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:[/b] AUSTRALIA[/size]


[b][i]Unfortunately embedding is disabled for all the versions of this video. Please feel free to watch it on YouTube. >_>[/b][/i]

Empire of the Sun emerged just last year, representing a union between Sydney's Nick Littlemore ([b]Pnau[/b]) and Perth's Luke Steele ([b]The Sleepy Jackson[/b]). Again, if you are outside Australia, you may not yet be familiar with this group. You [i]may[/i] have heard of Pnau...or at least heard some of their music. I'll be sure to share it with you at some stage, anyway.

Again, enjoying electronic music of some kind is really a must to like these guys. But if you do, you're in for a treat.

They certainly aren't high-budget at all, but I appreciate that from the very beginning, Empire of the Sun placed a great emphasis on costume and theater in their music. If you see them live, this becomes very apparent. Also, their more recent music videos show evidence of an ever-increasing budget (with ever-increasingly outlanding wardrobes and sets).

I would say, with some confidence, that Empire of the Sun are one of the very few "concept" groups within their genre in the world. If you like this track, I'd definitely suggest checking out the entire album (which is also called [b]Empire of the Sun[/b]).

So there you go, the ball is rolling! I'd love to see a great video catalogue here. Maybe I will put together a proper contents section at the top with anchors so that I can link to each video from the beginning. Have fun and enjoy yourselves! :)
[/font] Edited by James
One out of three, not bad! :(

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I'm not a big music video fan but a couple do stand out in my mind.  


Firstly, [b]Thriller by Michael Jackson[/b].  VH1 once voted it as the greatest music video of all times and, considering all of the work that into its creation and the cultural impact it had on pop culture, I can't really argue with their assessment.  Sure MJ had a lot of negative publicity in recent history but back in the 80's (when I grew up) he was a living legend.  Like him or hate him the guy's musical contributions to the world will never die.  Thriller stands as his crowning achievement in my humble opinion.  


Next is [b]Sabotage by the Beastie Boys[/b].  I can't really explain in text why this video makes my list.  Just watch it and you'll understand.  It's a spoof of a 70's cop drama starring the Beastie Boys.  What part of that can be anything but awesome?

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For my first post in this thread I feel I should start off with the first music video that I remember watching when I was a very very young girl. Whenever I did watch MTV this song seemed to play. It will remain special in my heart.



[left]I lived in England when this music video came out. Man it was very very popular. I give this video props for being one of the memorabilias from my stay in England.



[left]Oasis has been a big part of my life. Whenever I hear this song I envision the MV in my head.


Muse, Muse, Muse. You are very unique in everything you do and I love you for it. I really love how this particular video has a very fun artistic narrative with it. Muse never ceases to amaze me. (EDIT: LOL Wow, amazing screen capture there YouTube.)



[left]I suppose that England is just that freaking awesome. I cannot wait for when I can post again. I have a feeling that I am going to spend a lot of time in this thread.
[/left][/center][/left][/center] Edited by Japan

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I love the video for "Bittersweet Symphony", as well as the song. It's top. What's not to like about a video featuring a person absolutely refusing to budge for anything and anyone - like he's standing up to life itself. Combine the visuals with the lyrics ("Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to money, then you die"), and a symphonic dream to die for, you've got the makings for an instant classic. I especially like Richard Ashcroft's almost manic looking smile he flashes every so often. It's like he's mastered the thousand yard stare. Yeah, I enjoyed that pick of yours, Japan!

The video for "Wonderwall" has a nice classic look to it, even if it doesn't really make much sense. The opening shot of the record playing suits the song, and strangely enough, so does the rest of the odd visuals. The strength of the song alone was enough to embed the video into the minds of many who were there then. On a side note, I always wondered what Noel said that made the others laugh, while Liam seems unimpressed, haha.

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I am so glad that you like them, PR!

Here are a few more music videos that appeal to me. I really appreciate the lyrics too. I mean, what good is a music video if the lyrics aren't any good right? So here are four more MVs for your viewing pleasure.

This first one is another song by the Verve. I really love this band. This time it is the song called Freshmen. Amaaaazing song. I know it by heart like Wonderwall. There may not be too much going on the music video but I really love it for the simplicity. I feel that the simplicity works for this song because of how depressing it is.



This music video from REM is really complex. I swear, every time I watch this, I notice something new about it. I love his dancing too!



Another artist comes to mind. She has very visual music videos and heart wrenching lyrics. Yeah I'm a 90's freak. This music video and song is what started it all for the young singer. She is an amazing poet and performer. I love all of her music but this song is by far my most favorite.



This is the last song for this post I promise! This is time it is from the 80's. A big big classic music video. Love it!



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I don't usually watch music videos. If I know a song I like has one, I might check it out once or twice, but ultimately forget about it. However, I'm currently obsessed with this one:


[size="1"]Unfortunately, embedding is disabled. Blaaaaaaaaargh. [/size]

Anyway, I could probably watch this all day and all night and not get sick of it. I love the song, so that definitely helps, but I think what really draws me in is Florence herself. Basically: ksdhglkshdgklhdsklhglskfkgldgl

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Oh my gosh, Tonks! That video is very refreshing. I love it.

[list][*]She is a redhead[*]She is clothed! (No cleavage)[*]LIGHT MAKE-UP!!!!! (I cannot stress this one enough)[/list]I really like the artistic direction of this video. It is directed more towards interpretive dance than anything as well. I just love how it seems so natural. Thanks for sharing!

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I love the Bittersweet Symphony music video. Love the music.
I love this video so much and I want to learn the Industrial dance used in this video. lol
[b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Pong | [b]ARTIST:[/b] Eisenfunk | [b]MATURE:[/b] No | [b]COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:[/b] Germany

[b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Super Space Invaders | [b]ARTIST:[/b] Eisenfunk | [b]MATURE:[/b] No | [b]COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:[/b] Germany

And here is a video that I saw when someone linked it in theOtaku Chat. Very entertaining to watch.
[b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Here It Goes Again | [b]ARTIST:[/b] OK Go | [b]MATURE:[/b] No | [b]COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:[/b] America?

And last video. This is one of my favorite bands, but this is the only music video they have. ;~;
[b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Switchback | [b]ARTIST:[/b] Celldweller | [b]MATURE:[/b] Yes | [b]COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:[/b] America (Michigan)
[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knV1H163ISE[/media] Edited by Lyndy

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[color="#696969"][font="Tahoma"]Wow, this is a great idea to share music from around the globe. I'd never heard of most of these Australian/German/English bands.

@Lyndy, I watched that Pong video up until the point where they start dancing with gas masks. Then I just burst out laughing and had to stop, lol. The Space Invaders song was definitely much cooler, though.

[center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Stadium Love[b] |[/b] [b]ARTIST:[/b] Metric[b] | MATURE: [/b]Yes [b]| COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: [/b]Canada

Animals fighting! It's basically what the song is about. One of my favourite Canadian bands ever. There aren't a whole lot of rock groups with a female singer that know what they're doing. [i]Metric knows what they're doing[/i]. They know their sound and they improve on it with each album and that's why I love them so much.

EDIT: Also, that Switchback song sounds like it belongs in the Matrix, haha. Neat. ^_^[/font][/color] Edited by White

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nice pick White!
Metric is fantastic, and I love there new album.
but i am getting into a lot of Canadian bands lately, like this one!
Plumtree is really good, but i dont like/get most of their lyrics, so this song is perfect for me.

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Here are a couple more music videos.
[b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Propane Nightmares | [b]ARTIST:[/b] Pendulum | [b]MATURE:[/b] No | [b]COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:[/b] America(?)
I first heard the remix of this song by Celldweller a couple years ago. I have to say that I like the remix better. Still a good song.

[b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Meant to Live | [b]ARTIST:[/b] Switchfoot | [b]MATURE:[/b] No | [b]COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:[/b] America
This is my favorite song by Switchfoot, and one of my most favorite songs over all. I first heard this song by watching a Devil May Cry AMV. Jon Foreman~ <3 I shall add him to my list of cute guys to draw. xD

EDIT: @ White: I never really seen the Matrix, but I've heard of it, but now that you mention it, it does kinda seem like it should belong in that show or somethin', heh. Edited by Lyndy

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[font="Georgia"]I'm a little glad I stumbled upon this topic because, like James, I always remember the video when I hear a track on the radio. Unfortunately, I don't really stayed glued to the TV at 3 AM like I used to so what I see of videos is usually what I find online or via facebook. But, on the rare opportunity that I am awake at 5 AM I am able to catch something as awesome as the following:

[center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Sail [b]| ARTIST:[/b] AWOLNATION [b]| MATURE:[/b] No [b]| COUNTRY:[/b] America.

I had first heard the song when I was picking up my mum from work. I remember that the entire city was shrouded in this really thick fog, which isn't unusual for us in the when the weather's trying to change. But when I say thick, I mean it. You couldn't see like ten feet in front you. Now everytime I hear this song I remember the fog and how terrifying it was to think that someone could just hide or tiptoe right behind me but anyways! Afterwards I came home and looked up the song on Youtube and found the amazing video that went with it and I have to say that I am not disappointed. What I love most about the video is that when it starts off I don't know who this guy is, what he's running from or why, and even after the video ends, the first time I watched it, I had to watch it again to understand the story behind it. You never really realize who he is but you get those small suggestions throughout the video if you pay attention. Even still, I wonder whether he really was what the video suggests or he's just the son of the man that knew what was going to happen, if that makes sense. Either way, I love this video and I think it deserves more views that the three or five million Katy Perry's gotten on her E.T. one.

[center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Rolling in the Deep [b]| ARTIST:[/b] Adele [b]| MATURE:[/b] No [b]| COUNTRY:[/b] UK(?).

First off, Adele is such and amazing singer. Her voice is the right amount of blues and soul and melody without being completely overwhelming like some artists. As for the video, I just really love the images. Everything here is happening in seperate rooms but it's all pulled together by the music. The drummer under the stairs plays the music for the dancer upstairs who dances for Adele in the next room who sings her heart out until the city burns down in the next. I love the dancing, for one thing, and for some reason, I love the plates that are being trashed on the wall. I can't really explain my infatuation with the images here but I know that I love them in tune with this song and I know that no matter how many times I watch this video, I will never get bored of it.

[center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Cameras [b]| ARTIST:[/b] Matt & Kim [b]| MATURE:[/b] Yes [b]| COUNTRY:[/b] America

I have to warn you guys that this video is incredibly violent but I absolutely love it. One, because, I mean, seriously? It's Matt && Kim. These guys always have amazing tracks, in my opinion. Second, I don't even want to IMAGINE how much time and fight training/coreography they had to practice before filming because with the way it's put together, it would be really hard to yell cut in the middle of a good punch, re-organize the scene and props, just to yell action again and start over. Third, the song is so loud and upbeat in contrast with the video. I mean, sure it has it's moments of hilarity when Kim throws a maraca at Matt's face or when she pounds his nether regions with the bass drum's stick, then there's Matt tying her hands up and getting back into a fighter's stance in slow motion that's reminiscent of Mickey's fighting in the movie Snatch. Needless to say the entire video is wonderfully coreographed and edited, the lighting looks awesome throughout the entire thing and the music keeps pace with the editing and fighting, which I love! These guys, in my opinion, are also a couple of artists that deserve more views and more listeners! The first time I heard them it was with their track Daylight that was being played around the same time Empire of the Sun's Walking on a Dream was, and I instantly fell in love. I will forever reference both those songs together and only after their Cameras single was released did I see them as seperate artists instead of one awesome group that lived in the soundtrack that was my 2009 summer.

[center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] The Ghost Inside [b]| ARTIST:[/b] Broken Bells [b]| MATURE:[/b] Yes [b]| COUNTRY:[/B] America

I noticed that a lot of artists are using the whole space and alien metaphor thing but for some reason, no one quite does it like Broken Bells. I think I only love this video because of how much it reminds me of Cowboy Bebop though, I know it's meaning is much deeper than that. The plot revolves around this beautiful actress who sells herself for the opportunity at stardom but after giving everything she has, in the end, her dream is unfulfilled and the promise of stardom and fame was all a lie. I supposed it's a metaphor on how far people will go to reach stardom only to realize it wouldn't really make you happy. Overall, I think the video is edited well, the actress protrays the right emotions and ultimately, you end up feeling sympathy for her. For a five minute video, I have to say, this one is the only one whose meaning delves much deeper and touches something in you that a lot of people fail to see. We all want to be famous but how far are we really willing to go to get there? And for what? A barren land of broken dreams. Overall, it's a great video to go with an amazing song that touches on the same subjects. Recommend, recommend, recommend!

So, there's my top four. For today, anyway. I might change my mind when another awesome video invades the airways but for now, enjoy![/font]

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[color="#008000"][size="2"][font="Book Antiqua"]I know it's been awhile since there has been a post here, but I have some music videos I really wanna share.

First one is a dubstep MV. o:

[center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Kickstarts (Bar 9 remix) | [b]ARTIST:[/b] Example |[b] MATURE:[/b] No | [b]COUNTRY:[/b] America[/center]

Birthday Massacre makes the weirdest videos, but I chose to show this one. If you really wanna get creeped out (if dolls freak you out), watch Blue by Birthday Massacre.
[center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Looking Glass | [b]ARTIST:[/b] Birthday Massacre |[b] MATURE:[/b] No | [b]COUNTRY:[/b] America[/center]

Love the singer. <3
[center][b]TRACK TITLE:[/b] Nobody's Real | [b]ARTIST:[/b] Powerman 5000 |[b] MATURE:[/b] No | [b]COUNTRY:[/b] America[/center]

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[FONT="Times New Roman"]Oh by the way, Pendulum is an Australian band. (Who've done a decent cover of [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFMPLEqAK6w"][B][I]I'm Not Alone[/B][/I][/url] by Calvin Harris.)

[B][I]Equinox (First Of The Year)[/B][/I] by American producer Skrillex from his EP [B][I]More Monsters & Sprites[/B][/I].

I actually tripped on the video while watching the disseration delivered by Bevis & Butthead a few nights ago. It totally reminded me of the film [B][I][url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_Candy_(film)"]Hard Candy[/url][/B][/I] (the concept anyway) on steroids.

[B][I]HotRide[/B][/I] by UK based alternative dance group The Prodigy from their fourth record [B][I]Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned[/B][/I].

Before I left to London for a couple of years, I had vaguely heard of the band but after touching down I did some research and it turns out they had furthered my facination with electronica. This is one of the standout tunes from the fourth record, what struck me as odd was how did the director come up with such an absurd concept for the video? I know their tracks are aggressive sounding but... [B][I]Seriously?[/B][/I] No wonder the band rejected the video. Yet what still holds my attention about it is the fact that it's like a car wreck. [I]Realmente no se puede apartar la mirada de los restos.[/I][/FONT]

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