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Thinking With Portals Competition


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[font=palatino linotype]Fellow Otakuites, you've no doubt seen the sheer bombardment of advertising for this competition both here and at theOtaku.com over recent days.

We originally required competition entrants to record a short audio clip of themselves answering this question: "[b]What would you do with a Portal Gun?[/b]"

After getting feedback from members, however, [b]we've decided to open up the competition to text responses here on OtakuBoards as well[/b]. There seem to be people who would like to enter this competition, but who do not want to record their voice - I totally understand this, because I cringe whenever I hear my voice being played back to me!

[b]So, with that said, you can now enter the competition right here in this topic.[/b]

The rules are essentially the same, but I will post them again for everyone's benefit:

[*]To enter, just answer this one simple question: What would you do with a Portal Gun?
[*]Your answer can be in the form of an audio recording of no more than 60 seconds in length. You can also post your answer here in this topic.
[*]If you want to record your answer as audio, send it here: obpodcast@gmail.com. The winning recording will be played on the next episode of the OB Podcast!
[*]Entries close on Tuesday, 9th of August 2011.
[*]The winner will be announced when the next podcast airs - stay tuned for the announcement.
[*]The prize is a copy of Portal 2 for your platform of choice (PS3, Xbox 360 & Steam).

Please feel free to post your responses here if you prefer. You can ask questions about the competition here, or in the OB Podcast topic.[/font]
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[quote]What would you do with a Portal Gun?[/quote]
[font="Tahoma"]I would use the Portal Gun for a variety of things. some of which would completely remove my need to move for several days!
I could finally invest in my computer chair/toilet combo and throw a Portal into the inside of my fridge for easy access to noms and close range air conditioning in this deadly heat.
I could invent a perpetual motion machine for infinite energy and money (u jelly?).
I could go toe-to-toe against a malfunctioning robot in a variety of tests for its enjoyment.. but that could never happen.

But above all else.. I could put a Portal into the trash bin so I would never have to take the trash out again. :)

On a related note, I would love to put an Emancipation Grid on my front door to screw with people that have fillings.
[/font] Edited by Yukazi
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[color="#4169E1"][font="Lucida Sans Unicode"]I wouldn't be sure how to go about recording an entry and since I'm staff at theO I think that disqualifies me anyway. However, just for laughs I'll tell you what I'd do with it.

I'd set up one of those endless falling loops like in the game where you fall from the ceiling into the floor and just keep falling. Then I'd toss Adam in, record it, and post the video on the front page of theOtaku. :p[/font][/color]
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So my phone deleted my recording >/ anyway what I would do with a portal gun is:

I would put one portal in a wall then another in the roof and set up an automatic ball shooter (thingy) but large enough to shoot out consoles, I would fill it with PS3's and set it that they shoot into the wall then crash to the ground ending up destroyed, and timing the shooter so that no consoles colid.

'Cause you know I'm evil like that and 360 all the way :P
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[color="#008080"][size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]My recording is 1:04. :( Is that okay? Or should I make it 60 seconds?

Edit: I already gave the recording to Boo because he was like "PLZ NOW", so who knows what he will do with it. He might fix it for me. *shrugs*[/font][/size][/color] Edited by Elle Jay
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If I had a portal gun I would either put one portal in a super awesome vacation location, and the other in my home, so that if I need a day off, or a get away I dont have to deal with customs, money, or travel of any kind and still get a vacation, because after all that vacation travel hubub, i need a break just from the vacation. So to pay for ONE vacation is worth a Lifetime of free ones

Or... if i could change the SIZE of the portal I would put a small one in my laptop somewhere and the other by my wireless network at home so no matter where I go I can still fill my Computer and Internet addiction.
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I would put one end on the ceiling above the little basketball hoop attached to my closet door, and save the other until I could round up Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.

Then I would challenge them to an old fashioned game of horse for a big mac in which I would bust out the second portal.
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[font=palatino linotype]Okay guys, thanks again for your entries. I've gone through all of the entries and chosen a winner - [b]Elle Jay[/b]! She sent us her entry as a recording, which we will play during the next episode of the OB Podcast.

Well done, Elle Jay. And thank you to everybody for entering. [/font]
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[color="#008080"][size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]Thank you very much for choosing me! ^ ^ I appreciate it lots! =D My brother will be glad to hear this since I mostly entered the competition for him. :3 (since he wants the game [i]really[/i] badly, lawl)[/font][/size][/color]
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