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The Atlantis Series Book 1: Stars Reborn


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Warning: Mature



The Atlantis Series

Book 1

Stars Reborn



Lights turned the dark sky into day as the city celebrated the beginning of 3996. Music filtered into every crevice, even softly up the 1340 story tall white skyscraper though it was coming from the massive screen on the wall of the top floor penthouse, that went from floor to the ceiling and took almost a fourth of the wall itself in the spacious but extremely expensively furnished floor. Two men looked through the windows that had multiple small screens of enhanced views of the streets below the Pillar of Atlantis the home of the Atlantis Corporation, as they shared a glasses of whiskey and talked about past events in the light of the screens. On the massive screen behind them a beautiful brunette reporter was covering the event.




"People celebrate the beginning of 3996 in the city of Atlantica, the home of the Atlantis Corporation, wondering what changes will make themselves known this year. But let's not forget the past starting with the Great Shift in 2872 when the continental plates shifted back into their original places

forming Pangaea, taking countless lives and destroyed thousands of cities. Soon
after that was war after war and the collapse of old governments but in the
ashes came the corporations, giving jobs and building cities. Of course these
too began to fight as they claimed land for their districts.


The bloodiest was between Ark, Maverick, Kiason, and
Atlantis but eventually those died down leaving only skirmishes here and there
between smaller businesses as the superpowers settled. But lets not forget the
breakthroughs Atlantis and the others have done as far as food, medicine,
improving lives. The ozone scrubbers and the weather control to keep this
planet healthy followed soon after by the colonization of Mars and the
construction of the Transpillars�� The camera panned out showing the massive
base of the distant pillar that rose up into the clouds before switching to a satellite
feed of the massive green space station it connected too with bold white letters
spelling Pacifica along its side.



The camera switched back to the reporter with the Pillar of
Atlantis gleaming in lights back dropping her. As we can see the city of
Atlantica is alive tonight though no appearance by Jason Warren, the owner of
Atlantis Corporations, as been seen or announced.� She paused for a moment to brush
a stray lock from her face. â??Rumors speculate that Mr. Warren is a clone or
android as he never has seemed to changed in appearance over the years. Other
rumors speculate that he has discovered and breakthrough that keeps him alive
but hoards it for himself. My favorite one states that he is actually a
survivor of the lost city of Atlantis putting him at almost fifteen thousand
years old��


The men broke out in laughter as the reporter continued on
before raising their glasses. â??To Atlantis. To the stars rebornâ?



2 Days prior

The young dirty blonde haired man swiped the sweat from his
forehead after throwing another shovel full of dirt out of the hole he was
working in the dig site. The dig site was owned by Atlantis and they had
recently began uncovering the buried city of Memphis, Tennessee which had been
lost during the Great Shift as the fault line it had been built on swallowed it
whole. Yelling and shouting could be heard in the background as the heads of
the dig where looking at any and everything brought to them almost as if
searching for something in particular. This Atlantis Corporation sure tends to
keep a lid on everything and stayed mysteriously in the shadows.




He tossed another shovel full before taking a drink of his
canteen. He popped his head up to make sure he was alone then hunkered down
into the hole pulling out a vial of red powder. He carefully took off the cap
and tapped a small amount into his hand before sniffing it, causing him to lean
back as his head spun and his nerves tingling. During the moments of pleasure
he thought to his girlfriend back in Atlantica in their one bedroom flat
probably working her day and night jobs constantly to pay rent as he always
spent his on booze and drugs though he told her he was investing it and he
could tell she believed him. He also remembered the pain in her eyes when he
told her he was leaving for this new job on their one year and had not even
brought her a present. Suddenly the ground below him gave way sending him
crashing below.



By the time he had blinked the stars away he could hear
voices above shouting to get a ladder. He looked around noticing the old decay
of the room he had landed in that may have belonged to a school with all the
desks. He coughed as dust filtered his lungs then immediately winced grabbing
his foot, which was obviously broken and turned sideways. Next to his foot
though was something unusual that glinted in the light filtered through the
dust from the hole he had fallen through. His jaw dropped as he examined the
glasses made from solid crystal with plain lens that was surprisingly light for
what it was made of.



â??What rich bastard did you belong too?â? He groaned as he
leaned back over to grab the other item, a ring of pure ruby with no flaws
whatsoever just like the glasses. Seeing the ring he found himself wishing it
had been a naval piercing as his girlfriend loved to get new and interesting
ones. He let out a slight gasp and dropped the ring as it suddenly started
moving and changing shape. Within seconds it had become exactly what he
desired, a gorgeous naval piercing that would have taken him years of saving up
to buy. Even the tiny chain links in it were made of ruby.



He snapped back at the sounds of feet scuffling and voices
becoming clearer above him. He looked back at the ruby piercing and quickly
pocketed it before looking back up. â??Hey down here!â?


â??Michael you okay?â? A voice came over the lip of the hole.


â??Ankle is broken but you wonâ??t believe what I foundâ?



And there you have it folks. If your wondering what the plot is you will find out in due time.

I wrote this story while on a deployment and decided to turn it into an rp.

Characters are free game and i will chooses the best one out of who all fights for the spots save for the ones i have already designated to people.

I am planning for this to be a collection of short rps dividing them into chapters and books to keep this alive.



Here are the list of characters

The Bodyguard-Male-Shwa

The Secretary-Female

The Doctor-Female

The Programmer-Male

The Scientist-Male-Darth Vectis

The Owner-Male-Myself

The Teacher-Male


Now if you really want to get on my good side I suggest you pm me with the one your interested in so i can give you a little details on that person. and small spoiler alert. (Their jobs are just their covers in the story)



Here is the signup




Appearance: I prefer a picture.

Personality: This i am a big stickler on as in alot of rps people tend to not play theirs or others peoples right. This will also determine your chances of getting in. Again I wrote this so I already know and have the answers you seek

Snippet: what your did for the new year's party of 3996. Again this will help you get in so message me.


i left out gender because I will already know by which person you chose

Bio was left out due to the chars do not know each other in the story so you will have to talk about your background in the rp itself, just like in real life.


The backstage or discuss thread will be up in a couple days with info and pictures of Pangaea, the corporations, cities and other facts. It will also be updated as the story progresses so it can be used as a quick reference if you get confused.

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Name: Ashlee Fomas

Character: The Secretary

Age: 25

Appearance: http://images.search.yahoo.com/images/view;_ylt=A0PDoKhjQiRR0lYAN6SJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?back=http%3A%2F%2Fimages.search.yahoo.com%2Fsearch%2Fimages%3Fp%3Danime%2Bgirl%26fr2%3Dpiv-web%26tab%3Dorganic%26ri%3D644&w=960&h=854&imgurl=flikie.s3.amazonaws.com%2FImageStorage%2Faf%2Faffd59215fc011dfb51b000b2f3ed30f.jpg&rurl=http%3A%2F%2Fservices.flikie.com%2Fview%2Fv3%2Fandroid%2Fwallpapers%2F33559519&size=108.3+KB&name=affd59215fc011dfb51b000b2f3ed30f.jpg&p=anime+girl&oid=81a477e810dc1e5ece2bc44591d894f7&fr2=piv-web&fr=&tt=affd59215fc011dfb51b000b2f3ed30f.jpg&b=631&ni=88&no=644&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=11ukqqbju&sigb=12o7t5369&sigi=12c8dntk7&.crumb=mb7oOC2lYkQ

Personality: Clumsy and a little childish at times, she tries to see the good in everyone and everything though she does have a temper she is usually gentle and patient with a long fuse. A woman with many sides, she's somewhat of an enigma. Just her self, no matter what side she's deciding to show at the moment.  

Snippet: Ashlee looked around as the other men and women filed out of the office with smiles; most of them talking about their plans for the night. One young man stopped by her desk and leaned on it shifting it slightly.

"You doin' anything tonight Lee?"
"As a matter of fact I am Leon."
"Really? Does it have to do with that druggie boyfriend of yours?"
Ashlee ignored him, even though she felt her cheeks heat with anger. 

"Actually, I'm doing it right now. I have to cover for every one else like you that are leaving early. Boss wants these papers done and on his desk by morning."

Leon shook his head and walked away, another girl sat down next to her.

"Did you and Michael get into a fight?"
"No. He left."

Her answer was tense and she shook her head as she sighed and rubbed her forehead with the tips of her fingers.

"Leena, I don't know what to do with him...I have so many jobs just to pull rent and he blows all the money he makes on his drugs. He says he's investing it, and I've done  good job of acting like the clueless girlfriend...but I can't keep living paycheck to paycheck."

"So leave him."

With that the woman left, Ashlee shook her head, Leena was always blunt and to the point but it was part of her charm. 

Ashlee wasn't sure how long it had been since everyone had left her alone, but she sighed as she finished the paperwork and piled it on her desk for pick up. Going to her office locker she pulled out her bag, her keys and her combat boots. Digging through her bag she pulled out a pair of jeans and slipped them on under her work skirt, once they were on she pulled her skirt off and then slipped out of her work jacket showing a white button down underneath. Unbuttoning the first button she put her work clothes in her bag and then slipped out of her heels and into her boots. Reaching back into her locker she pulled out her leather jacket, it was lined with a sweater material and a hood. Zipping it up she grabbed her back and walked out of the office, closing and locking the door she made her way to the parking garage where she found her bike. The metallic blue glinted in the dim light, she dare not tell Michael about this unless he try to sell it, or worse scold her for driving it. She secured her bag onto the back and then slid on and revved the bike to life. Sighing she looked at her watch. She had gotten out sooner then she expected, and decided that it was a good chance to make some extra money. Heading down town she turned into another parking garage that inclined down into the underground. As she slowed down she noticed that it was busy, the noise could be heard over the rev of the engine. Parking she pulled her shades off and looked around before she was almost knocked off her bike.

"ASH! Where have you been woman?!"
She grabbed onto the body that had collided with her's and chuckled.

"I've been working Alex. I'm here now. How's the line up?"
"Decent enough I suppose. No one near your level though."
"Anyone good in tonight? I need to make some extra money."

"No one that I've seen but your so popular there's no doubt you'll make what you need with just one go."

She nodded and pulled her self away from Alex and off the bike, making her way trough the crowd she followed Alex til she looked down over a set of railing into an old in ground pool. It was empty of water, and people were crowded around the edges as they looked into the middle. Stains showed on the old concrete flood and walls of the pool, dark and black with age, and seasoned person could tell that it was blood. She narrowed her eyes as two people in the pool clashed. It was one of her least savory pass times; but it put food on the table. 

"Whose the beefy one?"
"Margo. He's supposedly a champion boxer or something."
"Got it, flag me in."
"But Ash...you just got back, don't you need to warm up or something?"
She wasn't listening as she began to unbutton her shirt, a white tank top showing under it, walking around the pool she raised her hand to the ref whose eyes widened.

"We have a flag in! The Wolf has returned!"

Ashlee slid down the ladder and walked into the middle of the pool, tapping the toes of her boots on the concrete she took a deep breath as Margo charged at her. Lifting her left leg she kicked out, the heel of her boot connected with his nose. The crack assured her it was broken. As he crumpled to the ground she turned and walked away, collecting her money she slipped her shirt back on and walked out. Nodding to Alex as she left. It was a short ride back to the flat her and Michael were supposed to share and as she neared it, she let out a long string of curses. The door was ajar and she could tell it was forced.

"They won't have gotten much. Not like we have a whole hell of a lot thanks to him anyway."

Walking in she saw she was right, nothing was missing. Closing the door as best she could she dead bolted it and flopped down on the lumpy couch. Not bothering to take her boots or jacket, or anything off for that matter she took the fresh pack of cigarettes out of her pocket, packed it a few times before opening it. The smell of nicotine making her mouth water slightly as she stuck one between her lips and lite it before taking a long drag off of it. She jumped slightly as her phone vibrated in her pocket. Looking at the time she sighed.

"Happy New Years..."

Tilting her head back she felt her eyes sting with unshed tears as she thought of Michael.



Sorry for the length. Hope it counts.

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Name: Julian Maverick


Character: The Programmer


Age: 18


in at 130 lbs soaking wet, he stands in at 5'5" and is of slight frame with a lithe and chiseled muscle structure. His eye color is a bright teal. His face is angular, and his eyebrows are brownish red, while his hair is shoulder length and dyed a poignant dark pink, usually kept slicked back. Usually, he's seen wearing a stylish black suit, but in his off time he can be seen in a pair of baggy work-out pants and a tank top, sometimes covered in grease and grime and other times not.


Personality: Bright, pragmatic, friendly, and always smiling, he's the very image of the polite decorum he is expected to be. He knows he's brilliantly inclined with cars, computers, robotics, and electronics, but he is torn between his desires for what makes himself happy and the desire to please his overly domineering father.




Julian sat down at his work chair, eyeballing the computer screens at his terminal. He looked over the data flashing across the screen, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Nothing. He sat back, and sighed. His encryption software was working at partial capacity, this particular mainframe was child's play to get into, at least for him and the equipment he was working with. He smiled, knowing it was his Father's company. He could see into any number of files, but he wasn't really interested in prying at the moment. And no one else had succeeded in getting into the mainframe, so he was even more disinterested. He reached out and typed a command on the keyboard, and the screen shut down and another turned on, this one showing vehicle data for the several registered in his name. He reached out and touched on a picture of a bright red convertible, enlarging the photo and looking at his work. He personally had restored the old girl to her former glory and installed several custom parts. Not that it mattered, it seemed Julian always came second to his brother and the company. A door leading into the garage opened, and Julian sighed. He knew who it had to be, even though he couldn't see over to the other side of the garage thanks to the various vehicles and electronics blocking line of sight.


"Boy, you better get your behind in gear and get dressed." Julian's father boomed through the massive three story garage at their overly large and opulent home. Julian had partially taken the garage over, what with the many computers, robotics, and partially disassembled vehicles in the back, and the family's company cars and personal vehicles in the front, away from Julian's projects and electronics. "Your brother and I need to get to the corporate offices within an hour."


"Yes, I'm aware, Father. I need only about five more minutes with this project, and it only takes half an hour to get to the offices. So relax. I'll be ready in fifteen minutes." Julian knew very well he wasn't working on anything, he just wasn't in the mood to be rushed.


"I said move it! Don't make me come in there and drag you out! You spend more time with your gadgets and whirlygigs than you do for what matters!"


"Which is?" Julian asked, knowing what was about to come next.


"Your brother and being his assistant! That's what!" His father retorted."You'll be helping him with the important and vital corporate workings when he takes over as head of the company. You should waste less time on this crap and use your time to do more of your duties! You waste your life with these pipe dreams and tinkering!"


"And what of what I want to do? What about me, Father?" Julian called casually, and to answer him, loud, angry stomps down the stairs into the garage sounded, coming closer and closer. by the second. Julian swiveled in his chair to meet his father, resting his elbow on the arm of his work chair and his chin on his hand. His eyes narrowed, and he waited for his father to come all the way to the opposite side of the garage.


His father stopped mere feet from Julian, glaring at him. "You seem to be under the mistaken impression that what you want matters." his father answered coldly. Julian's eyebrow twitched at his father's words, they wounded him deeply. "Really." he quipped. Despite his feelings, he'd learned at an early age to never show them to his Father, it usually only made things worse, anyway.


"Really." Julian's father spoke, in a rather final tone "You will be your brother's assistant, and you'll grin and bear it. How get off your lazy behind and get dressed. You will have the car ready in ten minutes out front. Now move, before I have you moved." 


"Of course. The car will be ready in ten minutes." Julian swiveled around, picking up his tailored vest and putting it on. "Anything else, Father?"


"Get rid of some of this junk."


"Yes, Father. I'll handle it tomorrow. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must warm up the car." Julian's father walked away, seemingly pleased with the events that had transpired. Julian just sighed, putting on his overcoat, and then he walked over to the black limosine waiting to take his brother and father to work. He pressed a button on the keychain, and the car's engine started up, purring like a kitten. He sighed, and opened the driver's side door. He sat down inside, and put the car into gear. He pushed another button, and one of the many doors to the garage slid up and open, allowing him to move the car to the front of the house, as he had been instructed to do. It was going to be a long day in corporate hell.

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Name: Nathaniel Gabriel Athens

Age: Appears to be 35 years of age


Suit: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/084/3/2/chris_redfield_by_ada_hime-d4tux5q.jpg


Military Uniform: http://images.wikia.com/residentevil/images/archive/8/8a/20101213195218!Chris_Redfield_Revelations.jpg


Character: The Bodyguard


Personality:  A lot of people would describe Nathaniel as cold and tactful when they've encountered the man, and they would be correct to assume so even if they didn't know him.  Nathaniel has been a military man ever since he was of age to join, and since then he has climbed the ranks gaining trust from powerful people for his ability to get the job done, no matter what the cost.  This is a man who regards emotional attachments, or any emotional signs from others as weakness and spineless.  Nathaniel is dedicated to his work and work alone, he seems to only have one true ally, his closest friend since he could remember, who actually gets the man and his way of thinking.  All others don't rate in Nathaniel's eyes, they may get the job done, but they are still weak.



Nathaniel nodded to his friend as he turned off the monitor display and went back to the desk he was once at, surprised to see Warren already holding his glass of whisky for him as he came near.  Nathaniel smirked and gave the slightest of nods before taking the glass, a kind of nod that only he would know meant, "thanks" coming from the military man.  Warren merely smiled as Nathaniel finally took his seat.


"We might have to speed some things up on our end, but it doesn't seem to be taking us off the main goal for the future"  Nathaniel raised an eyebrow as he took a long sip of his drink.


"Even so, we should be careful on how we go about it all.  It never hurts to be twelve steps ahead of the competition."  


"Agreed.  We'll keep the security detail at a safe distance for now, we have far more pressing matter than to deal with one rouge.  But, knowing the competition is only half the battle Nathaniel, we can never know what they'll plan next"  Warren looked out the window at the fireworks the lit up the night sky with their vibrant and fluent colors.  


"Warren, we've been at this for too long now to just play in the shadows"  Warren snickered at the comment, making Nathaniel grunt in annoyance.


"A equal balance old friend, you know its how we operate"


"We have more than enough resources to take out whomever we need, I don't see why you hesitate on just getting it over with"  Nathaniel poured himself another half glass before bringing the bottle back to the table where he lounged at.  Warren swirled the contents of his drink around for quite some time before answering.


"We've seen what happened in the past, and how things have aligned themselves as they are now.  It's just a matter of patients Nathaniel, something I wish you would have sometimes and learn to relax"  Warren spoke as the phone rang next to his seat.  Picking it up, the digital screen projected a window of light that hovered in the air, letters slowly showing in a message as Warren raised his eyebrow.  "Hmmm, I see."


"Something the matter?"  Nathaniel chugged his drink quickly, obviously ready for something to do than enjoy fine liquor.


"New staff members to join the Atlantis Corporation family.  I'm confident you'll give them the warm greeting you have with everyone else in the facility"  Warren snickered slightly, Nathaniel smirked after filling his glass, standing up to refill Warren's glass.


"Of course, like usual.  I just hate how we can't just employ military personnel, they know how to get the job done quickly and without complaint.  I'll never understand you sometimes, why you hire bubble heads or rookie children"


"I like variety, besides, we need personality around here to keep moral up and build a sense of trust between the employees."  Nathaniel nodded as he raised his glass, Warren doing the same towards his friend.  "To another year Nathaniel".

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Name: Cain McDougal


Character: The Teacher


Age: 32


Appearance: Cain(Minus the bow...and minus the wings...plus a red long-sleeved dress shirt)[Cain2]He also has a set of tribal tattoos on his back and down his arms. He stands at roughly 5'10" and 178 lbs.


Personality: Cain is straight forward, kind-hearted, and loves animals. While he does enjoy his study for animals, he enjoys human company just fine. He often tries to be very social, although he always has to have a handheld tablet with him and it makes him seem a little less than social. He often finds himself called a flirt even when he doesn't realize it...actually, it's especially when he doesn't realize it. He is very level-headed and has a hard time losing his temper, though he does allow himself to get frustrated once in a while. Cain often finds himself with a lost look on his face and people usually just assume he's daydreaming.




"Alright, class. If I might have your attention: I'm hoping all of you are responsible tonight, especially those who plan to go out and drink. I don't want to hear anyone coming in with news of us losing a student," Cain said with a serious tone, looking over his class.


A unified mutter of "Yeah, we know" came from his students. They took him seriously, but they still planned on giving him a hard time. A smile came from most of his students.


Cain smiled back to his class. "Alright, alright. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm really not. I don't mean to act like a father to you all, but I can't help but be concerned about the people I look forward to seeing everyday," he said, scratching the back of his head. "Well, anyway, do not forget about your assignments due for when you get back after the holiday. I'll expect a soberly completed project when you get in. You'll have all of tonight for that much," he said with a chuckle. "So get it done tonight so you can enjoy your new year activities tomorrow night, alright?"


"You have any plans for new years, Mr. McD?" one of his students asked him. "Or are you just planning on making more work for us?" he added with a chuckle and the class joined him with some thinly spread comments and chuckles.


"No, I'm not devising further torture this time. Consider yourselves lucky," Cain smiled to his class. He took a glance to his tablet. "I'll probably just be doing some studies. New year parties don't have much appeal for me any longer," he said with a shrug.


"Aw, come on, Mr. McDougal. You're not old enough to say things like that yet!" a female student said, getting a rise from her classmates.


"Yeah, teach. You should go enjoy yourself too!"


"What's wrong with enjoying my time in my studies?" the violet-eyed man said with a smile. "And I didn't know there was an age cap for having the ability to enjoy some solitude on a holiday. I guess you learn something new everyday," he shrugged, looking to the clock. "Well, I think we've had enough fun today, class. Why don't we call it a day?"


"Sounds good to me, Mr. McD. See you after the holiday!" the students filed out, saying their good byes as they passed Cain out the door.


"Remember to b-"


"Be safe, we know, Mr. McD..." they interrupted with a laugh as the last of them headed down the hallway.


Cain scratched the back of his head. "Didn't realize I was so predictable..." he said to himself, a little embarassed. "Ah well," he turned back into the classroom, picking his tablet up and looking over it. After he finished reading the screen, he locked with with a smile, stowing it in his bag. "I guess maybe I could try and find something to do this time around. Can't say I remember the last time I've gone out socially," Cain thought out loud with a shrug, sitting at his desk and going over the biology exams he needed to grade from the course of the day. Once the rest of the faculty started filing out, bidding Cain a good night, he decided to follow their lead. He'd gotten into his own studies by that time, already done grading the assessments he had from the day.

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Name: Jason Warren


Character: The Owner

Age: 32


just remove the tommy gun and rpg

Personality: Demeanor changes depending on what is called

upon for the situation. Knowing the ins and out of the business world and the
politics associated with it, he can easily put on the cold cruel corporate head
façade then switch it to the smiling waving public face. Just because his smile
is on does not mean he is happy. Always weighing the pros and cons of every
situation and hates the word no even more so when itâ??s him wanting something


A hard man to read and normally has a cold exterior and a

stare that makes people feel small and their soul is being ripped open and


Snippet: Jason swirled his glass of whiskey around several

times before taking another sip, a slight smile on his lips due to the reporterâ??s
comment. â??Four more years left my friendâ?


â??Will it work?â? Nathaniel leaned back in the chair on the

other side of obviously expensive wood desk and propped his feet up on the foot
bar of another chair as Jason stood up.


â??I would hope so. Otherwise it will be bad for business.â? He

took another drink as suddenly a message popped up on his desk screen. He sat
down as it slid up. He tapped a spot the desk and a holographic keyboard made
itself visible. His face grew tight as he read the message cause Nathaniel to lean forward.


â??What is it Warren?â? His voice was slightly more, tense then it normally was.


â??Seems one of our digs has turned up an artifact. Crystal

glasses. Unfortunately the ruby was not with it. How odd?� He leaned back
putting his right foot on top his left knee. â??Should have been togetherâ?¦â?


â??Who was the one to discover it? Was it one of the



Jason scrolled down. â??Apparently notâ?¦it was a Michael

Trevant.� As if on que Nathaniel walked over to wall console typing a few things
on its pad.


â??Interesting record this one. Several drug possession

charges of cloro, several charges of thievery, multiple debts including
gambling�an two accounts of public intoxication�


Jason leaned back again taking a drink as he did and using

the ball of his left foot to spin the chair towards the window. â??Thievery and


â??Shall I take care of it?â?


Jason smirked at the cold get the job done tone in

Nathanielâ??s voice. The one he always got before a job. â??Noâ?¦ place a detail on
him. Four hour shifts in plain clothes. Donâ??t want him to think he is being


â??Says here he lives with his girl friend aâ?¦â?


Jason cut him off. â??Place a watch on her too. Sorry

for cutting you off my friend but as of now we are going to enjoy our drinks
cause after today we are going to be busy.�


Alright guys once Shwa gets his snippet done when can get the ball rolling. Darth is still getting his together and I don't know about K.G. 

Inu and Kayin you both are good. Let's see how you like the mysteries of Atlantis. 

This will stay open indefiantly as I can add more characters if more people join and those are filled up but the ones up top must be filled before we can bring in secondaries.

The backstage will be coming shortly, hopefully tonight.

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Name: Dr. Croix Magnus

Character: Scientist

Age: 32

Appearance: Croix

Personality: Croix is an odd human being, his entire life has been dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding the world and all the thing that make it tick. But, he is a very poorly developed individual as his mind is locked in a constant state of experimentation. He interacts with other humans on a bases of understanding why they do what they do or what the contribute to his current experiment. Beyond that, people are an utter mystery to him and he doesn't care to understand them any better.

As a way for his mind to cope with his complete disconnection with the rest of the world, he regularly speaks with himself as if he were multiple people. He has been checked out more than once for split personality disorder, but has just been found to be profoundly sane but completely disinterested in the rest of humanity. This as also lead others to believe that he is also amoral and completely without emotional attachment, whether it is true or not Croix has no time for such matters as the science is always more important.

Snippet: â??No, no, no, no, no, no, no! This is all wrong, how many times did I tell you to check your calculations?â? The rather powerful voice spoke in a stern tone, pushing the young woman out of the way by means of her office chair and instantly clicking away on the computer. Making adjustments as his eyes focused in on the screen, his glasses starting to fall ever so much as he pushed the frames up to the bridge of his nose. The girl became meek then, slightly turning her face away from the man as he wrung her fingers together. He was one of the few people in the world that made her feel this way, but he was a genius in this field and so dedicated to his work. Her mind was wandering to the party she, the night she was going to have and the man she was going to be with that night.

â??Dr. Magnus, I assure you it is done correctly and my work has never been wrong before. I would prefer if you didnâ??t speak to me like a child.â? Croix was ignoring her now, as he always did, and as she always thought. He was actually simply failing to acknowledge her as he let his hands work, his mind let the numbers stream through with perfect clarity.

â??I know the numbers were wrong, iâ??m trying to fix it right now.â? Croix still staring at the screen as he was talking, seeming to no one around him now.

â??You bloody well better believe iâ??m doing it right, none of these other â??scientistsâ?? can ever get it done when I need it too. Fools, all of them.â? Kelly stood up then, her meekness vanishing with a sudden rush of indignation. This was normal for Dr. Magnus, speaking to himself as if another person was there responding to his every question or him responding to an unasked one. It was the way he worked, a way his brain dealt with his loneliness, if you could even called it that.

â??I will tell you again Dr. Magnus, everything was just fine until you decided to butt in and try to fix something that didnâ??t need it to begin with. We are very competent and capable of doing the job just as well you-â?

â??Iâ??m sorry, what were you saying? I just finished adjusting your equations, now the formula will be 34.6% more efficient. Get your head out of your arse and get back to work, this bloody party is ruining my lab.â? Croix rose from the desk as the girl named kelly faded from his vision once more, losing sight of her enraged and embarrassed face and going back to his own work almost instantly. His work was always more important, these people were hardly worth the time he had to spend fixing their work. They got it right enough times that he didnâ??t have to constantly hover over their shoulders, but right now he needed to keep an eye on them.

â??Iâ??ll never get anything done if I have to keep looking at all of these idiots and itâ??s driving me-â? He spun around at the sound of someone clicking on their computer and instantly turned on them.

â??I bloody told you to stop fooling around over there! Your damn party can wait, we have more important things to do!â? He rubbed his eyes under his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried to relieve the madness around him. He let out a sigh once more before going back to his desk, his fingers dancing on the keyboard once again as he looked across the three monitors on his desk. Formulas sitting on his screens, filling in each gap and sending the equations off to be completed and put into production. In Coixâ??s mind, it was going to be a long night of work, one he didnâ??t mind but one he was less thrilled about with the others, things missing from the lab. He suddenly became aware of a person standing at his side, his eyes coming away from his monitors to see a young man holding a box. He let out a aggravated sigh as he stood up and pushed his glasses back up his nose.


"What do you want, I am very busy right now." He suddenly turned his head away as if listening to someone else, holding up his hand to pause the young man.


"I bloody know alright? I'm trying to get work done but they won't leave me alone!" The young man set a box down on his desk with a clipboard in his other hand.


"Please sign here, sir." Croix snatched the clipboard from him, using the pen attached to the board to scribble on the board.


"It's Dr. Magnus, didn't get multiple doctorates and PhD's to be called sir." He tossed the clipboard back to the youth before ignoring him all at once again, the box sitting on his desk as he laid one hand on it and looked at his monitors again.

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