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RPG Dragon Riders Series 3


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PLAY!!! Happy now Warlock?


[b]The Story So Far..[/b]

[I]The world has been saved twice before by the adventures of the Dragon Riders...But their race is now exinct and the wild magic they used to control avoids all contact with other creatures. The world now resides in something far from harmony, but unlike war...things work, but it is far from perfect. Day in, day out, people get on with their normal lives, unaware of what is REALLY happening before them.

Underground is the spawn of something more terrible than anything the world has yet witnessed in it's 6 millions years of existance. Crashlanding to earth while the planet was still in its infantcey, a type of egg sack attatched to a meteor has lain dormant, but now something has changed in the universe, and it has finally become aware of its own existance. Slowly it has built up an underground kingdom, using lesser beings as its drones. Three days ago it hatched..and the first thing its cold dead eyes saw was a world rich with life and forgotten magics which it would rellish in destorying.

Several days ago, a group of teenage humanoids were tresspassing on what their ansestors called 'unholy ground'. Here nothing that grew was fresh, pleasant smelling or colourful. It was as if everything yerned to be dead..and yet kept on living. During their wanderings the kids became very hungry and thirtsy. Searching for edable plant life prooved fruitless, however they descovered a small stream which glistened strangely..and yet it was more full of life than anything thay had ever seen. Of course..they deemd it safe and drank....[/i]

[b]And Now....[/b]
[i]The stream had been full of old magics and other waste materials that the evil entity did not need in his workings. The 5 teenagers awoke with no memories of their lives...and were now no longer human, but human hybrids with the creatures of ages.[/I]


Lemme see...


Me - Dragon-Human

Velvet Paws - Dragon-Human

stormwing - Gryphin-human

SS Trunks - Dragon-human

Lady Katana - Pegasus-human

Dragon Warrior - Fox-human


Warlock - Warlock

Anti - Zack

kool_aid13 - Samantha

[B]Goblin Creatures:[/B]

Due to lack of ppl wanting to be a Goblin Commander, I'll have 2 chars.

Me - Spike


Plz ppl, we need some of these! They may be old fogeys, but they DO know magic! (It's very weak at the start, but it develops!)

[B]Ummm...Can't really be grouped into any of them:[/B]

Gold_Angewomon - Half-vampire-Half-human (Was born like that, so shes not a Hybrid)

liamc2 - High Elf

DeathKnight - Demon-Human (IS a Hybrid but wasn't turned into one with all the others)

Outlaw - Cloud (I know this is meant to be a new series, but seeing as he was dead, and lives forever as an angel now, I'm allowing it.)

Sere Tuscumbia - Katanga (I don't know WHAT a Technomage is, but what the hell!)


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh*t that's alot of ppl! :eek: Erm, at the start, I didn't want everyone putting in in-depth stats, so whoevers stats aren't here, plz PM me. (Ppl like stormwing)


[B]Dragonballzman's Chars:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name: (Unknown)
Age: 15
Race: Hybrid (Dragon-Human)
Weapon: Claws
Bio: (Unknown)

Name: Spike
Race: Goblin
Rank: Commander
Age: 400
Weapon/s: Shock Stick and Brossbow
Bio: Was one of the Evil Creatures first workers. Using his unique talents, he easily became a commander, and enjoys making people suffer.[/COLOR]

[B]Stormwings Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name: siren
Age: 15
Race: Hybrid (gryphin human)
Weapon: sword,claws, teeth
Bio: ummm...-------errr[/COLOR]

[B]Gold_Angewomon's Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name: Thorn
Age: 20
Race: half-vampire/half-human (she'd be classified under Human, not Hybrid, though... She wasn't recently turned vampire, she was born that way... Father was human, mother was a vampire.... Therefore resulting in her being half-vampire)
Description: Long light blonde hair, pale blue eyes, black tanktop, a thin, chain breastplate, short, darkblue shorts, silver cross necklace
Weapon: Long sword

[B]SS Trunk's Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red](Soon to come)[/COLOR]

[B]velvet paws' Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Hybrid : Human/Dragon
Name: Noxi
Age: 17
Power: creates fire (sterio-typically )
Description : perfect blue and white mountian dragon..but retains human logic (thinking) and human heart. Has also retained a scar along her arm which she inflicted on herself one day out of depression and heartbreak....and her 'soft' blue/gery human eyes which look somewhat mysterious compared to the strong, agressive looking body. Has no memories from past human life but can regonise people she's met before..can't put names to faces..can't put faces to names kinda thing...this does not mean she will be friendly though.
Location : Unknown (Wakes up several yards from the stream but is severly dis-orinantated and stubbles off to the west)[/COLOR]

[B]Warlocks Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name: Warlock
Age: 26
Bio: Not long after DR2, Warlock decided to explore the uncharted territory of the earth with his dragon, Predator. He gave his goodbyes to his friends, without knowing it would be the last time he saw them, or any normal human for that matter. After a few months in the uncharted territory, Warlock arrived at a large mountain range, with mysterious temples and statues. He journeyed into one of the temples with Predator, when he found a large diamond. As he reached out to touch it, he instantly felt strange, and the moment he touched the diamond, everything became a blur. His dragon watched as he was sucked into the diamond, and dissapeared. Eons later, a powerful mage travelled through the same area, and came upon the temple. He unearthed the diamond from under some rubble, and felt the dark magic eminating from it. Realising the diamond was dangerous, he instantly used some of his own magic to destroy it. Warlock was somehow thrown from the diamond mili-seconds before it exploded, and then again saw black. When he woke up, and the temple around him was almost in complete ruins. The mage was gone, and so was the diamond. Warlock then set out to look for civalization, and to figure out what had happened...
Description: Black hair, 5'11", black leather trousers, black leather boots, a shirt under black armour. Also has a scar across left eye, the only thing he has left of the fight with (Insert-the-name of the evil guy in DR1. I completely forgot his name).
Weapon: Two large silver swords.
Location: Below the ancient mountains, heading in direction of the 'unholy ground'.[/COLOR]

[B]liamc2's Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name: Arathon
Age: 20
Race: High elf
Weapon: White Sword+ Bow
Bio: Arathon is relatively young compared to his thousand year old relatives, but many have long since died out or have been converted to the dark cause.
Description: deep blue eyes, light brown hair. Wears green travelling clothes and bronze plate armour underneath[/COLOR]

[B]Anti's Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name:Zack Mansfield
Weapon:long sword
Bio:is a young traveling swordsman, preferes the wildneress to the citys and villages.
Description: Dark brown hair in a ponytail, grey-blue eyes. Scar on his left cheek from a battle, wears traveling clothes, green that are reinforced with leather.[/COLOR]

[B]Lady Katana's Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name: Antonia
Age: 17
Race: Human/Pegasus
Weapons: Long Bow, sword
Bio: A nice girl who likes to help those in need. (I can't hink of anything else. I'll build as I go along)
Description: long white hair, silver eyes, always wears all white jacket, shirt and pants, has big white wings on her back.[/COLOR]

[B]DeathKnight's Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name: Ken Oriono
Age: 25
Race: [hybrid] Demon-Human
Weapon: Appocalypse Darkness- Sword is 6 feet in length, double bladed, and is blood red. It is half a foot in length and resembles a Ninja's sword.
Bio: Is an outcast for being partially demon. Found out he was a demon 5 years ago, when he hit the age of 20 the demon inside him came forth and transformed him into a Demon-Human. The demon erased all memory of who he was except for his Name. He now travels wearing a black robe with a hood. He traveled many days and nights trying to find out his past.... He heard of a place called 'The Unholy Lands' and decided his past might be found there in the midst of the wastelands.
Appearance: Has a large black holdster on his back for his sword. He extremely tall, 7 feet or so. His hair is silver, and long. He has many tatoos along his red skin, and has blood red eyes. His muscles are extremely big, and he has wings that he can hide beneath the skin. [/COLOR]
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Thanx Siren!


[B]Dragon Warriors' Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name: Daskar Fathring
Age: 20
Race: Fox/human
Description: A coat as if it was gold. A fierce warrior, but as gentle as a lamb if he needs to be.
Weapon: Ragnarok
Bio: Human most of the time, but if he needs to, he has the ability to become a fox creature. No one has seen him or known that he can do this and he'd like to keep it that way. This ability changes his strengths and weaknesses greatly so if it was misused, it could be fatal.
He is liked where he is from, the world he is in is timersome, so, to gather some adventures, he sets off not knowing what he may find. What he will is an adventure of a lifetime...[/COLOR]

[B]kool_aid13's Char:[/B]
Description-long blue hair in a braid, knows some martial arts and is great with a sword.

[B]Outlaws Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name: Cloud
Bio: After the events of DR 2, Cloud, the champion warrior of heaven as been a guardian of earth. For many centurys, watching the planet grow from affar. But, with new dangers about to present themselves, he has returned inorder to protect the earth yet again. But will his angelic powers be enough to beat this new evil........?
Description: Cloud has doned a new set of armor to face his new fow. He now wears a strong white armless chest plate made of Mythral, along with matching leg armor. He still weilds the Flaming Sword 'Justice'. His long feathery white wings now have a mystical form of glowing invivsible armor surrounding them, protecting them from milder attacks.[/COLOR]

[B]Sere Tuscumbia's Char:[/B]
[COLOR=red]Name: Katanga Selwyn
Age: 18 ish
Race: Technomage
Weapon: A long staff, and a gauntlet(witchblade)
Bio: Although Kata looks young, she is actually several thousand years old.
Appearance: She has light brown hair, pulled up into a ponytail, and normally wears a headset. She wears a black trenchcoat(it changes colors constantly) and a white baby tee with blue jeans. It's been said that she's a hybrid, but no one believes the rumor, not even Kata.[/COLOR]


Anyone else wants to join, just post here! :)
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Oh. Then I guess I'll post. :D hehe
The bright sun was shining down upon the town of Sunflash. The town was named this for if it rained, strangely it still had sunlight and no clouds. It was a perect town for crop and supplied much food for many towns across the nation.

Daskar walked around the markets of Sunflash, looking for a good food mart. At the moment, most of the merchants were helping the farmers pick fresh crops so there were only petty, poor merchants to buy from. [I]Hm... the good merchandise will be around by noon,[/I] thought Daskar. [I]I'll just have to wait around a few hours. I am leving this village for a very long time so why not say goodbye to a few people.[/I]

He then set off towards his grandma's home only to find her gone. "Darn. She's probably helping the farmers. Well dang. What now." He looked around the town as he walked off his grandma's doorstep and stumbled into a villager. "Oh. I'm sorry. I must watch myself." He helped the girl with her stuff and walked off.

[I]Clumsy me,[/I] Daskar thought, placing his hands in his pockets.

[I]Wonder who that was,[/I] the girl asked herself.

Soon, it was noon. Daskar made it to a good merchant and purchased some fine food and items for his journey. He then set off to leave Sunflash.
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*Deep inside a carvernous city, Cloud hovers above tall sky scrapers of dark origon, watching as mindless drones prepare for battle.*

Cloud - *sigh* I can't beleve this is happeneing. This is truely earth's darkest hour. Though the humans outnumber these drones 2-1, I don't think that the peaceful people of the earth will be able to hold them off.

*Suddenly, a call came out from below as a guard spotted Cloud high above. Arrows where sent screaming into the air towards Cloud.*

Cloud - Fools.

*Cloud soured higher into the air, reaching the roof of the cavern. The arrows of the guards couldn't even reach him.*

Cloud - I had better go get help. Hopefully, there are still a few warriors left.

*With that, Cloud disappeared in a flash of white light.*
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[B]Whats going on for the Hybrid:[/B]

[I]Out in the Unholy Place, a figure stumbles through the desert...He is of avarage hight for a 15 year old, but has scales and large wings...Also, even though he doesn't know it, he can breath fire...[/I]

???: Who...Or WHAT...Am I? And WHY...Does my throat burn so...


[B]Whats happening for Spike:[/B]


[I]As Spike screamed orders at the goblins, one of them fell down while holding a large rock...But instead of Spike helping him up, he took out his Shock Stick and started to zap the small creature repeatedly! (sp?)[/I]


Goblin: I-I'm sorry sir! I can't...Move t-t-this rock! :bawl:


[I]With ease, Spike picked up the rock, and threw it into the wall![/I]

Spike: That was easy! I suspect you were just trying to get some attention!

Goblin: N-No! Please sir not the pit!

Spike: :devil:

Goblin: NoOoOoOoOoOo!!! :bawl:

[I]Spike grabbed the Goblin by the neck, and walked off...[/I]

Worker Goblin: Whoa...He's *Crack! A guard whips it!* S-S-Sorry sir!


Spike: Now little one, it is time for you to learn what happens to little attention seekers! :devil:

Goblin: *Gasp* *Choke* P-P-P-Please...S-Sir...! S-S-S-S-Spare me!

[I]Spike tightened his grip on the Goblins neck, and then thrust him into a VERY deep hole![/I]

Spike: Let's see...The Xplactzors teeth should rip him up in 3...2...1...NOW!

[I]As he said the word: "NOW", a loud squelching sound could be heard, followed by ripping sounds and millions of screams![/I]



Spike: Whoops...Looks like he'll still attract attention! Having no head gets alot of crowds! :D

[I]Spike started to roll around on the floor laughing as he heard many ripping sounds coming from the pit...[/I]


Has anyone seen Star Wars Return Of The Jedi? Just think of that pit with all the teeth and stuff! :D
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YAY!!! *Dances around*

[I]Warlock continued the tough track down the low mountain side, sweat pouring off his face and hands. One of his swords was on his belt, while he held the other sword in his right hand, incase of any attackers.[/I]

Warlock: I really wish I could have Predator here...And I wonder where he is...

[I]Warlock tripped on a rock, and was sent tumbling down a rocky track. He slowly stopped as he finally got to the bottom of the mountain, now rolling along a grassy plain. He got up, and got a small bottle with a tiny bit of blue liquid in it a sack attached to his waist.[/I]

Warlock: Hope this stuff still works.

[I]He twisted off the lid, and gulped down the last bit of liquid in it. Slowly, the wounds he had gained began to heal over, and soon he was back in top shape. He looked up at the blistering hot sky, and brushed his hand across his forehead. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of light zooming across the sky. But it was gone as soon as it had come.[/I]

Warlock: ...that was awfully familiar...

[I]Warlock began to trek in the direction the bright light had zoomed past to...[/I]
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OOC: alright :toothy:

*Arathon wanders around the forest, his bow steady*

Arathon: blasted dragonflies. . .too big for their own good. . .

*A loud buzzing noise is heard, a gigantic, purple dragonfly screams into view, it sees Arathon and charges him, its maw opening wide*

Arathon: accursed creature! *aims his bow and hits it in the eye*

Dragonfly: SCREEEE!

*The dragonfly loses orientation and crashes into Arathon, its claws ripping his tunic and clashing over his bronze armour* *The creature suffers another arrow as it reels around for another attack, this time the aim was true, the creature dies*

Liam: that better be the last of them. .*he nurses a large slash up his arm and places the bow over his shoulder* where is the nearest town. .? *pulls out map* Sunflash. .an hours travel, if I run:smirk: *he puts the map back and starts to sprint to the town*
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[color=crimson]A cloaked figure walked through the dirt wastelands of the outskirts of the Unholy Land. The dirt kicked up every so often, and it was hot as hell. The sun hung high in the sky, and not a cloud was in the sky.

Ken was robbed in black, a hood over his red demon face. His large red hands stuck out, and his claws were retracted for now. He kept an eye out, but he was skeptical that anything would be out in this heat.

Several drops of sweat fell from his forehead, landing on the parched ground. They evaporated in a matter of seconds, and Ken continues on the rocky path deeper into the 'Unholy' Lands.

Since he was part demon, maybe... Just maybe... he belonged in these... 'Unholy Lands'.

He shook his head at the thought.

[b]You are not unholy! Just part demon! That doesnt make you evil!...[/b]

He remembered to the last time he had shown his face in public, around 4 years ago. His hood had been blown back accidentally, and the people around him stood in horror and screamed and ran at the sight of the demon.

Ken sighed, and shook his head.

[b]I'm not... evil... I havent killed anyone... I've been alone for so long... I wish someone... would accept me... for... me.[/b]

He tripped over a rock and fell, a stone entering his hand. He yelled slightly in pain, and looked at the palm of his hand. He ripped the stone out, and tossed it aside. He reached under his robe and pulled out a cloth. He wrapped up his hand, extended his claws and ripped the uneeded cloth off and tied it. He continued on, searching for some sign of something...

Something... that could tell him about his past...[/color]
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The dragon came to as the sun's unrelenting rays scortched the scales on her back. Severly disoriantated she stumbled to her feet and swayed dangerously. Sudden head-rush brought her back down on her side, where she stayed, trying to stop her mind from spinning.

???? : Where am I..... urgh.... head kills..... too weak to stand....

A shadow past over her but she hardly noticed it. Her vision was blurred, her throat partched and her head pounding.

???? : Come to think of it.... who am I..... and what the hell am I doing here..?.....

Several long minutes passed as she tried to recall anything from her memory, from the past.

???? : urgh.... dammit.... must've hit my head or something..... and this heat doesn't help......

Somewhere in that mess of a brain she realised that if she didn't risk the last of her strength on movement, preferably to somewhere with sade and moisture, then it was likely there wouldn't be a 'she' to worry about by tomorrow.

Slowly...heavily...she dragged her huge feet under her and with the last of her failing strength and alot of grunting, she manged to stand...relatively steady. Screwing her eyes up she could just about make out what was infront of her.

[i]This is it.... can't lose anything by trying...... got to save myself....[/i]

It was then it dawned on her that it's all very well saving something, but surely that something should be given an identity...especailly when it was oneself. In the haze that was her mind only one word stood out that sounded anything like a name.....Noxi.....

[i] Ahhhhh... well Noxi it is then.... for now at least.... until i find out what happened.....[/i]

Noxi : Okay then Noxi old girl...... let's get thoses legs moving.....

Slowly she made her way ahead...to the outskirts of the unholy land...to the little black twisted shape, that if her heart could have it's wish, would be a tree in the distance....
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[color=crimson][i]Ken heard something like a dragon grunting, but it was different in some weird way. Like... human and dragon. He stopped, and drew his sword, Appocalypse Darkness.

The large sword let off a glare in the bright Sun, and Ken looked around. It was quiet again, but he knew something was around him.

In a yell, his wings grew out of his back, blood pouring from them since they had been inside his body. He ascended, and looked around. He continued scanning till he sighted some sort of Dragon. [/i]

Ken: Dragon. hm. Very Good. I wonder if that Dragon knows his... or her... I cant tell at this distance. Oh well... I wonder if that Dragon knows some sort of Landmark around here or something.

[i]Ken watched, and the Dragon stumbled for a second and stopped and held it's head[/i]

Ken: ... That Dragon is either hurt or drunk...

[i]Ken flew twards the Dragon, and could tell it was a she. Ken descended and in another bit of pain, his wings sank back into his flesh. He walked foreward with his sword drawn and looked at the female dragon. It was a mountain Dragon it seemed... Ken wasnt the best in telling type of Dragon's...[/i]

Ken: Excuse me, Are you alright?[/color]
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siren stood in a tree on a mountian and looked out at the land

siren: [i] looks like it's time to move again... farewell mountian i feel the tug of fate[/I]

siren leaped out of the trees and soared farther awar catching a thremal the gryphin/human hybrid went with the wind
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After decending away from Sunflash and traveled through the forest for a few hours, Daskar finally sat down to eat. "Man. It's too peaceful out here. I need others to speak with." He looked around, but nothing but forest for miles. "Hm." He munched some bread and drank cordial before standing and packing up with items again.

After taking the last sips out cordial he had, he walked along the river side and watched the fishes. "They must be riding up river for spawning. It seems to be that." He suddenly, was sent into the water himself, but he didn't trip or slip. Something attacked him.
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[I]Zack walked along in the woods[/I]

Zack:nothing like a nice walk in the woods...heh that last city was really bad...wonder where I will end up next..oh well dosn't matter...

[I]Zack munched on an apple as he walked along...admiring the tall trees and keeping an eye out for anything that might be dangerous[/I]
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suddenly a sharp pain tore through her wing... it cramped and siren cussing like a merc. fell into the trees


siren: FUC.K!!


siren: DAM.N!!




???: oof!!

siren: oh that hurts!!
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*Cloud came out of his teleportation flying like a bat out of hell. Trying to sence some strong life forces which could aid him, he picked up a very strong, yet vagely familiar one near by.*

Cloud - [I]........no, it can't be........[/I] [SIZE=3][B]WARLOCK![/B][/SIZE] :haha:

*Cloud quickly turned around and flew staight towards a small figure standin amoungst a large feild of ruins.*

Cloud - Warlock! Warlock is that you!?

*But as he reached nearer to the figure, he found it was lieing on the ground, unmoving. As he got even closer, he saw burnt rages covering the body, ones that looked as if they where once of grand design. Cloud finally landed beside the figure. Turning it over, he found it was an old man. His eyes where roled back into his head, his face disfigured from burn marks, and his lifeforce gone.*

Cloud - But, if he is dead, where do I sence Warlock's life force. It seems so strong here.

*Out of the corver of his eye, Cloud spotted a gem by the wizards side, with a long crack running down the middle.*

Cloud - [I]His lifeforce seems to be coming from that rock. But.......now I sence others in it too. Evil forces. What could they be.......[/I]
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[I]Warlock kept looking up at the sky, when he saw the bright light again, this time heading for the mountains he had come from days before, which was now in the distance.[/I]

Warlock: There it goes again...but what could it be?

[I]Warlock sat down on the grassy ground, and sighed as he glanced up at the clouds.[/I]

Warlock: Well, the cloud's defiantly look alot darker than they used to...but then again, cloud's are always like that...

[I]And that's when one part of Warlock's brain snapped, information spreading through it.[/I]

Warlock: Oh my god...that was Cloud...

[I]Warlock began sprinting towards the mountain, hoping Cloud would come his way when he left...[/I]
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???: Where...Am...I...?

[COLOR=red]Notices some water in the distance...[/COLOR]

???: Yes...Water...

[COLOR=red]The figure goes upto the stream, but sees that theres nothing there...[/COLOR]

???: A...Mirage? :(



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Oddly, the washed up figure appeared next to Siren. Siren then noticed she was sitting on him. She leaped away finally seeing what she was looking at. Daskar.

Daskar slowly rose to meet Siren's eyes, still a bit dizzy from his adventures down the river. "Wha.. popcicle stick.. toes..."

Siren gazed at him admiringly, "what? Toes?"


"Roses? What the hell are you talking ab-AH! My wing! It hurts!"


"Huh?" Siren slowly looked at her wing for some kind of thorn was lodged into the end of the cut which was torn on her wing. She carefully, but quickly pulled it out, wincing as she did. She then inspected it.

"Roses." Daskar repeated, still dizzy and not knowing what he was saying really.

"Did you shoot this at me?" Siren asked Daskar, grabbing him by the ruff of his black shirt. She began to shake him which brought him into consciousness.

"Wha? No. It wasn't me. And who are you?" He said.

"I'll ask the questions around here. Who are [I]YOU?[/I] "

Daskar stood up properly like he was doing a salute. "I am Daskar Fathring of Su-" He was intrrupted by Siren holding her hand over his mouth. She looked around to what seemed just trees.

"There's something here. I sense it."

"What is it?" Daskar said over Siren's hand.

"Can't tell."

As Siren turned away from Daskar, he quickly changed to his fox form and perked his ears, then back to human right before she nodded away at the trees. "Hm. I don't hear anything anym-" She was then silenced by Daskar's swiping hand which he placed on her lips and he carried her as fast as he could away from the area. "Put me down!" She managed to say over Daskar's hand.

"Shush! This creature has good ears! He'll hear you!" Daskar scolded as he ran with Siren in his arms.

"I can walk!"


But it was too late. The creature heard and was on their trail.
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Noxi shyed away as soon the blurred vision of a stranger registered in her brain. At the moment she felt very vunerable and doubted that she could cope with any hostile confrontation she might come up against.

??? : Please, I'm not here to attack you....

Slowly Noxi brought her head back round to face him and screwed her eyes up more to try and get rid of the blurred edges. Her vision had gotten worse, and so had her headache from having to consentrate so hard.
She remained silent, not wanting to be the first...well technically the 2nd...to say anything.

??? : I'm a travler...

There was another pause.

Noxi : ...well I guess that means you get around alot then.... ....something I seem to be failing doing... *looks down at her blistered fore-feet*

Even through the haze that was her vision Noxi could tell the stranger was only mildy taken aback at the idea of a dragon talking.

??? : What happened to you?

Noxi : ...No idea....must've hit my head or gotten too much sun...... ...either way my entire body aches and I'm not looking forward to any trouble.....

She eyed him suspiciously.

??? : No idea at all? Well could you tell me anything about this land or the surrounding area?

Noxi : ha...I don't even know where I am right now, never mind giving directions.... .... to me this whole place is just one coloured blur, as are you... ...not that I wont stand my own ground...

She made this last comment abit gruffer than the rest. She was un-nerved about this stranger, even though he posed no obvious threat.

Noxi : ...maybe you would be good enough to direct me to shelter and possibly a drinking pool? ...Once my head stops pounding and my legs stop trembling I might be able to help you in some way....

The stranger seemed to think about this for a moment.

??? : You seem a good enough creature... ...I can trust you not to attack me?

Noxi : ...you have my word if I yours...

??? : Well that's that then, and we shall see what happens once you feel a little better.

Noxi stretched, making her aching limbs crack, and then looked upon her new allie for instructions on what to do next.
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*Cloud stould up, holding the cracked gem in his hand. He consintrated deeply, trying to feel the souls inside the gem. For hours, he just stould still, focussing (sp) on the gem. Then, with a flash of power, a dark glow began to emit from the gem. He could feel the awsome force of the gem.*

Cloud - :therock:.................$HIT!

*Throwing the gem into the air, he held his hand out to his side. "Justice", his flaming sword, materialized in his hand, and with a mighty swing, he swong out at the gem. He hit the gem with enough force to split a mountain wide open, but instead, the gem mearly cracked again.*

Cloud - :eek: Holy Cow!? How is this possible. There is something truely evil and powerful about this gem. I must find some place to dispose of it.

*Bu as he thought of a suitable place to rid the world of the gem, a familiar voice came from a cliff to his side.*

Voice - [SIZE=4]CLOUD![/SIZE]

*Cloud swung around sharply, holding his sword tight in his left hand.*

Cloud - ...........:eek: [SIZE=4]WARLOCK![/SIZE]
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[I]Warlock practically leapt forward to Cloud, giving him a very quick friending hug.[/I]

Cloud: But...how...

Warlock: Where is everyone Cloud? How long have I been away?

Cloud: ...W-w-Warlock...All your friends died eons ago...

Warlock: ...:eek:...

[I]And with that, Warlock fell over backwards, fainted...[/I]
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