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A little help for the plot-impaired?


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[color=deeppink]I've started a story that leaves a LOT open for plot development. As previously stated, I'm horrible with developing a plot :whoops: I thought maybe someone (or several someones) would like to develop a story [i]with[/i] me? I would greaty appreciate it! After I post this beginning part, feel free to write anything you want...continue the story at will ;) Thanks!


[i]Things just aren?t the same anymore.[/i]

She crushed the remains of a worn cigarette into an ashtray and regret made her head feel heavy. The guitar played a low, mournful tune as glasses filled with liquor clinked against wood and metal.

She glanced at her own glass, which was filled with a frothy brew?she had yet to take a drink. With a sigh she leaned back and let her fingers casually caress the hip where her gun was concealed. Its familiar contour brought sardonic comfort.

[i]If only I hadn?t been so foolish.[/i]

Immediately frustrated that she had let herself slip into the past, she dragged slender hands through her raven hair.


She glanced up at the sound of her name to find the bartender curiously staring at her.

?What?? His grey-eyed gaze suddenly made her irritated. [i]Those eyes?[/i]

?Are you going to drink that or not?? He nodded at her Mundian Ale, looking irritated himself.

?Oh,? she sighed, ?no. I?m taking off for the night.?

?Not before you pay.?

Blankly, she met his eyes, ?No, not before I pay.? She dug out a coin that had long ago lost its luster. It sickened her the way his fat, greasy fingers snatched it up as if it was his life.

[i]Damn money hunters.[/i]

She shoved her hands in her pockets and ignored the sidelong glances that men carefully threw her way as she made her way to the door. One that had been watching her all night reached out, snickered, and tried to grab her rear.

Instinctively her hand dropped to her hip, pulled out the .35, and nonchalantly shot the man in between the eyes.

The bar quieted for a minute as all eyes were drawn to the fresh blood that spread across the stone floor. She shrugged and re-holstered the .35, once again hiding it from sight.

She raised her voice in the thinning silence, ?Life?s a *****,? and strode out of the bar.[/color]
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[color=blue]The musician strummed a slow blues riff on is guitar. The smoke streamed out of his half smoked cigarette as oddly melodic chords flowed form the strings. He bent his head quickly and a long grey cylinder of ash fell from his cigarette.

When hishead was bent he noticed the girl. He wondered what a girl was doing in a low class dive like this. He wasn't surprised to se her get up and leave, he also wasn't surprised when the mill workers that frequented the bar started grabbing at her. The gunshots shocked him, however, not because hewas afraid of guns or appalled by death. Instead, because it reminded him ofhis past...[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Outside the bar, another girl watched Sethi with slitted eyes, and looked down to her holstered guns...........she stepped up to her and fell into step next to her.[/i]

Sethi: What do you want?

????: You are Sethi..........I was sent here to talk to you.

Sethi: .........Who are you?

????: .....Lidan.

Sethi: Why do you want to talk to me?

Lidan: You're a wanted criminal. And so am I. The men upstairs want to see us both.[/COLOR]
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[color=purple]Sethi narrowed her eyes at the woman and hovered her hand near her hip holster.

"I think you're mistaken, Lidan." Her voice came out venomously.

"Oh?" Lidan smiled and raised an eyebrow at Sethi, "I think you've just proved yourself quite the criminal with that little showdown in there." She gestured towards the bar. Several men were exiting its doors.

Sethi spat casually on the ground, "The man was out of line."

Lidan laughed, a fluid, rich sound that had Sethi cringing, "Men will always be out of line. That's no excuse for what we've done."

"I don't need excuses for what I do."

"Maybe not, Sethi, but you'll need to explain yourself to the men upstairs."

Sethi saw Lidan's eyes flick just over her right shoulder, and she spun around a split second too late. The man behind her delivered a hard blow to the back of her neck, and the blackness sucked her in.[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]When Sethi came to, the first thing she was aware of was a wrenching pain in her back........then Lidan's face.......watching her.[/i]

Sethi: You bastard.

Lidan: You think I wanted to do this? I'm a bounty hunter.

Sethi: Like hell. :demon:

Lidan: Careful.....your ribs might not appreciate any quick movements.

Sethi: ......is that a fact?

Lidan: But if you want to know what you're doing here in Trict Five......you should come with me.

[i]In another fluid motion, Lidan stood up, thick black hair glimmering......she swung on her coat and turned to look at Sethi....[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=deeppink][b]Hehe, Raiha, you and I definitely have two totally different methods of writing...but I like it! :D Though, is it too RPG-ish? If so, perhaps it should get moved.[/b][/color]

[color=purple]Sethi attempted to move but her torso protested violently. She muttered under her breath, "Dammit," and took a deep breath to relax the pain.

Lidan stepped close to where Sethi lay on the ground and stopped short of kicking her. If there was anything she hated more than criminals, she couldn't think of it, "Like I said, come with me."

Sethi glared up at Lidan, the dusky light blurring her vision a bit, and her voice was glazed over with sarcasm, "I can't seem to get up."


Back inside the bar the guitar player's fingers suddenly stopped when a painful flashback came crashing down upon him. Several heads turned his way.

Closing his eyes, he faded memory to blackness until he remembered nothing but movement of his quick hands over the guitar strings.[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]LOL, I'll fix it. I like this Story where it is. But I can switch between both styles.
[COLOR=purple][i]Lidan smiled sardonically and held out a hand...........she pulled Sethi to her feet........Sethi shuddered at the pain, then regained her footing.[/i]

"Where are my guns?"

[i]Lidan laughed again.[/i] "The men upstairs have "confiscated" them. Don't take it personally."

"Oh I do."

"Deal with it."

[i]She kicked open the double doors and looked at the stairway.......then smiled at Sethi again, showing her white teeth........[/i]

"Don't tell me I have to carry you. Because I'm not going to."

[i]Sethi spat at her venemously.[/i] "Bite me."

[i]With a sigh of long suffering, Lidan led Sethi to another set of doors......that turned out to be the way to an elevator. Sethi's eyes lost their hardened, hate filled look, and Lidan smiled again. They entered, and Lidan hit the buttons for the top floor.[/i]

"So tell me Sethi....what do you remember?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"We're both guilty of voluntary manslaughter.....we're both women....And we'll end up in the same place."


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[color=blue]It was his blood that should have been shed that night, not the girl's. She was so young, so innocent.

A tear falls from the musician,s eye, his guitar screams out a painful riff and his song comes to a close. The girl has walked out of the bar and a man is slumped dead on the counter. His friends have finally gathered the courage to go hunt her down. They smash bottles and expose the jagged, glittering glass to the hrsh halogen bar lights.

The Musician heads them of at the door. He knows these men are spoiling for a fight. He also knows that if they leave the bar they will all die.

Musician- Sit down, and drink your beer. The police will take care of the woman.

The factory workers don't listen, they are to worked up over the death of there friend. The musician pulls out a snub nosed pistol and shoots a worker in the foot. The gun bast echoes throughout the room and when it finally fades it is replaced by silence. The Musician speaks.

"As I said, sit drink a beer, and let it be."

The workers sit back down, eyeing the musician with a mixtur of hatred and fear. The musician tucks his gun into his pants. He pulls a chair up to the door and begins to once again play his guitar.[/color]
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[color=purple]"Hell," Sethi started philosophically, "is where we'll all end up some day."

Lidan laughed again, "And [i]we'll[/i] be goddesses there."

Sethi shook her head in amazement at the idiocy of the statement, "Do shut up. Who [i]are[/i] you, anyway?"

"Not who I appear to be."

Sethi gave a wry grin, "Let me guess, you're some blah blah blah disguised as some blah blah blah masquerading as, gasp, a woman with a bounty on their head."

"Close, but no cigar."

Sethi leaned in until her eyes were level with Lidan's, "Cigars don't do any good unless you have a flame in the first place." She kicked out hard with her left leg, swinging it towars Lidan's midsection, but her movement was impaired by the pain in her own torso.

Lidan was faster, grabbing Sethi's leg and pulling her to the ground. The elevator [i]dinged[/i] and the doors opened.

Sethi lay panting on the ground, her breath coming in as short gasps as she tried to grasp ahold of consciousness.

Lidan's eyes blazed, "[i]Don't[/i] try that again."[/color]
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It was another hour before the workers finally made their move on the musician. They rushed all at once knowing that the musician would only be able to get off one or two shots.

"What cowards," thought the musician,"I thought I would only buy a few minutes of time, but they gave me a whole hour."

The musician smashed his guitar into a worker's face, and then he stepped into the melee. He took the splintered guitar and used it to stab atthe workers. He used his hands and feet, not bothering to draw his gun. In no time only he and the bartender were left standing.

Te Musician walkedup to the bar, his head was bleeding slightly and his eye was starting to swell shut. He ordered a whiskey on the rocks. When the bartende finishd pouring his drink the musician grabbed hi hair and smashed his head on the counter. He downed his whiskey, and walked out, leavnga ten on the table.[/color]
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The mommentary stare-down that Sethi and Liden were having was broken by a deep, male voice.

"Girls, girls. Let us forsake adolescence and behave like adults, shall we?" he said as he glared at Lidan.

"She hit me first." Lidan said as she slowly recoiled from his path.

"Here, let me give you a hand, Sethi. After all, I summoned you.

Sethi glared at him cautiously. From her vantage point he was a giant. He stood over her with his hand extended down as if he were God reaching out to Adam. She slowly grasped his hand and held on as he nearly threw her up to her feet. She immediately lost her balance and began to fall again. However, she was able to catch herself by grasping the inside of his trench-coat.

Upon doing this she noticed he was carrying quite an arsenal. She would have grabbed one them and made her escape had he not caught her into his arms and thrown her over his shoulder.

"There isn't anything in there for you right now, miss." he said with a a sideways glance. He looked over at his colleagues and said lowly, "I'm taking her to the infirmary. I'm going to get her some pain medicine and then I'll bring her back myself."

Sethi saw another man walk up behing Liden. Before she could see what would happen her carrier had whirled around and begun walking down the corridor. She would've killed him, had she not felt so weak.

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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Lidan smirked slightly and turned around......[/i]

"Did the boys upstairs order him?"

"Naw, they want you two up A.S.A.P."

"I'll wait."

[i]Time went by.......And soon the tall man returned, with Sethi walking almost normaly. Lidan smiled broadly and gestured towards the door.[/i]

"Will your friend be joining us?"

"No, I have other matters to attend to."

[i]Sethi turned to him, but he was gone. Lidan pulled her into the elevator and the two were taken to the top floor.[/i]

"Here's where the fun begins."

[i]Lidan and Sethi glared at the two men standing outside the doors.....and they threw them open with lighting alacricity. They opened, and the two ladies were thrown into a world of Oriental luxury. Huge carpets decorated the floors, long velvet tapestries hung from marble walls.......and five ornately carved chairs were occupied by five men. The first one stood.[/i]

"Sethi. And Lidan. Welcome to our living room."

[i]Lidan smirked slightly.[/i] "Your manners haven't changed a bit Adrien. And your hidden agendas are simple enough. I brought her to you. Do I get tossed back into my marble prison?"

[i]Eyes blazing, Sethi turned to Lidan.[/i] "You what?!?"

"Easy there......you don't want to break anything else. I'll admit I did put Lidan up to this. And turning a bounty hunter/assasin loose wasn't the wistest of moves, but at least we have you here."

"What do you want with me?"

"They want you for their own sick pleasure." [i[Lidan muttered. Adrien laughed, then sat down again. The other four men's expressions were closed and unreadable. Then the next one stood.[/i]

"So. We now have a bounty hunter and a killer with us."

"Sethi isn't just a killer." [i]The man was shocked at Lidan's readiness to defend Sethi......then he smiled inwardly.[/i]

"You two are sisters. Did anybody mention that to you?"

[i]Both Lidan and Sethi were thunderstruck. Lidan backed against the doors......and let astonishment creep across her face. Sethi was disbelieving and crossed her arms.

Lidan could feel the blood rising behind her eyes.[/i] "Prove it."

"They can't. We're not related." [i]Sethi said, with a confidence she didn't feel.

The Five stood up together, as if on cue. A different man stepped forward and gave Lidan a peircing look. She glared back, her eyes shifting from a cool brown to a dark obsidian.[/i]

"We're not..........I remember my past well enough."

"What if your memories aren't the truth." [i]The man countered.[/i]

"Supposing my memory was modified............that's illegal.....but it wouldn't be beneath you now would it?"

[i]The man hauled back and slapped Lidan across the face, leaving an angry red mark on her cheek. Sethi's head whipped in her direction...[/i]

"I tire of your sarcastic behavior."

[i]Lidan wisely held her tounge, and ignored the stinging pain. These men were either insane or very intelligent..........both Sethi and her knew it.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=purple]Sethi's eyes widened at the sight of one solitary tear rolling down Lidan's hardened face. Had she not felt herself gawking, perhaps she would have let her eyes linger long enough to noticed that Lidan's eyes were large and the color of rich chocolate, her eyelashes long and thick...perfect matches to Sethi's own.

"Sethi." The man that had struck Lidan stepped towards her. His eyes were menacing and had Sethi recoiling, "I suppose we should explain ourselves."

Sethi said nothing, instead, met his unfaltering gaze with narrowed eyes.

"Well," his own eyes narrowed along with hers and his voice darkened, "it shall all be explained," he glanced over his shoulder at the other men, breaking eye contact for the first time, "...in good time."[/color]
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"Blast!" the mysterious man who had helped Sethi scowled at his room. "They hit me!" he screamed out again.

His room was in utter ruin. Drawers pulled out, cabinets opened, papers all over the floor. He screamed out again, "Son of a *****! They took the damn files!" He was obviously upset. He stormed out of the room and ran down stairs. It seemed as though he covered miles of steps in seconds for within the blink of an eye he was at the bottom floor. He burst through the double doors of the hotel and glared in the direction of the bar he had just come from. He drew a pistol and got into his skimmer. He was bound upper levels of the building the bar was located in. Where the crime syndicate he worked for had their secret headquarters. This wouldn't be pretty.

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[color=purple]Because of the fact that he was fuming, he had hardly payed attention to the man who had been in his appartment. Frankly, he really hadn't cared. He had to get all of his damn files back before they found out about..."Dammit!" He swore much more loudly than before, swerved hard to the right to avoid hitting a man that had appeared in front of his path.

His angry temper flared and as he stepped out of his skimmer, he raised his pistol so that it was level with the man's chest, "What the hell are you doing?"

"You left me...in your appartment...I was sent to talk to you."

He narrowed his eyes and studied the man. In stark contrast to the dark head of hair, the man's beard shimmered like silver. His eyes were insanely blue, his stare piercing, and his generous mouth was drawn up into a slight smirk. He wore robes of deep purple which enclosed his arms from sight. [i]Wonder what else he has concealed under those robes...[/i]

"I don't think we need to talk."

"Oh, but I do."

"Figures." He rolled his eyes and pulled the trigger of the pistol.

The man merely smiled and deflected the bullet, "Your silly guns won't work here my friend."[/color]
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[color=blue] The Musician smiled at his house guest, and took out two cigarettes. Lighting them both, he hands one to hi guest and takes a drag from his own.
"So, you got a job for me?" the Muscian asks.

"Yes, your target will be a young man. He is tied into the city's drug syndicate and is wanted by boh the police and the FBI. Our employer think it would be better if we got to him before the authorities. I left your file in the usual place."

"Gee, thanks. So do you have some free time?"

"Do you have some rye?"

"Of course"

"Then I have all the time in he world."

The guest pulled out a harmonica from his coat pocket. The musician grabbed a guitar and they started to play...[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Lidadn and Sethi watched the men converse among themselves and then sit down again. Adrien turned towards the two women.[/i]

"You will under our care until we see fit to release you both."

"And what about me?"

"Marble prison. You were less trouble there......and this time you'll have a roomate." [i]Eyes blazing, Lidan turned towards Sethi.[/i]

"You can't be......"

"I AM SERIOUS! You two will get to know each other better, and there will be no more disturbances."

"Yes Adrien."

"And you Sethi?"

[i]Sethi said nothing, the venemous glare in her eyes was enough...[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=deeppink]Sorry, had writer's block for a while :) I'm trying to conform to Raiha's style of writing...I think it's easier for people to read. Just thought I'd maybe introduce two characters for people to play off of :whoops:


[color=purple][i]Worlds away from where Sethi and Lidan were trapped, a woman sat pondering their fates. Her petite frame was clad in all white, her hair was silver with age and wisdom, and her face had been powdered to match the shade of her clothing. Her lips were dark cimson, and her eyes a smooth green.

Next to the elderly woman sat a restless young man ? his face powdered white, too, as was the custom of their world ? his dark eyes brooding like a turbulant blue sea. He constantly stroked the blade of the fierce looking sword he always kept by his side. It glinted meanly in the harsh setting sunlight.


Maybe I'll write more later...for I am out of time :)[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Lidan tilted her head back and stared at the cool marble ceiling.......she turned to look at Sethi again...[/i]

"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing...just enjoying the view. If we're lucky, we get to eat."

"You have got to be kidding me..."

"I might lie occasionally, but I never joke about food."[/COLOR]
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"Who are you?" the angry man said with a fierce glare.

"Heh...all in due course."

"I don't have time for this."

"You are unimpressed by me?" asked the man in purple.

"Why be impressed by some old man in a bath robe?" the man said with a smirk.

"Very well, your name is Gordon Jennings, however you are often called the 'Bullgod' because you are famous for nearly every bad and or immoral thing one is capable of doing." the man in the robe said with confidence.

"Well, you make it sound as though I were bad...but I'm still not impressed. You could have papers that would tell you that." Gordon said with another smirk.

"Fine. You want to be tough I'll tell you something no papers in existance can tell you. Your real name is Alexander Fitch and you had an illegal memory alteration done against your will 4 years ago. However, the operation failed. Two weeks after it you had regained all your past memories, unknown to those your work for who ordered the operation. So you continued to play along, living out your life as someone you know you are not." the man said with further confidence.

"Alright...now, I'm impressed." Gordon said. "But I have better things to do than playing psychic with an old man on a street corner." he added.

With that, Gordon hopped in the skimmer and took off. Again he was bound for the bar.

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[color=blue] The Musician awoke te next morning wih a pounding headache. He poured himself a Stolis on the rocks and topped it of with two asprin.

Afte the Stolis and a hot shower his headachehad vanished. "As good as new," he thought.

He left his house and walked through the park. The rain had momentarily ceased. Dark clouds rolled through the sky accompanied by the low rumble of thunder. He knew he only had a few minutes before te rain picked back up again.

The Musician sat down on a nearby bench. He wasn't alone for long. A man in an overcoat took the long bench behind him. They sat back to back for several minutes before the file was passed. A momet later the man in the overcoat was gone. [/color]
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"Lidan?" Sethi said questioningly.

"Yes?" Lidan replied.

"Do you believe them; About the sister thing, that is?" Sethi answered.

"Do you?" Lidan said without turning.

"Do you believe them about the memory alteration?" Sethi said without an answer to the previous question.

"I don't know. I just hope he gets them." Lidan said.

"Who?" Sethi said.

"The man who helped you back at the bar. His name is Gordon."

"What's so great about him?"

"He gets the job done." Lidan said with a firm tone.



"I got a weird feeling when I saw him. Even weirder when he grabbed my hand. He seemed so familiar." Sethi said as she gazed off.

"Hmm...I don't know. I had a thing for him once. He's great if your his friend. But, I pissed him off one day...and I've been on his 'bad list' ever since. I guess, after a while, I got to where I didn't like him either." Liden said.

Sethi leaned back against the wall. She could feel a cool breeze seeping into their cell, carressing her skin. She looked over and noticed that Lidan was allowing herself to get momentarily lost in the same breeze. Then, the door to their cell flew open.

"Dinner time, [i]girls[/i]" an overweight prison guard said with a smirk.

The guard slammed their plates of food down on the floor at the front of their cell, then he walked out and locked the door behing him.
The food looked like pig-slop.

"Is this what we are to eat?" Sethi asked with a slight cringe on her face.

"The food was better last time I was here." Lidan replied. "Oh well; its likely all we'll get today. Better eat up."


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