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RPG Siege of the Necromancer [RPG]


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[COLOR=sienna][I]With the sun glinting through the canopy of the dark forest, Ilythiirtar walks briskly through the forest, he heads for the holy city of AshenHyre, the home of Serenol.[/I]

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] (thinking) ?Well, Maybe Serenol can help me find my Shin-bar, oh my bau-bai?.I am sure I left it on the table?

[I]Now with gusto, he picks up, the wind his ally, Ilythiirtar moves through the shadows of the forest with lightening speed. As he reaches a small hut on the outskirts of Hyre, Ilythiirtar stops, resting beside it listening from the window, not wanting to wake Serenol.[/I]

[B]Serenol:[/B] (snoring) ?Die?I-er? Unleash thine VORPAL SLASH!!!!!?

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] (thinking) ?Oh dear? the dreams again?.Serenol mine friend? We shalt get our revenge on that sick being??

[I]Getting up, Ilythiirtar heads to the village square, knowing Thar will be there. They will wait until Serenol gets up. They must discuss the way to attain their special weapons so they can do siege on the black mage Nilothaikir?..[/I][/COLOR]
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Mara woke briskly as the sun shined softly through her window.
"Another day," Seh muttered to herself, staring quietly at the ceiling, "How excited I am to live it."

Mara threw the covers and rolled her eyes at her sarcastic statement. She streched stiffly; her jade eyes shining. Her long, slender arms reached at the ceiling, her pale skin glowing.

She swung over the side of the bed, smiling and grabbing a brush off her vanity. She ran it through her wavy and coarse raven hair, quietly humming to herself.

[i]Lord Byis has my ellipsien,[/i] Mara thought,[i] I must retrieve it.[/i].

After she had dressed, she quickly laid the brush down on the vanity and scurried out of the room, throwing a light coat on. She walked stately to her carriage, and requested the coachmen to take her to Lord Byis' residence.

After she had arrived, she had a breif discussion with the man and retrieved her ellipsien, a weighted chain of silver, with sharp, jade disks.

OOC: Sorry for a short post.
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[I]Serenol awoke, imagining the sorcerer's face haunting him. He felt terrible. He realized that indeed he was powerless without Alaris. He rushed out into the square, accidentally knocking a female elf to the ground.[/I]

Elf:Be careful! I must meet with Lord Byis!

Serenol:I am sorry, but Byis is at my palace. He is holding something for a young woman. I believe it is a weapon. You must be Mara. I am Serenol Ashenmyst, prince of AshenHyre city, and of the land of Ashrenia.

Mara:Sorry, lord prince, but I must get my ellipsien.

[I]Serenol watched in amazement as the young, charming woman jumped into a coach and headed for the palace. He found himself wishing to be with her, and shook his head. He headed for the square, knowing Ilythiirtar wanted to get his ale training, and his Shasmir. As he wound his way through the square, he saw a dark figure. He looked a lot like an old friend that had been a partner on a quest to recover an old relic. It was Lacroix, but he was cut off before he could talk to him. He must hurry to Ilythiirtar, before he got hungry! Then he'd be pissed! Serenol rushed into the square, seeing Thar and Ilythiirtar. He dashed up, drawing his new longsword, Lanasen. As Ilythiirtar parried the false attack, he came slashing up. He missed as Serenol flipped backwards. Both transmuted, beginning to attack with bare claws. Finally Serenol (Hunter in his werewolf state) attacked fiercely, knocking Ilythiirtar (Lycantar in his morphed form) across the square. Both mutated back.[/I]

Hunter:I hast won! Thou art buying!

Ilythiirtar:Fine. I just wish to learn how to drink ale as fine as thou dost drink. Couldst thou also teach me how to be a amn for the ladies? One hast caught my eye. Her name is Eve.

Hunter:Enough with thine sweet tongue! Speak freely. We are not in a palace. Geez, you're uptight. If only those dreams would stop haunting me...
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[I] Soaring high through the clouds on the back of Ryuu, Eve neared the village where she heard rumors that her old was currently dwelling

She neared the outskirts of the village and then spotted Hunter, her oldest and dearest friend near the village square. She also noticed Ilythiirtar, Hunters aprentice and her secrete crush, near ihm heading tward the pub.

Ordering Ryuu to lower and land in the square they decended.

A few people had noticed Ryuu and ran screaming, as he landed, shaking the ground somewhat[/I]

[B]Hunter: Ah, I was wondering when you would show up.
Hello Eve

Ilythiirtar: uh.. um.. Hi Eve.

Eve: HUNTER!![/B]

With this she ran to him, wraping her arms around him. He welcomed her gently hugging her, while she squeesed him tightly.
She then turned to Ilythiirtar and hugged him just as tightly.

[B]Eve: Heheh, how have you two been?

Hunter: Ok and you?

Ilythiirtar: Fine and yourself

Eve: Oh Ive been doing ok, but my sword, Shinkoru. gone...

Hunter: Yes I know, Alaris too.

Ilythiirtar: And my Shin-Bar[/B]

[I] Seeing is how poeple were starting to get rather frightend of Ryuu, Eve then told him to go back to the forest, she would call when he was needed[/I]

[B]Eve: Well old friends, heheh shall we drink? You know Hunter, I could always drink you under the table.

Hunter: This I know.

Ilythiirtar: Maby she can teach me then?

Eve: Sure thing, were heading to your first lesson right now. [/B]
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[I]Hunter, Eve, and Ilythiirtar headed to the nearest pub, the Crystal Forest Inn. Hunter quickly downed six flagons of Otik's best ale, and Eve had lost her talent. She became lightheaded after only three. Ilythiirtar downed four, then became giddy. He passed out after another two.[/I]

[B]Hunter:[/B] Damn, he's good. Too bad he passed *hic* out. Eve, are you *hic* still with me?

[B]Eve:[/B]Yes. Where did you get those hiccups?

[B]Hunter:[/B]From a bad dream and not enough food. Otik, I'd like some of your spiced potatoes.

[B]Eve:[/B]Make that a double order! God, he so handsome.

[B]Hunter:[/B]Ilythiirtar? Umm..don't tell him I told you this, but he likes you, too. He's just REALLY embarrassed around you. Now, to these potatoes.

[I]Hunter and Eve sat down to eat, Eve not realizing that Hunter had cheated. He was in his werewolf form, with a higher constitution. He and Eve began talking of old times, and the scar on his lower right arm. Hunter flinched, as he'd recieved it from the day he died defending Ilythiirtar and Muirin. He hated that memory, and looked into his own, thinking of Mara...[/I]
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The door flung open as a tall man entered the tavern. He gazed around the room with his blood red eyes and raised a large pale hand to run his fingers through his course long white hair. His eyes traveled the tavern as he examined each person in turn almost seeming to sniff the air as he gazes. several people walk in behind him closing the tavern door and suddenly noticing the hulking figure ahead of them and avoiding him as well as possible. He was not as tall as some creatures get but his mass was quite impressive, his limbs were well filled out with muscles, veins popping out of his arms and legs underneath the pants and shirt sleeves. His face had a cold hard look upon it. Most would look at him and immediately think warrior, but such an assumption is normally fatal for just as he has superior physical attributes, his magical affinity is also in it's prime and his blood magic is powerful indeed but not without it's flaws.

His eyes narrow and nostrils flare catching a scent and following it straight to the place where Ith, Hunter and Eve were and simply sat down at their table looking at each of them a very dark look upon his face. His voice was equally malicious as he spoke the tone of his voice immediately tipping them off to what/who he was talking about.

Alriy: You have his taint.
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[I]Hunter stood, his eight-and-a-half foot tall wolfish frame scaring the remaining patrons into a corner of the bar. He stood and stared at the figure. Hunter sniffed the air.[/I]

[b]Hunter:[/b]You smell of Dhampire. And who's scent do you mean?


[I]Hunter found himself pinned to a wall by a thick muscular arm. He grabbed Alriy's arm and threw him out of the bar. He donned his cloak, thankful that his wings remained unseen by the stranger. He drew Lanasen and walked out of the Crystal Forest Inn.[/I]

[B]Hunter:[/B]I am no sorcerer! My father was killed by the Black Mage who's name is not spoken by those of great fear, Nilothakir!

[I]As the crowd heard the name spoken, they shrank back into their homes, afraid the mage would show up to destroy the insane ranger. They came back out when they heard the ranger reveal his name.[/I]

[B]Hunter:[/B]I am Serenol Ashenmyst, prince of all lands in Ashrenia. I am Fox Hunter, Holy wolf Knight of Heaven, and my heart belongs to she who holds the ellipsien, Mara!

[B]Alriy:[/B]I am sorry, good prince, but anyone who bears HIS scent arouses my suspicion.

[I]As Hunter stood in embarassment at his revealing his feelings for Mara, who happened to be watching the possible titanic battle in secret and fell when she heard Hunter say it, Alriy stood and clasped his hand around Hunter's arm.[/I]

[B]Alriy:[/B]I truly am sorry. Now about a drink...

[B]Hunter:[/B]Sorry, but I've had enough to drink.

[B]Alriy:[/B]I did not mean ale, but I guess it must do. I dearly hate it's flavor. Do you have any bloodroot to season it?

[B]Hunter:[/B]Yes, and here it is. You are welcome as long as no bodies with broken necks and punctured necks appear.

[B]Alriy:[/B]Deal. Just don't bite me. The last thing I need is to become a DhampWolf. I hear wolves hate water.

[I]At least he has a sense of humor, Hunter thought. He caught Mara out the side of his eye, and he damn near fainted as he saw her looking at him curiously. He and Alriy entered the pub, ready for some drinks, jokes, and questions about their former weapons.[/I]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]The door opened again, this time quietly. A figure, cowled and hooded, tried to walk in unobtrusively, but was immediately accosted by a group of drunk adolescents. The brashest walks up and yells at him.[/I]

Adolescent: What the -hic- hell you doing walking round like that? People thin-hic-k you're a dark elf or something.

[I]One of his friends, even more drunk, staggers up, and says loudly "I bet he is". Laughingly, he tries to pull Lacroix's hood off. Lacroix shies away, but is grabbed by three more drunkards. They pull his hood back and gasp. The first drunk gasps, all traces of intoxication gone.[/I]

Man: He is a dark elf! Kill him!

[I]Lacroix leaps away, his cloak all that is left in the hands of his former captors. His scimitars appear, tracing intricate patterns in the air faster than the eye can see. Someone at the other end of the tavern throws a knife. Lacroix instantly snaps a scimitar up. The blade is deflected off. Unfortunately, the blade hits an innocent bystander. Already in an ugly mood, the crowd turns on the drow. Weapons appear in hands, and the barkeeper pulls out a number of large meat axes. Lacroix backs into a corner, dodging away as more knives fly. One sticks in his chainmail like a dart. Realising not even he can take this many, he leaps and grabs the rafters pulling himself up.[/font][/color][/I]
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[I]As the antics near the rafters ensue, a dagger hits Hunter near the shoulder. He pulls the blade and realizes a Dark-Elf is in trouble. It was the dark-elf that he'd seen before. It was Lacroix.[/I]

[b]Hunter:[/b]Damn that Ilyth had so much beer! I must help Lacroix!

[b]Lacroix:[/b]Then stop talking and help! The rafter's won't hold me up much longer!

[I]Hunter drew Lanasen, jumping upon a table. He unfolded his wings, giving the crowd the idea that he was a Draconian. As cries of 'kill the winged one' and 'destroy the cross-breed' rang out, he and Lacroix fought to save themselves. Soon, however, the drunkards began to lose their resolve, and the fight turned into a show of fun.[/I]

[b]Hunter:[/b]Come on, Ilythiirtar! You are missing all the fun! What did I teach you in the 'Always Join a Barfight' lesson?


[b]Lacroix:[/b]A student of yours? Damn! The fun is almost done! They are dropping asleep!

[b]Hunter:[/b]Ah, well, it can't last forever. I see why we have few opponents. Eve and Alriy are joining the fun as well. I see that everyone, even Otik, has joined the battle, except for Ilythiirtar.

[I]The fight was over, all the drunkards passed out. As the party walked outside, Ilythiirtar jumped up, grabbed his sword, and yelled.[/I]

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] (drunkenly) I am ready for the fun, Serenol! Show me the way to the drunks!

[I]The whole party had a good laugh as they settled down to a large plate of Otik's spiced potatoes. But still Hunter's thoughts strayed from business to Mara...[/I]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson]OOC: We are shameless, shameless scavengers are we not...

IC:[I]Lacroix sat with the group, still wary. It was rare to have people accept him without trying to kill him. Any drow would have felt the same. Most drow though, would have tried to kill those around him. Lacroix stayed silent, until one word came to his attention. Nilothakir.[/I]

Lacroix: Nilothakir? Why do I have this feeling I know this person?

Hunter: You haven't heard of Nilothakir? The tyrannical mage? It's rumoured he even has contacts with your kind, and that they fear him. If that give you any idea of what kind of perosn he is.

Lacroix: Human mage, contacts with my kind... AHHH

[I]Lacroix suddenly doubles over, clutching his head. They all look startled, except Hunter.[/I]

Hunter: Wrong words. Something to do with his past. He'll come out of it in a minute or so.

[I]True to his words, Lacroix recovers. When he raises his head, his eyes are burning with two emotions. Hatred and gratitude.[/I]

Lacroix: Him. He had me exiled. He is the reason I was forced to leave Underdark. So I don't know whether to hate him or thank him.

Hunter: Hate him.

Lacroix: Yes, I do. My scimitar, was lost to him.

Hunter: Let me guess, enchanted.

Lacroix: Of course. All drow weaponry is enchanted. As is all armour. Such as this.

[I]Lacroix points to his chain mail, vambraces and anklets.[/I]

Lacroix: The bracers and the anklets make me faster, the chain mail is always silent and supple. My scimitar however was a weapon of major enchantment.

Hunter: Why is Nilothakir trying to rid the world of enchanted weapons?

Lacroix: Self preservation.

[I]The deathly quiet tone this is uttered in sends a shiver down ths surrounding patron's spines, and even manages to chill Hunter's friends a bit.[/font][/color][/I]
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[i]Suddenly, the door opens once more. A figure wearing a green robe and hood walked in. The person sat down at a table near the group and ordered a small pint to drink. The group continued to talk of the Black Mage and his doings. Soon, the figure started to listen.[/i]

Lacroix-They say that he kills all people that may pose a threat and destroys the weapons.

Hunter-If he destroyed my Alaris, Nilothakir will be dead before dawn!

[i]Then the figure turned to face the group.[/i]

???-Nilothakir, you say?

[i]The group stared at the person suspiciously. Then Hunter spoke.[/i]

Hunter-Yes, the Black Mage. I am Serenol Ashenmyst, prince of all lands in Ashrenia. Are you an ally to Nilothakir?

???-I should say not. [i]Then the person drew back the hood. It was an Elf with long brown hair and blue eyes.[/i] I am Elsyan Eglaannûn the High Elf. I am pleased to meet you.
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Alriy's eyes have narrowed for the past few minutes. He was not the only person not laughing and chatting away idly. He merely listened to what they had to say, his crimson eyes glaring at each person in turn as they spoke. For a moment he let out a low growl but caught himself and closed his eyes controlling his anger.

Hunter: What bothers you so, Alriy.

Alriy: Never has the smell of Nilothakir been so strong since the day that I had fought him in the desert and lost La Sangra Barra. I swear the next time I meet him, I will not be so arrogant.

His his voice was almost venomous as he spoke in the bass low tone before opening his eyes again, which were of the bluest sky before the blood refilled within the eyes again.

Hunter: Worry not, Friend. We all have our vendetta's against the necromancer. Togather we should be able to defeat him for good.
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[I] Eve, did nothing, said nothing, only listend. She noticed others did as well.

Looking from hunter, to the now sober Ilythiirtar, Eve spoke up[/I]

[B]Eve:[/B] Hunter, I was wondering, Where do I fit in. All I am is an old friend. My sword. Why?

[B]Hunter:[/B] Well Eve, ALL swords of power were taken. Not just a chosen few.

[B]Eve:[/B] Ah, I see now. Thank you.

[I]Eve then got up from the table and walked to the door throwing it open. Then walking slowly outside she walked to a bench out side of the tavern and sat down, with her head in her hands. Any passing stranger would think she was crying, but, Hunter knew better.

He then followed her out the tavern, ordering everyone to stay put. Walking over to her and sitting down he put his hand on her sholder.[/I]

[B]Eve:[/B] Hunter, dear old friend, Shinkoru, I mean, you, we I ....

[B]Hunter:[/B] I know Eve, it is ok, we shall get her back. I promise you.

[I]Eve sat on the bench not moving, Hunter still sitting next to her, one hand on her sholder...[/I]
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[COLOR=sienna][I]In the tavern, Ilythiirtar struggles to fully regain his mental capacity. Shaking his head off, he spots Lacroix, the drow.[/I]

[B]Lacroix:[/B] (thinking) ?Young, he is?.I wonder what he is thinking..?

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] ?Drow? Thou art a drow?.Dark elf??

[I]Getting up, struggling to his feet, Ilythiirtar moves beside Lacroix. Looking into his eyes, Ilythiirtar senses nothing?.nothing at all.[/I]

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] (extending his left hand) ?Name is Ilythiirtar kind sir, pleased to meet your acquaintance. It?s not often I come across a dark elf such as you?well Eve is dark, but she isn?t a drow.?

[B]Lacroix:[/B] (taking Ilythiirtar?s hand wearily) ?As It is a pleasure to be of acquaintance to you.. You are a normal elf? but I see from your appearance that you are of the darker devotions??

[I]At this, Ilythiirtar belches, chuckling loudly. He apologizes at once, pushing away the rest of his ale. After thanking Otik for the fine accommodations, he turns facing Lacroix. They converse quietly together about their shared dark processions.

The rest of the ?party? was now calmly sipping at their drinks, talking amidst one another.

[B]Alriy:[/B] (to Elsyan) ?And, tell me more of your enchanted weapons?.My Sangre Barra comes soaked in blood?? (closing his eyes, smelling the air) ??.yes indeed?

[B]Elsyan:[/B] (to Alriy) ?Aye, good sir, and many words could be traded about the Nevloria? (smiling)

[I]The evening slowly died off as the townsfolk drifted off to their residences, leaving the group of crusaders alone in the tavern.[/I]

[B]Otik:[/B] (to them all) ?Alright my gentlefolk?.I must be closing down?travel off now?I have to clean this place up? (chuckling)[/COLOR]
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Mara walked quietly admist the group as Hunter walked out with Eve. She smiled mysteriously and ordered herself a drink.
"Let me guess," She said, taking a seat under the glares, "You all hate Nilothakir."
Lacroix narrowed his eyes.
"And why would you want to guess, stranger?"
Mara shrugged.
"Let's just say I know him personally." she replied as everyone in the groups hands flew to their weapons.
Mara smiled and took a sip of her drink.
"I meant I was in a position to help you," she said quietly, setting her glass down, "that is, if you want to bring him down."
Alriy glared at her.
"Why should we trust you?" he asked venomously.
Mara shrugged again.
"Why should you not?" she countered.
"What's your name?" Lacroix asked.
"Mara Wisteria Lockheart, noble of Ashrenia and holder of the ellipsien." she replied, staring staright into his eyes mysteriously.
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Remembering some earlier words, and deciding to have a little fun, Lacroix throws a glance at Hunter. Long enough to be noticed by both Mara and Hunter, but not long enough to be considered deliberate. Mara narrows her eyes at both of them, and Hunter glares at Lacroix. Lacroix smiles, gets up, and walks out.[/I]

Lacroix: It's necessary for me to make an early exit, I'm afraid. Look me up when you all decide to go aftr Nilothakir.[/font][/color]
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Mara shuttered and turned back around.
"Please don't tell me you are all associated with that man." she said under her breath.
Alriy laughed.
"I'm sorry, Lady Mara, but I must say that we are." he replied.
"Would you mind telling me why he is in love with me then?" she asked bluntly.
Alriy shrugged.
"You'll have to ask him that." he replied.
Mara shrugged.
"I don't even remember meeting him. I knew of him, but never met him," she said, "Wait, I think I have..."
Mara remincised on their meeting earlier that day.
"Oh!" She exclaimed.
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[COLOR=sienna][I]Leaning on the edge of passing out, Ilythiirtar stands up briskly while heading for the door.[/I]

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B] (on his way out the door) ?G?nite Eve??

[I]After muttering to himself some, he gains the strength to concentrate enough to walk straight. He smiles at Eve softly as he flips his cloak over his young shoulders for the long dash to his hut outside town.

Just into the forest, he hears something? Too tired too make much note of it, he continues on. Mistake this was, for several Dark Gnomes were amidst him, as he was none the wiser.

Following him home, they waited until he was asleep before they ambushed. They only could beat him to pulp for his already angered mind (from losing his Shasmir) summed up the will to fight back. He would rather die than watch the rest of his belongings be torn from his very body.

The lead gnome lashed forth with his club, clouting Ilythiirtar over the head, almost knocking him unconscious. In a desperate attempt to counter, Ilythiirtar knelt forward, springing his right heel into the dark one?s right chin, separating the medulla from the rest of the jaw, thus producing the desired effect. The initial reaction from the other gnomes was to run fast. Seeing their master?s neck spew retched green slime forth at an alarming speed? They run fast, leaving Ilythiirtar on the ground half dead now that his adrenaline has run its last stretch.[/I][/COLOR]
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Mara shook her head, snapping out of her thoughts. She shuttered and polished off her water.
"I think you're friend is in trouble." She said, staring into her empty galss.
Alriy looked up.
"Ilythiirtar?" he asked curiously.
Mara nodded.
"How would you know?" he inquired suspiciously, his eyes slitting.
"I just do." Mara said, shrugging, "You might want to look for him on the path to his home. He has lost his weapon and is half dead. You might want to protect him for potential attacks."
Alriy just shook his head.
"What if I don't believe you?" he asked.
"Would you risk your friends life on that?" she replied, her eye staring at him curiously.
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[I]Sencing something was wrong Eve fled the Tavern, only stopping to hug Hunter on her way out.

Wistleing a loud shrill wistle sounding like a hawk, Ryuu flew toward her. Jumpinh swiftly on his back and ordering him to head for Illys hut, the sped off through the air.
Looking down she saw a bunch of Gnomes running off through the forest, then seeing Illy sparled on the ground beaten and brused she jumped off Ryuus back from thirty feet in the air, landing gracefully next to him, she turned ihm over making sure he was alive. Seeing he was she hugged him and they both dissapeared.

They reappeared in Illys hut. Eve then moved him on to his bed. She then poured him a glass of a healing potion she kept on her in case of emergencys. He coughed and opened his eyes. Eve smiled sweetly.[/I]

[B]Eve:[/B]Good thing I have good sneces, or you my dear might have been gone for good. Hehehe

[B]Ilythiirtar:[/B]*cough* Yeah, thanks

[I]With this he passed out. Eve tended to his wounds, bandageing his cuts and putting a healing salve on his bruses to clear them quickly. She then kissed his forehead gently.

Noticing an empty cot in the corner, she took her cloak and scabberd off, laying them on the end of the bed. She then climed in and grabbed her cloak. Using it as a cover and with her sword safely under her feet, she fell fast asleep. Ryuu finding a cozy place in a tree fell asleep as well.[/I]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Although he was already far away, Lacroix had heard Ilythiirtar's confrontation with the gnomes. By the time he had gotten there though, they had disappeared. Lacroix was easily able to spot the gnomes prints though. Deciding that Illythiirtar deserved a bit of revenge, and that he didn't have anything better to do, Lacroix followed the tracks.

After nearly an hours stalking, Lacroix came upon a small cave, with a bright fire's light emanating from within. The tracks lead right to it. Moving cautiously up, Lacroix scaled the wall and hung just above the entrance. He slowly craned his neck down, into a shadowy cranny, and took a look inside. As he suspected, the dark gnomes were huddled around the fire. However, in their midst, their focus of attention, was a figure surrounded by a hazy nimbus. A mage of sorts. Lacroix listened closely.[/I]

Mage: You imbeciles! You couldn't even kill one drunkard! He was basically waiting to die!

Gnome: But master, he had help! A friend, with a frightful dragon.

Mage: Well you should have killed him earlier. Do not fail me again.

Gnome: Yes master.

[I]The figure fades from view. As soon as the nimbus has disappeared completely, the gnomes start muttering softly to themselves, as if still afraid to be overheard. Lacroix only manages to pick up one word. Nilothakir! He drops soundlessly to the ground, a silhouette blacker than the night, outlined by the fire. The gnomes scramble to reach weapons. But this is no partially incapacitated, belligerent fighter they face here. This is a drow. A drow assasin.

One of the gnomes pulls out a fiar sized crossbow. The other gnomes shield him as he cocks and aims. Lacroix stalks in, scimitars flashing in the firelight as he fends off attacks. The gnomes fires, the bolt striking the chainmail Lacroix wears. The jolt knocks him back, but the bolt does not even scratch the chainmail he wears. Lacroix leaps high in the air, flipping and landing with an X strike that takes the crossbow wielder's head off. An instant recovery and a spinning cut parries a slash to his head. Now surrounded, Lacroix is fought nearly to a standstill by the group of gnomes. At last a dangerously overextending riposte takes a gnome out, giving Lacroix the advantage.

For this though, a gnome gets in a thrust with a rapier. The point takes Lacroix in the side. More of an inconvenience than a wound, it still bleeds profusely. Lacroix attacks the rest of the gnomes with dazzling speed, the heritage of his race. At last, all but the gnome that wounded him are dead.[/I]

Lacroix: You are minions for Nilothakir?

Gnome: Yes damn you! We were to kill you and the others!

Lacroix: Are there other groups like you around?

Gnome: No.

[I]The answer is given instantly, too fast almost. Lacroix narrows his eyes, and runs the gnome through. So, Nilothakir is aware of their existence. Lacroix melds into the shadows as he leaves the caves, resolving to warn the others.[/font][/color][/I]
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[i]Tharivol stumbled through the woods. His encounter with the Clerics of Hextor had left him severly weakened. He attempted his Lay on Hands spell, but he was to weak to perform it. After walking further and further through the woods, he came across a hut. He opened the door to find someone to help him. There was an unconsious elf on a bed and another elf tending to him. "Help," he barely muttered and collapsed.[/i]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Lacroix ran through the forest, needing to warn the others as soon as possible. He came across another set of footprints. Considering the chances of a 'normal' perosn wandering here being very slim, Lacroix followed them. Running through an overgrown trail, leaping over branches, twisting and rolling to avoid deadfall, Lacroix nearly missed the clearing. Stopping hurriedly, he ran in and found an unconcious person lying near a hut, and two people inside. One was Ilythiirtar, the other one of the female elves. Lacroix had missed her name. He ran in, picked the man up, and checked him over. He appeared okay, as long as he was tended. Looking over, he spoke to the two inside.[/I]

Lacroix: Well, while it looks like you two don't feel like being interrupted, something interesting came up. But first, this one.

[I]Lacroix lugs him in and throws him on the table, his strength belied by his slender frame. The female elf gets up, and looks him over.[/I]

Elf: All he needs is rest. Now, what was that other piece of information you had that was so important?

Lacroix: The attack was not random. The gnomes, I tracked to their cave. Their was a figure of a mage there, speaking to them, commanding them. Asking them why they didn't kill "the drunkard". They called him Nilothakir afterwards. Those are dead. However, I'm certain there may be other groups around. Everybody who was in that tavern earlier may be in trouble. And I have a feeling this one may be involved as well.

[I]The elf sits silently, shocked at the words. Lacroix murmers something about finding the others, before running out side and taking off. The female elf runs after him, but quickly loses him. She returns to tend the two injured.[/font][/color][/I]
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[I]Eve jumping out of bed ran to the stanger, helping him inside. Seeing the stranger is hurt badly Eve grabs her scabberd and places it around her waist ans throws her cloak on the floor. Helping him in to the cot she was sleeping in, she tended to his wounds[/I]

[B]Eve:[/B] What do I look like a nurse!

[I]Making only this comment she made the stranger sip from her flask, which instantly knocked him out. She bandaged him up and healed the rest of his wounds.

Looking down to her cloah she sighs[/I]

[B]Eve:[/B]Well, looks like im stuck on the floor. darrnit.. sigh

[I]Grabbing her cloak and walking to a corner she slid down the wall. pulling her cloak over her freezing body, wraping it tightly around her she drifted off to sleep once again[/I]
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[I]In all the commotion, Hunter staggers in unnoticed by the duo. He had ventured off alone earlier, and he'd run into a "small" problem. He'd found his way into the lair of a tribe of bugbears, and they, too, worked for Nilothakir. Being alone, and his transmutation wearing him down, he was forced to fight as a normal being. His leg was bleeding profusely, his face was barely discernible under the crucible of crimson fluid that christened his firm features. His white cape was stained with the green bodily fluids of many bugbears, and he could not walk or speak. He collapsed onto the floor. As Ilythiirtar awakened and saw his mentor on the floor, the first thing he wondered was that Fox looked as though he had used his Vorpal Slash. Fox had. He did not know it yet, but that attack would soon become that same attack that drained him of life would become a powerful harbinger of Nilothakir's doom. It would become the Vengeance, but that will be told later.[/I]

[b]Ilythiirtar:[/b]Serenol! Are you alright?!?

[b]Fox:[/b]He...lp...me. I...c..can't speak. My ...le..gs hurt. I...can't ...f..eel...my..

[I]Hunter collapsed onto the floor, unable to remain conscious. His legs were beaten and bruised, and his right femur was horribly broken. It was a miracle that he'd made it to the hut.[/I]
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