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  1. yeah, go ahead. course i'm kinda flipant with my i love you's. i love everyone and thus express it but if you're shy or feel ncomfortable don't. it won't drive him away tho. if you say i love but you need to change------------------ then that drives them away. but offering love shouldn't. if you really are sure in the relationship i see no problem with it.
  2. my regrets are: mikey, charlie, matty, nick, chris, aaron, andy, scott, joey, and amanda. think that about does it. :p
  3. i've asked several people to no avail. some say it's not "japanesy" enough while others say that the social satire seen on the show is indeed the direction modern anime should be taking. help?
  4. rant! guys who think they're pimps! i hate those guys. with all that mess! i hate dealing with them!! they're so stupid! ggggrrrr..
  5. i'm at school on a school computer right now so i guess school's alright :catgirl:
  6. i like hospitals. you get to see all of life in one building. so much joy, sorrow, precision, stress, grief,love, anger, and surprise takes place i just get a big emotional buzz. plus i'm from a medical family so i've always been around hospitals.
  7. thank god! but besides that girls like to hit guys because it makes us feel secure. i'll love tap a guy to show friendship but not necessarily interest. oh and all the crazy crap we do that you don't understand, if it's anything, we really don't understand why we so it either. kinda a reflex/instinct thing. i love guys becuase they're so much fun and i'd never do the crap that some of ya'll talk about. those are b*tches, not girls. anyone who plays game like that should be severely punished. oh and guys, don't ever be whipped. it's fun to manipulate you into doing what we want you to do but if
  8. i got's to be representin my clamp g-skilletz. for real though i did cry at the end of wish ( that was clamp, right? forgive me if it's not, my mind is gooone.)
  9. i live in louisiana and i would have to say the hurricanes kinda more than just piss you off...
  10. i think we have the right to carry guns on our persons for our safety. i'm not saying that we should all go around with machine guns and bandeliers but it is by far one of the most effective ways to avoid confrontion. it's hard to prey on someone ( i'm sorry but some of ya'll are a bit niave in the "oh why would anyone hurt anyone" catergory but i live in a world of predators and prey, speacially after Katrina) who is just as well armed as you. also i don't believe guns heighten crime rates. there are PLENTY of other things we can use to kill people, guns are just one of the more convienient t
  11. hi! i'm friendly, southern, catholic, and bisexual. that's not a good combination. and i think it's good that ya'll don't try to make things harder than it already is. i fought my sexual orientation for many many years. i am greatful that many of these opinoins are understanding. if one is bisexual or homosexual please don't shun them. it's okay if you joke about ( i've been the but of many) but there's a line where even the jokes become painful. i realize now how hard it was one of my older relatives who is of homosexual orientation. he came out in louisisana in 1968. i can't say i have anyth
  12. yeah there was one waaaay back on some weird japanese super retro system. there hasn't been a really mainstream one cept for the one for the ps2 but it kinda sucked. jigen is sooo much sexier than lupin!
  13. i've always liked weird al, even though i'm not like a hardcore fan. he's always been a shining light of silliness in a world that takes itself waaaaay to seriously.
  14. and i will be recieving a drunken " can you move out yet?" from my father and $50 to stay out of his hair for a couple of days. merry christmas :animeangr sorry christmas has never been a good season for me. i have drunks ( the unfun kind, violence, letchery) on my dads side and sociopaths on my moms. and i get dragged to several places to smile at people i can't stand. good times, good times...
  15. well ya'll don't live in the moment so you? you're better off regreting something you did than something you didn't do. all he can say is no and that's only like a two letter word. stop being such a baby and go for it!
  16. ya'll ( forgive my louisiana accent, it even shows in my writing!) talk about " losing online morals" but i refuse to believe we ever had them. since the dawn of time there have always been people who cheat, lie, or steal. whenever there's something new it's just fodder for hackers and scammers. not saying i condone this or saying we should be some kind of vigilantes i'm just bein realistic. it's human nature to want to one up people and make yourself feel good by beating something, anything as long as you're above them. this isn't loss of online morals, it's loss of all morals. we live in a
  17. i probably spent from 14-15 playing the elderscrolls 3: morrowind. i still play but not so much that it's socially limiting like i used to. i was a junkie so bad. i played through as all the elven races, all three houses, just about highest rank in all kinds of clans, i was a werewolve, a vampire, actually beat the real story the went on to the other expansion in the imperial city. i had serious escapism issues. i'm better now but i still love it :D
  18. i am a big fan of timesplitters 2 and future perfect. when i ask other sentient beings around me they've never heard of it. i can't be the only one keeping the franchise going, can i? please tell me there's some more like me out there!
  19. and thus am always up fo adult swim . i think lupin the 3rd is my fave but that only show it on and off and that makes my heart hurt. :( but it's all good but Big O can be very scary at 3 in the morning.
  20. the answer to the question of" is hentai anime?" is a simple yes. just pornagraphic anime. you people had to bring in morals which really has nothing to do with the fact.
  21. now that it's close to the holidayseveryone is watching " it's a wonderful life" and "frosty the snowman." not i! i don't need claymation to feel sentimental! around this time of year when the fire is warm and the heart is squishy you'll find me watching tokyo godfathers or reading wish. they're just as touching and heartbreakingly bittersweet. chobits is good for that too. or AIloveyou. what are you locked in your room reading or watching to try to escape caroling and family?
  22. Hana kimi is great and so is Maison ikoko and love hina but one i really love is eerie queerie. i can only find so many copies though...i wear mine out so fast!
  23. oh yeah..i remember my older brother and i got an SNES for christmas. we never, ever stopped playing. we had A link to the past, chrono trigger, FF3, (it's called that in america anyway) secret of evermore, the star wars games (just beat return of the jedi in 2000 :animestun . good times, good times.
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