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  1. Are there any literate or semi-literate role players? I'm looking for a few roleplaying partners to practice with before I make anything on here, and I expect the person I roleplay with to try to reply with as much detail as possible. If anyone is interested, I'll leave a sample of my writing here to read. I write more if the other person is more active, and I'm best at writing starters. P.1 Jo, the small town's 'beauty', was wandering around after-dark, as usual. The spacious plaza was empty, which wasn't much of a surprise at this time of night. Jo loved to go out at night more than anything
  2. Greetings! So I was thinking today on how I can add some creativity to the boards to make it more enjoyable. With NaMoWriMo and the holidays fast approaching I thought, why not start a writer's workshop? There used to be these type of things on TheOtaku on a regular basis back in the day and with Aussie!James thread on Matrix themed peotry, short stories, etc I wanted to try and do it again. I don't have anything personally written yet but I thought we could inspire each other to write. So let's get this baby started! (In case you didn't notice, the theme is holidays. So it can be a spooky ta
  3. So, I haven't written anything for a long time. If I'm being honest, I've never really finished any sketches I've started work on, except for the two I have posted over on TheOtaku on my Ether world.  Part of it, I think, is due to outside distractions and my incorrigible imagination ever moving onward, but I think a larger part is that my writing style for years has been to where my first draft is generally equivalent to a work ready for the final editing/revision process.  I don't really do this because I'm trying to be perfect on the first go, although that's probably what it ends
  4. Hi, here's one of my shorter poems! Hope you guys like it. C&C welcome :D   #150125   depleted, defeated reduced obsolete had life on the line but turned on your TV
  5. Disclaimer: This short novel does not contain any form of sexual activities. This is intended for Juvenile readers.   Hello fellow Otaku users, my name's SpiritOfKorra and I'm a novelist. The past couple of years I've been writing action/adventure stories, one big one being 300 pages! Because I don't like to stick with one genre in particular, I've recently been delving into the romance side of literature.    The story that I'm about to share with you is about the love between two young boy; one of whom doesn't realize the other is a male. They will discover feelin
  6. Here is another one!   silent rumble   kick in the silent thunder wait for the flashes splashes - my vision  a blur and my limbs afreezing, my speech just a mumble a slur but my eyes aflame no rain will tame these kick in the thunder silent but strong and know that I'm ready to rumble.
  7. In fresh mornings I greet you. My island home. Surrounded by a shawl of turquiose. Crowned by the most majestic of mountains. Your waves caress my feet like the touch of an old friend. Your balmy breeze fills my senses. Olive trees in the evening, with a jasmine kiss... The smell of home.
  8. My life is just a sad story I just want to be free My first , I pray to be my last For in the future it hurts to look into the past Every angle, every turn Something around me must always burn The simple words "Don't touch me." Are enough to make me bleed I don't want to lose you But by you my heart is drew With my tears Though I have no fear If you go I will die No matter how much I fight No matter how hard I try The problem started little Then grew hard and brittle Too hard to break Too hard to be a strong fake As I pour out my heart I hope you will not take part In let
  9. So I'm supposed to pick a poet to do a lot of research and stuff on, but there's a problem... I usually can't stand poetry. Maybe I'm just stupid or something, but a lot of poetry just strikes me as pretentious and angsty. Does anyone have any suggestions for poets whose poetry does not come off that way?
  10. Hey, everyone. [b]NaNoWriMo[/b] started earlier last week and those that are participating are either furiously writing or procrastinating like usual (I am occasionally both). For those of you who don't know what [b]NaNoWriMo[/b] is, it's National Novel Writing Month. It takes place every November and you get the whole month to attempt to write a 50,000 word novel about whatever you feel like. There's also a [url="http://nanowrimo.org"]website[/url] for it. It's called a contest, but the only real prize is the satisfaction of accomplishing such a crazy goal. It can be
  11. I'm a teeny tiny bit of a writer so, I thought I'd share a little something that I just wrote that I'd love some feedback on. 5 Thoughts From 1 Where do I start when it comes to my thoughts of you... First thought: Your beautiful smile and how it lights a fire in my heart and urges me to press my lips against your own. Second thought: Your personality and how infectiously wonderful it it. It's like a warm glow of things so lovely and heart warming that I nearly never know what to do when I'm around you except be swept away. Third thought: You. Simply
  12. In October 2012, Marvel Comics began the Marvel NOW! event (to run until February 2013), where new writers and artists are launching new ongoing series (including some to re-use titles of earlier comic book series) as well as releasing new issues of still-running titles (namely [i]Avengers Assemble[/i], [i]Journey Into Mystery[/i] Vol. 1, and [i]Red She-Hulk[/i]) to focus on what's next for the Marvel Unvierse super-heroes in canon continuity since the Avengers Vs. X-Men event, including new sercret identities for classic heroes (ex: [i]The Superior Spider-Man[/i], to launch in January
  13. August 10, 2012 marks the 10th anniversary of Spider-Man's debut. Over the years, Marvel's most famous famous web-slinger has swung into action in comic books as well as in other forms of entertainment media. Fanboys and fangirls, as we celebrate Spidey's 50th anniversary, here is a thread where you can discuss your memories of the Spider-Man category of the Marvel Universe franchise. You can talk of things like favorite moments and battles in the Spidey comics and graphic novels, how you got into Spider-Man in the first place, the merchandise you collect (examples: statuettes,
  14. [FONT="Tahoma"]Now I know there is a thread like this in the Anime Central, but what about those of us who don?t really read or watch much anime? We need a thread for regular reading! I looked and didn?t see anything like that here in the Anthology so I figured I should start one. >_> Though if there is a thread and I missed it? you can just fix it right Sir Allamorph? Anyway, I?ll start with a book I?m currently reading or rather re-reading since it?s been a while. And that would be [B]Her Majesty?s Wizard[/B] by [I]Christopher Stasheff. [/I] Now borrowing from wiki since I?m lazy?
  15. [i][font=times new roman, times, serif]As a break from the constant DJ'ing that I've gotten myself caught up in for the last two weeks... I decided to write a bit of fiction that was spawned from listening to [url="http://soundcloud.com/theglitchmob/between-two-points-feat-swan"]a tune[/url] from one of my favourite band's records. I ran with the theme of the lyrics mostly, and this is the result. Hope you guys enjoy this one.[/font][/i] [i][font=times new roman, times, serif]______________________[/font][/i] [font=times new roman, times, serif] The doctor stared at the
  16. Holla~ I decided it would be a great plan for us to make a list of books and things you would recommend to anybody who's cool enough to read them. Lately I've spent time catching up on great reads, and I still have a ways to go, but now I have to work mostly with classics that pretty much everybody knows. Which is great, but I'd like to have people's opinions of what they think are great novels, so I - and anybody who's looking for a great read - can go by your judgement picking out my next buy! So basically, time to make a list of written work that you people thi
  17. Alright, this is about 90% curiosity at this point as this series of books is both obscure and widely known. It never ceases to amaze me who actually knows these books, so I want to know who actually knows about this series and what you think.
  18. [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]An idea I've been toying with. It's like one of those text-based adventure games. Or a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Basically, you all input commands after each segment. This will be useful because I can be spontaneous and stupid, which takes less planning and effort, plus I can make it as long or short as I want. Anyway...[/font] [FONT="Fixedsys"][CENTER][I]You wake up in a DUNGEON. A quick glance at your surroundings reveals a SHOVEL, a DIRT FLOOR, an ESCAPE TUNNEL BLUEPRINT, and some SKITTLES.[/I][/CENTER] [B]> Dig out[/B] [CENTER][I]With what, your hands?
  19. Here's a forum thread where you can discuss your thoughts so far about Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man of Earth-1610 (also known as the "Ultimate Marvel Universe" and the "Ultimate Comics Universe"). For those of you disappointed about the demise of Ultimate Marvel's Peter Parker in the comics, at least be happy that Ultimate Marvel isn't the mainstream Marvel Universe (Earth-616), whose Peter Parker is still not only alive and well, but also continuing his adventures as Spider-Man. Although I don't usually read Ultimate Marvel titles because I normally
  20. Hey there you everyone. I just thought of how unfair it is that some of your greatest writing might be in an RP that is only read by a tiny bit of the OB community. I decided it was a wonderful idea to post the work you're proudest of in a certain place for the whole world to see! Basically, just post anything here ranging from entire RPs to just small quotes or even just an idea you have once had for an RP that was so awesome, you decide you want to share it. It's sort of like a shameless plug really, but I appreciate shameless plugs much. I liked the invention of tables fo
  21. So far, there has been a matter of controversy, regarding DC Comics' New 52 plan, which involves an attempt to revamp the image of the DC Universe for the modern readers while considering launching some new series, relaunching some already-established ones, and ending some already-established ones so as to have 52 titles running on an ongoing regular basis after August 2011. As a DC Comcis, fan, I feel the New 52 strategy is what the "DC Universe" franchise needs to boost things up in terms of appeal to a wide mainstream reading audience within North America, especially in a time
  22. Lost within my head, A thousand screams echo. Lost within myself, A river of tears flows. Why do I love When I cannot be loved? Why is my anguish all that people see When they look at me? Lost within with no light to follow for my own, I guide others to their light While I only wander through this world. Lost and screaming no one hears me. My tears unseen, My heart barred My eyes shadowed My soul burdened. What is this? I can see the goodness others do not, And light the way for them to follow. The path I walk alone. I walk my path, I walk alone Always a lea
  23. [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]Sequelitis? Maybe a touch, but I figured it's been nearly two years since the last version of OB's fun-sized fiction fest and it couldn't hurt to bring it back again. Firstly though let's get those pesky rules out of the way first. [indent][quote][font="Arial"][size="2"][B]The Challenge: [/B]Write a story in 55 words or less. Well, "or fewer," to be grammatically correct, but you knew what I meant. And ideally, it would be 55 words exactly, and we wouldn't have to worry about any of this indefin
  24. a stoic return to the lands of desire. the ashes, empty embers, of smooth emotion. polarity. threads. sewn. tight. bits and pieces, left like a puzzle, they trail on forever. -LF
  25. I'm feeling a little deserted whirlwind running through this section lately. So, awhile ago, we had the OB Prose competition by Allamorphamojo. It was an excellent little competition... which I didn't win (and forever cry at night from this painful experience) :p. But I thought maybe to liven things up, another competition could be run. Now, I'm normally real busy like, so I could probably do with some help :). Firstly, anyone interested in participating, post here. There'll be no standard acceptance criteria, just say "I'm in" or whatever. We'll probably p
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