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[b]Name:[/b] Anna Lynn --
[b]Age:[/b] 18 yo
[b]DOB:[/b] 11 September 1984
[b]Location: [/b]currently, Georgia..... the armpit of the U.S.
[b]One Word: [/b]bubbly. That's a funny word.
[b]No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word:[/b] analyticallysensitivelyoutgoinglyconfident. o-O
[b]Occupation:[/b] freelance therapist
[b]Color: [/b]blue. Beautiful blue.
[b]Food:[/b] celery. Right now, I am craving celery. What is WRONG with me?!
[b]Beverage:[/b] water............ okay, I must be dehydrated.
[b]Alter Ego: [/b]uhh..... heh.. :naughty: the 180 of my real personality.. The Alterest of alter egos.
[b]Dream Job:[/b] criminal psychologist, professional ballerina or dancer period, vocal percussionist in an a cappella group, and SNARE DRUMMER ON THE BLUE DEVILS..... alright, I'm becoming more and more impractical,... shutting up.
[b]Self-Proclaimed:[/b] Know-It-All
[b]Ethnicity: [/b]I am an Amercian.
[b]Extracurricular: [/b]Marching Band (snare drum), Dance team, Drama, those are the bigguns.
[b]Hobby: [/b]writing, singing (this is a new one), piano, drawing every now and then, .... stuffs.
[b]Dessert:[/b] watermelon........... ::ish very thirsty::
[b]Musician:[/b] Chad Sexton of 311
[b]Group:[/b]x_x Okay, here are a [i]few[/i]: 311, InsideOut, The Aquabats, Pipe Dream, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Jon Schmidt, and many.. many others.
[b]Mac or PC?[/b] :wigout:
[b]Nics: [/b]Sunshine :love2: that's my favorite..... ^_^;;
[b]Blog: [/b]no
[b]Home Page:[/b] nnoooope
[b]Religion: [/b]EM ........... Eastside Mormon :cool:
[b]Book: [/b]BOM (W00T!), The Good Earth, Memoirs of a Geisha, Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Poisonwood Bible, and others I can't think of.
[b]Collections: [/b]a rock collection and sea shell collection (I've had them since elementary school; I can't bring myself to get rid of them), movie ticket stubs, drums stuff, photos of friends (my dresser is COVERED with pictures in miniature frames) aaaand that's all I can think of at the moment.
[b]Sport: [/b]football, soccer
[b]Won't Eat: [/b]COCONUT!! :butthead: bleh
[b]TV Show: [/b]I don't really watch tv......... no, I never watch tv
[b]Words to live by:[/b] COMMUNICATION IS KEY
[b]Addicted to: [/b]back massages........ :luv: ohhh yeah, those rule
[b]Comic:[/b] ? Garfield?
[b]Movie: [/b]The Matrix

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[font=trebuchet ms][color=darkblue][B]Name:[/B] Carlos

[B]Age:[/B] 19, for a few more days.

[B]DOB:[/B] January 13, 1983

[B]Location:[/B] Boca Raton, Florida

[B]One Word:[/B] Love

[B]No, seriously, describe yourself in one word:[/B] Visionary

[B]Occupation:[/B] None. I'm a full-time college student.

[B]Color:[/B] Black

[B]Food:[/B] Cheeseburger

[B]Beverage:[/B] Cool Nestea

[B]Alter Ego: [/B] Spider-Man [img]http://www.rajahwwf.com/forum/images/smilies/shifty.gif[/img] (No, seriously.)

[B]Dream Job:[/B] President of Sony

[B]Self-Proclaimed:[/B] Good guy

[B]Ethnicity:[/B] Hispanic, though nobody can tell.

[B]Extracurricular:[/B] None, I think. o_O

[B]Hobby:[/B] Anything.

[B]Dessert:[/B] Snickers candy bar.

[B]Musician:[/B] None

[B]Group:[/B] Sublime and Savage Garden.

[B]Mac or PC?[/B] PC

[B]Nicks: [/B] Carlitos, Carlucho, Charlie, Tujares and its many variations.

[B]Blog:[/B] Eh?

[B]Home Page:[/B] None

[B]Religion:[/B] Catholic, though I am hardly religious.

[B]Book:[/B] X-Men: Mutant Empire trilogy

[B]Collections:[/B] Anime DVDs and video games. I used to collect comic books and baseball cards.

[B]Sport:[/B] Baseball, basketball, football (soccer/fĂștbol), wrestling, and just about anything else when interested.

[B]Won't Eat:[/B] Lentejas (I don't know what the English term is.)

[B]TV Show:[/B] [I]Maximum Exposure[/I], most anime shows, and most sitcoms.

[B]Words to live by:[/B] [i]Always follow your heart[/i], and [i]you'll never know until you try[/i].

[B]Addicted to:[/B] Knowledge

[B]Comic:[/B] Most MARVEL stuff, several manga, and lots of cartoon and anime shows. This question is too broad to answer specifically.

[B]Movie:[/B] Heat. There's nothing better.[/color][/font]

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[b]Name:[/b] Guess!
[b]Age:[/b] Telling people makes me seem different
[b]DOB:[/b] Read Above
[b]Location:[/b] California.
[b]One Word:[/b] Anyword? Hmm...torpid. lol
[b]No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word:[/b] Different
[b]Occupation:[/b] Boring. You wouldn't want to meet me.
[b]Color:[/b] Red or Black. Give or take a dosen. lol. Told you I was different.
[b]Food:[/b] Jack Cheese Enchiladas with Red Sauce and Refried Beans
[b]Beverage:[/b] Something that gives me energey. (ex. Soda )
[b]Alter Ego:[/b] Yami-HyperShadow
[b]Dream Job:[/b] A powerful position, where I can control the lives of unsuspecting people.
[b]Self-Proclaimed:[/b] King of Games
[b]Ethnicity:[/b] Irish, Italian
[b]Extracurricular:[/b] Nothing really...
[b]Hobby:[/b] Locking Keyholes, computers, dueling with cards as my Yami self, anything fun.
[b]Dessert:[/b] Hot-fudge Sundaes.
[b]Musician:[/b] As in singer? Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru.
[b]Group:[/b] Musical group? Two-Mix. (Its a group right?)
[b]Mac or PC?[/b] Mac
[b]Nics:[/b] If I say so, you'll know too much about me. Really.
[b]Blog:[/b] [url=www.hypershadow.blospot.com]Yes [/url]
[b]Home Page:[/b] Is a Blog a Homepage?
[b]Religion:[/b] Catholic
[b]Book:[/b] Havn't found my favorite.
[b]Collections:[/b] Beanie-Babies (I have a TON). Trading cards.
[b]Sport:[/b] Cross Country
[b]Won't Eat:[b] Green things...
[b]TV Show:[/b] Yu-Gi-Oh!
[b]Words to live by:[/b] "Live everday as your last, that way you have no regrets".
[b]Addicted to:[/b] Sugar. lol. Why did you expect?
[b]Comic:[/b] Calvin and Hobbes
[b]Movie:[/b] [i]Spirited Away[/i]

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Name: Jack
Age: 15
DOB: March 27th 1987
Location: Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
One Word: meh
Describe yourself in one word: crazy
Occupation: leach, student
Color: Aqua
Food: Pizza
Beverage: Coke? Milo, lots and lots of Milo
Alter Ego: jackers, crazy man, drummer boy, jesus chicken
Dream Job: Musician, Actor
Self-Proclaimed: hopeless-around-women-guy
Ethnicity: Australian, Irish, English
Extracurricular: Music
Hobby: music, song writing
Dessert: Choc ice cream
Musician: umm... me? Moby?
Group: Tool, radiohead, Coldplay, Smashing Pumpkins, RHCP
Mac or PC? PC
Nics (recent ones): jackers, crazy jack, jesus chicken
Blog: nay
Home Page: .[url]www.ozmusic-central.com[/url]
Religion: none
Book: Darksaber, Kevin J Anderson, star wars
Collects: CD's. People?
Won't Eat: chipmunk, or mushroom, whats the difference anyway??
TV Show: Simpsons, Futurama, CNNNN
Words to live by: WAH? Where are you taking me? Why am I in this handbasket???
Addicted to: Music, my freinds, and women
Comic: Far side, Calvin and Hobbes
Movie: Matrix, American Beauty, High Fidelity.

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Name: Ginny
Age: 12
DOB: 1/19/90
Location: Alpharetta,GA
One Word: huh?
No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word: annoying
Occupation: um....I....do...stuff.
Color: GREEN!
Food: ....meat
Beverage: Dr.Pepper
Alter Ego: Kevin Sun and Ryan Del Campo AND James Kim. All you stalkers, go and...STALK!
Dream Job: Animator
Self-Proclaimed: Loser
Ethnicity: Korean
Extracurricular: mmmm. cheese.
Hobby: Drawing, snowboarding, skiing
Dessert: ice cream
Musician: Tchaikovsky (Go him!)
Group: GooGooDolls, Utada Hikaru
Mac or PC? PC
Nics: Tada, Guinea Pig, loser, Shinji (don't ask)
Blog: Oh yeah! Blogs! ::nods head:: Yup...blogs.. mmhmm.. yup..hmm...yessiree. Uh huh. MMhmm....ehehe....
Home Page: don't have one
Religion: Presbetarion (can't even spell it...)
Book: Harry Potter Series, Of Mice and Men
Collections: postcards, mangas, cards
Sport: Snowboard, Ski, tennis, soccer
Won't Eat: Mushrooms and Avacadoes
TV Show: Invader ZIM
Words to live by: All the Little Children, eat grass! -Deanna, in an act of random insanity
Addicted to: anime, food!
Comic: Happy Noodle Boy
Movie: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Gangs of New York, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Akira

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Name: ........
DOB: ........
Age: ........
Location: California!
One Word: Cows.
No, Seriously describe yourself in one word:
Occupation: Well........er......ugh....um......yeah exactly.
Color: Dark. Lots of dark.
Drink: Well, I'd say Sobe.
Alter Ego: Shadow (FF3)
Dream Job: Ninja.
Self-Proclaimed: King of Chaos and Ruler of All Entropy.
Hobby: Computers, FF games Especially FF3, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, MageKnight, King of Fighters!
Dessert: Mint Chocolate Chip Shakes!
Musician: Nobuo Uematsu.
Mac or PC: PC
Won't eat: Asparagus.
Words to Live By: "I'm not Mister Thou! He's Mister Thou!" -Sabin (FF3)
Favorite Character: Mog, the fast-talking, human loving, SLAM-DANCING, Moogle. (Kupo!)
Addicted to: FF3! Wha'd ya expect.
Comic: Garfield.

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[color=deeppink][size=1]Hey Anna, you forgot a nickname! *CoughBoogerCough* :toothy: Anywho!

[b]Name:[/b] Tori, short for Kimberly Victoria
[b]Age:[/b] Seventeen! ^_^
[b]DOB:[/b] May 1st, 1985
[b]Location:[/b] Macon, Georgia.
[b]One Word:[/b] Beautiful. ;)
[b]No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word:[/b] Off.
[b]Occupation:[/b] Queen of Plushies.
[b]Color:[/b] PINK! I also like Red, too.
[b]Food:[/b] Subway
[b]Beverage:[/b] Mountain Dew, Orange Juice
[b]Alter Ego:[/b] Asuka Langley Soryu, Princess Zelda, Yurika Misumaru.
[b]Dream Job:[/b] Dancer, Artist.
[b]Self-Proclaimed: [/b]Goddess. ^_^
[b]Ethnicity:[/b] Mostly Scottish.
[b]Extracurricular:[/b] Dancing, Extemporaneous Speaking
[b]Hobby:[/b] Drawing, Anime, Manga, Music, etc.
[b]Dessert:[/b] Cheesecake!
[b]Musician:[/b] Billy Corgan.
[b]Group:[/b] Mindless Self Indulgence, A Perfect Circle, The Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Godsmack, etc.
[b]Mac or PC?[/b] PC.
[b]Nics:[/b] Asuki, Kasumi/Kass, Sailor Moon girl, etc.
[b]Blog:[/b] Check my sig.
[b]Home Page: [/b]Home of Adam's Angels. You better have visited, too.
[b]Religion: [/b]LDS *Mormon*
[b]Book:[/b] [i]The Courtship of Princess Leia[/i]
[b]Collections:[/b] Various Anime movies, Manga, Legolas merchandise, anime and videogame Action Figures, CDs.
[b]Sport:[/b] Competition Cheer or Competition Dance. Oh, Skateboarding, too.
[b]Won't Eat:[/b] Coconut, it's nasty. I don't like peppers, either.
[b]TV Show:[/b] That 70's Show (Although I never watch it) and Friends.
[b]Words to live by:[/b] Promote wildlife: Throw a party! (Heh, yeah right, I just saw that sticker stuck on my mom's filing cabinet across the room. :rolleyes: )
[b]Addicted to:[/b] Lipgloss, anything Cinnamin, Food.
[b]Comic:[/b] Paradise Kiss and Chobits. American: Fox Trot.
[b]Movie: [/b]The NeverEnding Story, Lord of the Rings, the Matrix, Star Wars, etc.

Man, that took long enough. People better read it.. :shifty:[/color][/size]

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Name: Willie
Age: 21
DOB: 2/22/81
Location: South Carolina USA
One Word: Nice
No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word: Real.
Occupation: Pimp. Nah, unemployed at the moment..
Color: Baby Blue and white(UNC Colors. ^_^)
Food: Ribs
Beverage: Water and Frappucino(French Vanilla).
Alter Ego: Big Willie-isms
Dream Job: Graphic Designer
Self-Proclaimed: Realest brotha alive.
Ethnicity: African-American
Extracurricular: Video games and graphic designing
Hobby: Music, graphic design, and chillin. ^_^
Dessert: Butter Pecon Ice Cream
Musician: Too many to name
Group: Too many to name
Mac or PC?: PC
Nics: Big Willie-isms, Da Ismatic 1, Infamous Lover, J-17, and Big Daddy.
Blog: Nah
Home Page: Comin back soon.
Religion: Christian
Book: "Why True Love Waits" by Josh McDowell
Collections: Transformers and GI Joe toys, anime videos(subbed and dubbed), and music(CD's, tapes, and records AKA Vinyl)
Sport: Basketball
Won't Eat: Raw Tomatoes
TV Show: Transformers(G-1 from the 80s), Yu Yu Hakusho, DBZ, and the Cosby Show
Words to live by: We all must die some day.
Addicted to: Candy
Comic: Boondocks
Movie: Friday

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Queen Asuka [/i]
[B][color=deeppink][size=1]Hey Anna, you forgot a nickname! *CoughBoogerCough* :toothy:[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE]


:twitch: I do NOT like that name...... of all things to call me...... :grumble:

Don't bring it up anymore pweese. :box:


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Name: K**** D****** Mc*****
Age: 14
DOB: 11/13/88
Location: North Carolina
One Word: nimrod
No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word: outsider
Occupation: Ametuer comic artist and storyboard creator.
Color: *Looks up* It's silver today
Food: Ramen Noodles
Beverage: Cheerwine
Alter Ego: Axel Nessron
Dream Job: Video Game Storyboard/Character Design
Self-Proclaimed: nerd
Ethnicity: Irish
Extracurricular: Video games and drawing
Hobby: Website, drawing, video games, Magic: the Gathering
Dessert: Cheesecake
Musician: unknown
Group: Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave
Mac or PC?: PC
Nics: Axel, Ax, Freak, "hey you"
Blog: none
Home Page: [url]http://cloudstrife9999.tripod.com/[/url] Omega Dynasty
Religion: Athiest and proud
Book: A Breach in the Watershed
Collections: Magic: The Gathering, buncha junk
Sport: Karate
Won't Eat: A lotta things
TV Show: Cowboy Bebop
Words to live by: If you have a gut-wrenching feeling, use the bathroom!
Addicted to: floors
Comic: The Punisher, my own- Space Squad
Movie: Unknown

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Name: Caitlin
Age: My lucky number
DOB: It's in my profile, but you aren't getting a year!
Location: The South
One Word: Cheerful
No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word: Unique...
Occupation: Playing Video Games!
Color: Pink and Black
Food: Pocky!
Dessert: None
Beverage: Diet Cherry Coke
Alter Ego: Raver Anzu
Dream Job: Either a Musician or an Artist
Ethnicity: I'm not quite sure...
Extracurricular: Sleep
Hobby: Writing Poetry and Stories, Playing DDR, Singing, Reading, Drawing, Surfing the Web
Musician: Yoko Kanno
Group: Daft Punk
Mac or PC? PC
Nics: Raver Anzu, Reija, Emi
Blog: Yes... [URL=http://kitsunerain.blogspot.com] Dynamite Rave [/URL]
Home Page: None
Religion: None
Book: Anne of Green Gables, Beast
Collections: Cards, Kawaii Stuff, Mp3s, anime videos and other stuff, etc.
Sport: Anything!
Won't Eat: Plastic
TV Show: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Words to live by: To make it in life, you must be like water, always ready to adapt.
Self-Proclaimed: DDR Queen
Addicted to: Anime and Manga
Comic: Comic- Lenore
Manga- Utena
Movie: Utena: Adolescence Rush

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Name: ******
Age: 18
DOB: 08/18/02
Location: *********, **********
One Word: Strategery
Describe yourself in one word: Demanding
Occupation: Applied for a few jobs, but no word yet
Color: Red
Food: Chicken Noodle Soup
Beverage: Cranberry Juice
Alter Ego: Timmy from [i]The Fairly Oddparents[/i] :p :p
Dream Job: Owner of a worldwide gourmet restaraunt chain
Self-Proclaimed: Egotistical Gundam Freak and Bond Fanatic :p
Ethnicity: Can't say
Extracurricular: Orchestra
Hobby: Nothing, really
Dessert: Frozen Cranberry Juice :p
Musician: None
Group: The Hives, Linkin Park
Mac or PC: PC
Nics: Gundaman, BondFanatic, The Smart One
Religion: Can't say
Book: None
Collections: None
Sport: Soccer
Won't Eat: Seafood
TV Show: Any Gundam show
Words to live by: I didn't ask for your opinion, so shut up.
Addicted to: Nothing
Comic: None
Movie: SW Ep II, CCA

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[COLOR=blue]Name: Daniel
Age: Fourteen
DOB: August 27, 1988
Location: Victoria, Australia
One Word: Moo?
Occupation: Student
Color: Green
Food: Chicken Parmagaina
Beverage: Baileys
Alter Ego: EvilCowGod
Dream Job: Pilot
Self-Proclaimed: Cow
Ethnicity: Australian/British/Scottish
Extracurricular: IT
Hobby: Programming/Hacking/Trojaning
Dessert: Spyder
Musician: Darren Hayes
Group: Linkin Park
Mac or PC? PC (All the way)
Nics: Evil/Cow/God/ :)
Blog: ?
Home Page: [url]www.evilcowgod.com[/url]
Religion: Muslim (JK :P)
Book: The Darwin Awards - Wendy Northcutt
Collections: Model Planes/Coped PS1 Games :D
Sport: Indoor Soccer
Won't Eat: Anything Green
TV Show: Scrubs
Words to live by: Stupid is as Stupid does.
Addicted to: Pie
Comic: The Simpsons, Futurama (Yes they were both made into comics)
Movie: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and 8 Mile.[/COLOR]

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Name: Dale
Age: sixteen
DOB: january 20th 1987
Location: lakenham norwich uk
One Word: bouncy
No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word: hyper
Occupation: im a paperboy
Color: blue
Food: enchiladas
Beverage: pure orange juice
Alter Ego: i kno im a boy but it would have ta be yumi omura from chobits, because she is hyper and bouncy, like me
Dream Job: computer gamnes programmer
Self-Proclaimed: the king of games
Ethnicity: 100% pure british
Extracurricular: um...none
Hobby: collecting yu gi oh cards and anime stuff
Dessert: choclate chip cookie dough ice cream
Musician: zack dallarocker
Group: rage agaist the machine
Mac or PC? pc
Nics: daz,elretardo
Blog: eh??
Home Page: dazissonic.0catch.com
Religion: none
Book:i dun hardly read
Collections: chobits comics, dvds, any other anime stuff i can get my hands on
Sport: um..extreme bulldog
Won't Eat: meat(im a vegetarian)
TV Show: easy, cowboy be bop or yu gi oh
Words to live by: 'i have no regrets, like all my family before me'
Addicted to: the internet
Comic: chobits
Movie: The end of evanglion

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Name: Nick
Age: 14
DOB: January 17, 1989
Location: Maryland
One Word:
No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word: Shy
Occupation: Student
Color: Red, Black, White, Blue
Food: Pizza
Beverage: Code Red Mountain Dew
Alter Ego:
Dream Job: Anime Artist
Self-Proclaimed: Quiet person, something like that
Ethnicity: English
Extracurricular: none
Hobby: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Dessert: Ice Cream
Musician: Eminem
Group: Linkin Park
Mac or PC? PC
Nics: Hey You
Blog: None
Home Page: None
Religion: None
Book: Harry Potter
Collections: Cards
Sport: None
Won't Eat: Spinach, Green Beans
TV Show: South Park, Invader Zim, almost any anime I see, Family Guy
Words to live by: no words
Addicted to: Caffine
Comic: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Movie: Don't know

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[Size=1][color=seagreen][i][b]Name:[/b] Chris
[b]Age:[/b] 19
[b]DOB:[/b] 03/22/84
[b]Location:[/b] Florida
[b]One Word:[/b] zwa?
[b]No, seriously. describe yourself in one word:[/b] mellow
[b]Occupation:[/b] BookSeller
[b]Color:[/b] Anything neon :demon:
[b]Food:[/b] Most anything that can be made in 5 minutes or less :rolleyes:
[b]Beverage:[/b] Any kinda fruit juice
[b]Alter Ego[/b] Kurama
[b]Dream Job:[/b] Zoologist
[b]Self-Proclaimed:[/b] Romantic
[b]Ethnicity:[/b] German/English
[b]Extracurricular:[/b] Meditate :sleep:
[b]Hobbies:[/b] Read manga and listen to music
[b]Dessert:[/b] Any candy i can get my hands on :naughty:
[b]Musician:[/b] John Mayer and Justin T.(Yes i confess i like his music...:blush: )
[b]Group[/b] MatchBox 20
[b]mac or Pc?[/b] Pc
[b]Nics:[/b] Arkz
[b]Blog:[/b] No
[b]Home Page:[/b] Nope...Wish i had the time and skills...:rolleyes:
[b]Religion:[/b] Catholic...I think :cross:
[b]Book:[/b] Too many to list :toothy:
[b]Collections:[/b] Comics and an pretty old Baseball card collection
[b]Sport:[/b] Mostly baseball...But i play pretty much any other kind too :D
[b]Won't Eat:[/b] Veggies
[b]T.V. Show:[/b] Futurama and Family Guy
[b]Words to live by:[/b] Nothings coming to mind right this sec... :demon:
[b]Addicted to:[/b] Love :love: (withdrawl is hell too :drunk: )
[b]Comic:[/b] Chobits and Kare Kano
[b]Movie:[/b] Aliens and Matrix

Oh and thats freaky wierd transtic...Your EXACTLY one year older then me...we have the same name...and live in the same state...SPOOOKY :p [/i][/color][/size]

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Name: Renee Hagee
Age: 14
DOB: 4/16/89
Location: Salisbury, NC, USA
One Word: FISH (Inside joke... Real inside)
Describe yourself in one word: Hyper
Occupation: Student; Scaring people (no really!)
Color: Black
Food: Sour Cream & Onion Chips
Beverage: Dr. Pepper or Dr. Enuff (No, it's nothing like Dr. Pepper. It's like a herbal Mountain Dew that is 50 or so grams of Pure Cane Sugar)
Alter Ego: Blackgatomon
Dream Job: Video Game Designer (Squaresoft Employee)
Self-Proclaimed: Insane Person Girl
Ethnicity: German, Scotch-Irish, English
Extracurricular: Soccer
Hobby: Music, writing, soccer
Dessert: Sour Cream & Onion Chips
Musician: Mr. Lunt and Larry the Cucumber... KIDDING! Actually, I'm an Elvis fan
Group: Beatles; Beachboys
Mac or PC?: PC
Blog: No
Home Page: None
Religion: Christian
Book: White Fang, By Jack London
Collections: Shonen Jump, Random Magazines, Manga, Yu-Gi-oh! Cards, stuffed animals, Lilo & Stitch
Sport: Soccer
Won't Eat: Greens and Pintos (Yech!)
TV Show: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Words to live by: Ohana!
Addicted to: Marik Ishtar (YGO) and Sephirtoh (FFVII)
Comic: Bob and George, Calvin and Hobbes, Megatokyo, YGO Manga, Yu Yu Hakosho Manga
Movie: Lilo & Stitch
Video Game: Final Fantasy VII (PS1); Animal Crossing(GC); Digimon World(PS1); Dragon Warrior Monsters II(GBC); and Crono Cross (PS1)

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[B]Name: [/B] Matt
[B]Age: [/B] 13
[B]DOB: [/B] 4/2/90
[B]Location: [/B] Some small town you've never heard of.
[B]One Word: [/B] Murderous
[B]No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word: Destructive ;)
[B]Occupation: [/B] Killing anything with relation to Ovaltine.
[B]Color: [/B] Blue
[B]Food: [/B] Pizza
[B]Beverage: [/B] Mountain Dew Code Red
[B]Alter Ego: [/B] Clowmet
[B]Dream Job: [/B] Game Designer. Boltai=cool games.
[B]Self-Proclaimed: [/B] ugliest person in the world
[B]Ethnicity: [/B] Clowmet
[B]Extracurricular: [/B] Drawings, art.
[B]Hobby: [/B] Video Games, my GBA, drawing, GBA....
[B]Dessert: [/B] Ice cream!
[B]Musician: [/B] None
[B]Group: [/B] Sum 41
[B]Mac or PC?[/B] PC
[B]Nics: [/B] Up yours, Screw you, the list goes on....
[B]Blog: [/B]nope.
[B]Religion: [/B] Christian
[B]Book: [/B] Bart Simpson's guide to life
[B]Collections: [/B] GBA games
[B]Sport: [/B] Madden
[B]Won't Eat: [/B] Spaghetti
[B]TV Show: [/B] Everything on FOX.
[B]Words to live by:[/B] What does this button do?
[B]Addicted to: [/B] My GBA.
[B]Comic: [/B] Fox Trot, BAby Blues, Dilbert...
[B]Movie: [/B] Liar Liar.

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Name: Dylan
Age: Seventeen
DOB: October 30, 1985
Location: CA
One Word: Frustrated
No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word: Debonair
Occupation: Student
Color: Blue
Food: Japenese
Beverage: Coffee, or Sperement Tea
Alter Ego: Change
Dream Job: Dr. or Evil
Self-Proclaimed: Nerd
Ethnicity: If it comes from Europe, and then some...
Extracurricular: Tennis, TFC, HL2 soon, Doom III soon
Hobby: Tennis
Dessert: Anything
Musician: John Lennon
Group: Beatles, Zeppilin, Doors
Mac or PC? PC
Nics: Change
Blog: No
Home Page: None
Religion: Athiest
Book: Currently too many to count (Shakespear, Ellison, Joyce, Conrad)
Collections: Scars of stupidity
Sport: Tennis
Won't Eat: Not sure...
TV Show: MXC, Futurama, Simpsons, Sealab 2020, Anime
Words to live by: "Say you want a revolution..."
Addicted to: Gum, Mints, Adult Film SOund Tracks
Comic: Doonsbury, The Boondocks, Bloom County, Outland, Dilbert
Movie: Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop My Worrying and Love the Bomb

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I think it will be pretty interesting so see how I've changed since back in November, heh. Lesee here..

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Syk3 [/i]
[B][B]Name: [/B] [SIZE=1]Greg [/SIZE]
[B]Age: [/B] [SIZE=1]Fifteen[/SIZE]
[B]DOB: [/B] [SIZE=1]September 19, 1987[/SIZE]
[B]Location: [/B] [SIZE=1]Huntingtown, Maryland, USA[/SIZE]
[B]One Word: [/B] [SIZE=1]Bling[/SIZE]
[B]No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word: [/B] [SIZE=1]Lazy[/SIZE]
[B]Occupation: [/B] [SIZE=1]Unemployed [/SIZE]
[B]Color: [/B] [SIZE=1][color=orangered]Orange[/color][/SIZE]
[B]Food: [/B] [SIZE=1]Pizza[/SIZE]
[B]Beverage: [/B] [SIZE=1]Pepsi[/SIZE]
[B]Alter Ego: [/B] [SIZE=1]Vicious[/SIZE]
[B]Dream Job: [/B] [SIZE=1]Anime Writer[/SIZE]
[B]Self-Proclaimed: [/B] [SIZE=1]Dork[/SIZE]
[B]Ethnicity: [/B] [SIZE=1]German, Irish, and probably more [/SIZE]
[B]Extracurricular: [/B] [SIZE=1]Soccer [/SIZE]
[B]Hobby: [/B] [SIZE=1]Soccer, Video Games, Anime, Computer/Internet [/SIZE]
[B]Dessert: [/B] [SIZE=1]Cheese Cake [/SIZE]
[B]Musician: [/B] [SIZE=1]Yoko Kanno[/SIZE]
[B]Group: [/B] [SIZE=1]What?[/SIZE]
[B]Mac or PC?[/B] [SIZE=1]No, wait, you didn't answer my last question![/SIZE]
[B]Nics: [/B] [SIZE=1]What are you doing?![/SIZE]
[B]Blog: [/B] [SIZE=1]Can you even hear me?![/SIZE]
[B]Home Page: [/B] [SIZE=1][url=http://www.theOtaku.com/cowboybebop]theOtaku.com: Cowboy Bebop[/url][/SIZE]
[B]Religion: [/B] [SIZE=1]Methodist [/SIZE]
[B]Book: [/B] [SIZE=1][i]Nathan's Run[/i], by John Gilstrap[/SIZE]
[B]Collections: [/B] [SIZE=1]Anime...ok, not really[/SIZE]
[B]Sport: [/B] [SIZE=1]Soccer [/SIZE]
[B]Won't Eat: [/B] [SIZE=1]Achovies [/SIZE]
[B]TV Show: [/B] [SIZE=1]Cowboy Bebop[/SIZE]
[B]Words to live by:[/B] [SIZE=1]A fight is won [b]before[/b] it's fought.[/SIZE]
[B]Addicted to: [/B] [SIZE=1]Cowboy Bebop[/SIZE]
[B]Comic: [/B] [SIZE=1]Uhh...Manga? Let's just leave it at that ;)[/SIZE]
[B]Movie: [/B] [SIZE=1][i]The Matrix[/i] [/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE]

[B]Name: [/B] [SIZE=1]Greg [/SIZE]
[B]Age: [/B] [SIZE=1]Fifteen[/SIZE]
[B]DOB: [/B] [SIZE=1]September 19, 1987[/SIZE]
[B]Location: [/B] [SIZE=1]Huntingtown, Maryland, USA[/SIZE]
[B]One Word: [/B] [SIZE=1]Ai..[/SIZE]
[B]No, seriously. Describe yourself in one word: [/B] [SIZE=1]Shy[/SIZE]
[B]Occupation: [/B] [SIZE=1]theOtaku.com editor, OtakuBoards Category Mod[/SIZE]
[B]Color: [/B] [SIZE=1][color=orangered]Orange[/color][/SIZE]
[B]Food: [/B] [SIZE=1]Bacon Cheese Burger[/SIZE]
[B]Beverage: [/B] [SIZE=1]Sherly Temple[/SIZE]
[B]Alter Ego: [/B] [SIZE=1]Keitaro Urashima[/SIZE]
[B]Dream Job: [/B] [SIZE=1]Website developer[/SIZE]
[B]Self-Proclaimed: [/B] [SIZE=1]Aime-freak[/SIZE]
[B]Ethnicity: [/B] [SIZE=1]English, German, Irish, and probably more [/SIZE]
[B]Extracurricular: [/B] [SIZE=1]None[/SIZE]
[B]Hobby: [/B] [SIZE=1]Video Games, Anime, Computers, Soccer[/SIZE]
[B]Dessert: [/B] [SIZE=1]Cheese Cake[/SIZE]
[B]Musician: [/B] [SIZE=1]Yoko Kanno[/SIZE]
[B]Group: [/B] [SIZE=1]Linkin Park[/SIZE]
[B]Mac or PC?[/B] [SIZE=1]PC[/SIZE]
[B]Nics: [/B] [SIZE=1]Quiet Boy, sky, Syk3[/SIZE]
[B]Blog: [/B] [SIZE=1]*points to sig* I rarely update though[/SIZE]
[B]Home Page: [/B] [SIZE=1][url=http://www.theOtaku.com/]theOtaku.com[/url][/SIZE]
[B]Religion: [/B] [SIZE=1]Christian, Methodist [/SIZE]
[B]Book: [/B] [SIZE=1][i]Nathan's Run[/i], by John Gilstrap[/SIZE]
[B]Collections: [/B] [SIZE=1]Goosebumps[/SIZE]
[B]Sport: [/B] [SIZE=1]Soccer[/SIZE]
[B]Won't Eat: [/B] [SIZE=1]Crap[/SIZE]
[B]TV Show: [/B] [SIZE=1]Family Guy[/SIZE]
[B]Words to live by:[/B] [SIZE=1]Cool beans[/SIZE]
[B]Addicted to: [/B] [SIZE=1]Cowboy Bebop[/SIZE]
[B]Comic: [/B] [SIZE=1]Calivin and Hobbes[/SIZE]
[B]Movie: [/B] [SIZE=1][i]The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers[/i] [/SIZE]

I think I changed a lot, heh.

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[color=ff00cc] [size=1]*does same*[/color] [/size]

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Juuthena [/i]
[B][color=deeppink] [size=1]w00t! I'm freeeeeeee~! ^.^

Name: Dyne Juuthena Seo
Age: 13
DOB: May 3, 1989
Location: San Francsico
One Word: Marshmellow! ^.^
No seriously: Optimistic
Occupation: Student (poor meee... T-T)
Color: Pink!!
Food: Marshmellows!! no really... Tonkastu
Beverage: Ramune
Alter Ego: Athena Asamiya
Deam job: Director! ...or Actress
Self proclaimed: Ditz >.>
Ethincity: Korean
Extracurricular: Drama assistant, Dance choreographer, and Choir.
Hobby: Dance, writing, singing, and hanging around the otakuboards! (yes, I have no life)
Dessert: Cookies/marshmellows/green tea ice cream
Musician: Amuro Nami/Eminem/Shakira/Michelle Branch/BoA
Group: Linkin Park, S.E.S., and F'nkl.
Mac or PC: PC
Nicks: Juu, Juujuubee, angel, luna (in koeran by parents), and Kei.
Blog: ...what is a blog??
Homepage: under construction!! ^_^
Religon: Christian, but hasn't gone to church in years...
Book: Island of the Blue Dolphins, Where the Red Fern Grows, and Harry potter-the prisioner of abzkaban.
Collections: Anime plushies! Ramune soda candy.
Sport: Dance, soccer, tae kwon do-taught by dad until 9.
Won't Eat: Seafood and cheese
T.V. Show: Cowboy Bebop, and Psycho Soldier Athena.
Words to Live by: Life's like a big marshmellow, big, fluffy, and sweet!
Addicted to: Marshmellows!
Comic: Psycho Soldier Athena manga.
Movie: ...where do I start? ^^;;;;[/color] [/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=ff00cc] [size=1][b]Name:[/b] Dyne Juuthena Seo
[b]Age:[/b] 14
[b]DOB:[/b] May 3, 1989
[b]Location:[/b] San Francsico
[b]One Word:[/b] Marshmellow! ^.^
[b]No seriously:[/b] Optimistic
[b]Occupation:[/b] Summer Job: Arcade Ticket Person...
[b]Color:[/b] Pink!!
[b]Food:[/b] Strawberry flavored marshmellows. *nods*
[b]Beverage:[/b] Almost any clear soda..
[b]Alter Ego:[/b] Dyne. (More evil)
[b]Dream job:[/b] Actress. ^ .^
[b]Self proclaimed:[/b] Ditz. (still)
[b]Ethincity:[/b] Korean
[b]Extracurricular:[/b] Drama, Dance.
[b]Hobby:[/b] Dancing, Acting, Writing, Chatting, and Otakuboards!
[b]Dessert:[/b] Marshmellows, Strawberry Bon-Bons
[b]Musician:[/b] Amy Lee (Evanescence), Shakira, BoA
[b]Group:[/b] Kittie, Linkin Park, Smashing Pumpkins
[b]Mac or PC:[/b] PC
[b]Nicks:[/b] Juu, JuuJuubee, luna (in koeran by parents), and Dyne.
[b]Blog:[/b] [url]http://juuthena.blogspot.com[/url]
[b]Homepage:[/b] [url=http://www.theotaku.com/chat.shtml]TheOtaku Chat[/url], [url=http://otakuboards.com]OtakuBoards[/url]
[b]Religon:[/b] None
[b]Book:[/b] Bridge to Terebithia, Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
[b]Collections:[/b] Plushies, Legolas/Orli Posters, Gap Gift Cards
[b]Sport:[/b] Dance, soccer, tae kwon do
[b]Won't Eat:[/b] Seafood and cheese
[b]T.V. Show:[/b] Boy Meets World, All Access. *runs*
[b]Words to Live by:[/b] Life's like a big marshmellow, big, fluffy, and sweet!
[b]Addicted to:[/b] Marshmellows, and Orlando Bloom~! ^ .^
[b]Comic:[/b] Psycho Soldier Athena manga.
[b]Movie:[/b] Lord of the Rings, X2, and Moulin Rouge. [/color] [/size]

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