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OtakuCards: The New TCG!

Dragon Warrior

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Ah yes. Another idea by me. But hopefully this one is good unlike my others (jk ^^). Anywho, it's a TCG (trading card game) where I take the community and make cards of them. For example, there'd be a card of myself and I'd choose up to 2 effects, a type, etc. That's all you must do to contribute.

[B]This is a warrior card layout. Basically warrior cards are your reinforcements. They have a name, description, magic type, type, up to 2 effects, Attack and Defense, a level, and a picture. An Equip card or ability card (like magic cards or something) have everything that warrior cards do minus the attack, defense, type and magic type.[/b]

Now then, if you want yourself as a card (and this is the only way OtakuCards will grow), just fill out this form, please. Yays!

Your card must consist of:

-Name (It'd be best if it was your username. That way people will know which card it resembles)
-Magic Type (There's fire, water, wind, thunder, dark, light, and earth)
-type (warrior, dragon, winged, beast, aqua, elemental, incognito, dead, sorcerer, rock, reptile, mech, big, plant, and plushie!)
-picture (you could use your avatar or upload a pic to me)
-up to 2 effects (effects as in special moves. Please do not make them EXTREMELY good. we do need a limit here)
-description (if you want to)

I will cover the levels and ATK/DEF. You just worry about that. Good? Good. Let's let's duel!

(I'll answer any questions that you have. Just PM me or post them here)

[B]SPECIAL: First 2 people who post their cards will get to be almighty (like, really strong cards!!!)[/B]
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*Someone summons james*

Ah crap.....he's an admin......you win......

Name Clowmet
Points to evatar
Ryoku blitz-A quick super-powered punch that sends opponents frying!
Anomalous Cataclysm-*Special Effect* Flip a coin 9 times. Add 100 att. pts. for every heads you get. Stop when you get 1 taile. If you get 9 heads, flip the coin once more. If it gets heads, add 1000 att.pts.

Name-Kendo Clowmet
Kendo Melee- Add 1000 pts for every clowmet card on the field
Kendo Defense-Flip a coin. If heads, the monster who sent the last attack is destroyed.

Blader Clowmet
Titan's Journey-If your opponent attacks first, this Otaku get 1000 more atk.
Blader, clowmet style-get 1000 more atk. pts. For everk Kendo clowmet & clowmet you have on the field.
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Ok now I'm painfully confused. Feel free to force feed me the changes needed. --;

[b]-Name[/b] liamc2

[b]-Magic Type[/b] Dark [i]God[/i]

[b]-type[/b] Dead

[b]-picture[/b] Use the Avatar, its suits ^^

[b]-up to 2 effects[/b]

Dark Gift (+[size=1][/size] Attack and Defence to selected card, cannot use on self)

Dark Ray (Beam of concentrated dark hurty energy)

[b]-description[/b] The liamc2 card is a one of a kind card. liamc2 was originally the head of [b]E.L.I.[/b] until he woke up one day and realised he was one of the undead, now he runs around spreading darkness.

[size=1][i]Associated Cards:[/i] miniLiam (When both cards come into play, double the attack and defense of both cards. Note: miniLiam will become unblockable to creatures of greater powers).[/size]
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[color=#507AAC]Hm, interesting concept. Wouldn't it be cool to have cards of everyone here? ~_^

Name: James
Magic Type: Light
Type: Sorcerer (you could include Administrator here, you know ;))
Picture: Err...TBA.
Effect One: IP Ban
Effect Two: Status Change


Only thing is, is this in the right forum? Hm...it's not really an RPG as such. So I'm not sure.[/color]
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Heh. Thanks you guys. Clowmet and liamc2 have been made into Gods or somethin ^^ James is just all-powerful anyways. Haha. And may I ask, what is a TBA?

And I was wondering the same thing about where it should go. It's not an RPG, it has graphics, but it's more of a community thing. So I threw it here ^^
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Oh. Thanks, clowmet. Also people, some have got this confused. When your effect messes with attack and defense, atk and def range from 100 to 10000. Your gonna want to make it so it subtracts attack and defense by an even amount. Plus, the card with the higher attack or defense wins. But there are always effects ;)
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GAVERS!!! Why diden't you tell me about this... And yes I just called you gavers infront of people...

Name: Siren
Magic Type: Shadow
Type: Vampire
Picture: *points down* The girl in the banner!
Effect One: Well... I bite...
Effect Two: And erm... I command the shadows!!! *makes Liams shadow bite him in the butt*
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Name: HyperShadow
Magic: Dark
Type: Sorceror
Pic: My Avi. But thats a whole other thing...
Effects and abilities:
1) Maelstrom - Do damage to all thing son the field, including self and increase atatck by 300, for one turn.
2) Summon - Special Effect - Summon a monster to the field. For one turn only.
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[color=deeppink] [size=1]ooo intresting. ^ .^

[b]Name:[/b] Juu-Lia (Juu and Celia)

[b]Magic Type:[/b] Wind (..no cookies. T-T)

[b]Type:[/b] Sorceress-ss

[b]Picture:[/b] Attatchment...

[b]Effect One:[/b] Marshmellow Toss

[b]Effect Two:[/b] Cookie Cresent[/color] [/size]
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[color=indigo]*looks over thread* Sure, what the heck, I'll give it a shot.

[b]Name:[/b] Desbreko
[b]Magic Type:[/b] Light
[b]Type:[/b] Warrior
[b]Picture:[/b] [url]http://www.desbreko.netfirms.com/Misc/Desbreko-Link.jpg[/url]
[b]Effect 1:[/b] Sword Slash - A powerful slash from the Master Sword, inflicting heavy damage
[b]Effect 2:[/b] Light Arrow - A long range attack that blasts the target with pure magical energy
[b]Description:[/b] Desbreko, the great Zelda Lore Master, weilds the legendary Master Sword along with a Bow & Arrow equiped with Light Arrows, making him a formidable opponent at both close and long range.[/color]
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Name:[/b] AJeh
[b]Magic Type:[/b] Water
[b]Type:[/b] Warrior
[b]Picture:[/b] Avatar ^_^
[b]Effect 1:[/b] Crosscut
[b]Effect 2:[/b] Squirt Paint
AJeh would be in every way Zackish, and so, much more cooler and funner than Cloud. He can squirt paint at you; and temporarily blind you. Beware the child. o_O[/size]
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Name: Flora

Magic Type: Fire

Type: Wanderer

Effect One: Lonely Stare (Lower Defense Power by 200 for each Flora on the field)

Effect Two: Gargantuan Flare (Higher attack power by 300 for each Flora on the field)

Picture: [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=337764]Flora[/URL]

Discription: She wanders alone.... with oen attack the more there are of her shes stronger then it lowers the other attack as well. Overwieght and uses it to her advantage

This sounds.... very... strange
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-Name- Defcon5

-Magic Type- Dark

-type- incognito

-picture- a question mark

-up to 2 effects-

1.Ambush-Flip a coin if heads this attack does 900 damage and your oppent may not attack this card next turn. If tails this attack does nothing.

2.Second Chance-If your opponent attacked you last turn and did damage, you may have a second filp of the coin if you use Ambush this turn.

-description- Defcon5 is not seen very often. Few know much or anything about him. On and off the boards.
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Hehe, neat thread. I will keep cards of everyone tucked in sheets of plastic in a binder. The CWB rookie card will be invaluable.

[b]Name:[/b] Crazy White Boy

[b]Magic Type:[/b] Light

[b]Type[/b]: Great White Frying Pan Man

[b]Picture:[/b] [img]http://otakuboards.com/avatar.php?userid=101&dateline=1041369889[/img]

[b]Effect One:[/b] The Hammer/Fying pan Blast combo deluxe

[b]Effect Two:[/b] Too much Chinese food!

[b]Description:[/b] The original OtakuBoards legend. Crazy White Boy is a rare breed of man, combining both dashing good looks with modesty. He manages to make countless ambiguous sexual references about his hammer, while serving as the official OB party host and everyone's hero.
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[color=crimson]Not really fair Gavin, to those that werent around all day. Oh well.

[b]Name[/b]: DeathKnight [Ken]

[b]Magic Type[/b]: Dark

[b]Type[/b]: Bored Teenage Warrior

[b]Picture[/b]: Ava.

[b]Effect One[/b]- ChainSaw of Damnation Attack

[b]Effect Two[/b]- Metamorph 'V4' - Tranforms 'DeathKnight' card into 'DeathKnight V4', raising his def by 450 and atk by 250 , and changeing his magic type to 'Mech'. Basically, like a whole new card.

[b]Description[/b]: *Sneezes.*


[b]Name[/b]: Mini-Ken

[b]Magic Type[/b]: Fire

[b]Type[/b]: Plushie Warrior

[b]Picture[/b]:[url=http://deathknightv4.netfirms.com/poedminiken.jpg]PO'ed MiniKen[/url]

[b]Effect One[/b]- Seering Rage - Drastically increases attack by 525 for 3 turns- however, when the 3 turns are up, a rest period of 2 turns are needed before card can be used again.

[b]Effect Two[/b]- Queen's Bodyguard - Causes Defense to increase 250 intill card is off the playing area.

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[b]Name:[/b] Endymion
[b]Magic Type:[/b] Water
[b]Type:[/b] Sorcerer
[b]Picture:[/b] [Attached Below]
[b]Effect 1:[/b] Perfect Storm
[b]Effect 2:[/b] Cascade -- Wall of water. Doubles defense
[b]Description:[/b] Endymion is a young boy and an avid self-taught student of the magical arts. Armed with a relic known as the Mercury Staff, Endy searches for a teacher who will release his hidden potential.
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Well, thank you for all the cards people. I'll be very busy when I get home O.o I'll try to get most of them done. But I am sorry about some of you. The ones that chose animated avatars, I cannot use them. They need to be a plain picture. If you could change them please, that'd be great. Also, if you made more than one card, I'll have to make your first one for now. Once I get everyone else that has signed up done, then I'll work on your others. Good? Good ^^
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[color=red][b]-Name:[/b] Mitch, but anything ya name meh, please, not [b]Smitch[/b]...James goes crazy when he calls meh that V_V
[b]Magic[/b] Dark
[b]type:[/b] Dragon :)
[b]picture:[/b] Use my Avatar.
[b]Effect one:[/b] Poetic Justice
[b]Effect two:[/b] Super Hammer Smack In The Head Very Hard Until It Really Hurts A Lot Super Ultra Justice Smack (Justiced Hammer).
[b]description:[/b] I am a [i]cow[/i]. Moo.

[size=1][Special Moderator Additive]Me and Juu=Deja Moo. (Which means if you combine me and Juu together you get Deja Moo :p)[Another Additive] Can be also combined with Crazy White Boy, becoming [i]The Hammer Bros.[/i] (By the way, you don't need to put these in, but it'd be cool :))[/size][/color]

[color=red][b]Name:[/b] Deja Moo (Mitch+Juu)
[b]Magic Type:[/b] Half Dark, Half Wind.
[b]Type:[/b]Dragon Sorcereress
[b]Picture:[/b] Half my avatar, half Juu's.
[b]Effect one:[/b] Marshmellow hammer.
[b]Effect two:[/b] Photophonic Destruct Marshmellow Cookie Smash.
[b]Decription:[/b] Seemingly created when Mitch and Juu mysteriously Deja Mooed one another--it has come from the depths of their arguments and happiness to rid the entire world of its milk supply.

[Will add [i]Hammer Bros.[/i] soon][/color]
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