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Anime Stereotype High School


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[color=darkblue]Anime Stereotype High School

Welcome to Tokyo High School, where hundreds of students go to learn and develop into successful young adults. The teachers are friendly, the principal is strict, and the students are wild. But there is more to this school than meets the eye: some students have special gifts and abilities that have been given to them for a number of mysterious and special reasons. Some are protectors of Tokyo High School, and others are its sworn enemies. A mysterious villain has arrived on campus, and he has threatened to destroy all of Tokyo High School! The greatest battle that High School has ever seen is about to take place, and it?s time to choose sides.

Anime Stereotype High School is an idea of mine in the same basic mold of Excel Saga. Every character is a parody of a popular anime stereotype, and this could lead to something really funny. You don?t necessarily have to know a lot about anime to join, you just need to be a good role-player with a strong sense of humor. The possibilities for making a character are nearly endless, but I would prefer that you don?t your character too powerful, that way things can be more interesting. Here are some examples for character creation:


Character Names(s): Pixie Queens!


Anime Stereotype: Magical Girl

Bio: Chad, Kamui and Ken were three regular high school football players until they came across a magical talking goose named Fred. Fred revealed to them that they were really the reincarnation of the Royal Pixie family, a lost civilization of magical pixies who were destroyed after a bulldozer destroyed their mystic flowers, which gave them their powers. Fred gave the three boys a magical flower, which gives them the ability to transform into the Pixie Queens.

Age: 16

Powers: The Pixie Queens can fly around and speak in very annoying, high-pitched voices. They fight evil with their magical wands, which have the power to destroy the enemy with ?Pixie Power?.

Sworn Enemy: People who destroy flowers.


Character Name: Hitori


Anime Stereotype: Beautiful Ronin

Bio: Hitori was raised by her father until he was killed by a band of ruthless ninjas. She then moved into her senei?s house where he trained her into the martial arts. One day Histori went to the store, and when she returned she discovered that her sensei had also been killed by a band of ruthless ninjas. Hitori vowed revenge, and renews her vow every time someone close to her is killed by a band of ruthless ninjas (which seems to be every day).

Age: 17

Powers: Years of training in the martial arts and a glowing blade of fire known as ?Ninja Cutter?.

Sworn Enemy: Ninjas (obviously)


Character Name: Robobo! (Piloted by Shiro Hunter)


Anime Stereotype: Mecha

Bio: Funded by a secret Japanese government organization, Robobo was constructed in order to protect Japan from an upcoming alien invasion during the 1970?s. However, the aliens never invaded and the government was left with a giant robot with no purpose. They sold it at auction to Shiro Hunter, a spoiled rich child who has a dream of becoming a hero. Shiro beings his robot with him everywhere; it hides underground until Shiro says a secret command word to summon it

Powers: Robobo has more weapons than all of Africa combined. Several thousand missiles are contained within it?s super-strong titanium armor, but it prefers to fight with an oversized energy sword. Robobo has the ability to fly using a jet pack, but the jet pack usually bursts into flames without warning.

Sworn Enemy: Evil stuff.


Ok. Here is what you need to have for your sign-up.

[b]- Character Name:
- Anime Stereotype:
- Bio:
- Powers:
- Sworn Enemy:[/b]

Hopefully this rpg will be a lot of fun, try to be creative with what kinds of characters you can make. I?ll start the rpg when I get a good amount of sign-ups.

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[b]Character Name:[/b]Orien Zel

[b]Anime Stereotype:[/b]Fantasy Sorcerer

[b]Bio:[/b]A young man, with a purpose, he is trying to find a way to destroy evil, while passing the SAT at the same time. He is desperatly studying and searching for this power at the same time.

[b]Powers:[/b]This guy can be powerful. Has a lot of magic, and uses it. He mainly foucuses on stuff like "fireball" and "ice javelin". He also has slim longsword, which he uses when he has too.

[b]Sworn Enemy:[/b] Evil beasties.[/color]
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Charcter Nmae: Strider Yuzuki


Anime Stereotype: Zanthropth(from Bloody Roar games.)

Bio: Said to be born on Mount olympus,the legadary Pheonix Orion was given to a god.Well,the gods missed,and Strider enherited the spirit.Why him,you ask.He doesen't know,but doesen't care!He is now one of the most powerful beings on the planet!In his sleep his told not to reavel his secret.Now his duty is to help protect
Tokyo High School!

Powers: Can change into a Pheonix. While chaged,can fly and control wind and fire.

Sworn Enemy: The unborn kight,Durran.
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Great idea, Shy ^_^

This will probably change- I wanted to get a sign up in. I hope it's okay.

EDIT: Third time lucky... -__-

[b]Character Name:[/b] Sabre Tremaine
[b]Anime Stereotype:[/b] Surly animal hybrid that hates humans
[b]Bio:[/b] Born on another planet some distance away, he was involved in a war which left him scarred for life. Having lost an eye, he managed to miscalculate his coordinates and landed on Earth. He despises humans, and is only at the High School for lack of anything better to do. He generally hangs around with other evil/nasty people.
[b]Powers:[/b] Has a large gun, and a really evil laugh.
[b]Sworn Enemy:[/b] Goody-goody humans.

Appearance: [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=340449]Sabre[/URL]
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HEE HEE! This will be mega fun!!
[b]Charactor Name:[/b]Omi Motokazu

[b]Anime stereotype:[/b] Evil Villain

[b]Bio:[/b] A young man about 16, he has grandiose plans for world domination. He comes up with about one a day, the problem being that he is thwarted by a pesky secret agent.(Cahr idea for someone, perhaps?)

[b]Powers:[/b] Genius mind, world wide evil orginization, innumerable goons, Evil laugh.

[b]Sworn Enemy:[/b]That pesky secret agent...I'll get him this time for sure!!
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[b]- Character Name:Mikael

- Anime Stereotype:Tokyo Street Racer

- Bio:A 17 year-old student who doesn't really like school.Street racing is one of his favorite hobbies next to beating the crap out of people.He owns an Lancer Evo VIII modified.He and a couple of friends were racing and came across a hole in the ground.Then a huge red narrow strip popped out and took Mikael with it.Soon nobody knew what happened.....

- Powers:Red Lightning

Black Hole

- Sworn Enemy:People who don't like street racing.[/b]
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Character Name: niomi mina
- Anime Stereotype: comedy relief/sidekick
- Bio: niomi lives in an aparment with her dog and her sister. they both go to the same school. shes the older of the two, shes 16 and her sister's 14. she's a bit clumsy when it comes to helping her friends, but they don't know that she works with the best of the best....or who ever asks her to help. she carries around a staff, because it looks cool, and her dog, yuu, waits out side of the school everyday.
- Powers: summon- she summons the spirit of a creature to someones body to help them fight. fang bite- with the help of Yuu, strikes out with a powerfull punch.
- Sworn Enemy: who ever doesn't like her.

this is my description picture thingy
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[color=red]- [b]Character Name:[/b] Vegetable
- [b]Anime Stereotype:[/b] Pride-ridden, egotistical jerk. A la DBZ.
- [b]Bio:[/b] Vegetable was born on the planet Cheese. He is a full-blooded Shavin'. His planet was destroyed by the all-powerful Freeze-Pop while he was sent off to planet Earth on a routine destruction. He then bumped his head and was taken in by his great grandpa Gohawk. Now he goes to highschool, planning to become stronger than his long-time enemy GoChew.
- [b]Powers:[/b] Has chi eneregy. Can fly for short amounts of time. His hair never needs to be cut, and always stands. He has a beard that doesn't grow due to being a full-blooded Shavin'.
- [b]Sworn Enemy:[/b] People that are stronger than him. Especially GoChew.[/color]
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Character Name: Guy Ban

Anime Stereotype: Likes doing crazy thing with friends and he's a fighter.

Bio: He's 17 and stays with his Step sister. He's all about good grades but he doesn't let people know about it. He show's his tough side to people. He's got kicked out a lot of school's because of his fighting. He tries to be the best in fighting and also his school work. But the side people haven't seen it his crazy side.

Powers: He has the power of the Shadow Skills. It's his power and fighting style.

Sworn Enemy: Anyone who wants to fight.
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Yay! ^_^

Name:[/b] Bebbieroth.
[b]Anime stereotype:[/b] Cold hearted evil fanboy bishy with long sword.
He wants to destroy the world, like all the other evil grey-haired guys before him. What's new?
Whenever it seems definite that you will have a violent and bloody encounter with him....expect to be battling his mother instead. Multiple times.
Oh... and he also likes to kill innocent girls from above with his sword... and burn down cities. He's heartless and cool, and he knows it. He even has a neat cape-coat thing to prove it.
[b]Powers:[/b] Advanced magic; slight mind control; sword that cuts through everything; mother that doesn't die; can burn villages good too.
[b]Sworn enemy:[/b] Anyone with a rivalling cool sword... and spikey haired kids..

Looks like Sephiroth, FFVII (below)
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[COLOR=purple][b]Character Name[/b]: Mestil

[b]Anime Stereotype[/b]: Goofy Protagonist.

[b]Bio[/b]: Mestil came to Tokyo High School two years ago, and instantly became known as the class clown. He would act like an idiot in the most serious of cases, and fall all over himself when he was supposed to do something... important!

But all this holds a dark past, and a secret that's been weighing him down for weeks now... someting involving a parrot, teeth, and his favorite kind of sock...

He wears a pair of red sweats all the time, and always wears a shabby looking jacket, with holey shirts, and his favorite supposed-to-be-white-but-not tennis shoes with the velcro fastens. And the curly no-tie shoelaces.

[b]Powers[/b]: Aside from being a yellow-tip in Karate, Mestil is also has a remedial telekenetic prowess. And he is the owner of the magic Duck Cane, the harbringer of cheese whiz.

[b]Enemy[/b]: His mysterious past... most of which will never be explained or revealed. Take that! Ha ha ha~
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[color=003399][b]Character Name:[/b] Could


[b]Anime Stereotype:[/b] Guy who tries to hide emotions, and acts confused a lot.

[b]Bio:[/b] A young guy who lives someone else's life... who's life? No one knows. No one cares. He usually tries to be the "strong, silent type", but his hate for people who try to control him, drives him to speak out.

[b]Powers:[/b] This guy has a huge sword, he can use some magic too. He's also really good at taking seizures.

[b]Sworn Enemy:[/b] Long-silver haired people... with long, cool swords.[/color]
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[size=1][b]- Character Name:[/b] Hana Morimoto
[b]- Anime Stereotype:[/b] Dizty intellectual girl.
[b]- Bio:[/b] Book-smart, pretty, shy, innocent, and a complete ignoramus to the ways of the real world. She's clumsy and cute, in a backwards sort of way. She has a crush, or possibly multiple crushes....or maybe she's just incapable of speaking to anyone of the opposite sex. :toothy: She probably has a close childhood friend that she'll end up falling in love with all over again. :p Any volunteers?
[b]- Powers:[/b] She's a weather witch. Heh. Rather inconvenient, really--she's not very good with control. Clumsy, remember?
[b]- Sworn Enemy:[/b] I dunno.... Leiko Tanaka, the [possibly arrogant] girl who's flirting with CF/C. [Childhood friend/crush] Anyone wanna use Leiko as a character? There's some fun potential there.

[Ooh, someone needs to be the AI being that's searching for his/her true purpose in life!!][/size]
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[color=#808080][b]Character Name:[/b] Jin Hazuro


[b]Anime Stereotype:[/b] Traditional Jock/Captain of the Soccer Team

[b]Bio:[/b] Jin has only been at Tokyo High School for a year. He's now in the senior class and, as you might guess, he's the object of nearly every schoolgirls' (and some schoolguy's) desire.

Of course, within the year he's spent at the high school, he has risen to the ranks of Soccer Captain for the Tokyo High "Maximum Aggressive Brown Bears". Under his leadership, the team has won several matches throughout Japan.

Despite Jin's outstanding sporting prowess, the same kind of successes cannot be found when it comes to study. Jin tries his best, but he's not the brightest of stars.

Jin is partial to tight shirts, anything western, funky "new youth rhythum movement style" music and styling combs.

[b]Powers:[/b] Jin is a successful martial artist (did you have any doubts?) and his skills with a soccer ball are both impressive as a sport as well as devistating off the field (when hit by a speeding ball in the face, that is).

[b]Sworn Enemy:[/b] Good sports players and people who don't like pool parties.[/color]
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[color=indigo][b]Character Name:[/b] Raifus Knil

[b]Anime Stereotype:[/b] Stupid Elf Boy

[b]Bio:[/b] Raifus is an elf, whom his parents adopted, and he has a strange obsession with wearing the color green. Though many wonder at his origins, no one asks, and no one tells, not even Raifus himself. And, being an elf, he has long, pointy ears, the tips of which stick up and out through his shoulder length, golden-brown hair. One can always tell when he's nervous or embarressed, because the tips of his ears turn red.

Almost always at a loss for words (especially when talking to pretty girls), he tends to be rather clumsy when around people (especially pretty girls). He kind of wants to talk and get to know people better (especially pretty girls), though he can never work up the nerve. Because of all this, he tends to usually come off as a rather idiotic person (yes, especially to pretty girls). His grades, however, are fairly average, so he's not actually all that stupid.

[b]Powers:[/b] The ability to destroy and kill things by accidentally falling over onto them, dropping things on them, and other unintentional foul-ups. He can never seem to do anything on purpose and have it work, yet when he doesn't mean to do something, it usually works for some unexplained reason.

[b]Sworn Enemy:[/b] Anything that's easy to trip over.[/color]
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[color=ff00cc] [size=1][b]Name:[/b] Athena Asamiya

[b]Anime Stereotype:[/b] Sweet/Lighthearted girl with psychic powers.

[b]Bio:[/b] Athena was born in Tokyo, and lived there for eight years. When she turned nine, her family moved to Hong Kong, China. She never felt very interested in schoolwork, and often dazed off during classes. When she was thirteen, Athena began singing more often, since she loved singing above most other things. One day, when she was walking down the busy streets of Hong Kong, she stopped to see four men fighting each other. One was a drunken old man, and the man beside him was younger. The older man was probably the yound man's mentor, while the other two were gansters. The two seemed to be having trouble against the gangsters, so she decided to help. After a few whir of quick punches and kicks, with the help of the younger man, the old master was pleased. He asked Athena to train under him, to learn and control psychic energy. The old man knew of her special potential, and began teaching her special techniques. Athena learned quickly, and began creating moves of her own style. After three years of training, she moved back to Tokyo, and went to High School there. She prefers not to show off her powers, and keeps quiet of her powers unless she needs to use them. Otherwise, she is very sweet and kind to others.

Psycho Blast

Crystal Bit

Chou Crystal Bit

[b]Sworn Enemy:[/b] Bullies and people who push other people around.


[img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=333565[/img][/color] [/size]
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[b]Character Name:[/b] Hiro MacLoveable-Takahashi

[b]Age:[/b] Supposedly in his late forties/early fifties, but he doesn't look it.


[b]Anime Stereotype:[/b] Hard-*** middle-aged guy with a heart of gold.

[b]Bio:[/b] Hiro is half Scottish, half Japanese. Although adept at fighting, piloting any form of vehicle with relative ease and 'getting the chicks', Hiro works at Tokyo High School as a Janitor. He may come off as surly and loud-mouthed, but deep down he's a big softy who everyone can relate to.

[b]Powers:[/b] Master of various forms of Bare-fist and Staff fighting. Can also make a mean haggis.

[b]Sworn Enemy:[/b] Those @#$%ing Kids who drop their @#$%ing litter every-@#$%ing-where!
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Great Idea! This is going to be sooo fun ^_^!

[b]Character Name:[/b] Shin Bangkai (known as Shin or Big Shin)

[b]Anime Stereotype:[/b] The Huge Muscular Guy/Attention Seeker.

[b]Bio:[/b] He always seems to be the one in the background flexing his muscles showing off. He is also the attention seeker, always lookig for the damned attention, although most of the time he doesn't seem to get it, it's usually that damned captain of the soccer team, he always gets the girls...:flaming:

[b]Powers:[/b] Very strong. Good Boxer and Street Brawler. He somtimes gets this electrical stuff fly out his hands...o_O. His special move is to get you in a head lock and tense his muscles until your head is crushed...

[b]Sworn Enemy:[/b] The guy who get's more attention than him...*cough* Soccer Captian *cough*

::EDIT:: I have decided to to change my look, since i found MUCH better pictures, so this will be Shin, except without the freaky tattoo...

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Character Names: Goon Dam

Anime Stereotype: Transforming Mecha


Bio: Goon Dam was made a war machine by the Japanese Government. However, during his construction he was given human emotions. Because of this, he was cast aside as a failure. He accidently reactivated by a curious young boy named Timmy. A search for knowledge and acceptance has led him to Tokyo High School.

Age: 5

Powers: He was given the ability to transofm into a fighter plane, tank, and battle ship. He is also outfitted with high tech weaponry such as lasers and missles, which can be fired from various parts of his body.

Sworn Enemy: The Government.
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[size=1]Heh. Great job on the sign-ups everyone, but there is still plenty of room for more possible characters.

[color=red]Warning: Not everyone who signed up for this will make it in. I want a fairly balanced group in terms of anime stereotypes and role-playing ability.[/color]

A few people have asked me for ideas on how to make a character. Here is a list of anime stereotypes that might give you some inspiration.

[*]The AI being that's searching for his/her true purpose in life
[*]The AI being who hates humanity because of how inferior they are.
[*]The teen who runs every club and organization on campus.
[*]The teacher who is old enough to teach, but not too old to date.
[*]The beautiful boy/girl who believes in peace, and their evil relative of some sort.
[*]Magical Girl parodies.
[*]The spy who works for a secret Japanese government organization.
[*]The kid who is always eating something.
[*]The brainy girl who falls in love with the "bad boy".
[*]The mysterious masked man who shows up at just the right time.
[*]Tokyo Street Racers.
[*]The seductress.
[*]Children's anime (Pokemon, Digimon, Medabots, etc.)

You get the idea. Some of the sign-ups in this rpg are really serious. Please try to remember that this is a comedy rpg. Direct rip-offs of anime / game characters are fun, but not if [i]everyone[/i] does that. Creative sign-ups are encouraged.

*walks away*

It has been less than 24 hours, so I'll keep sign-ups going for a while longer.

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- Character Name: Reiko (Rei) Motomiya
- Anime Stereotype: Popular cheerleader
- Bio: Rei thinks the world of herself, she beleives that make up, boys and cheerleading is the only life for her. She adores attention, and as a cheerleader, she gets a lot. Rei is fun to be with, and really loud.
- Powers: Telekenisis (lifting and moving stuff with ehr eyes)
- Sworn Enemy: Dorks. She can't stand them >_<[/size]
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[B]Character Name:[/B] [I]John or Mr. Brittain to his pupils[/I]

[B]Anime Stereotype:[/B] [I]Damn good looking male teacher who dates all the girls[/I]

[B]Bio:[/B] [I]John was raised by his unmarried father in the strip club in America which he owned. The women within it constantly made a fuss of John and he learned about ?the bird and the bees? when he was a small boy. He began to think of women as objects or tools for his own pleasure. For some reason he thought teaching would be an easy job and pursued it. Passing through most of University from money given to him by his father and the ?Dancing Girls? John passed all his exams and was given a certificate to prove that he was a Maths and Chemistry teacher. For some unknown reason John travelled to Tokyo to be a teacher because he also had a strange thought that the Japanese were easy. He has had numerous relationships with his pupils.[/I]

[B]Powers:[/B] [I]During a freak Gamma explosion John was given amazing super human strength and speed. He also has the power to get really angry. He has a key chain attached to his keys which says in bold white writing [B]I can go from 0 to Bítch in 2.5 seconds[/B][/I]

[B]Sworn Enemy:[/B] [I]The Stay Puff Marshmallow man. He was always scared of the pictures he saw of him as a boy.[/I]
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*Character Name: Timako Atasima

*Anime Sterotype: The kick*** seductress

*Bio: Tima, as she is mostly known, has led a hard life. Her parents died when she was five, leaving her and her pets with her grandmother to watch her. Since then, she's been mostly outspoken and looked up to no one but herself. Tima refuses to subdue herself to the "norm" of things and does everything [i]her[/i] way. In middle school, she "discovered" boys and hung out with a lot of playgirls, picking up many things from them. She had many admirers, but never once dated a guy. Tima loves to make popular girls jealous of her so she has a habit of hanging around with their boyfriends. All in all, she really wants someone who challenges her...

Powers: When Tima was 13, she and her aunt argued about her parents--which made her very angry. She unconciously threw a fireball at her aunt's chair, burning it up. Since then, she has perfected her elemental powers.

Sworn enemy: Popular girls...

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Haha okay this will be good.

Name: Xra (who else)

Anime Stereotype: Goofy Protaganist(sp)

Bio: Xra, a man(or bladian) that's always right by the leader of the group's side. He was always known to be a theif at times, and for his funky tophat. Though everyone treats him the same, he likes to treat himself as an individual.

Powers: When angered enough turns into a wolf like deamon (see banner) and when beaten up to a point, grows wings and incredible strength.

Sworn enemy: Birds, just birds. Likes wings, hates birds.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Juuthena [/i]
[B][color=ff00cc] [size=1]

Crystal Bit (Except it has blue orbs, like the ones in the picture spinning around.)

[/color] [/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

[b]You mean like this?[IMG]http://animegifs.free.fr/games/streetfighter/page3/streetfighter-11.gif[/IMG]

I hope it's right.[/b]
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