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[b]Note:[/b] Applications are strictly limited to the general public, so staff applications will not be accepted.


Do you crave adoration? Do you have a vivid imagination? Do you desire the envy of your fellow Otaku? Do you have a knack for creating metaphors, alliteration, and prose? If so, then you may have what it takes to become the first ever Otaku Idol!!!

This spring, OtakuBoards will be holding its first ever Otaku Idol contest. Like the TV show with a similar nomenclature, the contestants for Otaku Idol will be critiqued by a panel of judges, and eliminated by the public (in our case, the four thousand plus OB members). Unlike the popular reality show, the contestants will not be judged by their vocal capabilities (thank goodness), but, rather, for their creativity, skill, and dedication to the art of writing. Every week the contestants will be faced with a different writing exercise; one week they may be asked to write a simple Haiku, the next they may be challenged by a complex Shakespearean like sonnet (doubtful, but anything is possible). It will be their daunting task to put the proverbial pen to paper and create a work to please the masses.

I have enlisted the aide of two very fine writers to help me [Heaven's Cloud] judge the Otaku Idol contest: Sara, OtakuBoard?s one true cynic, and Mnelmoth, whose eloquent elocution is well respected throughout the boards.

?How do I become the first ever Otaku Idol, making me the most celebrated member of the otaku community since the guy that created the infamous sock thread?? you ask. Simple, submit an original work of writing (no plagiarism you naughty, naughty copycats) telling us a little bit about yourself in this thread before May 12th. Please limit your entry submission to one thousand words or less. All of the entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges and 10 finalists will be selected. After that, the game begins?

Once the contestants are selected the game is fairly simple. After each round the polls will be opened for voting by the Otaku Public. Voting is simple. Each round will be presented in a new thread; at the top of each thread there will be a poll with all of the contestant?s names in it. Once the voting is completed, the judges will add their comments and critiques, and then cast their vote for who should be dismissed. The public will count as the ?fourth judge?; its vote will be equal to that of each judge. In the event of a tie or a four way draw, the Otaku community will be the decisive factor; who ever receives the least amount of public votes will be dismissed.

If a contestant misses the deadline for a round or fails to participate, he or she will also be dismissed. This contest is not meant for the faint at heart, if you are unable to accept criticism then this is probably not the event for you. If you, however, are dedicated to writing, enjoy expressing yourself in a creative manner, or have an ego the size of Texas, then this game is ideal for you.

[b]Much thanks goes out to Heaven's Cloud who put forth a great deal of effort into organizing this event.[/b]
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Hi everyone!

I'm Susan, AKA MillieFan. I'm 19, an amateur writer currently between educational opportunities, and I've been into console RPGs since I was nine, anime since I was fourteen or so. I decided to give up everything in 2001 in order to be accepted into my society at large, and returned to it in May 2002 after deciding, after a lot of soul-searching that I wasn't doing anything wrong or evil by being an otaku.

My favorite RPGs would be anything Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana/Seiken Densetsu and Harvest Moon: Back To Nature (very kawaii artwork, awww) and my favorite anime would be Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, and Trigun.

I opened an RPGs and anime club at christianforums.com, I co-moderate the [URL=http://badfish.conforums2.com/index.cgi?board=AnimeHangout]Anime Hangout[/URL] at a new forum along with a *very* good friend, (my name is Susan at both of those places) and I'm a participant at [URL=http://www.flying-dreams.com/aa/forum/index.php]Anime Angels[/URL](where my username is otakulady) and [URL=http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/bbs/phpBB2/index.php]Anime News Network Forums[/URL] (username Lazy Susan) among others.

Anyway, that's my application. . .

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"Aha, were you calling? I heard someone mention an ego...

...Although it is little known, ask my dearly beloved. He will tell you how much I push for compliments, but I assure you, it's only a search for the truth.

I have been here for a year now, and have dedicated my time here to Role Playing. I can't count how many I've been in - hang on, I'll just go do it now - there it is, 23. But the number of how many have finished successfully is a much smaller number - 1. That was Laytham Adytum, I'm proud to say a child of my own loins. It was my tenth post, when I began it, the idea jumped straight out of my head and 433 replies later it was the best piece of writing I've ever been a part of. It was my initiation onto the boards, in my view.

I have been writing since I knew how, and I have been writing creatively since I was seven or so. Although I wasn't too good then, I've had more than nine years to improve on it and am currently working on forty two separate pieces which, no surprises here, most I will never finish and the rest will never see the light of day. The only reason I haven't published one yet is there hasn't been one long enough yet. Stick them all together, however...

My passion lies in the fastastical and the exotic. I feel my true potential as a writer will take off when I finish uni, but until then I'm more than willing to give this a damn good shot. Otakuboards was the first place I had ever shown my writing to anything but a teacher. It has truly opened me up. Here I have found inspiration and constructive criticism to fuel and guide me in the right direction.

Being Otaku Idol will make me lose all my friends, as I will probably not talk about anything else for the next five years. Please don't let that dissuade you, though...."

*coughs quietly and attempts to fade into shadow*
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[color=darkblue]I want to join, but I only will if the powers that be swear they will not actually make us write haikus. I cannot stand those things. I think it's the formula part of it. I never thought writing should be so restricted. So, what's the verdict?

Just so you judges can't pull a dirty trick, I'm stating for the record that this is [i]not[/i] my application. Heh.[/color]
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[color=indigo]I promise [i]nothing[/i]!

Lady Mac, the only answer I have for you is that the contest could encompass any writing theme. This includes editorial articles on the health benefits of edible underwear, journalistic articles about flesh eating zombies, poems that rhyme, poems that don't rhyme, poems that both do and don't rhyme at the same time, first person fictional narratives, third person nonfictional essays, and yes, perhaps haiku's about Martian clowns. I want to leave all doorways open so that the contest is equally fun and challenging for everybody that participates.

So why not submit an entry and then worry about what the contest events will and will not include?[/color]
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Drawn by destiny, or perhaps dumb luck, I have arrived. My screen-name marks me as "Beelzebumon", but that is of course simple hommage. No, my friends, my true name is Eric Wilson, September the 20th will mark the seventeenth celebration of my birth, and I hang my hat in Florida. I'm a Junior member of this forum.

As I've been involved in this community, I notice that it has a lot to do with anime. Seeing as much, I suppose I should say something about anime to endear myself to the panel, what? My favorite ainme to date is Outlaw Star, but this may change over the summer as I watch Trigun and Cowboy Bebop for the first time. (An online personality test once told me I was Vash, and based on the reasons it gave, I could'nt argue.) I also like Tenchi Muyo!, Yu Yu Hakusho, Digimon Tamers, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the Big O. As far as manga goes, I subscribe to Shonen Jump and enjoy all the features therein, save for Sandland, which I don't feel strongly on either way.

My non-anime tastes include the writings of John Grisham and Micheal Chrichton, stand-up commedy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Spider-Man. I've been reading those comics since I was nine, and am very well-versed in the lore.

If I were crowned Otaku Idol, I'd work towards World Peace (TM). Wait, no I wouldn't....Strong Bad once posed the question of whether a person should use super-powers for good or for awesome. I am definatly in the "for awesome" catagory.

I have to pee, so I think this introduction is over. Yep, it's over.

Ciao For Now.
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[COLOR=blue]My name is Zach, a.k.a Tamer_Zach, and I am 14 years old. I am an ameteur writer, hoping to write a real book someday. Digimon is what I like best, and what I write about most of the time. I have been with Otaku Boards for a little over two months now, and I enjoy it deeply.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]I have been writing since third grade, and I am in eighth now. Anytime I have free time, I write. It is my life. What I plan to do when I am old enough is to teach at New York University as a cultural beliefs professor.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]I also write poems, which have gotten me far. I have been in a book, on a cd, and was invited to California to accept an award.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]If I am blessed with the title Otaku Idol, I will do my best to inspire all the Otaku Writers![/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]I am you judges follow you instincts and pick me![/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Bye for now![/COLOR]

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I'm Genkai.... That's not my REAL name, but you can PRETEND it is.

I write. A LOT. I write mostly prose, but occasionally poetry. I've won a few awards, mostly honorable mentions, etc., but I think OI could really be my chance to shine! I don't really write much fanfiction, but if it's a theme, I'll o it. In fact, I'm open to anything. I've also been published a few times, but it's all been formulaic(sp?) stuff I've had to write for school. I think that since this isn't so formulaic (i.e. write one about roses in 6 lines using the word llama seven times! of course, I dont know that'll happen..), though there is the idea that we have to do our best in that particular form of writing, I think I could do well..... Also, iwon the spelling bee at school...

And May 12th is my birthday ;) !
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I am Renee Hagee, aka Blackgatomon. I'm an ametuar writer, poetry being my speciality. I'm a bit insane (I'll probably be the one who WOULD write about the health benefits of edible underwear) and... Uh... Yeah. I have a superhero (read VILLAN) name... Physco Shadow... and even though I'm female, I'm the Prince of Darkness (Soon to be king hopefully). I love Anime (especially Yu-Gi-Oh!), Final Fantasy 7, Shonen Jump, and other various stuff. That's it. That's all I can think of for an application.

This application was brought to you by:
- The letters O-T-A-K-U-B-O-A-R-D-S
- The number 666
- Meow Mix
- Otakuboards.com
-Posters like you!

This post is rated "O" for "Odd".
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Well, I was not originally going to enter this. But I seem oddly drawn to it by the amount of competition now available to me.

Many of you know me as The Vampire: Ed, the dark hearted creature of the night. However, a select few of you may know me simply as--Rob. I write off and on, and am in no way considered professional or anything of the sort. But I have used many different sorts of hobbies to hone my writing skills. The majority of which were e-feds based on wrestling of many kinds, and I have been one of the few considered to be a dominating force in their presences. I have also found myself participating in many RPGs, some here on Otakuboards in fact. I, like some of the all ready entered contestants, have a sorta twisted sense of humor, and it leads me to write some pretty graphic scene depicting gore in a wide variety. So be warned some of the writing you may read could very well be disturbing to you.

I do not claim to be great by any means, but I suppose this contest will let me know how exactly I stack up to the rest. You may consider The Vampire: Ed entered in Otaku Idol, and I hope it to be a learning experience for myself.

Thank you, and good evening.
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Well, how in the world do you follow up some of these introductions? I'm not [i]nearly[/i] as interesting ;)

Let's see, I'm 17 years old, I attend high school in the UK, planning on university shortly. I've been told that I have, and take pride in, my own erratic sense of humour - and I love telling stories to a large group of people. I have been known to wait half an hour, until having everyone's attention, before telling about something that had happened to me that day. So I suppose that makes me eccentric too.

I enjoy ANIME (as if you would never guess) and recently I've developed an addiction to Final Fantasy games. I enjoy reading in many of its shapes and forms, including game books, which were popular a long time ago, the general quality of which has decreased over the years. Joe Dever is my favourite game-book author in particular, and I strive to collect all the (out of print) Lone Wolf books!

As far as writing goes, I enjoy writing almost anything. Factual writing would be tough for me, seeing as that's my weakest point. I still need to work out [i]how[/i] to write a haiku too. Maybe get some practice in before one gets thrown at me out of the blue. Mostly I like writing fanfiction, but I'm also in the progress of scripting an anime project and writing two novels (yes... at the same time!)

So? There?s my introduction. If I were to win Otaku Idol I would? umm? TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! Ahem? yes?

[size=1]And I would boast a lot too ^_^;;[/size]
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[b][color=deeppink]Ok...this is the 3rd time I've tried to type this up...I sure hope I don't get caught like last time.

Everyone knows me as Lauren around here or YYH. Or Yusuke if you've seen me end a message as 'Yusuke' around here, which I don't usually do.....
Oh, and sorry for the mess up with the b-day thing. My dad doesn't want me to give out my REAL b-day...but now I will.
I am 14 years old and am in the 8th grade attending a crappy junior high that I would like to leave VERY soon...My birthday is April 3, 1989. Sometimes I sound like I'm 3. And other times I can sound older.
I don't know if being in Pre-AP and GT for the past 5 years (since I moved to Texas) has anything to do with good writing, but....
In my 'award winning' stories, people say that I am a really good writer. I don't really show off at school, but when people start breathing over your shoulder to see what you are writing in a halfway filled up notebook, you can't help but show them. I've been writing since I could read, but I wouldn't call badly spelled words jumbled together a good story.
My past fanfics and RPG's here have gone down the hole. It seems that I just cannot write with a group of people. I guess I have to work on my own.
That is why I applied to Otaku Idol, hoping that [i]you,[/i] the wonderful, sweet, truthful judge can tell me that my writing is good.
I just hope you like Yu Yu Hakusho, cuz that's what I write.
Oh, and some alcohol Haikus, too.

Well, GTG. My brain has to go re-charge for more writing.

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[color=darkblue]The first thing everyone needs to know is that I?m probably a terrible writer. In fact, this application should most likely be rejected and deleted before it abuses anyone?s eyesight even further. However, I do understand the morbid curiosity of humans and realize that if this does turn out atrociously, it will probably be made into posters for the ridicule of the teeming masses. If no one reads them, they can always be torn down and used on the bottoms of birdcages, so at least I will have contributed something to society, which is very important to me. I do want to make a difference in the world, whether it is dissecting the human brain to discover the secret of telekinesis, or bashing someone over the head with my guitar because they?re acting like a dolt (I?d have to use my electric, though, since the skull is quite hard and my acoustic would most likely break). As can be seen from these two examples, my self encompasses a broad range of characteristics, from scientific genius to drunken PMSing musician, hence these insane ramblings. Obviously, it is very difficult to define myself, unless I were to write twelve [I]War and Peace[/I] sized books that nobody would read or understand, and that I?d be too lazy to write anyway.

In fact, this essay is but a mere example of me and the way I write. It is like staring at one of my fingernails and trying to figure out what the rest of me looks like. The only thing anyone would be able to discern is that I don?t care about my nails at all. This fact could be construed in any number of ways, some true, some false. So, therefore, each entry I submit, if I make it that far, is only a small portion of the whole, and will probably be vastly different from one another. We all have our various kinds of madness and I look forward to the challenge of illustrating the wisdom of my own.

I also promise not to write any haikus like the 30-second one Charles demanded of Mitch, which, though grossly unfair, was also terribly amusing. [/color]
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This should prove interesting!

Why hello everyone! My name is Erin Nadia Angelina Sophia Anastasia Zyger IV. Nice to meet you all! I am 126 (13 by Earth Years) and I am a feminist and an otaku to the end. I love Gundam Wing, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Wish, Clamp School Detective, Rurouni Kenshin, and I'm dying to see Gravitation. I've been writing since I was about...6 I guess, because that's when I got my first assignment to right a fairytale. That resulted in a story about a batboy (you know, a boy with bat wings and fangs) saving a beutiful princess by creating a hole in a wall. Luckily my writing skills have improved.

These days I still write about fantasy, magic, faeries, and other things of that sort, but I have somehow developed a sense of plot. Along with fantasy I'm quite a good romance writer and a definite randomness authoress! I'm known at my sorry-excuse-for a middle school for coming up with the most, how shall I say, "unique" names and personality's for my original characters. For instance, in one of my recent stories (which I set up for myself last night) there is a character named Lyra who is a rebel, cat-girl, violinist who likes pop rock. Her partner in the demon-fighting organization that she has suddeny found herself belonging to is Deeana, a cat-girl, feminine, pianist who likes classical. That just goes to show you how diverse my characters can be.

To win Otaku Idol would be like...I dunno, winning the Lottery for me because I haven't won much in my life. And then I'd be able to be proud of myself and know that Paula is [B]not[/B] the only good writer in this darn school!

PS: I was looking this over and just noticed I put 12 instead of 13. I really am 13.
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[size=1] Well, I could say, "What with 'all my other commitments' I know how to schedule my time properly."

I don't, but that isn't the point. This is sort of like a resume, only, you don't need to worry about working properly.

...Or getting payed.


I certainly haven't had the experience of some people; I started writing in my seventh year of school, which would have made me 12. I did write a story on frogs in Year Two, which was apparently very good for my age. It consisted of "Frogs are green and they jump. They are slimy. Sometimes they are read. They croak." Or something along those lines. I was very impressed with myself, and the story was hanging on my refrigerator up until Grade Three, when I made a simply [i]wonderful[/i] drawing.

In Year Seven, I started writing a story, which, before I got sick of it, became about 18,000 words. The quality was very poor, thankfully, and if it hadn't been I wouldn't have learnt so much about knowing what [i]I[/i] like to read, rather than what I'm [i]supposed[/i] to like to read. I realised that, while I do like Fantasy stories, I simply can't read them often because I get bored.

I moved on to Fanfiction stories at fanfiction.net, and, after I couldn't tolerate the layout anymore, I started writing original works. Entered a few competitions -- okay, one -- and I find myself back here time and time again with work. Otakuboards tends to give me the feedback I like, and helps me improve my writing.

One of the first original pieces I wrote, and one I constantly come back to, is Perfection. It was really just an account of a real life experience, and to me it seems to be the piece I keep trying to top but always seem to fall short of. While frustrating, it also gives me something to aim for, which I find I really need.

Personally, I find writing like this really hard, and in no way do I seem to be jumping up and shouting "Pick me!" Most likely a pitfall, but embellishing myself is really hard for me.

Probably why I haven't yet got a job. [/size]
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[color=009966]I might as well.

Hello, fellow members of OB! ^^ My name is Samantha (can't give away last name), also known as Deedlit, and I live in the middle of Nowhere, Georgia, and I've been on Otaku for about 2 years, 3 by this October.

I'm an 8th grade ameteur writer who attends middle school (><), I plan on becoming a novelist for my occupation, I already have some ideas for a story, and I hope to specialize in fantasy stories or possibly science fiction. My spelling may not be all that great, but I hope that I can improve in that area. Anyway, in my literature class we're studying poetry, so I hope that I have a chance to become an Otaku Idol.

There's not much else to say about that, but I hope I do well. ^_^[/color]
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Guest The Mage Prince
Sorry about the double post but my little brother was on the computer then i came back and saw that he had posted somthing I was working on here is my real application!! Sorry!!

G'day everyone!

I'm name is Grant, AKA The Mage Prince. I'm 17.I'm an amateur artist currently doing year 12, and I've been into RPGs and other games since I was very little (dad played computer games alot when I was a baby), anime since I was 13 or so.
My favorite RPG would be anything Final Fantasy,My favorite animes are Trigun, Eva, Cowboy Bebop, Dragonball/Z/GT, Gundam Wing and other mecha animes too many of them!!
I also have alot of time on my hands to. People say my drawings are cool, but I think I can do better with my drawings.
So vote 1 me if you want to!!
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[quote]My favorite RPGs would be anything Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana/Seiken Densetsu and Harvest Moon: Back To Nature (very kawaii artwork, awww) and my favorite anime would be Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, and Trigun.

I opened an RPGs and anime club at christianforums.com, I co-moderate the Anime Hangout at a new forum along with a *very* good friend, (my name is Susan at both of those places) and I'm a participant at Anime Angels(where my username is otakulady) and Anime News Network Forums (username Lazy Susan) among others. [/quote]

Hehe, Mage, either you or your little brother is a plagarist. -^.^-

At least edit names out of your work when you're thieving. LOL. I find it VERY hard to believe we both started the same clubs and have the same usernames, especially since we never met elsewhere IIRC.

:D :D ~.^
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Guest The Mage Prince
he just wanted to help me out because at the moment i have the flu and not feeling very well!! I started it off by my-self then i came back and he said he had fix the e-mail thing and i asked him what e-mail thing. So I had a look and the next thing i saw was the bottom of my post was the same as yours.
I'm very sorry :(. He just wanted to help me that is all!!
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Guest Zeh
[size=1]You know, we do have an edit feature where you can delete your own posts... it seems it would of saved a lot of trouble.[/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Charles [/i]
[b]Note:[/b] Applications are strictly limited to the general public, so staff applications will not be accepted.


[color=black][size=1][font=rockwell] I see..[/color][/size][/font]
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hey people. My name is EMU. Im not going to tell you why though. I feel that although i never have enough money to support my addiction to video games and animie, i would be a worthy otaku idol. "Why?" you ask; well, the answer is both complex and simple, so to keep it clean, im going to give the short version:
Because i know i will.
There you have it, my reason why i should be allowed to enter this competition.

I can't remember how long i have been a member of otakuboards.com, however, i do know that it is one of the very, very, very few forums i post in. Simply because it is so damn good. (the only other forum i go to is [url]www.atomicmpc.com.au[/url])

Ahhh, a little about me... well, i don't want to tell you that. If you are female and want to know, PM me, if not, well... thats just a bit weird if you ask me. Lets just say i prefer to keep any personal details to myself because of my acute paranoia. :P

I will tell you this at least:
im male
im in my late teens
i still go to high school
i come from australia

and thats all yo really should need to know. So vote for me! i might reveal ore about myself if im allowed in the competition.
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Hello, my name is Jana' (don't forget the accent). I am a very good writer who has the tendency to talk too much when I have something to say. I'm only 14, but I have been told I am very mature for my age. I'd like to participate in this contest because I can really handle active criticism over the net. If you were to be in my face, then I might make a face though....

Anyway, I tend to write adventure stories or RPG stories. I love things that are out of the ordinary yet still down to Earth. I am a nut for digimon, as some of you may or may not know, so I usually do digimon fanfiction. Right now, I'm doing a KH fanfic on the Heartless (you might get to see it over the summer and a few other things). It's coming along great. I must admit that I'm not afraid to write anything whether it be obscene or vulger(SP?) to some. But you won't have to worry about seeing any of it here because I'd get in trouble for that, and I hate getting in trouble.
My school grades are usually A's, and I am a person full of surprises (you see I'm signing up) so expect the unexpected from me....Well I've talked enough

Oh yeah, if you want to see one of the characters for my KH fic, look down...
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