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Surgery Nightmares!


Where was your surgery?  

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  1. 1. Where was your surgery?

    • My arm/hand/shoulder
    • My foot/leg/hip
    • My chest
    • My *cough* lower torso area *cough*
    • My head/neck/anything mental [teeheehee]

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[COLOR=royalblue]Everybody guess what..... Your dear sweet Raiha-san has survived her annoying and rather belated SURGERY!!!

Everybody cheer!

So here's the interesting and rather nitty gritty story:

Several months ago, I noticed I had a lump in my right [nobody giggle here] breast. It wasn't painful at the time, but it wasn't natural. So in May, I went in for a physical, and they said:

"Oh dear, you need to have a mammogram. And an ultrasound. This isn't normal."

I said:

"Oh ****."

So I went in and the ladies squished my chest in a vice. Suffice to say, it was very annoying and pissed me off. Yes, it did hurt everybody. So then the radiologist called:

"You have a grand tumor in your right breast, here's the referal slip for your specialist."

I said:

"Oh damnit."

So I went to Dr. Ramsey Araj. Yes everyone, he is a MAN! *cries* And yesterday.....duh duh duh.....I was taken to the hospital. They sat me down in one of those rediculous hospital gowns and hooked me up to the IV. Which, btw, hurt like hell. The tourniquet wasn't done well, and my anesthesiologist [guy who knocks me out] was waaaaaay too relaxed for my taste. He reminded me of Jimi Hendrix, which explains why the last thing I remember before I went under was "Purple Haze."

I woke up in a daze, maybe it was the Valium, threw up, and promptly brought the nurses running. :D They said I was fine, recovering well [hah, liars], and discharged me into my parents care. So here I am. A sore boob, with TITANIUM STAPLES in it, a bruise on my left hand from the IV drip, and a cool wristband with my vital information on it. Go me.

Who else has had surgery? What's your horror story? Mine wasn't soooo bad. But it sure is annoying. No shower for 48 hours, ice pack for 24, no eating spicy food. And I love peppers.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]Well, I can't respond to your poll because I never had major surgery on anything before. But, it's good that you got that thing out early before it did anything bad to you.

So I guess they didn't use nitrous on you to calm you down. Like I said before, take it easy...and other people should be doing your chores for you right now. :huh:[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=darkblue] Sweet Lord Raiha, I'm glad you got that checked out in time. You're definitely not the procrastinator are you? ~_^

Well I am incredibly relieved that you got through it okay, and then you had a memory of a classic song, heh.

Well for me, I've been in surgery twice, and it sucked. But i was very little. At the age of three, my grandmoth used to always let me put the lid on this tea pot for some strange naive reason. So after boiling, I could finish it off. However, this lubricated, China pot lid slipped into the boiled tea. Without limits, I stuck my hand in, pulled my hand out, and then had skin hanging off of it. yes, it had third degree burns. But I didn't cry, for some reason. Must've been in shock. My hand healed fine by the way.

Then the second surgery operation was where I had a hernia. And yes, *cough* this was in the lower region *cough*. But luckily, I've been quite lucky. Ah well. *Gives huggles*[/color][/size]
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Guest Majin Buu
I dont think I could take SURGERY... Im afarid of any kind of SURGERY anything at all, I have little da dreams about having to have SURGERY and If I would do it or not, Cause It's like the one thing I would hate the most, I mean I hate the dentist just sitting there makes me all freaky. It would have to be like a open heart SURGERY for me or somthing I like that would be horrable
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[color=#335062]Hm...it's great that you came out of it okay (relatively speaking, I guess). And I hope you feel better soon. ^_^

As far as surgery goes, I did have several surgeries as a baby. These were somewhat due to the fact that my mother was really sick when she had me...she came very close to dying when giving birth. The weird thing was, I was actually very healthy at the time. o_O

But yeah, I haven't had any surgery in recent times. Or at least, none since I was a baby.

The biggest "sicknesses" I've ever had included things like the odd asthma attack (though I rarely, rarely get asthma...but on a few occasions, I've had it very badly). Asthma is one of the worst things in the world...I wouldn't want anybody to go through the experience of feeling like you are breathing in mouthfuls of water when all you're doing is gasping for air.[/color]
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[size=1]Glad you're okay, Raiha. You're quite the resilient character. ^_~

The only surgery I've had--I think--was a bunch of weird stuff with my mouth. I had four teeth where I should've only had two. o0.

I guess I'm a relatively healthy person. Unfortunately, when I [i]am[/i] sick, it seems to take forever for me to recover. [/size]
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[COLOr=royalblue]Wow, our fearless and fascinating James has asthma? Cool. They asked me all those pathetically stupid questions that were already in my file when I went in yesterday.

Are you pregnant? With what? A disk drive?
Do you have asthma? We've been over this before
Are you married? Hah, that's a good one.
Are you single? Well if I'm not married...I couldn't have been divorced....and that means....*gasp* I must be single!
Are you worried? Is this another trick question?[/cOLOr]
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[color=purple][size=1]I've had surgery only on my foot.

When I was a little girl, I would play at my aunt's house. Right next to her house was a large sandtrap. Well, large to a three year old.

Unfortunately, I couldn't see the jagged, broken tree branch, buried under the sand.

I stepped on it, and the doctors said I was lucky it hadn't gone all the way through my foot.

Cleaning and removing it was a hell of a process.

There was wood, dried blood, and sand all in my wound.

I remember the doctor saying to me, 'Now there's going to be a soft part, and an ouchie part.'

The soft part was him swabbing the cut with a cotton swab.

The ouchie part was him stitching up my foot.

From what I'm told, I blacked out when he began to stitch up my foot.[/color][/size]
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Uh. Raiha wants me to respond. O.o When I was little I had to have my lip sewn back to the rest of my face because I pretty much cut it off with my teeth. I feel out the back door and went straight through with my lower teeth.

And, though I didn't need to have my face fixed for it, I got hit in the jaw/cheekbone with a baseball bat. The skin was split a bit, but, I let it heal on it's own. And they didn't really perform surgery on my hand when I broke it, they just pushed the bone back in the skin and bandaged it.

Fun times.
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Yikes >_< It was lucky that you spotted it, then Raiha. If it was malignant you could have been in a whole load of trouble.

I guess I have one or two horror stories- just before I turned eight, we had a Sports Day at school, and I was finding it hard to run because my left leg was hurting. So, my mum took me to the local surgery, who after twisting my leg in various directions and waiting for a scream, told me to have an X-Ray done.

I didn't quite understand what it was at first- mum didn't let me see the X-Rays, but she said I had a hole in my left femur somewhere near the top. I got a SNES out of that, hehe.

Anyway, a few days later it was my eighth birthday and I was pretty excited, but told not to put any weight on my leg. So, when my friend called me, I decided to try hopping on my good leg to where all my presents were sitting. Topple, thud, scream.

When my mum got back (she was out at the time), she took me straight to the hopspital and it was decided that I had completely shattered the bone and went into a large operation to piece it all together. I wish I'd had breakfast that morning, because as soon as I got into the hospital all I could have was 20ml of water every 20 minutes >_< not nice.

And that was the first one. The second operation I had involved me having pins put into my leg about three days later in a specialised hospital half-way up the country. That ended up with me in plaster for eight weeks, and no baths for ten weeks over that entire period >___<; Heh, when I was finally out of plaster the amount of dead skin that fell of could have been enough to stage 'A Christmas Carol' in.

Not very nice, heh. Two years ago, after lots of six-monthly check-ups and subsequent ops I was finally given the all-clear, which was a great relief. Although I was a little disappointed not to be operated on. I quite like the feeling of being anaesthetised ^_^;

I had to have a growth on my lower back operated on a year or so ago, too, when it burst. That was the one I was most scared about, because I didn't actually know what it was. Not least because I wasn't flexible enough to bend round and look at it. Broken bones might be more physically incapacitating, but I'd rather one of them than an ambiguous lump.
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[COLOr=royalblue]I hate X-rays. I've had about 4 in my lifetime, all annoying as hell. Not only do the X-ray people ask the dumbest questions,
No, my dad is not my HUSBAND!
No, for the last time, I am not a teenage pregnancy case! But they also try to hurt you as much as possible.

I broke my wrists, they twist my arms in impossible directions. I break my collarbone, they make my lie down flat...as if it doesn't hurt. I break my finger, they twist it around to get the perfect angle. Oh vile and evil X-rays...may you wither and decay with time![/COLOr]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]I have to have surgery on my left ovary in November. I wish they would just do it now, as it gives me a stabbing pain at times (like right now), but I have to wait until the baby is born.

The only other surgery I've had is getting wisdom teeth removed, but that doesn't really count... though my face did swell up to the size of Kathy Ireland's.

PS: Damn, Raiha, you sure have been injured a lot.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=royalblue]I have good news. I think.

The boob staples come out tomorrow! Well, that's either good or bad. It could hurt like a mofo. Or maybe they'll sedate me. God knows I'll need it. And a side note: I'm on the rather powerful narcotic Darvocet for the pain.

And I get to keep the staples. Go me.[/COLOR]
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I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out on August 8th and I have to say I'm scared as hell. The thing that scares me the most is the IV, since I'm afraid of needles (I was even scared when I got my ears pierced). After that, I'll be unconsious so that doesn't bother me.

I hope I don't get attacked in my sleep by giant intravenous needles. That'd be awful. lol
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[color=green]Well, let's see..technically I've had three surgeries, though two were basically the same.^^() They were all when I was young, so luckily I can't remember them well.^^

One was when I had to get tubes in my ears, if it's really considered surgery.Oo I remember lying down in the room...a boring, white room.Oo They had my lie down on this table, then I remember waking up!^^()

The other two were when I was about 4-5. I had "Trigger Thumbs," which caused my thumbs to be stuck in a bent position.Oo Don't know why they suddenly developed, but they did.^^() The funny thing is, Trigger Thumb is usually on just one thumb...not both. Oh well.

Anyways, I remember the cold tables, the plain and very uncomfortable casts, and the cute balloon stickers I got to put on them! Heh..anyways, those are my surgeries, not too bad, but not very fum either.-- *Shakes fist at the itchiness casts cause.*[/color]
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[color=green]Well, i've had some pretty interesting surgeries in the time that i've been here...only 14 years, but hey...

The first one was I think when i broke my chin open by sliding on our slick floor while running to go back to my nap...when we went to my doctor i kicked and screamed so hard that by the time the guy was done he was soaked in his own sweat and they had to put me in a papoose thingie to keep me still...but i still swung my head from side to side, giving the doctor even more hell...5 stiches was bad when you're 3!

The second one was when I had to have these bumps on my tounge removed...jeez, those doctors spent the LONGEST time trying to figure out what the heck it was..i think it took them around 3 years to try and find out, but i the name is so long that i've forgotten it...what i know is that I was the only person, like, in history i guess to have had those bump thingies on my tounge so long...most people's gradually went away by the time they were 7...i was 11. Good thing is, on that surgery, i just had to stay in bed the whole day and then take some medicine w/out water (YUCK!!) and then have them put some of that gas on my face...no IV's!! Well, while i was consious...they stuck one in my hand when i was knocked out, i guess, because i kept pawing at it thinking "What the-?!"

The third one was when i had to get 4 teeth removed because i had too much - and i was just about to get braces. 2 babies and 2 permanents...they stuck an IV in my arm, and I HATE it how everybody says that that thing doesn't hurt because it DOES...the stupid nurses were all trying to distract me from the pain by saying "What a pretty headband this is!" it was my sister's 10 year old red headband that was fading and had all these stains on it...I was like "Shut up.." but then you know i couldn't look over to my right arm because they had the needle thrusted up there so I had my head forcefully turned to the left so i couldn't SEE the needle sticking outta my arm..then the room got all dizzy...and i started moaning and everybody started to laugh at me...ugh..

I'm about to get my wisdom teeth taken out in about a month, and i'm freaked...everybody says that their face swells up so they look like a chipmunk for about 8 days and it's pain for about 2 days...i'm totally dreading it..[/color]
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Lol I get injured a lot (ive had surgery 4 times and have had over 150 stiches plus broken/dislocated 9 bones), but for some reason i dont feel pain...ill get to that later though.

Anyway though i dont have any worry at all when i got surgery i mean i thought it was actually pretty cool. Except for the plastic surgery i had done on my forehead.

At all happen a long time ago when my friend decided it would be a good time to use an empty portable beer keg in a friend fight. All in all he threw the keg at me and i got hit in the head by it. It nocked me out for i guess 2 mins (or so they say) and when i got up i just put my hand on my head and noticed the whole right side of my face was covered with blood. I decided to just run inside my friends house and call my mom to bring me to the hospital. At the same time i wanted to look at how bad the cut was and it was pretty big (the doctors told me i could have fit 2 silver coins in there). My mom already knew what to do and like always was pissed when she came over and brought me to the hospital. Funny thing was this was my 3rd time in the hospital in the past month so i just had to laugh throughout the whole thing until...they said i would need plastic surgery. Not that i care i was going to need plastic surgery, but the plastic surgeon did the worst job ive ever seen im my life. Ive already had stiches before and when i looked at how bad the stiching was, I now regret that i didnt go back and ask for them to remove it and do it again before it would heal completely. First off when he was done i went back home and noticed it was still bleeding quite a bit (i mean plastic surgery is supposed to be great he put 30 stiches inside my head and 20 on the outside and it still bled) and i know head wounds bleed the most, but come on this was pathetic. The next thing i noticed was he sorta overlaped the skin and pulled it to tight which then lead to the final malpractice which was how badly it healed when he took out the stiches. I mean lol he did more damage taking them out then actually sewing me up.

Anyway though it finally healed a little bit more and isnt noticable at all since my hair covers it up anyway, but i warn you...make sure you see a specialist (just not a hospital plastic surgeon) if your going to have something done on your face so you dont have the same outcome as i did.

Oh lol and as for the thing i said before in how i dont feel pain, all the doctors ive been to for everything say i have the highest tolerence for pain they have ever seen. Like this one time i had a tree limb stuck in my leg about 6 inches deep (went down and then back up in my leg) and i didnt go to the hospital until the next day cause it wasnt bleeding since the tree limb was still inlodged in my leg. Thats another story though i dont really want to spend time on writing it now so if you want to know the story PM me.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Wow. Such violence. Such agony. I feel lucky all of a sudden. But not really. Because I remember when they took out the IV they screwed it up. Thereby giving me a big fat ugly bruise on my hand. grrr....*plots revenge*[/COLOR]
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I had a major surgery when i was 3 months old. Out of 8 that where having the ame surgery i was the only one to surive. But i was the first person with this surgey to not have any artificall tissue. but they said i would be lucky to live to 13 or having to have another surgery on my heart. But Im 18 and still kicking but i doo take blood thiners and have to use O2 above 9000ft which is where i hunt elk and deer.

THen i cut the cornia of my eye i was eight and had to have surgery and that left a cool scare most visible when my eye is dilalated. it forms a crestent moon shape.
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Of the maybe 4 surgeries I have had they were all when I was little, so I cant really remember what they were for, all I can really remember is that the reson I had one of them was because all of a suden one night I just started screaming in agony, and I mean AGONY and yet my parents still had to try and keep me still and quiet in the waiting room for like 45 minutes or an hour. I cant really remember the exact reason I was about 4 or something at the time I think, but all i know is that something around my groin area got twisted.

So that was the one serious surgery I can remember scince then I have had plent of things like stitches when I was so "viciously assulted" by a girl I know (she threw a lump of fire wood at me, shes the worst throw on earth but when I jumped out of the way I sorta dived straight into it and started to gush blood from a scalp wound) so i had to be driven 2 hours to a hospital for stitches. The funniest thing about that one was when we rang the bell at the medical centre, not one but two ambulences responded. Worst thing about stitches though, is the local anasthetic I got, it felt like someone was diging around under my scalp as it spread through my veins. I would have prefered she just gave me the stitches straight up but o'well.

The most recent hospital visit was for a gastroscopy to try and diagnose my mystery ailement, which they still cant define by the way. Mostly it was typical stupid questions, the worst bit was the preperation, like not being able to eat for like 26 hours before it.
The actuall anesthesiologist, like Raihas was also very laid back, you have to wonder if they have been sampling their wares. But I really dont mind needles so much and it felt quite cool when they removed the IV from my hand, the other cool part was actually being able to feel all the veins in my arm for the twenty seconds or so it took for whatever nockout drug they were using to take effect, it was amazingly tripy.

What was really odd was that when I woke up again and found myself tied to the hospital bed with the hose from the blood pressure armband, I have no idea why but I guess it could have been to stop me grabbing at my IV, to this day i still dont know.

Thats about all the interesting ones I can remember. I hope I wrote them in such a way as they actually make sense.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Good news! The pathologist report came in. The lump, which was btw, the size of a golf ball, is benign. It's a fibronoma tumor. And now gone. But today, the pain begain again. Using something that looked like a boob clamp [no joke here], the riipped out my staples [all 12] one by one.

I dealt with it by putting my headphones on and cranking up U2 music until I couldn't hear the snapping and clinking noises. So now I have my staples here on my desk. Covered in blood and looking all evil and crap. Maybe I'll use them as earings or something. Now I just have to wait for my chest to get better and hope I still have something that looks like a tit when it's all done healing.[/COLOR]
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