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Which otakuboarder(s) has changed you?

Guest Taylor Hewitt

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Guest Taylor Hewitt
Here I am. Sitting. Wondering what a good topic would be. And I think of one. This one.

In my time here I have met several people who have made me think. People who have touched me. People who have angered me. People who have made me cry, weep. People who have givin me a new outlook on life, and people who make me happy.

I'm not about to list them all. Because that list would be far too grand. (Ok not that big I haven't been here as much as alot of you.)

I think this is more than a forum. It's a community.

Who has changed you?
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Ginny. Shy. Sara. Raiha. Charles. James. Tony. Ken. Juu.

...*shrug* *knows he forgets people*

I would list some extensive reasons, but I guess I am not in the mood at the moment. But yes. People here have changed me.

Spamalicious indeed this post be. Ah well.

These people have changed me in small ways, little ways, petty ways, big ways...the list goes on and on.[/size]
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i have been greatly changed by the Otaku Boards. I now spend much moe time on the Net than before (not that i don't get out) and i have made alot of freinds and met alot of people.

So far, my closest buddies on here are SilpheedPilot, [COLOR=green]Battosai,[/COLOR] [COLOR=deeppink]Ruby,[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]Ellimst_CSL,[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Soul_Taker,[/COLOR] and [COLOR=blue]aYokano.[/COLOR]

The colors kinda express there personality types.
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People whose posts have inspired me or caused me to think, though I've never really talked to them:

Transtic Nerve
Queen Asuka
Lady M

People I talked to etc.:

Lalaith Ril
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I would have to say Dark Death and doukeshi03. Both are superior graphics artists than I, and their work always floors me. They have inspired me to try harder. Granted, I'm not aiming to be an artist (cutting and pasting other people's work isn't art anyway), but I think it's just cool what some people can do, even though they have the same tools as you.

Besides that, I know a few OB members who I consider good online friends. However, as friendly as they are, I wouldn't say they've [I]changed[/I] me. And even Dark Death and doukeshi have only inspiried me. Haha, there are some people I am not too fond of (shakes fist at Tical j/k ;)), but that doesn't mean they've changed me.
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[Size=1]Mitch, umm.. James Justin, Sara and wrist cutter. Yes wrist cutter.

*looks around**smackes forehead*

Mitch because he is such a good poems and his poems give me fealings. They are so good. Sara because she can really moderate,. :) James because he has taught me so very much. wrist cutter because of him I am a japanese music fanatic. ><[/size]
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Guest Taylor Hewitt
Some people are:

dayday. she stole my heart
saiyanprincessx. she has done so much for me she is more than anyone can ask for she is a true friend
chris. hes a good guy, friend, and mod

just to name a few :)
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Those I have not talked to really but have listened to:

James-- His philosophy of the world and his overall personality is quite inspiring.
Shy-- Same as James. They are both wise beyond their years.

Those who I talk to frequently:
-Eve. My first real OB friend, I must send at least 8 PMs a day to her..
-KKC. Just a really great, humorous person whom I IM almost every day.. ^_^ She's nice to be around.
-Syk and Charles. So wise and so humorous.. They've made my days happier, as have all of my close OB friends.

^_^ I thank you all for helping me become a better person.
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Yay! *looks at name* What dose pink mean? Oh, well. Anyways here are the people. They're all in [COLOR=red]random[/COLOR] order.

ShadO MagE
Double B Daigo
Taylor Hewitt

Like I said [COLOR=blue]random order[/COLOR]. I think listing them in some kind of order might be insulting.
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I also have to say my list would be far too big but since I do have a few main ones I will name them.

Stuart and
Leh--they have all helped me so much with me art and have been a huge inspiration in my work. They take the time out to talk with me and teach me things, as well as listen to me and they have always given good constructive critisism.

KKC and
StunGunMilly--they post at almost all of my threads telling me what they like and what they feel. I appreciate their posts and they always make me smile.

Please do not feel bad if I didn't list you! I am sure you have been a huge help to me also, but I just don't have the time and space I need to name everyone.

Love, Kaola

P.S. I appreciate anyone who takes time out to be a friend to me!
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There are far to many people on these boards that have helped me or influenced me in some way to put into a list.
You all know exactly who you are.
And I hope each and everyone of you know that you will never leave my thoughts.
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I've met plenty of wonderful people here. But, none have touched me as deeply as, nor changed my life to the extent of [URL=http://otakuboards.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=665]2354[/URL]. Yes, 2354, the wonderful patron of this site, has been a wonderful inspiration to me. We've cried together. We've laughed together. We've been through the good times and the bad.

I remember when I first joined OtakuBoards. It was 2354 who gave me a shoulder to lean on when no one else would. And who could dismiss 2354's profound poetry or moving political speeches? The wonderful composition of 2354's posts, and the way his user name defies numerical order truly make him worth mentioning in this thread.

We love you 2354! Thank you very much for all you have contributed to OtakuBoards. You are the cherry on my sundae and the silver lining on my clouds! ^_^

God bless you!
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Heres the people that I respect and there might be many more, in random order...

Kesaki Inedia
Tsukasa Hack

As I said their might be more. And also their are the mods, just like girls you can't live with them and you can't live without them (No disrespect to the ladies if I offend. Its just a saying that I heard that fits what Im thinking)
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Milliefan - Some people dislike her because of her fervent anti-yaoi/yuri campaign, but shes still a gooood person to talk to... (Though her stupid smilies are annoying)

Crimson Spider - Always criticizing my teams... never perfect for him.... grr... *shrug*

Wristcutter - My god he spoke Japanese! O_O!!!!!

Battosai - Long way to go samurai...

Cloricus - Hes around precisely when I want to see him around... rarely talked to him but always good to know hes around.

I think I know more but its 12:40 a.m. and my memory fades...
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[size=1]Most of the staff and longtime members here have affected me one way or another, heh.

Some positive (it's a relative term :toothy: ) influences include: Shy, Nerdsy, PiroMunkie, Tony, Ginny (can't begin to list things), Solo, Asphy, Deborah, Ben, wrist cutter, Kinetic, Jenna, TN, Justin (Soviet Otaku, heh), Dan, Kittylynn, Ken, Devidramon, Mitch, Mnemolth, Desert Shadow, KK, Navi, DiscoSnorlax, Ducky, and Galxy Girl...to name a handful. Or a couple handfuls. ^_~

"American Writer" sticks out in my mind; a shiny green star sticker to anyone who knows or remembers why. :toothy:[/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Harry [/i]
[B]Heavy Cock ([url=http://www.otakuboards.com/member.php?s=&action=getinfo&userid=4574]here[/url]). Sure he was probably banned before he posted, but what a great name. [/B][/QUOTE]

Okay Harry, you have just been added to my list of people who have changed me! You just made me almost pee myself!! Harry, you are incredibly funny! And not to mention Heavy Cock has now been added to my list of people who have changed me!

Love, Kaola
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*falls off a pickle truck*

Woah there! Oh, hello all! The name's Dragon Warrior or Gavynn, for some who call me it. I've lived in the slums of Otakuboards since version 2 and eaten away at it's disgusting and decaying posts... oh! Not to mention, I nibbled some good ones. But as such, many things have changed my ways of being... er... me. I've always been my humorous self, but some people have brought out new sides of me...

To say the whole list is to take a jackhammer and beat me over the head with it, but I'll name a couple of important ones...

KnightoftheRose- he's a guy I know
Deedlit- she's an elf I know
Ginnylyn- she's a girl I know
LittleSerenity- she's a white mage I know

Short, yes, but if I were to name anymore, I'd be assailed by purple koala-infested hampers so good day!
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