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RPG Inuyasha: The Begining


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After I saw Inuyasha defeat Ms. Centepede, I looked to the girl that was standing next to him... was that.... Kikyo?! How can it be I thought, she died 50 years ago! I didn't care, I ran up and shouted, "KIKYO!!!!!!" At first she didn't look at me, but then she noticed I was talking to her. She looked at my with an odd look on her face then pointed to herself and asked," Are you talking to me?"
"Yes, yes, yes!! Of course I am Kikyo! I thought you were dead, how did you come back," I asked in a hurry.
"Kikyo? I'm sorry, but my name is Kagome. I'm not who you think I am."
"Wha--?? But you look just like Kikyo! You gotta be her!" I was almost crying, this was probably odd for Inuyasha to see, because he always knew me as the tough, lone wolf. He just stood there looking at the two of us, he was probably as confused as I was. "L-lets go talk in the village, I need to sit down," I said shakily. I did need to sit down, I was far to confused to stand anymore.
I lead the other two to the village, I lived in a very small hut on the outside of the village. Very few people had their houses by mine. I looked back at this Kagome girl, she didn't wear normal clothes.... and she was looking at everything like she had never seen a village before. She looked at me and I quickly jerked my head in a different direction. We finally got to my hut, I opened the door for everyone to come in. There was alot to talk about.
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"Okay, what's going on? Who is this Kikyo?" I was growing furious.
"Don't give us that 'I don't know what you're talking about' bull..."Inuyasha mocked and turned his nose up and crossed his arms.
My lip twitched and my hand was suddenly developing a mind of its own, reading itself to slap Inuyasha. Suddenly my hand stopped,"Don't let him get to you. He's just ignorant." the fox demon let go of my wrist.
Inuyasha glared at me, the intensity was ready to burn a hole right through me. "Grrrr..stupid girls,"he mumbled.
"Anyways..Kikyo was a priestess long ago. She was the protector of the Shikon Jewel that you posses. One day, this half-breed tried to steal it from her. Mortally wounded by Inuyasha, she found him and pinned him to the Sacred Tree and cast a spell on him. You happen to look like Kikyo and posses her powers, this is why Inuyasha hates you," the fox demon's ears twitched playfully.
"But I am Kagome, not Kikyo. I am nothing like her, nothing!!" I stood up and walked outside of the hut. [i]I want to go home. Why is all of this happening? Why does Inuyasha hate her so? It doesn't make sense, he stole the jewel from Kikyo and she just tried to protect it by killing him. So why should he hate her? She should be the one to hate...I am so lost...[/i]

OOC: I figured that since I was going to play Kagome, I didn't need to post her profile in the Recruitment Forum. Hopefully everyone knows who Kagome is..If not let me know if I need to post in the Recruitment Forum..
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"What was that?" I asked myself as I was walking through the edge of the village. "It sounded like a scream. Maybe i should check it out." I headed over to where the sould came from, and looked around. "I know this place. This is where Kikyo traped that demon to the tree! But, he is now longer here anymore! What has happened!" I looked despertly around, looking for some clues. "Conna lives around here, maybe she knows!"
I headed toward Conna's small hut, pondering what could be going on. I looked up, and stoped dead in my tracks.
"Kikyo?" I said a loud. no way! It couldn't be her! She died!
The young women looked my way, "Look, I'm not Kikyo!" She yelled at me.
Just then Conna emergered from her hut. "Karen! Oh, it's you!"
"All you all right Conna?" I asked her as i went over to her and bent down. "Who is this girl? She claims not to be Kikyo, but she has the same apperence!"
"yes.. I know!" Conna said as we looked at her.
Then, as i looked more closely, i saw a small shimmer of pink.
"She has the jewel!!!!" I drew Ashton in front of me, ready for the fight.

(I hope this was ok, it's my first time at something like this!)
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I was in the woods, hiding the entire time the conversation took place between My father, my mother, and the strange woman. I realize something in history has changed, and I stand silently watching. This is not the sengoku jidaii I grew up in........ could it be another dimension? This is too weird. I leap into veiw, and I find myself face to face with My father. "Fa- Inuyasha! It is..... It is strange, I should meet you......."
I know I mat be changeing the future, but I do not care. My mother stares at me. "Inuyasha, you never said anything about a twin brother........" okld lady kaede says, and I am mystified at what is going on. "I am Heero, and yes, I am related to Inuyasha, but not yet."
I watch Father. "What do you mean, not yet?"
I smile,and I say the magicword.
"Inuyasha, I am surprised at you. I look just like you. Do you not know who I am?"
Inuyasha looks at me funny. "Never mind. I'll tell you later."
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"I've been walking through this forrest for days and I haven't found a sign of some jewel that's been sought out by so many" gene thought. "I might as well make a path and clear things out of my may" gene said to him self as he raised his right hand. The gauntlet on his hand started glowing. Plants, trees and any thing in his way started moving aside. He started running through the path. As he ran he started to smell humans and some that were part demon. "One must be the inuyasha guy i've herd about but I can't tell who the other one is" gene said to him self.
He jumped into the trees and jumped from the branches. He eventually came the village. He wrapped his legs around a tree and looked into the hut infront of him. He saw three girls and two guys in the hut. He then noticed the shikon jewel. "I can't take it with all of them in there i'll need to get it later on" gene thought as he pulled him self up and waited.
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OOC: Umm..Fandom, is this in front of Conna's hut? Because that's were we all are? I was just wondering, I got confused..But let's say that you showed up infront of the hut and we are all outside...Is that okay Fox?

"Huh? Look man, I don't know who you are or why you look just like me...But I don't have a twin! I have a ful blooded demon brother, his name is Sesshomaru," Inuyasha fumed.
"Well Inuyasha, there is a resemblence between you two,"I said looking back and forth.
"Yeah, there are..same dog ears, silver hair, yellow eyes...attitudes..."Conna squinted and her ears pricked.
"You! The Jewel of Four Souls I want to know how you have it in your possesion?!"Karen was still in fighting stance.
I just stood there looking at this person who was ready to attack me! Why?! What's so important about this jewel? Inuyasha's attention drew back to Karen who was about to attack me. "Hey! That jewel is mine! So you back off!" Inuyasha shook his fist.
"Uhh..What is going on? What is so important about this jewel?" I asked Conna who was rolling her eyes. As was Heero.
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Is it time for a semi-villian yet? Oh well I'm gonna introude myself into the story but not into the thick of things.

I'm sleeping dreaming about the the demons who killed me parents. I suddnely wake up and say "Wow that was some dream. It seemed so real though." My dagger which picks up near by demons begins to glow and I look to the village across the field. I begin my journey toward the village but I don't get very far because I am still exhausted from the battle I had just fought a few of hours ago with a powerful demon. I decide to sleep for awhile and go kill the demons my dagger picked up when I'm well rested.
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I then glared are Inuyasha,"How is the jewel 'yours'? I deserve it more than you do!" I shot at him angrily.
"And how would it be yours?" He shot back.
"You owe me that jewel... you owe it to me because you killed Kikyo!!! I am going to use it to bring her back!" I yelled. I looked at the jewel in Kagome's hand. I smirked. It looked like Inuyasha knew what I was going to do. We both grabbed at it at the same time... but I was faster. He ended up falling... taking Kagome with him. I knew this wasn't really like me... but I was desperate to get Kikyo back. I had forgotten all about everyone else being there... my ears went down. I could tell Kagome was curious about me and Inuyasha's ears... she kept staring at them. It looked as if she desired to touch them. Everyone else was just looking at the jewel. Karen eased a little when she saw I had the jewel. Then I noticed a different smell.... coming from the edge of the woods, "We have an intruder," I said as I looked up to the tree. I saw a boy, he was looking down on us. Everyone else looked to. "What brings you to my little hut tonight, stranger?" I asked.
"I have come for the jewel!" He replyed.
"Ohhhh.... really? I do believe you are to late. Becasue the jewel.... is now mine!" I jumped on to the roof of my hut and then disapeared into the trees. I knew Inuyasha was following me, because he wanted more than anything to be full demon. I lead him deeper in to the woods, untill we were at my childhood home.
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"To easy. Can't out run a treasure hunter like me" gene thought standing up. He found there sent and started running after them. "I realy don't care about what power it has. Just that it's rare and saught out" gene thought. He dodged trees and plants as he followed them. He had herd that the jewel was rare and that so many people were after it. He figured that he would just sell it or just keep it for him self if he thought it was some thing he would want to keep. "These trees are slowing me down. Might as well move them" gene thought raising his hand.
The gauntlet started glowing and the trees moved out of his way then moved back to there origanle place once he was past them. One he came upon the village where inuyasha and conna had gone to he jumped into a tree. "I'll have to wait for the right moment to grab it" gene thought waiting to see what would happen.
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I smirk, and take out my own Shikon no tama from my yukata. I had it when I was in another world, and now I have it here. Everyone gapes at it. "I am not telling where I got this from." I say, and Inuyasha tries to take it. I jump up into the air and bring my fist down on his head. "You are not taking this. It's mine! I don't care who you think you are, but I am not giveing this to you."
I smirk again. "I havew many powers, Inuyasha."
Inuyasha stands. I knock him down again. "oh, Inuyasha....... Kagome, say the word..........SIT!"
Mother does, and...............
"Ouah!" He moans after he hits the ground. I smirk again.
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"Fox! Give me that jewel! You have no need for it!" a voice yelled from the tree limb it was preched on. Conna spun around. She had thought every one was stillby her hut...wait htis voice was new...but it sounded famialar..."and why do I not need it? I'm going to bring somone back!" She shouted up at the tree. "Kikyo? Ahh but use your nose fox. She is back among the living." she saw a teenageded girl appaer betweent he leaves and then jump down to the forest floor. "She's back?.."
K hope that's decent..
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kikyo (me) Is watching in a near buy shadow..... She could only smirk at what was going on..... Inuyasha looked up a sniffed the air.... Kikyo...?I/She began to step back and her soul snakes(Iguess thats what they are) Surounded her as she hurried off.
Inuyasha ran deeper in to the woods following her sent I stopped to see him jump over a bush. kikyo he wispered. Why are you hunting me down Inuyasha do you want to kill me agean??
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I looked from the wolf girl to Inuyasha following.... Kikyo? I felt so happy... but I was unsure about it. I narrowed my eyes and my ears went down again. "How can she be with the living again? Who has brought her back?" I asked the wolf girl. Before she could answer, that boy showed up and said,"You're to easy fox." But then he vanished into a shadow. He was going to try and snatch the jewel! I ran after Inuyasha and Kikyo. I saw them in a nearby clearing. I ran to her and shouted, "KIKYO!" I just couldn't help myself, so I hugged her. The last time we had hugged was about a month before she died... it had been 50 years, that was long enough for me to wait. I just couldn't believe she was back, the child I had practicaly raised. I hadn't realized it, but I had dropped the jewel while I had run to her. Then I noticed me Ring of Souls... it was tightening and glowing. That wasn't good, it meant Kikyo was still dead. It's like she was going around without a soul... just living off hate, maybe even some demon power. But I didn't care... all I cared about was that at least part of her was back. So I just kept on holding her... just like I used to.
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"This is to easy" gene said as he jumped out of the tree that he was watching from. He started running for the jewel and grabed it as he ran past them. Inuyasha started chasing after gene. "I don't know why people are after this thing but in that case i'll just keep it with me untill I find the highest bidder" gene said smilling. "Come back here with that jewel and I might go easy on you" inuyasha said. "I don't think i'll do that any time soon but I will give you some thing in return" gene said smilling. His glauntlet started glowing and clouds started forming.
"Let's see how well he deals with lightning" gene thought smilling. Lightning started to strike infront of inuyasha makeing him turn back. "These are reasons i'm glad I went through all those traps to get this thing" gene said smilling as he looked at the gauntlet. "Come on inuyasha if you realy want the jewel that bad you'll have to take it out of my hands that is if you can get close enough" gene said smilling. Inuyasha steped forward and lighting struck infront of him again makeing him jump back. "Let's see how close he can get with out getting shocked" gene thought putting the jewel away.
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"Heh you should worry more about ME than HIM!" Shouko said as she grabbed the jewel out of Gene's hand from behind. "What the?-" He said as she vanished about 50 yards away. "So this is the famed Inuyasha who stole Kikyo away. God all my father ever talked about was getting revenge on you..at least before he died...and why are there 2 Kikyos anyway?" she said smirking. "I told you! It's Kagome! NOT Kikyo!" Kagome yelled very frustrated. It seems she was getting a bit annoyed at being left out. "Well whatever. Kikyo is alive so she won't be needing THIS anymore" she said tossing the shikon jewel up than catching it over and over. "Well I'm gonna leave now. I'll be seeing you soon Kikyo. Probably you too Conna. Yeah weell..Whoa!- " she yelled starteled as Inuyasha and Gene came hurtling towards her. "Ha nice try boys! but I'll be leaving now!" She yelled down at them as she jumped to the highest limbs of the tree. She was about to disapear but suddenly she froze...
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Gene jumped up at her. "Sorry but I didn't come all this way to have the jewel taken away from me" gene said. "Let's see if you can catch me then" shouko said as she tried to jump out of gene's reach but tree vines started wraping around her legs and started pulling her down. She hit the ground and droped the jewel. Shouko looked at gene and noticed that his gauntlet was glowing. "That's the reason I hate you. You all ways use that thing to get a advantage" inuyasha said.
"Nothing wrong with getting a uper hand on the compition. Now if you don't mind i'll be takeing this" gene said as he grabed the shikon jewel and started running. "Now let's see if you can catch me" gene said as he started running. Inuyasha started running after gene as shouko broke out of the vines and ran after him to.
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"Take that!! That jewel belongs to me! It was in MY body for fifteen years and I want it back!!!" I was furious, my Sacred Arrow bit Gene in the shoulder and the jewel dropped onto te ground.

"Ah, that's better,"picking up the jewel I placed it in my bra,"No one should bother it there." I smiled seeing Gene's hopless expression. "And if ANYONE tries to grab it..I promise sudden death!!!"

"Grrrrr..." Gene growled,"Damn, I will see you later! Kikyo!"

My eyebrow twitched and my ears grew hot,"I am not KIKYO!!!" I pulled out an arrow and shot at Gene.

"Yikes!!!" he dodged just in time and took off.

[i]Where did Inuyasha and Conna go? I better go and see if they will need any help..[/i] I walked into the woods adn came upon the two with another woman..[i] She must be Kikyo..Somehow I feel I should be on my guard..[/i]
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I smirk, and take off after inuyasha. He pursues Kikyou (i guess we are so many episodes in the future already.......) But I already know what the outcome will be. I am after all, his son. Father will be stupid and chase after her, and not care what kagome thinks.
I myself will not intervene, history must not be changed. But, something is already different in this time. I assume I am in another similar but different dimention. I come across Kikyo first. She mistakes me for my father.
"Inuyasha........ You have chased me here, May I ask why?"
"I'm not inuyasha!"
"You now lie blatantly to my face? You are s fool! I will not fall for such tricks."
Inuyasha comes barraling into the small clearing. "Inu.....yashas? There are two of you?"
"No, I am not an inuyashja. I am Heero! I am Inuyasha's-" I stop, and I look down and away from them."I'm.....I'm.........."
Kikyo smirks, knowing she has figured out something." So I see. You are not of this time period, nor world. You come from not only the future, but an alternate dimention as well. Such a silly boy. Your mother....... I can guess. But I know your father don't I? I know who he is........."
"Shut up!" I yell. "You don't know what you're talking about!"
"I see more similarities."
Inuyasha has a shocked expression on his face. I fume. "You are stupid, kikyo! No wonder you died! You are just plain stupid!"
"Hush boy. I have told him nothing. However, I may if you do not hush.
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I ran into the clearing where i found everyone standing. There was InuYasha, the strange girl who had the jewel, Kagome is what she called herself, the strange boy who looked like InuYahsa, the wolf boy had gone, but there right next to wear Conna was standing was Kikyo. "It can't be," I said to myself. I walked over to Kikyo, Ashton still raised.
"Why do you hold you sword that way? Do you wish to fight me?"
"You're pathetic." I said as i held my ground. "You can't even protect yourself let alone the jewel. You no longer belong to this world, go back to were you belong!"
"I see you inherited your father's willfullness," she said smiling.
"And his abilities too." I turned to look at Kagome. "I know you have the jewel." I said as I put Ashton away. "But i'm not going to fight you for it."
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Kikyo sighed and lookd over to kagoma and stepped in front of her why do you wish to fight kagome for the jewl? I looked and heard a laghf comeing from the trees as I looked up I saw a glimps of a man and a vile he opened it and a whight cloud of
smoke filled the area! Kikyo fanned around her and called out is every one ok? no awnser She couldent see any one.I should have done away with kagome along time ago! I thought. Kikyo began walking and fanning the air around her.....Where is every one? Kikyos body began fadeing. I gatta get out of here where ever here is! She saw Inuyasha (fake iy) and reached for his had.
He turned and scoweled at me then he said im tired of you sticking around!-YOUR NOT ALIVE YOU JUST A WANDERING SOUL LOOKING FOR REVENG AND ACCEPTANCE!!! She took out a bow and held it as he drew his wepon....INUYASHA DIE FOR GOOD!!
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"Inuyasha!! You are going to rip my arm off!!" I tried to run as fast as he was but I couldn't keep up.

"Shut-up and run! This is getting too out of hand! We have to get as far away as we can til we can figure out just what the hell is going on!" Inuyasha yelled over the wind.

"Ouch!" me and my clumsiness, I tripped on a stone and almost fell, but to my surprise Inuyasha caught me and held me as he jumped from tree to tree.

"Damn you girl! You're slowing me down! Quit looking at me like that, I am only doin this because I want that jewel." We landed a few miles out. Inuyasha set me, well more like dropped me, beside the river.

"Hey you! Becareful!!" I yelled.

"Shut up!!! Stupid girl!!"

"......SIT BOY!!!"


I love doing that..I laughed at Inuyasha who was twitching on the ground.

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(in the smoke) Inuyasha (fake) Drew his wepon DIE INUYASHA!!
I shot and it glided by his face is that the best you have kikyo?
I gave an angry look as I raised it agean he at god like speed ran to me and stabed I gave a shocked look... He twisted and pulled the sword out. The wound however was not to horably bad but I was bleeding. I ran at him and held a daggar to his throught! Go ahead kikyo is this not what you wanted.....for me to parish?!
Kikyo drew his blood and threw the daggar to the ground. The smoke cleared and she saw the real inuyasha. INUYASHA! He turned slowly and saw the wound she had she looked at kagome and every thin grew quiet. Kikyo,he began walking over slowly kagome's eyes widened no inu....yasha she thought.
Are you ok? Why are you asking it was you that did this!! What no.. kikyo....I. You probly did it for her! She shot the arrow at kagome and pinned her to the ground by her uniform! Kikyo walked and got the jewl from kagome It began giving off a sickning light as she disapeared.
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I bare my teeth, and I attack The fake inuyasha. "I am not happy with any of this, but you will not kill him. CRIMSON REAVER!!!!!!"
I use my own version of father's attack, and I try to kill the attaker. "I AM HEERO ! I NEVER LET ANY ONE LIVE IF THEY HARM MY FREINDS!"
Inuyasha is confused, and he asks, "who are you?"
"I can't tell you that. I am sorry. \Let's just say I know you will be a father in five years."
Inuyasha's eyes open wide. "you mean you're from the future?"
"Yes, and no."
I grab him and we flee from the fight. "i won't let you be a fool and throw your life away."
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Kikyo looks down at the jewl.....Inuyasha or heero will be after this soon and they will be saddly disapointed. I began tossing it hand to hand. Then I heard a Voice say -KIKYO.... She looked around the tree she was sitting in was sinking. A vine grabbed her rist you have the jewl....and you want revenge allow me to help...She could not see the owner to the voice yes but why do you ask about the jewl?
Inuyasha tried to kill you and im only here to help as a servent.
I dont need you to help me. Look at the wound you just need to say yes and it will be healed and Inuyasha will be as good as dead. A nother vine wrapped around her ankle she looked at the jewl and said yes.
one of her spirit snakes came to her carry the jewl far away from Inuyasha It disapeared No the jewl!!!!!! You get it when Inuyashas dead!
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