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Manga Whats the best Manga?

Kyo no Ryu

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herre would anime be without manga? This works just like my other thread. What is it?

I have many favorites, I like a lot of manga but overall I pick...

Rave Master: This is a very good action series. Its very bloody yet its not really all that mature. Ive read all of the first 5 GNs and its great. It has a nice mix of dark and light and great charachters. There are many mysteries and things happen so quick you wonder what could happen next. I just read the number 5 and was very happy though my favorite charachter died, oh well. Rave Master Rules!
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Well the best manga I've read lately is Priest, even though it's not Japanese.
I like the dark atmosphere created by the rough art style, and the story is just awsome.
Each character in the story has depth, and really makes you want to know about them.
Plus I really like westerns.

The best Japanese manga I've read is Blade of The Immortal. The story is just so epic and well written, that its hard not to like.
Like Priest, it also has a great cast of characters, who are very human. My favorite has to be Magatsu, even though Manji is pretty cool.
All this, in addition to the great artwork, makes Blade of The Immortal on of the best.
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My favorite Manga, and you must understand that I have read a very small amount of Manga compared to how many good ones are out there, would have to be Magic Knight Rayearth. I have actually not read the entire series of Rayearth, but the plotline and meaning of the series is very moving. The characters were easy to like as well.

This would help a whole lot more if I had access to a wider variety of Manga ^^;
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For me, that is a hard question to answer. I have read a widespread amount of manga. I own like 20 manga books. That's not even including my my big pile of Shonen Jump. It isa pretty hard choice, but I will have to go with these:

[b]Love Hina[/b]- I like [i]Love Hina[/i] because it is very funny. It is very sweet and a good laugh.

[b]Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances[/b]- I especially love this one because it is a good read. Also, I think that it is very romantic and loyal. I am a girl you know.

[b]GTO[/b]- [i]GTO[/i] or [i]Great Teacher Onizuka[/i], is really hilarious. Though this is a bit more adult because of how [spoiler]perverted[/spoiler] Onizuka is. It is also very cool.

[b]Chobits[/b]-My friend neoclone-7 that I know in real life got me into this manga. It is sad, yet funny (there's that word again...heh) and so very innocent.

[b]Naruto[/b]- This is a pretty good manga. I started to read this when I got into buying Shonen Jump. It is amazing, funny, and a good read.

Phew!! That is sure a lot of favorites, but what can I say, I love manga.
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[color=hotpink][size=1]Ooooh manga, something I used to hate, but now I'm into. So weird...yes, I am.

[b]Chobits[/b] is my absolute favorite. I have the entire series now and I just loved the uniqueness and the flair of it. It was predicatable, yes, but it was still a wonderful read with great art and beautiful detail. CLAMP rocks.

[b]Magic Knight Rayearth[/b] is another series by CLAMP and the manga is great. I love the concept and how there was this twist of irony when it came to the Princess Emeralda. It was so sad, but I loved it. Hikaru, however, was quite annoying.

[b]Paradise Kiss[/b] has got to be my second favorite. It's very cutting-edge with a unique style. It's about fashion and romance and the fifth volume hasn't came out here yet because it's not even released in Japan yet! But I highly recommend it.

[b]Parasyte[/b] is one of the first series I read and even though it's more of male/mature thing and is pretty freaky, I LOVED IT! It was so awesome and I hated that they quit printing Mixxzine because I'll never be able to finish this series...*sighs*

[b]Peach Girl[/b] is a fun romance that always ends up making me angry when it comes to Momo and Sae. Sae is the most devilish and evil girl and she always just HAS to ruin everything for Momo. I'm also irritated that Toji and Momo didn't workout for WHATEVER reason, but I am kind of excited for her and Kiley. ^_^

[b]Mars[/b] is about this shy girl named Kira who falls in love with this bad-boy named Rei and all the stuff that comes out of typical romance. It's so sweet, though. I can't wait to see how it turns out...

[b]Sailor Moon[/b] is not a only a good anime series, but a GREAT manga series. Just read it and you'll see the different. The artwork is beautiful and elegant and the storyline has more flair to it.

And of course, the [b]Evangelion[/b] manga is excellent. I haven't read it all, but I love how Shinji and Asuka seem to have more of a relationship. ^_^; That's just me, I'm pro-Asuka+Shinji.

Then, I also recommend [b]X[/b] by CLAMP, too. It's beautiful and intriguing.

OH! And [b]Marmalade Boy![/b] It's so cute and depressing and always leaves me on edge, but I love reading it.

If you can't tell by now, I'm a big fan of romance series.

Okay, so I'm sure there are more and I'll post them later, but you should all read these! ^_^[/color][/size]
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I don't read much manga anymore, it's all Western comics for me now. The terribly dull Ghost in the Shell 2 manga series was the breaking point for me. I see little reason to go back. That said...

Ranma 1/2 - I really love this series. I love the anime as well. It's surprising how much they're like eachother. It's almost dead on. Fun comedy and characters... although I suppose it can get repetitive on some level, I've never had a problem.

Lone Wolf and Cub - Excellent stuff. Probably my favorite. Good art, good story, tons of action. Comes in these really small, thick paperbacks... I thought they were neat.

Appleseed - I own all four books as well as the databook. This is what solidified my interest in manga way, way back. It also made Masamune Shirow the one manga artist I'd always watch out for. Far better than the terrible anime.

Ghost in the Shell - I loved the original series. The paintings and such in it are simply gorgeous. The story is complex and just well done. The anime is decent, but doesn't compare. GiTS2, on the other hand, was a massive disappointment. Lots of beautiful art and the most boring stuff I've ever read.

There's random others, but that's the main stuff.
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I've read alot of the first books of manga from the book store. Manga's are expensive and short, so I go and pick out one and sit and read it. I love marmalade Boy! It's the best I've ever read, the love story makes you depressed but at the end.... well, it made me cry and laugh at the same time. I loved Mars, like asuka said, the art work is beautiful, I tried many times to draw the characters but I guess I'm not that talented. Now, I saw at the book store a stand for new releases. I found one that is soooo... good! It's called GinPeng... I think, but I'm pretty sure! It was about this dude gets reincarnated into a penguin and has to get revenge on the person who murdered him and find his one true love! It was so powerfull! I also like Love Hina all right and .//hack. I really like Peach girl and Kane Karo!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Japan_86 [/i]
[b]GTO[/b]- [i]GTO[/i] or [i]Great Teacher Onizuka[/i], is really hilarious. Though this is a bit more adult because of how [spoiler]perverted[/spoiler] Onizuka is. It is also very cool.

I thought I was one of the only people who thought onizuka was [spoiler] perverted[/spoiler] all my friends just think he is rather normal.....I guess that means they have alot of problems!

my favorite is the akira manga....it had a lot more detail then the movie.

Gto-he is a great teacher >_< and it's just plain funny


Priest- it's just cool....he is a vash thats violent.
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I'd have to say my favorites are:

Gouhou Drug: because CLAMP bishounen manga rules.

Chojin Locke: you can't deny the classics. One of the first psychic power/space manga.

Tenshi Kinryoku: so angsty. and such memorable charectors and art.

I dont think there is a "best" manga though.
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Yes by far the best manga ever is Blade of the Immortal. Lately it is getting even more gruesome, but the storyline and characters are fantastic. It has the best art style of any manga or american comic I read. I just think its leagues above other manga.

Ok, I'll stop gushing. GTO is second best, and then there are whole lot of manga that are close. Ranma 1/2, S-cry-ed, Naruto and Iron wok Jan are some of my favorites. I'm turing into a real manga freak lately, but I also read a lot of american comics.

Powers, 100 bullets and the new transformers comics I highly reccommend!
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Well this is a hard question....me having more then 25 different series of manga and all..but first![QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Queen Asuka [/i]
[B][color=hotpink][size=1] Hikaru, however, was quite annoying.
[/color][/size] [/B][/QUOTE]

Haha! I'm not the only one who doesn't like Hikaru! Yes! Well here goes....

Anything done by Clamp. I mean seriously their stories and artworks are so beautiful....

Anything done by Yu Waste. If it's by her it's basicaly is pretty much promised to make me laugh. And again beautiful art and stories...

Kodacha. It's halirous! And it does get pretty sweet sometimes too...

Petshop of Horrors. three words: Gore is cool

Sailor Moon. Omigod! My first series.....the story is so wonderful too. I love it so much....

There is probably alot of others but I just wanna post this now...:sweat:

[color=hotpink][size=1]Edited to fix tags. *QA*[/color][/size]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ryu_Sakura [/i]
[B] well inu-yasha is great to exept its not really manga, well it is its just not like left to right its right to left, like american comics [/B][/QUOTE]

[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkblue]Okay, you are totally wrong on that. It [I]is[/I] manga, VIZ has all of their manga done left to right... that I know of anyway. They just don't choose to have it right to left. Just because they switch it to the way Americans normally read doesn't mean it isn't manga. :rolleyes:
Anyway, my favorite manga is Kodocha of course! ^_^ And yes, I do read the comedy and romance series. I like Kodocha because it is a great comedy and as it goes on it gets into the drama and romance. It shows how hard a relationship can be, especially at a young age. I love this series and everything about it. Miho Obana draws so beautifully and she has truely made a heart clenching story. Yes I do have to say it has even made me cry. This story is told with great emotion and I just can't get enough. I have the first eight books, I [B]need[/B] the next books. I can't believe there is only two more! That would have to be my most favorite manga of all time and it has made it to the top of my best manga list. If you havn't read Kodocha, I strongly suggest you do.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Well, unfortunatly I haven't had as much exposure to manga as I have had to anime, simply because I learned about it later on. However, I do find manga artwork absolutely beautiful, and revel in it. My 'favorite' so far would have to be Marmalade Boy, not only for the eye candy but for the intresting story as well. (Plus, I'm such a sap for romantics. ^-~) I actually managed to buy the entire series, go me! ^^;;

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I do not read much manga. Here's what I've read so far:

[B]Rurouni Kenshin-Jin Chuu Arc[/B]: Abosolutely wonderful! It's got Enishi--need I say more?!?

[B]X 1999[/B]: only the first volume. i've seen the movie, and now I really want to watch the anime. yes, i know it's depressing but i'm still drawn to it. ahh...Fuma...

[B]Rave Master[/B]: only the first volume. not too bad. i've decided to wait for the anime debut on CN.

[B]Fake[/B]: this is definitely a keeper! I've read three volumes so far and have decided to continue with this series. if you're into hot bishies with a touch of shounen-ai, then i'd definitely reccommend it.
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I've read quite a few, and I usually collect what I read. Anyway, my list-ups.

Trigun Maximum (Hah to all you English speakers) - Great manga, with jam-packed action, gore, fight scenes, and much better character/plot developments. Its interesting to compare it with the anime series, but its truly disappointing that we don't see (or hear of) any sequels based on the story in the manga. I suppose thats as well, since its basically a different story with the same characters.

Hell Sing (Look Above) - The basic difference from the anime is that the main 'enemy' in the story is the revived Nazi battalion led by an insane colonel who loves war. The entire battalion is composed of the original Nazi survivors, now all vampires. Christiened the "Last Battalion", they are led by powerful vampires/demons called the "Vervolves" or something of that nature. Good read, but plenty of gore as well. Can't wait for Book 6.

Evangelion - The story is the same... well, almost. Some angels are omitted from the story altogether, and we get to delve deeper into each character. Like QA said, there is more emphasis on Shinji x Asuka, but I think there is alot of Shinji x Rei as well. Personally I like Shinji x Rei. I think the best part thus far in the manga was [spoiler] Touji's death which really was heart-wrenching, especially since you see Hikari planning Touji's lunch right after you see his body. Another of my favorite is Kaji's death scene, where he sees his old friends and his younger brother before he dies. [/spoiler]

Note: Do not read the Big O manga. It is utter crap, and leaves you confused and gives you no background on the characters or Paradigm city. The ending left me wondering what the heck happened. Stick to the anime, never lay your fingers on the manga.
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[color=indigo]Although this may seem insanly girly, the only manga I ever really thought was great is Chobits. The story line is just so warm and fuzzy, like a good Disney flick. The artwork is also pretty spiffy.

Ghost in the Shell is a good read as well. Although the anime was pretty good, the manga is much more involved. [/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Heaven's Cloud [/i]
[B][color=indigo]Although this may seem insanly girly, the only manga I ever really thought was great is Chobits. The story line is just so warm and fuzzy, like a good Disney flick. The artwork is also pretty spiffy. [/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=hotpink][size=1]I'm glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was nicely done and CLAMP always does well on their artwork. They have such a unique style, and in this series, they added a new edge to it. I recommend Chobits to anyone. The manga series, anyway. The tv series seems so watered down to me.[/color][/size]
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[color=indigo]I love Demon Diary! Its not a really popular manga, but everyone who reads it give it a five out of five. It has a really funny plot, and great art! I can't wait to read the second and third of it!

I'm also currently reading Wish which is a manga by CLAMP. It's pretty good but I wouldn't say as good as Demon Diary. Of course I haven't read all of it yet![/color]
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[color=royal blue]My favorite manga is definitely Gravitation. Shuichi is such a detailed and emotional character, and I can relate to him in many ways. I like the story behind it a lot, and I love all the characters in it (even though Yuki can be a jerk). The reason I like it most, though, is because it's a yaoi manga, and it was the first one I ever heard about. I've been addicted to it ever since. I only wish that I could see the anime, too...[/color]
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I love Gravitation. ^__^ The artwork isn't stellar, but it's incredibly funny and sweet, which more than makes up for that one shortcoming. I agree; Shuichi is one of my favorite characters in any anime or manga. He may not be very bright, but he tries [i]so[/i] hard to make everyone happy and do the right thing. He reminds me of Hideki from Chobits.

Rhys Mayiessen: I'm really, really looking forward to reading Demon Diary. So I'm glad to hear that you liked it.

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