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Sign Up Kill Adam [R18+]


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[color=red][b]WARNING![/b] This RPG contains excessive violence, coarse language and adult themes. The RPG is based on the feature film "Kill Bill" and if you've seen that movie, you will have an idea of what to expect here. If you are offended by such material, we [b]strongly[/b] recommend that you avoid this RPG.

If, however, you enjoy blood/gore/sex/violence and all sorts of nasty things (and if you're appropriately aged), you're quite welcome to read and sign up.[/color]


"In case you're wondering, yes, he [i]was[/i] adopted. Cute little kid, too. We first saw him in Tokyo, as a matter of fact. He came up to us and asked us if we needed any "favors". You know how it is with those kids..."

[b][i]|A cloud of smoke billowing in the air|[/i][/b]

"...they're sold into the sex trade early in life. Us wealthy and corrupt western business men really love those young Japanese boys. That's how it's supposed to go, anyway. So yeah, of course, we felt sorry for the little guy. We wanted to help him."

[b][i]|A cigarette butt snuffed out along with the others|[/i][/b]

[font=trebuchet ms]"So what happened? How did you get him outta there?"[/font]

[b][i]|A pause and a sigh|[/i][/b]

"Well...we had to play along. We said we'd take him for a ride. We did do that, but we only took him for ice cream. Nothing serious, you know. And finally, somehow, I convinced him to tell me who he was working for. He told me and..."

[b][i]|Another puff of smoke and a sharp breath|[/i][/b]

"...and we found the fucker and killed him. What else can I say? We spread him over the walls of that hotel room. Bastard."

[font=trebuchet ms]"I see. You weren't tempted to try anything with the boy, then?"[/font]

[b][i]|Another pause...|[/i][/b]

"Of course not. What the hell do you think I am? There's a big difference between an adult man and a small boy, isn't there?"

[font=trebuchet ms]"Guess so..."[/font]

"Yeah, you guess. Idiot."

[font=trebuchet ms]"Okay, so tell me then...what happened? How did this all start? You worked so hard to keep that boy safe and then he went and disappeared on you or something? Just like that?"[/font]

[b][i]|A cough|[/i][/b]

"Not [i]quite[/i] like that..."

[b][i]|Another cigarette|[/i][/b]

"...Adam came for him."

[font=trebuchet ms]"Adam?"[/font]

"Yeah, Adam. We worked for him a while back, you see. We were pretty popular too; the flavor of the month I guess you could say. He wanted to cut us out of the action back there though."

[font=trebuchet ms]"I guess you didn't take that too well, by the sound of it..."[/font]


"Hah, fuck no. Of course not. We weren't going to be cut out of [i]anything[/i]. We'd worked hard to reach that level...we weren't going to somehow give that up. Not for anyone. So, we made a choice--"

[font=trebuchet ms]"What choice?"[/font]

"Will you let me fucking finish? Jesus."

[font=trebuchet ms]"Sorry."[/font]

"Okay, so anyway...we refused to give. We flat-out told the son of a bitch that we weren't giving in. So you know what he did? He took the kid right from under our noses."

[font=trebuchet ms]"Asshole."[/font]

"Yeah, you reckon? So he took the kid and we did what we could, but that really wasn't going to change anything. The kid tried to defend himself -- you know how it goes. But it was just a slaughter. He had no chance. Adam took care of him."

[font=trebuchet ms]"So that's when you decided to get even."[/font]

"You bet your ass that's what we did. We got even -- more than even."

[b][i]|Clock chiming|[/i][/b]

[font=trebuchet ms]"More than even? Adam's Angels...?"[/font]

"Yeah, them too. Wasn't easy though. Didn't quite finish the job..."

[font=trebuchet ms]"Oh?"[/font]

"Yeah. Not quite."


[b]Kill Adam[/b] takes place in the near future. It deals with the story of two lovers who worked for a man named Adam. Exactly what their jobs entailed is not to be revealed at this stage.

Adam tried to diminish the pair's influence on the business and as a result, they refused to budge -- neither man wanted to compromise his position or influence. Adam, being the man that he is, decided to kidnap their adopted son. Their son, despite being trained to skilfully use a Katana, didn't manage to survive in the face of Adam's fury.

Their son murdered, their careers in tatters, the two lovers decided to encact revenge on Adam. The idea was to not only kill Adam himself, but also the secretive and feared [b]Adam's Angels[/b].

The [b]Adam's Angels[/b] are a tight-knit group of female assassins who protect Adam wherever he goes. Adam, who lives in Osaka, Japan, runs an ostensibly reputable toy company. His company, however, has a seedy underbelly. The toys that the company produces are often filled with cocaine or some other such illicit substance. This is how he manages to keep himself afloat as a "gaijin". This is also how he keeps his posse well fed, well sexed and "always happy".

This story contains two groups -- The Southern Vipers and Adam's Angels. The Southern Vipers was formed in an attempt to destroy Adam's Angels, in what promises to be a battle to end all battles.


[center][b]The Southern Vipers[/b]




[b]Adam's Angels[/b]







In this here movie, you can play as either a member of The Southern Vipers or Adam's Angels.

[b]Note:[/b] The idea is to create sign-ups that are very "Kill Bill" inspired. So, I want to see outlandish names/callsigns and very thought-out biographies. Feel free to use great liberty when it comes to how your character looks and what weapon they use. Obviously, you want to remain in context...so no "giant laz0r cannonz" and make sure that your character is [i]human[/i]. I [b]strongly[/b] recommend that you watch Kill Bill before signing up at all.

Myself and Shy will be collaborating on this story. So, we will be very strict in determining who gets in and who doesn't. If you get in, your character will be added to the super cool Cast List above. You can even use a picture of yourself. If you do, I will edit your photograph for the Cast List (you'll see how this works when I do it). I recommend face shots rather than whole body shots (as this makes editing easier for me), if you choose to use your own photo. You can use an entirely fake picture through (drawn or whatever). Doesn't really matter. Manga and anime style is probably better than other styles, due to the type of RPG this is.

Make sure also to remember that this RPG takes place in Japan primarily. You do not have to be Japanese though -- it's often better to either just be your own "race" (as Shy and I are doing) or something else entirely. In Kill Bill, it's really only the "henchmen" who are Japanese. ~_^

[b]Real Name:[/b] You can bleep this out if you don't want us to know right away. Or you can use a funny nickname.

[b]Callsign:[/b] Self explanatory.


[b]Gender:[/b] You can even be a hermaphrodite or transgendered! Wow!

[b]Alliance:[/b] Southern Vipers, Adam's Angels or Neutral.

[b]Biography:[/b] Fill us in on your character's history.

[b]Personality:[/b] Self explanatory.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Only one weapon please. And no, you can't have a FA-18 jet as your weapon. But anything from a mace to a sharp dildo would be acceptable. Be creative but not so silly that your weapon bears no relationship to your character or to the story/history of that character.

[b]Picture:[/b] A photo, drawing, etc...


As a final word, I'd like to make a couple of comments.

Firstly, this will be my final RPG for quite some time. These things die out far too quickly...and I don't know how long this one will last. But I want to try it. Shy gave me the idea and I thank him for that; hopefully we can have a lot of fun here.

I am soon going to be able to disable the censor in Otaku Arena as well. Strict new rules will accompany this (RPGs that include any coarse language will need warnings posted in them, for example). This is not done to simply allow massive amounts of swearing for no reason -- it is done to ensure that "mature" RPGs can be given space for flexibility. Some characters are simply going to use various types of coarse language to get their point across. And it seems that creative writers have been calling for me to lift the censor for a long time anyway.

I warn you again that this RPG will be extremely violent -- maybe even graphically violent. It will also have significant sexual content and high levels of offensive language. Every thread related to this RPG will carry a stern warning about this, however.

I encourage Tori, Jenna and Deborah to sign up as funky alter-egos of themselves, too. You know, "nasty" Adam's Angels. Shy and I imagined Tori being an assassin wearing a pink ballgown, for example. ~_^

Have fun!

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[i][color=lightpink]I just saw Kill Bill, and I absolutly loved it!! Just the ending was shocking as ever. I wont say it here about it, but my friend loved the part where Uma spanked the little boy.


Real Name: Simone Crawford

Call sign: Schuldig

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Alliance: The Southern Vipers

Biography: Simone was born in California, her real father left her mother before she was born, and her mother died when she was giving birth to her. Her biological father was japanese and her mother was too. Having to go to an orphanage, she grew up there quite happily and content, she always had this bad temper when she never got her way, causing some kind of trouble or hurting another child in the orphanage. But, when she turned 5 she was adopted by a young Japanese couple that couldn't have children. Her new family took her back to Japan with them, teaching her the japanese language and teaching her more english as well, knowing she could be a little translator for foreign exchange students. Her adopted father taught her about how to defend herself if anything were to happen to her, she slowly learned with her fists, then moving onto karate, learning on how to use many weapons and mastering them, finally acheiving that goal by the time she had her fourteenth birthday. Soon finding more ways to use the weapons to her advantage. Up to this day she trains several hours a day, keeping up her strength, speed, and skills. Her favorite weapon was the chain whip.

Personality: She is very timid girl, quiet most of the time, but when you upset her about something she gets a very hot temper, leaving some bad results from it. But mostly she'll be calm and quiet.

Weapon: Her favorite chain whip.

Picture: [img]http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-10/454379/610.jpg[/img] [/color][/i]
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Real Name: Shinmaru Hazuki

Callsign: Two-Face

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Alliance: Southern Vipers

Biography: Shinmaru was just your average person growing up. At least, he would have been average if we all lived in a psycho alternate universe, but that's beside the point.

To put it bluntly, Shinmaru suffers from a split personality disorder in which he is one of two extremes. His first extreme is what is known as the "justice personality." Basically, this personality will stop at nothing to do what he feels is just and will employ any means neccessary, in his views, to get the job done. The other extreme is the "sadistic personality." This personality thoroughly enjoys every second of torture that he employs; it is safe to say that he even gets sexual pleasure out of another person's pain.

It is almost impossible to tell which personality you are interacting with, as they remain dormant in a sort of "neutral personality" until they are provoked. Shinmaru was also an avid reader of comics growing up and he always had a connection with the character of Two-Face from Batman. Thus, he always carries a penny (a penny because he doesn't feel he can measure up to the worth of his idol) around with him to decide the correct time to dispense his unique brand of physical and mental pain.

Personality: When unprovoked, Shinmaru is basically an average person. He's quite intelligent (in a surreal sort of way) and very quiet. He interacts with few people, often opting just to talk to himself because he finds the conversation more stimulating. However, he is easily provoked into either one of his extremes, so people learn not to get used to his "regular" personality.

Weapon: A special penny whose outside "edges" are razor sharp. The penny also has a unique boomerang ability, so that Shinmaru never loses it. This is the same penny that he uses to decide when to set out on a violent course of action.

EDIT: Thought I should add something to make the weapon a bit more potent, heh. There is also a special button, so small that it can not be seen by the naked eye, in Abe Lincoln's eye that expands the penny to about the size of a small circular shield. Pressing the button again causes sharp spikes to jut out along the outside of the penny (all along the circle, that is).

Picture: Well, he just looks like Shin from Cowboy Bebop. I just designed the whole Shinmaru mythos around him, heh. But, for a pic, you can just view the attachment.
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I'll give this a swing. I saw most of Kill Bill, and thought it to be a horriblr try at a real life anime. But, since this is the OTAKU boards i will go with this in the mind set of real anime.

Real Name: Lang Smith

Call sign: Akami

Age: 24

Gender: male

Alliance: neutral

Biography: Born of a American father and a Japanese mother. His father thought all ideas of Japanese traditions, customs, and family codes were dead. From that you should be able to tell that it wasn't planed for Lang to be born. In fact he was seen as never born, for he was put up for adoption shourtly coming out of his mother. The most his mother ever gave him was his name and look of rejection. Lang's foster parents were a pair of teens who wanted a child but not through the sexual way. They had something about not wasteing the body on such savage ideas. Plus the fact that they were both 18 didn't make for a great childhood.
As soon as he was able he left his fake parents and went in search for his father and mother. It didn't take him long to find his father, for he was head of a small computer company. He also found out that his "father" was not a very Fatherly type figure. This was a man who thought women had but one use, sex. None of his staff were women, all but his secretary. Which I don't have to say for what reasons. He also learned that his father's working in his birth was not in the right either. Seems his mother was just a women in Japan that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. With this in his mind Lang started on a path to kill his father and bring his sorry *** to his mother, so she could inact her revenge as well. He began learning of the art of the sword. For no other reason then he thought it would be a good tool to rip his Pop to shreads with. He learned from a a half Chinese half Japanese man. He learned the art and found that a scimatar fit his style best. He then went and found his father, paid his "respects" to the man that helped bring him into this world, and then killed him in a park while he was trying to make Lang a brother.
As he had promised he brought his father's body to his mother. Which by then was not in the best shape a dead body can be in. His mother kicked and beat the cadavor for sometime until she and Lang pushed it into a lake.
It was only resently that Lang began hearing of the fight between the Angels and Vipers. He has seen both sides and is still unsure as to which he fills is either in the right or could best use him.

Personality: Well, for the most part he's quit. Sometimes he can be to quit. He only says things that he belives need saying. This does not mean he is a hard ***. He has a nice since of humor, i use nice because thats about what it is. He has a habit of telling bad jokes.

Weapon: As stated in bio, it's a scimatar. The guard is in a circle like a katana's guard would be. In the guard are two wolves chaseing each other. The handle has a Chinese dragon on one side, and a celtic dragon on the other. the handle his a nice black oaken finish, with the dragons of silver. the blade follows like a scimatar would. sngle bladed and comes out a bit at the point to make a fang like look.

Appearance: Yes, i know it said picture, but i have no way to put a picture up. He has long blonde hair to his knees. its tied into a pony tail with a piece of black string. he has one blue eye and one green eye. He says this shows both his parents backgrounds, blue for America, green for Japan. he wears a short black jacket with the sleeves rolled up. Under that he has a nice white button down. with it unbuttoned to mid way. the shirt is long sleeved which can look werid to some. He has black pants to finish his main atire, and white and black sneckers on his feet. He carries his scimatar on his back wrapped in a tan cloth along side his brown leather travel bag.

There, Wow that more then i think i've ever put into a sign up. well hears to it. hope even if i don't get in that this goes well. Sounds like it could be a good basis for all other mature RPs.
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[color=royalblue]Real Name: Satell Megelani

Callsign: Ballet

Age: 24

Gender: Female...so they say.

Alliance: Adam's Angels

Biography: Sad eyed, the daughter of a dishonorably discharged father and a weak willed Chinese mother, Satell has lived a life somewhat devoid of love and nourishment. Her first childhood memory is her mother and father screaming at eachother, and then a whiskey glass being broken on her forehead. When she mentioned the incident to her mother several years later, she learned the full details. Her mother wasn't really her mother, but her father was her father. Her real mother, according to the "rumors" was a cheap whore that worked the corner of 9th and Decoto. They argued over who should've taken Satell out to die, and her mother won. Her father chucked his glass at her, after saying a few nice words: "Shut the fuck up you stupid ass baby!" It broke, covering her with shards of broken glass and permanant facial scaring. And that was that.

Her mother, threw her into the nearest boarding school, where Satell learned how to fight the good fight. Along the way, she became an excellent dancer, excelling in all forms of dance, but mostly ballet. Her turnout is more than 180 degrees and her flexibility is off the charts. In the boarding school, life was, as you might expect, rough. She learned how to fight, and incorporated her ballet into it, forming her own style. The Split Rose. She joined Adam's Angel's after graduating from college with a MFA in Dance. Why? Cause her mother didn't give a flying fuck and her father drank himself to death on her 18th birthday. Happy Birthday Satell.

Adam saw her perform one evening for the San Fransisco ballet and was entranced. Her skill was unatural, her eyes beautiful, and her movement graceful. When he followed her into her dressing room, he witnessed her flash out her bloodsword with a single flick of her wrist, decapitate several would-be assassins in the blink of an eye, then clean and sheath it again within the space of five seconds. He smiled, she was perfect. When she looked up and saw him, she didn't move, instead, she looked into his eyes and saw what she had seen in very few others. And when he made her an offer, she accepted out of interest, a chance to be wild and uncontrolled, so unlike her history. Ballet is all about grace and discipline, being an assassin was a way out, and she took it.

Personality: Wild but still cool eyed, happiest when drinking white wine and polishing her blade. But also satisfied when carving out an individual's organs in alphabetical order.... She has a sarcastic streak a mile wide, but don't be sad, she won't insult you to death. That's what the blade is for. She loves to watch people suffer, but even more to see them die.

Weapon: Bloodsword; three quarter, blood channeled, etched with silver lines, flexible blade, barbed half way down. Also has hooks in the handle that sink into the palm. In addition, and it's very minor, she keeps six poisoned hairpins in her ...well...hair. They're dipped excessively in laburnum oil, to which she has an unatural immunity to. Why? ....MYOB.

Picture: See attatchment. And a bonus, she wears nothing but the veil, which is long, covers her "gasp" body, but not much of it.[/color]
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[size=3]Edited Version[/size]

[b]I won't get to see Kill-Bill for quite a while. it's up to you if I am in or out...[/b]

[b]Real Name[/b]: Nido van der Mwyer

[b]Callsign[/b]: Parabola

[b]Age[/b]: 27

[b]Gender[/b]: Hot-blooded Male.

[b]Alliance[/b]: Freelance Southern viper

[b]Biography[/b]: Born in South Africa, Nido was taken away from his parents[english mother, austrian father], and sent to a boarding school. Being the only "Rooineck" there, he was treated like absolute ****. Pissed on, tortured, beaten up. He dealt with it, until the happy day his mother recovered, and took him away from the school. However, life was too cushy with her. He took up boxing, and focused on his strength. His first fight, he lost on points. The other guy kept dancing around, like a moth, and Nido couldn't get close to him.

So he tried the other guy's method. he boosted his strength, but also his agility. Footwork was a principle of his from then on. He won the under 14's title the next year. He grew close to an old man who lived on a hill overlooking the valley. This man was an ex-marine, and taught Nido the art of assault and espionage. How to be brutal, yet quick and fleeting. Nido took it all to heart, and within 3 years, the man had taught him all. Nido could sneak up on a gazelle, he could catch fish with his hands. He was lghtning fast, and strong.

Here, he reached a turning point in life. Now, he was not only strong, but fast. Both vital pre-requisites for the game of Men- that game called Rugby. He was picked up by a selector for the Springboks, and played with them for 7 years, in the forward blindside hooker position, leaving the team at age 25 due to family reasons. He trained with a local team for 3 months, before his mother passed away. The funeral was held in Pretoria, and as Nido was boarding the train for the trip back to the small village his family was born in, he was accosted by a strange man in a trench-coat. They fought, rolling about in the dust like two possessed demons. No-weapons, hands only. Nido had the guy on his back, then the stranger summoned massive strength and just flipped Nido off, which is not an easy feat with a 110kg man kneeling on your chest. They eventually came to a draw, and the man invited him to join an outfit known as the Southern Vipers. They needed experienced fighters to kill a crimelord known as Adam. Nido left for Tokyo three months later after organising family matters. He flew to Japan without incident, and is now relaxing in Tokyo.

[b]Personality[/b]: Withdrawn, with a sick sense of humour. He can make friends, but is just as fine on his own, as a rogue operative. Quite brutal at times, he enjoys direct confrontation, but likes covert-ops as well.

[b]Weapon[/b]: A sickle. It has a carbon/kevlar blade, and a leather-coated handle, however is modified with a chain attatchment at the bottom of the handle. Perfect for close confrontation, and used with the chain, can injure from a distance.

[b]Picture[/b]: I can't find a picture I like, so here is a description. If you know any pictures to fit this description, please PM me. Dark blonde hair, muscular arms and legs. Like Louis Koen [South African rugby player] but with a goatee, and cool hair!!
I generally wear a dark shirt [with a kevlar vest underneath], dark denim pants and a dark coloured, lightweight jacket. My sickle is carried in a shoulder holster, under my left arm.

[ The small thumbnail picture at [url=http://sport.iafrica.com/rugby_world_cup/profiles/271920.htm]this[/url] site.]
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[color=deeppink]Awesome idea Shy and James!

P.S. Shy, I hope that all is well with you in your hometown with the wildfires!!!


[color=purple][size=1]Real Name: [b]Lelia Angelo[/b]

Callsign: [b]Fallen Angel[/b]

Age: [b]25[/b]

Gender: [b]Deliciously Female[/b]

Alliance: [b]Adam's Angels [Original Angel][/b]

Biography: [b]Lelia was born in the heart of Rome and straight into the Italian mob. When Lelia was 3 and her parents perished in fiery mob fashion, she was taken in by her Uncle Aldo. He was an awkward foster parent, often forgetting about the young girl and abandoning her to complete violent tasks. As she got older, Lelia also got curious.

She started to follow Uncle Aldo out at night when she turned 7, and began to secretly learn the true nature of her crime laden family. When her uncle discovered that she had been following him, Aldo figured that it would be worth it to introduce another member of the Angelo family onto their side of things. And so Lelia became the youngest -and only active female- member of the Angelo family's mafia. In turn, she was shunned by the older males of the family, and they often ganged up on her. At the age of 13, one of her cousins beat her so severely that she was unconscious for three days. Two weeks later, this particular cousin was found dead after drinking a bottle of wine that was laced with poison. Lelia had found her first glorious moment of revenge.

As the years progressed, Lelia grew strong, cunning, and deadly with a pistol. She posessed a mind for business, strategy, revenge, and her sadistic side was encouraged by her increasingly proud Uncle Aldo. For, certainly, Lelia had proved to be one of their most valuable assets to date. However, secrets started to get spilled as she investigated a past she could hardly remember, and Lelia eventually discovered that her parents had been killed by her Uncle Gorgio, the head of the mafia and her father's eldest brother.

16, immaculately trained, and dangerous, Lelia swore vengeance for her parent's wrongful murder. She eliminated a large ring of her own family members, including her Uncle Aldo who, despite his support for her, had been one of the main proprietors of the crime. She turned to Rome's underground in order to hide from the sliver of the Angelos she had failed to kill, and from the Italian authorities who were undoubtedly aiding the mafia's searches.

Eventually, at age 17, Lelia escaped to Japan where her dark physical characteristics helped her fade into the scenery. She worked at what jobs she could find, and when she stumbled across a man named Adam who had need for a new personal bodyguard, she jumped at the chance. During her first week on the job, Lelia prevented Adam's death against incredible odds, and the contract was sealed. She took on the nickname 'Adam's Angel', and as more female bodyguards were brought on board, she dubbed them all the 'Adam's Angels' who are so infamous today.[/b]

Personality: [b]Quick to kill, uncompromising, loyal and extremely intelligent. Lelia is quick witted and enjoys good humor, and she is known for being stubborn if she believes that her way is the better way [and it often is]. She can also be short with the other Angels, but protects them as though they are her family.[/b]

Weapon: [b]Leila owns several pairs of stainless steel scissors, all varried in size and length, but she most often carries the pair with 6" blades. They all have customized hand grips, and all of the grips are different colors. Each pair has one blade engraved with her call symbol, a simple block cross, and below it, a naked fallen angel. Lelia is also well-trained in street fighting and hand to hand combat [which comes in handy when she has a run in with a someone weilding a much longer blade]. [/b]

Picture: [b][i]Lelia always wears a trademark silver cross necklace that doubles as a digital locator of sorts.[/i][/b]


[color=deeppink]Holy Jesus, I loved Kill Bill. Just thought that everyone should know that :D[/color]
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[color=teal][font=times new roman][b]I JUST SAW [U]Kill Bill[/u]!!!! IT..WAS.. AWESOME!!!!

I edited my character's bio. I thought it was a little boring, so I made it a little more interesting.

Name: Annalisse "Annie" McGovern

Call sign: Nephithys

Age: 24

Gender: Definately female

Alliance: Southern Viper

Bio: [/b][size=2] Annalisse, or Annie for short, was born and raised in Oklahoma. She lived a relatively normal childhood. Her and her best friend blew up Barbie dolls, played with hotwheels in the mud, stuff you would find boys playing. School was alright, Annalisse was the trouble maker and class clown. She took some karate, for self-defense, and kickboxing, plus other forms of defense/attack.

When Annalisse was in middle school, her parents were brutally murdered by a man known as Adam. Her parents were the founders of computer company and were somehow tied to Adam's enterprises. They decided one day to quit the business because things were starting to get hairy with Adam's businesses. Adam didn't like this and ordered the Angels to try and "swoo"them into thinking otherwise.

However, Annalisse's parents stood firm with their beliefs. Her father, Daniel McGovern, was stabbed to death and was decapitated. Her mother, Jessica McGovern, was dismembered.

Despite the brutality of their murders, the event had no effect on Annalisse. She continued to cause trouble and was placed in a foster home. She hated her foster family. They were the type of people who were stuck in the ideal of a "perfect" family from the 1950's. Annalisse snuck out alot, trying to escape from the fake atmosphere.

Age 16, Annalisse got into trouble with the law for grand theft on several different acounts, including the city mayor's vehicles. She was also under the suspicion of a conspiracy to assasinate the mayor.

Since she was a minor, she was tried and sent to a juvenille detentionary for 6 months. Here she learned how to use her body "properly" from male inmates. She left the detentionary and continued to live her "normal" life.

Annalisse enters high school with a, um, well developed reputation with the guys. She learned how to manipulate the guys with her looks and her intelligence got her whatever she wanted, then she'd drop them like a dirty diaper. She was also popular with the girls as well, yes, that was implying that she is BISEXUAL(for the enjoyment of the guys and girls who are interested in that as well~^).

At the age of 18, Annalisse moved out of Oklahoma and into athe city of New York. She got a job at the local strip club and quickly became the main act. After about a year, she wanted to try something different and became a dominatrix, hehehe.

Annalisse continued to be an underground dominatrix for two more years. In this time she had specific clients, regulars if you will. One regular, by the name of Harold Peters, heard of her past for plotting an assasination. He confronted Annalisse, asking her if the rumors were true. They indeed had been true, so he offered her a job to "off" his boss. The business of which his employer worked was not discussed. Peters just informed Annalisse of what he wanted to be done. The plans were simple, kill the man and take his money from his vault.

Naturally, the question of payment was pending Annalisse's decision. Peters promised Annalisse fifty percent of the profit. Annalisse carried out this murder with ease. Using her provocative looks, she slips her way through this unknown office building's security and killed this man. She completed her mission without getting caught. She left no evidence, no prints, no hairs, nothing.

She returned to Mr. Peters with an amount over 4 million dollars. Apparently, the man she killed was a corporate in a drug conspiracy but hid his identity under a fake profile. This man's name was Jonathan Bates, and very powerful with the transportation drugs entering and exiting the United States.

Annalisse did not care about this Bates man, she just wanted her share of the money. She confronted Mr. Peters, but he refused to give her the money. Annalisse, of course, killed Peters and took all of the money. She left nothing to point to her. Seeing that Mr. Peters did not want his plot to leak into the public, he did not have anyone else but Annalisse partake in his plans. Annalisse got away with the money and no authority interference.

One day on the way home from work, Annalisse was approached by friends of Mr. Peters. They imposed that Peters owed them each a great amount of money and Annalisse had their money. They threatened to kill her, Annalisse smiled at their ignorance and killed them when they attacked her.

Little did she know that there was a witness. His name was Rob Thomas, he was waiting for a bus across the desolate street and saw the whole ordeal. Annalisse tried to runaway, but Rob was persistant. He wouldn't let her continue with the life style she lived. He questioned if this was the way that she really wanted to live.

Rob was the only man that Annalisse ever trusted. He was the only man she wanted to settle down with and have a family. Eventually, Rob and Annalisse got ingaged. Annalisse was now twenty two and was on her way to living a better life. A life of trust and love.

However, to Annalisse's dismay, the skeleton's in her closet grew restless. Adam had found out that Annalisse had witnessed and survived her parent's murders. He also heard the rumors that she was responsible for taking out a major drug lord. This infuriated Adam and he sent his "Angels" to track Annalisse down and kill her.

Annalisse came home to her apartment from her new job, a secretary for a stocks and bonds business, to find Rob dead on the couch. In his back was a kitchen knife with a note attached. It was a messege from Adam telling her that she will soon be next.

Annalisse grew infuriated and depressed. This was the one and only time she mourned for a person. Rob was everything to her, he taught her how to live a different and happier life. Now he was gone.

Annaliss vowed to avenge him and joined the Southern Vipers. For two years, she's lived in Japan and trained in the martial arts. She's not the best, but she does enough.[/size]

[b]Personality: She's smart, witty, tempermental, and very aggressive. Annalisse also has a dark side to her. When she fights, she's cold, serious, psychotic, and a ruthelss bitch. She does whatever, and I stress [i]whatever[/i], it takes to do to get the job done.

Weapon: Her braided hair. Bounded tightly with leather, a diamond-plated dagger tips the end, so when smacked with the hair the opponent gets sliced and diced. Since the dagger is coated in crystalized diamond, it never dulls or breaks.

Annalisse is know to sudice her opponents, distracting them while she attacks viciously. She's also adaptive and will use anything she finds nearest to her.

Appearance: [img]http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg20/Angelstar-008.jpg[/img]
(Annalisse stands at 5'2" tall...Just ignore all of that crap behind her, and instead of the straw hat, she wears a brown leather cowboy hat*imagine Indiana Jones*)

How's that? If it's too big, let me know and I will just attatch it...[/color][/font][/b]
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[size=1][color=ff66cc]Raiha asked me if I saw [B][U]Kill Bill[/U][/B] and I thought that she meant something else and I said yes. But truth be told. Not yet. It will be soon though. Hopefully.

[B]Real Name:[/B] Alexandra/Alejandra Elize Donacelli aka Alex- only the Angels and Adam call her by her full name when she's done something wrong.

[B]Callsign:[/B] Ecstacy- her callmark is the Ace of Spades.

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Gender:[/B] All female....at least on the outside appearance.

[B]Alliance:[/B] Adam's Angel

[B]Biography:[/B] The youngest of Adam's Angels, yet one of the most dangerous.

The history upon her mother's side was that her mother led a large connection of a korean gang, known as the Kim Jo Pok. They had connections in Japan, Europe, and the U.S.A.

When the Donacelli mafia and the Kim Jo Pok met to finalize their agreement, something terrible went wrong. That terrible wrong was a double-cross. Her father's second eldest brother and her mother's youngest brother were conversing to take both of them out as well as most of their own people to take over the deals as well as the family business.

The day this happened, Nikoli Donacelli, the Donacelli mafia leader, rescued her mother, Gina Kim, from the shoot out that was happening. Her mother and father's closest friends had a car ready to leave, those who left the scene got into the car and went to another unknown area. That day, Nikoli Donacelli and Gina Kim had found something in each other.

A year later, Alexandra was born. Nikoli had hoped for a son, but was blessed with a daughter. He was glad to have a daughter in the business. Her mother and father were still in the business and they still had the connections.

At the age of 6, Alex was told of what her family did. She was pleased that they did what they did. She was taken to the best martial artist known to man and the best swords master to learn the martial arts of any kind as well as learn to be a fury with a blade.

When it was Alex's 10th birthday, she was given her own katana as well as various things. The katana was from her mother and father. Near the hilt, on the blade was engraved, "To the Angel of our lives. May you have your revenge." It made sense. It was a gift so that Alex may have something to remember her parents by.

2 months later, her parents were assassinated when Alex was away at school, her father's second eldest brother and her mother's youngest brother sent an assassin to kill them. With the two out of the way, the only thing standing in their way was Alex.

For fear that something terrible would happen, her godparents and her fled to Japan. There they met with Adam and asked for him to take her under his care. He agreed under the terms to see how well she fought, although at the age of 10. She did well for a young girl with a blade.

While Alex was in the care of Adam, she met the other Angels and knew that she was in great care. She was the youngest, yet most dangerous...one of the most, of the Angels.

As she was under the Angels' care, as well as Adam's, she had tried many different things. She learned to endure pain, fight well, be stealthy, and do many things like a thief. She was also dubbed the name "Ecstacy" for the reason that everyone loved her and wanted to protect her. She was also dubbed that name for the reason that she was one of very few to endure what the true drug could do to her. She was given that nickname for the reason that she was dangerous, addictive, yet fun and different from others.

[B]Personality:[/B] A beautiful, innocent creature, you would think. But, in truth. This creature is not innocent, beautiful yes. She is one of the Angel's that are seductive, manipulative, willing, intelligent, and the surprise? Naughty by nature. There are many things to be known about this Angel, but the things to be known at this moment is that she will do anything to protect the older Angels as well as Adam. She is also a dangerous adversary to have. She is one Angel you cannot keep away from. She is one lethal weapon to be reckoned with. Just like Ecstacy, she's dangerous, addictive, yet unknown to those who do not know.

When she's not fighting or being Ecstacy, she is a quiet, tranquil girl. When there is time, she loves to do her favorite things. She is calm only when she has her music on or when she practices her martial arts or continues her art. This is a time to not bother her. She has one of the fastest reflexes known.

[B]Weapon:[/B] [IMG]http://www.cbswords.com/images/samurai3000katana.jpg[/IMG]- The Samurai Katana was created from stainless steel and silver. It is a lethal weapon when in the wrong hands, but it is just a toy to those who know to use it right. The hilt has a release button that releases poisonous tacks to anyone who touches the sword other than Ariela. She also has a pair of black gloves with retracting Neko-Te's. They are also dipped in poison that is deadly to most Bloodtypes. They are also good for cutting out glass. The gloves are just part of her wear, but can be used as a minor weapon.

[B]Picture:[/B] The true image is shown in the attachment below. The turtleneck style is changed into more of a spaghetti strap v-neck dress. Her hair is more of a dark brown with light brown almost cherry brown highlights, as well as that she wears the black gloves with the attached Neko-Tes at certain times. She has tattoos of an 8 pointed star at the base of her neck and a ocean blue dragon on the small of her back.[/size][/color]
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[size=1][b]Real Name:[/b] Joshua

[b]Callsign:[/b] Cowboy

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Gender:[/b] Male.

[b]Alliance:[/b] Southern Vipers.

[b]Biography:[/b] (Some aspects of the biography are being withheld so that his origins will unfold throughout the RPG) Joshua was born in a sleepy suburb of Los Angeles, California. His parents had hoped to leave the racial violence of the big city for Josh's upbringing, but their pasts' caught up with them one fateful night during the Los Angeles riots. An old friend had dropped by the house, searching for something he had given to them for safekeeping. When they refused to it over he murdered them both on the spot while young Joshua slept in the other room.

From that point on he lived in San Francisco with his Grandparents, where he enjoyed a "normal" childhood. It wasn't until his teenage years that the murder of his parents began to haunt him, and slowly corrupt every aspect of his life. This problem, combined with his own sexual confusion forced him to run away from home and make a living on the streets as an escort.

The work was steady enough, but Joshua found a desire for something more. His only true solace during this period came from his Wednesday nights at the Rock Hudson Memorial Bowling Alley, where he was a member of the undefeated "Mustang Sally," team. His love of the game, despite the troubles of his daily life, made him an exceptionally focused player.

On the business side of things, he was extremely popular among wealthy investors and politicians. He traveled throughout the country for these special "rendevous'" with his employers, which gave Josh plenty of chances to see some of the United States' greatest bowling lanes. During his travels Joshua amassed a legendary collection of ornamental bowling balls.

While traveling with a married Japanese ambassador he was caught by the police for soliciting and sent to a prison in Osaka. He stayed there for the entirety of his three-year sentence, where he became what is known as a [i]Gakuya Abazure[/i] (prison bitch.) It was during this time that met James, a fellow inmate who ended up becoming the love of his life.

Upon leaving the prison he had changed his profesional focus to security, and took up a job for the myserious "Adam" as a hired bodyguard and assassin. It was a line of work that he had a natural talent for, and this skill helped him gain prestige in the underworld. Through this prestige he has ended up working with some of the darkest figures in all of Japan, including Adam's Angels and Shigeru Miyamoto.

Early on, Joshua was the sole American in Adam's group. This caused him to become widely known as "Cowboy" to Adam's henchmen, and to Adam himself (in spite of his own questionable origin.)

[b]Personality:[/b] Joshua is the quiet one in the relationship, because actions often speak louder than words. It's not that he has a short temper, it's just that he'd rather make some sort of effort to solve a problem than debate about it and accomplish nothing. He always tries to do what is best for his loved ones, even if it means hurting them at times.

However, Joshua is smart enough to hide his true feelings about someone or something until he can accomplish his motives and get what he needs to. Most of his targets consider Joshua to be a friend, and never realize that he is attempting to murder them, even after the knife has cut across their throat.

[b]Weapon:[/b] A large butcher-style knife connected to a simple wooden handle. One side of the handle contains Navajo symbol for death as an engraving, while the other side's symbol has been completely carved out. This symbol was carved out after the death of Soju, his adopted child. Joshua carries the knife in a leather pouch attached to his belt.

[b]Picture:[/b] Joshua usually wears a cowboy hat of some sort, unless he is indoors or in the presence of a lady. He has a wide variety of them, and likes to wear different hats depending on the situation. Some are more outlandish than others, but most of the time he stays with a classic brown style. This is often accompanied by a simple pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt of some kind. In his back pocket he carried a red handkerchief which he uses to clean up after especially bloody skirmishes. For those who are curious, Joshua wears white boxers that are decorated with buffalos.



Edit: It's 3:45 in the morning here, and I can barely breathe because of all of the ashes. Forgive me if there are some typos.[/size]
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[SIZE=1][B]Real Name: Robert Shepard

Callsign: Pigeon

Age: 20

Gender: male

Alliance: Southern Vipers

Biography: His father was English and his Mother was German. As a boy, he grew up in Germany and later his father got a new job in England. They moved there, and Robert got into a grammer school. On his first day, his life became a living hell.

His mother said to the teachers: "You vill take care of my little pigeon von't you?" And from then on every one called him Pigeon. Even worse, people knocked him around for being half German. He had no friends. People just ignored him, but Robert just ignored them like nothing was happening and everything was find.

One day they pushed Robert to far. This time it was getting out of hand. They didn't ignore him, they asked him rude things and told him rude things that he was. So, he took his move and punched the leader, Daniel Boockit. Daniel was supposed to be the bully around, but it didn't look like it when Robert beat him up.

After that Robert join a Karate club to boost up his skill, and so that no one would dare touch him. So did, and he really wanted to become a great fighter. He kept going for along time with it.

People began to make friends with Robert, but by the time Robert had loads of friends, his father had got another new job. At the age of 14 Robert moved to LA and went to a better school.

His father told him that fighting is not the way to make people stop, and that he should never repeat what he did in grammer school. His father told him to use it for a last back-up. So when Robert was 15 his father gave him a small knife and said:
"Never use this in little agurements. Use this for self defence."
Robert never really liked to use any other weapon than his knife after that.

He still does Karate, but this time he's the one teaching. He makes little money teaching people Karate, but it helps him train too. People listen to him alot sometimes.

Later, Robert got a job in the air force. People were nice to him here, but Robert got another job too. He had two jobs, a night one and day Job. He dicided it was too much, so he gave them both up. He makes money by telling his childhood tale. He manages well, and is still teaching Karate, and isn't going to give it up, but he did dicide to stop after a while.

Someone told him about a group, Robert had no clue what this man was going on about. Later, the man known as Greg told him all about the Vipers. So Robert wanted to know more, then it lead him into a new life with the Vipers. When he became part of the Southern Vipers, he wasn't aware of any dangers, but was willing to help people. He did this because he had nothing better to do with his life.

So, he lives in Japan now, and has nothing to do with his parents any more.

Personality: Fun, funny, and is very hard to tease. He'll just ignore nonsense and stupid people around him. He can take jokes, and is hard to convince. But most of the time he willing to have a laugh and do things without question.

Weapon: (Top one) sword: [IMG]http://www.leapers.com/old/images/Swords/SW-SMB4127.gif[/IMG]

Picture: [IMG]http://members.aol.com/acaliguyintx/images/danny.jpg[/IMG]
I know he looks a bit young, but it's a scary picture and I like it, I guess it will do. (I know I'm a bit young too...but I really wat to take part...)

Sorry it's a bit short. I've got a headache...[/B][/SIZE]
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[b]Real Name:[/b] Avenel Givoshi, but no one knows this. Referred to as the 'Pierrot'

[b]Call Sign:[/b] Pierrot

[b]Age:[/b] (estimated) 21

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Alliance:[/b] Southern Vipers

[b]Biography (Public):[/b] Precise origins of the mysterious figure known as the 'Pierrot' has never been known, not in the sunny sugar-coated topping of the world we live in, nor in the dreary underworld which serves as the foundation and the corroding plague of our society. Rumors erupt constantly on such bizarre figures, more so in the case of this 'Pierrot' due to his strangely eerie appearance as well as his undoubted skill in the realm of terminations. The rumors range from 'Pierrot' starting out as a circus sideshow to being a result of some freak-of-nature experiment. The rumors, however, are too fickle and multitudes lurk in every corner of the shadowy world... instead, let us delve into solid facts...

The exact history known of him stands thus.

'Pierrot' as he has been dubbed due to his strange make-up, is simply a mercenary with no visible loyalties to any known faction or organization. Appearing for hire suddenly a few years back in the Japanese underworld, 'Pierrot' demonstrated his undisputed skill when sent on a suicidal assassination mission and returning alive, killing not only the target but the entire security force as well. To make matters even more bizarre, all of the bodies were gutted in the throat with a wound almost invisible to the unaided eye, though not one of the guns had been fired nor was there any sign of struggle, save the hallway littered with corpses. Ever since his fearfully mysterious entrance, he has been steadily moving up the rank of the underworld mercenaries, proving his skill with every mission entrusted to him.

'Pierrot' moves on a whim, and money rarely seems to take any factor in his decision. He shocked the inhabitants of the underworld once by refusing a $3 million offer and taking up a $500,000 offer to dispose of the same target as the former offer. Macabre as they come, 'Pierrot' has been known to show up in the thick of security, terminate the target effortlessly (and mysteriously to most), and simply vanish before any organized pursuits could be assembled. Few know of the exact tactic and weaponry he employs, few ever live to tell about it.

Despite the mysterious logic under which he operates, he follows one creed. If he accepts a job, he will see it through. He has killed many of his former employers, not by manipulation or back-stabbing, but rather through another assassination job he took only after he finished the job entrusted to him by the deceased. One thing about 'Pierrot' is that he will stay loyal and stick to the mission until he finishes it. Once he's done, however, watch your back...

The most famous job he pulled up to date is his assassination of the most powerful weapons dealer in the Japanese black markets, Shinichiro Yoshitohi, who also seemed to dabble in slave/prostitution business. The security squad didn't even realize of the death of their employer until they saw 'Pierrot' leap out of the window from the suite which Yoshitoshi occupied, disappearing like a faint wisp of smoke while falling through the air. The immediate check on Yoshitoshi's private chambers resulted in the discovery of both Yoshitoshi and his mistress, their throats gutted in a thin slash, the blood still warm and flowing.

Pierrot, secretly to most, has a type of an 'alliance' with the Southern Vipers. The relation is complicated indeed due to the fact that it was Avenel's side which secured the pact and not of Pierrot. Avenel, in agreement with the Desert Taipan in terms of bringing down justice upon the figure known as Adam, agreed to be a rogue member of the Southern Vipers. However, Pierrot's side cares little for petty human justice, and is willing to help only if guaranteed a satiable blood bath. The pact is unstable due to the conflicting natures of the two within, but has thus far survived, mostly because of the 'errands' which has been passed on to Pierrot to keep him satisfied.

[b]Biography (Personal):[/b] Pierrot's true biography is known to none, save himself. But even to himself, his past and memories are a mystery, broken and fragmented in parts, mostly blank. Bits and pieces of his past are distributed throughout the memories of multitudes of people, though none would match the image in their memory to the current appearance of the once innocent child.

'Pierrot' is originally from France. His name at birth was Avenel Givoshi, the only child of an accomplished circus performer who toured around the world. During his early childhood, both of his parents died from an unfortunate accident during the performance, involving a duet on the high wires. The owner of the circus took some pity on the boy, and let him stay as the member of the circus.

Avenel, however, turned out to be a prodigy in acrobatic skills, and by age 11, Avenel was already touring along with the rest of the circus, holding his own against many older and more experienced acrobats than him. His trademark attire was a thin, dark clown costume, with half his face showing and the other half covered with a mask similar to what Pierrot wears today. Despite his talent however, Avenel secretly hated his life of wandering here and there, entertaining people, the whole show biz crap. His daily training was extremely strict, and he never really had time to bond with those of his age. Another factor in the eventual snap of Avenel.

Further more, many members of the circus were, to some extent, perverted and many bisexual. Avenel, being a young attractive boy, found himself the constant focus of their fetish, and was under their abuse many times during the day. The owner knew of this, but took no notice upon the abuse, probably because many of the abusers were his best performers.

That poor boy is not me... That poor boy is not me... That poor boy is not me.... That poor boy is NOT me.....!!!

During his abuse, another individual that called itself Pierrot slowly nurtured and grew within Avenel. This was Avenel?s only form of escape available where he could act as a spectator, watching with pity while he was raped and used for other?s pleasures. The dormant individial of Pierrot watched silently, but with ever-growing vengeance, patiently waiting for the day when the control Avenel had over Pierrot will collapse, leaving Pierrot free to act out his revenge.

Worried by the turbulent storm of hate and rage that he felt growing in his alter ego, Avenel desperately began searching for a way to vent off his stress. He hoped that by creating a different way to release his anger, he might be able to control his chaotic side more easily. To this end, Avenel began torturing the circus animals to vent off his stress. His tool for torture was a thin, sharp whip made from sharpened wire, which allowed him to strike at the animals from a safe distance. Eventually, of course, he was caught red-handed, and was promptly turned over to the owner who beat him with rage, and to make it worse, turned the boy over to his abusers, who enjoyed a very, very productive night.

When morning came, Avenel's body and his mind was wrecked. His body defiled to an irredeemable extent, his already waning mind shocked by what he saw as a betrayal from the owner, he no longer possessed the calm sanity which kept his rage and anger in check. What followed was the result of Avenel tapping into insanity, his anger, and his vengeance, or put simply, the freeing of Pierrot.

With merciless and surgically accurate skill, Pierrot entered the quarters of each of his tormentors in turn that day, leaving the walls of the room spattered with blood, the bodies amputated and arranged in bizarre positions, and his wire whip crying out for more blood. When he tore apart the owner into four different pieces after hanging him painfully from the ceiling, Pierrot laughed out insanely with pleasure as the blood and organs splattered down around him. His vengeance complete, Pierrot disappeared, leaving behind 9 corpses, barely recognizable and covered in a pool of blood.

Years later, in the shadowy corners of Japan, Avenel reappeared with the name of 'Pierrot' and a mask similar to his past clown visage, perhaps as a grim reminder of his childhood. His memory riddled with holes and blanks after his disappearance, his true face lies hidden under the mask and make-up, literally and figuratively. Little qualms and doubts does he have for killing, his human compassion and love for another long gone in his past (or suppressed).

[b]Personality (Avenel):[/b] The personality of Avenel, which for the most part happens to be the dominant state of mind (thank god), is the more calm and composed version of the two possibilities. Within this state, Avenel is usually calm and collected, indifferent to most occurrences around him. When he kills, he kills in a swift manner, usually terminating his target with minimum pain possible. Though he kills mercilessly, he sees his acts as the hands of justice, and he only kills those he deems ?guilty'. Humans deeply disgust Avenel, especially those who participate in abusing and selling other human beings. His rigid sense of justice is inflexible, but so long as one does not cross the line he has drawn, he shall not kill them.

[b]Personality (Pierrot):[/b] The alter-ego, the deadlier, the more horrible, the true plane of being in Avenel where insanity takes permanent residence. Because of the constant abuse Avenel took in his youth, he developed a different ?persona' within himself, a completely different individual inhabiting the same body. This personality is what he refers to as the ?Pierrot', the merry wanderer of the night who kills for the sheer pleasure of it. To make it worse, Pierrot possesses more disgust against humans compared to his other side due to the fact that it was the long dormant individual within Avenel that witnessed the abuse throughout his youth, powerless to intervene. Humans to him are nothing more than a nuisance and a plague. In this state, his chief concern when accepting jobs is how many people he is asked to kill. Justice means nothing during the reign of Pierrot.

[b]Weapon:[/b] A thin strand of silvery wire almost invisible to the naked eye, but mercilessly sharp, yet flexible. The end of the wire is slightly weighted, and thus a thin flick of the hand makes the wire lash out savagely, slicing apart most things with ease. It sounds rather simple, but the strange weapon requires a precise motion of the hand to achieve the desired results. Any amateur attempt to wield it will probably end in self-termination, since the back-lash must be carefully coordinated. 'Pierrot' has two of these wires, each on his middle fingers. The wires are estimated to be roughly 30 meters long, usually stored curled up under Pierrot's cloak. However, Pierrot has no other armaments, therefore making him vulnerable to a close-range assault (hint hint...).

[img]http://www.jenorama.org/cels/celthumbs2/larvasmall.jpg[/img] [/i]
[i]Thin, lithe body bound by black fabric under the cloak. Think of the Matrix and you'll get the idea. [/i][/size][/color]
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"...anything from a mace to a sharp dildo would be acceptable."

That is the funniest damn thing I've read/seen all month.

[b]Real Name:[/b] Erich Detering

[b]Callsign:[/b] Schatten

[b]Age:[/b] 29

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Alliance:[/b] Neutral; Mercenary

[b]Biography:[/b] Born and raised in Berlin, Erich was the son of a well-made-off ex-crimelord on leave for the Witness Protection Program. Early on in his life, the past of his father and mother seeped into his mind; he admirred both of his parents very much. They beat the system, got one over on the man, outran the long-arm of the law. He prided himself on saying "Yes, I am the son of Tjaden and Ilsa Detering", and having people bend over backwards to make him happy shortly afterwards.

For his fifth birthday, a celebration his family liked to keep quiet and reserved, he recieved a most strange gift -- a large sword. It was steel, double-sided, and very heavy. Erich could barely make it budge, even with all his strength. His father had placed it on the table after Erich had finished eating a small piece of rum cake, wrapped in brown paper. Erich looked a bit curious for a few moments, trying to guess what it was, before gingerly taking the wrapping off, inch by inch, one fold at a time.

His father quoted a line etched into the blade's hilt; "True strength comes not from the muscle, or the weapon, or the fury of anger; but from the mind and mouth and heart."

The young Erich did not fully understand, but his father told him to pick it up. Erich could not move it, not one inch. His father only smiled gently at his efforts. He picked his toddler son up, holding him in his arms, and said they would try next year, and the year that he could manage to pick the sword up would be the year everything would change.

As said before, Erich did not understand. But he soon forgot of the weapon, more enticed by model airplanes, candy, yo-yos, and that such. He often "borrowed", as his mother used to say, trinkets from his friends, not intending to return them. He would also play with animals that wandered onto their property, usually finding the joy of teasing it with a stick or stone for some time until it ran off or his father shot it with his revolver.

On his seventh birthday, Erich managed to pick up the earlier sword, barely a centimetre off the table, but nonetheless, he picked it up. It was then, that his training began.

First, it was fencing. Every day, he would spar with his father, the flimsy tin swords flashing for hours on end. Time and time again, Erich was classed by his father, but he was steadily getting better, and when he eventually won a match, they progressed.

Using obsolete weapons from World War II, Tjaden Detering taught his son nearly everything; from long-range sniping to grenade warfare to hand-to-hand combat. The latter was what he excelled at.

Years later, at the age of seventeen, he moved away, his pocket book filled with crisp bills, to Japan, for personal reasons. He had bought bonds in Sony, and went to oversee a buisness transaction. For unknown purposes, he stayed.

[b]Personality:[/b] Very quiet usually, saving his emotional outbursts for after something big has transpired; he will turn the other cheek when someone insults him, but meet up with them in the parking lot soon after. He openly angers very seldomly, and when that happens, it is only a curl of the lip and feverish cursing. Push him yet further, and it will come to blows and swings.

In otherwords, he has an almost gentleman-like air around him, but when he unbuttons his jacket and tosses it aside, expect some pain.

[b]Raserei[/b]; A sword he won in a contest when he was thirteen. His skill is unbearibly gifted with this weapon


[b]Picture:[/b] Attachment. Sideburns aren't that thick.
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[b]Real Name:[/b] Allard Rhodal

[b]Callsign:[/b] Crimson King

[b]Age:[/b] 34

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Alliance:[/b] Southern Vipers

[list]"I was the happiest child in the world! I always had toys. My parents were wonderful loving people. We lived in a large oceanfront mansion in southern California. My father worked for a law office. He spent his days working there, usually alone but sometimes with other people if their help was needed. He would come home, go into his study, light a pipe and do paperwork for an hour or so. Then he'd come out, smelling like sweet tobacco and having a smile on his face. He'd scoop me up into his arms and hug and tickle me. I treasured the time he spent with me, for a while at least. My mother would spend the day at home creating bracelets and necklaces that she sold at local craft fairs. She made me a necklace once. Black and red beads with silver thread. How she loved to bead. What a wonderful family I had.

But all things must come to an end. When I was seventeen, I stumbled onto my fathers cocain stash. No wonder he was always so happy after coming out of his office. By this time he was nearing forty. He had had several operations on his face, mostly nose related. And apparently cocain wasn't enough anymore. The day I went to confront him about the white powder that he always warned me to stay away from, I caught him injecting heroin. What a lovely sight. Your father, whom you love and admire, lounging in an easychair with a needle hanging out of his arm.

My mother had been concealing a drinking problem for some time. That's what she did while I was at school. Orange juice and vodka. Bloody Marys. Khalua. Baileys Irish Cream. Anytihng that tasted good. Her liver had been close to shutting down for quite a while, it seemed. She died a month after I found out. I blamed myself, but wanted to help my father. I tried. I really did. But he could not stop.

I left when I was nineteen. I moved in with close cousin and lived off of my bank account. I saw my father every month. He became progressively worse. It got to the point that I feared his visits.

Then he died too. I can't say I was completely sad. It saved him from even more pain. For that, I was thankful. There was also an amount of satisfaction in my heart. He deserved it. A junkie lawyer with enough cash to hide his probem for fifteen plus years. He deserved it.

I inherited the money.

I was college bound, once again, at the age of twenty two. To make a long story short, I flunked out. The people pissed me off. The teachers annoyed me with their teaching methods and how nothing was ever good enough for a kind word.

I left.

Where did I go, you ask? Where do all people with a lot of cash and a decent education go? Vegas. I gambled away more than half of the money I had inherited in a matter of days. The cousin I had stayed with, bless her soul, rescued me from going completely bankrupt. She hauled me out of the casino and shoved me into the back of her station wagon. We talked on the way back to California. Talked about the past. Our problems, but mostly mine. And our prospects for the future.

I realized I had none.

After a year of life with my cousin, I enlisted in the military. Twenty-four now. I never got far, but the intense physical training and the feeling of duty propelled me to stay. I made many friends. Good people. One of these friends came to be my wife. Her name was Susan Dellesio. What a sight she was. Long, light brown hair. Piercing brown eyes. And the build of a goddess. We married one night in February. When the war in Iraq started, we were put into seperate infantries. It hurt us both to not be able to protect one another, but we endured. We went our seperate ways to fight for our country.

I never saw her again.

Susan was killed by a piece of shrapnel from a makeshift bomb. I lost my will to fight. First my parents to drugs and alcohol, and now Susan to the damn towelheads... I was dishonorably discharged after failing to obey a direct order more than once. I bombed around Europe for a while. Seeing the sights and meeting the people. By this time I was a thirty year old man with a lot of money and not a lot to do.

A man approached me one day and asked if I would be willing to donate some money to a good cause. I said sure and gave him a few bucks. He laughed and handed me back my money. "We need quite a lot more than that my friend," he said. A black vehicle pulled up and he motioned me inside. What did I have to lose? He explained to me what the Sothern Vipers were and what they were fighting against. I became entranced. I also became one of the largest contrubutors to their cause. After a year of doing nothing but supplying them with funding, I wanted more. They offered me the slot of a sharpshooter, a sniper if you will, for they saw I had experiance in the military with such weapons. They supplied me with a top of the line gun, but I refused it. That part of my life was behind me. It was time to start anew. I still wanted to work as an agent, so I used the remainder of my money to buy the best swordsman and the best sword The Southern Vipers could find. After several months of intence training, I was offered the position again, this time as an stealth assasin.

I accepted."[/list]
[b]Personality:[/b] Allard is usually extremely calm. You'd have to be to be a sniper. He usually thinks before he acts, but sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him. He'll crack a joke when the air is tense, but usually keeps to his own inside humor for stress relief.


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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][U]My Character Sign-Up[/U]

[U]Real Name:[/U] Dorian Nesmeth.

[U]Callsign:[/U] Psychosis.

[U]Age:[/U] 25.

[U]Gender:[/U] Male.

[U]Alliance:[/U] Southern Vipers.

[U]Biography:[/U] During his child-hood Dorian was a very, to put it lightly, disturbed child he was always lashing out at people and screamed and shouted through the nights and if anyone tried to calm him he would leap at them and try to attack them. He was born and raised in England with his family, who were Nobles. They tried to teach him the 'proper' way of behaving in the company of other nobles such as them selves, but to no avail. So after 5 years of trying Dorian was sent of to the best Psychiatric Hosplital in the country and the doctors tried in vain to get through to Dorian, but they did had limited succsess, they were able to get him to channel his rage into some kind of productive form and they taught him all forms of Martial Arts, this was their first mistake.

By the time he was 18 he had mastered some of the Martial Arts and was a lot calmer than he had been in childhood and the Doctors were very pleased with his progress and even aloud him to go to one of the Martial Arts Competition that was being held in the city. In the first few rounds it seemed that he was doing fine, but during the Semi-Finals he thought the other fighter had cheated him and he had a relapse of his childhood anger and attack the boy, crippling him for life. After the matter had been sorted with the Police the Doctors thought it best to keep Dorian locked up in Isolation in a padded cell, for days and nights he screamed, tried to get out and tried to harm himself, but he could not because of the Straight Jacket they had him in.

He had been in the cell for almost 3 years until they finally let him out, they did not know who had authorized the release and they were very reluctent about letting him go, but let him go they did. He was taken to Japan under the pretence of going to a Sensei to rid him of his rage but this was all false, as he would soon find out. He was taken to a group know as the Southern Vipers where he could be put to use for them and his training in the Martial Arts complete, after several months of training he was presented with the Naginata and was, as it where, 'set lose'.

[U]Personality:[/U] As you would expect Dorian is not a balanced individual, one moment he could be complementing you, the next, trying to rip out your throat, because of this he normally works alone when on assignment for the Vipers. It is because of this unstable element in Dorian's personality that makes him such a vicious fighter for the Vipers. Sometimes he was an un-nerving air of calm around him but theirs always the phsychotic glint behind his eyes that makes your weary of him, trusted by few and liked by none.

[U]Weapon:[/U] [URL=http://www.practice-swords.com/images/products/2072-gt.jpg]Naginata[/URL] - The Staff is black with a silver line going up and curving around the pole which finishes at the blade. The blade is slightly more curved to make it a much more deadly.

[U]Picture:[/U] [IMG]http://www.alloy.com/entertainment/celebcentral/starchart/images/photos/shane_west2.jpg[/IMG][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=firebrick]UPDTAED 11/08/03

[B]Real Name:[/B] Jeanette Marie Diaz

[B]Callsign: [/B] Santo Muerte (Saint Death)

[B]Age: [/B] 27

[B]Gender: [/B] Femme Fatale Extraordinaire

[B]Alliance: [/B] Adam's Angels

[B]Family Lineage: [/B] For centuries the Diaz family has been a powerful, prominent, and notorious member of the Spanish nobility. Their lineage can be traced back to Octavious Maximus, a Roman general that retired to Spain and married a great granddaughter of Hannibal. Since 300AD the Diaz family tree has remained linear. The marriage rituals practiced by the Diaz family are specific and brutal. For each generation there are two members of the Diaz family, a male and a female. Although they marry outside of their family both of the member?s spouses are expected to adopt the Diaz name. After marriage the male member of the Diaz family is expected to sire one female child, any male children born before the female are drown immediately, all children afterward are aborted. The female is expected to bear a male child; again, all other children are killed.

The Diaz children begin schooling early in life. They are taught a fundamental education as well as trained in various styles of business management, and how to create and mix the deadliest of poisons. Provided with the best teachers, the children are encouraged to practice the arts, especially traditional Spanish dancing and the art of rapier and dagger fencing.

[B]Business Practices:[/B] Although a member of Spain?s nobility, the Diaz family is hardly noble. The Diaz Corporation owns several large businesses, but the majority of their wealth stems from various underworld endeavors. Drugs, prostitution, fixing bull fights, and assassination, are all staple practices in the Diaz Corporation.

[B]Brief Biography: [/B] Jeanette Marie Diaz, daughter of Hidalgo and Antoinette Diaz, was recognized immediately as a prodigy. Possessing a photographic memory, Jeanette always remained several grades ahead of other girls her age. She not only applied her memory to her traditional education, but also used it to memories the intricate patterns of Spanish Dancing. By the age of ten, Jeanette could perform the most complicated of dances with minimal effort.

The constant praise showered upon Jeanette, however, belittled her older cousin, Philippe, who soon developed a profound hatred. When Jeanette was thirteen, a drunken Philippe brutally raped and beat Jeanette, leaving her near death and unable to bear children. When she finally recovered, Jeanette begged her family to punish Philippe. Her pleas, however, fell upon deaf ears. The other Diaz? agreed unanimously that preserving the family lineage was more important than punishing Philippe.

Furious at her family, Jeanette immersed herself in the art of Spanish fencing and the business of assassination that had long been a part of her family heritage. When she was sixteen, Jeanette poisoned all of her family with the exception of Philippe, whom she dealt with in a much more personal way. After repeatedly running Philippe through with her rapier, Jeanette castrated him, popped his eyeballs out of their sockets. After splitting his testicles in half and stuffing them in Philippe?s empty eye sockets, she choked him to death by making him swallow his own shaft.

Since her family?s tragic death she has taken over as its figure head. It is still not known how or why she became an angel.

[B]Personality: [/B] Jeanette is extremely sarcastic and sadistic. She finds the suffering of her prey extremely amusing.

[b]Picture(s):[/b]See links for larger pictures


[B]Weapon: [/B] Although adept with a pistol and with poison, Jeanette?s passion is Spanish fencing. Her Rapier and dagger never leave her side
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[color=red]EDIT:[/color] I just saw Kill Bill, and now I'll edit my post accordingly.

[color=red]EDIT AGAIN:[/color] Okay, I've edited with a true name, alliance, and some other "Kill Bill" details, other new stuff I put in bold lettering.

Name: Henry Vallard

Callsign: Teotihuaca'n (or Teo for short)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Alliance: Southern Vipers

Bio: Only known to his employers as Teotihuaca'n (the Aztec city of the Gods). He will do almost anything for a job, and even more to survive. Teo specializes in assasination and reconaissance assignments, and he is a very skilled actor who can work undercover and is very resistant to pressure and torture.

He refuses to give out personal details about himself, but he is said to live somewhere in Canada, near the Arctic Circle. He moves around constantly as his employers demand more of him, and he is afraid of domestic intercontinental flights due to their vulnerability to attack. He prefers to take private planes or late night charter flights if he can.

Exhaustive background checks have revealed a few facts about Teo's history. However, he was able to hack into and edit his own personal files, so important information such specific location have been deleted. Apparently, he survived a plane crash at a very young age, and lived in a city which became the target of an extensive bombing raid, which he also survived. His parents were also killed in a drive-by shooting when he was in his late teens, [b]he also had a brother was murdered a few months later[/b] and he lived with his uncle and aunt in southern Mexico until he was 21, and they were killed by terrorists.

No one is certain how Teo managed to miraculously escape so many incidents, but he appears to have mantained an aura of indestructability around himself for a very long time now. He is now on many government and ex-employers' blacklists. His exceptional stealth and low-profile skills have kept him alive until now, and he continues to work for any man with a job for him, always remembering the Grim Reaper constantly floating over his head...

Now he has joined the Southern Vipers, and he still has a price on his head, so he prefers to tread lightly and distance himself from the rest of the group. Teo often works alone on missions and stays away from anyone he suspects would be after him on orders from someone else. His current state of mind is going from a simple sense of danger to full-blown paranoia, and he trusts everyone less and less every day.

[color=red]PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY RE-EDITED:[/color] The nature of Teo's personality and constant escape from the law can be traced back to his early childhood. Since the authorities were unable to discover his name, they have no connection with, or access to, next of kin. Teo is the only one who knows the truth about his family, however, and the drive-by shooting in which his parents died was definetely not random.

Teo's parents were both high-ranking government officials, and they were making a steady climb to the top. His father worked in the CIA, and his mother was a secretary in the White House. Neither of his parents were home often, so Teo developed a moody and reclusive nature. He always enjoyed his parent's return home, but the rest of the time he always kept his emotions in check.

One day, his father acheived a top-secret promotion into the CIA, and his parents were home less and less each day. Teo did not have anyone to look up to, and although his parents provided the best of care for him, which he greatly appreciated, he still had an empty space in his soul. The day of the shooting, Teo was insatisfied by the explanation that the shooting was a random act of violence, so he snuck into the CIA office himself in the dead of night.

Turns out that someone had always suspected that Teo's father was a double agent, working for other countries and selling U.S. secrets for secret funds. This was not the case, however, and Teo happened to find the ones responsible for having his father killed. That night, in his father's office, Teo overheard a conversation over a cell phone, and the man on the phone seemed to be selling secrets himself and was preparing an exchange. In a flash, Teo realized that this was the traitor, and he made it look like his father was the one selling the secrets and arranged the shooting all on his own, keeping his hands clean all the while.

Rather then bursting out with rage and attempting to exact revenge immediately, as others may have done, Teo listened intently to the conversation, taking in details and learning more and more about the situation he was listening in on. After the conversation was over, Teo hid and escaped from the building.

[b]A few weeks after Teo's investigation, he and his brother continued to live in their house, since his brother was 20 and able to maintain the house. That evening, Teo watched the news and saw a replay of the shooting, and the newscaster explained that Teo's brother was now living in the house, conveniently avoiding mention of Teo himself. That night, Teo slept soundly, while his brother was shot in the head through his window.

Several months later, Teo did some more research, and trained himself in the art of close-quarters combat with nunchaku. He eventually exposed himself as the last remaining son of the parents of the tragic drive-by, effectively drawing the assasins to him. That night, Teo did not sleep, but rather hid in his backyard with a pair of nuchaku fitted with blades. When he heard the shot, he escaped to investigate, finding a man just climbing down the fire escape of an adjacent building, holding a rifle. Teo moved over behind him smoothly, and took one quick swipe, removing the man's head. He took of the black ski mask the head was wearing, and it turned out to be the man on the cell phone himself. The next morning, Teo's foster parents went into his room to wake him up, only to find a goodbye note from Teo, and the headless body in his bed.

Now, many years later, Teo returned from Mexico, carrying an obituary column where he had the honour of seeing the last of his family's names in print. He still carries his nunchaku in his pockets, and everytime he forgets, they cut him in the leg, reminding him that he is still out for the blood of the other man on the phone.[/b]

Teo keeps a close connection to the underworld in order to someday find the identity of the man on the other end of that cell phone conversation so many years ago. He carefully treads the streets, leaving no tracks, and constantly shifting between the lawful world and the underworld, trying to find middle ground and escape time after time from his enemies. The few who know Teo are familliar with only his underworld history. Many want him dead, some want him to suffer, but only Teo knows that he wants one thing.


Personality: Teo is very quiet and moody whenever he is not on an assingment, but if he has a job to do he can act perfectly according to what he has to do. He is also fluent in many languages and can blend into his surroundings flawlessly pretending to be someone else.

Weapon: [b]Black nunchaku with small razor sharp daggers attached to either end. The blades have been decorated with the Japanese kanji for "spite" and sometimes he never has to use the blades, but rather silences his targets with quick blows or strangles or breaks their necks with the chain. Since he is still fairly untrained in the effective art of combat, Teo still relies on stealth to get the job done, and is still not perfect when having to take on more than one target. If situations get tight, he sometimes carries small tranquillizers with him, in order to have a chance to stun his targets instead.[/b]

Picture: [img]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?postid=508038[/img]
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Here is some music to try and set the mood more. Please play this while reading bellow:

Real Name: Giovanni Di Nardo

Callsign: The Stallion

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Alliance: Southern Vipers.

Biography: The typical mobster son, Giovanni was born into a crime-ridden family. All his life he was well off, life was presented to him on a silver platter. His family whom where very well known in the Italian-American crime buisness, raised him in the beautiful island Sicily. At the age of 10, he knew exactly how to "defend" himself. Salvator "The Bear" Di Nardo, Giovanni's father, let him "finish the job" at the age of 16. His family then moved to America on buiness...just after they left their Sicily Mansion was burnt to the ground, they weren't leaving any clues in a buisness like this. Giovanni was officialy a Di Nardo Mobster.

Giovanni became more like Salvator every passing minute of every passing day. He even got a full talor made 3 piece tux - exactly like his Father's, only in his size. They were like twins, always by each other's side.

One day on a "whack" they got busted. His close friend had set him up, he was getting to much of a competition threat. Stephano Tontelano (a good friend and once aprentice of Adam.) had ratted them out but instead of the police arresting them, the viciously beat them and then shot Salvator. Giovanni however, got off lucky, they held captive his Mother and gang-raped her infornt of him and then slit her throat and lay the dead, limpless body ontop of the restrained Giovanni. They then beat him to a pulp and shot him in the chest, they left him for dead although they wanted him to live, just to put him through more terror.

This was not the case however! Giovanni made a full recovery and vowed to destroy Stephano, whom had immagrated to Japan. Giovanni followed and hunted him down like the rat that he was. Giovanni and his gang slaughtered him and his henchman infront of his girlfriend (who turned out to be very powerful and had a sister whom was in Adam's Angels). His girlfriend however was not to happy at this and Giovanni was soon to be hunted down by The Angels. Another gang were hot on his trails, but for a diffrent reason and he was pulled up into a long and stealthy race between Adam's Angels and the Southern Vipers. Adam's Angels however were not very pleased that The Vipers were not after Gioanni but wanted him to join them, so they were ever more determined to kill him before he had the security of the Souther Vipers. Luckily however, the Southern Vipers reached him before Adam's Angels and offered him the chance to be a Southern Viper.

Personality: Ruthless, great determination, gunmanship and a sick sense of humour. His great contacts from all over the world is a very good thing to have on your side.

Weapon: His Father's switchblade (Ivy) that he used to rule the streets with, he can also use any gun with greta accuracy, he prefers to use melee weapons beucase it is "more of a true fight, instead of just pulling a trigger". He has good swordsmanship but prefers to use Ivy which he is very skilled with, and knows many unique tricks he can pull off. He created these tricks when he was creativly killing on a small "hit".

Ivy is made from elephant ivory, 24K gold tippings and strong carbonite steel:

Picture: Think Robert De Niro although younger. Constanly wearing top of the range designer tailor-made suits which are always navy blue in colour. He always wears his matching blue traditional mobster hat with black lining and is mostly pictured with a cigerette in his mouth.

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[color=hotpink][size=1][b]Real Name:[/b] Arianna Love

[b]Callsign:[/b] Erotica

[b]Age:[/b] 23

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Alliance:[/b] Adam's Angels

[b]Very Long Biography:[/b] Born in the Southeastern United States, Aria grew up in a trailor park with her mother. Her father had long since divorced her mother and had ran off with another woman, leaving Aria and her mother to fend for themselves. Aria's mother barely made enough money to give them food and shelter, and so Aria never expected anything good to come out of her life.

While in elementary school, Aria's teachers noticed that she was an exceptionally bright student. They enrolled her in gifted and told her how proud of her she was. One of those teachers, a woman named Mrs. Sharon Murphy, was worried about the home life of Arianna. She noticed that Arianna's clothes were never up to par and were quite revealing for a child, she wore a ton of make-up, she looked underfed, and she had a tendancy to not talk very much to others. Mrs. Murphy investigated the situation, found where Arianna lived, learned that her mother was a heavy drug addict and alcoholic, and got Arianna taken away from her.

Arianna was then adopted at the age of eight by a very clean-cut family. The father was a preacher and the mother was your average house-wife. She didn't really find herself missing her mother as her mother didn't care for her, but she was scarred from then on out. She hated school and hated church, and just wanted to be herself.

Her adopted father tried to restrict her in all aspects of life as she was growing up. He sent her to a private school, made her wear nice clothes, and tried to restrict her from anything that he saw as "unfit" for a young teenaged girl. But his efforts fell short. She began to hang around with a bad group of boys from the local highschool at age 13. They made her feel accepted and took her away from the haughty life that her adopted parents wanted her to live. They taught her things that a young child should never know. At fifteen, after her adopted parents found out about these "friends" they tried to restrict her from seeing them, she left home and ran away with one of them named Richard. She was convinced that she was in love with him, even though he was 20 and she was only fifteen. She soon learned however, that she would have to take care of herself from this point out.

Arianna got a job at a local strip club, using a fake ID. She made a ton of money and by the time she was 18, because of her exceptional skills and good looks, she was recruited by a soft-core porn company, where she started modeling for their website, and then eventually starring in their movies. Richard, still her lover, didn't like this too well. He began to argue with her, get jealous, and then eventually start beating her. She knew she had to get away from it, and decided to go hard-core. This took her to California, where she became a big name really fast. Soon she was traveling all around the world, where she ended up in Japan.

Her history with Adam is very private and intimate. She became one of Adam's Angels quickly, but did not particularly get along with the other Angels.

[b]Personality:[/b] A bit on the seclusive side, Arianna gets along well with others, as long as they are male. Females make her angry, and she tends to feel that when she is near one, life is all about competition. She wants to be superior, to be the best, and that is why she takes much pride in being Adam's lover. She's a master at the sexual arts, being experienced many years of her life. She's classy and sophisticated, despite her upbringings. She tends to be quite intuitive, even though she never finished school. She's full of zest and loves exhiliration, and she only achieves the highest of exhiliration in bed and when killing.

[b]Weapon:[/b] A very small chain-whip, that she keeps well-concealed. The handle is gunmetal colored and very sleek. Her nickname, Erotica, is etched into the side, along with many fancy designs.

[b]Picture:[/b] Auburn-colored hair, blue-green eyes, and sexy as all get out.
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This is a great idea!I loved Kill Bill.


Real Name: Micheal Grey

Callsign: hawke3000

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Alliance: Southern Vipers

Biography: Left in a park by his parents, on the cold streets of St.Johns Newfoundland, Micheal was forced to live on the street dealing drugs. In 1996 he was put in a prison in an unknown area in the US for killing a man after not giving the money he owed him. He was only in the prison for a week before he used a spoon to kill everyone in the building and was never caught.

Micheal is now a do-anything man that would make a sandwich to kill a baby if you payed him enough.

Personality: Micheal is actualy a sarcastic, goofy man. Until, of coarse, you piss him off. Then, he will slit your throat with anything he can find. He has also been known to lend people large amounts of money with 2 weeks for them to pay him back or he tortures them and then kills them.

Weapon: Will use any item around him, but always has a couple of knives handy.


EDIT: changed alliance. Didnt notice the whole "female assasins" part. I usually miss stupid things like that.
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[b]Real Name:[/b] **********
[b]nickname[/b] - Ironjaw

[b]Callsign:[/b] Crimson Dagger

[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Alliance:[/b] Southern Vipers

[b]Biography: [/b] ****** Is a crafty skilled assassin of the highest level, Being form 30 generations f Samurai swordsmen, he is one of the most disciplined and skilled men to wield the katana.

He does not take his adversary's lightly. *******'s hatred for Adam and his angels is unknown at this time, when ******* learned of a revenge assault against Adam, he was quick to get acquainted with someone, anyone, who could quench his thirst for revenge.

[b]Personality:[/b] He is a rugged abusive dude who does not take no for an answer, a general bad ass in chief, you do not want to cross him.

Weapon: A katana with a distinctive blade, it looks to have been made in Onikawa, but the mark on the blade is mysterious, no one knows who made his metal. The handle of the blade has red stripes on it that seem to be either painted on, or forged with the enemies blood.
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[color=deeppink]Hahaha, Tori, that "good job" written on the bottom left of your beautiful drawing, is that the same guy who wrote "can I look like her" on the sketch page you sent me? That just cracks me up, hee ^____^

P.S. Shinobi, the Godfather theme music totally set the mood, very nice ;)[/color]
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