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The 'Sex Bracelet' Controversy?

Queen Asuka

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[color=hotpink][size=1]I just read about this, and I think it's MORE than silly:

[quote][b] FIRST MADE POPULAR by Madonna and other pop stars in the 1980s, ?jelly bracelets? are making a comeback with teens and some grade-school kids. But this time, there?s a twist: In some parts of the country, they?re calling them ?sex bracelets? ? with various colors supposedly representing promises to perform sex acts in a game called ?Snap.?
As the story goes, break someone?s orange bracelet (or purple, in some cases) and you get a kiss. Red, a lap dance. Blue, oral sex. Black, intercourse. And so on.
?They?ve been selling like crazy,? says Andy Ball, a clerk at The Alley, an edgy clothing and accessories store in Chicago. He says he learned about their secret meaning from a group of teens who came into the store about a month ago.
Still, it?s unclear whether young people are really following through with the sex acts. And some experts think most youth are hearing about the game from recent news reports, not each other.
Snopes.com, a Web site dedicated to exposing urban legends, has deemed the validity of sex bracelets ?undetermined.?
?Every now and then, I get a note from kids who say it is true,? says Barbara Mikkelson, Snopes.com?s co-founder. ?But I get a heck of a lot of e-mails from kids who are outraged that adults think they would do this. To them, (the bracelets) are just a fashion statement.?
Regardless, a few schools in such states as Illinois, Ohio and Florida have banned the bracelets.
?It?s about the disruption of the school day,? says Joann Hipsher, principal at one of the schools ? Malabar Middle School in Mansfield, Ohio. She says students were spending too much time ?worrying about who had them, who had been snapping them.?

Elizabeth Cooke, a fourth-grade teacher in Baltimore County, says she was surprised when a fifth-grader told her the bracelets had ?secret meanings ? one being, if someone broke one it meant you have to have sex.?
?He told me that he wasn?t sure if he wanted to wear them anymore because they were stupid,? says Cooke, whose school allows the bracelets as a fashion item, if they cause no distractions.
?In my opinion,? she adds, ?he shouldn?t even be thinking about sex at all.?
But in other parts of the country, teens say no one they know calls them ?sex bracelets.?
?It?s kind of outrageous and ridiculous. I think the media is making an issue out of nothing,? says Kelly Egarian, a 17-year-old from Englewood Cliffs, N.J., who serves as a consultant for Teenage Research Unlimited, a suburban Chicago firm that tracks youth trends.
In fact, when the staff at Teenage Research asked its 300-some young consultants nationwide about sex bracelets, they found nothing concrete.
?They knew of a friend who had a friend who had a friend who knew about this,? says Michael Wood, the company?s vice president. ?But no one could point a finger to anyone who was actually doing this.?
Other experts who deal with teens and children also believe the so-called trend has been blown out of proportion.
A few doctors who treat children and teens in such states as Connecticut, Minnesota and California had never heard of ?sex bracelets.?
Meanwhile, Dr. Cynthia Mears, an adolescent medicine specialist at Children?s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, says some of her young patients do call the bracelets by that name. But she says the most they might give another teen who broke one would be a hug or a kiss ? not sex.
?When I ask, ?Do you go there?? they just kind of look at me and go ?Nahhh,?? Mears says, noting that her young patients are generally willing to talk about their sexual activity because the conversations are confidential.
Mears is concerned that younger children might hear the sex bracelets lingo and ?think it?s cool.? But regardless of the age, she and other experts say parents shouldn?t freak out.
Instead, Dr. Lynn Ponton says the bracelets give parents a chance to talk about sex with their children ? something she says they often avoid or handle awkwardly.
?It offers an opportunity to say ?Hey, what?s the bracelet mean? What are other kids wearing? What do you think about that??? says Ponton, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco and author of the book ?The Sex Lives of Teenagers.?
But Egarian ? the New Jersey teen ? advises parents to tread carefully.
?If my parents questioned me too much about the bracelets,? she says, ?I?d probably wear them more.?[/b][/quote]

So what do you think? I've been wearing these things for a few years now, but only because certain colors match certain outfits. This thing about "snap" is the stupidest thing Ive ever heard in my life, and it sounds like something a bunch of idiot middle school kids would do.

Have you heard about this at your school?[/color][/size]
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I read about this several weeks ago. Like the article says, I doubt most of the kids go through with the acts it should supposedly entail. At the younger ages, I'd assume that it would mostly be used as some sort of joke to tease people with.

In any case, if someone is that easy that they're going to have sex due to a broken piece of plastic... then all hope is lost for them anyway.
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[color=indigo]Ha, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Only over sensitive parents would be worried that there teenager was feeling pressured to have sex by a bracelet. Teenagers get stressed out and feel pressured by everything; it is part of the natural teenage process. Sure, a couple of kids may have used them as a sex game, just like kids use empty beer bottles in make out games, big deal.

The pathetic thing is that people think this is a big deal. Obviously the concerned parents and teachers don?t clearly recall their own high-school years?[/color]
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There was this guy at my work shopping with his daughter, and she had a chain on a pair of the pants she bought and she said that couldnt wear it to school. Then he said someting about the braclets... I thought it was the stupidest thing I have ever heard of in my life....

In HS I used to wear those bracelets all the time... in many different colors. I remember when they were called raver braclets...
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[size=1]This is the first time I've heard of it, and I laughed. In scorn of course, but I laughed nonetheless. It's ridiculous, for both the kids and the adults who think this is true. I really wish the few kids who actually do this would have more respect for themselves, and like the majority of kids in the article said, if my parents or teachers or whoever the hell cares would actually believe that I'd let a cheap, plastic [i]bracelet[/i] govern my sex life, then it's seriously time for them to break out the prozac.[/size]
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[color=darkblue]I mean, this is one of the stupidiest things I've heard. I guess this is more of kids messing around and the the whole saying when out of proportion, as the article Q.A. posted.

Here in Puerto Rico, there was a rumor between young people that girls who wore(as in wear ok!) a ring in their belly would be a 100% chance they would have sex with anyone. There was another thing that spread out that if someone had a ring on the thumb are homosexuals. This is what people, and mostly kids, say just to try and be funny or to call up the attention.[/color]
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This will probably pass. I feel like wearing the things just to mock the subject. Maybe I'll lure a prof into breaking it then proudly exclaim, "Ahahahha Mr. Ealy, you just promised to have sex with me". I sincerely doubt the majority of people would be stupid enough to actually have sex, as Semjaza has said. If they're having sex because of the bracelets, then sex probably isn't anything new or special to them. I would only assume the people that take these SERIOUSLy would be the nympho's of our public school systems.
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People at my school wear jelly bracelets(me included) but none of the people I know participate in this "activity, even the so called sex addicts who wear them. But they do pass around pull tabs. None of the teachers care about the bracelets unless we have them off our wrists.
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Yeah, I wear them too. My mom saw this on the news, and completely blew up at me about me having sex. I couldn't figure it out for a while what my bracelets and sex had anything to do with eachother. And I certainly had never had sex. Then she explained it to me angrily and I told her that that was the first I've ever heard of them having "secret meaning"
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oh cours i've heard of them, and yeah, they are stupid. but at my school thay are called "MOB" or "MakeOutBraclets" but usually mob so they don't get busted. and since our school has a strict dress code we have to wear long sleves or half or three quarter. but the rules are diff here. the game is called "slip"
the rules?

1. a person gives one to a person
2. the person brakes it (on purpose or acident)
3. they make out.

the colors don't matter. and its just gross, 'cause they have to make out the moment they see each other. drop books in hall and get on the floor. once a boy tried to give on to me but i refused, and now i'm made fun of cause i won't acept it, (stupid right?) but itll die down by the end of the mounth, minus 2 weeks of vacation!
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I have a lot of the black jelly bracelets, and I never knew this until my mom saw a news reports on it. She looked at me questionally and I merely answered, "No, I am not having sex with whoever manages to snap my bracelet." This is extremely stupid, the type of things that come-up as some sort of flirtatious joke and then are forgotten about.
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Guest cloricus
Lol. These are just FMB's (**** Me Bracelets) with some thing better than coke cap rings. (The blue bit with the centre ripped out and the rest stretched.) If you break one you have to do the above and there are variations around the place, (read=word) nothing new it's been around for many years and a lot of people do it.
In Australia it's a kiss w/ tongue followed by 69 and finished by sex if you break them. And no I haven't done it, I just know about it.
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[size=1] How about a break my heart open from my chest to show my undying, never-ending romantical love for whomever I consider will be my lover eternal? And how about I hand them my heart, and when they touch my bleeding heart, instantly, and unquestionablely, they are going to have rapidial sex?

That's how stupid this is.

I didn't even read the article. I'd rather be spared of the stupidity.

What's fun though is making fun of anything like this. Satiring it. That's all that matters to me:

My name is Fretzel. And I have a very important story to tell you: AND IT HAPPENED TODAY!

Today in school I was sitting there dreaming about hot sex with Angelica Snizelsa. She is the most beautiful angelical beautous that has ever set foot upon this dirthole that is called Earth.

She has long blonde hair, the kind that looks like long spaghetti, and I just want to touch her hair, it is [i]soo[/i] beautiful. It is always shiny, and looks like one out-stretched halo that has been emblazoned like an eternal sensational object on her head.

Her face is thin, like the thin bones of a fish, and her lips are rosered like blushing cheeks full of envied gullibility. Her eyebrows are thin like her face, barely even there, yet there all at once.

Her hands are petite laborers, always moving around, sometimes click-clacking impatiently on her desk, other times curving with her pencil as she writes.

Her clothes are simple, but colorfully appealing. She wears a tight shirt which is pink, and accentuates her entire look, making her look like a highly-electric, alighted Christmas tree. She also wears jeans, tight-but-not-too-tight, they hug on her like a nice, warming hug that doesn't lessen, but is strong enough that it is warm.

This is Angelica. She is beautiful. And as I sit in my mundane math class pondering over the stuff that is Algebra, and my short, loser-looking teacher talks incessantly about slope, all I can do is stare at Angelica and slope over to her, dreaming of hot sex, which shall probably never happen.

As I am looking over, she writes with her pencil, her petite hands gracing her piece of notebook paper she writes on.

I lean over quietly, looking cautiously around so that I am not seen by any meandering eyes, namely the teacher's. And slowly, with hard glances and small looks, I read what she is reading as much as I can.

She is writing a letter to her girlfriends. In this letter she is telling her friends that "eye thnk its funy Booby already broke ur bracelet," and on and on about bracelets.

As I read her neat girl-script, translating words which I couldn't read too well due to her use of "eye" for "I," and "2" for "to," and other such shortened abbreviations that is the code of teenagers, she finally comes to the end, removing her hand completely. I jump from the point where I am reading, going to the end. It simply says, "Now eye just wait for sum1 2 brek mi bracelet, so eye can have sum sex."

My head jumped at this sentence. And suddenly, as I looked over at Angelica's hands again, realized she was wearing a bracelet, and now it all fit together. How could I have missed such an obvious thing? How could I have missed her bracelet?

So as soon as I could, I grabbed her hand and I ripped that bracelet off like I was a dog after a bone. It took a while to tear it, too, because it was made of rubber it seemed. So I sat there tugging and tugging, and Angelica even tried to scream, but I quickly put my hand on her mouth as she screamed, the warm air of her mouth blowing softly on my hand in the nicest way.

The entire class was seemingly staring at me as well, like I was some insane voodooistic moron. They understood pefectly what I was doing. The teacher didn't, though.

Just as I broke the thing in half finally, ending my struggle at holding one hand to Angelica's lips, and one hand trying to pry the thing to pieces while also fighting Angelica's hands that were trying to get out of my reach, the teacher came over. He was all stern, and he breathed in my face heavily like he was short of breath.

"Young man, follow me," was all he said. So I followed.

As I left, I turned to Angelica, making up a slurred poem which combined Shakespeare, and some other pure consideration from my heart. "O my lady, thou art so temperate, and thou art so fine. And now at this accustomed time, and this good-will we hath come to find, I shall get thee in the sheets, and the whiteness of our acts shall bleat. And whence we go to euphoric edge, going through the motional lusts, we shall be pledged and complete. You shall be mine and I shall be yours, and you and I shall be engaged in the battle that betters all. We--" And just like that I was cut off, the teacher grabbing shut my mouth, his face even more stern, yet I could see lunic laughter bleeding from that stern look.

"Kid, I don't know what's up with you. You seem to be blabbering some garbage. Now follow me, young man."

And as I left, the teacher pushing me along, I turned back and glared into Angelica's eyes, fighting hard as I could to not be taken off and have this one momentary look.

She was crying, and it was beautiful. In her hands she held the broken bracelet like it was her heart, and she held it close to her eyes and looked at it, seeming to investigate its tears closely. It was like she was looking at something she had never seen before.

As I was just almost out the door, I blew her a kiss, but she just looked away.

I was cited for sexual harassment at the principal's office, but it was worth it. I talked to Angelica after school, and she says we have to have sex now. "Might as well have sex," is all she said about it. We made plans to do it in the school bathroom after school tomorrow.

When she said this I just held her arm and looked her all in her eye, and she just sort of stared, somewhat like she didn't care, somewhat like she did.

Tomorrow I get to have sex! It is so great! I shall have my virginity hung like a fugitive who deserves to be gone and ended and buried in the ground for better things to come. I shall have it hung high, and I shall eat it like a monster. Not just a regular monster, but a beautiful monster that's more of a beast than anything.

I shall be a sexy beast, and it's all because of a bracelet.


Okay, so it wasn't too satirical, but it was fun to write, anyway.[/size]
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[color=violet]This makes me very proud to be part of the adult world. Morally corrupted tho it may be at times.
Jelly bracelets? What are those things anyway and who would decide to believe something as ridiculous as the fact that if someone breaks a black bracelet you [i][b]have[/b][/i] to have sex with that person? Why black? Why not puce, or burgundy?
Of course, if that is the case that you have to sleep with so and so, where can I get one for my husband?[/color]
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[color=deeppink]It reminds me of the days where wearing purple meant you were a lesbian or having your hand in your front pocket meant you were 'touching' yourself. It's no different, really, because kids that age don't really know what they're talking about anyway. They'll grow up and be like, "Hey, remember when...? Yeah, we were so stupid."[/color]
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If anyone tried to break my bracelets, they're getting their privates broken, haha. Nice story Mitch... Kinda reminds me of a guy at school I know. What if you broke your own? Would you have to take the circumstances (couldn't find the right word) "into your own hands"? O.o Maybe I just think about stupid situations like this too much...
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"Sex bracelets"? At my old school we just called them F**k braceletes. Nobody actually ever had sex because of a broken bracelete as far as I know. It was more of something you did on the bus-ride home to keep yourself entertained. I've never seen the girls try to break a bracelet though. It was basically just the boys. There was this one boy-Dereck I think his name was- who broke a girls bracelet most every bus ride. Never got any no matter how many he broke. Poor Dereck. lol I've never heard anything of the "secret meaning" of the bracelets at this school though. But just for safe measures I don't wear mine anymore....I know some pretty werid at this school....oh and by the way Mitch that was awsome. I swear I cracked up when I read it the first time. Yep yep....
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[size=1][color=chocolate]I'm in middle school...*sniff* But it is true though, middle schoolers will be the first ones to think this...

I think this idea is pretty stupid. I never knew about this until I came to this thread. This "bracelet" hasn't been rumored about sex yet around my school, but I think some girls in the school wear it. I only wear a watch and a braclet from Claire's with my name on it. Do not plan to have any more things on my wrist.[/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=darkblue]I had never heard of it, but the idea is horrible. What sick minded little freaks made that one up? Sure, people wear them everywhere.... but making a secret meaning out of it and concluding to sex is just plain... stupid.
Of course I have been in a few games of spin the bottle, but it never turned out bad like that. The only thing that came out of those spin the bottle games was a kiss on the cheek. :p
I really don't get why people would do that though. I've seen people break them and [i]tease[/i] about doing that, because abviously they had heard of it. Meh, no one could be stupid enough to actually "Play by the Rules" of these "Sex Bracelets" and their game of snaps.
So I think the whole concept is totally stupid.[/color][/size]
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Ok, well I knew this girl that wore them all the time and she looked really good!!!! Well, come to find out she liked me and I didn't know it. So, I broke and we started talking and I think i've given a little too much detail........................ lol i'm one of those people who follow the rules. LMAO
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