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So, what'd Santa bring you?

Guest cloricus

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Guest cloricus
ARGH, it's not even 7 and I only went to bed six hours ago. Evil being forced to wake up.

My sisters present has given me a headache though it's some thing that now I think of it I need; a really nice/expensive alarm clock, old school design. She hinted strongly that I should by her some make up; I was too confused so she bought and I paid. :D
From my father I got a big hard drive for this pc (I have 28gig, this pushes that up to 150gig.) and some optical drives from my mother. My sister and I got him a DVD rack and a new DVD to add to it.
Also a bug in glass from my auntie from over sea's, which apart from being odd looks cool and I badly need paper weights so it looking good is a bonus.
I'm dog tired (we helped mum move house yesterday w/ a three ton truck) and this alarm clock wont stop going off; in a few hours we'll all be going out to a friends to have Christmas lunch and drinks. Then possibly to another friends by my self to night to meet up with a few others with more drinks.

So, that?s me done. Other people feel free to post what you received and what you plan to do today. (Yes I know its not today in some country?s but it is here!)
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Well, it's only Christmas eve here, but i got some small gifts from my friends. From Zach, I got a burned cd. God do I love him, he provides me with music. From Krysten, a candy cane. And from Bree some.... fries.... O___o I drew pictures for most of my friends, got Bree a comic, and an assortment of anime action figures/ video games/ comics for my siblings. I have eight of them, so I ain't listing theml. (Well, eight siblings at last count :) )

EDIT: Well, here's what I've gotten from my eight (or nine? Well, if you count my cousin living with us....)

Phear teh cute ones T-shirt ((Megatokyo))(I'm almost crying with anticipation to wear this to school I'm such a nerd :) )

An anime called Someday's Dreamers (Anyone heard of it? It looks good)
Kingdom Hearts
FF X (I know the last two are a bit late, as those were kinda last years hot gifts, but my brother ((fortunatly)) got fed up with me asking to borrow these. So I got brand spankin new ones. Now all I need is a PS2... O-o)

Socks. (Bite me, I like toe socks. They're a bit out of style, so I now wear them.)
Volume 1 Ceres dvds
2 edward (cowbay bebop) dolls. Can't wait till I can drive so I can stick one in the front window!
Trigun kitty keychain. Gottsa love me keychains ;)
Some scented candles. I like scented candles! lol
A really pretty tarot deck. Its a wonder since my family doesn't even really know I'm wiccan. Though I don't care for the fact the tarot deck has "The devil" and "The hierophant" (sp?) in it. Oh well.

And, by far, the most insulting gift (lol) was scented soap. Well, I'm just kidding. It's just my sister got a soap making kit, so....
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[color=#006699]We just got finished opening our presents a few hours ago (we open them on Christmas Eve) and I am simply flabergasted at how much stuff I got. Seriously, this is way more than I asked for. And I tend to ask for a lot of stuff. Anyway, here's my list.

[b]Mom & Dad:[/b] Pocket Watch
True Crime: Streets of LA (PS2)
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GCN)
Family Guy: Volume 1 (DVD)
Get Backers 1 - 50 (DVD)

Now this is pretty much all I asked for. But they went all out and got me so much more.

Real Arcade -- Which is an Arcade Stick - (PS2)
LOTR: The Two Towers Extended (DVD)
A nice cologne set.
Some clothes.
And a 5 disc CD player. (My old CD player is broken)

[b]Josh & Ashley AKA Brother and Wife:[/b]
This was the biggest suprise of all. For the past 3 years, he's gotten me the newest edition of the Tony Hawk franchise. But this year he got me a...
Samsung MP3 player with 32MB of memory and a memory stick with 32MB.

[b]Lisa AKA Sister:[/b] Need For Speed: Underground (PS2)
A shirt.

Plus my Grandpa gave me a check for $50.00 and I've yet to open my gift from Will (my sister's boyfriend).

Best. Christmas. Ever. Not just because of the presents. This is the first year in a long time everyone was here. And no one is working tommorow on Christmas![/color]
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[color=#707875]Shroom, I'm [i]amazed[/i] at the amount of money that was spent on you. When I see people's Christmas lists, I'm often surprised. I mean, some kids are getting over $1,000 worth of stuff. I find that really incredible. lol

Anyway, I did pretty darn well. I hadn't asked for anything, nor even given a hint that I wanted anything. Really, there wasn't anything I wanted that I wouldn't have eventually bought for myself anyway.

But my parents bought me a Flame GBA SP with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. So that was really an awesome gift. I felt a little embarassed that they'd spent so much money on me though.

So that was nice. And lunch today was very nice also. ^_^[/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by James [/i]
[B][color=#707875]Shroom, I'm [i]amazed[/i] at the amount of money that was spent on you. [/color] [/B][/QUOTE]

[color=#006699]So am I, lol. This year and last year were two huge Christmas'. Usually I get clothes and a game, and I'm happy with that. But they've been going all out lately, probably due to a promotion my Dad got a year or two ago. But yeah, I've been getting a lot of stuff for Christmas/Birthday lately.

(Note: So far, everything I've gotten is awesome)

[b]Edit:[/b] Will got me the Finch CD "What it is to Burn".[/color]
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I asked for a all new Volvo with some nice rims and a spanking new sound system. I even offered to pay the monthly bill on the car all they needed to do was cough up the 30,000 down payment. Instead they just gave me their old 2001/2002 Audi and bought a new Mercedes for themselves. They also gave me the rims and the sound system but now I will have to dish out the money to have it installed. I wanted the new car I've never owned a brand new car, but I guess the Audi is ok. It is still mostly new I guess. The paint job is excellent on it and the leather seats have warmers built in.

I'm a major car freak and all of my money go into my rides. Now I have three rides to take care of:a jeep(my favorite), a car(the audi), and a old style beautiful coverett(I named her Precious) oh yeah and a motorcyle that needs the head lights fixed.
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lol 10 gifts under my christmas tree, again spoiled. I overheard that some of my gift are clothes (sisters -_-'). Well, I seem to ahve 1 envolope under the tree too ( w00t money). FOr my mom, 6, dad 3 (one from each family mebmer :D), sister 16 (good to have tons of friends eh?). 35 gifts in all under the christmas tree (unless my mental math has thrown me off). We gave away 12 gifts to friends and teachers. Can't wait till I open presents XD.

P.S. I'm so giddy ^_^
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Shroom [/i]
[B]No there isn't. That's a thread about what you want. While I admit the threads are very similar we had seperate threads last year as well. [/B][/QUOTE]

I beg to differ.
*sly look* You just don't look hard enough. It's only a few posts down right now.
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I got some stuff this year but not as much as the other years, so i also got some cash, haha. i got 200 bucks, dont know what im gonna do with it, heh.

The other things i got were:
1. An electronic snowboard that ya hook up to your ps2. I played SSx tricky earlier today haha.
2. NBA and NHL game.
3. 2 GBA games
4. One of those portable PS with the 5" LCD screen.
5. At last, a CD carrying vase to hold my CD player and discs.

Well Merry christmas to all and a happy new year as well!
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[FONT=courier new][/FONT] [COLOR=darkblue]I too open presents Christmas Eve. It is great to be part Scandinavian. It is a Scandinavian tradition to open presents on Christmas Eve night. hehehe...anywho...>.>

I got pretty much all that I asked for, except I didn't get the first matrix movie. :(

Other than that, I received a digidraw thingy, charcoal pencils, a new sketch book, Lion King DVD, Finding Nemo DVD, Gap hoodie, huckleberry candy canes, a rice cooker, $70 from my dad, $150 from my relatives, and what I didn't ask for, a discman.

As you can probably tell, I love to draw. Drawing is what I spend most of my time doing...other than internet of course.:) I am also happy that I got that Lion King DVD. The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie of all time. Heck, a month earlier, my Lion King VHS broke from being overplayed so much. So, it is great to finally be able to see Simba, Pumba, and the rest of the characters of Lion King once again.
I also like to wear hoodies everyday, heck, I am wearing the hoodie I received tonight right now. The discman is really nice. Tonight, when I was enjoying my new sketch book, I listened to Metallica. I was also overjoyed to get a rice cooker. Like some of you may know, I really love Japanese food. Now I can eat rice balls and sushi anytime I want. Yay!! All together, this year's Christmas was outstanding. Not only did I receive amazing things, I also got to have my dog alive and well. She has cancer and the Vet said that she may not live through Christmas. Boy, did my sweet dog prove them wrong. heh...
I am going to save the money for my Japan trip next year and also for a few things I want from Hot Topic. Possibly a black trench coat, or a pair of baggy black jeans. Who knows.
I am just really happy about this year. I am also looking forward to New Year's as well. heh
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Guest cloricus
It's been a very hot here today, we had to shut down part of the network as some computers were edging to their emergency shut down temperatures, and go out side to play backyard cricket/hockey though over all it's been fun.
We went out for lunch to friends with the usual meats and drinks.
Though for the first time in many years my whole immediate family spent it together thanks to my mother moving up here yesterday. :D

Anyway I hope every one has a fun, enjoyable and safe rest of the Christmas day!
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I never get anything for christmas.... or for my birthday either... Sure i feel left out because everyone seems to get loads or handfulls of stuff under a sparkling tree... but i dont get that.

Im lucky in a way though... I get all those presents and more all through the non holiday year. Like two weeks ago i got two ps2 games equalling $100 right there PLUS the $30 for the cheat thingy.

A month or two ago he built me a lovely computer of my very own. Early summer he got me two very expensive art programs for my computer (which at that time wasnt put together yet.)

I have every sim game and about 45 other computer games here and there.

I have an Xbox, A PS2, A Game Cube, A Nintendo 64 and a tv in my room. In all there are 3 computers in the house (two to the internet... the one in my room has yet to be hooked up.) 5 Tv's and a ton of gaming things.

Game boy advance sp.... dons of games for that... cheat things and more. So christmas time isnt so special to me i guess... Because i got all i really would have asked for (and then so much more) all through the resto f the year i got that stuff.

I say GOT because he did just recently at the end of this summer loose his job because the mill shut down permanently... Sad thing and hardest thing to cope with is that he had the highest paying job in town... and now he doesnt have a job at all.

Its like going from a whole lot to....practiclally nothing... UnEmployment hardly pays the bills and house payment. So im greatfull for just having him around. After he quit drinking a year or so ago he has been easier to get along with... so my true christmas gift i guess is him... Still Sober and caring...after all this time.
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Guest cloricus
[size=1]Wow I'm impressed, I didn't realise that was a feature of forums.[/size]

And remember kiddies if you didn't get what you wanted for Xmas there is also the wonderful wisdom of [url]http://www.whatacrappypresent.com/[/url]. (1 swear word. [strike]Joke[/strike].)
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[color=teal]On years past, I'd usually ask for a whole bunch of stuff, but I kept my list..relatively short this year, at least compared to last year, heh.

So far, I've recieved a 2004 Calendar of California landscape (Caalliifoorniaa :drunk: ), a GameBoy Advance SP carrying case, Viewtiful Joe (GC), Animal Crossing (GC), a seat warmer thing, and a new microphone for the computer. My grandparents are coming over later so I'm beginning to wonder if they got me the F-Zero (GC) game I was also asking for, heh.

My mom also got us as a family a digital camera. Oh yes, very happy about that one. :D

It's been a very nice Christmas so far. :)

EDIT: F-Zero GX (GC), a car model, an electric toothbrush, promised cargo pants at the store, and $120. w00t @_@

Interesting brother gifts have been Tony Hawk's Underground, Two Towers entended DVDs, and the mysterious Eye Toy. :blush: [/color]
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I am shocked at some people here. [Cough -Hells Fire- cough]

How can you have that much moolah spent on you? And expect it. Ah well, guess some people come from well off families. heh.

Anyhow... from my mum- Two shirts, shorts, speedball, cd, beachtowel, toblerone. Very good^_^

From dad- $700[Au] of computer upgrades, silver necklace, key thingo, mug and a 3 piece speaker and subwoofer set for my computer.

So, pretty good. Plus I don't know what I will get from my rellies yet. A pretty damn good christmas.

Hope you all had good ones.
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[color=009966]I got a watch, two decks of playing cards, some jewelry, a sewing machine, a bottle of cinnamin (sp?), a big jar to put the cinnamin in, a few embroidered dish towels (if you can't already tell, my mom insists on getting us stuff that we can use in our future home ;)), the LOTR: ROTK soundtrack, a Media Play gift card, candy, a toothbrush (to go along with the candy, of course :cross: ), a pair of slippers (*is very grateful because her toes are cold*), and a black bathrobe with a hood that my mom bought me, but she hates it now.

mom: "Try on your bathrobe, Samantha."
me: *puts on the bathrobe and pulls on the hood*
mom: "........Nevermind. Take it off!"

lol It really freaks her out when I wear it because I look like a ringwraith, so I plan on wearing it constantly. *devilish laugh*[/color]
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well i got a decent amount this year.

i got....


Xbox Controller
Game Tower (a place to put games)
Xbox Live ethernet hook-up cable (this won't be very useful)
Socks (lol)
a grey Jumper (which i'm wearing just now :))
Black Trousers
a white and yellow shirt
and Money.

and one thing which wasn't on the list but i think should still be worth a mention, is that my cousin's water broke this morning!! :) so she could have a baby just now.
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