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Masterminds (~Sign-ups..Let's try this again)


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[color=indigo][size=1][i][b]Yes, to some of you, this may look rather familiar. Charlie Levoy and I decided to give this one more go. It did not make it into the Adventure Arena, but it shall this time.


Since the creation of technology and computers, the government has always found a way to control what can and cannot be accessed through the internet. Restrictions, copyrights, security shields, St. Bernard, outstanding felony charges for hacking, etc. Classified information for secret operations are carefully monitored for the fear of hackers breaking the codes, which are said to be inpentetrable and impossible to hack through.

Well, what if one day, those so-called "impossible" codes were to be broken? What if it was you who broke through? Or someone you know? What would you do? What lengths of securing the situation would the government take? Who could you trust? Could this happen?

The answer is yes, this has happened. A conspiracy has been discovered. A young woman, by the name of Aura Jones, stumbles upon the conspiracy between the Federal Government and a computer company of Hikuuro Technologies to rid the Earth of its dependence upon technology.

The head of Hikuuro Technologies, Toran Jitsuka, discovers the danger of his scheme to plant a virus into the world's computer network was discovered by Aura Jones and is outragged. The Federal Government is informed of this action and has agreed to help Toran Jitsuka in capturing Arua and stopping her from unvailing this conspiracy.

Aura contemplates what she should do and turns to her boyfriend for advice. Lance Anderson is an accompished computer programmer for a prestigious company. After Aura tells Lance of the conspiracy she stumbled on, she suddenly is attacked by henchmen and agents. She discovers that she is being hunted and runs for her life. Traveling place to place, barely escaping the clutches of the Federal agents and Toran Jitsuka's henchmen.

Luckily, Aura receives protection and help from a few of her friends and a couple of strangers. They all ban together to fight against the Fed's and henchmen, and search for a way to put a stop to the destruction to technology.

Here's the sign up. (Note[/b]: Due to the results of the last time we tried this, Charlie Levoy and I will stress that there are no, and we mean NO, free-lancers.)

The only character that is needed and mandatory is Toran Jitsuka..

Age: (20's-30's)
Occupation:[/b] (Federal Agent, one of Jitsuka's henchmen, or a protector for Aura)[b]
Weapons: (4 max)

This story takes place in present day Earth.

Aura Jones and Lance Anderson are already taken by Charlie Levoy(Aura Jones) and myself(Lance Anderson). I will leave it up to her to post her character.

Here's mine:

[b]Name[/b]: Lance Anderson
[b]Age[/b]: 33
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Occupation[/b]: Computer programmer/hacker (works for Toran Jitsuka, but Aura and others don't know)

[b]Appearance[/b]: 6'2 slender but built, short dark brown hair that falls over his minty green eyes, has a little stubble on his chin, tanned skin. He wears a crisp black suit, a white dress shirt that is unbuttoned to the middle of his torso and is slightly longer in arm length, a white lab coat and a pair of black converse sneakers.

[b]Personality[/b]: Whenever you see him outside of the office, he's crazy, fun, happy-go-lucky. But when he's in the office, he's a completely different person. Very serious, calm, skeptical, buisness-like.

[b]Weapons[/b]: .45 Colt x2 (holstered behind his back), a .12 gauge double barrel/pump action shot gun(sawed and is slung over his shoulder..doesn't cart it around all the time), ammo is hidden in his lab coat.

[b]Bio[/b]: Lance is a fun loving and highly intelligent guy. He spent his four years in high school inside a computer. Lance is a quick learner and quickly learned how to hack. He lived in a neighborhood full of thugs and learned how to street fight and some martial arts.

After high school he went to a technical college for computer programing and met his girlfriend, Aura, in his sophomore year in college and fell in love with her. He knows he annoys her sometimes and that's why he does it.

After graduating college he got a job at a very prostigous computer company, headed by Toran Jitsuka. Lance decided to keep it a secret from Aura seeing as that she worked for the rivaling company. Within four years in the company, Lance became head of the programing department and Toran Jitsuka's assistant.[/color][/size][/i]

[size=1][b]Edit: Thanks for bringing that weapons check to my attention, Drix.[/size][/b]
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Yaaaaay!!! I was hoping you would try this again!

Let's see if I can remember my guy...

Name: James Shentin

Age: 20 (heh, my bad)

Gender: male

Occupation: protecter

Appearance: 5'9'' green eyes, dirty blonde hair. wears a long-sleeve blue shirt that reads "Ignorance Kills" in deep red, and blue jeens. (jeens or jeans?)

Personality: boyish and hyperactive, though can act very adult when he's concentrating. Easily smitten by a pretty girl. (lol, couldn't resist the last part.)

Weapons: a small, easily handled pistol picked up by the other protecters, and a knife for close-confrontations.

BIO: A natural hacker, he was responsible for several major hacking-crisis and was only caught once, when he was thirteen. When he heard a genious hacker had gotten into Hikuuro Tech. he couldn't resist joining the effort to protect her. He carries a small, but incredibly powerful, laptop every where he goes for hacking emergencies. He constantly askes Aura how she got into Hikuuro's server, but she doesn't seem to know herself... James doesn't believe her. He generaly stays away from danger situations, and sticks to doing hacking for the group. He once tok martail-arts lessons, but nothing major.

Eh... close enough.
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[color=indigo][i][size=1] Looks good, sis...that kills me..Anyway, looks good, one thing though..I asked for the [b]Age:[/b] to be 20's-30's. Bump it up a couple of years and you'll be fine. Thanks for signing up, keep it rolling guys.

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[color=navy][b]Name:[/b] Jessebelle Torado

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Occupation:[/b] Federal Agent

[b]Appearance:[/b] About 5'7", she has medium length straight black hair and black eyes. She has a tanned skin complexion and she wears a long blue trench coat with black combat boots. She has navy colored sunglasses and gold earrings shaped like skulls.

[b]Personality:[/b] She is very determined and has a bad temper problem. Her determination keeps her from getting too angry to where she can't concentrate and makes bad decisions but when she does get too angry, her plans usually fail.

[b]Weapons:[/b] MP5-K with a silencer hidden under trench coat and a small knife hidden in each of her boots.

[b]Bio:[/b] When she was younger she looked up to her father for his work as a Federal Agent. Once she was a teenager she started training in Martial Arts and practiced shooting guns at the local gun range.

When she was 15 her father was killed trying to catch a notorious hacker. She vowed revenge and when she turned 18 she went through the Federal Agent training and tracked down the hacker who killed her father.

Now she is a top Federal Agent and is chasing Aura Jones.

Hope that was ok![/color]
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Sorry for taking so long.

Name: Aura Jones

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Occupation: Computer Programmer/hacker (Can hack into major systems, but perfers not to)

Appearance: Dirty blonde hair with white streaks, Silverish blue eyes, Black trench coat, Red leather tank top (low cut), Long black skirt with two slits that start from mid thigh, Black knee high boots with low heels, Silver chain belt (slants a little), A necklace (black cord that clasps, silver heart 'with a dragon on the front of it' hangs from the cord).

Personality: Aura is the kind of girl that doesn't speak out much. She isn't shy, but she isn't much of social person. At first you'd think that she was the shy and quiet type. At least untill you get to know her. She takes her work seriously, but not to the extream (sp?)

Weapons: Swiss army knife, .38 colt (she keeps this and the army knife in her purse), Bowie knife (she has this hidden in a pocket on the inside of her coat), .48 Magnum (she keeps this in a hidden compartment underneith the drivers seat with boxes of ammo for both the colt and magnum)

Bio: In high school she spent most of her time reading books, using the computer and hanging out with her few friends. She met Lance in her sophomore year of colleage. She loves him, but finds him very annoying at times.

She doesn't know any specific type of fighting, but she does know how to protect her self. She works for the company Genium Tech Ind. She is a compter programmer there and even though she won't admit it she is also one of there best.

She is a skillful hacker and can into almost any system, but she perfers to stay out of trouble so she just does it for fun sometimes.

She is a very calm person and doesn't get angry to often though she can get annoyed somewhat easily.
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[color=crimson][b]Name[/b]: Vormir Zhukov.

[b]Age[/b]: 34.

[b]Gender[/b]: Male.

[b]Occupation[/b]: Protector of Aura.

[b]Appearance[/b]: A large, husky man he is generally unkept looking- light beard, black [also the color of his eyes], messy hair. He is of pure-Russian descent, luckily not acquiring too noticeable of an accent- but you can clearly tell his nationality from looking at him. He is around 6'4 or so and quite muscular. There are several light scars on his body from serving in the First Chechen War.

[b]Personality[/b]: He is a pessimist usually- though, he would never be bitingly pessimistic to any of his friends. Having been through a good deal of bullshit, he is a comedian- humor being bred through laughing at his scars. Secretly, he is consistently cynical from experience, but keeps most of his doubts to himself.

[b]Weapons[/b]: [url=http://www.ak-47.net/ak47/akru/ak101.html]AK-101[/url] with attached sight, [url=http://hem2.passagen.se/dadkri/Pm-84.htm]Pm-84 Glauberyt[/url].

[b]Bio[/b]: Born in the late 60's in Stalingrad, Vormir was taken at the age of 7 from the tyranny of the post-Stalin USSR straight to England, where he grew up normally and studied deeply into military tactics, modern history and dabbled in chemistry. He, however, was the most interested in the military and pursued the path quite throughly, graduating from a military academy in northern Britain.

Graduating about the time the USSR collapsed, he felt a great swell of pride for his homeland, and wanted to give his military skills to Russia. Packing up his things and leaving his saddened parents behind, he relocated to Moscow and joined the military service- the first action he saw was in the first Chechen War.

When the conflict finally ended [only to start back up again a few years later], he saw, still, the corruption in the upper ranks of the Russian military. Wanting no part of it, he resigned and moved to the United States and joined the police force, becoming a SWAT team member in late 2001.

Meeting and befriending Aura, he learned of the information she attained- animosity from the corruption he witnessed in Russia was reopened, and- with illegal weapons in hand- decided to help her in whatever ways he could.[/color]
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[COLOR=royalblue]My sense of adventure is in my pants.

Name: Shraii Chi-Rha

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Occupation: Federal Agent, soon to be a disvowed Federal Agent. Excellent hacker, can also tear apart a computer and put it back together again.

Appearance: see attachment. The "goods" are kept in a place that shall remain nameless.

Weapons: Teflon survival knife, a poisoned comb, to which she has an immunity to, and one Glock, 9mm.

Personality: Calm, cool-eyed, and even emotionally vulnerable. She can be sarcastic, but generally saves that emotion for when she's attacked or insulted. In the face of danger, she will not crack, but rise up to challenge it in a way that most can not understand. She'll either bend with it until it breaks or go give it enough rope until it hangs itself.

Bio: The daughter of a Triad "consort" and an member of the INS, Shraii is very ....diversified...shall we say. Anything else about her is either locked in uncrackable safes or requires a Federal access code. Sorry.[/COLOR]
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[font=trebuchet MS][color=#518CBD][b]Name:[/b] Van Ambrose

[b]Age:[/b] 32

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Occupation:[/b] Federal Agent, currently in charge of the [b]Aura Case[/b]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [img]http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/rl_img/reloaded_20.jpg[/img]

[b]Personality:[/b] Cool and very collected in any situation, Van has been ordered to apprehend this [b]Aura[/b] and bring her to justice. He is very serious and will not tolerate mistakes or screw ups that could jeopardise the mission, he is ruthless and will do whatever it takes to achieve his objectives.

[b]Weapons:[/b] [url=http://products.berettausa.com/images/immagini_maxi/92FS_S_maxi.jpg]Berreta 9m Pistol[/url],

[b]Bio:[/b] [b]Classified without Authorisation[/b][/color][/font]
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[COLOR=green]I couldn't stop laughing after I'd read this thread. First we have a Mr. Lance [B]Anderson[/B], and now we have a Mr. Ambrose who looks like Agent Smith. I can just see a confrontation with the line "Hello, Mr. Anderson". :whoops:

[B]Name[/B]: Jedgar Nieta

[B]Age[/B]: 27

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Occupation[/B]: Federal Agent

[B]Appearance[/B]: [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=535897[/IMG]

[B]Weapon(s)[/B]: [IMG]http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=532349[/IMG]

[B]Personality[/B]: Sort of a follower, Agent Nieta doesn't talk much. He's spent his entire career taking orders from Agent Ambrose, and has learned to follow his lead almost instinctively. Most of the time he's calm and collected, although he tends to lose that composure when in the presence of beautiful women.

[B]Biography[/B]: Both of Jedgar's parents were government employees, and he was an average student throughout his educational career. He joined the federal government right out of college, and at this point no record can be found of his activities since. No job, no tax return, no place of residence. His "paper trail" through the beurocracy simply ends.[/COLOR]
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lol Thanx for pointing that out Boba Fett.lol *sighs* Any way we are doing well in the Fedral Agent department, but we still need Jitsuka's henchmen.

Not to mention that we also so need someone to play the part of Mr. Toran Jitsuka himself. We could also use a couple more protectors for Aura.

Any way just wanted to point that out to you all and thank you all for posting your characters. ;)

~ Charlie Levoy~ :cool:
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[color=indigo][i][size=1]Hahaha! Yes, yes..You noticed Boba, lol. I can see Gavin doing that too. Great sign-ups so far. Like Charlie Levoy says, we need henchmen for and we need Mr. Toran Jitsuka. Thanks everyone for signing up.

[b]Exceptional spot reserved for Metatron. He will be the only person who carries a katana/sword. No others so don't even bother. Make it good, my dear brother.[/b][/color][/size][/i]
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[size=1][color=999999][B]Name:[/B] Terran Sung

[B]Callsign:[/B] Blade

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Occupation:[/B] Assassin, Right Hand woman of Jitsuka

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment

[U][url=http://www.karatedepot.com/catalog/images/items/wp-si-07.jpg]Chrome Sais:[/url][/U] Hidden in sheaths on the insides of her legs, they are sharp and always ready to stab the heart of someone.

[U][URL=http://www.entertheninja.com/ninja_weapons/images/nekote.gif]Neko-Te:[/url][/u] They are connected to her black gloves. They are very useful when carving out a glass opening. As well as that at times they are poisoned and very harmful to certain blood types. Neko-Te's are called "cat's claws" for no reason. They are sharper and more effective. They can also retract back into the gloves.

[U]Silver fighting fans:[/U] The edges are sometimes poisoned, sometimes not. The fans are made of pure silver and cannot be broken or melted. It is also a great way to cut somebody from a far.

[U][URL=http://www.bynoon.com/images/ontario5.jpg]Marine Raider Bowie[/URL]:[/U] It is what it says.

[B]Personality:[/B] Sophistacated, serious, determined, and cool. Terran is also violent, manipulative, and seductive. But she knows of her objectives and stands by her beliefs and morals. She is mysterious and secretive. No one knows of her styles, ways, and mind. She blocks all things from her mind, even pain. In the heat of battle, nothing blocks her sight from her enemy, not even death.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born from the leader of the biggest korean Mafia, Terran was exactly who she was to become, one of the greatest assassins ever. She holds a high rank over others. No one knows the rest of her history, and no one shall know.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=teal][b] OOC:[/b] Um, don?t worry this has all been checked by Annie?

[b] Title:[/b] Mr. Samuel Thompson

[b] Age:[/b] Late 30?s

[b] Gender:[/b] Male

[b] Occupation:[/b] Business man

[b] Appearance:[/b] I?ll reveal it in my posts, makes for cooler entrances etc?

[b] Personality:[/b] A business man all the way Samuel is cool calm and collected at the worst of times and always thinks his situation through before acting.

[b] Weapons:[/b] Glock 20 semiautomatic pistol.

[b] Bio:[/b] Not telling?[/COLOR]
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Name:Michael Lavalace a.k.a Ace
Age: 23
Occupation: Protector of Aura, elite spy

Appearance:6'5 short black hair jet black eyes slight muscular build(body of a basketball player like baron davis)

Personality:serious young man who takes nothing for granted. knows when to have fun and when not to play around. he is protective of his friends and family. he bottles up his feelings and is seemed as not having any.quick to kill but has a sense of knowing who is truly friend or foe. he is usually calm and upright and isnt easy seduced by women. knows government agents are after him and always wears bullet proof vests

Weapons: Uzi Micro [img]http://www.uzi-smg-guns.co.uk/spuz700.gif[/img]
PSG1 sniper rifle[img]http://www.airsoft.org.gg/buttons/tm_psg1.jpg[/img]
twin blades concealed in gloves that retract(like sora's in . hack//sign) multipurpose backpack of chemicals that can also double as a briefcase

Bio:michael was born in the bahamas and was taken i\to the u.s. when 2 years old. he was a genius and was abducted by the government at 3 andwas trained at high level espionage.he was trained and mastered all forms of martial. he is an elied hacker trained to hack into any system. he is one of the top 5 hackers and his skills rival or top most hackers. he is a weapons expert and is well versed in medical training and chemical usage. he finished all of his traning at age 22 and set off on his missions. while in rome he realized that his duties for the government were evil and he left. he did nt realize that he was implanted with a tracking device in his brain until he had a cat scan because he had a major car accident plotted by the government. the chip in his head was too high tech to be removed by normal doctors. the chip tapped into his brainwaves and the only way it could have been removed was by an elite hacker but he couldnt do it himself so he sought the help of aura whom he knew about rom his government intelligence training. she had the know how to hack into the chip and disable. after going to aura and having the procedure done he decided to help aura in whatever she does and he joins her crew. michael uses his all around skills and inside knowledge he gained ferom the government to halp out aura and her dealings. he works in the shadows with the stealth of a ninja but can fight like a man when he needs to. michael's main focus in life is his girl friend Rashanna Thompson who is 22 and is also form the bahamas. he loves her very much and would do anything for her. she is very beautiful and is also a spy but her skills pales in comparison to michael(it would be cool if someone could play the part of rashanna
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OOC: This is my first post so sorry if its a little off and such.

Name: Joey Neff

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Occupation: Jitsuka's Elite Henchmen

Appearence: About 5'8'', short spikey hair that extends to his ears. Wears a black robe reaching to his feet, also he walks around Bear-footed. Medium built body with a scar on his right arm shown from the one half of the robe that is a short-sleeve while the other a long.

Personality: Joey is very helpful to whoever needs it, but always completes his tasks that are handed to him one way or another. Joey does not like to fight unless he must or he is blackmaled to do so, he also does not work for money.

Weapon: His fists and legs (never touched a gun)<---- I hope thats exceptable!

Bio: Joey studies the arts of the legendary Bruse Lee with his old master in New York City. He was just a student who had already left high school with top honor and everything. He wanted nothing more than to become a doctor one day and heal people, but before that he wanted to defend people the best he can before becoming a doctor.

One night he rushed to the studio to tell his master he had been accepted to one of the finest medical school in the U.S. But to Joey's surprise his master had been shot to death by three muscular men in black suits. Shocked and angered, Joey tried to best the three off, but to no avail. A man in shaded approched Joey's body on the ground and asked him if he knows about this girl. With that he showed a picture of a girl that joey had seen once, but out of anger he did not speak. So the man in shades said they will do something bad to her if he refused to help them find her. He agreed to help, but once he found the girl he vowed to get her safe even if it cost his life, for he knew it cost his masters.

It has been a full year since that event...
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[size=1][color=olive][i][b]Name:[/b] Zetsuoushi Gen
[b]Age:[/b] 23
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Weapon: Senninuchi no Tachi:[/b]A katana made solely for the purpose of killing, thus lacking in any decorations. The katana is curved slightly, modeled after the ?Tachi? style blades used during the Sengoku period in Japan. The blade itself is roughly three and a half feet long, the hilt about a foot in length. The Tsuba has a diameter of roughly four inches, with the kanji letter ?Fuurinkazan?, or Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain engraved around it. The name of the blade can be interpreted in two ways depending on how you define ?Sennin?. Sen means ?one thousand? or ?holy?. ?Nin? means man. Therefore, the name of the blade could be read as ?The blade that kills one thousand men?, or ?The blade that kills the Saint?.

[b]Style: Ura Yagyu Shinkageryu:[/b] Yagyu Shinkageryu was the sword style used during the entirety of the Tokugawa dynasty solely for the protection of the Tokugawa family. The ordinary Yagyu Shinkageryu style?s main focus centers on protecting another at the risk of one?s own self. The ?Ura? style was developed for use only under dire circumstances. The ?Ura? style strips the factor of protecting others and concentrates more on the offensive aspect of Kenjutsu. The ?Ura? style is an aggressive form of combat, almost completely different from the original style, but incredibly powerful especially because most of its attacks are altered forms of the original Yagyu style.

[b]Code: Fuurinkazan:[/b] The phrase that was printed on the flags of the warlord Takeda Shingen, the code illustrates how an army, or more specifically a soldier, is to act in combat. A soldier is to move as fast as the wind, be silent as the forest, be ruthless and savage as the fire, and be calm and collected as the mountain.


[b]Fuujin no Kamae: (Wind God?s Stance):[/b] The Wind is to be swift. The fastest attack that can be launched in Kenjustsu is the Iai stance, commonly known as the Battoujutsu stance. In this form, the blade is sheathed in the Saya, the left hand?s thumb pushing the blade out slightly, the right hand positioned loosely in front of the body. From this position, the blade is drawn out on some cue and connected directly to the attack. The blade?s power and speed is significantly higher than an ordinary swing because it runs against the smooth inside of the Saya. That is the common way the Iai stance works. However, in this particular form, the Saya is pushed down, the tip of the sheathed blade pointing directly towards the ground. While most Iai attacks are diagonal or horizontal, an attack launched from the Fuujin stance is always vertical.

[b]Shinkai no Kamae: (The Forest Dweller?s Stance):[/b] A forest is to be silent. Silence in Kenjutsu can be defined as lacking ?Ki?, or the presence of the warrior. The stronger one is, the more adept one becomes in reading the presence of the opponent and responding to it as quickly as possible. So in the battle of the experts, Ki becomes an important factor, something one must be able to read in order to grasp victory. So what happens when one lacks the Ki, or the presence? It becomes infinitely harder to respond to their movements. But in most cases, this cannot happen because when one lacks the Ki, one lacks the will to fight. To reach the plane where one can lack the Ki, but still be able to fight in full is something that has been deemed as an impossibility. However, by resting the blade and loosening the entire body, it can be achieved. The blade is held loosely in the left hand, cast diagonally down to the front of the body, the tip of the blade touching the ground lightly. The body should be straightened but loose in every aspect, and most importantly, the mind should be empty. In this relaxed position, an attack launched from it is virtually undetectable and any attack launched against it is cut down in effectiveness due to its unpredictable nature.

[b]Homura no Kamae: (The Blaze?s Stance):[/b] A fire is to be savage, to be offensive. Most attacks in Kenjutsu require the wielder to swing the blade in some way. But in all cases, there is a slight opening, a slight chance for the opponent to strike before and after the swing. To cover this opening, the attack must be continued relentlessly with the minimum swing possible. For that to happen, the attack is best formed out of a combination of swings, stabs, and body contact. For example, the first strike may be a diagonal slash, then the slash is followed shortly by a stab, which is followed quickly by a horizontal or vertical slash should the opponent dodge the blade. This way, the attack can be performed continuously and with minimum waste of energy and with minimum openings possible. The best possible form to start such an attack is the normal Chuudan stance, where the blade is held in the basic form, both hands gripping the hilt firmly and the tip of the blade pointing at the neck of the opponent. The Homura version of this stance is placed diagonally instead of straight, and the blade is positioned slightly higher, the tip usually pointing at the face of the opponent. From this stance, a swing, a stab, or body contact can be made with equal efficiency.

[b]Sanga no Kamae: (The Mountain Valley?s Stance):[/b] The mountain is to be calm and collected. But at the same time, the mountain is where many wander in and never come out. A mountain is calm, collected, but kills ruthlessly. The stance is close to the way the mountain kills. It never attacks, but once you step within its boundaries, you are within its mercy. The stance is close to the Gedan form in Kenjutsu where the wielder points the tip of the blade diagonally to the ground. Usually, the tip never touches the ground. However, in the Sanga form, the tip of the blade is pressed hard against the ground with the blade facing upwards. By changing the angle and the strength of the hand holding it, the blade could suddenly stab at the lower region of the incoming opponent. The common use of this stance is to wound the opponent?s legs, thus cutting their mobility and simultaneously their balance, which leads to an easier kill by one of the other three stances.


[b]Neppuu: (Scorching Gust):[/b] A combination of the Fuujin and Homura form, Neppuu is a straight Tsuki designed to graze the opponent?s arms or legs and thus reduce their mobility or strength in battle. The attack begins from the Iai form with the sword sheathed in the blade. By twisting the wrist at the exact right moment when drawing the blade, the slashing movement could be changed to a stabbing attack that quickly connects to the Tsuki attack. Though the Tsuki?s power is somewhat reduced when the slashing is switched to the stabbing motion, the speed stays consistent throughout. The combination of the fast Fuujin stance and the savage Homura stance makes this attack an effective opening move.

[b]Jirai Kaze: (Mine Wind):[/b] An anti aerial move combined from the Fuujin and Sanga form. The move is performed from the Sanga form, except the sword is sheathed in the Saya. It is usually performed from a crouching position, the left hand lifting the Tsuba slightly and the right hand gripping the root of the hilt. When the opponent is within range, a vertical Battoujutsu that slices the air above is unleashed, followed shortly by a minor shockwave that buffets the opponent should the attack miss. If the attack misses, it could also be connected to a straight Tsuki, much like the strategy of the Homura stance.

[b]Goenzan: (Flaming Mountain):[/b] An attack which incorporates the forms of the Homura and the Sanga form, Goenzan is an attack that begins from the Sanga form and then quickly connects to the Homura style attack. When drawing the blade up from the Sanga style, the tip of the blade heats rapidly from the intense friction created when the blade runs against the ground. If the following attack lands successfully, it not only wounds the opponent but also leaves them with a severe burn. Should the opponent be skilled enough to block, the mounting friction eventually erupts, coating the blade in a thin shaft of flame.

[b]Shakuen Tou: (Searing Flame Blade):[/b] A form of combat that branches off from the Ura Yagyu Style, Shakuen Tou is only usable after the Goenzan attack when the blade is successfully engulfed in flames. Once the blade is lit, the damage any attack causes nearly doubles, wounding them and burning them simultaneously. Burns are effective especially in the long run since it makes it difficult to withstand the constant searing pain.

[b]Ougi: (Ultimates):[/b]

[b]Ougi sono Ichi: Homura Kamaitachi: (Blazing Wind Demon):[/b] In the ancient days in Japan, the swordsmen were feared so much that they were thought to be demons with a human skin. In such days, there were accounts of the very air becoming a sharpened blade under the hands of such skilled beings. Kamaitachi is the name given to the demon that controls the wind, which could also describe the swordsmen. By a sudden and forceful stroke of the blade, a rush of air is pushed out, leaving a thin space of vacuum behind. The air is pushed forward until it eventually dissipates, followed quickly by the vacuum sharing the same fate as the air before it. This space of vacuum acts as a lengthened blade, capable of slicing through almost anything with ease. Such is the way the feared Kamaitachi attack was done. Once Shakuen Tou is activated, the thin shaft of air trailing just barely behind the vacuum is ignited by the tip of the blade, sending a volley of invisible blade and a fireball in one attack. This is one of the Ougi attacks known in Ura Yagyu Style, Homura Kamaitachi.

[b]Ougi sono Ni: Shinkai no Ri: (The Benefits of the Forest Dweller):[/b] The Shinkai stance in the Ura Yagyu style exists solely for this Ougi alone. From the relaxed position, an unpredictable combination of attacks ranging from normal Nagi (horizontal sweep) to the above mentioned Homura Kamaitachi is unleashed with fearful speed and accuracy, though virtually undetectable due to the complete lack of presence achieved in the Shinkai form. This is not a direct attacking skill but more of a passive self-enhancing skill, though its effects are clearly deadly when combined with the wide variety of attacks found in the Ura Yagyu Style.

[b]Zetsuougi: Fuurinkazan: (Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain):[/b] The ultimate attack in the entire array of attacks found in the teachings of the Ura Yagyu Style. ?Zetsu? means to ?end?. ?Ou? means ?deepest?. ?Gi? means ?attack? or ?skill?. Zetsuougi, therefore, means ?The Finishing skill found in the deepest teachings (of the Ura Yagyu Style)?. Fuurinkazan is the code, and not surprisingly is the name given to the Final attack. As the name suggests, the attack incorporates the positive aspects of all the stances used, effectively covering each other?s weaknesses. The attack is performed from the blade sheathed, but instead of being drawn from the waist, the sheathed blade is placed in front of the body with the blade side facing towards oneself, the tip of the sheath held hard against the ground. How the attack is carried out from there on is known only to those who have attained the highest teachings of the Ura Yagyu Style.

[b]Personality:[/b] Generally very quiet and prefers not to be associated with any gathering of people. A lone wolf in his own standards, his mind works sometimes with the general thought of the populace, sometimes against the popular opinion. He never falters, whatever the others think of his views, and does not take kindly to any insult upon his beliefs. Despite his somewhat unique attitude, he is usually very well kept with simple and quiet demeanor. But when one engages him on the arena, he is a changed being, possessed by the wrath of the inner demon that exists within every human creature. Blood, screams of pain, flesh torn asunder, bones hewn apart? all seem to arouse the demon within him, strengthening him with every passing moment. Despite the blood lust that seems to overcome him at these times, his mind stays calm and deadly, never to falter nor fail. The change from his ordinary persona to the one during battle is so drastic that some attribute it to a split personality.


[b]Bio:[/b] The Tokugawa family, after three hundred years of exclusive rule in Japan, fell from power with the coming of the Meiji Era though their descendants still exist in the mountainous islands of Japan. The style used to protect them, the Yagyu Shinkageryu, also survived but just barely, attracting followers here and there but never to rival its former glory and strength. The ?Ura? style also remained, hidden in the minds of the best Yagyu Swordsmen of each generation, passed on secretly and quietly to a select few chosen by a council of elders. A peaceful era was achieved; swords were no longer needed. The peace softened and dulled the minds of the populace, eventually stripping them of their former skills in combat they possessed. If one sought protection, one no longer needed to undergo the rigorous daily training of any form of martial arts. Why not just buy a gun? But the ?Ura? style survived. One must wonder why it survived in such peaceful times. Perhaps it survived because the era was too peaceful, the former glory of the warriors were swept away under the soulless inventions. Perhaps it survived because the heirs of the ?Ura? Style wanted to preserve the final form of blade combat that could even match such inventions. Perhaps. Whatever the minds of each generation thought, the ?Ura? style was patiently passed on under the surface of the weakening Kenjutsu world, eventually resting on the young prodigy in the path of blades, Gen.

For one thing, Gen was born in a family that absolutely hated the modern ways. A Japanese version of Amish if you will. His family lived a simple life, self sufficient as a farmer and only buying the bare necessities. A step into his childhood home seemed to bring one back a few centuries back into time, the chickens clucking across the front yard, the ripe fruit trees blooming in the orchard, the cattle lazily grazing on the nearby pasture? His ancestors were wealthy landowners and though the Meiji government stripped most of their family lands, there was enough left to feed each generation of the family. The hatred against modernization was deep rooted within the family, as each of the children were subject to the fervent ranting and lecturing of how the government stole their lands ? a product of modernization. Such conditions led to Gen?s hatred of the modern times and of modern technology, planting the seeds subconsciously into his still young mind. What intrigued Gen?s young mind was the story of the Samurai, the warriors and protectors of ages past. A growing desire to learn the art of their ways constantly nagged at him, eventually causing him to abandon his family and leave for the Tokyo metropolis.

The whirlwind of modern ways in Tokyo dazzled him, but he never felt truly at peace - courtesy of the subconscious mind his parents molded. Just barely scraping through life, Gen entered a nearby dojo that was accepting any and all age groups, which just happened to be the Yagyu Shinkageryu Style Dojo. After a few years in training, Gen had completely mastered the Style, a delightful surprise to the masters who were in search for a new pupil to reach into the deeper teachings of the Yagyu Style, specifically the ?Ura? Style. A quiet pact was offered to Gen to inherit the darker path, and Gen readily accepted. A few more odd years passed, and when Gen left the gates of the Dojo, he had within him the entire knowledge of what the Yagyu Style had to offer. On his shoulder was the ?Senninuchi no Tachi? blade, a gift from his former masters. And there, he disappeared. His Amish relatives never saw him again, nor did the masters or colleagues of his dojo. An elegant act of disappearance. A year later, he reentered society in a completely different level and location, now Jitsuuka?s bodyguard. The specifics of how he was recruited into the system are a mystery. What goaded a him into settling for a bodyguard is something that only he himself knows in the deeper sanctums of his mind.
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[color=indigo][i][size=1]Okay everyone, I will start the story tonight. I will PM you all on when it's time to post. I expect [b]everyone[/b] who signed up to post regularly. If you do not wish to continue in the RPG, PM me or Charlie Levoy on your withdrawl. Sign-ups are now closed.

Thank you,
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I dont know the PM system on the otaku that much, so my IM is AndroidHeven if it does not work here. Or go to my site on the otaku to get my e-mail (i check it regularly, like 7 times a day) :) But i usually check the forums the same amout of times, this is just in case.

~Can't wait until we start
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((With Annie's permission. *bows many times over* Thank you for letting me post this.))

[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Ashika Knyght (pronounced ?night?)

[b]Age:[/b] About 24.

[b]Gender:[/b] Nothin? but a lady. Heh.

[b]Occupation:[/b] Ex-CIA Black-Ops, now hired by Jitsuka.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://www.actressarchives.com/display.php?g=kellyhu&img=kellyhu100.jpg] Ashika. [/url] Though usually her choice color is black, her wardrobe usually resembles something like the one in the picture, a longer coat in favor of a short one.

[b]Personality:[/b] Ashi?s personality is more like a comparison of midnight and day, equipped with its own personal light switch. Under normal circumstances, she?s a pretty laid back gal. She enjoys the simple pleasures of life when she can, and her humor, though sometimes a bit acidic, is accompanied by her ?smart-ass? smile. Although she plays it cool, something still remains hidden all the time. She never really lets go, the smile and good-nature almost like a carefully mastered act. But when the switch flips, the curtain falls, and the lights go out. On the job she becomes the job, emotion and second thoughts irrelevant and useless traits. No questions asked, no compromise, just the job. Questions always lead to problems. Questions lead to failure. She?s almost a non-entity when the shining sun goes down, cold and calculated, almost inhuman. Sometimes it lingers for a bit after her objective is complete, and the time span seems to slowly be getting longer. The light may be fading, along with her humanity. No questions, right?

[b]Weapons:[/b] [url=http://www.hk-usa.com/pages/military-le/handguns/mk23.html]One H&K .45 caliber ACP tactical pistol, [/url] she keeps on her at all times, usually holstered at her hip under a jacket. [url=http://world.guns.ru/assault/as17-e.htm]One Colt M4, with a full kit,[/url] that she can hide under a large jacket, if necessary (though it a bit hard to do), though she usually keeps it unconcealed, over her shoulder in front, side, or on her back. [url=http://www.galatiinternational.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=GIO&Product_Code=KB1245&Category_Code=KabarFixedBlades]One Kabar black 8? blade Tanto[/url] sheathed wherever she can place it on her body, usually on one of her thighs. And lastly, she has a [url=http://www.usmcweapons.com/articles/OICW/OICWPosted.jpg]OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon).[/url] This weapon she doesn?t haul around with her on normal circumstances unless she is going into a mission or situation where she feels it would be beneficial to have. Of course, she also is trained in multiple martial arts, which she also enjoys practicing for personal enjoyment.

[b]Bio:[/b] Ashika was born in Japan, though she was brought over the States when she was about six. She has always loved Japan, but rarely gets to visit, hardly ever on her own free time. Her father was Japanese, and her mother a mulatto, both living in Japan when they met.

Their reason for moving was her father?s placement with the American government, who had been trying to get a hold of him for quite some time for the development of a computer program to be used in national security as well as a weapon?s program. He was killed in a supposed accident when Ashi was almost eleven. Her mother tried to raise her on her own, continuing in her home study of education as well as martial arts.

Soon, Uncle Sam came knocking on their door, asking to test the young girl to see if she had her father?s potential. Her mother refused at first, but it was ?found? that she had debts that hadn?t been paid, and was suspected of criminal actions? Her mother was said to have fled the country, but she was never heard from again. Ashika was given into the care of the United States Government at the age of eleven.

The government found that the young girl, while being exceptionally intelligent and perceptive, did not have her father?s genius. She was better than average with hacking and computer systems, but it was far from her expertise. She did, however have amazing intelligence, physicality, and skills; the perfect makings of an elite soldier. At the age of twelve. She was put into training at thirteen, moving quickly to the top of the Black Ops teams by sixteen, her names officially put in the books at eighteen.

She somehow got out when she was twenty-one for unknown reasons and went rouge. For even stranger reasons, the government only tried to go after her once by sending in her old team. They didn?t try again. Still, even she found it odd that she was allowed to run free, until she met Mr. Toran Jitsuka.

After hearing the objective and the more than generous pay, she took the job, no questions asked, as usual. However, this time that ?rule number one? is beginning to waver the deeper she gets. Whoever this Aura is and whatever she found, Ashika?s curiosity is beginning to peak for the first time in more than ten years?[/size]
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