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Finally, the long awaited sequel to [b]The Legend of Otaku Hollow[/b] is here. Taking place a few years after the events of the first of the saga, [b]The Café At The Edge Of The World[/b] is about James and the others finding a way to bring Solo Tremaine and the other banned members back. Once more, Kane, myself, Shy, and even Alan the n00b Hunter accompany James, but some new characters will show themselves and prove to be just as good.

But uhh... without anymore delaying... here's chapter one.


[center][size=5]Chapter One: OMG tEh cureNess![/size][/center]

[size=2]It?s been several years since the events of the Postless Banner took place. Things have calmed, everything has mostly gone back to normal, and aside from the banned members, almost everyone is running around willy nilly as usual. Shy had James and a few other able-bodied members build him a special hut atop a small hill in one of Otaku Hollow?s parks. As for Dragon Warrior, he changed his forum name to ?OBEY ME OR GET MAGIC OUCHIES? and ruled with an iron gloved hand.

Yes, everything seemed to be just fine. It?s a wonder why no one even mentioned Solo Tremaine? aside from Vicky.

?Kane!? she shouted from the top of the stairs to his lab. ?What the bloody ?ell are you doing all day down there??

Kane dropped a glass capsule and released poisonous fumes into the air. He cursed himself and stared sweetly up the stairs. ?Trying to solve world hunger.?

?Well, before you do that, solve the hunger in this house! Make my pups some supper!? Vicky then slammed the door causing a few other bottles to smash across the floor of his lab. Kane grimaced at the spot where Vicky stood moments ago and rubbed his sweaty forehead with a tentacle. A tentacle?!

?Oh my,? he said in a worrisome tone. ?That can?t be good.?

You see, after the departure of Solo Tremaine, Vicky and her two pups, Annie and Methuselah, were left with nowhere to go. Dr. Kane, being the kind and understanding man he is, took them in. He soon found out it was the biggest mistake of his life.

?KANE!? Vicky shouted as the door swung open again. ?Make some food, damnit! And there better not be Batwing Bladder-Bussles in mine!? Kane drank down a potion and was relieved when his tentacle began disappearing.

?Coming, Ms. Vicky. Coming.? He began to come upstairs before his feet became potatoes. ?Goodness,? he said, astonished.

Vicky?s eyes lit up. ?Ah, good. Taters. We?ll have those!? she said, grabbing at them. Kane screamed as she took a bite.

Not far away, James was sitting happily at his own dinner table with the company of Dragon Warrior, who was visiting for a while. The sexy black mage left his black mage womenses in charge of OBEY ME OR GET MAGIC OUCHIES while he was gone. He didn?t seem worried about the decision.

?So,? James said, breaking an uncomfortable silence, ?how?re the boards??

?Quiet, watching,? DW said with a mouthful of turkey. He pointed to the TV where the latest cartoon show was on?

The announcer buzzed in with excitement and said, ?Hey, kids! Your favorite Saturday morning TV show is now on weekdays? like right now!?

Dragon Warrior let out a shriek of excitement. James almost choked on a bone.

?That?s right. I?m talking about Action Munkie!?

Dragon Warrior screamed. James stabbed himself in the eye with his fork.

?And now, here?s PiroMunkie?s latest adventure?? The TV then showed PiroMunkie, the star of this famed show ACTION MUNKIE, high atop a tower where his arch nemesis Teh n00b Terd stood laughing.

?PiroMunkie, you suxorz,? the villain chuckled unsexily. PiroMunkie flashed the screen a sharp smile, and then glared at his foe.

?No, Teh n00b Terd, you do.?

?What?? the evil n00b gasped. ?This can?t be! It?s not possible!? He immediately burst into flames and hot women appeared at PiroMunkie?s sides.

?Does anyone else smell burning poop?? Piro said with a chuckle. Then everyone joined in for a hearty laugh.

Dragon Warrior happened to be glued to the screen as James walked back into the room after bandaging his eye. ?You know, you shouldn?t watch that rubbish,? he warned. ?It?s garbage.?

?Shhh!? DW hushed. ?The best part is coming.?

Suddenly, a sexy black wizard appeared on the screen and said, ?GER-FLANKS, PiroMunkie. You saved the day again.? That?s when the announcer?s voice rose up again. ?Little does PiroMunkie know, Captain Black Wizard is plotting against him. When will this sexy foe/ally unleash his dark scheme? Find out later on. Ok bye!?

Dragon Warrior shut up off the TV and sat satisfied in his chair. ?Yep, I?m gonna be a sexy black wizard one day. No more black mageness. It?s the wizard standard for me.? James shook his head and lifted his fork to his mouth. ?WHAT?S THAT?!? Dragon Warrior shouted, startling James and causing him to stab his ear.

The door to James? home opened and the administrator stood on the threshold in bandages. He stared down at the member Jokopoko, who had recently began apprenticing under the wise Master Shy. ?Yes, Jokopoko?? James sighed.

?OMG!? the member shouted, scaring James into stabbing his right arm with a nail sticking out of the door. Jokopoko ignored James? whines of pain and continued, ?Have you watched the latest Star Trek episodes? That guy with the thing was there and it was so cool with the gadgets and the OGMGIWEJWEJjfkeie and so he ate it.?

James stared blankly at the member as blood trickled down his arm. ?I didn?t understand what you just said.?

?Oh yeah,? Jokopoko added, ?you must visit Master Shy immediately. It?s about Solo!? James? eyes twinkled, which kind of scared Jokopoko into thinking he was hitting on him. ?I?m gonna go now. Lightspeed!? He ran as fast as he could to get away from James? scarring gaze. The administrator rushed back in the house and went to the kitchen. When he found no sign of DW, he shouted his name through the household.

Dragon Warrior poked his head out of the bathroom, a soap-on-a-rope in hand. ?Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??

?Shy has news about Solo,? James said, appearing at the doorway. He gazed at Dragon Warrior. ?Why are you wearing a towel over your clothes??

?And why do you wear a big, funny yellow hat?? Dragon Warrior countered.

?That?s you.?

?Touché, Mr. Admin.?

?Look, we must get to Shy?s house immediately. Unless you don?t want to come.?

?Well, uhh?? A giggle was heard from within the bathroom and a feminine hand was placed on DW?s shoulder. He slapped it away and grinned innocently. ?I really must be showering.?

James looked suspiciously at his black mage friend, but paid no mind. ?I?ll be back soon.?

?Right-o!? The mage then closed the door and loud music began playing. James slipped out of the house as fast as he could.

?Oh, don?t do that, Annie! Methuselah, that?s not a drumstick! Honestly, you two, do you have to eat my linen curtains?!? There was a loud knock on Kane?s door, who was relieved to be free of his work if only for a second. He opened the large door that was egged earlier and was very pleased to see James standing in the threshold. ?James! Neptune?s naval, am I glad to see you!? James looked questionably at the door.

?Who did that??

?Take a wild guess,? Kane mumbled. He offered James to come in, but the admin denied.

?We?re in a hurry,? he said. ?Shy has news on Solo.? Suddenly, Vicky was at the door, smacking Kane with a spatula.

?Hear that, you idiot scientist? My Solo is alright! You go and see what Shy wants NOW!? She then sweetly waltzed back to her pups.

Kane turned back to James with bloodshot eyes. ?I don?t know how much longer I can take this. I think I?ll do Solo a favor and not bring him back.? He looked at Vicky again. ?For his sake.?

James smirked, but pulled Kane out through the door just as a pot flew by where his head was previously.

Jokopoko was sitting on Shy?s porch ready to greet the visitors. ?OMG, JAMES AND KANE!? The silly member jumped to his feet, but ended up falling down and giving himself a booboo on his elbow. Nevertheless, he politely, and Star-Trekily showed them in. Shy sat smoking the finest hobbit weed in the Shire. He perked at the site of James and Dr. Kane.

?Come, sit.? James and Kane obeyed. Jokopoko walked into the room while placing a band-aid on his wound.

?Activate cloaking device,? he said as the bandage went over the scrape.

?Oh, shut the hell up,? Shy said. He then threw a book at Joko and knocked him out. Shy turned to his visitors and smiled innocently. ?Funny how the book?s name is ?How to Dodge a Flying Book.?? There appeared to be some attempt at a joke in his words, but nobody laughed. Shy had to smack James and Kane to get them to fake chuckle, but most of it was sobs from the ouchies he inflicted.

?What do you want?? James choked back a tear.

?I have figured out how to get Solo and the others back.?

?Yippee skippy,? Kane clapped his hands happily.

?Shut up, you ass.? Kane was silent. ?It appears at the edge of the world there is a café.?

?Yes,? James agreed. ?The Otaku Café. It?s been around for many versions of OtakuBoards.?

Shy nodded. ?I know. But there is a character there, an old Otakulite who has retired to this café at the edge of the world and has been there for many ages. He has acquired many skills through his years and one of them is to unban members.?

?Who is this fellow?? James questioned.

?He goes by the name of Desert Shadow, a being from back in Version one or two. I?m not sure. The image is unclear in my mind.?

?How did you know of this??

?I get ?Psychic NOW Weekly.? Best damn magazine for a psychic like myself.?

?How much for twelve issues?? Kane asked curiously.

?Only $19.95. And if you act now, you get a free hypnotizing gadget. It?s fun in a crystal ball!?

?Okay, stop advertising,? James scolded. ?You can do it in your sig and on your own time. How do we get to this Otaku Café? I?m not very fluent with the web outside my own hosting.?

Shy rubbed his chin and nodded. ?Yes, well, I?m not very keen on getting through the uncharted spam sites of our fair web server myself, so I took the liberty of hiring an expert.? There was a knock at the door and everyone turned. Shy called for them to enter. The door suddenly swung open and revealed ?the expert.?

?Haha! I so got you guys!? Jokopoko laughed. ?Hey, I finally got Star Trek on DvD!? A book suddenly implanted itself in Joko?s face. When he fell, another being emerged from the behind. They stepped into the room and stared warily at the three men seated.

Kane seemed to be the only one not aware of who this was. James gasped. He quickly turned his head at the old master and grimaced. ?You didn?t.?

?I did.?

?You did?? Kane squeaked.

?I did,? Shy replied.

?Why did you?? James questioned.

?I just did,? Shy said.

?Did you have to?? James asked.

?Perhaps I did.?

?Okay, who the hell is that?? Kane said in frustration.

James turned back to the cloaked figure. A ruffle emerged from under the garments. James was positive he knew who it was. ?That is Queen Asuka, the last remaining member of Adam?s Angels.? Kane shrieked like a girl.

?I thought they all died in the battle against those peopleses in that one thingy,? Kane frowned.

?It appears they all didn?t,? Shy said. Everyone jumped at his voice. Only Asuka remained perfectly still. ?You may sit if you like, Queen Asuka.? She chose not to, but she did remove her cloak to reveal her large ruffled dress that flowed to the floor in pink madness.

?Really, Shy,? James complained, ?Do we really need to hire her??

?She?s in the room, James,? Kane whined.

?I think it?s appropriate,? Shy nodded.

?But she?s evil!? James continued.

?Uh, hello, James!? Kane shouted. ?She?s a trained assassin. We don?t diss on trained assassins!?

?I?m aware she?s evil,? Shy ignored Kane, ?but she knows the web like Desbreko knows nad-kicking. I paid her handsomely, so a problem shouldn?t be occurring.?

?She can just take the money and kill us all,? James said. ?My ModRod is rendered useless too far out into the web.?

?Not good to upset her, you guys,? Kane continued to whine. ?I prefer living.?

?Then we won?t use ModRods,? Shy simplified. ?We?ll get new gear. Go home and prepare for the journey. Gather anyone who wishes to accompany us. We leave tomorrow.? He looked at Queen Asuka who stood in all her glory. She may have been a killer, but she appeared as gentle as a? well... you know? yeah. ?You may go prepare your luggage, Asuka.?

?It?s been done, Master Shy,? she said. It was the first time she had spoken. Kane?s heart went aflutter.

?My heart be still,? he said, clutching his chest.

?Looks like Kane?s in love,? Shy teased with James. But it was actually true. Kane?s heart stopped beating and he was rushed to the hospital. But when he was cured, he shouted, ?I?M IN LOVE!? down the corridors. Stupid Kane and his? his love thingy.[/size]
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James? eyes twinkled, which kind of scared Jokopoko into thinking he was hitting on him.

?He goes by the name of Desert Shadow, a being from back in Version one or two. I?m not sure. The image is unclear in my mind.?

?How did you know of this??

?I get ?Psychic NOW Weekly.? Best damn magazine for a psychic like myself.?

[color=green]You're better than cable, DW.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][B]Damn, I should've read the first one...[/B]

?I get ?Psychic NOW Weekly.? Best damn magazine for a psychic like myself.?

[B]lol, just one of the many funny parts I could paste out and stick into my post, but hell I won't. Really funny stuff, of course I'm actually going to read this one after missing out on the first (and yes, I am too lazy to go and read it, but oh well). Great stuff anyways, look forward to the next chapter ^_^[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=indigo][size=1]Ah haha! All linens and things beware *growls all puppy-like*

Very good DW. Very good start. I'm excited to see the future chapters. Unfortunately, I do not get the "Psychic NOW Weekly"..I ate them. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go use the restroom.

*scurries off to mess on Kane's bedspread*[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]*GASP* Sequel-ness! Yay!! ^__^

Siwwy Jokopoko and his Star Trek obsession. I'm surprised he hasn't discovered a trick to teleport away from Shy's book throwing. Meh. He'll figure it out eventually (I hope, for the sake of his Star Trek-filled brain).

And I'm not in this one either, now am I? Lol. ^_~

[Woo! My first official post of 2005!][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Well I see that Dr Kane has returned to his old perspicacious form, although this attraction to a deadly assassin may complicate matters. I have to admit that living with Vicky and a pair of adorable and yet unruly pups would be enough for me to try and murder them using a fatal dose of Batwing Bladder-Bussles. Still this should be just as rib tickling and brain teasing as the first one was, and if we're really luck even more so.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]*is now officialy scared of Kane*


Yay! I'm still in the story! Making mischief with Annie and terrorizing poor Dr. Kane, how wonderful. I was actually annoyed when the chapter finished, which is a good sign, now I really can't wait to read the second and I'm sure I won't be dissapointed.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[center][size=5]Chapter 2: On the Road Again[/size][/center]

[size=2]James silently packed his bags before stepping out his mansion?s door, an eerie cloud of thoughts swarming about his brain like a storm. Like? some kind of? brainstorm? thing. Yeah? anyways, after pondering this ?brainstorm,? he approached the old church in the center of town where all the other companions were settled. Upon arriving he saw such members as Dr. Kane, Syk3 (who is dead sexy now), Vicky (who insisted on coming), ThatOneOddDude, Queen Asuka, and Dragon Warrior (who is also dead sexy, naturally). James waddled over to Dr. Kane and threw down his pack.

?Time?s wasting,? the administrator informed as he peered towards the cloudy skies. ?And I?m not sure how long the storm in my brain will allow me to be sane.?

?You mean a brainstorm?? Kane said with a look.

?So they are called brainstorms!?

Kane shook his head and ate a toad muffin. ?I swear, James. We always seem to go on adventures.?

?What are you talking about?? James looked queerly. ?This is only our second quest out of the town.?

?Uhhh?? That?s when Shy appeared as if on cue, saving Kane from an uncomfortable situation.

?Hey, primitives,? Shy said as he slumped over to James. ?We all here that are going?? Everyone nodded, aside from Dragon Warrior who did a sexy stunt (it?s so sexy that I can?t even mention it here without rating this story triple X). Shy inspected the group before nodding for approval. ?Then let?s go.? They began to set off before a shotgun was heard. Everyone turned to see none other than?

?Officer Spock?!? squealed Jokopoko. An unnecessary amount of books pummeled him to the ground.

Alan the n00b hunter stepped forward in all his drunken glory. He held a shotgun in his right hand and a vodka bottle in the other right hand. He doesn?t have a left hand. Hmmm?

?Hey, bitches,? he said in an intoxicated manner.

?Now, Alan, you?re clearly drunker than shiz,? ThatOneOddDude reasoned with the n00b hunter. ?Put down the shotgun and no one will-? That was the last they ever heard of ThatOneOddDude. He was given a comfy government job in California, USA and he never bothered to phone anyone. Silly him. And you thought Alan shot him.

Alan spun around towards the others and glared. ?You other bembers??

?Members,? Kane corrected.

?You other bembers are nothin? without a highly skilled n00b hunter like myself. I are awesome.? He took a couple of large swigs of Vodka that could make even the sexiest of Dragon Warriors wince. In fact, Dragon Warrior did wince. It was a very sexy wince, indeed. James approached Alan and put a hand on the drunkard.

?Alan, I know you lost your sexy job here in Otaku Hollow, but that doesn?t mean you should waste your life away by being wasted all the time.?

?Yeah, you can always get stoned instead,? a random member said from the crowd. He was beaten unmercifully with a walnut.

?Alan,? James continued to sooth, ?why not come with us so you can prove you?re still a fine n00b hunter.?

?Cool!? Alan shouted, but he unfortunately fired his shotgun and killed a passing pedestrian.

?Maybe you should put the gun down,? James suggested.


Everyone was set and even a few other members like Sol-Blade and Reise appeared to join the quest. Reasons were unknown of what they may support on the journey, but the more members, the more comical deaths. Why not?

Alan had to make a quick and drunken stop before they left.

The n00b hunter approached an old man in a rocking chair who just sat there in the middle of the street with a dumb look on his mug. ?Dad, you?ve always been sorta like a father to me,? Alan began, ?so I was wondering what I should do with my life.?

?Sell coasters,? said the old man.

?I see,? Alan said, pondering the thought. ?Perhaps I will.?

?Maybe so.?



?For the best.?





?Very good.?

?Good day.?

?Goodbye for now.?





And so, on they traveled through exotic forests, erotic tourists, and many mentally harming events involving rather deranged turkey acorns. But we?ll get to that later. The main problem was when the group got just away from the actual boundaries of the OtakuBoards, which was just past the ?Who?s Online? domain. As each member passed, numerous names depleted from the lists. They had officially left OB.

?My name is gone,? DW said sexily. Members who were watching the group leave took note of Dragon Warrior?s words. Perhaps he?ll autograph it when he returns.

Anyways, back to the bad stuff. They had just passed ?Who?s Online? and were out in the wild HTML forests when they heard a large and unsexy sound.

?What are that?? Alan said, still a little tipsy from guzzling a wine bottle only moments ago.

James hushed the group and peered around. He had his ModRod at ready in case danger reared its head? or worse, it reared its REAR! Or maybe it would headed its rear. Hmm? ponder that one in your noodle for a while.

Suddenly a Spam Giant emerged from within the HTML tags. ?C is for cookie, which is good enough for me!?

?Hahahaha!? laughed Jokopoko. ?He ripped off Cookie Monster?s song! But his version of cookie is the HTML cookies. OMG, that?s so creative!? A book the size of a car crushed him mere seconds later.

?This foe looks dangerous,? Kane stated as he prepared himself for wild combat.

Dragon Warrior stepped forward, sexiness clearly surrounding him in all aspects. ?I can destroy this enemy with a mere flick of my eroticness. He?s nothing.? A large club of spam whooshed past sending DW high into the sky at an alarming speed. Only a mere blur of sexiness could be seen streaking through the clouds.

James wanted to cry. ?Shit.?

?Me angry now,? groaned the Spam Giant who insisted on being fed HTML cookies. He lifted his club up again ready to strike down and crush unsuspecting members when Sol-Blade walked onto the scene.

?What?s going on?? he asked cheerfully before the club came rushing down on his head.

Queen Asuka stepped forward from the crowd, ruffled dress flowing in the dramatically done breeze. The Spam Giant cried. ?Hahahahahaha!? Whoops. I meant he laughed. ?You puny Otakulites can?t stop an uber sexah beast LIK3 M3!? Asuka shuddered as the horrible beast rubbed its nipple.

?He makes Syk3 look good,? James whimpered.

?Hey, I?m hott now,? Syk3 scolded.

?Quiet, you guys!? Kane jumped in. ?Queen Asuka?s about to kick-?

?Hey, she killed the Spam Giant,? said a random person. Everyone turned. It was true. The large creature lay dead and materializing into 0?s and 1?s before their eyes. Asuka stood proudly, once again her dress flowing dramatically.

?That was a terrible battle scene,? Jokopoko remarked before being launched into a bookcase.

?Wow, she?s hott,? Kane admired Asuka from afar. It wasn?t long before all the traveling members were deep in conversation over the event. James had to silence everyone with his ModRod. He then gave them band-aids for their booboos. Even Shy had a little cry.

?Order, everyone,? James spoke over the crowd. ?We mustn?t let these disasters get to us.?

?DW died,? said an unknown voice from the group.

?Indeed,? James said. ?As I was saying, these things can?t get in our way. As sexy as Dragon Warrior was, he obviously was too sexy for this world and was deleted. Perhaps he?ll return when Solo and the others do, but for now we must push on.? They all set off again in a nice line that wasn?t so nice.

?This chapter?s sucking so far,? Sol-Blade whispered to Jokopoko. Sol-Blade was immediately destroyed by the narrator without contestation. They continued through the forests that never seemed to end, numerous ads appearing at their faces and telling them to shoot the burglar and win a prize. Naturally Jokopoko couldn?t help but oblige the offers.

?I hit the watermelon!? he squealed with excitement. ?I can?t wait to tell Spock!? I can?t even begin to count how many books hit him that time.

?Look, everyone!? Syk3 said, pointing. Everyone looked around, under rocks, in trees, even in an old lady?s underwear drawer (ewww), but they were unclear of what they were searching for. ?No, you idiots,? Syk3 scolded. ?LOOK!? They continued to search various underwear drawers and hampers. ?Look where my finger is pointing!?

?Ohhhhhh,? everyone said in unison. It appeared that they had arrived at the end of the forest and a large open plain of silly grass was present. ?Silly grass,? squeaked an opossum before it disappeared inside a piece of a mandarin orange and flew away to Jupiter. James almost fainted.

?I know this place,? the admin shuddered. ?It?s called The Plains of Random Dumpings.?

?Excellent,? Kane mused, ?I needed to crap.?

?Not that kind of dump!? James shouted. ?This is where all the crappy HTML and websites go when they?re done. Usually it?s the random stuff that?s made, like various obscene animations such as the recent Christmas special ?Syk3 the Corroded Reindeer.? They go here when people don?t want them anymore.?

Queen Asuka dug through some of the recycled banners from sigs and found a porn site link. Syk3 appeared at her side. ?You shouldn?t be looking at that kind of stuff.? He made eye contact with the banner and took it from her hands. ?I?ll just take that.? When she left, he secretly stashed the banner in his jacket for later use. ?Heh heh heh? score-age, baby.?

They traversed through the plains further before things began to become more bizarre. James turned to talk to Kane, but noted he was nowhere to be found. In fact, none of the members were. They all seemed to have disappeared. ?Meh?? He stumbled across a magic lamp just then. Thinking it must be fate, he rubbed it, but to no prevail. After reading a simple hand guide to rubbing lamps the right way, he did a specific erotic stunt that made the lamp shudder with excitement. ?What in the name of Pornography is going on?? Suddenly, a gay-looking Genie named Shinmaru appeared.

?You have freed me,? spoke Shinmaru, ?and now I?ll kill you dead. GAWFAWWWWW!?

?Oh, for the love of hushpuppies,? James swore.

Do comment ;^D

And here's a look at the other story I'm currently doing.

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[SIZE=1][B]Nice chapter! I'm not going to quote things, because most of them were good, anyways. Hehe, the members being shot down by Alan was fun, and of course Asuka kicking the monster's ass was great, too. As per usual, funny stuff DW, just plain funny (and beyond plain, too, passing over into the realms of weird and whatnot). XD Alan doesn't have a left hand, but has two rights?

Brilliant, pure genius. Your new story thing looks good, also. The style the characters are done in makes it look funny, which is why most of your advertisement things get everyone excited, lol.[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=indigo][size=1]Very sexy chapter, DW. Couldn't expect less from thee. [/color][/size]

[i]DW died,? said an unknown voice from the group.

?Indeed,? James said. ?As I was saying..."[/i]

[color=indigo][size=1]XD The best![/color][/size]
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[quote name='vicky][SIZE=1][B]XD Alan doesn't have a left hand, but has two rights? [/SIZE'][/B][/quote]
[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]Yeah. Fo rizzle. You see, I was having trouble shooting stuff with my left hand, so I took Baron's right. It works better than you'd expect too, except when... 'busy'.


With things that require a left hand, of course, piano for example.

Nice chapter DW. :)[/FONT][/SIZE]
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XD that was awesome! Id quote the funny parts but that would be the entire thing. My favorite part (other than the one where I moved to California) was when Alan goes to his dad and goes, "dad, youve always been like a father to me, an d Ive een wondering what I should do with my life."

"sell coasters."

"mabe so"



"for the best"





'very good"


"goodbye for now"




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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]The part where you tricked us into thinking ThatOneOddDude got shot was hilarious. XD And the spam giant was funny, too. But nothing was funnier than Kane's comment at The Plains of Random Dumpings.[/color][/size]

[quote name='The Guys in those 'Guinness Draft' Commercials']"Brilliant!" "Brilliant!"[/quote]
[size=1][color=blue]Need I say more? =D[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Ah crap. Where have I been for for a week and NOT noticed that The Cafe At the Edge of the World was up?
Err...getting drunk off sparkling cranberry juice? ><
Great story like always, DW. Jokopoko getting whapped by books is great. Tops off the violence meter for the day. And thus, my favorite quote so far is...

[b]I know this place,? the admin shuddered. ?It?s called The Plains of Random Dumpings.?
?Excellent,? Kane mused, ?I needed to crap.?[/b]

*goes off to her deranged world before getting smacked upside the head by a funny yellow hat and scolded to go print out her English homework*[/color][/size]
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That PiroMunkie is as sexy as Queen Asuka is evil. So why DOES Queen Asuka have to be evil, anyway? I mean, sure, it gives her that EDGE she never had, especially when it was pointed out that she was the last surviving member of Adam's Angels, but EVIL?! Ah well.

I enjoyed the story thus far. ^_^[/color][/size]
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Yeah... you're not entirely evil, but you're one of those badass characters everyone loves to hate and hates to love and loves to love and hates to eat rotten cheese. I just figured it was only right. And hey, you wanted to be in the story ;^D

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