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Favorite quotes, sayings and lines


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[color=darkviolet]I think we may have done this thread a while ago, but well, here we go again right?

The basic of the thread is exactly what it says up there, but please don't forget to actually tell who said it and why it means something to you. And since I'm talking I'll start.

[b]Nobody can make you feel inferior except for yourself-Eleanor Roosevelt[/b] This is a very true fact because no matter what other people are saying about you the only person that can make what they're saying true is yourself. If you don't listen to those people then you're not an inferior person.

[b]My love for you, that is my only sin-Shakesphere[/b] I'm not sure why I picked this one except that sometimes being in love with someone is considered sinful. Just look at the 14 page homosexuality thread.

[b]People start their lives at once when they are able to live for something other than themselves.-Albert Einstein[/b]- It's true in my opinion once you start learning that there are other people out there besides yourself and you begin to care about other people and do things for other people then you truely do begin to live your life.

[b][color=green]We cannot share a sorrow, if we haven't grieved a while. Nor can we feel another's joy, until we've learned to smile-An Irish blessing[/b][/color] You can't understand a person's grief and try to help them through their pain unless you've had some pain in your life-that's why you have troubles in your life. And you can't be happy with someone until you've learned to be happy with yourself

[b][color=green] Do not resent growing old. Many are denied the privledge-An Irish blessing[/b][/color] -Don't get up one morning and complain about how old you are (ok so most of us are teens and preteens in here) because there are many people who die before they grow old. Doubt that? Just look at how many children died in the Tsunami.

I don't have any more to add right now, but I know I will later. I really hope this all works...and remember Spam is bad...mmm kay?[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Actually, these are the lyrics to a Beatles song:

[QUOTE=George Harrison: "All Too Much"]
The whole wide world
Is birthday cake
So take a piece
But not too much[/QUOTE]

Don't overindulge on the good things you have in life. Taking too much cake may result in a stomach ache, such as overspending may lead to debt, heavy drug use may result in harmful injuries or death, etc., just take any "good" situation and turn it into a bad one.

-the one and only

P.S.: ChibiHorsewoman, I like your threads. At first, they seem utterly pointless, but then can create a really great discussion. For that, you deserve a smile[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]You're dead already. You just don't know it yet.[/B] - Just a great Christopher Walken quote from [I]The Rundown[/I]. Plus, it seems like the kind of thing I'd say. Heh.

[B]Note to self; don't eat the glowing cabbage.[/B] - A great line from OBBII, said by our own Lady Katana. It was a funny line from a funny event. Made me all giggly. That is, if I giggled.

[B]It's only illegal if you get caught.[/B] - If my father only left one piece of advice with me, that is definitely it. True, though.

[B]By opening your mouth, you *****-slap intelligence.[/B] - Heh. I busted this one out at a friend of mine. Just another inventive insult from the Great ULX.

[B]I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman.[/B] - Don't we all, Governor Schwarzzenegger, don't we all.

Five phrases to live your life by. And then be murdered by an angry mob.

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Guest WarCraftGOD
Fav quote eh?

Classic but true.

Everybody thinks your smart, why open your mouth and disprove them?

Say, Zach, what rymes with habanero suace? _ inside joke but really funny....

If love is a sin.... Id rather go to hell. - just kinda made that up.

Dee Dee, do not touch that button :explodes: - always gets me for some reason!?!?!?!
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[color=darkred][font=verdana][b]"When you feel the world has turned its back on you, look around. You have probably just turned your back on the world."[/b], Unknown

[b]"If there is to be trouble, let it be in my day, so that my children may have peace."[/b], Thomas Paine

[b]"Funny thing about black and white. Mix them together, and you get gray. And it doesn't matter how much white you try to put back into it, all you're ever gonna get is gray."[/b], Lilah Morgan; [i]Angel[/i]

Well, what can I say? They're beautiful lines that speak for themselves. I'll post up more when I think of 'em, assuming I can.

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[b]Nothing is impossible for those who do not have to do it[/b] ~ ANON

I like this one but at the moment i cant remember why...

[b]Smile... People will wonder what you are up to~[/b] Unknown

A class quote... It was on the board. I like it but think it not exactly true.

[b]Holly Hanna![/b] ~ Lots of people (Amanda Tapping for one)

I love this quote I say it all the time instead of saying Holly Hell. Amanda Tapping plays the part of Samantha Carter of Stargate SG1 and Sam says Holly Hanna alot so does Jacob Carter (Sams father) I have jsut used it since then.

[b]What the Frik -[/b] Me...

Um someone has probably said this before me but i have never heard them say it so Im saying me... I say it alot... not sure why.

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[size=1][color=indigo]Hm..let's see if my creative-ness works tonight..


"If you're going to be gay about this, you can't play.."[/b]~Cpt. Hero, [i]Drawn Together[/i]

[b]"....The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or American heritage as a negative is, I collect your ******** head.."[/b]~the lovely O-ren Ishii, [i]Kill Bill, v1[/i]

[b]"Can I have a glass of water?"[/b]~B Kiddo, [i]Kill Bill, v2[/i]

[b]"Well, hello there little fellow.."[/b]~God, [i]Drawn Together[/i]

[b]"I'm stealing this lamp for no apparent reason!"[/b]~Evil person, [i]Drawn Together[/i]

[b]"If you can't say something nice, say something offensive.."[/b]~unknown

[b]"Butter that muffin ~_^"[/b]~Syk3

Meh, that's all my brain is allowing me to think of right now. If I think of anything more, I'll post.[/color][/size]
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[B]"there for the grace of God go I"[/B] thats a really great song from flogging molly. no instruments, just an irish man singing his heart out.

[B]"the only kick he'll have left is the one you give him in the *** on your way by."[/B] what coach bowerman told steve prefontaine to make him feel better about racing lasse viren.

[B]"you're unique, just like every other person in the world."[/B] lifes greatest paradox.

[B]"as long as you're living in MY house you'll do what I say! now butter that bacon!"[/B] the simpsons, greatest show in the world. no one say anything about family guy. if family guy was better than the simpsons they wouldnt plagarize and steal their exact jokes.

[B]"enjoy the circus, for one day, we will all day."[/B] another simpsons quote. its great cus some French performer in a bird suit says that.
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My favorite sayings so far:

"No one ever won a war by dying for their country. They won by making the other son of a bitches die for theirs." George Patton

"Kill the reds! Kill the reds!" Blues, RedVSBlue

"My feet are getting Pruny." Caboose, RedVSBlue

"Look! More Sleeping people. It...must...be...nap...time." Caboose, RedVSBlue

"That noise is called water. It is very wet, and very slushy. I have to go to the bathroom now for some reason.
Which...is...odd, because I already went when we were standing in the creek together." Caboose, RedVSBlue

I really like these quotes because they make me laugh.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkGreen][B]A friend in need is a friend indeed[/B]. -Brian Jacques
sure, you can find people that will claim to know you a be around, but those who stick with you through thick and thin are the ones that count the most.

[B]Do or do not, there is no try[/B]. -Yoda (the main man)
If you think about it, usually when you just "try" something, many times, you might forget or fail to do it. Let your mindset be positive, and whatever result is a good one.

[B]Makes sacrifices now, so that you can enjoy the rest of your life[/B]. -My father
A good piece of advice, the way I see it is, study and work hard now, so that I can have fun and peace tomorrow.

[B]There is more time than life[/B]. -My Father
A funny thing to think, but it really helps when you just feel overloaded with things to do, and that your running out of time to do it. If you think this, then you realize that tomorrow will always come.

[B]La vida es un carnaval, hay que seguir bailando[/B]. -Celia Cruz
Translating too, life is a carnival, and you gotta keep on dancing, I like this one because it gives you that idea that you just gotta keep on moving with the rhythym of life.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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Just when everyone had forgotten who I was, never met me, or hoped I was dead. Jack has returned. I probably won't be around for long, but its good to be back.
Hello again Otaku's to those who remember me.

Jesus is dead, get over it - I don't know who on earth said it, but incase you didn't notice, I prefer apathy.

Remember Laughter - see my sig, if its still there.

I'll post more when they come to me. Anyway, HELLO AGAIN!
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Hey JC! I haven't seen you round these parts in some time heh.

Let's see:

[b]You aren't old until regrets take the place of dreams.[/b] [i]Unknown[/i]
It so true though. So you know what to do, dream until the day you die and you shall never grow old ^_~.

[b]Batman: Go and play with your dog!
Superman: Don't bring the dog into this. Every time you get annoyed, you bring up the dog.
Batman: No, I just find it...curious that apparently the sum total of your Kryptonian heritage is you...irradiated rock which is lethal to you...and a four-legged, cat barbecuing...damn.[/b] [i]Batman/Superman #8[/i]
Okay I know it was long but I had to put it into some kind of context. That's batman talking about Krypto the supermutt. It kinda lends a window into a different level of Bruce.

[b]You didn't say goodbye, you didn't take the time to lie![/b] [i]Cher 'Bang Bang'[/i]
I love that lyric. It just conveys the whole sense of how much the guy didn't care, ya know? He didn't even take the time to lie to her, he just upped and left, disregarding her like so much trash.

[b]It's [i]my[/i] life and [i]I'll[/i] decide when it's over![/b] [i]Helena Kyle - BoP Episode 1[/i]
Stop trying to kill me damnit. Nuff said really.

And my personal favourite:

[b]Knowledge is power, power corrupts. Study hard, be evil.[/b] Yeah![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Sir Stephen Henry Roberts']"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."[/quote]

[quote name='General George Patton']"The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his."[/quote]

[quote name='Klingon Proverb, Star Trek']"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, prepare to die."[/quote]

[color=green]A good quote should provoke a reaction from its reader. Whether that is contemplation or laughter really doesn?t matter.[/color]
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[COLOR=#004a6f]Do proverbs count too? Well, here goes:

[I]An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. [/I] -Arabic Proverb

[I]Examine what is said, not him who speaks.[/I] -Arabic Proverb

[I]He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.[/I] -Chinese Proverb

[I]Wait until it is night before saying that is has been a fine day.[/I] -French Proverb

[I]Arrogance diminishes wisdom.[/I] -Arabic Proverb

[I]A chain is no stronger than its weakest link[/I] -Latin Proverb

[I]A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.[/I] -Japanese Proverb

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[color=darkviolet]I'm glad to see that this thread is getting some interesting replies...so I thought up some more quotes.

[b]It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, and then hey, free eyeball.-t-shirt[/b] Well, if someone loses an eye it's finder's keepers right?

[b]Don't steal, the government hates competition-unknown[/b] Well, you shouldn't steal in the first place because it's wrong, but the government probably does hate competition.

[b]If you love a waist, you waste a love.-Yolen[/b] If you only look for looks when you look for a relationship then you do waste your love. Because there shoudl be more to loving someone than just their looks.

[b]Sex, Chinese acrobats, and show business. Nobody stays on top forever. George BUrns[/b] It's true, nobody stays on top forever. Some days you win and some days you lose.[/color]
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My favorites are very simple but I guess they have true meaning.
[B]Life is a game, play to win.[/B] How true. Life just seems to be a never ending saga where we learn new things all the time, get deelyr involved in once we enter depending on if we feel its necessary for us to get ahead, everyone has their own style of doing things and everything we do now will determine how we will end up in the future.

[B]You reap what you sow.[/B] Just about everything that happens to us is a direct reflection of ourselves. Bad things usually happens to people who allow thesemlves to be put in those situations and the same for people when things happen in their favor.
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"Dear Madam: I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant-General of Massachusetts that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle. I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save. I pray that our heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom. Yours very sincerely and respectfully, Abraham Lincoln."

From Saving Private Ryan. Touching letter.
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[color=crimson]"I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it. " - Jack Handey.

"So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none. When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision. When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home." - Tecumseh.

"He appears mad indeed but to a few, because the majority is infected with the same disease." - Horace.

"Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall." - Willian Watson.

Those are my favorites. =)[/color]
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"The opposite of talking isn't listening. The opposite of talking is waiting." - Fran Lebowitz

"It is a golden rule not to judge men by their opinions but rather by what their opinions make of them. " -Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation" - Oscar Wilde

"Adversity introduces a man to himself" - Jim Warren

"Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him." - Aldous Huxley

"He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow." - George Eliot

"A ship in harbor is safe- but that is not what ships are for." -John A Shedd
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Religion is a crutch for people who cant handle reality--i think i came up with this out from my annoyance of ppl askin why i was an athiest

a riceball doesnt belong in a fruits basket--tohru honda, fruits basket

i am just a worthless liar
i am just an imbecilel
i will only complicate you
trust in me and fall as well
i will find a center in you
i will chew it up and leave
i will work to elevate you
just enough to bring you down--tool, Sober (i hope lyrics are ok. if not, sorry!)

Growing old is mandatory, growing wise is optional--found this online a long time ago
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[b][COLOR=DarkRed]Reminder: Don't forget to tell why the quotes mean something to you. We don't want this thread to turn into a copy/paste session of random quotes. Thanks![/COLOR][/b]

Now getting back to the topic at hand of my favorite quotes and why they mean something to me, here is my short list:

[b]"If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone." -Samuel Johnson[/b]
I love this quote, I have it on my welcome page of my personal website. I totally agree with that statement. If you go through life without meeting new people you eventually will find yourself all alone. I love meeting new people and expanding my pool of friends. Friends come and go, if you only stick with one group of friends, they move away or join a new group, you will be by yourself. Now that is a very sad thought.

[b]"If you know, to recognize that you know, if you don't know, to realize that you don't know: That is knowledge."-Confucius[/b]
All I know is that I do not know is a very wise stance to take. Acknowledging that you don't understand everything means that you are still open to learning more. Keeping your mind open means you will learn more everyday.

[b]"This above all: To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." William Shakespeare[/b]
If you are honest to yourself you can be honest to everyone. If you can lie to yourself, you probably won't have a second though about lying to someone else. Let's say you are having problems with drugs or alcohol. If you tell yourself there is no problem it would be easy to tell anyone around you that there is no problem. Until you can be true to yourself you cannot be true to others.

[b]"Don't let too much time go by before telling him how you feel." Claudia Grant Robotech: Macross Saga[/b]
I feel that this is good advice in any type of relationship. Regret is a terrible thing to live with. It is best to be honest about your feelings than to wonder for the rest of your life "what if". One example from my life is the last time I saw my friend Bryan. He lived in a town a few hours away from me. I gave him a big hug and told him that I loved him and to take care. He died in a car accident a few months later. I am very happy that the last memory I have of him is of him smiling and knowing that he was loved. If I hadn't told him I think I would regret not saying anything.

[b]"Maybe the hokey pokey really is what it's all about."- unknown[/b]
I saw this on a sign once and it made me chuckle. It made me think that maybe we all take life a bit too seriously and need to lighten up. What happens if life really is all about something as silly as the hokey pokey? Wouldn't all your stresses seem crazy?! It just reminds me that I need to relax and get a grip.

[b]"Any man who wishes to master the technique must bow to the Panda!" Sasshi's grandpa in Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi[/b]
I have to admit that I have a very soft spot for ANY quote dealing with pandas. I think taking the quote out of context and putting in terms of me makes them really funny. For example, the quote above, to master the technique you must bow to me! That just tickles my funny bone. Whether the quote is from Excel Saga or South Park, any quote dealing with pandas I love.
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[color=silver] "Don't analyze my beleifs. And I won't pick out the flaws in yours". - T-shirt.
This pretty much sums up almost any discussion i've had in school with any of my peers about relegion politics homosexuality ect.

"When you sow the wind, you reap the whirl wind." - I can't remember ( so if any one knows pm me who said it or where its from.) But its true, and to me represents karma, which i'm beggining to beleave more and more in.

and the entire book [I]The Art of War[/I] by Sun Tzu- I find it to be a great book, and every thing in it is actuly usable in dalily life, just not in the sense one would think. If you ever get a chance, read it. [/color]
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[COLOR=Teal][SIZE=1][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]A friend once said something that really stuck in my head: "The difference between most guys and Australian guys is: When you tell a normal bloke you're gay he jumps and says get the hell away from me, when you tell an Aussie bloke you're gay he jumps but is quick to say 'That's cool, just don't hit on me or nothin'."
I guess that's a saying or something. I also like a particular line from a song "When you are lost in your way deep in an awesome story...". Hearing that always makes me think about life as a whole and deeper meanings and stuff, depending on what's important at the time.
I'm not sure where it comes from but an extension I heard quite a while ago for Crazy Ace's second quote, "You reap what you sow.", is: "You reap what you sow. But what you sow depends on who's field you have been left in." Just make me think about who seems to be in control of your life nad who really is, that's all.

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[color=darkviolet][b]Some Days you're the windsheild, some days you're the bug.-line from a country song that I can't remember the singer or the name of[/b]-Sometimes you're going to have everything going your way and there will be no problems what so ever. Other times you may have just as well stayed in bed and not gone anywhere or done anything because you're just going to regret it. Either way the best you can do is just stick it out and deal with it.

[b]It's better to keep your mouth shut and have everyone think you're an idiot than to open your mouth and prove them right-line from a t-shirt[/b]-I just typed this one in a reply to a post I made because someone had said something stupid, so stupid I may delete my IM conversation with Lincoln and put that quote in instead. You shouldn't just open your mouth and spout nonsense simply because noise comes out of your mouth in the first place. You should think first review your facts and then say something if it fits in with the subject...ok, so I should learn to take my own advice too huh?

[b]I'll be pissed if it's something stupid again-Ferio from RayEarth[/b]-Wouldn't you be pissed if someone had said something or done something stupid over and over again?

[b]Tommy, what could be wrong with ice cream?-Phil Rugrats[/b]-I think that's a very good question. When is there anything wrong with ice cream? Unless of course you're lactose intolerant...or you're one of those idiots on atkins and can't eat ice cream because it has carbs. Other than that there is nothing wrong with ice cream.

[b] Fact: Cats don't come with brakes-Lysol commercial[/b] Well, have [i]you[/i] ever seen a cat with brakes? No, so you shouldn't leave things on counters or uncarpeted floors. Instead you should pick things up so cats don't slide into them...or outfit your cat with brakes.

[b]Brittney Spears is a threat to the sanctity of marriage, you can get married drunk, but you can't get married gay.-Whoopi[/b] Well, it's true, you can't get in a car and drive drunk legally without consequences, but you can apparently get married when you're drunk. I think that's insulting to people who got married not only sober, but knowing what we were doing and being swerious about it.[/color]
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