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RPG Ok let's try this


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This is my first time making up and RPG, so i'm going to try it star wars style.

The setting:
The Cantina on tantooine, the most retched hive of scum and villiany, so watch your step. The cantina is a bar full of smugglers, bounty hunters and some brave regulars.

Tursi says in a nasty voice "Welcome to the cantina, take a set and relax."
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Name: Sean Starlight
Bio: A young man looking for adventure. Intellegent but very carefree.
Weapons:A Laser Pistol
Ship: None but he hopes to own a small frigate soon
Force Attuned: Unkowen as he as never met a Jedi though many believe he is because of his incredable good luck
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[COLOR=darkblue]Tender: So how's it going?

Rico: Okay...just working on the engines of this new fighter we're building.

Sean: So he's an engineer...

Tender: Who's flying it after you guys build it...

Rico: Me...

Sean: ...And a pilot.

Tender: Must be tough working on that day on out for six months.

Rico: The Facton pays me well, and...I do love my job...[/COLOR]
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*walks up behind rico hearing the converation*

Sean: what faction do you work for......and are they looking for any pilots? I am in desperate need from some money and...*looks down at the bottle he has in his hands and remembers he dosn't have the credits to pay for it*.......errr......Tender put this on my tab

Tender: Not again thats nearly 1000 credits alrdy!!

Sean:well last time i promise i am going to get a job i swear!!and no i won't do dishes!!!

Tender: at this rate you won't have much choice.....

Sean:*scratches his head*-_- ....so anyway what faction do you work for?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by kool_aid13 [/i]
[B]Name: Kool
Bio: a saiya-jin. (can go to all the levels.)
Weapons: my powers and my sword. (Trunks gave it to me. :D)
ship: don't need one. (I can fly and breathe in space.) [/B][/QUOTE]

Why do some people always make themselves a DBZ character in things which are clearly not DBZ related?
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Anti:Sure it would be great!! I am ready to go as soon as you are!


Tender: Hey whatta bout your tab.....

Anti:Hey old man don't worry bout it....didn't you hear the man i am going to go get an interview with his boss and i will pay you back as soon as i got enough credits....

Anti(whipsering to rico):err Rico i will meet you outside near Docking Bay 6.....don't want the old man holding us up or anything...

*anti begins to run outta the bar*

Tender(screaming at anti):come back here you got dishes to do!!!

Anti: NOT IN THIS LIFETIME OLD MAN*runs outta the bar*
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Britty: *walks in, wearing a black tshirt, a pair of black pants, and a dark blue jacket. Holding her trusty light saber* Hmm.... *looks around* *sits down at the bar* Just give me a coke...

Bar tender: Rum?

Britty: No. Just coke. I don't feel like drinking tonight...

Bar tender: *grunts* *hands her a coke*

Britty: *takes a drink*
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[COLOR=darkblue][i]Turns around and spots Siren at the entrance.[/i]

Rico: Hmm...

Anti: You know her?

Rico: Sorta...I've been in a couple runs with her in the past.

Anti: You two battled? As partners right?

Rico: Yeah, but I seem to see her all over the place...and I don't stick with her afterwards...I wonder what she's doing on Tattoonie...[/COLOR]
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siren sees rico and hails him and walks foreward causing the bounty hunter to miss her

siren: gulf... get out of here... or did you really think you could catch me...

gulf: n...n...no! my master will find you!

siren: tell him... i look foreward to the challenge
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