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Anime Biggest "Holy $#%!" Moments in Anime (WARNING: Definate Spoilers)

EVA Unit 100

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The revelation of the stone's ingredients and the [spoiler]death of Hughes[/spoiler] in Fullmetal Alchemist.

Little Slugger's supposed [spoiler]suicide[/spoiler], then attack of the [spoiler]detective[/spoiler] in of Paranoia Agent.

Anything from episodes 18 onward of Evangelion, though in particular the Angel-eating scene, Karou being [spoiler]the last Angel[/spoiler], and all of the multiple endings.


The sad fate of Spike in the last episode of Cowboy Bebop.

The whole Laughing Man storyline in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Any others?
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I'm editing your post for spoiler tags; warning people in the thread title is pointless when they have no idea what shows are being spoiled. I'd like respondents to this thread to mark egregious spoilers. Thanks.

Full Moon wo Sagashite: Mitsuki learning that [spoiler]Eichi has long since passed on,[/spoiler] and her subsequent [spoiler]emotional breakdown.[/spoiler]

Revolutionary Girl Utena: The truth about Utena's childhood encounter with [spoiler]Akio.[/spoiler]

Melody of Oblivion: I had to pick my jaw off the floor after finding out that [spoiler]Solo was actually the Monster King.[/spoiler]

Hikaru no Go: Everything that happens in episode 60.

Fullmetal Alchemist: I second what you said about the ingredients of the stone.

Kaleido Star: Layla developing the [spoiler]ability to see Fool[/spoiler] nearly made me fall out of my chair.

RahXephon: [spoiler]EVERYONE'S DEAD! No, wait, just kidding. Reset![/spoiler]

Fafner: [spoiler]Shouko's[/spoiler] death. [spoiler]Mamoru's[/spoiler] death. [spoiler]Michio's[/spoiler] death. [spoiler]Tsubaki's[/spoiler] death. [spoiler]Kouyou[/spoiler] being assimilated. [spoiler]Sakura[/spoiler] being assimilated. [spoiler]Soushi[/spoiler] being assimilated. Geez, now I'm all depressed. :animedepr

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The [spoiler]death of Maes Hughes[/spoiler] in [B]Fullmetal Alchemist[/B]... and when they showed Ed with his severed leg in the show's beggining. Also, the Fight between Ed and Roy Mustang.

The fight between Edward's Dad and Spike in [B]Cowboy Bebop.[/B]

The death of Berny in [B]Mobile Suit Gundam: War in a Pocket.[/B]

Vegeta ripping of Andriod 19's arm's in [B]Dragon Ball Z.[/B]

The bloody carnage that was the end of [B]Akira.[/B][spoiler] Particularly Kaneda's girl freind getting squashed...[/spoiler]

I have quite a few.

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[COLOR=Navy][FONT=Palatino Linotype][QUOTE]Originally Posted by [B]EVA Unit 100[/B]

That reminded me of Dead Leaves. It's almost as random and crazy, but with a little more [SPOILER]gore and sex.[/SPOILER]

What else is there...

[SPOILER]Genkai's death[/SPOILER] on Yu Yu Hakusho.

The ending of Witch Hunter Robin.

The revealing of Gren [SPOILER]as having breasts (being a man)[/SPOILER] in Cowboy Bebop.

Akito's reaction in Fruits Basket's end, I mean, for being someone so [SPOILER]sickly[/SPOILER], you think he wouldn't act like that.

If I think of anything else, I'll edit my post.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]There are a few that come to mind.

The ending of Trigun as a big one for me. It made me scream in anger, cry, and be shocked at the same time. That was my reaction with [spoiler]Wolfwood's death.[/spoiler]

Another one would be the end of the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz movie. [spoiler] The first time I watched it, I kept on thinking, "Is Heero Yuy dead??? I don't know dang it! lol[/spoiler]

The last one would be the entire Perfect Blue movie. That movie always make you guessing till the very end and keeps you on the edge of your seat.[/COLOR]
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Trigun: [spoiler]Wolfwood's death. He was the coolest character in the show![/spoiler] That really sucked.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The increasingly bad situation that took place towards the end. That was a welcome set of WTF events.

End of Evangelion: [spoiler]Misato's death. She's always gone back and fourth with Asuka as my favorite NGE character. That death really pissed me off and sealed my eternal hatred for Shinji![/spoiler]

Tenchi Muyo OVA: Not so much a WTF event, but I wondering where the hell Kiyone was when Mihoshi showed up. She was one of my favorites in Tenchi Universe and Tenchi in Tokyo!
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[QUOTE=Touma Seguchi][COLOR=Navy][FONT=Palatino Linotype]
Akito's reaction in Fruits Basket's end, I mean, for being someone so [SPOILER]sickly[/SPOILER], you think he wouldn't act like that.[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

That reminds me of something else (only in the Furuba manga, but since there's likely going to be a 2nd season in 2006 and this will have to be in it I'll count it as a ""Holy $#%!" Moment in Anime"):

Finding out that Akito is a [SPOILER]girl[/SPOILER].
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The Asuka vs. angels moment in End of Evangelion.

The entire movie Spriggain.

In X the movie [spoiler]when Katori (sp) gets her head cut off and when Fuma dies, and when the whole world is falling apart.[/spoiler]

The entire Berserk series

The death of [spoiler] Wolfwood, Spike, Hughues, the entire cast of Berserk, anything you see in the AMV for the song Die for your Government, and the death of the king in Record of Lodoss War[/spoiler]

The actual cool moments in Dragon Ball Z.
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Naruto: Sasuke [spoiler]going to Orochimaru.[/spoiler]
Third Hokage [spoiler]dying.[/spoiler]

Full Metal Alchemist: Ingredients of the stone...once again

FLCL: *agrees*

The Guyver: [spoiler]Guyver 1 coming back after being demolished by Enzyme.[/spoiler]
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FLCL...FLCL again...and more FLCL...is there goin to be a second season of taht? i hope so.

Bleach, where Ichigo becomes a death god(expected, but a WTF moment, the calmness of it)

i would have to say much of the entire Elfen Lied series, expecailly when [spoiler] Kouta and Nyuu/Lucy learn that they already met, and other things im not goin to say even behind a tag, its just too good :p[/spoiler].

Midori Days, just started watching it...when Midori showed up [spoiler]in place of his hand[/spoiler], that was just halarious!

also saw the first episode of Full Metal Panic Fummofu or whatever, the guys military mentality was just...insane. [spoiler]he blows up his locker when he determines that a bomb was in it due to a hair being beside it, and when he reads teh remains of the (love) note, determines it was a plot to kill him[/spoiler]

also, i think [spoiler] Shugi goes insane at the end of Saikano[/spoiler], but im not sure.....wah

hehe, aint it great?
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definently Nabeshin pulling two giant machine guns out of his afro......serious WTF ige.

also discovering who the mysterious women who show up during the red moon in love hina are, [SPOILER]i mean, kaolla turning wierd and confusing kintaro with her brother, and amara causing trouble and causing lightnimg storms.[/SPOILER] serious WTF ige.
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Most surprising moment in Blue Seed was when people found out that [spoiler]Kaede was not dead.[/spoiler]
Cowboy Bebop: [spoiler]Spike's and Julia's dead[/spoiler]

[size=1][color=navy]I've edited spoiler tags into your post (and added something to indicate that you were talking about Bebop). In the future, please be certain to add spoiler tags yourself. The "Spoiler Tag" sticky located at the top of this forum should tell you everything you need to know about using them. Thanks.

- Dagger[/color][/size]
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[QUOTE=IceRose]Most surprising moment in Blue Seed was when [spoiler]people found out that Kaede was not dead.[/spoiler]
Or in Cowboy Bebop when [spoiler]Spike and Julia died[/spoiler][/QUOTE]

Now if I ever see Blue Seed, I'll already know when [spoiler]Kaede "dies" that she's not dead.[/spoiler]

Use spoiler tags! Like this: Text goes here, but replace < and > with [ and ]. When you use it, it'll look like your quoted message above, and people that don't want to be spoiled won't accidentally catch the spoiler. Also, be sure to specify which series you're spoiling. I can only think of one anime that has characters named Spike and Julia.
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[spoiler]Lets see well this is about the only anime that I can say I got that "HOLY %^$& feeling ^^ When we found out that the 2nd in command was really a guy.I really did not see that coming.And for those of you that have or are watching yeah it was something big.[/spoiler]I have learned to expect the unexpected but, this one was a shocker!
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[QUOTE=ReFlux][color=darkred][size=1] The fight between Edward's Dad and Spike in [B]Cowboy Bebop.[/B]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Wow!! When'd that happen!? (speeds away to grab the DVDs and filler-ep.s)

Anyway, BTTTAH:
~the ending to Bebop.
~The ending to Trigun.
~The death of "X", wherein it wasn't absolutely blatant. (In previous equation, replace "X" with nifty character from any number of excellent Anime.. I.E. Bebop, Trigun, Samurai-X/Kenshin, etc.)
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]i still maintain almost the entire prefect blue movie was a giant holy!, espically when [SPOILER] you find out that mima isnt completely crazy and that her agent is trying to become her in a wierd obsessive creepy sort of way.[/SPOILER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Final Remix][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Wow!! When'd that happen!? (speeds away to grab the DVDs and filler-ep.s)


It was an episode near the end, I beleive the 22nd episode, entitled "Hard Luck Women". Great episode, great fight. Its fun to see Spike have his *** handed to him by such a bulking guy. You'd think he'd be all slow, but he just blocks and head-butts Spike quicker than he can think.

Continued List:

In [B]Dragon Ball Z[/B] (hey, way back when, this was the shizznat) when Cell killed Future Trunks and Vegeta freaked out and started blasting Cell into the ground, only to have him come out un-scathed and blast him right back.

When watching [B]Hellsing[/B], the anime,[spoiler]seeing Walter, Integra's trashman, take out a whole hallway of SWAT zombies with a bunch of piano wire or something of the sort.[/spoiler] Just to show, old men can be bad-***es to.

Rock Lee beating that arrogant prick, Sasuke, senseless all the while Sakura cheered the latter on.

The last scenes of 'Real Folk Blues Part 2' in [B]Cowboy Bebop[/B].

The fight between Hanzo and the crew of the Outlaw Star in [B]Outlaw Star[/B]. Who remebers that!? And then, after everyone thought Hanzo was dead, he just gets up out his grave and says "Huh... Sure burried me deep enough." That was great. (Especially when Asia got wrapped up in that string of grenades! HAH! Thats classic!)[/color][/size]
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I guess my biggest "Holy ____" moment in anime would have to be when [spoiler]Spike died by the end of Cowboy Bebop. Me being a bit of a romantic, I was hoping for that happy ending where the bad guy would be killed and the main character would look to the future and live on.[/spoiler] I was obviously wrong.
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In the second episode of Samurai X Trust, a [spoiler]ninja comes flying towards Kenshin, usind chains to fly along buildings, and Kenshin holds his sword foreward, causing the ninja to fly through the blade, chopping him in half[/spoiler]

Also, when Viscous from Cowboy Bebop [spoiler] stands behind one of the elders and says something like "Now you cry tears of crimson" and slid his sword across his eyes![/spoiler]

Lets not forget the infamouse battle in Ninja Scroll between jubei and the rock demon.
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[size=1][color=darkred]If you have not seen the NGE movie, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop or Rahxephon, please do not read on. I don't want to ruin the series for you.

Neon Genesis Evangelion had a total WTF fest in the last episdoes. EOE and Death and rebirth had some graphic moments that made me question Anno's sanity.Its just soo intense. the first time i watched it I had to turn it off. The next tiem I watched it with a friend, which made it a little easier to watch. The sheer intensity of the battles is amazing, and the winding down of the evangelion series is done with great thought. I love how almost every moment in that movie can be related to the bible in some way.

[spoiler]The scene were asuka is being tortured by the 9 Mass produced evas is quite insane.

Shinji, when he is being crusified (Please tell me If I spelled that right) with his eva unit one, that was a moment I saw coming for a while, seeing as how the whole series is biblical, and shinji starts to represent that particular biblical character.

Also in Nge, is a moment I really didnt see coming, which made it alot harder to watch This moment is when Ritsuko akagi was shot by Gendou ikar.[/spoiler]

In trigun, [spoiler]when Wolfwood diesThat made me cry. He grew to be such a great character, it was hard to see him die like that.[/spoiler]

In cowboy Bebop [spoiler]when Spike dies I was wtfing over that. I was like, wait....It's over?[/spoiler]

In Raxephon [spoiler]the everyone's dead scene.[/spoiler]

Full Metal Alchemist: [spoiler]Ingredients of the stone, I foresee this one appearing in this thread alot.[/spoiler][/size][/color]

[COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]Please use spoiler tags when talking about damagingly revealing plot aspects of animes that people might not have seen yet. I myself have only seen three episodes of FMA and I have no intention of having the rest of it spoilt for me, heh. The tags are thus: [[COLOR=red][b]*[/COLOR][/b]spoiler] and [[COLOR=red][b]*[/COLOR][/b]/spoiler], minus the [COLOR=red][b]*[/COLOR][/b]s. -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b]
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Serial Experiments Lain: The entire thing was a WTF? moment. Which is what makes it soo great.

Perfect Blue: [spoiler] The rape scene. plus, all the "her going insane" moments when you as a viewer where in a roller coster of "what the heck?" [/spoiler]

Wolfs Rain: The true ending of it when [spoiler] the eye stays behind and seems to infect paradise. [/spoiler]

Big O: When we find out that [spoiler] Angel is a Big, Angel is what caused the memory loss 40 years ago, that the entire world is a stage and everyone is a actor, when the world restarts with Angel and Roger still friends. Oh, and when he find out that the bandage guy died in one of the later episodes. [/spoiler]

Cowboy Bebop: [Spoiler] The end fight when at that last moment that both of them clash, and you see them both fall. [/spoiler]

X, the movie: When [Spoiler] that guys head gets chopped off [/spoiler]

I love holy ***** moments in anime. They are the best kind. Well, i think thats all i have for now. If i think of anymore, i'll post them. :D
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