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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Kalei let out a deep groan as Malik shoved her up against a wall, a stiff crack seeping from behind her. Kalei tilted her head up, glaring at him intensely as he forced her shoulders against the wall with his massive hands. He looked down at her, a devilish smirk creasing his face.

?Just like old times, huh Kalei?? The massive and dark man chuckled as he ran his eyes carefully over every curve of the very well figured woman standing before him.

?Not quite,? she growled, thrusting her knee up in an attempt to knock him to his knees, but she failed to hit her target when he clamped his legs around her thigh.

?Now, now Love. There?s no reason for that.? The words that left his faint colored lips were deep and seductive. He lowered his head and ran the tip of his nose from the base of her neck up along the tender flesh until he was behind her ear. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out in a satisfying moan before Kalei began to struggle to get away from him.

Malik pulled his head back and chuckled slightly, moving his right hand onto Kalei?s neck and shoving his weight into it. She gaged, slamming her palms into his shoulders, and digging her nails into the satin fabric of his shirt. His smile brighten at the twinge of pain that swam around his shoulders as he brought his left hand up towards Kalei?s face.

?You were always such a tease,? he growled softly. He delicately pushed her bangs from her eyes, his long nails sliding sweetly across her forehead. She did nothing, but stared up into his dark red eyes. They were so familiar, those soothing and loving eyes that burned with lust and hate.

Malik began to squeeze the hand around Kalei?s throat, digging his long nails into the tender flesh. Blood droplets slowly drizzled down her neck, streaking her white flesh red. Kalei opened her mouth as she gasped for breath. She brought both her hands back, one firmly placed on his wrist, the other on his hand, pulling desperately on them both. Malik cocked his head to the side as he watched her.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=DarkRed]?What are you doing here?? Kalei said with a slight hint of concern as she took in the sight of the most attractive man she had ever seen in her short seventeen years of life.

?I had to see you.? He whispered as he leaned over the counter, glancing behind him briefly to make sure no one was watching.

?You can?t be here. What if they find you?? Kalei stepped away from the counter, looking down into his ruby red eyes as he stared up at her lovingly.

?I know, Love, but...I just had to see you. I can?t stand being without you. Let the world mock me, but I will never allow them to tear us apart.? The man reached out and grasped both her hands, drawing her towards him.

Kalei melted with his touch, slumping forward and holding her face mere inches from his face. Her eyes darted back and forth from one eye to the other. A playful smile darted across her lips as she could feel him rubbing the back of her hands with his thumbs.
?Kalei, who?s out there?? A shaky voice called from the back of the small bookstore.

?Just a customer, Nana.? Kalei called back, darting away from the man before her.

?Come with me, Kalei. Be at my side as I walk the night. I don?t want to be alone any more.? The man stood, he towered over her, making her look like a child compared to him. He looked to be about twenty or so, but he was truly over three hundred years old.

?I can?t, Malik. I have to tend to the store. Nana can?t do it alone.? Kalei turned from him, grabbing the few books that sat on the counter top.

?Its 10 at night, Lover. You shouldn?t be in this shop any more. You?re young. You should be enjoying the night with me as your eternal lover.? Malik slid around the counter and gathered Kalei into his arms. He cradled her small body into his, feeling her heart beat against his abdomen. She brought a single hand up and placed it tenderly onto his rounded chest. She could feel it rise and fall with every breath he took, smiling when she remembered that he had no heart beat any more.

Kalei stepped back, keeping her hands on his arms as she looked up into his eyes again and smiled ever so brightly. He searched her expression as she closed her eyes. He watched intently, a slight expression of worry creasing his face as he suddenly felt Kalei dig her nails into his pale arms. He held onto her arms tightly as she suddenly went white and fell into his chest.

?Kalei...Love...talk to me?? Malik picked her up, her head falling back lifelessly as her eyes slowly opened and a faint smile sliding across her face.

?Now I may follow you to where ever you may go this evening,? she whispered.

Malik looked up to see what appeared to be Kalei, behind the counter, collecting the books that Kalei had dropped earlier.

?What have you done??Malik slid his hand tenderly behind Kalei?s head as he helped her to stand again.

?I am a Wakanda, we are able to create clones of ourselves, but they tend to drain our bodies.? Kalei stood, a little wobbly at first, before starting towards the door.

?Will Nana know its not you?? Malik said, looking back at the clone.

Kalei smiled devilishly as she called Malik to her. ?I have mastered that technic beyond Nana?s abilities. She?ll never know the difference.?

Malik smiled and bent down, kissing Kalei passionately.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Kalei?s hands fell to her side, her face turning colors. Malik squinted his eyes, knowing this was far too easy. That?s when Kalei brought both her hands up and slammed them into Malik?s chest. The vampire lord flew back, his back slamming into a wall and creating a rather spacious hole. Kalei fell to her knees, clutching her throat and gasping for breath. A malicious laugh crept from where Malik landed. Kalei looked up to see Malik in a state of complete insanity, his suit smoking from where Kalei had hit him.

?I knew you were giving up to easily.? He threw his head back, his eyes burning brighter than they were before as a swarm of men circled around Kalei. They dragged her to her feet and cuffed her hands behind her back. Malik stood and brushed himself off as he walked towards her. She watched every step he took, elegant and powerful as he came to tower over her once more. ?Let?s see how powerful your Wakanda are when they?re greatest power is gone.? Malik smiled as he dipped his finger tips into his mouth to lick Kalei?s blood from them.[/COLOR]

Welcome RPGers to Love Me, Mr. Death. A thrilling new story from your creator, DC. This story is about a pair of star-crossed lovers and how they must fight for what they believe. Set in the present time, the war that wages between the creatures of the night and the Wakanda (a human sub-species that can weald magic) is a hidden war. And why has such a hatred divided two very similar species into an all out war? The Human Race. Vampires wish to enslave them for food as humans have animals, while the Wakanda fight to keep them free. Though the war goes unseen by most human eyes, there are some that do fight alongside the Wakanda and some that fight with the Vampires in hopes to become one of their eternal subjects.

Now, in other stories I?m sure you?ve heard how humans were able to make bullets able to stop the creatures of the night, but not in this one. The only way to kill a vampire by a human is to drive a wooden stack through their heart. Whether it be by cross bow or sheer force, it works the same. Despite this obvious disadvantage, Wakanda have discovered that their magic welding could become strong enough to take the life of vampires weaker than themselves by various displays of power. Some can create sunlight, others holy water from the thin air, or wooden stakes and send them through the hearts of their enemies. Then there are those like Kalei, rare as they are, that can pull the very thing that keeps a vampire alive from them. There is only one that knows the hidden secrets to this powerful talent, and only one vampire that is strong enough to resist it, Malik. But even with such a power there comes a price. Once using it, the user is temporarily left with a state of insanity losing control of their body and mind. This can last for mere seconds or days, depending on the power of the vampire.

Other needed information for the creation of your characters would be: Wakanda can live for about a thousand years and the likely hood of twins or a child born within five years of each other is extremely rare. Most Wakanda specialize in one, or two elements at most, for their magic using. The elements are Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Light, and Dark.

Vampires have the usual abilities: extreme speed and strength, the power to seduce those weak of heart/spirit. Please no magic using for vampires and there will be no combinations of Wakanda and Vampires, but human/vampires will be acceptable. If you have any other ideas that were not listed feel free to PM me and we can discuss it.

1: There will be no God-molding by myself or any other character.
2: There will be no killing of another character unless directed by the Rper or myself.
3: What I say, goes, do not argue with me or your character will be destroyed.
4: Be creative and have fun! [/CENTER]

What I need from you: (the character names listed below must be Pmed before signing up for them. Those that are reserved know which character is their?s and don?t have to PM me.)

Katima: a very powerful Wakanda who fights closely by Kalei?s side. Said to be about 16-17. (Reserved)

Tegan: yet another powerful Wakanda who fights equally close to Kalei. Said to be about 16-17 (reserved)

Colin: a human male that fights alongside the Wakanda.

Malik (reserved)

Kabira: Malik?s vampire mistress. (reserved)

Phineas: Malik?s right hand man.

And willing to take other characters in as well. Kalei will be played by me and I will post my sign up shortly after others have joined.[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]Sign ups:

Race: (vampire, wakanda, human)
Position: (which side of the war are you on)
Ability: (Wakands: which element can you control and what can you do with it. Vampires: what you specialize in like strength or speed. Humans: use of weapons, loyality ect)
Appearance: (pics/describition)
Character Snippets: (show me what you got and what you're character is made of)[/FONT]
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]OOC: Wow... :animestun DC, this is a [U]really[/U] good idea...hope I'm accepted. If you need me to change anything, just PM me or let me know any other way.

[U][B]Name:[/B][/U] Ena

[U][B]Gender:[/B][/U] Female

[U][B]Race:[/B][/U] Wakanda

[U][B]Position:[/B][/U] Wakanda

[U][B]Ability:[/B][/U] Ena is able to control both wind and fire, and has mastered certain techniques that manipulate both at the same time.

[U][B]Wheel of Flame:[/B][/U] This allows Ena to blow a powerful wind into her opponents direction, and then unleash a series of flames that would be powerful enough to incinerate weaker vampires.

[U][B]Flames of Hell:[/B][/U] This is a harder hitting technique than the Fire Wheel. With one hand, Ena is able to control the wind to throw her opponent into the air while throwing fire from the other hand into the opponent's direction from the ground, then slamming them down onto the ground with another gust from above.

[U][B]Kiss of Fiery Ena:[/B][/U] A close up attack that allows Ena to blow fire from her mouth while controlling it's path with the wind. This move is rather risky of Ena, and she does not attempt it often as it could hurt her as well as her opponent.



Ena, given the name for not only her power but for her spirit, means fire in Celtic terms. She can be rather serious and seem cold, but really, she is just trying to keep herself 'protected'.

At a young age and after the death of her father, Ena watched her mother fall for a human, and was orphaned in the end by his murdering, deceitful hands. He was loyal to the vampires. Ena is young and has yet to learn that not all alliances are broken.

After learning some techniques passed on from another Wakanda, her skills have improved. However, this has gone to her head and now she believes that she can take on tougher vampires. It's understandable to want to protect freedom, but Ena also wants vengance for her mother, and will kill any human loyal to the vampires. It is mostly anger that fuels her power.

Ena can be rather naive toward certain emotions and adult situations, she prefers to leave it be. Love, sex, lust and betrayal are all things that she doesn't want to cope with, and this is what keeps her from maturing.

[U][B]Character Snippet:[/B][/U]

Ena forced a strong blaze down the claustrophobically narrow alleyway. "Show yourself, you blood-sucking freak!"
"Correction, I am a human. And vampires can do far more than suck your blood, dear girl." A burly voice boomed.
The girl couldn't see her opponent in the pitch black of midnight on the new moon.

The replying attack was a few bullets that punctured the plumbing behind the young one. Water began spraying everywhere, pooling on the rat infested ground.

"The next one won't miss."
"Wanna bet?" Ena sneered. "My powers will incinerate you."
"Try me. I'm curious to see what you've got."
"My powers won't fail me now." Ena smirked. "Prepare for your doom! Wheel of Flame!"

Ena's hands clapped together and a breeze began to blow where there was none before. She flicked her wrists upward and her palms began to separate, revealing a light. "NOW DIE!!" Her arms flew out to her sides and a large blast exploded from the once small light and rushed toward the opposite end like a raging bull.

Trash cans flew, papers scattered and were obliterated.

By the time Ena finished her attack, the entire alleyway was scorched and all was quiet. All that remained were the two dumpsters, one used by each as a cover. "You can't still be alive." She said to herself as she walked forward, unsure of what awaited on the other side. She inched over and stared at what seemed to be the dead man.

His clothes were burnt and his face was dirty, his once shiny blonde hair was now covered in smut. Ena leaned over him to check if he was still breathing.

[I]You're a fool.[/I]

The gun, a M9 Beretta 9mm pistol, rose slowly and Ena jumped back. The man was weakened and his aim was impaired. Ena's hand flinched and in a second, it was covered in flames. "Go ahead, shoot."

The gun rose, but no shot was heard.


Ena thought long and hard about the events that night as she returned home to an old apartment complex.

"You will not betray me, you cannot. You are not alive to feel the emotions of a human, to make your own decisions on whom to side with." She murmured, speaking about her powers.

"Mother, you were the victim of a fallacy. I hope I never succumb to love, such potential would be wasted."

A clandestine relationship, how scandalous. How could Ena's mother disrespect her dead father? Ena found it hard to believe that "Mother Dearest" could ever commit such a sin. But then Ena realized that her mother was a fool, and fools in love were the worst.

At the age of 19, she felt that she was now capable of finding the man responsible. Learning new and more powerful techniques only partially satisified her ambitions to kill. She swore on her deceased parents names that she would hunt him down.

Ena had just killed a man, and was no closer to finding [B][I]him[/I][/B].


[I]Ena knew that she had been followed for quite some time. However, when she led the mysterious man into the backstreets, she didn't know of the newest challenge she would face.

"I know the man that killed your mother. He's still around here, y'know. He told me that your mother was a whore. Too bad you won't live long enough to tell him personally that you want his head." The man said to her as he pulled out the gun.

"Very well then. We fight."[/I]

"Bastard! I'll find you!" Ena cried out. "How dare you use emotions as your weapon!"


[CENTER][I][B]Don't worry Mother, I'll find the man who killed you if it's the last thing I'll ever do. I won't stop until his blood stains my hands.[/B][/I][/CENTER][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Hannah-Jabari Maurene Suada


Race: half human half vampire

Position: both

Ability:sight and hearing She can see the future and hear everthing she has such keen hearing that she can even sometimes hear thoughts not really a warrier

Appearance: She is about 5'9" 130lbs 38" 26" 38" She has curvey hips a round chest and slender waist. She is very pretty. She has wide eyes. A gorgeous shade of green. She has high cheek bones and arched eyebrows. She has full pouty lips often cloaked in a dark lipstick. She has long wavy hair that stretches to her hips and side sweep bangs covering her left eye. It's an either dark blonde or very light brown it's hard to tell and it has an orange tint to it.

Personality: She is kind butkeeps with in herself most of the time. She always feels out of place and doesn't get along with much of her human school. She is probably one of the most stubborn people you'l every meet.

Character Snippets:

"father why are you so overprotective I fifteen." She argued.

"You're the only daughter I got and there is a dangerous world out there that you haven't been exposed to yet. I'd like to keep it that way." He explained.

"You have three other children." She pointed out.

"But you're my only daughter and the youngest." He shot back. "listen I don't want you out after nine. Ever! Period!"

"Why Not?"

"because their are alot of bad people out at dark. I want you safe at home." He said plainly. "Go to Matt and Nicolette's house but be back by nine."

"fine." She gave up and ran out side.

* * * * *

"Hey chica!" Hannah exclaimed as her friend greeted her with a hug.

"Hi hannah." Nicci smiled.

Matty smiled and made a dumb laugh.

"what's wrong widchu?" Nicci said in her very ghetto voice.

"Hi hi hi. I see boobs." He didn't take his eyes off han's chest.

"Dushe bag!" The two chorused.

"So did you get curfue extended." Nicci asked.

"No." Han rolled her eyes. "My dad is as stubborn as I am."

"Well what are we going to do?" Nicci said as they all walked into the house. She plopped down on the couch, han sat next to her.

Matty smiled for a second then sat down on hannah's lap.

The girls burst out laughing and shoved him off of her.

Hannah took a deep sigh. "Oh mon deu! What are we going to do?"

"We have to bring you home at nine." Nicci nodded.

"or you could call and say the adults have returned and you want to spend the night." Matty turned to her. "You could sleep in my bed."

Ignoring matty's second comment nicci pointed out the flaw. "but her father would ask to speak with Debbie."

"Well Han can make good immatations of people. Changing her voice and such." Matt grinned.

"Okay sounds good." Hannah said dialing the phone.

"Hello dady Debbie is back can I spend the night?" She tried to sound innocent.

"Is matt going to stay in his room?" Mike, hannah's father asked.

"Of course daddy Deb wouldn't allow it any other way."

" can I speak with deb?" Mike asked.

"Of course one moment...[I]Hello Mike[/I]."

"Hello Debbie So it's alright and everything if Han spends the night?" Mike asked buying it.

"[I]Yes you know I have no problem with her staying here and I assure you matty will keep his hands to himself. We all know that cute little crush he has on Hannah."[/I]

"Mom!" Matt yelled like he was embarassed.

"Just had to make sure it was allright. Can you put my daughter on the phone?" He actually bought it.

"[I]Sure[/I]...Hey daddy So it's okay?" Han smiled.

"yes but behave and be careful."

* * * * * *

The three went to a club that night. At the club some vampires attacked. One of them seemed to vagely reconise hannah. He called her leila. Leila was her mothers name.

The three made it out safely and went directly home shaken up terribly. They couldn't tell anyone what they saw and risk being caught in a lie. Besides who would beleive them about "Vampires". the kept the secret to them selves but hannah unlike the others had to know more.

She couldn't get out of her head what the vampire said. "Leila." Her father told her she looked just like her mother. Vampires live a long time mby he new her mother when she was younger befor her death.

Her and her friends slowly grew apart because of her slight obsession. She later would find out all of te details and miss when she was nieve.[/COLOR]
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[color=#CC0099][size=1][b][u]Name:[/b][/u] Katima

[b][u]Gender:[/b][/u] Female

[u][b]Race:[/b][/u] Wakanda

[b][u]Position:[/b][/u] Kalei's side

[b][u]Ability:[/b][/u] Katima is an unusual Wakanda. She has the ability to control all six elements, but not as masterfully as her fire and darkness abilities (this is by permission of DC).

[i]Dark Flame[/i] - Katima usually uses her expert fire and darkness skills to perfection when she combines the two together, creating a rather unusual ability. This flame is able to burn any species on earth, but it does not give off light. It's a perfect weapon for dark endeveaours.

[i]Dark Flame Chain[/i] - Katima combines her skills again to make a lengthy dark flame chain that is almost indestructible. The only thing that can break this chain is holy water - why, Katima has no idea. She uses the chain like a whip with devastating effects. Sometimes, she adds a scythe piece on the end, then the weapon becomes an entirely different enemy.

[i]Dark Flame Scythe-Blade[/i] - Katima has only one other weapon other than her [i]Dark Flame Chain[/i], however, this weapon is far more devastating and destructive and takes a lot more effort to master. Dark flames burst around the four scythe blades and makes anything it touches catch on fire with this dark flame. The blade is spun around using her hand like a windmill, then released, causing a whirlwind of fury and fire. See second attachment for the basic scythe-blade.

[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b] See first attachment - without the horns. See third attachment for clothes.

[b][u]Personality:[/b][/u] Katima is a battle-loving, vampire slaying pain-in-the-butt. Her battle antics frustrates the others to no end. Playing with her prey until they beg to be killed, Katima does it, and mercilessly. Hunting the vampires gives her great joy and pleasure, although, sometimes she asks herself why she is doing this. She has no motivation for the killing - she's just doing it because she is very close to Kalei, whom she looks to like a sister of sorts. But there is also Katima's vicious protective side. When either of Kalei or Tegan, whom she sees as a close brother, are threatened with no way to escape, Katima goes berserk. Her pink eyes turn blood red and she goes completely and utterly out of control.

[u][b]Character Snippet:[/b][/u]

" Please... please... I beg of you.... don't kill me like this...."

A young pale-skinned male vampire hung from shackles in a dark room. He knew someone was there because he could see the blood pumping through her body. It made him hungry... the fresh blood of a teenage girl excited him to no end. She seemed to be throwing something from one hand to the other, almost impatiently. She was waiting... but for what?

The vampire struggled in the shackles. He couldn't get loose. They were tied to his ankles and wrists as he was suspended in mid-air. He was one of the vampires that focused on speed alone. But somehow, this wench had captured him, and easily for that matter. He struggled more.

" There's no use..." a cold young female voice came from the outline of veins that he could see. In the darkness, he could just make out pink-red eyes. They looked like they belonged to one of his brethren - maybe she was a half-breed - half human, half vampire. He spat at her feet.

He then screamed.

A searing hot pain scorched his legs. His screams were begging for an escape... for death. He'd gone through this torture for three days straight. She had kept him supplied with blood, but only so much that he was weakened and was on the cusp of life and death.
" You... half-breed...." he growled through the pain as the burning subsided.

The girl walked towards him, her clothes softly fluttering as she approached him. He could make out long pink hair and a smirk exactly like the one his master gives when something amuses him, or when he hides something.

" Who said I was a half-breed?"

He could know make out her whole figure. She was a rather tempting piece of work. Her cold pink-red eyes caught his gaze and locked it to her.

" You would be just itching to suck me dry... wouldn't you?" she sneered, circling him. That cold, tempting tone was driving him insane. He struggled against the shackles, her words like injections of lust. She smiled and dug her fingernails into her neck, breaking the skin a little, allowing blood to trickle down her neck. The male vampire went berserk - a sort of bloodlust activated by the scent of the life-giving liquid. The shackles clattered and clanged as he tried to get free - desiring even a dribble of fresh blood from a still-living body.

She inched closer. The racket made by the shackles was deafening. All he wanted was a drop of her blood before he died - which he knew she was most certainly going to do, and soon. She came within range of his wild thrashes. He caught her by the shoulders and was about to suck her dry when he felt the stake being driven through his heart. His whole body stiffened as the image of her smiling faded from his memory.


Kalei opened the door to the torture room to see Katima give the corpse a good kick, making it flip over. Katima had been sent to get information out of a young male vampire they had captured. It was a war after all, and taking prisoners was all part of the game. Kalei noticed the dry blood on Katima's neck. Katima looked up at Kalei who was glaring coldly at her neck.

" So I nearly got bitten... big deal..."
Kalei growled. It was a big deal. If Katima had been bitten... then.... Kalei shuddered to think. " I'm not going to scold you like you're a child, but I am going to say this - if you get bitten, I will hunt you down... and kill you."[/color][/size]
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[center][color=darkslategray][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Richard

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Race:[/b] Wakanda

[b]Position:[/b] Wakanda

[b]Ability:[/b] Richard controls demonic energies. In example, those that enchance and destroy. Richard has gained these powers through a rather selfless act, and controls many demons and their powers.

[u]Siphon Life:[/u] With a masterful strike, Richard places a mark of Hell on the target, and their life begins to drain into him at an alarming rate, healing himself and killing the target. Can have multiple active.

[u]Summon Infernal:[/u] Richard calls down an Infernal, or boulders animated by a demonic spirit into a humanoid form. It causes a large amount of damage in the area it was called down from, and lives for five minutes before crumbling into the earth.

[u]Shadowform:[/u] His body is covered in darkness, rendering him invisible and able to embue his punches and kicks with the angiush of those around and in Hell. Only lasts a short period of time.

[u]Demonic Roundabout:[/u] Richard's ultimate move, it starts out with a roundhouse kick, and another, and more until Richard starts spinning on his left foot while kicking at impossible speeds, this move can render the target blind, deaf and dumb for their entire life, which wouldn't be long afterwards.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/3971/k3nc.jpg][color=darkred]Richard[/color][/url]

[b]Personality:[/b] Richard is a self serving, quiet and sometimes rude person at first glance. Most have shunned him when they found out about his sacrifice for the darkness, as he loves to call it. So naturally, Richard pushes those away, prefering to keep himself to himself. However, if he wouldn't push away, everyone would find Richard a rather shy and kind man, willing to lend a hand. Good luck getting that close to find out, though.

[b]Character Snippit:[/b] [i]He just stood there, dumbfounded. I looked at him. Was he stupid, or really damn [b]stupid[/b]? I'm Wakanda. He's vampire. He's dead now.[/i] Richard kneeled upon the corpse of a vampire, and pulled a cigarette from his pocket. With a flick of his fingers, a light was in his hand, and the flame lit the small little stick that contained lung tainting tobacco. Richard took a puff, and then blew it out. After every vampire...a smoke was good.

His boot grinded into the back of the vampire. The little crunch and squish of the rotten flesh that wanted to infest and defile everything in it's sight...the crunch was slightly satisfiying. Knowing that that was another human that wouldn't be turned. For now, anyway. He stood up, and reajusted his black jacket, cleaning a bit of blood off of his stomach. It wouldn't come off so easy.

[i]Again and again with the staining...just like on the mother I found last. Bloodspattered angel. Too bad, she was nice...gave me food and a bed to sleep that night after a vampire or three jumped me. Can't really remember. She paied for it in the end though. They got her. They always get her. [/i] Richard brought his hand up through the white hair, stained with the ichor of undeath that was on the vampire, and the faint scent of formaldrahyde. Formaldrahye...beginnin' of the end. Mark o' the vampire.

Another run through of his winter white hair, Richard stepped out of the small little warehouse. Again, his hand found it's way to his pocket, and drew out a small tin. A tin of Altoids, raspberry sours. Richard's thumb pressed down and the small metal tin popped open soundlessly. His long dextile fingers found one of the candies, and Richard's fingers found his mouth. The sour taste of the purple candies were satisfying, and without an apperant reason, he drew his lighter again.

[b]"Syonara, you sons of bitches..."[/b] A flick, a flame, and it all went down. The humans had set it up perfectly. This warehouse, a blood bank for the vampires in the most literal sense, had been covered in a fine layer of gasoline by several humans that had run into vampires and was in debt with Richard. The corruption was all in flames now, an acrid odor finding Richard's nostrils. He didn't mind. As long as it all didn't exist, Richard was happy. So happy. His one skill was deadly, and it wasn't his people skills.

A vampire wasn't too happy with this development, and sprung out at Richard. His left hand shot out, and he slapped a mark of death on the vampire. Siphon Life began to take place, and the vampire thrashed. Once, twice, and it was dead. Richard returned his hand to the black shirt, and then began to button it up. Not clean, and far from unstained, he left.

Richard found Katima sitting out in the coold midsummer wind, her pink hair fluttering in the wind. He sat down beside her on the curb, and spoke. His first words in over three days. His voice...was so hoarse. Coarse and dry, it still sounded as sweet as everyone told him it was.

[b]"What's a fine girl like you doing sitting all alone?"[/b] Richard would never confess it, but he had a deep affection for Katima. He might confess it...if the time was right. If the time was right.[/color][/size][/center]
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Name: Ebony

Gender: Female

Race: Half vampire, Half human

Position: both

Ability: Speed, a natural seductruss, and carrys a black shotgun with extra ammo

Appearance: Long sleek black hair that reaches her rear, black leather trench coat, black leather long sleeved shirt, Pale white skin, brown eyes, black baggy leather pants, and black combat boots. Oh and she has a black kitten with a white star on its chest named Shindow

Personality: Secretive, mysterious,and lethal. She doesn't trust many, exept her dearest friends.

Character Snippets:

::Ebony lay staring at the stary sky cursed, her shotgun lay across her stomach. A rustle came from a bush near by. She jumped up landing on her feet catching the shotgun in mide air and pointing it towards the bush.::

"Address your self, ..........being!"

::She demanded and a black kitten with a white star on its chest . She put her shot gun in its sling on her back and she bent over the kitten and picked it up. The kitten happily and playfully nipped her fingure.::

"Shindow! What did you find?"

::She said talking to the black kitten, Shindow::

::shindow jumped out of her arms and it walked back behind the bush and came back out with a note and layed it at Ebony's feet, then curled up in the shade of and oak tree near by. Ebony bent over and sat down while picking up the note and read it, it said

' Dearest Ebony,
How dare you go against us. Oh well i know where you are, look in the tree Shindow is laying under.


::Ebony stood up dropping the note and drawing her shotgun again and walking slowly towards the tree Shindow lay under. A nija star flew at Ebony and she duvked but it caght a piece of her black trench coat. She cussed and she shot into the tree a branch feel because of the power of her shotgun. No one was there it was sent from somw where else. Ebony scoped up Shindow and turned around and left the clearing. Going were ever the wind takes her::
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Name: Sir Alec Truvaer

Gender: Male.

Race: Full Vampire thank you very much.

Allegiance: Loyalties lie with Lord Malik.

Abilities: Is a seducer, and prides himself in being rather fast.

Appearance: Alec stands at a daunting six feet, slender in his limbs and carries himself with an air of royalty. His actions are slow and smooth, grace and beauty of a young man being invaluable assets to him. Long black hair and sharp golden eyes are distinguishing trademarks of Sir Alec, along with a wardrobe that holds true to a victorian era. Black velvet is usually the vampire's taste and would not settle for anything less than perfection.

Personality: Haughty, Snobbish, Cruel, Saddistic and 'Holier than thou' come to mind when describing Truvaer. He is rarely capable of compassion, or kindness, unless the use of said emotions allow for self gain.

Character Snippet: [i]From the documents of Sir Alec Truvaer Circa August 7th, 1785[/i]

A rather currious encounter with a strange man has led me to fall quite ill in past weeks. I feel as though I am on the brink of death each morning, but as night falls, I can allow myself to be pulled from my chambers, and even perfom normal tasks as I am now. I haven't eaten for days, and I feel that if I don't gain sustenance soon, my body will forefeit the fight, and I shall find myself a grave man.

[i]Circa August 12th, 1785[/i]

I write now in haste, amazed at the sudden strength I have gained with such a barbaric manner. Young Evans, my most loyal and trustworthy of servants fell victim to my words and willingly offered himself to me as a sacrifice to my health. While odd as it seemed to me, I soon had the young man under my control, and, dare I say, fed from his very veins. I find now that my craving has not been for food, but for blood, human blood at that. A craving so lethal that my servant had left this world too soon. Pity, and he felt rather delicious beneith my tongue.

[i]Circa April 28th, 1845[/i]

In my years of travel, I have learned a new term 'Vampire'. It seems all those years ago, I was in the company of a night walker. Having being bitten and not imediately killed, I have contracted the so called curse. I however could not be more thrilled. My youth has clung to me now, years beyond the days when I should have wilted and died. The only thing that keeps me sustained is the blood of humans, those whom I used to belong. For once they were my equals, now they are nothing more than livestock to me.

Perhaps I should begin harvest of my own herd.

[i]Circa October 16th, 1894[/i]

News has reached me of a new breed of vampire, were they to be called a breed at all. Whispers of half bloods has reached my ears, and shames me to share the name with them. These wretches who wish to live the night sicken me, and will be disposed of by my hands. Those who care not to have such a fate as a halfblood?

I would be more than pleased to end their suffering.

[i]Circa October 31st, 1894[/i]

More news has reached me as I learn about a new clan amongst the hidden race called the Wakanda. Strange beings that resemble the closeness of mankind and weild powers of the earth. Strange, I wonder how they would taste.

It seems however, that my breed is unwelcome in their realm.

And here I was about to throw a dinner party for them...

[i]Circa August 17th, 2005[/i]

It has been nearly been 220 years since my birth into darkness. And in this time I have not seen such a war as I am about to see. My undying lord malik wishes to wage war upon the Wakanda, the beings wich I have yet to taste upon my lips. Perhaps in this unending opertunity of encounters, I shall snag one for my own, and perhaps, kill a few in the process...[/color][/font]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Kell'Niele

Gender: Female

Race: Nosferatu [Old Vampire]

Position: So far, waiting to be swung either way

Abilities: God-like swiftness and agility.

Appearance: See attachment. Very pale skin, dark red hair, demonic eyes, dark red/brown hair. As for clothing, she generally conceals most of her flesh in cloaks, gowns, and other form fitting style outfits. She's rather modest, so don't expect her to parade around naked for just anyone.

Personality: Cool and calm, generally sweet and gentle to her prey, but able to succumb to fits of horrific and destructive rage. She isn't angered by much, and will be quick to forgive, just not to forget.

Character Snippets:

[i]Kell'Niele, oldest of old, made her way down the path, senses turned into high gear. Her eyes flickered slightly. Anyone who cared to notice would see that she was not only a vampire, a Nosferatu in fact, but a very beautiful woman. Her figure was slender, her flesh pale, and her eyes. Her demon eyes. They were red, with black slits for pupils, and surrounded by long lashes. She closed her eyes just a bit, and let her other senses take over. She smelled the earth, changing from dusk to complete darkness. Her ears pricked. The sound of human footsteps on grass reached her.

She smiled and removed the hood of her gown. The human was a girl child. A sweet little thing, so alone, so very...alone. Kell'Niele approached like a breath of air. They were both quiet, regarding each other. The girl looked up into the red eyes of the vampire and reached out her hands.[/i]

"Are you going to take me far away? It's dark. I'm frightened."

[i]The vampire smiled gently, exposing slightly fanged teeth. Her voice was a brush of oil on ice.[/i]

"Don't be afraid of the dark. It's not the dark that will hurt you."

[i]Her eyes sparkled playfully, and the little girl was gathered up into her arms. With almost maternal hands, Kell'Niele swept the wispy blonde hair from her face and neck, exposing the pulsing arteries. She whispered a sweet nothing into the girl's ear, then sent a cool rushing darkness into her mind, then sank her teeth into her neck. There was absolutely no resistance. The child's mind was wiped as clean as a slate. Nothing left, and no life either. Kell'Niele cradled the dying child in her arms, rocking back and forth slowly. Then she closed the girl's eyes, and laid her down underneath the trees.[/i]

"Sleep well."

[i]The vampire, strengthened by fresh human blood, turned, drawing her hood up again. Then she ran, faster than any human ever could, leaping over obstacles, clearing fences, her feet barely brushing the ground. To the human eye, one would see merely a dark shadow darting out of sight as quickly as one noticed it. To a Vampire, one woudl smile, seeing another of their kind filled with the power only blood could bring.[/i][/COLOR]

***Just a thought; to improve the overall quality of your posts demonchild, you could run a quick spell check and catch little errors here and there. Don't think I'm picking on you thought, everyone should do it! Sometimes, people think you're smarter than you really are. God knows I depend on it.***[/font]
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ok ppl. I havent really ever done a RP before I only just started doing them. So tell me if I do something wrong and I will try to fix it.

Name: Escay Parsli


Race: Half-Vampire, Half-Human

Position: Wakanda

Ability: Strong, Fast, She carries 2 semi automatic pistols,a silver dagger, a bottle of holy water on a necklace and a pet raven.

Appearance: Standing at 5'5" with long, wavy black (gold streaked) hair, pale olive skin and red eyes are the only hints of Vampireism. High cheek bones a ski slope/button nose with soft curving lips. Long curvy body with strong lims she weighs anout 125lb. She's gorgous (Or at least thats what I'm trying to portray) She wears Black cargo pants, a white tank top, combat boots and a thigh length black jacket.

Personality: Cold, collected, silent, her attitude kinda sticks to the Vampire side of things but when it comes to her freinds she's open and very loyal.

Character Snippets:OOC: ......... oh boy :animesigh lets see what I can do.

Escay lifted her red eyes to see a shadow streak in front of the full moon, she got up watching the sky as a raven swept through the trees and landed next to her. She glanced at the bird, "What was it Rafe??"
The raven shook his head cawed softly and hopped back into flight. Escay had been sitting at this post for two days waiting for the party sorces had said would come. [I]No one has any decency now in days.[/I] Escay thought to herself as she moved over to where her camp was.

[U]Later that night[/U]
The snap of a twig broke the midnight silence. Escay's eyes shot to the spot she silently rose, circled the area and closed in dagger out. "Who are you and what do you want", she growled out. In front of her was a tall, young, male Vampire, he looked at Escay and smirked, "You think you can stop me human??" He asked confidently.
Escay smirked back, "You think Im human Vampire??"
The Vampire looked at her again but this time he looked like he was looking deeper then before, he stepped back, yelled "Half-breed scum!!" and lunged at her. Escay went down stabbing the man with her blade and trying to draw her stake. They both came up circling each other, Escay had sucsesfully drawn her stake and was waiting for the Vampire to make a mistake. The Vampire lunged again fangs bared, " Are you ready to die?!? He yelled. Escay lunged at him, "Yes, are you?"
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[SIZE=1]Name: Priest

Gender: female

Race: human

Position: Wakanda so far

Ability: Being nothing more than a fit human, she often cares bottles of holy water on her when she?s out in public or a cross bow and some stalks caring everything in a case during the day and really only traveling with it out at night. She never fails to have some thing up her sleeves.

Appearance: her boots are black and laced to the top tightly as if they were going to run away if they weren?t tied properly, although they were dirty and worn, her jean pants tend to have holes in them in various places ,so she wears black pants under then to cover up anything that shouldn?t be seen being the type that?s to cheap to just by a new pair. She wears a loose black shirt with the logo of a bank on the side covered by a jean jacket with as many compartments and pockets that she needs. She carries a large rolling book bag with her and wears a silver cross around her neck. Her eyes are originally a light brown color but since she can?t half see, she decided to get red colored contacts which she always has on. She?s almost a powder brown color and seems to be barely over 5'4.Her hair is an almost greying black color although she?s only in her twenties, she often keeps her hair cut short.

Personality: Priest is quiet when she needs to be and blunt when she wants to be, which is often .Most people around her find her irritating since she doesn?t respond to others well, it?s rare to get an actual reply to a question of any sort that?s not sarcastic or mean. She?s a perfectionist and hard to work with because of her attitude.

Character Snippets:

?Really.? She sank her teeth into the peach and glanced up at the young girl endlessly ranted in front of her, about work, life, people.?That?s interesting? she said actually being sarcastic but at the moment was too lazy to use any type of tone with it. The girl continued talking,

Priest sighed wondering why she put up with such mindless jabber. Here this chick is complaining about people talking about her in the work place behind her back when Priest herself nearly got her tail bone handed to her on a platter last night by a vampire. She still had a hell load of bruises from it too, So why was she putting up with the girl? Ah yes, because she paid the bills on their apartment and was letting her stay there.

Priest sat there and nodded every five minutes like she was actually paying the talkative girl attention. ?Well I need to go..See you tonight.? She looked at the seed of the consumed peach and then threw it away before leaving the girl in front of the apartment half way in the middle of a conversation, with herself. What could she have added to the conversation anyway? ?Oh yeah works a killer..You know I?ve been having issues with my job to. . .Nearly getting killed and all.? That would be like asking the girl to sign her up for a trip to the mental institution.
She shoved her hands in her pocket and walked down the street watching day turn to night, her wobbly book bag making more noise than a rabies infected dog.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]Name: Talyn

Gender: Male

Race: Wakanda

Position: Wakanda

Abilities: Talyn has managed to master one of the most difficult elements known to the Wakanda: the element of light. He can display this power in a variety of ways.

[u]Light Blast:[/u] This is where Talyn opens his hands, and gathers light energy in them, before launching this energy at his opponent. To any non-vampires, or the more powerful vampires, this merely blasts them backwards, but to the weaker vampires, it can destroy them entirely.

[u]Light Shower:[/u] When cast, this spell causes a few sparkles of light to glitter in the sky, and as they continue to glitter and glow, they expand into beams of golden light which blast down from the sky, capable of destroying slightly stronger vampires as well as the weaker ones.

[u]Sunlight:[/u] Talyn's most powerful spell, although it uses up a lot of his energy, leaving him very drained after using it. He throws his head back and howls, breaking any clouds apart, letting rays of sunlight beam down from the sky, destroying many vampires in a large space. However, it will still not work on stronger vampires, and it leaves him vulnerable after use.

However, Talyn is also fairly proficient at close-quarters combat, and is able to use his body to combat his enemies very efficiently.

Appearance: See attachment (minus the shoulder holster)

Personality: Talyn is quiet, but not hostile. He is very to-the-point and does not use five words when three will do. When he is in battle he does not bother with tough talk, instead preferring to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, he does take a certain relish in finishing the vampires off.

Character Snippet: [i]The Bloodsuckers surrounded me. There was no way out, and they were closing in fast. These guys were strong and fast, much faster than any of the Wakanda. Without our magic we would stand no chance.

But we do have our magic, and as long as we do, the vampires are the weaker species by far...

[/i]They rushed the Wakanda, leaping at him from all directions. He managed to kick the first couple away, throwing them backwards into the rest of the crowd, but they soon overpowered him.

Physically at least...

Talyn brought his hands together, gathering light energy in them, a growing sphere of golden light that shone out through his fingers, the rays that escaped burning some vampires on contact. His face was contorted in concentration, and soon the globe of light was big enough. He raised his hands, and let go of the globe, letting the rays blast out from his hands, burning every vampire that was around him to a crisp.

Soon all that remained were a few piles of ash around the Wakanda, and very soon he was gone too...

(Hope that's good for ya, DC)
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][CENTER]Name: Kalei
Gender: Female
Race: Wakanda
Position: Wakanda
Able to use all elements equally well, but her greatest skill is illusion. Though not recognized by the Wakanda House, the skill is a powerful one, taught to her by her Nana.

The ability to make a physical clone of any living creature she touches. The effects last only for a short time, unless Kalei is able to focus all her energy into her spell.

The ability to make oneself look like a none-living object. This has little physical or mental strain, but Kalei can only camflage herself.

These are invisible forces made of condensed air that allows Kalei to use as a shield or a blast-like effect. (Pre-Story: Malik into wall)

Minor effects with elements:
used to open locks, create light, sweep away smoke, start a fire ect.

Appearance: See Attachment:
A well-rounded woman, standing around 5' 5" with lean, defined muscles. Usually dressed conservatively for day to day work in her late Nana's book store. At night, flattering outfits to attract her easy prey. Intoxicating brown eyes, lusious lips and a sweet, powerful voice complete the North American Wakanda Leader.

A smooth-talker, Kalei can talk her way out of anything unless its Malike standing before her. Usually easy-going and a a sense of humor, Kalei is well liked by her fellow Wakanda and those humans that slip in and out of her life.

Character Snippets:

"Nana! Nana please say something?" Kalei could barely hold back her tears as she pulled the elderly Wakanda into her lap.

The small book store Kalei and Nana had called home for the last twelve years had been destroyed. Books burned, torn apart, pottery and glass smashed, and Nana lay lifeless in Kalei's arms.

"Grand-daughter...is that you?" A shaky voice whispered softly.

Kalei brought her eyes down rapidly to watch Nana's lips move.

"Oh Nana, what has happened here?" Kalei weeped silently as she bent forward and placed her forehead on top of Nana's.

"They've started...started," Nana broke out into a violent fit of coughing. Kalei did all she could to ease the elderly woman's pain as the coughing subsided.

"Stay quiet, Nana." Kalei trembled, knowing that he beloved grandmother was dying.

"You must know...that...they...have started...the war again." Nana reached up and softly caressed Kalei's dampened cheek with her well wrinkled hand. "We shall see each other again." As the last words left Nana's lips she began to choke, grabbing at her throat and chest. Kalei wailed in disppear as she gathered the woman into her arms and tried to ease her suffering. That's when Kalei noticed, just before Nana's body fell limp, that she was pointing behind her.

Kalei slowly laid the old woman onto the floor and as she stood, realized Malik was standing behind her. The brown haired girl swirled around in a fit of rage and slammed her fist into Malik's cheek. A sick smack echoed through the burning building as he gave way to the forceful punch. Malik threw his head up quickly, his bright red eyes glowing with anger.

"You bastard! How dare you step foot in this store!" Kalei cursed.

"You ungreatful--." Malik began as Kalei came at him.

"Get out! Get out!" Kalei screamed, swinging her first at him. He fought back at first, but eventually gave in and left Kalei alone.

(A lover's spat, but was this what caused Malik and Kalei to go their seperate ways? Guess you'll have to wait and see.[/CENTER]

[COLOR=DarkRed]Hello all those that have joined. Make sure you finish your sign ups. And just to let every one know, I might not let every one join for various reasons. So if you don't make it...please don't be offended. Still waiting for a few more sign ups from my reserved characters and still excepting original characters as well. The rpg should be up and running by the middle of next week I hope.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Okay, so school is getting really demanding, but never fear, KABIRA IS HERE. It's all good my chillins, I am just uber busy at the moment. After I finish all my homework tonight, I'll be on and try to finish this darn character sign up thingy. This is going to be a multiple step process. I?ll be done by the end of the weekend.

[B]Name:[/B] Kabira
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Race:[/B] Vampire
[B]Position:[/B] Malik's sweet and sultry mistress

[B]Abilities:[/B] While many of the other vampires common to Kabira's knowledge hold a sensational ability of speed, Kabira herself seems to be rather a slow creature. While she seems slow due to the fact she can be easily caught, Kabira tends to make up for her lack of speed with her remarkable marksmanship and martial arts skills. Throughout her 219 years on this earth, Kabira has studied many skills throughout the world.

During World War One, Kabira took up the rifle. During her time behind her secure location, she learned to appreciate guns for what they're worth in every category. Though not her favorite weapon, Kabira can always be found with a beautiful silver Desert Eagle strapped in a holster amidst her left side, near her chest. This weapon has served as a last resort in many a fight against her sworn enemies, the Wakanda.

Keeping with her sultry attitude and drop dead gorgeous style, Kabira made friends with elegant craftsmanship. At a young age, before her change, Kabira used to watch her father throw hatchets. Being of a Navajo descent, Kabira witnessed many a hatchet throwing contest. Soon after her change, Kabira took up knife throwing. While she loved her father, she also resented him for his actions towards the family during her younger years. To follow, yet at the same time be unique, Kabira studied diligently over her new found art. Eventually, she made a friend by the name of Marcus. Marcus was significantly well endowed in the art of smithery. Using her naturally born talents, Kabira soon took the heart of Marcus.

As a treasure to last all time, Marcus put his heart and soul into creating a set of twelve knives for Kabira to use in tournaments. One night, Kabira came home enraged, and in her berserk state, managed to kill her first love. Through the years, Kabira has kept the knives, one of her primary weapons. They can be found on a contrasting white lace garter belt, amidst her left thigh.

Among her skills, martial arts tend to rank the highest. Kabira is not fast by any means, amazingly being out paced by even some mere humans. One of her most unique abilities is her great strength. Kabira is one to stay in a fight for hours. Resisting most blows, Kabira has been known to go on forever just to prove her strength among her peers. Advanced in many arts, Kabira is definitely a force to be reckoned with, weapons or not.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Kabira stands at a mild height of 5'8". With her tan Native American skin, and her long dark black hair, Kabira tends to seem normal at first glance. But, while her skin tone and hair are nothing to awe about, her figure is something ferocious. With piercing brown eyes, Kabira tends to silence most men with just a gaze. Her luscious body is slim and perfect for the runway. Most often, Kabira can be found wearing an all black outfit, common among the vampire kingdom. With her long trench coat, and stilettos, Kabira appears to be a threat at first glance, for women, and Wakanda.

[B]Personality:[/B] Like every sultry sensual vampiric heroine in the past, Kabira has the sass to back up her beauty. Her very gaze tends to turn most men's hearts lustful in mere seconds, allowing her to get what she wants, and what she needs. But we all know there is more than one way to get into the veins of men. Her sweet voice tends to send chills down the spines of her victims. Cocky as all hell, Kabira always goes into situations thinking they'll end up like the last, with her "on top" of it all, and walking away victorious.

Besides her physical craving for the natural wine flowing through the veins of humans, Kabira tends to have another hunger. A hunger based on the most basic of instincts. The hunger for lust. Kabira tried her hand at love in years past, and felt nothing but pain as she watched them dwindle away.

Recently though, Kabira has started to find the physical attraction towards the powerful vampire Malik to be growing like a weed, deeper, and deeper into her un-beating heart.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B]

Walking into the hotel, Kabira held strong to her man of the hour. His name was of no importance. Kabira saw it like this: If human's don't learn the names of their cattle, why should she learn the name of her's? Looking over through her hair, Kabira saw the man's desires build as they quickened their pace to the elevators.

As they stepped in, Kabira quickly tapped the "Close Door" button, giving them a little excitement to carry them up to the penthouse sweet. As the elevator finally took it's orders and began to climb, Kabira turned to her dessert, pinning him against the wall.

"Hey baby, you really are a hungry one aren't you?"

"Damn right, I can't wait to see what you have to offer."

Their lips met as they reached the 25th floor. The pheromones passed in-between the two, intoxicating him, and increasing her hunger. As they reached the 27th floor, the passion skyrocketed.

Kissing down his neck, Kabira stood indulging herself in the sweet cologne the man used to attract the women he so desired. She knew that this was nothing more than "cooking" her meal, readying it for a simple and easy extraction.

A moan let out right as the elevator dinged at their destination.

Making their way to his bed, Kabira quickly removed her coat, and his shirt. Each step led them further down the lustful path. As they neared the bed, Kabira jumped into the man's arms. As lips touched, hungers grew within both of them. He for her body. Her for his life force.

As they met between the sheets, Kabira was sadly not surprised at all by the man. As he fiddled away with numerous actions of his own, Kabira grew impatient.

[I]Damn it, another eunuch! [/I]

As they man's lips trailed up her stomach, Kabira readied herself.

His eyes met her's. The man began to speak.

"I lo..."

The snapping of his neck finished his sentence, both life and language. Kabira had a strange way of feeding. Most vampires went for the common and stereotypical jugular vein found in the neck. Kabira has had many long years to study the human body with undying interest. She knew that the blood always pumped with more speed during a stimulating time period, this thereby meaning it would be easy to feed from any known vein in the body. Walking into the other room, Kabira returned shortly with her knives in hand.

Sitting next to the limp man, Kabira removed one blade. The blade had an inscription upon in. The word "Passion" was engraved upon the pure silver. Pulling herself towards the body, Kabira raised the mans wrist up to her mouth. She slit his wrists and quickly began to suckle at the spigot. Indulging herself in his precious crimson fluid, a warm sensation covered her from the inside out.

Moments later, she found the man almost empty.

"Poor dear. You weren't up for any challenge tonight were, you? Oh well, seems you learned a lesson."

The pale body made no response.

"You're shoes didn't match your shirt. You should know that at least. The Frat-boy look is hott, but you shouldn't let your home reflect that. Clean up! Good God, is it that hard to ask for some order? Oh, your cologne was very sensational, but your lines were far from that. Anyway, thanks for the night. I had a blast.... Well, not really."

With a chuckle, Kabira raised herself from the body and began to fetch her clothes throughout the apartment.

Half an hour later, Kabira emerged from the elevator on the 34th floor. Walking to the escape stairs, she made her way to the rooftop. Looking around, she saw that the sun was soon to come out. With a smirk, Kabira finally returned Passion to it's rightful place. All the way up the stairs she had been savoring it as if it were a candy treat for a child. Each drop of plasma ran from her tongue and surged through her system.

(O.O.C. I AM SUCH A WIERD FOO. Like seriously, I don't even know what I wrote besides she got it on, then didn't like it, and then got hungry at an ironic moment. Hmm, anyway. Thank you for letting me apply. Promise to do well in the RPG, IF I make it. Much love to all.)
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Name: Veline
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Position:Malik's. Inless she gets a reason to switch.
She's Malik's younger half sister. (They have different mother's.)
Ability: She's very fast, and good at aiming.
(She has the normal seduction as well.)
Appearance: [URL=http://images.quizilla.com/R/reshavalentine3173/1103096774_gothic_anime_girl_2.jpg]Veline[/URL] looks like this with long black nails and two loop earings on each ear.
The leather things hanging on the side's are her whips.^_^ She also has an up to date hand gun.
Personality: Veline is a bi*** with a nasty bite...literally. She can be nice but only if she likes you or is trying to seduce you.
Character Snippets:

Veline shoved the boy against the wall and started kissing his neck very slowly, she could feel his warm, fresh blood flowing through his veins and smirked.

The boy moved his hands up her leg and up her back with pleasure, and smiled as she kissed his neck and rubbed her hands against his chest.

" To bad you aren't strong enough to be like me. You would have been fun."


"That's life."

She quickly sunk her teeth into his throaght the warm blood ran down her throaght and she closed her eye's.

The boy struggled but she had him pinned. A couple seconds later he fell uncontous and she finished him off.

----------------A half hour later---------------

Veline walked through the door of the old mansion and walked up the long staircase. The hall was long and dark with a few candles here and there.

She walked up to a large black door with silver dragons on the door and ruby red eye's. She opened the door and walked in her room.

She layed down on her large bed, with black silk covering's and strange designs on her bed posts. She hugged her pillow and looked up at the ceiling with a smile on her face.

"Today was a good day. To bad I had to kill that human though, he was really cute. Oh....well. I already have someone."

Her eye's closed and she drifted away in a harmless slumber until her boyfriend Bre'on walked in the room and took off his leather jacket with a large smirk on his face.

"Hi. Welcome back."

He wrapped his arm's around her waist and slowly kissed her neck as they fell on the bed.

Veline let out a slight moan and took off his black silk tank top. She slid her hands down across his six pack and took off his belt.

[COLOR=DarkRed](I won't go into major detail about that. :animeswea You can just guess what happens next. :D )[/COLOR]
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His Own

All the classic vampire skills plus some other surprises.


Malik is a stern, unforgiving man who takes the utmost pride in his vampiric heritage. In his earlier years he was a very different person, but he prefers to consider the present rather then past. Although he boasts a tough outer-shell, certain memories and feelings affect him greatly, and often skew his judgement. Even with such weaknesses, he is still the famed [I]Vampire Lord[/I] and requires an amazing amount of respect from his lowers. He holds such great power and has gained access to most of it, yet his unbridled potential allows for excessive growth and increase in power.

[B]Character Snippets[/B]:
Coming Soon, unless DC says otherwise.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[COLOR=GREEN]I hope I'm not too late to join. I've had a busy week at work.

[B]Name:[/B] Fyuora

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Wakanda

[B]Position:[/B] Wakanda

[B]Ability:[/B] Controls water in all it's forms (gas, liquid, solid), can change it from one form to another, and purify it (holy water).
[U][I]Tsunami Surge[/I][/U] Creates a huge tidle wave from a pre-exsisting body of water.
[U][I]Artic Frost[/I][/U] Instantly freezes water, even water vapor in the air.
[U][I]Neptune's Fury[/I][/U] Creates water spouts, usually 2 or 3 at a time, and directs them on fairly accurate paths.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://tinypic.com/augylj.jpg"]Click here.[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Fyuora used to be very open and friendly, sometimes too friendly. When she was younger, she was far too trusting of strange people she met. One day, when she was about 13, a young man who seemed friendly enough luered her away and raped her. Since then, she has become cold and often violent towards those she distrusts, which is nearly everyone she hasn't known for a while. She still tends to act warm and bubbly on the surface, but more as a fasad(sp?) than as a reflextion of her true personality.

[B]Character Snippets:[/B]

The air was stale and humid outside one of the most popular night clubs in the heart of the city. A young woman who appeared in her early twenties, leaned aganst the handle bars of her motor bike, a bored, digruntled look on her face. [I]I'd much rather be in that club, unwinding, than stuck out here like some weird stalker,[/I] Fyuora thought to herself.

She had recieved a tip that a low ranking vampire laky of Malik's was to show up here anytime now. Her job was to capture her alive so they could get information, but this wait was becoming unbearable for Fyuora, who was just about to nod off if not for the loud commotion comming from the club entrance.

"What a lame joint! Full of pathetic loosers! Not a drop of respect for [I]real[/I] patrons!!" A wealthy looking woman had stepped out of the club and was shouting quite loudly to anyone who would listen. "That's her, dark hair, pale skin, acts like a spoiled princess." Fyuora noted silently to herself as she began to follow her down the dark street.

She walked her motor bike as quietly as possible, keeping a good distance between her and her target. After about five minutes of this she suddenly stopped and Fyuora stopped too. "So pathetic," the vampire muttered and suddenly without any warning took off running with amazing speed and agility.

"So the chase is on. That's just the way I like it." Fyuora reved up her bike and began the pursute. Her bike had been specially modified by a good, human friend of hers, so that it was perfect for keeping up with vamipires who specialized in speed. Within moments, her target was back in her sights.

The chase soon reached the bay that was located on the outskirts of the city. As a last ditch effort, she took off over the water. "Big mistake!" Fyuora shouted as she halted her bike and lept over the guard rail surrounding the bay. Before she reach the water's surface, she spead her palm flat towards the water and began muttering an ancient incantaion. Instantly, the water just below her began to freeze.

She landed eligantly on her make-shift raft and with an effortless flick of the wrist, was propelled forward towards the target. As they neared the opposite shore, Fyuora made an upward thrust movement with her hand and a surging tital wave immediately picked up her victim and slammed her into the bank.

"Bad move, crossing into the terrain of my element," Fyuora remarked snidely as she stepped off her "ice-raft" and strode casually over towards the water logged vampire.

OOC~ Ug... that's all I got for now. Let me just say, nice story, DC, and I hope you'll let me join.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER][B]Name:[/B] Lania

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Vampire

[B]Position:[/B] So fair she is on no position.

[B]Ability:[/B] She has extreme speed and can lure just about any creature within her grasp.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Her raven short hair hung low to her shoulders and had a bit of a bounce as she walked. Her chocolate cream complextion was slightly pale do to the fact that she wasn't human. She stood about 5ft 6''. So she was around the age of 16 or maybe 17 at the least. She blended with the night crisped air by wearing nothing but black. She wears a loosely black belly shirt that hangs low a bit when it reaches her breast. The sleeves looked ripped when they come to her shoulders, due to the fact that shde had teared them herself. Imprinted on the shirt was a white wolf with bloodie up fangs that dripped red words spelling, "Death". She wore some black baggy jeans that had chains running threw the belt loops of her pants. The chains looked a bit rusty but still had a sort of shine to them. Her black pants had many zippers up and down the side of her legs. Hanging from the chains on her sides where her weapons, elbow blades. Completing her outfit were her black skater shoes with no slight of white on them. Black shoe strings and black or gray designs.

[B]Personality:[/B] Personality? This makes me laugh. Lania has many different personalities just can choose between one. Lania has a condition that many vampires do not have. She has an illness that causes her to be the most visous then the most gentle at times. Sometimes she can crave for nothing but lust and get what she wants by luring the weak with her skillful powers. She mostly keeps to herself cause she knows she would be killed by other vamps if they knew of her secret. The personality that she usually keeps is her solitude one. The one to keep to herself but times she will turn visous or suduce whoever she wants.

[B]Character Snippets:[/B] "I'm sorry, but your daughter is suffering from an illness that we have know clue on how to cure. We do know she may stay this way for life," said the doctor 6 years after Lania was bored. Being born with an unknown disease freaked her vampire parents out most of all. They didn't want there only daughter to suffer of this disease cause they knew if she did they would be ridicule by other other vampires. Vampires that would call them weak only because of their stupid minded daughter.
"What can we do for her," asked the mother her hands shaking at the thought of the humiliation. "Nothing. We just have to see if she can destory one of the so called personalities and keep one just for her. Whether its good or bad," the doctor replied unknowning of what they were or why they were so worried. They took their 'retard' daughter home and tried to settle her.
Over the years, she grew and so did her condition. The one that freaked them out the most was the fact that she snucked out at night to kill mortals. She killed more then what she was need to. She killed for the pleasure of the kill. The amusement of the kill. There was always something about 10-15 mortals killed in one night. Just one night. Not possible unless you have a gun. But for vampires it was most
certainly was possible for them.
Vampires came and complain to the mother and father. "Your daughter is killing our meals. She's out of hand. If you can't control her we will," they all shouted at them. Some even laughed at them when they couldn't control her. Time past and she grew worse. Her parents couldn't take it anymore. Ashamed of their daughter they made an atempt to kill her....
In the middle of the night, they followed her. The cold air peircing their unimpure face making them cold skin even colder to even the lightless touch. With nothing but gleam in their eyes, they stalked her. She appeared to be a lost child. Darting this way and that, looking with confusion on her face. Then Lania suddenly stopped. Her parents farther ways behind, watched her. They had never seen her hunt before or kill. So this is something they wanted to see. They had to see.
A mortal approached where Lania stood. He looked to be in his mid 30's. He looked at the girl who appeared to be lost. "Hello there, young lass," he said in a scotchish accent. She smiled up at him with the most unhuman smile any child could make.
Like in a trance, he stood up. She turned and went into an alley way. He followed and so did the parents. Lania had the man's head in her hands. It was an odd position for him to be but it was the only for her to feast on him. Just as she was about to bit him, Lania's parent jumped apon her grabbing her arms. "That is enough, Lania," her mother shouted at her. Lania struggled for a life time. But her mother and father were stronger than she was. Or so they thought.
Lania's eyes turned a bright red making her have no pupil or iris at all. A low growl formed in the back of her throat. Using strength her parents had no idea she had, she flipped them off of her throwing them into a wall. Busting threw the wall the parents stood up and held their heads. "Where on earth," they said to each other. They looked around for Lania but she was no where in sight. "Where did that bastard of a daughter go," said her father. "Right here, father," said an evil childish voice behind them.
They turned with horror struck on their faces. For she had in her hand a stake. She twirled it within her hand and glared at them. She then tossed it at her mother's chest where her heart should of been. She grabbed at it but was to late. She fall to the ground blood gushing out everwhere. Lania walked over to her mother and pulled it out. Her father stepped back. "You wicked. You're messed up in the head," he shouted making a run for it. Lania ran after with more speed than what he had. She tripped him with the stake as he ran. He fell head first into the ground. Her tried to crawl away but couldn't move fast enough. Lania walked over to him towering over him. "Bastards fathers don't get a second chance," she said staking him in the chest....

Years later, Lania walked the streets night, with nothing but anger in her eyes. She hasn't killed anyone or anything after that day. Now walking the streets of the age of 16 or 17, no one could really tell, she watched other vamps kill but stayed clear of them. She knew of nothing of the war going on for she kept to herself and ignored others around her.[/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]

[CENTER][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Blue]Ooc: Okay, I'm done. PM me if they're any problems. :catgirl:

Another thing, if this does get stepped up in Adventure Square Tuesday, I won't be able to post until Friday. You'll noticed why in my siggy. Thanks again. :catgirl: [/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER]
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[SIZE=1]Name: Shiva
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Position: With Malik
Ability: Speed: Shiva specializes in speed. Some people might mistake it as teleportation because she moves so fast it is invisible to the naked eye.

Flight: This is a very obvious ability. Shiva simply levitates from the ground and can fly across the landscape.
Appearance: *coming soon*

Personality: Shiva is very serious all the time. She likes to get straight to the point, beating around the bush a serious pet peeve of hers. This seriousness has been in her since the day she was born. Everyone knew not to start an idle conversation with Shiva. Quite the emotionless one as well, never cracking a smile was also a thing of Shiva's.
Character Snippets:*WILL EDIT* [/SIZE]
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=DarkRed]Hey,

Alright, Love Me, Mr. Death should be up by tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. Til then, sign ups are still open for whom ever wishes to join. Those that have been accepted are listed below. Thanks for all that have signed up and hope to see you all again.

Sinistra ~~ Ena
Ditsy_Taurus ~~ Hannah
Reiku ~~ Katima
Angelus_Necare ~~ Alec Truvaer
Deucalion ~~ Richard
Neuvoxraiha ~~ Kell'Niele
Madnessofthecat ~~ Priest
Fallen ~~ Talyn
Lostcause ~~ Kabira
Kamuro ~~ Malik
SolarPrincess ~~ Fyuora
BlackTigerGurl ~~ Lania
Beta ~~ Shiva

Those listed above, please make sure your sign ups are finished before the RP starts, otherwise I will not be able to allow you to join.

And I will not be creating an Underground thread, so if you need to know something, feel free to PM me or one of the other characters with questions you have.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Sin

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Half-vampire, Half-human

[B]Position:[/B] Wakanda

[B]Ability:[/B] Extremly strong and can conceal his shadow

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/prince1.jpg] [I]Sin[/I][/URL] wears a long black trench coat with blue jeans

[B]Personality:[/B] Sin is serious when it comes to killing vampires but when he's not working he does like to hang back and play jokes on anyone he works with or knows. Its mostly just poping out of random places and scaring the crap out of anyone that walks by him.

[B]Character Snippets: [/B]"We need to operate on this women now before she dies from the blood loss and we lose the child!" The doctor yelled too other doctors in the hall way of the gray hospital. The women was severlly bleeding from her neck and no matter how much pressuer they put on her wound it would just keep flowing. The women started to chock on her own blood by the time they reached the operation room. The doctor was yelling orders left and right to make sure they could operate as soon as possible. As soon as they were in the operating room they lifted her convulsing body onto the table and strapped her down.

"Lets hurry. The baby may not have much time left." The doctor asked for his cutting knife and immediatly began to cut open the women. They were doing there best when the women all of a sudden started to convulse up and down on the table, nurses had to restrain her by holding her down. After about 5 minutes and the baby almost removed the women stopped moving all together, and the monitor flat-lined. The doctor noticed this immediatlly and cut faster to get the baby out before it died too. The doctor and the baby were lucky, the doctor lucky to save a life and the baby was lucky because it was his life that was saved. After the baby was born and was cleaned up, one of the nurses noticed that the baby had a weird muscle formtation around his kanine teeth. But they just disregarded it as a rare condition that he developed due to the radical removel of him during birth. The doctor that had operated and removed him from the dead mother realized that this child wouldn't have a family to go to. The doctor decided form that point he would take the kid and try to raise him as his own. After a few years Sin hit another snag his life, he was only 6 at the time but this is when his thirst for blood kicked in. It came to him slowly, starting out as a small thing where he had cut himself and he wold drink it. But from that point his thirst started ti require more blood then anyone would willing give up, and he fought it as long as he could but as vampires all know: The thirst always wins. So he feed on his family, and at the time he didn't know it was wrong all he knew was that he was trying to quench an unquenchable thirst.

After he drank his family dry he came too, as if he was in a trance was just snapped out of it. He was left without a home after what he did, so he wondered around in the allies and in the dark under bellie of the world he knew. His luck changed after that, he was found by a wakanda, the wakanda tried to kill him at first but saw what he was when he was in the day light. So he took Sin in and tried to figuer out a cure for his thrist but could only come up with a substitute. To this day, Sin does what he can to stop vampires from killing innocent poeple and to stop any body to suffer a fate worse then death: being turned into a vampire.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Thayne Grilsing
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Race:[/B] Wakanda
[B]Position:[/B] Wakanda

[B]Ability: [/B]
[I]Ignis-[/I] Thayne is a master with fire and heat. Able to create and manipulate fire, he often concentrates the fire around his arms in a gauntlet type style. The flames do not do damage to him when they reside on his body though. If he puts enough concentration into his flames, he can infuse the light into the inferno, creating a blue fire with a white core. This fire is extremely holy, and does substantial damage to Vampires. However, it is also substantially draining, and sapped most of Thayne's strength. It is basically a last ditch move.

[I]Lumen-[/I] Using the light to his advantage, he can create an orb of concentrated brilliance that fends off Vampires. If he fuses fire into the orb, he creates somewhat of a miniature sun, which has a great affect on Vampires. Though not the Sun, they cringe in pain and are momentarily blinded. It only works once though, once a Vampire has been exposed to the move and knows it's not truly the sun it feels no pain by looking into it.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Thayne.jpg]Thayne[/URL]
Thayne is 6' and he has a good physical figure. Muscular, but not overly-so, he can hold his own in battles. He wears the outfit shown, but no skin is exposed, the sleeves are bigger, and the collar is taller. He wears a pair of goggles on his forehead, below his black hair [URL=http://www.urdsite.netfirms.com/screencaps/Celestine.jpg][B][which looks like this][/B][/URL] which is very long in back.

On both of his hands are two gloves that cut off at the knuckles, extend into armlets that have an octagonal gem in them, and have golden pentagrams on the back. The pentagrams symbolize unity of the elements and the creation of life, and have miniature octoganal gems in them. On his face are three markings [see hair picture].

[B]Personality:[/B] Thayne is a kind and generous person in day to day life. Even if he encounters Vampires, and isn't cold and bloodthirsty, urging to kill them on the spot. If they're not harming anyone he'll leave them be. He's even good friends with a half Vampire, Sin. He prefers not to fight altogether, but any chance of that was smashed years ago after his many run-ins with Vampires. He gives the Vampires a chance to leave before he initiates battle, and if they don't, he shows no mercy.

He fight's dearly against the Vampires so that the Human's can live in peace and without fear. He won't allow the human's to be enslaved in his lifetime, and will fight t his dying breath to keep Vampires at bay, and from having their perfect society built.

[B]Character Snippets:[/B]

[B]"No..no..No!!"[/B] A young women screamed as she ran into an alleyway, looking for a means of escape. Behind her were horrible creatures, bloodthirsty and determined to have her body for sustenance and pleasure. She reached a deaden and cried in horror. There were 3 of them, and there was no way she could fight them off alone. The lead Vampire walked up and licked her face.

[B]"No worries, darling. This won't hurt a bit...And then you'll know just how fun it is..." [/B] He leaned in towards her neck, exposing his fangs. His saliva was acidic, and dripped down onto her clothing, sizzling on her clothes. As his mouth cam nearer, the woman closed her eyes and said a silent prayer, then waited. She could feel his breath, he was so close know. He reared his head back then went down to bite, but never made it. A brilliant light made the vampire spring back in repulsion. A figure came from behind the light.

[B]"Leave her be. Or I won't hesitate to break your neck. Or show restraint, for that manner."[/B] Thayne's eyes were angry. The two lesser vampires fled in fright, but their leader stayed to fight. He walked over to Thayne, shielding his eyes slowly. He was pretending that the light wasn't affecting him, but it's power over him was extremely visible.

[B]"Foolish human. Your petty attempts at fighting me will prove futile. You light won't save you from the onslaught of my attack."[/B] The Vampire seemingly disappeared, but was only moving extremely fast. He went in to punch Thayne, but his fist erupted into flames. Blue flames. He screamed in agony as his arm withered away. The flame stayed perched at his shoulder, but seemed to be looming towards his neck. Thayne growled.

[B]"Now, leave. Or else I'll let the flame consume your body."[/B] The Vampire fled into the night swiftly. Thayne retracted the flame back into him and watched in disgust as the Vampire ran. He then turned to the young women and offered his hand.

[B]"No worries. They're gone now."[/B]

OOC:[/B] Hope everything's alright, DC.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Blue]OOC: As you can see DC, I decided to go with my own character :catgirl: . Let me know what you think. And if anyone wants to sent up a situation w/ me to work my character into the square, that'd be cool, just pm me. If not, I'll come up with something on my own. [/COLOR]

[B]Name:[/B] Jade

[B]Gender: [/B] female

[B]Age:[/B] undeterminable

[B]Race:[/B] wakanda

[B]Position:[/B] wakanda, but she excepts half-vamps who want to help the wakanda side as equals

5? 5?, startling green eyes, brown hair, still has a bit of her native Australian accent. Typically wears leather and cotton clothing in shades of brown, green or black. Is proficient in two sword fighting: carries two silver katanas as well as silver throwing knifes.

[B]Ability: [/B] she works with earth and weather. She also has a strong background in natural herbs for cures or poisons.

[I]Pull of Earth [/I] ? allows her to use any natural form to her advantage, for example; crumbling part of a mountain to start an avalanche, braking off trees or branches, causing earthquakes and control of natural metal weapons such as silver and gold.

[I]Loki?s Storm [/I] ? she can create natural storms such as; pounding rain w/ or w/o lightning, hurricane winds, cyclones and typhoons on a small scale. (body of water required for typhoon)

[B]Personality:[/B] Jade loves life and enjoys truly living every moment of it. She is a very personable, friendly individual. Her natural charisma attracts people to her at clubs or bars. She?s the type people follow and admire as far as social skills are concerned. But when it comes to things she feels passionately about, she becomes very systematic, calculating, and sends a ?don?t **** with me or I?ll take you out? edge to her normal persona.
Character Snippets: [/B]

Jade sat in the Chicago bar, drinking her Jack Daniels, and smiling as her guy friends staged a fake fight nearby while other friends placed bets on who would win.

Something on the air caught her attention. Few who weren?t in her line of work would notice the smell. It was the smell of death.

Through the doors came a man, dressed in a black suit and white dress shirt. The shirt was obviously an attempt to make the skin hold more color, but it didn?t work as well as they always thought. She watched from the corner of her eye as he reached under his jacket. Jade whipped around, drawing two knives, setting them on either side of her on the bar, making sure he saw the glint. He paused, obviously he had heard of her powers and was wary. Damn. She liked it better when the vamp assassins we dumb. She took advantage of he pause to yell at the crowd

[B]?MOVE! He?s got a gun! Everyone DOWN!?[/B]

he growled [B]?Jade, you b*tch.?[/B]

He drew the gun and aimed. She squinted her eyes and the knives moved from the bar and flung themselves through the air at the vamp. He fired a shot. As her knives removed each of his hands by the elbow, she put up a hand and froze the bullet three inches before it reached her. It fell to the ground with a thud, echoing in the now silent bar. He looked up at her, pure hatred in his flame red eyes.

[B]?I?ll get you for this.?[/B] he turned ran from the bar, holding the stumps of his arms tightly to his chest.

She turned back to the bar and finished her drink, paid her tab and walked out of the bar. It would take the vamp a day or two to regenerate fully. That was enough for now. It looked like the rumors of war were true. In which case, she?d be aiming to kill from here on out?
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][CENTER][FONT=Arial Narrow]Looks good Astdis. I might start and underground soon...since it looks like I won't be able to get away with not doing so. Work your way into the RPG the best ya can. If that means appearing out of no where to help out one of the Wakandas, then go for it. Thanks for joining. :D[/FONT][/CENTER][/COLOR]
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