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RPG Chaos Eaters: The Outbreak Begins [M-LVS]

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Dante felt anger flow thorugh him, like his whole body was going mad. "Tie me up now"

Jory looked at him strangly. "What?"

Garet got up. 'Where's rope and some chains"

Jory frowned. "In the janitors closet"

Garet left then returned after a minute and tied Dante down.

Dante wiggled making sure that it was secure. His eyes went red and voices started popping up in his head. He thought to himself. 'So that's how they commincate" They voices quieted then started talking again. they were talking about 'new member','apartment' and 'attack'. He suddenly reliazed what they meant. They were going to come and get him. He felt himself getting stronger and broke the chains. He stood up as Garet and Jory looked at him. 'Get out now and go to the HQ" He faced the door with his shotgun in hand. "They're coming and its me they want" He raised his gun and turned to the window. He pulled the trigger as the window broke and an eater fell tot eh ground headless. "Get out" He watched them leave the back door then turned to shoot another one. He spoke to the voices that were screaming at him. "Come you bastards" He shot another then heard a familier noise. The other agents had come. More eaters came through the door and several pounced on his slashing his back and chest. He shoot them off one by one the threw his gun and reached for his sword. He brought it up as one bit into his shoulder. He stabbed it as gunfire opened up all around him. "I'm not going to make it" He fell onto the ground as several agents picked him p and rushed him to oe of the vans. He Thought to himself. "At least they didn't get Jory or Garet" He heard a vioce before he passed out. "That's what you think."

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James now more concerned then ever, because he failed to find out who was injuried when he recieved a call from HQ. The y said a fellow agent was injued and they need medical treatment. He tured His Harley in a 180 and spead toward the location in a hurry lead by by HQ.

He pulled up on a small apartment building that was under vicious attack. He ran up stairs and found there to be several Chaos waters in the room he flicked his wrists and two blades dropped from his sleeves he sliced his way into the room to see the apartment empty his phone rang again and this time HQ said they were on there way there and to retreat. James turned to the door and saw two more staring right at him and he threw to shuriken right at there face stunning them and then removing there heads with his blades. he was becoming exhausted and knew he could'nt fight much longer and jumped to the parking lot injuring his leg and limped on to his motorcycle to follow after the team that left. there may still be problems if they have injuries.

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Katrina stayed around after school; she didn't feel like going home yet. There was...some much she needed to think about, and home wasn't the best place for it. She imagined her parents yelling back and forth over the stupidest things. No, believe it or not, this place was a better choice at the moment, even with the so-called Chaos Eaters.

Those kids kept coming back to her thoughts, why? What was so- [COLOR=Teal]?Miss Minnow, I?m glad you joined me this afternoon, but pay attention. In front of you is ALL the work you missed today. I expect it finished in a half an hour.?[/COLOR] As much as he enjoyed this moment, he had a look like he wanted to be somewhere else.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]?Well you ahead and meet Sherry, and we?ll pretend this never happened, provided you fix my attendance.? [/COLOR] She had a calm, blank look on her face that the alarmed teacher could not read. [COLOR=Teal]?I-I-I don?t know what you?re talking about.? [/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]?Oh yes you do. And you know I don?t bluff. So what do you say??[/COLOR] [COLOR=Teal]?Fine. Just get out!? [/COLOR] Katrina laughed as she walked out into the halls. Ah, it felt good to be rid of that nuisance.

It wasn?t long before she heard the lockers crash, and turned the corner into that hallway. [I]?Man, this school?s messed up.?[/I] She thought. Katrina walked by one of the open chemistry labs, lightly glancing into the room, but it turned into a surprised look. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]?Holy cra-? [/COLOR] Katrina dived out of the way of a flying stool. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]?What the?Where the hell did THAT come from??[/COLOR] She immediately thought about that kid with the ripped up lockers. This was going to be a long afternoon...

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet was on his knee as the Eater charged him, Garet had waited until the last moment. He fell on his back and stuck both blades in the air, getting right under the monster, cutting the shadow through the stomach and all the way down until it was all the way past him. As soon as it was past him, Garet sat up quickly and turned to look at the Eater. It had collapsed from the cut and was stumbling to get back up, Garet stood up all the way and started to walk towards the monster with his daggers in hand.

[B]"Now it's time we finsih this Eater."[/B] Garet took both daggers and and swung them, taking the Eaters head off cleanly. Garet turned back around to Jory and started walking towards her. But he dropped before he got to her, she jsut stood their wondering what the hell he was doing. Garet signaled for her to come to him, he came over nad he whispered in her hear.

[B]"Now it's your turn to help me."[/B] Garet tried to stand but didn't seem to have the strength, Jory lifted him up and carried him to the nearst empty room. She set him down in the nearset chair and looked at him.
"What the hell are you doing? You look half dead."[/B] Garet roled his eyes.
"I was helping you. Now help me on to this table."[/B] Garet pointed to a table in the room, Jory lifted him up and walked him over to the table, she put him on the tabel and Garet started to remove his jacket and shirt.

[B]"Hey what are you doing." [/B]
"Oh don't get shy on me now." [/B]He took off his shirt and the back was covered in blood, Garet then laid down on the table and Jory saw the once small cut now had grown into a huge gash in his back. And it was bleeding severly. Garet staretd to talk.
"Now, find something to stop the bleeding." [/B]Jory looked around and then saw a sink with a paper towl dispenser, she cracked it open and pulled out the whole roll of paper towels, she ripped off several sheets and placed the on the gash. Garet groaned slightly.

[B]"Now what?"[/B]
"Now apply pressuer before I lose to much blood." [/B]She used both hands and pressed on the reddened paper towels, Garet twitched a little but it was ok. After about 5 minutes of pressuer Garet told her it was good enough. She removed the paper towels and cleaned off the dried blood around the gash. She leaned to the left and looked at Garet.
"What's next?"[/B] Garet propped himslef up on his elbows and looked around the room, he didn't see anything he could use, he turned and looked at Jory.
"Go into another class room and find anything that can seal up the wound. Such as a thread and needle, or gun powder and torch. Anything to seal it up. Go now"[/B] Jory headed out of the room and Garet laid there breathing slowly.
"Let's hope she makes it back before a Eater smells the blood."[/B] Garet sighed and closed his eyes.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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Dante awoke at the HQ a few hours later. "What the hell?"

A lab tech walked over to him. "Glad to see your awake. We uh were afraid you might not make it"


The man pointed to his arm.

Dante froze when he saw his arm. It was all black with red in it. "I look like an eater"

"Fortunatly that's the only thing that was affeected. We found a way to neutralize the poison. so the arm is yours and your hand is back except different.

"The catch"

"The only catch is that your body will slowly become an eater so the process is unstoppable"

"Make the best of it as I can"

"One way to look at it"

Dante looked at the silver mechanical hand them slammed it throught the metal table next to him with ease. "So I have a hand with the strength of a robot and an arm with the strangth of an eater. All right" He stopped as he heard the voices in his head. "You diddn't takle them out" He pointed to his head.

"You would have died"

"You got anything that will help Garet's scars?"

"Here" The man gave him a large vial.

Dante swung out of bed and put on his shrit then his trenchcoat and made sure his arm was covered and then put on a black glove for his new left hand. He lit a cigeratte and walked out of the HQ. He got in his black Porsche and peeled out of the parking lot. He drove back to the school and got out. He sniffed and smelled something faint. "Blood, wait I know that, Garet"

The voices in his head buzzed. "Blood, blood. Find the blood"

Dante smiled as he took off running. "Let's hope I make it there in time" He rounded the corner and made sure his shotgun was loaded and stuck it in his jacket as he brought out his two Uzis" He sniffed again following the scent then found the room and Garet laying there. "Hey there buddy" He brought out the vial. "Catch" He tossed the vial to Garet. "Courtsy of HQ. Now just sit tight...where's Jory"

"She went to find somthing to patch me up"

Dante felt a pain in his shoulder. "Where did she go?"

"Into another classroom"

Dante left the room and checked his shoulder. It was the same color as his arm. "The more chatic it gets the faster it will go" He saw several eaters coem around the corner then stop to look at him. "This is going to be good"

The voices stopped then contiuned slowly. "It's him, we must get him then we will get the blood" They took off at him and the hallway became filled with them.

"Bring it on" He raised his Uzis and opened fire tearing them to shreds. He put in fresh clips and dispacthed the rest. He put them back into his coat and stood there for a second before slamming his new hand into the lockers and brought out an eater by the throat. 'Fell for that once" He crushed the throat and the stabbed it. He walked back into the room Garet was in. "Safe for now"

"What's wrong with your face?"

Dante looked in the mirror and saw that it was spidering up along his neck and a little bit on his cheek. He looked at his chest and saw that it covered most of it and had already made it down his left leg. "I'm becoming one. I'm going to kill as many as possible but when the time comes kill me with one of my pistols then take my weapons. Split them between Jory and yourself" He walked out the door and went into his mind and found where they were the majority were. "Ready or not here I come" He took out his uzi's and fought his way down the halls using his new strentgh to help him but the chaos seeping through his body little by little.

OOC: My guy is going to die. I mean there are causlities.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet held the vial in his hand and looked it over. Shaking it to mix it up well, he then pulled out the top and poured some on his gash, it burned a lot and Garet couldn't help but yelp. At that moment Katrina came in and saw him with some gauze, cotton balls, and Peroxide, Garet couldn't believe she cameback with those. She put the Peroxide and Garet groaned loudly, she then stuck a cotton ball in it, it hurt even more. Garet turned his head enough so he could see her.

[B]"You do know that hurts like hell right?"[/B] She raised one eyebrow at him.

[B]"Don't be a baby about it. It will stop hurting soon enough."[/B] Garet turned his back forward.

[B]"Just hurry up back there. I need to take care of something soon."

"What?"[/B] Katrina said.
"An agent who's becoming a Chaos Eater. It's better to die then become one of those things. I should know. You done back there?"[/B] Katrina sighed

[B]"Not yet." [/B]Garet sat up anyways

[B]"Hey, moving will make it worse."[/B] Garet looked at her coldly.
"I'm probably going to die from this wound anyways or no this job so let me go do my job for a last time."[/B] Katrina just nodded, Garet stepped back on the ground and got use to his legs again. As soon as he could he grabbed his blood socked shirt and put it on, he left his jacket on the table. Katrina grabbed it and held it towards Garet.
"Hey this is your's." [/B]Garet didn't take it he just waved it away.

[B]"I'm trying to attraced the eaters. They like the smell and taste of blood."[/B] He walked into the hall and picked up his bow, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a white arrow with a black tip. He closed it up and stuck back in his pocket, he had his knives ready, after a few moments he could hear the eaters coming for him. Garet just kept walking waiting for these beasts to attack him first, and they came at him, one after another they charged him and one after another the lost thier heads and disappeared. But soon the numbers of them came to large, from 2 at a time to 4, to 6, to 8 , to 10 and it grew larger, Garet soon just ripped the shirt off and threw it off another direction, they went for it but Garet had to run to avoid anymore. He bumped into Jory while running, she was about to hit him when she realized who it was, she still hit him.
"What the hell are you doing walking around? The gash on your back is huge, it could rip and bleed again if you walk around!"[/B] Garet just grabebd her arm and started running, Chaos eaters were follwoing them.
"Keep running, we need to find Dante before he changes."[/B] They started to run when Jory pulled away. Garet stopped to turn and see what was going on.

[B]"Keep going. I can take care of these guys."[/B] Garet started running again until he found Dante fight Chaos eaters, but he looked more like a Eater then before. The only part Garet saw was not infected was some of his face the right side was clean, save for a few spidering going on. He gave Dante about 15 more minutes before the change was completed, Garet pulled out his bow and unfurled the white arrow and strung it. He didn't want to do this but it would be better then living as one of this monsters, Garet held the arrow until it looked as if Dante had actully killed all of his Eaters. He pulled the arrow to his cheek and waited, Dante turned and the right side of his face was almost engulfed, Garet could see the red glow of Chaos eater eyes. Garet closed one eye and aimed for Dantes chest.
"Sorry about this but it's better then living as an Eater. I'm sorry."[/B] Garet held it for a moment longer and released. [/SIZE][/COLOR]

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Dante smiled when he saw Garet. He bowed to one kneee as Garet strung an arrow back. Dante Took off his trenchcoat and layed it one the ground. He bowed his head as he heard the arrow be realesed. Everything slowed down as Dante remebered his last fight. He had killed hundreds of eaters with ease, his body giving him strength. He heard the arrow slowly fly towards him. "Hurry up" A voice laughed in his head. "Your mine" Dante lost control of his body and his hand flew up and caught the arrow. "Shit" He felt himself stand up and pull out his two pistols. "No" He turned to where a group of students were lined up against the wall. "No" He felt his guns come up. He felt a little feeling and tok that instant to raise the gun to his head as a arrow hit him in the back. He stood completely still and pulled the trigger, and fell to the floor dead. His two pistols slideing across the floor over to Garet.

OOC If anyone wants my guns they can have them.

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Jory slid into the hall and curse.
She ran over to Garet stooping down to pick up Dante's pistols and stood by him checking his shoulder.
"Answer me one thing...is that gonna happen to me?"
"I have no idea."
"Goody...I say we head somewhere safe and regroup then find a way to attack this head on..."
"Good plan."
She nodded and ran down the hall Garet behind her, she grabbed Kyle as they ran past and out of the building, she stopped at her bike as the building began to glow red and black.
"Shit, they took over....I say we head for the real HQ and find out what the hell is going on in this damn palce."
Kyle and Garet both nodded, she spotted Katrina and yelled her over as well as Tenjo.
"Look, get out of this area as soon as possible, this is going to get bad."
Tenjo looked at her.
"I already know what's going on...she's the one that doesn't."
She looked at Katrina and the other two and sighed.
"Good thing I have two vehecles..."
She ran to the garage near the building anf opened it to show a black Camero.
"Get in."
She looked at her and Jory shot her a glare from hell.
"You wanna live? I jut had a team member die, get the fuck int he car!"
Katrina glared back but got in reluctently as well as the others. She looked at Jory from the rearveiw mirror and scoffed.
"So where are we going?"
"Somewhere safe. Away from here."
she hit the gas and peeled away from the darkness, Dante's guns now strapped to her theighs. She changed gears and turned on the radio, rock music filled the car as her legs and arms began to twitch with nerves. Kyle put a hand on her shoulder from the passenger side.
"Everything is gonna be alright."
"This is stronger then it's supposed to be Kyle...They are not supposed to grow that quiclky, or spread that way either."
She turned a corner and pulled up to what looked like an abandoned wear house, the others in the back looked at her strangely.
"Only a few know this place."
She turned off the ignition and got out followed by Kyle, going to the door she pressed a brick and entered as the door opened. She looked up to find more agents looking downa t her and Kyle.
She heard a familiar voice call from a balcony above as the door sealed shut behind them all.
"The dinamic duo returns to us! I'll be damned!"
A young man dropped down infront of them on a cord and held out his hand.
"Jory, Kyle, damned good to see you two agian."
Jory looked at him and shook his hand, she knew him, but she didn't know what he was talking about.
"Kean, just gimme a room as well as the others, quit talking nonsense."
Kean watched her go as she walked away, Kyle looked alittle hurt.
"So she doesn't rememeber us working together?"
"No, the last fight she had with a demon took some of her memory, the one of you and her...sorry."
Kyle shook his head.
"Any chance of them coming back?"
"We didn't think so, we thought you were dead, you just vanished, but the doctors said that if you were with her that there is a chance, just give her some time Kyle, I'm sure she'll come around..."
Jory came back and sighed.
"Looks like we're sharing rooms, guys in one girls in the other...we'll meet down below in thirty minutes. Don't be late."
Katrina looked around.
"Down below?"
"Why do you think they haven't found this place? It's underground...it's a cover up gun factory. By the way Kean, I need you to de me a favor, I need something customized for me..."
She walked away dissussing things with Kean, Tenjo went off to look for himself as well as Kyle leaving Katrina to do exploring of her own...she smiled.
"This should be fun...a weapon factory..."
Jory and Kean went into another room and sat down. She slid him Dante's guns.
"You know what I need."
"Holy bullets and blessed centers."
"very good. One more thing...my blade has been slugish at trasnmutateing her lately...you think you could look at that for me?"
"Sure thing."
"Thanks. I'm gonna go find Kyle."
Kean smiled knowingly as Jory left. She found him looking over the edge into the melted steel that made the weapons, he was watching as it was blessed and purifyed going through the cooler to become it's designated weapon. She stood beside him leaning on the railing.
"So, what do you make of all this? I mean, everything."
She waited for a reply watching as Garet looked at steel arrows and bows. She looked at him and giggled.
"You have soot on your nose...you shouldn't lean over so close...that happens."
She took her sleeve and wiped it away, he blinked and smiled.
"No problem..."
She looked away and sighed.
"I wounder whats gonna happen to me..."
"What do you mean?"
"What happen to Dante, you think it'll happen to me? I mean I was bitten too."
"I dunno."
He placed a hand on her shoulder and sighed. she looked up at him and nodded.
"Wish someone did..."

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James was flying with all fury down the street toward HQ, when suddenly he was hit by a feeling. There were chaos eaters near by, he began to turn back when he recieved an order to retreat to a warehouse in the down town area. He set course guided over the phone.

When he finally arrived he was greeted by an old friend. "Nice to see you James" the man said in a polite tone. "feelings mutual Darren" , they stared at each other for a while and started to laugh abruptly.

They both enterd the facility, James taking a close look around. " What are you looking for?" Darren asked curiously, "Just taking my surroundings." "you never change do you?" "Not ever." they both begin laughing again.

"Finally on to business James" Darren said in a suddenly stiffening tone. They stepped on to a platform and slowly decended. the air became hot and thick, James could the workings of machinery. " You know they will find this place eventually?"
"Yes, I know" Darren said in a very somber tone. " Well the others have already arrived"said Darren. "So I'm late to the party. What's the situation?"

" Things don't look good. they are very simalr to another such incident I think you remember" Darren said in an ominous tone. " Yeah, the tragedy in New York 3 years ago. That's when I got dragged into this mess." James began to look around at all the machines. " This place makes new weapons right." James said in a stern tone
"Yes, and it will be home base for a while." Have there been any causalties?" asked James " Yes. Agent Dante was turned then killed by agent Garret." They fell silent only the machinery could be heard. "I'm going to turn in." said james, then left. Darren remained silent. All James could think about was New York over and over again.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet stayed with them all for a moment longer then his gash acted up and he had to go to the med lab before he died from blood loss or infection. Half-way their he got dizzy and fell to his knees. He looked around to see where he was, his vision was blurry but he could still see clear enough, he saw he wasn't far from it so he held onto the wall and continued his walk. It was a very slow walk, to slow for Garets liking, after what seemed like hours or walking he finally made it and collapsed in front door. The medics picked him up and removed his jacket and a blood socked shirt, they saw what was wrong, his chaos eater scar was open. It wasn't infected , yet. But it needed to be sealed up and taken care of. So medic's spent a good hours sealing and trwating the wound, all the time while Garet was still passed out. Garet woke up a little bit later, in the white robs they gave their patients, he roled his eyes.

[B]"God they put me in these things. I need to find my pants."[/B] He looked around and saw them hanging on a rack with a new shirt and a cleaned jacket. He stepped onto the cold ground and jumped a little, he got over it quickly and grabbed his clothes, he had slipped on his pants right when Jory and Kyle came in. He put his shirt on as they were talking to him.

[B]"We noticed you seemed to just disappear so we thought you might be here. Turns out we were right."[/B] Garet smiled a little as he put on his jacket and cracked his neck.

[B]"Aww that feel's better. Now you Jory. You need to stay here and wait for a medic to come so he can take care of that wound of yours."[/B] Jory tried to protest but Garet wasn't gonna let her go anytime soon.

[B]"Kyle and I will handle the planning and when your fixed up we'll run it by you and see if you like it. Ok? Ok good." [/B]Before Jory could say anything Kyle and Garet were out the door, Jory just crossed her arms and waited for a medic. Garet and Kyle just walked down to the planning room where they could create their new strategy for thier growing problem.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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James made his way to the sleeping quarters, as he went down the hall met some one he didn't expect " Hey... your that kid Kyle from school right, I didn't know you were and agent."

"Excuse me." Said Kyle, obviously not recognizing him since he was always quite and asleep. "Me and you share a class at school, I never would have guessed you'd be an agent!". James looked at the kid standing next to him and asked for his name.
" I'm Garet" He replied. "Well I'm James Hollister. Nice to finally meet you. I've heard things have already gone sour.". Garret looked at him angrily and said " If you go to our school and your an agent, then why haven't you been helping us?"

" Simple, we just keep missing each other" "That's not good enough! If you had botherd to help Dante might not have..." He then jumped forward and knocked James to the floor. Kyle jumped in to calm him as James slowly returned to his feet.
" I heard you had to kill him when he turned, that must have been hard, I'm sorry.

"Your sorry is all you have to say. YOUR SORRY!!" Garet screamed trying to lunge at James again but being restrained. " Listen I know your angry, but it dosen't help now. I think we need to start off on the right foot if we are to get along agreed. Cause from here on out were a team, weather you like it or not.

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Katrina tossed over the events in her head while she wandered around, looking at all the different weapons, etc. She half hated Jory for acting like Katrina was completely clueless on the entire matter. The other half however, kind of admired how hard she was trying to keep herself together. A smirk came wanting to enjoy the moment of aggravation, but didn?t.

She thought back to Dante for a moment, but there were no specific thoughts that came to mind. There was just finally time to let everything sink in. Her eyes narrowed at a wall, she truly could not enjoy the scenery. Abruptly turning around, Katrina had made up her mind. Setting off to find everyone, part of her was trying to talk her out of it.

Yea, so she wasn?t the fondest of that damn school. And maybe there really wasn?t a good reason to be sticking her head on a platter, but it was still her school. Pulling out a smoke, she reached for her lighter, and then realized something. She never got it back from Dante. Looks like no nicotine for now.

She came upon Garet, Kyle, and James in the middle of an argument, her fists still clenched and eyes narrowed. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]?I?m helping too. Nothing you guys can say is going to stop me.?[/COLOR]

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James, Kyle and Garet all looked up to see who was yelling at them. "Your that girl who hangs around in the hallway all the time" James blurts out. "hey, Katrina" garet says steping forward. "So your names Katrina. What are doing here?" says James very akwardly.

"Do you have wax in your ears, I said I'm hgoing to heelp weather you like it or not"
Katrina screamed in a commanding tone. James now the becoming the one irratated "Well what do you plan to do? Scare them off with your big mouth." Katrina then jumps forward and hits him right in the jaw. " What the hell did you say to me?"
Katrina screamed. Garet stepped forward and said " If she wants to help let her help!". James now even more irratated shouts "Did you forget we already lost someone out there?". Katrina, now looking shaken and garet only growing madder,
asked "Who was it? Who died?" James, Kyle and Garet faltter. Katrina asks again
" Who was it?". Janes steps forward " It was Dante. He started turning into one of them and Garet had to kill him". Katrina stopped, seeming sad, frightend adn mad all at once. She stepped forward " So where were you big guy?" She says to James, then she hits him again " Where were you when they killed him?". James remained silent and slowly walk away.

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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Tenjo still was walking around all alone through the factory admiring all of the different machinery and all the new and unusual weapons that they were making out of the material that was being melted synthesized and all other kinds of methods of combination. He sighed felling kind of bored and did one of the most dangerous things he could have though of. HE jumped up on the railing and started walking on it right next to the huge melting pot that headed melting metals in it.

?Hmm all of these things that they are making around here sure do look interesting. I mean there are just mass producing some of these bullets here. I don?t think they would mind if I was to oh I don?t know say borrow a couple of them now would they? As a fr..!!!"

He had suddenly fallen off of the railing and was heading straight into the melting pot. Luckily he had caught one of his feet on the end of the catwalk and stood there swaying from side to side. HE was panting loudly and sweat ran off of the tip of his nose and onto the ground many yards below.

" holy crap....lets not be stupid and fall of tenjo you crazy bastard." he sat up and in one quick moment he flung himself upwards holding onto the end of the rail and pulled himself up and over onto the catwalk. However, yet again he got up on the rail and started walking on it again."Ok as I was saying I don?t think they would mind if I had just borrow some new kinds of weaponry or something like that."

He began to run on the rail until he reached the end of it and jumped down from the rail landing into what looked like to him like some kind of holding area as he found a box of bullets in it. They were all sorted out

"Hmmm what do we here fire bullets? Ill take em. Holy bullets? Well seeing on how the entire damn neighborhood is going to hell I might as well take them. Exploding bullets? Ooo if I modified this slightly I could do some serious damage." he takes 4 packs of them." lightning bullets? This place has some sort affection with the elements or something? O well ill take them." he came upon a set of bullets that were colored pure black as he lifted 4 cases of them out of the box.? Chaos bullets...ooh interesting ?he started to read the label on it aloud" Warning yada yada be careful of repercussions...o well I guess there are for emergencies only then."

He took only one case with him and closed the box making it seem like nobody had ever been in there as he climbed back up onto the catwalk and continued his tour around the whole site of the factory.? I wonder if anyone else has the same idea as I do."[/COLOR]

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(ooc: Starwind, Katrina DID know about the whole thing with Dante?)

Katrina hat to admit, it felt good to let out some of her anger on James. She calmed down a bit, and wouldn't be screaming or yelling at anyone for a while. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Big mouth, I outta hit that goddam-"[/COLOR] She stopped herself and took a deep breath with eyes closed, resuming her normal posture. Opening them slowly she watched James' retreating back for a minute.

"Maybe you should apologize." Kyle suggested.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"I know, but that doesn't mean I want to?some one better give me a REAL job to do when the battle plan's finished, or the Chaos Eater's aren't going to be your only problem." [/COLOR] She knew this wasn't the time to be stubborn. She left them with that calm threat and took off to catch up to James before he got too far away.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Dude, wait up a minute."[/COLOR] She said stepping in front of him so he?d have to hear her out. She wasn?t getting a nice look. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"I'm sorry, alright? For loosing it back there. I just don't like feeling completely helpless, ya know?"[/COLOR]

Without waiting for an answer, she took off in a different direction, head down and hands in her pockets. A small blade found itself embedded harmlessly in the wall as she passed, a last ditch outburst of frustration.

Wandering over to a relatively quieter area, Katrina sat on the floor leaning against a wall and took out the sketchbook she kept in her black bag. Pulling out a pencil, she started drawing.

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After recieveing an apology from Katrina, James started to feel like a real ass for acting the way he did. He wasn't sure where she went, but he decided that he would also apologize next time he saw her.

James knew that right now there was someone he had to talk to before he hit the sack, Kean. He knew he was somewhere on the base he just didn't know where. He had to discuss the recent incident and see if there was any connection to New York.
He couldn't get it out of his mind and he had to be srue before him and Darren decided if they should act on it.

If there was a connection, even a loose one, things were about to get worse. He was now almost completely severd off n his own thoughts when he rounded a corner and 'WHAM'. He slammed into this kid bouncing around in the halls. He yelled
" What the do you think your doing here?" "I could say the same to you!" He replied.
"I work here! My name is James." as he looked at the floor he noticed a few of the prototype bullets on the ground. "Who are you ? A theif." James said aggitated. "No,No I'm not a theif. My name is Tenjo and I was brought here".
"Uh huh, and I guess those are your lightning bullets, fire bullets, and chaos bullets." The thought that this kid was going to steal chaos bullets filled James with worry and anger. " Did you use these?" "Wh.. whats the problem?" " I said did you
use these, these chaos bullets?" "No I haven't used any of them." "Good! Give me the one you have and mean all of them!" Tenjo reached deep into his pockets and pulled four of the out. "Now get out of my sight or I'll have you thrown out." As Tenjo ran down the turned and screamed "Asshole". James brushed it off he was much more concerned that he could et a hold of such dangerous weapons. " I'm going to have to talk to the station commander about security here" He said himself as he left down the Hall once again.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet and Kyle were still walking to the planning room when they saw James walking around. Right then Garet needed to go back to his assigned room, so he left Kyle with James and told them he would meet then up in an hour or so. Garet walked off a different hall and stepped into his room, first thing he did was head over to a full-body mirror he saw in his room. He pulled of his jacket and shirt to see the medics patch work, he saw their rather impressive stitchings, the wound was cleaned and closed up tightly. He nodded his head, happy to see he was closed up and still alive. He found the bed in their and crashed, he laid on his stomach first then flipped over and looked up at the ceiling.

[B]"Damn. It's been a long day. I need to sleep."[/B] Garet closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but right when he closed his eyes he could see Dante's face looking at him with those horrible red chaos eater eyes. He sat up quickly and turned so his legs were the edge and his feet were touching the ground, he put his face in his hands and took deep breaths.

[B]"God. Never had to kill an agent while he was still human. They had always changed before I got their, when they change there is no longer any one left. But he was still there, he was still Dante. I'm not gonna get to sleep anytime soon."[/B] Garet stood up and walked out of his room with only his pants on heading for the nearest bathroom to put cold water on his face. As Garet found the bathroom and filled the sink with cold water one of his superiors stood in the door way looking at Garet hard.

[B]"How many agents is that Garet? How many agents have worked with you and changed into Chaos Eaters."[/B] Garet looked at the man with water dripping off of his face.

[B]"Nine, alright. I had to kill them. We don't need more Eaters walking around and I would rather die then watch them rampage around and kill people. It was necessary to kill them Kain. It's better to die then live as an Eater."[/B] Garet stood up and whipped his face, he walked to the door and looked at Kain in the eye.
"Now out of my way. And with my luck I may have to kill you too soon."[/B] Garet gave a fake smile and waited for Kain to move. Kain hesitated but he moved, Garet stepped out and headed for the planning room when Kain called out to him.

[B]"Garet!"[/B] Garet turned around and faced Kain.
"You'll never get the chance. I'll have you decommisioned for this one Garet."[/B] Garet smiled and started walking backwards. He pointed at Kain.

[B]"You can try Kain. But it's not gonna happen."[/B] Garet turned forward in mid-walk and continued to the planning room without his shirt.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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"So you found those on that Tenjo kid, huh?" Kyle asked James as he fiddled around with the different bullets in his hand. "I tell you what I applaud these kids in wanting to help out, but they aren't trained and there isn't time to do that. I think the best that we can do for them is to at least give them a way to help fight back."

"So what are you suggesting?" James asked.

"Next time you see Katrina do me a favor. Tell her to come and find me." Kyle leaned against the wall releaving the weight from his aching legs.

"What exactly do you plan to do with her?"

"I'm going to enchant a weapon for her. So that way she will at least be able to injure the Eaters." Kyle rubbed his forehead. It was getting late and he was getting tired.

"So from what I've seen you look to be close to that Jory girl." James brought up something Kyle didn't feel like talking about. "So what's up with that anyways?"

"James I understand your curiousity, but this isn't something that I want to share."

"Why? Are you running?"

"JAMES!" Kyle pounded his fist against the wall a little upset. He then got back to his calmer zone while James got over teh shock of the outburst. "James she doesn't remember me. Not at all. You don't know what that feels like to me. Especially when..." Kyle couldn't bring himself to finish the sentance. He kind of just wandered off into thought and memory.

"Especially when what?" James insited on knowing.

He was snapped out of his flashback and back to James. "Um...Me and Jory..." Kyle tried to think of the words to say it. "We had a very special partnership...Excuse me." Kyle rushed away. He wanted to see her and fortunatly James wasn't following.

Kyle got his cool back once again while he found his way back to the room where Jory was waiting for medical help. He walked in and she looked up to him from the floor. She actually looked happy to see him. "Finally someone to talk to." She said to him.

"Yeah," Kyle replied, "Well you did have some questions earlier that I wanted to answer for you and never found the time.

"Oh." She sighed a little. "Please go ahead."

Kyle found himself a seat near her and began. "Well first of all I agree with you completely on this. Everything is out of the ordinary as far as Chaos Eaters are concerned. In the full truth there shouldn't even be this many of us out here, but there are. And also Chaos Eaters don't generally come back to a place which has been cleaned out of Eaters so what I'm guessing is that all those Eaters that we encountered were already there. They could have even been waiting for us to show. I don't know for sure. But the reality is that this shouldn't be happening and there isn't any real way to explain it."

"Oh dear god." Jory looked totally overwhelmed by it. Her eyes were wide. "I don't want to become one of them." She seemed a little more paniced than normal.

Kyle got up and put a hand on her shoulder. Then he got to eye level so she could look into his. "You won't." he told her. "I promise." He smiled and she smiled back, but hers appeared fake.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and someone in a white lab coat walked in. "Excuse me, but I'm here to examine and treat Miss Jory." The man said.

"Well take care." Kyle said to Jory before letting go and leaving the room.

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James continued on his way following a rather odd conversation with Kyle. there was more to the story, but now wasn't the time to pry. Now was the time to decide on the course of action. He needed to find Kean, the one who mignt have some answers.

As James ran down the hall he had yet another encounter, but this time it wasn't a friend. "Hey there, Kain" "Well, Well if it isn't my old buddy James." James had an irritated look on his face "Don't act like were friends asshole." James snapped.

"Now, is that anyway to speak to tour superior officer." Kain said smiling " Wipe that smile off your face you leg humping dog." "I suggest you watch your words or you cold end up court marshalled." " Sorry sir" James said sarcasticly. "Where can I find Kean? I know you Know where he is and this isn't a request."Kain now appearing very aggitated. "I don't care if I go down with you, I'll let everyone in on your little secret. Now tell me where Kean is." Kain now appearing both upset and nervous said "He's in the debriefing room." "Thank you, buddy" James said sarcasticly. As he turned and headed for the debriefing room as Kain fummed.

James burst into the debriefing room and, sure enough, there was Kean sitting at the head of the table. "Nice of you to join me James." Kean said in a friendly, yet somber tone. "We need to talk about the this incident and it's connection to New York." James said sternly, obviously still not over his encounter with Kain. "Though loose, intelligence has found that the circustance are similar." Said Kean in an explanatory tone. "so how do we explain this to the others, they deserve to know now that we know for sure." said James sounding almost depressed. " I could tell them if you don't want to" "No. I think it's better they heard it from someone who was there." "Are you sure your okay with this." asked a concerned Kean " Yeah. It's about time I confronted this thing." said James in a very hummble tone. " I'll talk to Darren and then we'll decide what to do from there, Okay." "Yeah, sure". Kean made his way to the door and said "You know what your getting into again right?" "Yeah, I know this'll be rough" " Just checking" Kean said as the door closed behind him. James sat in silence and began to cry. " Hell has returned and there demons will walk again" he said quietly to himself in the darkness.

James sits quietly in the darkness coming in and out of fits of tears. Finnally he stands to make his way out and says to himself " How do I tell them whats happening and will they still trust me after they know the truth." He stepped out into the hallway and was momentarily blinded by the light as he left.

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Jory tolerated the prodding and pokeing only for a moment before she growled.
"Well? is there anything you can do?"
"Of corse."
She rolled her eyes and looked towards the door and felt her heart give an almight rench as if a part of her was missing and she shook her head and yepled as a needle shot into her leg.
"What the fuck! What are you trying to do? Kill me?"
"No, I have to purify this wound."
"Oh, I bet..."
The doctor shook his head and went back to work, the back and red glow began to recede and she smiled gratefully, she sighed as he bandaged her leg and gave her a shot.
"If you feel it coming back give your self this."
she nodded and sotwed it away in her jeans and ran out the door testing her leg, it was fine now. She ran downt he catwalk and spotted Kyle, she made a running leap and sprung onto his back laughing.
"You were right! They say I'm gonna be okay!"
She jumped down and smiled up at him and blinked as she saw his face look hurt.
"You okay?"
He nodded and turned around on her, she frowned and walked to look at his face.
"Kyle...what are you not telling me? I know your hideing something from me, what is it?"
He looked at her and it seemed as if all the color had drained from his face.

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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Garet was headding to the briefing room when he saw James enter it, so he thought it would be better if he went to the training room. He figuered he would get Dante out of his mind, as Garet entered the training room the man operation the room looked at him funny and tapped the window. Garet looked casually.

[B]"Sir, are you sure you want to start training with just your pants and two knives?" [/B]Garet just looked at him with on of his famous scowls, the operater just looked down and started pushing buttons and pulling switches. Soon a simulation of Eaters walking around and causing chaos appeared infront of him, he drew his knives and charged, he spent the next hour or so slaying virtually made Eaters with just his two knives cutting up the creatuers quickly. He was sweating and breathing hard, getting to into the killing of these virtual monsters, at one point he threw his knife at one of them and it pierced the virtual wall causing the hologram to fail and shut down. The operater got on the mic.

[B]"Uhh sir. You blew out the projection, it will take a few hours before we can get it running again."[/B] Garet was breathing hard and looking around remembering where he was.

[B]"How long was I in there?"[/B] the operater looked at his timer.

[B]"Uhh about 2 hours."[/B] Garet nodded he walked over to the wall and pulled out his knife he spun them around and sheathed them he turned to walk to the door when he saw Kain standing there. Garet groaned.
"What do you want Kain. One visit is bad enough from you. I don't need two."[/B] Kain was smiling sinsiterly, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper, he started to read it off.

[B]"This is a letter sent by the administration of our organization. We the Administration are taking Kain's recommendation to decommison Garet Jax. We know he has worked hard and well for our organization andd he will be decommisioned with honor if it is decided. But what we have to take into consideration the agents that have some how turned into Chaos Eaters and you have had to kill them each time. So until we agree on what is to happen to Garet Jax, he will be put on off duty."[/B] Kain finished with and even bigger smile, Garet was furious with this letter and charged Kain with extreme speed and grabbed him by the throat and pushed him against the wall.

[B]"Kain. You dare send them a letter telling them only of how they turned and I killed them! I have paid for each one, each one has gotten their bite out of me. I have the scars to prove it. I live on in their memory, each agent that I have worked with fought hard and painfully. They made a mistake and it cost them their lives, and I have payed the price in this life. I have come this close to becoming an Eater myself."[/B] Garet held his index finger and thumb a half an inch apart.
"But I survived, I tried to help them. I tried to ge them here before they changed but I did the merciful thing. I killed them and saved them from their horrible fate, and right nwo I should kill you for sending that letter. But I will not stupe to your level."[/B] Garet released his grip from Kains throat. Garet started to walk away when he suddenly spun around to face Kain with his index finger held up.
"Oh and if you send the administration another letter about this, i'll make your life a living hell."[/B] Garet turned around and walked down the hall to the bathroom to shower off.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

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James slowly moved down the hall, still alittle rattled. As he walked he saw Kain standing the hall. " Great the one person I don't need to see." snapped James more upset than ever. " Well I see you to be in a good mood. Did you get the good news from Kean?" said Kain still grinning " Yeah I got the whole thing from just a minute ago.". Kain with a sinister look on his face " You know if you tell them the truth they will hate you." James anger and nervous looks at Kain for a second then looks back down at the floor. " Ah, what's wrong the big man got nothing to say. Good now you know your place around here." Said Kain with the most hateful smirk on his face. As James left Kain turned and said " I hope your not to close to garet Jax, he won't be around much longer." James flew off the handle and slammed Kain across his face and picked him up by theshoulder and asked" What did you do?!".
" Why simple, I told the adminstration that he had lost and unusually high number of partners and needed to have his career scrtinized. You can't be to careful.". James now burning with anger " Listen you shithead, and listen good, If you want to preserve your career I sugest you retract your comment. We both know that your just taking out frustration on him." James said with a malicious glee. " Fine I will. But don't think this is over between us there will be hell to pay for this." Fine , but you'll take it out on me not them. Bust me if you can." Kain turned angry, but silent.
" things never change do they" James said to himself " Now to bring eveyone together. All that's left to do is tell them." James walked on and headed for the comm. room to put out the call for a meeting the briefing room it was time to tell everyone the truth.

James enterd the comm room to see Darren standing there, arms crossed. " So you heard to." Yeah, lets do this thing." said James as he slowly walked to the mic. "Attention all active agents please report to the briefing room for an important announcement. I repeat all active agents please report to the debriefing room immediatly. That is all." the room went quiet. Darren and James looked at each other nodded and left for the debriefing room.

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Kyle wasn't sure what to say. He didn't want to hurt her in any way and he wasn't sure how badly the truth would effect her. "I doesn't matter as long as you are going to be alright." He tried to force a smile, but barely moved his cheeks. He rubbed her cheek with the palm of his hand and was struck by a flashback of the first time that he had kissed her, but that was all gone. He knew that she didn't remember. Still though she looked at him with a long face of concern.

"Kyle..." She waited for a moment. "Kyle you look so sad. I'm not going to go anywhere until you tell me the truth. What are you hiding from me?"

"You know," he said, "I wish I could. I really do. But none of what I would say would matter unless you remembered something from your past that you had forgotten."

"I have time to kill and I'm not going to turn anymore." She said in a stubborn voice. "You are going to tell me and that's final. There isn't anything you are going to do to stop me."

Kyle felt ready to cry. She wouldn't remember and he knew she wouldn't. She would probably either not believe what he had to say or be so shocked and confused she would avoid him. He didn't want either of those because both ways he lost. He would rather die than lose her for good. Of coarse if he never told her then there still wasn't any chance of that happening. "Alright." He finally said. "I'll tell you, but not in the hallway. I would like to keep this private." He pulled her into a closet full of janitors quipment. "Okay now I'm ready."

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Putting the finishing touches on the paper, Katrina put everything away and stood up as there was a message over the PA about all the agents going to some debriefing room. Cracking her neck, she walked back into the noisier areas of the building. It must have been what, a couple of hours? She didn?t even know what it was she drew.

Walking down a hallway she?d never been down before, Katrina sighed. [I]?Man, I?m gonna end up getting lost?that would really bite.? [/I] Hearing footsteps ahead of her, she had no idea who it could possibly be, assuming that everyone was heading to this debriefing room place. She moved out of the way and stood back against the one wall, mostly shadowed, ?looking casual?.

It was some guy she?d never seen before, looking really mad about something. Probably somebody gave him a hard time with something or another. Either way, she didn?t get stuck having to talk or explain herself or anything. She let a sigh of relief, and looked around at the next hallway branch off. It was official Katrina was completely lost.

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