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RPG The Traveling-glass [PG-VLS]


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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkGreen]As Neiro packed the last of his possessions his grey-green eyes fell on a square, lightly polished wooden box. He held the box out on his hand for a long time before finally whispering, ?My voice commands. Break thy seal.?

With a small poping sound the once seamless box now had a crack running along its sides. Neiro lifted this newly-made lid and peered inside, unfolding a layer of small white cloth. Nestled firmly in the box, wrapped in the cloth, was half of a small glass disk. Neiro gazed down at his crisp reflection in the sliver-blue glass, brushing his fingers over it.

With a relieved sigh Neiro covered the glass with cloth again and replaced the lid. ?Heed only me,? he chanted, ?Re-form thy living seal.?

Obediently, the lid of the box melded with the base as if the wood were alive.

Satisfied that his precious possession was safely stowed, Neiro placed the box in his pack. With one last glance around the tiny room he headed out the door.

Niero brushed some of his bangs behind his ear as he bounced down the stairs and walked past the entrance to the tavern area.

?I?m returning the key,? Niero told the clerk seated behind a small desk.

The clerk took the key and scribbled something on a sheet of parchment. ?That will be 23 copper pieces.?

Neiro smiled. ?Oh, I?ve paid already. I paid yesterday.?

The clerk scanned the parchment and shook his head. ?You haven?t payed.?

Neiro?s smile faded. ?I did!?

?Not by my records.?

?I?m not going to pay twice!?

The clerk smirked. ?Then I?ll have to tell?? He fell silent as dark figure loomed over him. The man was over 2 feet taller than Neiro and looked about 20 times stronger.

?I?ll pay for us both,? the man explained, setting a sliver piece on the clerk?s desk. The towering man turned to Neiro and ushered him out the door.

Outside, Neiro jumped back away from the stranger. ?You didn?t have to do that. I really did pay already.?

?I know,? the man replied. ?But something you have to learn is that the clerk didn?t really care.?

?But that?s??

?Dishonest?? The man interrupted, ?Of course it is. You?ll find that the closer you get to the city, the less honest people are.? He bowed slightly. ?My name is Kenzai.?

Neiro held back. ?Why were you staying at the inn??

?I?m a knight in search of something,? Kenzai explained. ?I stopped here to rest. What about you??

Neiro froze. A knight? In service of the king! This man was not to be trusted. ?I grew bored of my small town and decided to travel the kingdom. I?m finding it a difficult journey.?

?Where are you headed now??

In reality Neiro was headed east to the city, to the castle, to exact his revenge against the king. ?Oh, north, I think,? Niero lied.

?Then we can go together for a ways,? Kenzai explained. ?I?m headed north as well. Perhaps I can help you overcome your naiveté.?

No matter how much he wanted to get away from this knight, Neiro knew that to disagree would look very suspicious. He would just have to bide his time and think of a good excuse to part. ?It?s always better to travel with company,? Niero lied again, forcing a smile. [/COLOR][/FONT]
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Gale walked into the castle straight to the information counter. The clark at the desk smiled cheerfully at Gale and asked, "How wonderful to see a Temple knight here inside the castle! What can i do for you..."
"Gale Linamire. My father has sent me to join the knights in search for the mirror."
The clark looked down and flipped through a stack of papers. After a minute he looked back up at him.
"Yes, it says here you are.....But my lord Kenzai has already left."
("Oh how i hate this.") thought Gale as he smiled at the clark.
"Do you know how long ago?"
The clark thought for a moment and answered, "I don't know, around dawn."
"Where is he going?"
"The king has sent Lord Kenzai towards the northwest of the kingdom." After that, Gale said thanks and waved goodbye as he walked out of the castle.
"Great just great he could be anywhere....And i don't know what he looks like!" With that, Gale marched towards the northwest.
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER] Salima walked down a narrow path that lead start to the kingdom. Her hood was tightly down her face so only her eyes could be seen. Eyes that appear demon like to anyone that approached her or even tried to. As she walks down the path, there is a clashing of metal coming from her as she walks. That sound is her cresent moon elbow blades that are tied to her waist. As she looks up and about she notices that no one is on this path. "Odd," she mutter," usually many people would be here." She shrugged it off and continued on.
As she continued to walk, she saw two travelers approaching. One was a tall man with armor on him. [I]'A knight,][/I]she thought. The other appeared to be a shy boy with grey-green eyes from the distance she was at. He carried with him many items with him. They both seem to be in a deep conversation and wouldn't noticed her.
When she walked past the boy she pitch pocketed him of his money that her carried with him. It was an old trick her father had taught when you're in need of money. It's a trick of speed and only the most skilled people/demons could do it. Salima chuckled to herself as she slipped the money in her pants pocket and continued on for her search.

ooc: Hope this is okay.
BlackTigerGurl :catgirl: [/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=navy]In the forest lay a fairy ring of trees with a stump in the center. Smoke hung low around the edge--the results of a spell cast at that precise location. Remains of a bowl lay beside the stump, and the air was cold and dry from the results of the spell. By the area, right on the outside of the ring, a small dragon no bigger than a human peered at the scene from behind the tree. A clear look of worry was seen in her eyes.
[i]Mom'll kill me for this, or worse, put me in this [/i]draza[i] state she'd been talking about...[/i] The dragon was actually a girl named Emillie--she had cast a spell for the purposes of experimenting with dragon energy. But she replaced the ritual ingredient of dragon scales with magic dust shed from a dragon's wings. This error ended up turning her into a dragon. Worse, she didn't know how to reverse the spell. Now she worried about the punishment that awaited her once she got back home, for her mother hated dragons. She even said once that she would kill one if she ever met one. But if she found a dragon in place of Emillie, the punishment would be worse than that... The "draza" state is similar to death in that the body is basically dead, but not perfectly, so that the spirit is trapped inside and waits with futile efforts to get out. Her mother said it was the most painful experience anyone could imagine, and she even sent a couple people into it once. Emillie, however, never had the heart to as it would be worse than murder.

Emillie's only ray of hope came from the traveling-glass she once heard of in town. Though she didn't know exactly what powers it had, she hoped it had the power to turn her back into a human before her mother could notice. With that, Emillie came back into the circle of trees and put her hands on the stump, treating it like an altar as she prayed for these things. However, a second later she realized she had frosted the stump with that touch.
[i]Ice powers...[/i] Emillie realized as she snatched her hands away from the frozen stump.

Emillie's immediate goal was to find the glass and use it to turn back to normal. However, as she started to leave, a voice inside told her it wouldn't be easy to find. This added to her tension, but she hoped she could work something out at least. If she couldn't turn back into a human, she could at least turn into an animal that her mother wouldn't hate...

But for now, just to release her tension, Emillie decided to test out what other powers she had.
[i]All right, I know I can freeze things...[/i] For the next few minutes she experimented with different things. She managed to freeze the air around her by transferring energy to her tail, and to create snow by flapping her wings. She also tried to use other abilities such as telekinesis and fire breathing, but none of those she happened to have. She also reached for her staff and tried to use it again a few times.
[i]Good, I was afraid it would be useless due to this change...[/i] Emillie thought as she bewitched a rabbit into holding its breath and dying of suffocation. Simple black spells were the ones she used most often as they didn't require much effort and were her specialty at the same time.

With a look at the sky, Emillie saw that the sun was on the brink of setting. A cool breeze blew by her as shadows completely covered the circle.
[i]So refreshing...[/i] Normally, breezes like those made her shiver, but it felt like one on the beach at this point. To her right, she could see the moon which had just risen a few minutes ago. She decided to enjoy the night--she was not afraid of the dark and knew she could protect herself, plus she enjoyed the moonlight so much. She began to fly a few feet above the trees, enjoying the view as well as the new experience of flying. One thing she knew was to enjoy the aspects of life as they last. Tonight would be a night of relaxation and adventure in case she woke up the next day to find herself back to normal again, however rare that may be. One other thing she knew was that anything is possible at any given moment--you can't predict fate exactly.[/color]
OOC: Ah yes, pieces of my wisdom along with it... I like to do that. Oh, and by the way, draza is a word I kind of made up because I couldn't find an English word to describe it... ("coma" isn't good enough for it)
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Ayumu walked down the beaten path and sighed to himself,"In all of these worlds, why was it this one that that glass came from." He heard a gentle flapping noise, and a cheer of happines.

He looked up and saw a light blue dragon soaring over the trees, seeming to have a good time."Wow,a dragon. i don't think I have ever seen one of those around here." He watched the dragon fly in a circle and eventually soar north.

"I must meet this creature." He clenched his fist and drew a power that had been sleeping inside of him. slowly, wings black as night grew and feathers began to sprout. A beak, and red eyes appeared on his head. Gently he flapped his wings and began to lift off of the ground.

"Wait. Don't go, I wish to speak to you." Ayumu began yelling at the dragon, who eventually turned around and saw a crow like creature, that seemed to be part human as well,fallowing her.

"Who,or better, what are you?" The dragon seemed to say with both curiosity and confusion.

"My name is Ayumy. I am a harmonizer. A druid of sorts. Please, let me speak with you. i hav never seen a dragon before." He tried to smile and found it difficult with the beak.
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[font=Tahoma][/font][font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2]Loki moved slinetly through the forest, his black cloak hiding his features. He heard voices coming down the road on the opposite side. [i]Prey[/i]. He quickly moved into the middle of the road as four knights rounded the corner. They were talking about the mirror like all of the other knights. [i]More mirror searchers.[/i] Loki stopped right in the way of the knights causing them to stare at him.[/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2][/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2]"Move aside traveler. We are the king's knights"[/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2][/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2]"That means nothing to me. All that I want is you" He threw the cloak off and drew his sword slicing tow in half.[/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2][/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2]"The Crimson Slayer!"[/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2][/size][/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=2]Loki cut down the last two then feasted on their bodies, gaining strength from their blood. When he was done he grabbed his claok and but it back over him and continued down the path.[/size][/font]
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Kenzai and Niero are traveling north through the forest away from the inn. The trees are growing larger as they journey deeper into the forest.

Neiro notices that his money bag is missing. "Oh great...." He mumbles. "Just what I needed...."

"What happened?" asked Kenzai.

"Oh nothing..." replied Neiro.

"Don't lie to me now" said Kenzai.

Neiro was reluctant to tell Kenzai about his failure to guard his money bag, but he had no choice at this point. He had no other lie to come up with.

"Someone...or something stole my bag of money. I'm ruined." said Neiro.

"What an incompetant child...." replied Kenzai coldly. "You can't even keep track of your money? You definately needed a companion for your journey. Without one you would have surely perished!"

Neiro could feel the hate building inside him for Kenzai. He wished to leave him to go on his own right away. Why did he ever join him? He knew it was a bad idea from the start. Neiro is without money now, so he doesn't have much of a choice but to stay with Kenzai for the time being.

"You have better stay close to me" said Kenzai "We wouldn't want anything worse happening to you. This forest is dangerous....full of creatures filled of evil and hate."

There was a rustling of bushes in the distance. Kenzai looked at the bushes and grasped his legendary sword Emberius in the process. He drew the mighty sword that seemed to be way too heavy for a man to lift, let alone wield.

"Stay back!" shouted Kenzai. "I can deal with these forest dangers without problems. I don't know if I can say the same for you."

Out of the bushes emerged around 20 spiders. These were not normal spiders. The spiders that came out were the size of cows! They dripped venom from their foot long fangs. You could tell they were hungry by the look in their....eyes. They crept slowly towards Neiro and Kenzai, ready to attack.

Kenzai was the first to attack, however. He swung his mighty sword with great power. The spiders jumped back to avoid the attack. Emberius struck the ground creating a small earthquake in the surrounding ground. The grass also caught on fire.

Neiro did not expect this power. He was shocked. Where did this fire come from? Kenzai must not just be any normal knight.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkRed][LEFT]Salima pulled the money bag from her left pocket and opened it, examing how much there was inside. "Not much," she mutter counting it all. "I guess it will do for the time begin."

As she walked down the path, her nose caught the scent of smoke close by. "Smoke," she said with curiousity. It had taken over her and made her run to the scene where Kenzai and Niero were at. She hide behind one of the trees her brown eyes gazing at Kenzai as he wield a giant sword that her carried with him. The heat of the fire hiting her face was something she was use to as she moved closer to get a better veiw of them both.

She notice that Niero was doing nothing but also gazing at Kenzai with wonder as he swinged the mighty sword at one of the spiders. [I]'He'll never kill anything by just waving that sword around,'[/I]she thought to herself watching the spiders avoid his attacks. One of the spiders must of caught her scent, because it crept right over to her. [I]'Damn it all!'[/I]

Salima removed one of her elbow blades as she backed up into a tree. [I]'I can not be seen,'[/I]she thought as she charged at the spider slicing its legs.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkGreen]?Obviously he can handle himself,? Neiro thought. He wouldn?t have wanted to leave an ordinary person to himself against these spiders, but obviously Kenzai was no ordinary person. ?This is my chance to get away from this knight!?

Even as Neiro started to back away from the battle-enthralled knight he was starting to have second thoughts. This knight could use magic? that wasn?t exactly common. Should he stick around and get some more information? ?No,? Neiro decided, ?I can?t risk being found out.?

With all the stealth of a forest animal, Neiro slipped away though the trees, leaving the spider-smashing knight behind. He honestly thought he had escaped Kenzai.

Meanwhile Kenzai saw Neiro flee from the corner of his eye. He quickly turned the last spider into a charred, oozing pile of twitching legs. Kenzai gazed off in the direction Neiro had gone. ?Did he get scared and run off?? the knight sighed, ?I suppose I?ll have to go find him??
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[color=navy]Emillie stopped as Ayumu flew closer. She felt a little safe, especially she had not met him before and he (hopefully) wasn't a spy for her mom. Though this was among her worries (the appearance of Ayumu looked like a creature her mom summoned at times during a spell), she smiled in response to the look in Ayumu's eyes that gave the clear image of a smile.
"Never seen a dragon before, huh?" Emillie asked in a saddened tone. Ayumu nodded.
"What's wrong?" Ayumu replied, feeling Emillie's tone.
"Well, the thing is, I'm not really a dragon--I kind of accidentally turned myself into one just a while ago. A part of me does think it's wonderful, but my mother hates dragons, so I have to hide from her all this time."
"Hmmm..." A part of Ayumu didn't believe this. "Quite peculiar..."
Emillie then smiled, for from Ayumu's confusion she could tell that he had no clue who she was either, which meant he wasn't a spy.
"So are you just enjoying the night?" Ayumu continued.
"Yep. I've loved the night for a long time, and the chills up here feel even nicer in this new form. You see, dragons come in different elements--mostly the basic ones of air, fire, water, and earth. What I conclude now is that I fall under the Water category, but more specifically Ice. But ice is just frozen water, so that makes sense."
Ayumu laughed at her last remark.
"I suppose you like the night too," Emillie continued, "to be out at this hour. Which makes sense--ravens like the night, so maybe crows do too..."
"Well actually, to tell you the truth, I'm not exactly a crow either..."
Emillie's eyes grew wide at the sound of this.
[i]Wow, we must be in the same boat![/i] she thought.

"Oh, you're really a human as well? I guess that could be true, but you didn't accidentally turn yourself into a crow, did you?" [i]Of course not. He doesn't seem the spell type.[/i]
"I did turn myself into one, but not accidentally, really."
"You mean you [i]wanted[/i] to be a crow?"
"Not exactly..." There was a tone of embarrassment in Ayumu's voice.
"How peculiar..." Emillie repeated Ayumu's earlier remark.
"How did you manage to accidentally become a dragon anyways?" Ayumu's tone suddenly gained a hint of humor.
"Spell gone wrong..." Emillie said as she glanced back at the clearing in the forest where she had performed the spell.
"Must have been a pretty powerful spell," Ayumu chuckled.
"I guess..."

Emillie's voice drifted off as her head turned over to the horizon.
"Going somewhere?" Ayumu inquired.
"Over there is where my mother lives. Of course I'm not going there." Then Emillie turned back to Ayumu. "Where are you headed?"
"Eh, personal business... So anyways, why does your mother hate dragons?"
"I don't know. Maybe it's because dragons are rumored to be conquerors and banishers of black magic and evil--my mother is probably the underground expert on black magic. Not that she wants to kill the whole world or anything..."
"Which she passed down to you?" Ayumu finally noticed the staff Emillie was holding casually at her side.
At this Emillie just smiled. There was silence when the two looked toward that same horizon.

"You know, what's your name..."
"Emillie. I've been hearing something about this mirror said to have magical abilities--for a while I thought it might be what I need to turn back into a human. And, I..."
"Oh, that thing," Ayumu interrupted. "Just watch out for it--for all I know it could be dangerous."
"Don't you ever take risks in life?" Emillie blurted. [i]Heh, that's one part of certain types of black magic...[/i]

Both of them laughed.[/color]
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Loki watched the knight kill the spiders. [i]he is a much stronger prey, but i will leave him for the time being.[/i] Loki sniffed and turned his head. His increased vision picked out a girl hiding in the darkness. "Well what do we have here?" He silently made his way behind the girl. [i]Panther Demon, one of the few races I won't kill.[/i] The spider she was fighting had several of its legs cut off but was still coming after the girl. Hr reached out and grabbed the spider for the back and smashed it into a tree then cut off its head with his clawed metal hand. He then turned to the girl. "I hate bugs, don't you" A small gust of wind blew but Loki's stiff cloak hid his true appearance for the girl.
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Gale finnally made his way to the path that lead into the forest. his horse, Maxwell was exausted from the long journey form the castle.The forest seemed awkwardly quiet. As he trotted down the path someting caought his eye. he quicky bounced off Maxwell and off the path. A giant spider flew onto the path from the right side. The size of it shocked Gale has it was bigger then Maxwell. It seemed the spider was in a hurry, but it stopped when it spotted Maxwell. It took only one look at the horse for it to open its mouth to expose its huge teeth. Gale jumped onto the path between the animals and pulled out his sword. even at night, the blade shinned with light. The beast charged at Gale only to be stabbed between the eyes. The bug died instantly in front of him.
"um... you would think this one would be in a pack. he looked at the direction of where the bug came from.
"What was it running from?" He whistled Maxwell to follow, and processed to the right side of the forest.
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkRed][LEFT]Salima brushed the goo from off her cloak and looked at Loki with hatred in her eyes. But it wasn't like her kind to be hateful and rude to ones that save your life, even if she really didn't need it. She put her blade back onto her hip, her eyes still watching Loki carefully. Even though he helped her, he still is mysterious to her.

"Thank you...for the help," she mutter her hands on her hips.

"Hmph. No problem."

"But I didn't need it," she added sarcastically.

Loki stared blanky at her, confusion all over his face as fair as Salima could see. "You are a rude little something, aren't you?"

"As rude as any person, or demon, could get. And I'm not all that little," she said snarling at him.

"Hmph. I'm not here to fight, unless you want too. What are you doing here?

"That is my bussiness. I have my reason of being here just like anyone else," she said as she lowered her gaurd but only a bit. [I]'I must not lower my gaurd to much. If I do, it will be the end of me,[/I]she thought to herself eyeing Loki.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Kenzai ran in the direction Neiro fled. He was fast, despite his extremely heavy armor. Trees were a blur around him as he sped through the forest.

Kenzai noticed the foliage in front of him being disrupted. This must be Neiro running through, he thought. He began to follow this trail directly. He could tell he was slowly gaining on Neiro. Luckily the trees weren?t too big, he thought. That would hurt his pursuit since Kenzai?s body is so big. Kenzai could tell he would catch him very soon.

Finally after about 5 minutes of pursuit, Kenzai caught up to Neiro and lunges in front of him to block his path.

?Why did you run off like that, yellow bellied boy?? said Kenzai. Neiro scowled at him and did not reply.

?What?s wrong with you boy? I helped with your travels and everything and all you do is run off on me.? Yelled Kenzai.

Neiro was tired of this arrogant knight blabbering on and on and thought of a way to stop him. How about my nature?s blast spell, he thought.

Neiro began to draw energy from the plants and animals around him. This energy began to focus around his hands and grew to the size of a large bush. This energy pulsated until it stabilized. Neiro then shouted an incantation ?Naturus Obliterum!? and hurled the green nature ball of energy at Kenzai.

Kenzai was surprised by this action. He didn?t expect to be attacked by someone in which he was helping. What kind of guy was this boy?

Kenzai watched the attack fly towards him, nearing impact. He did not move at all. At the last moment, he raised his mighty sword to intercept the spell. The green energy ball disappeared suddenly. Emberius began to glow brightly.

?What?!? yelled Neiro. Neiro was confused as to what happened. He did not know any knight who could have stopped that spell. What is with this knight? He must not be normal?.

Kenzai explained ?My sword absorbed your spell, making it useless, and granting my sword even greater power.?

?Now, boy?.what was the meaning of that attack?!? yelled Kenzai.
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Loki laughed to himself at the antics of the girl. "Don't worry I won't try to kill you. Demon's honor" He made a slight bow. "So ,what are you doing in this forest? I was watching the two humans fight off some of the spiders. Quite amusing" He snifffed the air. "If I'm not mistaken, there is a dragon and a crow, wait human, ahh its a harmonizer. They are both nearby by, about several miles from this point" He held out his hand that was covered by armor so as not to give away his secert and made a sweeping motion to the path. "Care if I travel with you?"
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Edgar had been standing in line behind the human and knight at the Inn coincidently, but chose to make herself little known. After they had left, she walked over to the high-spirited clerk standing behind the counter. A leather-gloved hand dropped the key for room 178 onto the wooden surface.[COLOR=Purple] ?If you ever dare to try to same antics with me as you did that boy, you won?t live to see another payment...? [/COLOR] she threatened quietly. The clerk gulped, and nodded about a million times as he turned to hand up the key.

With the hood of her dark cloak down, she left a little while after the two, making sure to give the knight a head start. She didn?t want to be following to close to anyone, forbid she?d run into any complications. In the past months Edgar had already searched most of the southern lands of the kingdom. That would prove useless if the ironic suspicion of a traveling half of the mirror turn out to be true. But that situation would be handled at a different time if the need arises.

She traveled East into the forest, silently welcoming the dimmer lighting a little. A very tiny sliver of a small purple shine escaped from the top of a sheath hanging to the side off of her waist. Stepping quietly through the spacing between trees, Edgar traveled along no path, the soft mist covering the unseen ground cooling the skin through her boots. It wasn?t a kind forest, she could tell. The wind whistled past her pointed ears, crying tales of the fiery death of giant spiders. The trees rustled with tales of many intruders. Edgar smirked. A raven colored crow-like creature with glowing red eyes cawed as she passed under its branch, the sound echoing around the vicinity. Edgar tuned sharply north, heading for the direct center of the forest, set to take care of a small mater of treasure hunting.
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkRed][LEFT]Salime wasn't quite sure if she should trust his word or be on her way and leave him standing there. She eyed him suspiciously from under her hood. Her eyes looking him up and down trying to get a better look of him, a understanding.

"Fine,"she finally said after a whiles worth. She really didn't want a campaign on this journey she had to take. She thought that she needed to do this on her own. She walked past him making sure her hood was still hiding her appearance from him.

"If you want, you can come. But if you get in my way, I swear by all means I will kill you," she said looking at him her eyes turning demon-like. Her whole eye turning a dark redish brown with fury as the pupil stayed a pure black.

Loki didn't flinch. He just held his smile at her. "Fine by me," was his only comment to her.

Salima eyed him once more but said nothing.

"So, will you answer my question?"

"What question?"

"What are you doing her in the forest?"

"Minding my bussiness like you should be,"she said as she started down the path toward the crow-like creature and what appeared to be a dragon.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkGreen]Neiro was so shocked that it took him a long time to actually respond.

?I? I want to travel on my own? I started this journey with my own intentions and I want to finish it that way. I never asked for your help,? Neiro muttered.

Kenzai frowned. ?Are you up to something??


?You?re an awful liar,? Kenzai sighed. ?I can?t just leave you now. You?re suspicious and you?ve got some pretty weird powers for a kid. Tell me what you?re up to.?

Neiro was positively seething. ?Calling me a kid? How dare someone like you criticize me. At least I live on my own beliefs. At least I?m not some knight doing the king?s dirty work.?

?Eh? Is that how you feel?? Kenzai grinned. ?I don?t blame you. I don?t exactly like the king either. He?s trashed my family?s reputation and done things I don?t agree with? but It?s my honor as a knight not to betray him.

?Right now I?m looking for something. I started looking because my king told me to. I keep looking because I believe what I am searching for is mine by right.?

Neiro studied the ground, considered what the knight had told him and then looked back up. ?What are you looking for??

Kenzai answered without hesitation. ?Perhaps you?ve heard of it? I seek the lost half of the magic mirror called the Traveling-glass.?

Neiro?s voice left him. ?I?m in trouble,? he thought.
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Gale guided his horse through the forest and into a open field where Gale gasped. The ground was covered with dead spiders, some had there legs tored right off and some completly burned.

"....i guees i missed the party."

"Fine" Gale twisted his head around by the voice. He carefully pushed maxwell back into the forest and listened for the voice again.

"If you want, you can come. But if you get in my way, I swear by all means I will kill you." The voice came form the right as Gale creeped to see what it was.he hid behind a tree has he saw to figures. they where both covered in hoods so he couldn't tell if they where human or not.

"Fine by me." said the giant one. Looking really close, Gale show a glimse of the hood's metal claw on its hand.

"....the Crimson slayer..." Gale put his hand on the hilt of his blade. should he make a move now? or listen in?
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Loki sniffed the air. There was a human nearby along with a horse. "So what is your name?"

"Why should I tell you?"

Loki let out a stream of smoke from his nose. "I'll go first. Name's Loki and I am in this forest because I had to go through it on my way to the nearest human settlement"

"Why human?"

Loki laughed. "You'll see" He turned and began to search the forest as a dark purple aura surrounded him. [I]Soul Search[/I] In his eyes only the entire area became black. He looked next to him and saw the panther demon's soul. It was a dark red color. Demon's showed up red and human's showed up white. He then saw the human soul. He blinked and the area was back to normal. "You have got to promise not to go running to the nearest knight or town to turn me in"

The demon sighed. "Why are you the Crimson Slayer or something"

Loki suddenly let out a large fireball hitting the tree next to human hiding in the bush and causing the horse to freak out. "Come out now or next time you will be burnt to a crisp." The horse came running out of the forest and Loki grabbed it be the neck. "I know how much you humans are connected with your horses so...." He brought out his clawed crimson colored gloved hand and held it up to the horse's throat. "You will come out" He looked at the panther demon. "Yes I am the Crimson Slayer. Now what was your name and don't worry, I don't kill demons"
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"Dammit." whsipered Gale as the crimson slayer held his horse Maxwell hostage. he had no choice, but to surrender. He slowly got up and walked to where they could see him.

"Alright, you got me. Can you let go of my horse?" The demon laughed and asked, "What where you doin there human? Then again, humans are always putting there nose where it doesn't belong." He let go of Maxwell as the horse fled into the woods behind Gale.

"Now i'm feeling genrious today because i'm in the middle of a conversation, so be off." But Gale stood his ground. He pulled out his blade, 'save thy father' and aswered back, "I cannot leave to let you kill more and more inocent people."

"I gave you a chance human, now you shall be a snack for myself." With lightning speed, he attacked Gale with his metal claw. Gale blocked the attack with his sword then swung his sword at the demon. Dodging the swing the Demon attacked again only this time, stricking Gale on his left shoulder. The crimson slayer went for the death blow when Gale waved his sword to make him back off.

"Cure.." he whispered as magically healed his wound. Gale got back up and got into a strong battle stance. First, he lost that knight to search for the mirror and now he meets the crimson slayer. This was one rough day.
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Ayumu flapped his wings agian,"Umm, I hate to be mean, but could we land. I'm getting a little tired of just trying to hover."

"Huh? Oh yeah sure. Sorry. Forgot that you are still human." They both made their way to the ground annd let out a sigh.

"Thank you. Flapping like that is killing my arms." He smiled as a rainbow of colors surrounded him, then fadded leaving him in his normal form.

"So thats what you look like. Very diffrent from a crow." She giggled as she layed down.

"No kidding. So your looking for the mirror to change back into a human. I guess that when you do, you wont try that same spell." He laughed as she smiled.

"Most likly I wont. So, why are you out here ahian?"

"Well, my father actually. I am also looking for the half of the glass. See, my father was also a Harmonizer. Taught me everyrthing I know. He got word of the glass and began searching for it. While searching, he went crazy. I think, if I can find it, I may be able to bring him back to normal."

"Wow, seems like you have a strong bond with your father."

"Everyone in my family is that way. We would all give our lives to save another." He smiled faintly as Emillie let out a growl.

"What is it? Something you not like out there?" Ayumu looked around but couldnt see anything in the darkness.

"Someone, or something is out there."Ayumu looked around then saw a light from a fire show then die.

"Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with the something. Wanna go check it out?" He turned back to her as she nodded.

"Just give me a second. If its fire we are going up agianst, I think we shoud have more than ice on our side." He took a step away from her as the rainbow of colors came back, then faded agian, leaving a greenish blue dragon. He let out a roar then smiled.

"You can turn into a dragon? What else can you do?" She stood up and they both began to walk twards the fire.

"Every element, I have a demon spirit that reflects it."
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Loki lunged again the caught Gale's sword with his bare hand. Smoke started to rise and Loki quickly let go but sent Gale flying back into a tree iin the process. "A blessed sword" He shook his hand and then held out his hand. "Come my blade, from teh dark depths where I keep you hidden" a dark circle appeared on the ground and a long dia katanna rose slowly witht eh hilt facing the sky. Loki grabbed the sword a pulled it out. It was about two feet taller then he was. "So a blessed and a cursed sword. Question is, who's is stronger" He watched Gale climb back up. "Your tough for a human, but I've beaten tougher" He flicked ot his tongue and sniffed catching the dragon's and the harminzor's scent. It varied a little so he must have changed again. A dark shield then surrounded Loki as he took a step forward. "So what kind of knight are you. A demon slayer, wizard slayer. If you serve the king or are just a bounty hunter you need to tell my quick" He thought to himself as he neared Gale.
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Gale knew he was out matched by the demon. The crimson slayer's cursed sword was surrounded by dark aura.

"I'm Gale,Temple knight under the service of thy father Marquis. And i shall vanquish you with the blessed blade of the gods!" His sword gleamed with holy light as Gale was about to charge.

".....Then we cannot continue with this fight." He answered becoming more relax. Gale lowered his sword. Why was the slayer doing this? surely he doesn't not feel pity for him. But, Gale knew he wouldn't like to continue either.

"..May i ask why, Crimson slayer?" As he put his sword back onto his belt.

"I cannot kill a Temple knight, for his people have shelter me when i was a young child." Thinking of how Temple knights helped the slayer, but us knights must protect everyone.

"But still i cannot let you kill inocent people, its my duty to protect the weak." Even though he did not want to fight the demon once again. Well, it seemed his day got alittle brighter....Just alittle.
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"If you insist then, I shall make an exception for you" He hit the ground with his sword sending Gale flying back. "Since you are so eager to protect the weak and all that chivalry stuff" He held out his hand as as a dark aura surrounded it. Rope like fingers of dark energy came out and wrapped himself around Gale. "We shall fight another time, young knight. Maybe you should take this time to grow stronger, before we meet again" The energy completely covered Gale then it flash as it transported Gale back to the city. Loki healed his hand causing the burn mark of thy to disappear from his hand.
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