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Christmas list


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Christmas is only a couple of months away, and I was just wondering what everyone's christmas list is going to be, starting with what you want the most. It might take me a couple of posts before I get mine worked out :animesmil LOL.
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Well on my christmas list there are only a few things that will probably will not come to happenning but I still hope, the first thing is for my parents to send me back to Ecuador, I miss my home, my friends and my life before I came to the States 6 years ago. The Second thing is a material thing, I saw this pretty necklace with a green heart and I love it. The Third thing I want is for my back to stop hurting, the doctors haven't got back to me on why it hurts so much but I just hope I would know by Christmas. The last thing is that my friends will stop fighting with each other (not likely to happen)
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I have my B-day 3 weeks before christmas, so I have a double holiday season.

My only big thing is a Black 60GB iPod video. I've always wanted a media player and this one is right up my alley. Other than that, a few DS games, a few PS2 games, another N64 (#3), a few movies.

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[size=1]How about we get through Thanksgiving before we start thinking of Christmas, you materialistic sons of ... haha.

But seriously; we're not even past Halloween, and I'm seeing signs in the supermarket with "Happy Holidays!" and little Santas sitting on boxes everywhere. It sickens me. Whatever happened to waiting until December 1st before celebrating?[/size]
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Yeah, I wouldn't start making this thread till' way later in the year, but everone's already asking "So what do you want this year?"... So I just figured I should go ahead and ask, since everyone else is asking about people's christmas lists. :animeswea
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Word of advice, bros, iPods are so overrated it's just insane. They are horrible machines that'll break within the month no matter how well you take care of them, the batteries, like on everything else Mac has ever made, conk out for no reason and they conk out bad. They are CRAP. Besides, there are much more sturdy alternatives that actualy have more storage and better quality. The little wheel-thingie is tedious as hell, too.

As for me, I need a new pair of skates. Mine are six years old and all messed up from over use. A new hockey stick and some other equipment would be nice aswell.

Some DVDs would be nice but I don't have anything in mind really. A plethora of CDs, inclufing Neil Young's Prarie Winds, RUSH's Vapour Trails, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, The Tragically Hip's Trouble at the Hen House, are also on my list. [/COLOR]
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I'm going to get a bunch of hentai DVD's. In case any of you don't konw what hentai is, it is sexually explicit animation or comics. I don't know, it's just my kind of thing. Since I don't have any family I guess I'll just have to buy them myself. Merry Christmas, Santa.

My house got blown away by Katrina and now I have nothing.
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[SIZE=1]The funny thing is I've always disliked Christmas. Maybe it's because I've always never got what I want. Rarely will I get something good....but if I could have anything...my list would go something like this...

[*]Nano Ipod
[*]Digital Camera
[*]Books ('cause I'm cool like that..)
[*]A new mustang convertible or Mercedes...(yeah right)
[*]Clothes from Bebe Sport!
[*]A Credit Card (another yeah right)
[*]An apartment of my own
[*]Gift Certificates
[*]Photoshop CS
[*]A ghangsta pet rat named Sho'nuff
[*]A ride in a limo with my best friends
[*]A holiday made just for yours truely, me.
[*]Oreo Cheesecake
[*]Conquer the world....

You know just the essentials....enough said.[/SIZE]
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I've got a christmas list! ...It's not much yet, Halloween isn't even here yet, but whatever...

1.) CDs, of course. 3 Doors Down, Gwen Stefani, NickelBack, Alanis, etc.
2.) A [I]giant[/I] stuffed zebra!!! :D I saw one at the state fair, and it was... awesome!!! I immediately wanted it, but mom told me not to waste my money on it.
3.) A basketball hoop! Not one of those dumb little kid plastic ones, the real metal ones (like at parks), 10, 15 ft tall! Just so I will want to go outside!

...That's all.
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1 DS games (Mario Kart, Castelvania, Pheonix Wright, Trauma Center)
2 Long black reverands coat (from Hot Topic)
3 A Series of Unfortunate Events #12 and a crap load of manga
4 Not to have to go to my grandparents house (Family is nothing but idiots, drunks, drunken idiots, a few goody-goodies, me and my siblings are the freaks and dissapointments and we are all paraded around and shown off)
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[quote name='Attimus331']I'm thinkin' about getting a new guitar. If i do then i'll probably get a les paul. I dunno what brand yet though. Besides that i don't really know what i want. Money's always good. Also an xbox 360 is somethin' for me to think about.[/quote]

I've got a fender squier and it works nicely for me. Something else that you should look at is the Roland mini cube amplifier. It's a portable mini amp, with great sound, effects,key,gain etc. I would recommend it highly.
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[SIZE=1]Mainly music of course but being dreadfully old-fashioned, The 70's Soul Collection that I saw on TV. I mean come on, it has Chic and The Emotions on it. How can I try and turn it down. That's like at the top of my list. Other than that maybe a few Betty Boop, Little Lulu, and Little Audrey movies.

It's like I love everything that came before me. :animedepr [/SIZE]
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Guest kuroinuyoukai
Well let's see, I'm a little old-but here goes-
Dear Santa,
I have been a very good girl (sorta) this year. For Christmas this year, I would like a new car(my mother gave me her old person car.it's huge!), lots of Inuyasha merchandise(I'm broke!), a 4.0 average in college, and some very cool friends who dig anime as much as I do!(I don't know anybody here at college.) :catgirl:
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Haha, Christmas already. And not even done with Halloween yet. Oh well, though, I love Christmas :animeswea

My list would be:

Kingdom Hearts 2
Final Fantasy Advent Children DVD
Various manga (Naruto, FMA, Kyo, Souleater)
Various DVD movies
Volcom clothes

To see my gf
To pass my Japanese Langauge Proficiency Exam
To find another job
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Hmm, this is a tough one since I have a lot that I want. But I'll break it down to three things :animecry:

1. Laptop
2. Digital Camera or just a nice camera
3. My Liscens

Santa had better at least get one of those things for me or he and I are gonna have a little talking to this year. :D
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[*]PS2 Fixed
[*]Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits
[*]Linkin Park: Live in Texas
[*]Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
[*]My friend, Joe to come visit for a weekand
[*]My friend Steve to be safe while in Iraq
[*]ZMud Subcription
[*]Loads of credits on Achaea

A lot of them are self explanitory. Some of these things I know I won't get, but there is nothing wrong for hoping for the best.[/COLOR]
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[color=hotpink][size=1]I'm getting married the Monday before Christmas, so I'm just hoping for a wonderfully beautiful wedding with lots of great moments and memories. And hopefully an awesome honeymoon at Disney World, which is where we are planning to go the rest of the week before Christmas.

As for presents, bring them to the wedding. I'm not particular.[/color][/size]
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[color=DarkSlateBlue][font=Trebuchet MS]For Christmas, I would like [b]some people who post detail, instead of lists with no explanation. [/b]This thread will have far more discussion value if you go into a little more detail about why you want these things. Thirty-odd posts with lists of five items do not an interesting thread make.

(This isn't addressed to everyone, some of you aren't guilty of this at all.)

And I'm sorry, but I just get really needled when Christmas starts coming up in conversation so early in the year. I don't even nearly know what I want for Christmas and I likely won't start noting things down until Advent. I die a little inside when I go into Marks and Spencer at the end of the summer holidays and see a Christmas tree hiding amongst all the Back 2 School merchandise.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]I haven't even been thinking about Christmas! I'm still thinking about how to make my halloween costume...Well, here's my list:
[*][B]Go to Florida.[/B] I was supossed to go, but that ain't happening due to my crazy cousin visiting, and my mom's 50th birthday. I was going to go to the beach and Disneyland! :animecry: I can still wish, right?
[*][B]Fruits Basket Vol. 12[/B]- I have Vol. 1-11, so I just have to get 12!
[*][B]Clothes[/B]- you can never have too much clothes!
[*][B]Winter boots[/B]- I didn't buy any winter boats last year, but this winter is going to be freezing!
[*][B]The Mediator Series[/B]- I love that series sooo much!
[*][B]Blank CDs[/B]- You can never have too much blank cds.
[*][B]Cut Patterns[/B]- I want to start sewing, so I need some patterns.
[*][B]Good Grades[/B]- I used to be so smart (well kind of), but now, I'm doing bad at school! I can't get into University, for Geology with an average below 80%! :animeangr
[*]But most of all, [B]MONEY[/B]! I need money to go Boxing Day shopping and get my sales!! ;)
Edit: I forgot to add:
[*][B]Laminator[/B]- I started to make bookmarks again, and I could only laminate one side of the bookmark properly! So, having a laminator would be useful. Expessially since now people have seen my hidden talent and want one too.
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Oh, I love threads like this...I can list all I want, but there is the little person in the back of my head that keeps jumping up and down and screaming at me, "You're not gonna get ANY of that stuff!!" Oh, well.

Definately some form of MP3 player
$$$ would be nice
two or three anime series that I've got my eye on:
--Outlaw Star
--Samurai Deeper Kyo
--Rurouni Kenshin
Various and sundry movies:
--Willow (my copy got lost in a move)
--Howl's Moving Castle
--the second and third LOTR movies, 'cause I still don't have 'em
Clothing to suit my very eclectic taste
Cookies!!! Lots of cookies!
a genie to grant me all the wishes I want.

so, there you have a little list. :D
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