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[CENTER][B][U]Sands of Time[/U]

[SIZE=1][I]How many times have I used this title? Oh wait, just once? well, I just think it?s groovy. Same title, different RPG? slightly different.[/I][/CENTER]

[CENTER]Once upon a time,
We found ourselves standing on our beaches, staring up at the stars
Wondering what it was like, to be there among the Gods
We dreamt of such things and wished for such miracles
Dreamt of all these galaxies so fine
And we waited centuries until we were there, among the Gods
We sat with them, dined with them, but we weren?t one of them
Now I ask you, will you join me in my quest to join [I]them[/I]?
We will walk this beach as Gods
Forever leaving our footprints in the Sands of Time.[/CENTER]

[RIGHT]- [B]Hephaestus[/B][/RIGHT]

History plays a pretty important role in society ? you learn it in school, we learn from the past, and most of all without history there wouldn?t be a present, or a future. The past is incredibly important and holds the key to our civilisation, there are so many things we want to know but may never understand. There might not be enough evidence, it might be too long ago, and people may have simply forgotten. Without making a long essay about it, the past is essential for the present and, ultimately, the future.

Luckily, humanity never found a means of time travel. Not in the 21st century, not in the 54th century. They never did no matter how advanced they became. Some felt that this was right ? humans had always caused problems for themselves, problems which increased with their inventions, new weapons and new technologies. People felt that they couldn?t trust themselves with a power such as time travel; something for education would easily turn into devastation for their entire civilisation. In the far future when space travel was possible there were still problems, wars with other cultures, wars among humanity?s own ranks and more proof that humans were not responsible enough to wield the power of time. Even though they were growing up, humans still lacked what was needed to achieve such a great accomplishment? and that was common sense. Yes, through all the intelligence, all the great machines and amazing structures humanity had created, most still lacked common sense. Wasn?t it common sense that you don?t let the lion out of the cage if it?s destroyed everything inside?

Without bullying humanity anymore, there was in fact a species that were worthy of the powers of time. No one knew their name, no one gave them a name, they didn?t find a name necessary. They were an ancient civilisation in far reaches of the Universe, forever on a mission to meet new life forms, study them and their worlds. These beings seemed to frown down upon the rest of the Universe, as if they were the scientists and all others were merely the lab rats. Their research seemed to lack compassion for the people they studied, they didn?t care for feelings or opinions, they merely did their work and left. Now, on most planets, they could get away with this. But when you cross the path of a race such as humanity?? There is no way in hell they could fly off without so much as an argument.

Humans and these new beings had a lot of trouble, they argued, they had fights, they even banned each other from certain parts of their territory. Some of the xenophobic humans spread rumours about these ?Omnipotent Lords of Time?, claiming they were here to destroy humanity at the roots. Humans soon had enough. They asked their visitors to leave them, and they did, but their leave took time. The xenophobes got angry at their idleness to the point where they actually [I]attacked[/I] their visitors. You would think an all-powerful race with the key to time would easily ward off such beasts, but they didn?t. The events that took place are unknown; all that is sure is that the aliens left only with half of their people.

This had happened in the 29th century; surprisingly humanity was just as brutal back then as it was in its first living years. However, humanity shaped itself properly in the 35th century, enforcing harsh new rules, new laws and new morals that secured other cultures outside their own. It took awhile but humans finally became the perfect creatures they were destined to be in the 40th century. Their civilisation was finally ready for anything, even time travel, but they were wise and knew that humans didn?t deserve such a power. They had thrown out the Lords of Time; they could not invite them back.

Little did most of Earth?s population know, time travel was already in the hands of some humans. When the aliens were driven out some of their technology was stolen, and although humans were brutal back then they were still smart. One man, Zeus Hephaestus, who renamed himself after two Greek God?s (which only proves his ego and arrogance), was responsible for the creation of a group of bandits, or rather ?Time Bandits? that existed throughout Earth history. Hephaestus hired men from all over the ages to disturb humanity?s roots, some changes didn?t reach the 40th century quick enough, others did. Humans didn?t notice, but the all-powerful Lords of Time did.

They returned to the humans, made peace, explained their last actions, and explained the destruction humanity was facing. At first the world leader?s and allies of Earth were sceptical about it all, thinking it to be more lies formed by these Time Gods. Provided with evidence of the man responsible, humans set out to track this man down themselves, instead of believing the Lords of Time directly. They never found Hephaestus, only his henchman, working in Hephaestus? place in the 40th century. Each and every time they killed one of Hephaestus? replacements, humans were given the same last words: [B]?Stand by our side among the Gods.?[/B]

The Lords of Time proposed a solution to this. They would [I]not[/I] grant humanity the power of time, instead they would grant it to a few of the humans and their allies. It seemed that the studies the Lords of Time conducted were done to see which humans were worthy to join their elite group of history preservers, a ?Time Squad?, so to speak.

[CENTER][I][B]Welcome to the 40th Century[/I][/CENTER]

You have been selected by the High Council of [I]Via Lactea[/I] [Milky Way], consisting of the Azatians from constellation of Kasterborous, members of the Andromeda Galaxy, the Triangulum Galaxy and the Trinebluam Galaxy, the Royal Family of Alterius Nine, the Founders of the Five Tribes of Matanui and our guests of honour, the temporary members from far beyond our reach, the all-powerful and unnamed Lords of Time, to provide your skills in a programme designed to test the responibility of humanity and preserve humanity?s sacred history.

?For all those not familiar with the 40th Century, forget that. We are the High Council of the 40th Century, situated on Earth. There are many, many members in this council, most of which aren?t even from Earth! The above is our introduction, modified for the task at hand, although it still includes the most famous and contributing memebers of our society, possibly some you may get to know throughout your mission! Now, we have a crisis at hand, and we require your services to not only save humanity but prove the some humans are in fact capable of handling the powers of time. Although we do in fact think it unwise to be granted the gift of time, we also know that without knowledge of the 4th dimension we will never know what changes have been made to our people, and it will save the Lords of Time a great deal of? well, time? to keep coming to our planet and telling us what has gone wrong.

Several centuries ago a man who calls himself Zeus Hephaestus stole technology from the Lords of Time. He gave this to evil men and women throughout our history and now we have been informed that our past is being changed, therefore our future and present is changing, too. As stated before you have been selected to join our special force, to preserve time itself, a Time Squad, so to speak. People from all time lines, all planets and all walks of life will be joining you ? I hope you?re not xenophobiac!

Although you have been specially selected by the wise Lords of Time, we at the High Council have requested to go over your records, just in case. The High Council is in charge of the station you will be serving at, your roll in the group and we will personally relate all missions to you, although on occasions the Lords themselves will personally deliver messages. We request your information so that we may see how fit you are for this service ? also, if you wish to leave the programme at any time, all you need do is ask the Engineering Expert from the High Council itself to send you back home, and we?ll put you back where we found you.[/B]

[CENTER][I]The High Council of[/I] Via Lactea [I]requires you to fill out this form, tablet, document or rock (depending on your location) by midnight (12 hours) and to leave it exactly where you found it, on the blue and red symbol engraved into the floor (the seal of the Lords of Time). If you wish to decline our offer then do not return the form, remove it from the symbol. However the High Council and the Lords of Time themselves ask that you consider joining us for your expert knowledge and skills are greatly needed.[/I]

[U]Required Form, written by the Lords of Time:[/U][/CENTER]

[B]Origin:[/B] Please state planet, country, and galaxy (or any that you know of).

[B]Special Talents:[/B] Anything that will count as a talent, ranging from military ranks to all-out super powers.
[B]Weapons/Items:[/B] Any weapons or items you wish to take along, provided you have a reason.

[B]Biography:*[/B] Please, tell us a little about yourself.

[CENTER][I]We hope to see you soon,[/I][/CENTER]

[RIGHT][B]Jordan Arthur Cassopeia,
President for the High Council of [I]Via Lactea[/I][/B][/RIGHT]

*OOC: Apologies for the weirdness of the sign up sheet and whatnot, but don?t let that throw you off. Basically, you are from any planet (not too far away, though), in any time, and you have been selected to join this ?Time Squad?, so to speak (I keep saying that, don?t I?). Obviously characters from the past will be very sceptical, but they?ll have to find a way to write out their strange forms. As for the biography, you can write your history or do a character snippet, either it okay. And, if you?re a show off, you can do both. I don?t mind show off?s, being one myself (a bad one, at that). I?ll be making an underground thread later which will reveal a bit more information, as for the RPG itself it?ll be a bit laid back for your classical time RPG, it will have a chapter system, though. And no, it won?t be all techno-babble, in fact I didn?t even know what a xenophobiac was until last week, heh.

Yeah, so in fact you don?t really need to know much about science or time, just really know what?s going on. Which is easy. You?ll be on a orbital station, outside of time, surround by people from all walks of life (literally), preparing to save the known world from being destroyed by an arrogant man who named himself after two Gods. It?ll be a walk through the park, where everyone will get along, and everyone?ll be happy to save the world? right? Well?[/SIZE]
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Based on the real man, argueably the greatest swordsman and samurai of all time.

[B]Name:[/B] Musashi Miyamoto

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Species:[/B] .... Man.

[B]Timeline/Date:[/B] The Early years of Lord Tokugawa?s rule.

[B]Origin:[/B] I travel Japan abroad. I prefer not to relinquish my origins.

[B]Special Talents:[/B] I am told I am quite the swordsman. Though, I believe that I have leagues of improvement ahead of me. I have developed a school of Kenjutsu of my own, utilizing both the katana and the wakizashi. I have already proven my worth as a great warrior. I only wish to improve.

[B]Weapons/Items:[/B] My Two Blades. The Katana ?Phoenix Talon? and my wakizashi, ?Phoenix Feather?.

[B]Appearance:[/B] I am not very concerned with my outward appearance. I am informed quite often of my bad hygiene, but it is of no concern to me, for I am a warrior. I care not of what my opponents have to say. I was scarred badly as a child due to severe eczema. I am quite ashamed of them, for some reason. I prefer to cover them with my hair, which I do not wear in a top knot as other samurai are known for. I suppose this sets me apart from them. I?ve been wearing the same kimono for the past two months. Black split skirt with a drab tan-brown top without print. I wear my tabi (sandals) bare foot. I am told despite my scars and dirty complexion that I am quite attractive, though I find this very hard to believe. I?ll let those around me judge that, though it matters little.

[B]Personality:[/B] I am called many things. Ungrateful. Lazy. Sloppy. Disrespectful. Dishonorable. I am also called a genius and a legend amongst samurai. This combination may have to do with my pre-battle ?strategy? of frequently challenging venerated masters and showing up hours late. It?s really not on purpose, I just enjoy sleeping in and taking my time. I suppose I understand how this could be misconstrued as psychological battle and head games, but it?s just the way I carry myself. I refuse to compromise my true self.


I was born to a relatively humble samurai family. My mother and father seperated early in my life. I lived normally with my father until I was old enough to travel to see my father, who in turn, taught me all he knew about swordsmanship and the martial arts. I was a very quick learner. At the age of 13, a man insulted my father's ethics. I challenged this man to duel, and killed him. That would be last time I would duel for another five years.

When I was 18, I served under Lord Tokugawa as a samurai, and warred to unite the land. My hardships were great at this time, but I pulled through with my spirit and strenght, and saw the end of the war and the bringing in of peace. However, as soon as the time of peace began, I yearned for combat again. Not long after the establishment as Lord Tokugawa as supreme Shogun, I began my warrior's journey in order to sharpen and hone my skills.

When I was 21 years of age, I sought out my first duel. It would be against a venerated master, Yoshioka Genzaemon. He was an accomplished samurai warrior and master of his own estate. I'm not sure exactly why he decided to accept my challenge, but he did non the less, and lost. I showed up at the duel quite late I was informed, and I was ridiculed for it. We began our duel, and in a single strike, I defeated him. I did not kill the man, but he retired from swordsmanship from that point on. Last I heard, he became a monk of some sort. Soon after, his son challenged me aswell. I, again, showed up quite late, and defeated his son aswell, though he was not as fortunate as his father. He did not leave with his life.

Genzaemon's second son challenged me aswell. This time however, I made sure to be on time. Come to find out, he was waiting for me with several archers and friends of his. I defeated them, and left town at the sound of swishing arrows. I've sense been in twenty-four or so more duels. I hope to continue honing my skills in what ever way you may provide.

- Musashi.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Carthage

[B]Age:[/B] Age? Ha, my race regenerates constantly but if I was to give a rough estimate in human years, then I would 2,437 years of age. 1,000 of those years was spent in hibernation.

[B]Race:[/B] We are called Wraith

[B]Timeline/Date:[/B] July 9th, 2022

[B]Origin: [/B][B]Planet:[/B] None [B]Country:[/B] None [B]Galaxy:[/B] Andromeda
Special Talents:[/B] I am skilled with the unusual talent of being able to communicate with primative and usually violent cultuers. I am also a good scientist and engineer when it comes to my races organic ships.

[B]Weapons/Items:[/B] My weapons consist of a small hand held stunner that sends an pulse wave into the target and overloads their nervous system and forces them into unconsciousness.

Another weapon I have are my hands, I don't use them as in martial arts but as a way to feed. Some would cringe at the mere mention of my hand, but my race has evolved to survive by draining life from other organisms. My hand is actually a unique weapon, as we feed on other creatuers it also secrets a hormone thats makes the creatuers body stronger then it orginally started out as.

My final weapon is my mind, my species has the ability to project false images of other Wraith or of our scout ships called, Darts. Another thing we can do is tap into the minds of those few humans who have a little bit of Wraith DNA inside of them. But this only works if they make the connection first, otherwise I am just reading thoughts.

[B]Appearance: [/B][url=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/atlantis-wraith.jpg] Me.[/URL] My race is rather unique when it comes to our genetic make up, I will explain that later.

Personality:[/B] My race is generally hostel towards any other species we see, because we are, by human standards, evil. And that is how I can be, I can get irritated easily if I am talking to creatuers that doesn't understand a thing I am saying or if they are bothering me with idiotic questions. I can get arrogant but that is mainly because my race has been the dominant species in our galaxy with none to challenge use.

But, that is where my similarites with my species ends. And that is because I have individual thought, I am not evil and I do not enjoy feeding by sapping away life from another creatuer, but I have a desire to survive. And my desire to survive is also my fuel for creating a serum for myself, so determination is one of my best qualities.
Biography:[/B]That is an interesting question and also rather diffifult at the same time. I say this because you could either be refering to the orgin of my kind or of me personally, but I cannot do one without the other. So, I will start from the very beginning. My kind started out as a bug, yes, a bug. Back then we were called Uratis bug, and all we did was sit in a web and wait for anything walking to run into it and attach ourselves to them by their necks.

We then would suck the life out of them and do it again after we killed our prey, and we were in this state of being for several centueries until a new race showed up in our galaxy. And just like any other animal we fed on them, but something happened to us. We absorbed their DNA and incorporated it into our own, and from that was spawned the first Wraith. After that, our numbers grew very quickly and we became a very formidable force.

You ever heard the phrase, "Numbers do not win battles"? Well, that is wrong. We went to war with a very powerful and ancient race that looked like humans, and even though they were more advanced then us and had stronger weapons. Our numbers crushed them and they were forced to retreat to another galaxy. And during that war, I came into existence.

And like all Wraith, we are born like humans. We start out as babies and grow at a slow rate, and we have access to the usual human digestive system and we eat food like normal beings. But once we reach adolecent years, our digestive system serves no purpose and provides no nutrients. That is when the ability to feed through our hand occuers and that is the only way to sustain ourselves.

But I was raised differently, most Wraith are raised amougst other Wraith and become blood thirsty monsters. But I was raised amougst a normal human family, I was taught morals and the difference between right and wrong. And becasue of my advance brain I would read books all the time, on science. The engineering knowledge was already there, I guess it was planted into my brain as a child so I could replace any engineers that failed to do their duty.

But, as I said earlier, once we reach the adolecent stages. We feel the need to feed and food ingested through the oral cavity can no long provide us with the proper nutrients that we requier. So, at night, I would sneak out into the forest and feed on any creatuer that moved. Only feeding when I needed to, that meant at least once or twice a year.

But after I passed the adolecent years I could no longer live off of the woodland creatuers because they were to small and weak. I was then forced to feed on human beings, I regreted it greatly but I wanted to live. So I only took one a year, but after several years I constructed a ship that would take me from the planet. So I could protect them from me. And I have never been back since. [/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]OOC: I changed my character entierly, hope this is ok vicky.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Name: Teticoon Arsrin
Age: 149 (24 in Human years)

Species: Raa`shiq

Timeline/Date: The species, though very technologically advanced, do not simply count in times of years, they associate date with great battles, or eras. Teticoon is from the Era Tetishuay, after the great battle distributing the land borders between the kingdoms, arien, and tarkin.

Origin: Planet Zrito, of the Andromeda Galaxy, from the origin of triego sector Tiaiyidae.

Special Talents: Teticoon is a legendary mercenary that often acts as a commanding officer in Wars. He is known for his great swordsmen ship, marksmanship, and commanding prestige. His race is ultimately stronger, faster, and smarter than humans, but one of Teticoon?s talents is that He speeds himself up, which some think he slows down time around himself, making everything around himself slower. His race is very adaptable, and can stay under water for up to two days at a time, and even glide in the air, though some have gathered the talent to fly, though seldom has anyone of late in this era.

Weapons/Items: Teticoon?s father used to be a mercenary as well, and had a sword made especially for him. This was only because of Teticoons enthusiasm as being in the army like his brother. This was no ordinary sword. It is made of the strongest substance on their planet, Xircon, Which is about 10X stronger than Diamond. This sword is sharpened by a laser, to such a small increment, that small explosions occur where he slices through just about any known substance. Aside from being a sword, a special function allows the sword of glittering crystal to transform into gun transfixed all the way of the users arm, which draws on that users energy to shoot ?bullets? of energy if you will.

Appearance: Teticoon is roughly six foot three, His skin is a sky blue, his eyes black, there are slits on the arms and legs, that have fins or wing like structures that allow him to glide, and/or swim. He is very muscular, yet lean, with sharp pointed ears, at about five inches length. There hands that can acquire flippers, have retractable claws, much like a cat. His nose is also a bit longer and more pointed like the ears, but aside from the rest, Raa?shiq are very much like humans, in the way they hold themselves, act, and look. Though Raa?shiq do not wear any clothing with no need to, with the exception of armor, Teticoon wears a black head bandanna around his head, with the two loose ends behind his head.

Personality: Teticoon likes to be in charge, and does not take orders too greatly, unless given but a higher authority, or one that he sees as higher. He often tries to get with the ladies, and often succeeds, he is very charming and cunning, he has great wits about him, and many would say he is wise beyond his years. He likes to figure out puzzles, and prizes himself on figuring them out before others, whether it is a simple puzzle game, or the puzzles of life. Teticoon is very competitive, and always likes to be number one, but He also likes to make new friends. Teticoon never boasts, but as the saying goes, ?actions speak louder than words?, Teticoon always throws himself into perilous dangers, whether trying to show off, or to save others, which is what he most enjoys.

Biography: When Teticoon was young, he spent his life living in the Shadows of his father, and Eldest brother. His father was a mercenary, and fabled, among all the peoples, while his brother was Commanding officer in the Tarkin Army. [I](On a side note, Mercenaries in the planet Zrito, are not necessarily soldiers for hire, Raa'shiq find this very distastful, mercenaries are a very esteemed group of people, that strive for the peoples good will, while not always following practical, and conventional methods. At times of need the Mercenaries are called in to give council, war advice, but rarely are they put into battle, unless they enjoy the matter, or it is visibly needed.) [/I] Everyone expected him to live up to their potential, so he spent all his spare hours practicing the sword skills. He then began working along side his father, and was widely accepted among many ranks and people. During battle, a small skirmish between the two major kingdoms, Arien, and Tarkin, fighting on the Tarkin side, His father was killed during a transporting ship crash*. The group of mercenaries his father had acquired then accepted him as their leader, and so did the world.[/SIZE]
*Though his father was killed in transporting ship crash, The peoples of planet Zrito all decided it was best for the planet, and much more honorable, to fight in hand to hand combat, along with small arms such as pistols and rifles.[/COLOR]
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Name: Joseph Hunter

Age: 28

Species: Human

Timeline/Date: Earth, 2092

Origin: Born in Britain, raised in New York

Special Talents: Manipulates and produces electricity from his hands... though has never told anyone how. The truth would be that he has a small device hidden in his suit that produces the electricity while his entire body (skin and skeleton) have been implanted with an advance metal (dubbed Bio-Conductor) that can be switched between being a conductor and not. The metal is implanted all throughout his body and the device that controls it is directly linked with his cerebral cortex allowing him to control the electricity with ease (the device is also nearly invisible from the outside). It was a prototype developed by a late twenty-first century weapons manufacturer but not deemed for use by soldiers due to the amount of metal capacity needed to control both the electricity and normal muscular movements (even Hunter finds much difficulty moving more than just an arm while controlling the electricity).

Weapons/Items: Carries titanium-alloy throwing knives (that he is incredibly skilled with) which he will fight with when not using his electricity (sometimes he'll use both). Also is known to never go anywhere without a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

Appearance: Somwhat shaggy dark brown hair, and light blue eyes. Wears an all black with a white shirt (usually not bothering to tuck it in) and generally with a cigarette in his mouth. Has an aura of skill and power around him as well as confidence.

Personality: Calm and collected, he rarely loses his head. He is known to be quite charasmatic as well as a surprisingly philosophical thinker (though he often keeps that side hidden). Also shows a fascination with all other civilized beings in the universe. Usually refrains from fighting and attempt to solve conflicts with discussion and manipulation (which he is very skilled at) but is known to be deadly if upset enough. Has many titles around the world including the Wandering Dynamo, Rai-Ronin in Japan (even though he has no ties to the samurai), and oftentimes simply the Traveler.

Biography: Was born in Manchester but raised primarily in the eastern United States. Travelled the world for the majority of his life (left home at 16) learning about different cultures and religions and oftentimes participating in the local events of the area. Since a young age he showed fascination with theology and studied often. As he travelled the world he also became fluent in over a dozen languages and became a skilled martial artist (his second great love). Accomplishing many great deeds in his travels he became known as a man-of-the-world and was even somewhat of a mythic figure as stories of his adventures spread. It is said that he had slain the leader of a violent group of revolutionaries in Africa, put an end to a feud between competing Yakuza, and even stopped a possible skirmish which would have started a deadly war in Europe by destroying bridges and communications... of course many of those stories are likely highly exaggerated or just false. A darker story would be that he once destroyed a sixty story tall building belonging to a weapons manufacturer (why will be revealed later on). Many fortunate and even some unfortunate events in his times were (at least in rumor) attributed to the actions of the Wandering Dynamo.

OK, when I first posted I was half asleep so I totally revamped him and added some flavor as well as explained the lightning powers. Just someone let me know if I made him too super hero-ish, though I did try to limit the power some (he can barely move while using it).
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[size=1][color=#CD6619][B]Name-[/B] Taern Leviath Khoro.
[B]Age-[/B] 33 Cycles (cycles are roughly equivalent to one earth year)
[B]Species-[/B] Malkhorian- the hidden race among the stars, known to be an independent race though enlisted as a governmental society with the High Council. It is known that they are one of the few species to live in the Triangulum Galaxy. Other information is still unknown.
[B]Timeline/Date-[/B] Unknown.
[B]Origin-[/B] Khoro Prime, Ophiuchus Constellation, Triangulum Galaxy

[B]Special Talents-[/B] As an ex-Malkhorian Starfighter captain, I am skilled in military weaponry, combat, leadership, and such. I am also skilled in piloting almost any ship I come across, more so, it is in my blood to understand and comprehend almost anything that I come across. But, as a Malkhorian, I am given ?gifts? and these gifts have to do with my mind and body.

To explain, with the gift having to do with my mind, I am able to retain great amounts of information and relay it as is heard or seen, as well as remember the characteristics of a person, place, or thing- like a computer. I am also able to alter and control my own body- i.e.: psychometabolism. Yet, the most unique aspect of my gifts is that I am able to create doppelgangers from the shadows that use the same gifts that I have. In essence, they are the exact replica of myself.

[B]Weapons/Items-[/B] As I said, I am an ex-Malkhorian Starfighter captain therefore, I have weapons far beyond what is listed in the High Council?s weaponry inventory.

[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://img86.imageshack.us/img86/4090/darkelf0pe.jpg]Here[/URL]
A distinct feature of mine would be my eyes, once described to be like the creatures that inhabit the unnamed Isolate Planet; which humans refer to as dragons. I also prefer to wear the [URL=http://img476.imageshack.us/img476/8281/assassin5cq.jpg]Silencers? uniform[/URL] which consists of black pants, shoes, and tunic but on top of that, I carry with me the lightweight armor, worn over the uniform.

[B]Personality-[/B] Some think that I am cocky, cold, and calculated; others believe that I am perceptive, understanding, and level-headed. My father, on the other hand, says that I am unlike any Malkhorian he?s ever known. He sees that I am possessed by differentiating personality traits that are indefinite and, many times, misunderstood. But, in my opinion, I am everything that everyone says and so much more.

You see, the one thing that I forgot to mention was that I am by no means an ordinary Malkhorian. I am calloused by the events of my past, jaded by the Malkhorian military, and hardened by my father?s discipline, but I am also vulnerable because of the events of my past and because of this, I was forced to quit as Malkhorian Starfighter captain. Though, the true reasons as to my early retirement are unknown. In eseence, you can say that I am an enigma.

[B]Snippet of a Bio-[/B] [B]?Interesting, most interesting.?[/B][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]I have exams tomorrow and I'm writing sign-ups at 2 in the morning... damn.

Okay, well I won't be posting a "accepted/declined" list now, I'm leaving the sign-up's open until at least next week, can't start an RPG until I've finished my exams. However, I will be posting my own character. And tweaking him when I get home tomorrow. And while I'm at it, a few comments.

[I]Sin, dearest Sin... although playing Predator would be interesting enough, there's one slight problem. The talents would have to be much more than just killing/being better than humans, since really the RPG isn't based around killing or hunting, even though we will be looking for certain people who are distubring time. You could probably add something to your talents, and possibly make your character a little less... predator-ish. I don't mean make him completely happy and fluffy, rather just a little less of a hunter and add something to your talents instead of him just being better than most humans. Drop me a line (message, actually) if you have any questions. =)

Takamor`e, cool sign-up, though I couldn't read it all, heh. Maybe you could space it out a bit more so it's easier to read? From what I've read though your character does seem a little clichèd, especially with the sword being 150 times harder than diamond. All I can really suggest is if you tweak your sign-up a little, maybe change a few of the parts that seem overused in most RPG sign-up's (ie: all the mercenary stuff, the strength of the sword...), but really that's up to you. Just giving a suggestion, you don't have to change that too much if you don't want to.

Monkatraz, a good morning to you (since it's morning here). I could suggest for your sign-up is that you work on the personality, appearance and biography. How your character had these electric powers, how no one found out, .ect. If you get the time you might want to check back and edit in a few more details.[/I]

I'm not picking on you three in anyway, and I don't want to seem like I'm being very picky or nagging you guys, just a few suggestions and requests. Really, I'm looking for characters that would be unique, sometimes characters who are better than humans and being a mercenary get overused a lot in RPG's, I just want to try and make things different. Apologies if I seem like nagging, just keep in mind that the final list for the RPG isn't decided yet and anyone can be thrown out, or make it in. ^_~

Without further ado, my sign-up. Which I promise to re-do later, in fear I may be being hypocritcal, heh.

[B]Name:[/B] Dogarta Arovetsky Therta
[B]Age:[/B] Current Life: 37 ? All 3 Lives: 217
From the far reaches of the Trinebluam Galaxy and one of the oldest members of the High Council, meeting humans in the early 29th Century. In our society, when you die, another body is perpared for you, sometimes you?re even allowed to pick your personality. We?re allowed up to 15 lives, I?m currently on my 3rd. Our race start off with one name, for me it was Therta, and with each new life we get a new name to add on. Our people are highly advanced, we take on new additions to our personalities with each life, new skills and more knowledge, thus meaning we easily advanced beyond anything known in the Trinebluam Galaxy. Well, in [I]my[/I] personal opinion, Rarserians are the most advanced in the High Council, especially when it comes to genetics and physics.

[B]Timeline/Date:[/B] December 25th 5291

[B]Origin:[/B] Jaqamore City, Northern Hemisphere, Rarseri Prime, Trinebluam Galaxy.

[B]Special Talents:[/B] I inherit the traits, talents and flaws from all my lives, and my talents are pretty good considering I?ve lived three lives. In my first life I was a diplomat, a writer and a philosopher, so I gained good understanding for certain areas. Really, the diplomatic and philosophical part only added to my current personality. My next life contains another addition to my personality, that of an Admiral. I?m not a fighter at all, though I do know how to handle authority from the military and discipline others. I tend not to, though.

But shall I move on, to what you really wanted, my one and only true talent. Although I?ve gained the skills of a soldier, spy, diplomat, writer, adventurer and a hero, I?m more of a charmer now. Some call my arrogant, but how can I deny it? People fall for me, my charms, my way of seducing them; lying if necessary? it?s all so simple in this third life of mine. I have yet to fail in charming a lady of my desire, my personality is quite charming, to say the least, and very attractive (to the point where my outer appearance doesn?t matter anymore). I can lie my way into a castle or charm my way into a women?s heart, it?s so simple. I even earned the title of ?the most erotic hero in the galaxy?. Yes, it?s true, one of my greatest talents is seducing all forms of life and err? gender, if necessary.

[B]Weapons/Items:[/B] None that you would allow.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://images.icnetwork.co.uk/upl/mirror/apr2005/4/2/000D2BB9-B467-1260-A3CD80C328EC0000.jpg]Here[/URL] and [URL=http://www.shillpages.com/dw/tennad01.jpg]here[/URL]. Oh yes, and I forgot to mention the Rarserian?s strong similarity to humans. But outwards appearance doesn?t matter, does it?

[B]Personality:[/B] Ah, about time. My personality is my talent! I do admit, I?m arrogant, though it really is hard not to be with the amount of evidence to back me up. Although I am known as the ?most erotic hero in the galaxy?, I?m actually not to found of sweeping a women off her feet and into my bedroom every night. I?m a very nice guy, I?m considerate, funny, I like to make friends and, one thing I learned from my diplomatic career, is that listening is good and I like to listen. I?m not [I]very[/I] selfish, I do put others in front of me, whilst also keeping in mind my own needs. I?m no fighter, just a hero who has a habit of saving people. I?m not good at saving people, but somehow people got the impression I am. I?m a very easy person to talk to, since I like to listen

Emotions. I know a lot about them, and you never really see any of mine, only passion, romance, and sometimes, love. Yes, the 53rd Century Casanova doesn?t love as much as he should. It?s perfectly fine lying or charming your way into a woman?s heart, though I have never really been in love. I cared for those who became part of my life, but I never [I]loved[/I] them, not in the sense of marriage or anything like that. I?m not an android though, in fact I often do get angry or slip a very rude comment, one thing I?m actually known for is sarcasm. In a nice way, though, because I?m a nice guy, remember? One thing I must add is acting. I?m no expert, but to lie my way through life, which I sometimes had to, I had to hide my bluff and I soon became an actor for myself. Hiding my emotions, portraying false emotions, not perfectly, just? easily.

[B]Biography:[/B] Ah, the tale of Dogarta Arovetsky Therta is an interesting one. Biography is a story to me, in which I shall begin. Therta, my first life, was born in Jaqamore City in the Nothern Hemisphere of Rarseri Prime. My father was a diplomatic officer for the Andromeda Fleet, not the Earth fleet. My mother had strong ties with the humans. I was mostly interested in my father?s career, seeing as my mother didn?t have one. I studied to become a diplomat, I had left school with high scores in all areas, heck, I was considered a genius! With these high grades I easily became a diplomat, at first I was in my father?s department, working on several ships in the Andromeda?s arsonal. Sadly, my father died, and out of grief I went to live with my mother on Earth. I became a diplomat for the High Council afterwards, until shortly I was shot. Fortunately I was taken to a medical bay in time and I was granted my people?s gift ofreincarnation. The details of my ?attempted murder? are not ones I wish to dicuss.

Arovetsky! This was who I was, a hard cord military man, a captain of the skies, a warrior from birth. I trained in a military school for sometime until I found myself ready for duty. I got through the ranks like a speeding bullet (this one didn?t hit me), later to captain my own ship for the High Council. I was feared by many and loved by Earth for my services, there wasn?t a man in the entire galaxy that could strike me down. There was one who could shoot me down, though. Once again there was an attempt on my life by an unknown killer, and once again I survived. My days as Arovetsky were short, to be honest, but they were good.

And here I am now, Dogarta. The charming, eccentric and positively brilliant Casanova of the 53rd Century. Up to this point I have had the most interesting time of my life. My mother passed away while I was going through my change, I didn?t have much time to grieve, though I did miss her. For most of my life I had devoted myself and my love to her, as a mother obviously, and now I had no one. So, I turned to other women. I easily charmed the ladies, human, Azatian, even those crazy Martians from Mars 2. My skills in the? love department? were legendary to the point where most people knew my name. All three names. I quit my job as a diplomat and moved on to a freelance career, as anything. I was hired as a spy for humanity, against humanity, I was hired as a soldier to lend my experience in my second life, a chef, a newspaper editor? everyone wanted my talents. And who wouldn?t? I wasn?t flawless but I wasn?t worthless, either.

Granted, there are better fighters, better geniuses and better writers than myself, but there is no better man in the Universe for seduction and personality than myself! No one can resist a taste of Dogarta. Is that why you picked me for this programme? Well, I hope so, since it?s my best talent. You guys?ll love me ? everyone else does![/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Katharina "Kat" Blum

[B]Age:[/B] 22 in Human Years, still on my first life.

The Neko-jin live in a remote village in a mountain range of Earth; being humans with select feline features that affect their appearance. The first Neko-jin ever born was branded a "freak" by man-kind, and so she fled from the world, escaping to the solitude of a secret field among the mountains. Now you may ask why there's now a whole species of us from just one person. Well, the explanation to that is, there was a hiker that got lost and stumbled into the field where the Neko-jin was staying. She took care of him, and they fell in love as he payed no heed to the fact she was half feline. They bred and she had a large litter. Yes, there was incest, but being half animal, it doesn't really mean much to us, but once there was a large enough population we began to mate with others, creating different breeds. No one still knows how the original Neko-jin was made, some say there was a mystical anthropomorphic cat that came to Earth and bred with a human woman, but it doesn't matter now. Cats are mythed to have 9 lives, well Neko-jin actually do have 9 lives, if we die unnaturally, like from a disease or getting knocked down, etc. then we are just brought back to life, but we'll feel that there has been a bit of time lapse, we don't have to deal with repercussions from that though. However, if we die naturally, like from old age, we restart our lives from kits.

[B]Timeline/Date:[/B] 1st of January 2158

[B]Origin:[/B] Secluded Village of the Neko-jin, Japan, Earth, Milky Way

[B]Special Talents:[/B] Neko-jin are human like cats, and so we have all the abilities of a cat; we have sharp claw like nails on our fingers, and our canine teeth are much sharper than that of a normal human's both of those aiding us in scuffles. We have incredibly sharp hearing, smell and eyesight, and we will always land on our feet. Our bodies are slender, helping our agility we're naturally good at gymnastics, acrobatics and climbing. I react swiftly due to instinct, and my other natural instincts help me along the way, like I sense when enemies are close, etc. At the village some of the older warriors train the younger Neko-jin how to use a variety of weapons, and I was one of the best in my generation, able to catch on quickly. We're well known to be great strategists while being powerful as well. And finally, we all have the ability to communicate with any kinds of felines from domestic cats to lions. When running, we usually prefer to do so on all fours because it's more natural and faster, but we're not that much slower on two legs.

[B]Weapons/Items:[/B] I wear this [URL=http://img151.imageshack.us/img151/7244/heartpendant9el.jpg]Pendant[/URL] around my neck on a fine silver chain, it was a present from my mother before she died; and I carry this [URL=http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/3311/serratedblade7dy.jpg]Blade[/URL], that was given to me from the warriors that taught us as a graduation present, tucked into my belt.

[B]Appearance:[/B] I amazingly found a human with almost identical looks to me, and I somehow got her photo [URL=http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg]HERE[/URL]. The only differences being I don't have ears on the side of my head, rather, they sit on top like cats, being the same colour as my hair. I also have a tail extending from the base of my spine, and I'm able to control it and have feeling through it like a cat, also being the same colour as my hair and ears. As mentioned earlier I also have claws instead of nails, and sharper canine teeth, but other than those features, I look like a human. My usual attire consists of a pair of navy blue cargo pantys that I picked up from a store, and a white short sleeved button up top.

[B]Personality:[/B] Hehe, in all truthfulness, I'm a playful person and like having fun with the best of 'em, but I also know when it's time to be serious. I'm always curious and try to learn as much as I can about everything I can. I can't wait to meet all the other species of people/creatures around, I'm soooo looking forward to it. Hehe, I enjoy messing with my opponents when I'm fighting, unless they're tough, then I'll be deadly serious about the battle.

[B]Biography:[/B] Two neko-jin ran on all fours, tails breezing out behind them, flapping in the wind, they had grown up in the Hidden Village like everyone else and knew it like the back of their hands.

[B]"Hayaku Katharina!"[/B] the male called to her as she slowed down.

Kat blinked and slowed to a stop, sitting down, her tail waving. The male peered behind him to see that she had halted and ran back over.

[B]"What's wrong?"[/B]

[B]"Nothing...it's just....beautiful."[/B] she stared at the rolling hills of the village from the mountain they were running up.

[B]"What's so different about this time that you've seen the village?"[/B]

[B]"I-I don't know. Hehe, forget it, race ya to the top Jacob."[/B]

Katharina grinned cheekily and dashed up the mountain with Jacob on her tail, a determined expression on his face. The pair finally reached the top and looked all around them, the strong breeze ruffled their hair and ears, tails waving like banners. Their mountain hideout was beautiful, and they were glad that their first ancestors had chosen this spot to begin the tribe.

She smirked sneakily as Jacob stepped closer to the edge and gave him a hefty shove. She watched his expression as his eyes widened in shock as he plummeted, she peered over to watch. He twisted his spine in their unique feline way and changed his body so he was in a perfect diving position, streamlined and elegant as he slipped into the large and deep pool of water at the base of the waterfall with a small splash. Yes, the mountain they were on had a waterfall on it as well. It was a long drop down but they could manage it fine, plus it was the fastest way down the mountain, since the pool was situated just by the main part of the village. Jacob broke the surface, shaking his head free of droplets, craning his neck upward to glare at Kat. She took a few steps back before running to the edge, jumping and spreading her arms as she fell, savouring the air rushing past her as she fell, then she brought her hands together into a gracefull swandive and she slipped beneath the surface to pop up.

[B]"What'd you do that for?"[/B] he huffed, splashing her.

[B]"Hehe, felt like it."[/B]

The two of them were best friends since childhood, practically brother and sister since they were always with each other. They swam around lazily for a while until they heard the ring of the large bell in the village signalling time for class. They got out quickly and shook themselves, scampering back to Katharina's house, finishing the drying process with towels and grabbing their weapons that they had stored, sprinting toward the school house of the village, excited about weapons training for the day.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC:[/B] FINALLY finished, sorry it took so long ^_^;;
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Rizel Eva
[B]Age:[/B] 29
[B]Species:[/B] Ayeri. Similar to the Humans of Earth.
[B]Timeline/Date:[/B] Circa 3216
[B]Origin:[/B] Fornax I ? Called ?Ayeri? by natives; Milky Way System

[B]Special Talents:[/B] The Official Chronicler of Present Occurances for the Kruzat; Rizel is talented in something her people call ?Jutai?, a practice similar to what one on Earth would call ?Chi Manipulation?. All the Ayeri can do it, and it is the one major thing that biologically separates them from Humans.

[B]Weapons/Items:[/B] The slim long sword she received from her fiancée, named ?Ishana? after the old Ayeri word for ?glistening?. Other than this, she always carries with her a catalog, with which she performs her duty as a Chronicler.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL= http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d101/Stark-San/RP%20Characters/RPCharacter2.jpg] Rizel [/URL]
[B]Personality:[/B] Calm but quirky, with a dry wit and a sympathy for all living beings. She?s liable to be offering a stranger tea one moment only to counter that with a challenge to a duel. Rizel is a very competitive person, and loves a good challenge.

[B]Biography:[/B] Fornax I, ?Ayeri?, had been in the midst of a civil war long before the voyagers from Earth stumbled upon it a century earlier. The source of the conflict was coup d?etat within the old Royal Family?a nameless son jealous the distant relative who had become King. Rizel never bothered with the details, as all she cared about was annihilating of the aggressors who profited from the government being in a constant state of turmoil. Her father was Shanai Eva, the leader of an underground group who had sought to preserve the old ways. He had long ago planned a possible means to end the war. What was once a conflict of ideals had turned into a blood feud that every one wondered about but no one knew how to end.

Secretly, the Kruzat ? ?Preservers? in the Old Tongue, and the name of the group ? met with members of both sides. Rizel was among them, present as the official Chronicler of Present Occurances, and quietly observed the entire meeting. In all of her life as a Kruzat, never had she seen so many people in a single underground chamber, and she was astonished for some time. Still, she performed her duty without problem. The decision was made to have a union between the two opposing branches of the Royal House, in the form of the marriage of the son and daughter from each respective side. Rizel was astonished to find that she would oversee that union, but nonetheless agreed. She would do anything, anything at all, to see the end of the war.

Rizel had participated in the war ever since she was a young girl of 13, and always did everything she could to help bring it to an end. Her father's position helped, and she was initiated into the Kruzat at the age of 15. It was during that time that she met her fiancèe, Ikai. Then, they were just partners who worked well together. Inevitably, that relationship turned into love. The two promised each other that they would marry one another some day, and Ikai gave her Ishana as a testament of that promise. She was 19, he was 23.

Not long after Ikai was killed in battle, sacrificing his life for a person of high status within the Kruzat. Rizel only vowed to do what ever she could do to end the war. If she could do something to usher in an era of peace, it would be worth her life to do.

The war ended and, though the memories remain, Rizel keeps on moving forward for the sake of Ikai, for the sake of the two young people who've reunited the Royal Bloodline, and for the sake of herself.

(OOC: I figured that you might want a historian along. :animesmil But please, tell me if something needs fixed. I'll be more than happy to oblige.)[/SIZE]
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[B]Name:[/B] Nathan "Nate" Rellis

[B]Age:[/B] 6 (24 in earth years)

[B]Species:[/B] Klausian. This particular bare a large resemblence to the humans of earth. The major difference only becomes apparent to those who visit their home world, or happen to meet one who is visting another planet. The gravity of there home world is warped by the oval like shape of the planet, making the gravity pool as one moves further north or south. This makes them stronger and quicker then average humans. They also are more durable then your normal person as well and have what would be considerd heighted endurance on any other planet since tehy have the relieved strain. They are a more aggressive race as to the fact that the species itself generates larger amounts of testosterone to encourage the neccessary muscles to survie in there home world enviroment. There technology is of a higher level then modern, but they are not the most developed planet in ways of combat, still favoring hand to hand over guns and other ranged weaponry. The planets orbit is much longer then earth, so there years are much longer. They managed to maintain a normal climate because of the unusually large size of there sun.

[B]Timeline/Date:[/B] 5083 May 23

[B]Origin:[/B] Millcar city, mid north sector, Klausiana, Milky way galaxy

[B]Special Talents:[/B] Nate has a high perceptive capability and is able to read others by even the slightest changes in expression and manner. While this would normally make him well suited for a career as a detective, he would much rather use it as a weapon for fighting. This, in the Klausian society, is still very respectable by social standards.

[B]Weapons/Items:[/B] He favors swords of varing types, but he favors curved blades. He isn't terribly disciplined, but he's good at improvising. He always has his single [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/flame20katana201.jpg][B]Black Katana[/B][/URL]. He also carries a small, sun shaped pendant in his inside coat poket. Inside is a picture of a woman, but he won't say who she is.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/162-14-12.jpg][B]Nathan "Nate" Rellis[/B][/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] Agressive, but that's pretty characteristic of his kind. He's very straight forward and can catch on even to very subtle hints, even if the person doesn't mean to give them. His big pet pev is when people try to lie to him, or say something they don't mean, which is the same thing to him. He is a brutal critic and isn't very forgiving either. He chooses fists over words alot of the time, but isn't what you would call hateful. He's loyal to those few he considers friends and will go to any end for them.

[B]Biography:[/B] Nate was born in a small city called Millcar. It was a pretty simple town for Klausiana. They had all the things most towns did: restaurants, homes, schools, groceries, and a collesium. Cause on Klausiana the biggest thing of the week was the fight. Once a week the whole town would go to the collesium and watch a fight between two town members. It could be anyone, from anywhere, from any class. They'd fight four matches and then everyone would go back home.

This was his humble up bringing. He was born fighting and would die fighting if he had anything to do with it. Even at an early age he showed a great skill for reading others and surroundings in even extreme circumstances. Many veiwed him as a genius, both in and out of the ring, but he wasn't the type to take to praise well. He didn't care much for school or teachers, but what kid does? He also had a nack for trouble and getting himself into rather ugly situations.

When he was 14 his town suddenly erupted in a fire. No ones sure what started it, but whatever happend soon had the small town all a blaze in the night. Being so late at night, less then half of the towns people managed to escape. Nate was one of the ones who got out. But the rest of his family wasn't that lucky. He was fortunate enoguh to have snuck out that night to go to the collesium after dark when the fire started. After the fire he only appeared long enough to make an official report on what he saw and then he disappears from all public records for almost a year (equals 4 earth years).

When he finally returns, it comes in the form of a body guard for hire. He works mostly with diplomats and the occassional celebrity. When he came back his hair was dyed orange and he had grown from a normal boy to the quiet and strong man he is today. The only things he had with him when he was found was the clothes on his back, his sword, and the locket in his coat. He never spoke of what happend to him and doesn't address it as important.
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[SIZE=1]Awesome. Friggin' awesome.

I'm glad with the way the sign-ups are right now, 'cept I need Sakura and Revelation to finish theirs, heh. But so far, so good. Still haven't decided on the cast yet, and I would make some more suggestions but I'm not actually on my own computer and have little time. Plus, don't want to seem picky, either.

I can't post an [B]Undergruond[/B] thread today, I had it saved on my computer but since it's not working, can't post it. Basically, all questions will have to be messaged to me, and I also wanted to give a little information about the "Engineer" aboard. He'll play an important part but won't really be in the missions, he'll be responsible for passing on most information if it hasn't been already... the works. Also, there'll be a sort of servant aboard, if you wish. He's not very important, though he does comply to all orders (the Engineer is a higher rank and therefore can contridict these orders, though). Interesting? Should be.

[I][B]Switch[/B], for lack of a better name, was born and raised on Earth in the 41st century. He has served the High Council for many years and is currently the leading expert on everythinhg technical. The satelite used for the base in the time programme was actually designed by Switch himself, so there was no one else perfect for the job. Switch gained his name from something stupid, it was simply because whenever a lightbulb was broken, or seemed to be, once he turned it on it worked. Really, the name is a strange way of telling people how good he is at fixing things.

Switch is a nice guy really, he sometimes gets tied up in his work and ignores people, though. He likes to be sarcastic and straight forward, sometimes he can be cruel, as well. Switch is protective of his ship, he likes it more than humans, in fact. As a 41st century Engineer he isn't very up-to-date in the fashion department, though he doesn't care. He likes to smoke, too.

One thing that should be noted is that Switch is a monkey. Yes, a monkey. A spiky haired, smart-mouthed, hat-wearing, 3 foot monkey.

[B]Larry[/B], an android created by Switch himself, is programmed to serve and nothing more. He was chosen for the "Invention of the Year" award, every year for seventeen years, which Switch is very proud of. Larry is a tall, humanoid android, his skin is incredibly pale and his hair is fake and black, in fact all the android wears is either black or white. He has little personality, he's rather nice in fact, but all he can do is serve and nothing more.[/I]

Apologies for any mistakes, I'll re-post is properly in the Underground when I'm back on my computer.

Sign-up's close in 6 days. 12th of May. A Friday, I think... but I can't give anymore time than that, heh.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]?Well, well?What?s this? Looks like a profile sheet. Usually the Organization dogs just call me in to fill out something like this. Guess they were feeling lazy today. Best to get on this??[/B]

[I][B]Name:[/B] Experiment # 4539480- ?Axel Riotwing?

[B]Age:[/B] Phst. Like I age. 29 by Earth years.

[B]Species:[/B] Successful Experiment, in all honesty. But according to the government, I?m an advanced ?Structurally-Operative-Legacy-Diligence-Incorporated-Emperor-Remnant? or an advanced SOLDIER. If your wondering what all of that means, its actually quite simple. But before I explain that, let me give you the basics of what I am. I?m a clone, or recreation of a great warrior who lived ages ago, Kain. His strength was said to be unrivaled, but he bowed to no one, not even the Organization, a powerful company that ruled our country at the time. When he was brought down and defeated, the Organization brought his body in and took a sample of his DNA, starting the long, strenuous process of ?recreating? the ultimate warrior. They also took his slayer, Abel, and killed him, storing his body just in case.

They failed countless times for two centuries, but eventually mastered it. One model before me worked, a perfect replica of the original. However, he went mad just as the original had. They cloned his oppressor, and they ensued in an epic battle just as in history, both being defeated, Kain by Abel once more, and Abel by the Organization again. The Organization realized that they could not completely recreate their warrior, for he was doomed to the same fate. So they took the cells from the warrior and the one who killed him and combined them to create me. Nifty, huh? Now for my title. ?Structurally Operative?- I?m the only one around that functions. ?Legacy?- The cells I was created from. ?Diligence Incorporated?- I may look lazy, and usually I am, but I?ll get a job done. Guess you could say that trait?s in my blood. ?Emperor Remnant?- Kain believed himself to be the emperor of the planet, and remnant?well?that?s all I am.

[B]Timeline/Date:[/B] 2050

[B]Origin:[/B] Germany, Earth, The Milky Way, I think.

[B]Special Talents:[/B] Heh, I?ve got the genes of a great warrior in my blood. That?s my special talent. My strength, speed, agility, and senses are all heightened. I?m skilled with blades, specifically the dual-blades I carry around. I can adapt to any surrondings and situations, and can derive a plan of action or strategy whenever one is needed. That I can' attribute to either Kain or Abel... Thaty's 100% my ability, granted by years of military training and studies. I can also manipulate the life-force of the planet that resonates within me, or, ?chi? as it?s most commonly referred to.

[B]Weapons/Items:[/B] The Crimson Elixir and The Crimson Sanctuary. Two sleek short swords, barely wider than katanas. These blades were Kain?s, but they?ve been modified slightly. They've been infused into small handguns, with special chips imbued in them. I have the chip in me as well, so that I must carry them around all the time. The chip contains a tracking device, and is electronically linked to the one inside my buddy. Y? see, if I get to far away, they try and pull back together, draining the energy from my body and making me weak. Too great a distance, however? Me and the swords punch out early..
[B]Appearance:[/B] [Video Mode/Direct link to HQ]
[u]//Subject//[/u] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/Axel.jpg][[B]Axel Riotwing[/B]][/URL]
[u]//Hair Color//[/u] Dark Blue/ Silver
[U]//Eye Color//[/U] Crimson. Noticeably, his pupils are narrower than that of a normal human.
[U]//Body Stature, Physique//[/U] White skin, 6?2??, Lean muscular figure. 142 lbs. 3% body fat.

[B]Personality:[/B] [From Organization profile sheet]
Axel Riotwing- Extreme variations from his predecessors. Attitude is still unpredictable, but he appears to be stable. Strong sense of justice and loyalty, like Abel. However, very few traces of Kain can be found in his personality. Axel abhors violence, and has an extreme distaste for it, and will only fight when left with no alternative measure. However, has fighting style, strength in battle, and supremacy in most situations are directly adopted from Kain. No sense of egotism. Exceptionally kind to most everyone, though often adopts a sarcastic tone of voice from time to time. No problems with the subject as of now.

[B]Biography:[/B] //Conditional change//?//Unable to retrieve information//...//Video mode enhanced//?//Video up and running//?//Recording of events ensuing//[/I]

[B]?---Oo!?[/B] Axel dropped his sheet quickly as a shot fired and a bullet flew past him. He spun around and looked out past the shattered window. He walked towards it and sighed.

[B]?Just fixed that window from last time? Goddamit.?[/B] His eyes rolled as a gun barrel pressed against the back of his head. He shoved his hands into his pockets and pulled out a toothpick, placing it in his mouth. The man behind him fixed his shades and spoke to Axel coldly.

[B]?Experiment number 4539480, we?ve come to take you in. Come without resistance or we?ll have to use force.?[/B] Axel raised his hand up and stroked his chin thoughtfully. He turned around and looked the man in the eyes. Though his shades were on as well, Axel could see through the man?s eyes, into his soul, and pitied him for having to live a life of servitude as a lackey of a greater power that kept him suppressed manipulatively. He answered calmly.

[B]?I?d rather not go at all. Force isn?t my style really, so get out and I?ll leave both legs attached.?[/B] The operative gasped as all in one moment, Axel vanished, 12 shots were fired, and Axel reappeared behind him, holding his gun. The twelve shots had been fired perfectly around the operative?s head, avoiding him by a hair. Axel frowned at this method, but he knew fear was often a good motivation for the blind. However, his assailant didn?t give up. He sprung away and pulled out another gun, now a semi-automatic machine gun.

[B]?Don?t ******** me, 4539480. Our records state that you don?t condone violence. If we use force you?ll be powerless to resist us. The government merely wants to run analysis tests on you, nothing more.?[/B] Another gunmen walked into the room from behind Axel. Axel frowned and took out the toothpick, examining it as the two men watched him threateningly. The gov?t. planned on doing more than just analyzing him?They wanted to take his cells to create an army of super warriors like him. He looked up sadly.

[B]?I?m not bullshitting anyone. I may avoid violence?but when put into an unfavorable situation? Like, let?s say, two men with guns threatening me in my own house, I?ve been known to get a little violent.?[/B] Axel grabbed his two swords off of the counter and held them out at both sides. He concentrated, and struck. He took his two blades to the bottom of the semi-auto and pushed it upwards, causing it?s wielder to fire it off into the ceiling. The shots ended swiftly as Axel?s blades cleanly diced the gun into tiny pieces. The other grunt stood shocked for a moment, then began firing. Axel pushed himself to the right against the 1st grunt, knocking him against the wall, and then unconscious.

[B]?Well this isn?t my idea of a good time, I?ll have you know??[/B] Axel flipped over the table next to him and landed in front of the grunt, but this time, the grunt was ready. He fired rapidly in Axel?s direction, only for Axel to disappear again. The grunt looked around swiftly, and was stunned as Axel?s voice came from the floor. He grinned embarrassedly.

[B]?Not exactly the kind of dodge I had in mind, but hey, it works.?[/B] Axel lifted his legs up and shot himself forward with his hands, straight past the grunt. He landed and the grunt went to shoot, when Axel?s voice stopped him.

[B]?Whoops! Sorry, but it seems you won?t be able to shoot me.?[/B] The grunt?s face contorted with a mixture of shock, anguish, and fear as his gun split into three pieces. Axel grinned and twirled his blades. He pointed one sword at the unconscious grunt, and one at the man in from of him.

[B]?Take him and get out. I won?t mess around if you decide to stay.?[/B] The grunt grabbed his ally, threw him over his shoulder and looked at Axel fiercely. His eyes radiated furiously through his shades.

[B]?Oppress us for however long you want?We will capture you.?[/B] He then fled into the night. Axel stood solemnly as he heard their car start up and drive off into the night. He looked down at his sheet and was amazed to see it had recorded the whole battle scene. He grinned and laughed amusedly.

[B]"Well I'll be damned..."[/B]


[B]OOC:[/B] Hope this is okay. I'm kinda pressed for time right now, so I'll probably edit/elaborate/elongate it later. Please tell me if anything needs to be changed.
[B]EDIT:[/B] I added a picture of his appearance, and changed his appearance slightly.
[B]EDIT2:[/B] I edited his weapons.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

[b]Name:[/b] Tiberius Excellon Braska
[b]Age:[/b] 472 by Terran chronometric standards
[b]Species:[/b] Promethean
[b]Timeline/Date:[/b] 4958 A.D.
[b]Origin:[/b] The Temple, Terra, Via Lactea Galaxy

[b]Special Talents:[/b] Prometheans are a species are known to be capable of feats of great strength, dexterity and constitution, their mental abilities entitle them to glimpses of the future and a far greater awareness of their surroundings. Years of continuous war have also forged Tiberius into a great warrior, his skills with a sabre are second to very few beings in the Universe, matched only by his equal proficiency with speechcraft and diplomacy. Many would comment him capable of raising an army with but a handful of words, and quelling entire worlds with only a single conversation.

[b]Weapons/Items:[/b] Lightsaber, the weapon of any Templar. The weapon itself is said to be taken from Terran mythology of the ancient past as a symbol of righteousness, the energy blade is capable of cutting through all but the most durable metals and energy shields. While lacking a stun setting, most sabre masters are capable of rendering opponents unable to fight through skill alone.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://zeitgeistglee.250free.com/Revan.jpg]Tiberius[/url]

[b]Personality:[/b] Often I have been accused of being aloof, cold, silent, but war breeds such traits, too often I am confronted by my own mortality and it leaves a bitter aftertaste. So often I have watched those whom I care for fall to the ravages of time and malevolence, for every one person I grow to love there are so many more I should grow to hate, but I cannot hate for it is not my way, the Code does not allow it. I am a warrior, such is enough to draw what conclusions you will about my personality, for I will neither correct you if wrong or extol you if right.

[b]Biography:[/b] I was born somewhere in the Via Lactea many centuries ago, where I do not know, nor do I care to know for there can only be pain in such knowledge. There are so few havens of safety in the galaxy left that memories of one?s past is often filled with sorrow. I was taken to the Temple as infant, raised and instructed by the rigours of the Order and it?s Masters, it was not an easy life, but then so few lives are easy. I found myself lonely as a child growing up, no mother or father to comfort me, no brothers or sisters to share my company, only the silence of my room and the brief fellowship of others my age. Time past slowly, ever there was work to be done, more to be improved upon, more that could be improved upon, training occupied all my waking hours. It was not an unpleasant way of life, I am grateful for the path I have been allowed to walk, the people I have been able to help because of my training.

As a young adolescent I was opted for by a Master, one whom I would spend the next three decades learning from, one who would help me define who and what I truly was. I first saw war as an apprentice, watched fear take hold of grown men of great stature, watched women and children my own age cower in fear in the face of greater oppression. It was said there was a corrupt and sickened heart to the galaxy, and only through our martial prowess could we return it to some semblance of beauty and cheer. I took my first life shortly after my thirteen birthday, and his face shall be ever burned into my memories, I see him in waking dreams, face contorted in murderous rage, hatred, and the smell of burnt flesh. I shall watch him fall to the ground at my feet, a single neat hole in the centre of his chest, and I will remember crying, always crying for the sin I committed, the life that I took.

In leaving the Temple a boy, I would return a man nearly two decades later, just shy of my thirty-first birthday. I bore the tattered robes of my beloved Master to the hallowed catacombs beneath the Temple, and then took my oath as a Knight against injustice, against malice and greed. I took that vow over four hundred and forty years ago, but as hard as I fight, as many lawbreakers fall beneath my blade there are ever more to take up the challenge, to continue the sickness that infects all that is good and clean. I have fought on every field of battle, whether land, sea, sky or space, in every corner of the Universe and all that I have found therein is death and misery, I fear I have grown to accept that there can be no other truth to life other except that just as there is beauty and life there must be equal or more suffering and death to balance it.

Sorry for the delay Vicky.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Alright kids, sign-up's are closed.[/B]

And today, I'm feeling rather generous. I've reserved three spots for [B]DeathKnight[/B], [B]Ecstasy[/B] and [B]Ozymandius Jones[/B], so hopefully they'll be joining us later. [B]Revelation[/B] and [B]Sakura[/B] are in the RPG, as well, but you two still need to finish your sign-up's. It's okay, I'll give you awhile longer to finish those. And no, I'm not rejecting anyone from the RPG today, because I feel like being kind despite my lack of sleep. However, I'm not a picky person (I hope I don't seem that way, heh), but I do like quality. Don't we all? I trust everyone in this RPG will deliver the best quality they can, so it's just a little note beforehand. Basically, if the quality drops below standards (which shouldn't be too high for you guys) then you'll only have one chance to up the quality. No worries, though.

[B][U]The Cast[/U][/B]
The Boss as [I]Musashi Miyamoto[/I]
Sin as [I]Carthage[/I]
Takamor`e as [I]Teticoon Arsrin[/I]
Monkatraz as [I]Joseph Hunter[/I]
Revelation - [I][Pending][/I]
Vicky as [I]Dogarta Artovesky Therta[/I]
Sakura - [I]Katharina "Kat" Blum [Pending][/I]
Stark as [I]Rizel Eva[/I]
Starwind as [I]Nathan "Nate" Rellis[/I]
Crucifix as [I]Experiment # 4539480- ?Axel Riotwing?[/I]
Gavin as [I]Tiberius Excellon Braska[/I]

As you can see, altogether we should end up with 14 people. I seriously hope this RPG will be a blast. I'll post an underground thread before the actual RPG, then I'll post the RPG thread itself, [I]then[/I] I'll PM everyone. Take a look at the underground first, should help. Unfortunately, I can't garentee the RPG itself will be up tonight, but tomorrow most likely, since I have no social life and can therefore spend my time on the computer all day.

Thank you for joining,
[strike]Goat[/strike] Vicky (Maybe I should get a name change...)

[B]EDIT:[/B] Hey, I got an underground thread up. And the title is so incredibly creative that I should get an award, heh. [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=727884#post727884]Go see the thread here[/URL] and ask all the questions you want. I won't be able to answer until morning, though.[/SIZE]
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[color=crimson][b]Name[/b]: I am Lucretia, Childe of Mu, High Priestess of Astra.

[b]Age[/b]: I would say that slightly over seven 'decades' have passed since my birth.


[i]Search inquiry: Wayfarers[/i]. [i]Redirection to main article: Celestials[/i]. [i]Loading Data File on Celestials... done.[/i]

The Celestials

Celestials are an aberration of a race, one that has no recollection of it's own home planet's name, location or otherwise. Their society is a scattered space faring culture with a deep love of spaceship engineering, astronomy, interstellar trading, information exchange and art. As with several other prominent races within the council, they are humanoids. Subtle differences exist though- Their skin is a pale, ghostly white that has been described as being hauntingly beautiful. They seem to be able to 'see' beyond normal means, numerous accounts showing them to have an uncanny ability to pinpoint faults in mechanical systems, navigate blindly, detect the presence of hidden foes and more- even when their eyes are covered they seem to be unaffected by it. Unfortunately, they have an acute sensitivity to light that leaves them easily blinded, burned or, more commonly, very uncomfortable. When off of their darkened ships [described as 'twilight ships' by non-Celestials due to the interior lighting and the outside paint color] they cover themselves with a black, hooded robe that leaves only the bottom half of their face uncovered. Because of this, there is a certain curious mystery attributed to them since it's rare for a non-Celestial to have seen the full appearance of any Celestial. From the accounts of those who have seen them uncovered, and the descriptions provided by the Celestials themselves, they are ghostly mirrors of Humans almost to a fault. The only real differences physically are common hair colors- [i]all[/i] Celestials are born with a dark, regal purple color to their hair. They have a lengthy lifespan, aging at a snails pace especially when compared to Humans.

As a culture, Celestials are one of the most deeply religious cultures that exists in the 44th century. They worship the universe in the form of a female deity named Astra. The faith revolving around her is complex and purposely unknown by 'outsiders'. Free time is either devoted to the pursuit of knowledge or prayer- Celestials do their best to not leave themselves idle for long as it seems to violate one of the tenets of their beliefs. Their concept of time seems mostly skewed. Their longevity and lack of a home-planet leaves them devoid of any innate system of telling time- they operate off of the system of time their clients use. It's implied that most Celestials die from combat, accidents or otherwise rather than natural age. Wordplay, linguistics and debates seem to come naturally to Celestials- it's easy to find Celestials in positions that involve bartering, diplomacy or political matters. The majority of Celestials, though, stick to their space lanes- trading, exploring, espionage, mining, research and anything else they can manage to do from the comforts of their innovative ships.

Their societal structure is based around Clans, all of which trace their ancestry back to Astra in some form or another. The largest clans are the Mu, the Lemuria and the Angkor with numerous smaller clans. All of them form a system of Government where the heads of the Clans intermittently meet to discuss race-wide issues that need to be addressed. There is no interracial code of laws as each Clan sets guidelines for it's members independently. The word of the Clan heads mixed with the words of the Priestesses' are considered absolute to each Celestial and they are known to be pacifistic, orderly and hard to anger. They follow orders very well and some Celestials who have left the Clans have gone on to become famous military tacticians and engineers.

Historically, the Celestials are understood to be an ancient race. Since their origins are lost to even themselves it's unknown to everyone (save for, perhaps, the Time Lords) where their species originally came from. What the Clans do know of their own history is kept as tightly wrapped as their religion is so we are left to what is publicly known. Public knowledge starts with the Wraith. Celestials flooded into the Milky Way many, many centuries ago as refugees fleeing from some unknown monstrosity of a race they referred to then and now as 'the Swarming Abominations' or, as they are known to everyone else, the Wraith. The event was obviously traumatizing as Celestial art from the time is a morbid collection of grisly scenes, a majority of them involving Astra bringing down her judgment upon the Celestials in a violent fashion. The implications from the art seems to say the Celestials view the Wraith's attack as a punishment for some kind of err on their part but still, to this day, they try to avoid interactions with the Wraith as much as possible. Another side-affect of this was the abandonment of militarist thinking within the Celestials, which seems to be a permanent change, and a self-imposed isolation which, thankfully, was not a permanent change. After a short time of rebuilding and propagation the Celestials returned to their exploration, trading and otherwise. Humans were, at the time, in their infancy as a species and the Celestials avoided even inadvertently interacting with the pre-Industrial society upon Earth. This seemingly unimportant event was actually the start of a fond relationship between the Humans and Celestials, little did either species know. As the Celestials continued their nomadic ways amongst the stars, Humans continued to develop until, eventually, they came to travel in space themselves. The first contact between the spaceward Humans and Celestials was shortly after the first attempted manned mission to go outside of the Solar System. Communication and information exchange between the two species caused there to be a sense of familiarity between the two species. They were similar, in more ways than just physically- it was hard to be xenophobic towards a species that seemed to be a doppelganger of your own. The Humans called the Celestials 'the Wayfarers' and the Celestials called the Humans 'the Jewels of Astra'. This, however, was still a tenuous time for Humans- as they themselves reached out into universe and came into contact with more cultures, warfare seemed to follow in their wake. Wars between men, wars between cultures and otherwise. The Celestials recognized that Humans were still in their infancy and seemed to take it upon themselves to try to aide the fledgling race as much as possible.

Since then, much time has passed with the Celestials continuing to spread and propagate throughout the space lanes, staying true to what what they are drawn to- the dark ocean of stars. Humanity has grown well beyond needing the aide of the Celestials but the two species retain a kind of bond with one another, the Celestials often backing Humanity's endeavors (and, by extension, the Council's) whenever they need the Wayfarers of the Universe to help.

Their future is easy to discern as they have an infinite amount of space to explore and many more journeys to undertake. Their continued loyalty to the Council seems too steadfast to go away anytime soon, either.

End Article.

[b]Timeline/Date[/b]: I hail from the 44th century.

[b]Origin[/b]: Behemoth, Flagship of the Mu Clan within the Milky Way.

[b]Special Talents[/b]: Aside from my physical traits as a Celestial, you mean? I am the High Priestess of the Faith, the corporeal representation of Astra within her Star-laden realm. I have been blessed with her wisdom and have learned a variety of academic subjects throughout my relatively short life so far. She has also given me the ability to perform magnificent miracles. Humans seem to imply that it's some kind of ESP or magic but I do not agree. I refuse to fight with any modern weaponry aside from the ships that we use to travel within Her realm.

[b]Weapons/Items[/b]: I will only take with me my robe. The vessels and planets of non-Celestials are so... well lit. Yes. Well lit.

[b]Appearance[/b]: Well, I suppose I'll indulge you. I doubt you'll ever fully see my appearance so I suppose it's only fair to satiate your curiosity. To a Human I'd look rather young. Perhaps a teenager.. and that would be at the most. I am very lithe but short compared to an average Human woman coming a couple of inches below the average for them. I have purple hair like all Celestials do. It's long.. too long, perhaps. My eyes are the color of Sol, brilliantly yellow. I have no other distinguishing features and I cannot think of much else to tell you about my appearance than that.

[b]Personality[/b]: I am diplomatic. Silver tongued as many of my species are. I am slow to anger and do my utmost to not pass judgment upon other sentients though that is sometimes very difficult. I am fine with taking orders from others and prefer to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. I prefer serene things to the chaos of the world and one of the most chaotic things I believe there is is a position of leadership. I enjoy helping others and find it difficult to avoid becoming longwinded with my lectures. I suppose I am rather serious minded but I can lighten up in the right company.

I am not certain how many species still paint or write in these times beyond the Celestials. I have a very strong love of artwork and consider myself a historian of interstellar art. It's a passing fancy, I suppose.

[b]Biography[/b]: The current incarnation of the Mu capital ship is more of an amalgamation of styles from different species than anything else. If you ever studied it's exterior deeply you might start to recognize some of the technology and designs used. Tinted a stark military-dark gray like all Celestial ships are, it could be considered depressing. On this depressing monster of a ship, I was born. Who my father or mother are exactly is something rather personal. They are good people though. I appreciate their efforts and hope that someday I can pass on that same love and care to a child of my own.

My upbringing was normal. Well, to me it was normal. Planetborn species seem to regard it as unique. Supposing the recipient of this form is such a sentient I suppose I give you a more detailed description. You could find me surrounded by the innards of mechanical devices at a young age. I had an adoration of things that beeped or clanked or whirred- the gizmos that made our vessels able to sail through the star ocean. Navigation was.. interesting. I was pretty sharp at it. But there was something else tugging at me when I gazed out into space, something else calling to me.

This lingering feeling eventually manifested itself as I began to study Astra's teachings. I had a knack for.. miracles. It's hard to translate into other tongues what it is I do. It's something unusual. Magnificently unusual, though. This talent was a rarity and something that could not be ignored by the Clan lords. I was placed into a special school within the ship and mentored in my talent until I could perform it as an art. I was.. 30 when I finished all of my courses by a Human count. That's a misleading number. I was a child still. A sharp child, perhaps, but a child still.

The tasks that one does as a Priestess are varied. Diplomacy, inter-Clan law enforcement, mentoring, planetwalking.. yes, we are one of the few 'lucky' ones who get to gaze upon your marbles that hang within Her realm. As beautiful as they are it's very difficult to feel right on one. It's.. hard to describe. I enjoyed the natural beauty of the planets that I was upon, I can't deny that. It's just.. alien. I digress, though. My years have gone by doing myriads of different things that would take far too long to list. Perhaps my favorite job of all, though, is mentoring.. teaching, basically. Something is soothing about imparting knowledge to younger ones. Not that I am not young, myself but.. well, you get the idea. The title of High Priestess is something I did not train to achieve or one I believe I deserve. It means I am the avatar of Astra, the manifestation of herself within the physical realm we exist in. It's not something I wanted.. or really understand, myself. I cannot explain to you why I was given that title as I cannot phathom the reasoning of the Wise Men themselves. I will not doubt them, though. I accept the title and do my utmost to live up to it. That is.. a summation of what I've seen in my short life. I hope it will suffice.

I understand your position and the problem that you have been forced deal with. I will stand with you and lend you my blood.

Until the very last drop of it is spent if necessary.


OOC: Done. I hope everything is fine with it.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Sienna][B]Name:[/B] Cynthia Madeline Jameson, but I go by Maddie.
[B]Age:[/B] 24
[B]Race:[/B] Human, thank you very much.
[B]Timeline/Date:[/B] 1914
[B]Origin:[/B] Earth, United States of America, Milky Way Galaxy...anything else you need?

[B]Special Talents:[/B] I have the rare ability of being able to cow a class of irate children, I do not see how this would help you...I also have the skill to teach what needs to be taught, and am inherently brilliant in the area of logic, though I don?t expect you to care.

[B]Weapons/Items:[/B] Weaponry? I am about as skilled with weaponry as a kitten. As for items?a notebook and something to write with should suffice.

[B]Appearance:[/B] I have blonde hair that ? when free ? reaches my waist, but I hardly ever wear it free as it curls [i]frightfully[/i]. I usually braid it and pin that up in a nice bun. My eyes are steely blue, and hidden behind a pair of light framed spectacles. For these I am extremely grateful, as I can hardly see worth two-bits without them.

I?ve been told I am tall for a woman, which I would like to counter is rather unfair. I stand at five feet, nine inches tall. Perhaps that is a little tall, but surely it doesn?t warrant pointing out. I fear that despite all my schooling, grace and form escaped me. I have been described as being ?all legs, hands and feet?, which (while I dispute the inherent [i]rudeness[/i] at having that pointed out) I must agree with.

For those looking for a ?classical beauty?, I am not much to look at. I have a sharp-featured face that matches my sharp-edged tongue, and dress sedately, keeping my skirts long and calmly colored.

[B]Personality:[/B] Although generally quiet, I am [i] not[/i] in the [i]least[/i] reserved. As I mentioned before, I have a sharp tongue, and am very opinionated, although I will at least mask it with steely cold politeness. I do not miss much, and the students who tried to sneak anything past me usually regretted it in the end. I do have a sense of humor, but I do not drag it out to amuse my fellows, you need to earn a glimpse of it.

[B]Biography:[/B] I do not have much to tell. As any young woman from my time can tell you, woman are for the most part not able to do much before they come of age, a mere six years ago for me.

I was born in Kansas on a small farm. Not much happens in Kansas, and that?s precisely what happened to me: not much. I quickly grew tired of the monotony of nothingness, and decided to become a teacher.

I moved out to New York City to better further this desire when I was fourteen. I have been a teacher since age twenty, and have supposedly risen in the ranks to become one of the better thought of teachers in the city since then. I suppose that will change, unless I can be back by the beginning of the fall term?
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][i]Interesting take on a sign-up...and sorry for taking so friggin' long. By the by, this character is baised on Tifa from FFVII...authorized by vicky.[/i]

[U]Required Form, Filled by Lock:[/u]

[B]Name:[/B] I am known as Lock

[B]Age:[/B] I'm currently 22, I think

[B]Species:[/B] Human, what else?

[B]Timeline/Date:[/B] May 3, all other info is unkown, even to me.

[B]Origin:[/B] Nibelhiem, Gaia

[B]Special Talents:[/B] I am a master of the martial arts, and I have some manipulation over the elements of fire and wind.

[B]Weapons/Items:[/B] Of course I have to bring along my gloves, God's Hand, as well as my steel-toed boots, Devil's Bane. My two Materia, Fira and Aero, are needed to use my magic, so they're along for the ride, as well.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://psp.advancedmn.com/images/media/final-fantasy-vii-advent-children-20041209065744152.jpg][b]Me[/b][/URL] now, but now I have lighter hair.

[B]Personality:[/B] I am gentle and kind at heart, but once provoked, I become a lethal weapon. Not much else to say, I guess...*giggles*

[B]Biography:*[/B] I grew up on a world named Gaia, a planet now peaceful. This was not always the case, though. Terror and destruction plagued the few scattered towns. This destruction was caused as a restult of the mega-corporation SHINRA's manipulation of the life-giving source, called the Lifestream, and a super-human clone named Sepheroth.

Sepheroth was bent on destroying the world for what it did to Jenova, his "mother," while SHINRA wanted complete power. Their combined destruction and manipulation ended in utter destruction of the largest city on Gaia, Midgar.

However, they were both stopped by a small group of people, a group of people I am happy to be a part of. My part wasn't a major one, but I believe that without my help, Cloud, Aeries, and the others wouldn't have been able to do it. I know that sounds conceited, but it's far from the truth. I helped Cloud regain his memories when we were both submerged into the Lifestream, setting up his final decision to destroy Sepheroth, and thereby saving the planet.

Two years later, peace seemed to have come again, but it wasn't so. Cloud had become a lone wolf yet again, but his power was needed to destroy new enemies. The enemies claimed to be "brothers" of Cloud, but I've said too much already.

If Cloud ever finds out about this, He'll be very...displeased.

[center]Please take this as an acceptence to your offer.[/center]

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