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Sign Up X-Men: Apocalypse Rising [M-LVS]


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Apocalypse Rising[/color][/b][/u]

[color=teal][size=1][i]?Somewhere in Egypt...?[/i][/center]

The pale moon light drew the valley in a ghostly white sheen that was in stark contrast to its usual sunlight glow. No sound disturbed the calm of the night save for the stumbling of one man as he clambered down the slopes into the valley. All around him the plants did not rustled, no animal made a sound, no bird flew above nor any insect crawled below. There was no life in this valley save for the man himself, though he looked so worn and tired as to look close to death, he stopped for a brief moment as he fumbled in his back pack, withdrew a water container and drank from it before throwing it to the ground with a clatter that echoed through the still valley.

After making his way to the bottom of the valley the man approached what seemed to be a dead end. Staring up at the sky above a manic glint appeared in the mans eyes before he descended into his pack again, this time withdrawing several golden artefacts. As the light from the moon shifted its full light was cast on the wall facing the man and several indentations were shown, acting quickly the man placed each of the artefacts into its appropriate housing within the wall.

The man placed the final artefact in the middle of the wall and the light from the moon suddenly intensified and the wall became brilliant white with a criss-crossing pattern connecting each of the artefacts to one another being made apparent.

The man grinned wildly as he backed away from the light uttering a single name as he did.

[center][b]?En Sabah Nur.?[/b]


?It is the year 2010.?

?In recent years there has been a surge in the genetic phenomenon that many have labelled as [i]Mutants[/i], the most simple explanation is humans born with incredible powers that give them what many deem an unfair advantage over the rest of humanity and this has given many reason enough to fear and persecute the mutants.?

?When it first started mutants appeared to be few in number, barely making up for one percent of the worlds population but current estimates set the world mutant population at anywhere from six million to even one billion, while still a small number in overall global population it is a huge increase from twenty five years ago when scientists first identified the mutant X-Gene which is said to cause mutation in humans.?

?However there were mutants long before humanity first noticed the X-Gene, one of these is Professor Charles Xavier who wished to have humans and mutants living in peace with each other and so he founded a school on his families estate in Westchester where he could train young mutants in their abilities away from the prying eyes and possible hatred of mankind.?

?Before founding this academy however Charles met, and made friends with, a mutant known as Eric Lehnsherr who would later before the internationally feared Magneto. The two had opposing view points on the future of mutant kind, or as Magneto called [i]Homo sapiens Superior[/i], and they eventually parted ways with Magneto founding the [b]Brotherhood of Mutants[/b] which often came to blows with Xavier?s [b]X-Men[/b].?

?In recent years though the mutant hysteria has died down as it became apparent that they were not simply a small minority that could be swept under the rug but are going to be contenders as the dominant species on the planet. Currently the United States has created a new division specifically relating to mutant affairs and is headed by Doctor Bolivar Trask.?


Yes, yes I apologise but after viewing X-Men 3 I have caught X-Fever and felt compelled to create this RP. Before those who have not view the film turn away this is not based in the movie universe so there are no spoilers. In fact this is a new universe separate from any of the previous Marvel universes, try and think of it as our normal universe with mutants thrown in so there are no other superheroes around. The key element of the RP is that in this universe it is the first rising of Apocalypse so this not only introduces an unstable element in mutant affairs but also has ramifications for the whole planet because of what Apocalypse represents.

I?m going to allow both existing Marvel characters and your own created characters for this RP but there are some Marvel characters I don?t want played, here?s a list:
[*]Professor Charles Xavier [Played by Gavin.]
[*]Eric Lehnsherr/Magneto [Played by Me.]
[*]Apocalypse [Not available for play.]
[*]Holocaust [Not available for play.]
[*]Nathaniel Essex/Mister Sinister [Not available for play.]
[*]Nate Grey/X-Man [Not available for play.]
[*]Nathan Summers/Cable [Not available for play.]
[*]Bishop [Not available for play.]
[*]Dark Beast [Not available for play.]
[*]Ozymandias [Not available for play.]
[*]Exodus [Not available for play.]
So basically the two leaders and any mutant who was been involved with Apocalypse in any of the other continuities is off limits. I may, however, allow some people to play as Sinister, Ozymandias or Exodus in the future because of this oft times role as servants of Apocalypse. Existing characters can stay fundamentally the same but you can change things to fit in with the major events of our world that may not have happened in the usual Marvel continuity and for created characters try and make them unique in what kind of powers they have, where they?re from and all that.


The sign-up is going to be the increasingly popular character snippet rather than a standard sign-up sheet. The minimum amount will be three paragraphs and the maximum is nine. The prompt for X-Men characters is a training session in the Danger Room and the prompt from Brotherhood members is Magneto putting you through a survival course in a location of your choice.

What it needs to include is:
[*]Gender. [I realise it?s a given with the name but y?know...]
[*]Mutation/Abilities. [Your main powers and other abilities that they grant you, you can also work in stuff like gymnastics or sword play.]
[*]Significant event in your past. [This is the stand in for the long winded personal history or biography that some RPs require.]
[*]Misc. information. [Anything else you?d like to include.]
So there it is, I hope you all have fun working on your snippets and equal fun in the RP itself.

[color=crimson][b]?Only the strong shall survive.?[/b][/color][/center]
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A poof of golden smoke teleported a blue-skinned young man in the center of a large grey-white room. His blue skin decorated with several raised tattoos, carrying a meaning very important to the strange looking young man. He wore a tight-fitting black jump suit meant to allow easy, comfortable movement, a long trench-coat hanging over the otherwise professional looking outfit.

The white room seemed nearly sterile in clean smoothness. An array of neat tiles served as the floor. An intelligent voice sounded over an intercom into the room, coming from a small observation room in a far away corner of the gargantuan room. It was the Professor.

[B] ?Alright, Kurt. This scenario will be the most demanding you have encountered yet... are you certain that you are prepared for this??[/B] he questioned with a genuine concern, one of the many qualities that helped Kurt trust the Professor without a doubt.

[B] ?Ja! Of course, mein Professor.?[/B] Kurt replied with his usual nonchalant optimism, rubbing a three fingered hand over short dark hair. He looked into the glass observation booth and gave a wink with his golden, nearly luminescent eyes.

[B] ?Very good, Kurt. Best of luck.?[/B] the Professor replied with confidence in his pupil. Kurt nodded back and put a smirk on his youthful face and prepared himself. Then a light siren went off.[center][color=dimgray]

[I][B] ?Danger Room Scenario #32-C... Subject: Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler?[/I][/B].[/color][/center]

Suddenly, the room began transforming. Colors changed and shapes sprung into life. Dark tones over took the cleanliness of the room, and a grungy feeling over took the place. Then, Kurt found himself in the middle of a dirty boating dock. Stingy crates and boxes surrounded him and the stench of sick water loomed in the air.

[B] ?Nevah ceases to amaze me...?[/B] Kurt spoke to himself in a thick German accent. Almost on cue, a gang of six ski-masked thugs rushed out of the stacks of old crates, aiming sub-machine guns at the seemingly in-human figure that was Nightcrawler. [B] ?Uh oh.?[/B] Kurt said as the sound of bullets entering their chambers signaled him into action.
Kurt was gone in a poof of golden smoke, then reappearing over the heads of one of the thugs. He came down, grasping the skull of the thug with his three-toed foot, pushing it into the wooded ground of the dock. Spiraling with great athleticism, Kurt utilized his pointed tail to wrap around the neck of a second thug and flip him several times, hitting the body of the already downed gunmen with great force.
Kurt disappeared again. The remaining gunmen spun around in a frantic panic, searching for him. Suddenly Kurt appeared again, drop kicking one of the thugs into the mucky waters of the docks, then hand springing off the ground, he flipped over another gunmen and drove his body into the ground, face first. Years of circus performance had molded Nightcrawler?s body into a gymnastic weapon, and it became very apparent in his movements amongst the bewildered thugs, whom numbered in only two at this point.
The golden smoke meant that Kurt was gone yet again. The two, nervous gunmen went back to back, seeking to destroy the blue devil. Suddenly, Kurt reappeared below them, kneeling as he spun at great speed into a sweep kick that sent the two thugs flipping onto their heads, knocking them unconscious.

Cartwheeling backwards into a flip, Kurt stuck a gymnast?s landing, and gave a bow. This was the ?Incredible Nightcrawler of Munich.?... Kurt Wagner. A young mutant, a strong will, and most of all.... an X-Man.

[B] ?Bravo, Kurt... Bravo.?[/B]


[B]OOC:[/B] Hope this isn't too long.
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[SIZE=1][B]"I don't see how I could possibly learn anything else from these damn training exercises."

"Then prove it, Tesla, and finish this without difficulty."

"It's Jake, and you aren't exactly giving me much of a challenge."

"Then perhaps you like it better at the school? If you liked it better with those fools go back now."

"I told you not to call them that. As far as I'm concerned they're still my friends."

"If you cherish your friendship so much then leave us now, but I will tell you that brothers are more valuable than friends."

"I'm with you to train, not fight my friends, not to form twisted comeradery with you or the rest of them, and [I]certainly[/I] not for your political ideals."

"If your here to train then do it and stop wasting time with worthless conversations with you and your foolish loyalty to Charles. Get to the top of the building, I can handle the rest."[/B]

Magneto's harsh voice half had shouted at Jake, clearly sounding aggravated by his dismissal of training. THat was before he let Jake loose in the middle of downtown New York. Now he had already started his training exercise and it seemed a simple one: reach the top floor of the Empire Sate Building and send a clear signal to let Magneto know he had made it there. Of course when he reached the building it was apparent the mission was not so simple. Something had happened there, a muder, or a robbery it didn't matter. The challenge was that the building was surrounded by a police barricade and noone was being allowed in or out.

[B]"Oh, well isn't this interesting."[/B] He muttered to himself as he approached. He quietly walked up near the barricade, pushing his way thrugh the press and reached a fuse box on the building. He slowly opened it and dug his finger into the wires, then let as much pure electrical energy out through his fingers at once. Instantly, every light bulb in the entire vacinity burnt out at once and the street was left in temporary darkness. Which was Jake's chance.

He squeezed through the police who couldn't tell he was there in the hysterical darkness and then ran down the hallway. Either they heard them or there eyes adjusted to the light but either way they saw him as he forced open the elevator doors and walked inside.

[B]"Freeze! You're not going anywhere, kid!"[/B] One of the officers shouted pointing his handgun at him. Jake swore under his breath and put his hands up, waiting the officer to approache him with handcuffs. He felt the cop touching his hands as he put them there and htat was his cue: he let electricity flow from his hands and into the cop, not fatally so but more than enough to cause hiim to loose muscle control and go into girations.

The other three, stunned, ran at Jake but he slipped between to of them and delivered a spinning kick to their head. With two of the officers knocked down the other two began helping them up and that is when Jake took his leave.

He sprinted down the hallway as the cops chased him, radioing in for back up. He was younger and faster than them and such had an advantage but there were other cops in the building and now all of them would be converging on his position. Every time he ran through a doorway he layed his hands on the door knob and left it super charged with electricity so that anyone following him on that path would receive an unpleasant gift.

As he was halfway up the building and ran past a set of windows he heard the unpleasant sound of a police helicopter and stopped seeing a spotlight firmly aimed at his position. Jake briefly hesistated before unleashing a pure stream of electricity in the direction of the chopper (taking care not to hit it). The stream passed by it and the electricity sent the navigation systems haywire and caused it to begin spinning. After that the helicopter wasted no time in getting firmly away from the building.

He had nearly reached the top without any further police interference when the police finally surrounded him.

[B]"Now FREEZE!"[/B]

Jake didn't hesitate and busted through a door, leading to a metal service staircase, and flung himself over the railing and hung from his hands by it. He waited until he heard footsteps above him and shocked the stairs, until he heard four people hit the stairs, paralyzed.

He expertly flipped himself over and climbed the final flight of stairs to the top of the building. He stopped and put enough electricity in the door to paralyze anyone who touched it for hours, not wanting to be followed. He got as high as he could, held his hands to the sky and let out twin lightning bolts, that raced to the sky and illuminated the city for moments from their light.

[B]"That was a little boring.[/B] He said to himself as he had completed his mission. Whle he was now cotemplating how to get back to the bottom of the building he stopped to recount the events to be sure of something: no one had been killed. [B]"I'm really starting to miss that Danger Room. At least there was some challenge."[/B][/SIZE]
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[b][size=1][/size][/b][size=1][b]"Come on, boy, you can do better than this!" [/b]shouted Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto, as he put 18-year-old John Allerdyce through his paces. The location for his Brotherhood of Mutants initiation test was an abandoned steel mill in the Monongehela Valley near Pittsburgh. There was an awful lot of heavy machinery in here, and that made John ever so slightly nervous.

Especially considering his opponent in this one-on-one spar that Magneto had set up as his training.

[b]"You ain't never gonna escape me, boy!" [/b]shouted his opponent, a rather overly large figure, [b]"I'm Fred J. Dukes, and no-one escapes The Blob!"

"You can talk the talk, Dukes," [/b]replied John, somewhat sarcastically, flicking his Zippo lighter open and sparking a flame up, [b]"But can you walk the walk? I mean, can you even walk with all that weight? I doubt I could walk if I was that fat!"

"Enough talk, child!" [/b]boomed Magneto, [b]"Complete your training! All you have to do is rip off and destroy the three targets placed on Mr Dukes' body and your training is complete!"

"Sounds easy enough," [/b]whispered John, smoothing his dark locks of hair from his forehead and unzipping his black leather jacket slightly, [b]"In theory..."

[/b]He leapt towards The Blob, running his hand through the flame of his lighter, setting the appendage alight. As he ran, he dropped to the floor, sliding between The Blob's legs and emerging the other side, where one of the targets was placed. He merely placed his hand on the target and it caught light, burning away to ash extremely quickly.

[b]"That's somewhere I never wanna go again," [/b]said John with a shiver, referring to the space between Fred Duke's legs. He turned just as The Blob did, and fell victim to a powerful uppercut by Dukes, sending him flying into the air and slamming into a piece of pretty heavy machinery.

[b]"You Australians think you're so damn fine," [/b]growled The Blob, towering over John, and grabbing the piece of machinery he had just slammed into, ripping it from the ground, [b]"But you're all just a bunch of pansies!"

"Would a pansy be able to do this?" [/b]said John, setting both hands alight and punching straight through the second target placed on Dukes' body, before leaping to his feet and moving, swiftly, out of the way of his attack.

As Dukes began to lift more pieces of machinery from the ground, John re-ignited both his hands, and let the flame travel up his forearms until his arms were both entirely engulfed, and, as The Blob hurled a second piece of machinery at the young mutant. John conentrated all his effort into this one attack, and blasted every last ounce of pyrokinetic energy from his body, a huge sheet of flame hurtling towards the machinery. As they met, the flame super-heated the metal of the machine, and the force of the thermal energy hurled the massive chunk of metal back at Dukes, who it smashed into.

Now, normally a huge piece of metal smashing into his body wouldn't do anything to The Blob, but when it had been super-heated, and had a rolling inferno of flame behind it, it proved a pretty powerful force, knocking the huge mutant to the floor, and burning away the third target at the same time.

[b]"Yes! John Allerdyce: one; big fat guy: zero!" [/b]shouted John, throwing his arms into the air, then falling to the floor from the effort. He hadn't used his powers to this level since they had emerged in public almost four years ago. There had been massive press coverage in his hometown of Melbourned, Australia, but in the end it had been covered up as a spontaneous combustion incident, as John disappeared almost immediately afterwards. He had killed twelve people that day, and Magneto had offered him a way to control his powers, as long as he used them for the Master of Magnetism's own cause, not that of Charles Xavier.

[b]"Excellent. He is powerful enough to take down The Blob. There are not many of his age who can claim to do the same," [/b]said Magneto, coming down to stand by John's prone form.

[b]"Welcome to the Brotherhood of Mutants, Pyro."

OOC: [/b]There you go, Will, I changed a few things since we talked earlier, but I think I included everything you asked for.
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The girl walked into the Danger Room. The cascading white walls encircled her. Soon she knew that all that was goning to change, the room would become a building, or a battlefield, or something crazy that Prof. X could cook up.

Anyway, she stood there right smack dab in the middle. Ready and waiting.

"Are you ready, Kitty?" A voice boomed out from a balcony above.

"Yes" She replied.

The room swirled and changed. Now it looked like a grassy plain. Green and lushious with foliage. She was confused at this, how was this training? She turned around as if someone was there. A machine appeared. It was about her height and had the look of a human. It threw a knife at her. She stood there as it phased through her.

"That's not gonna work. Sorry!" She said as she whipped an uppercut at where its jaw would have been.


She grabbed her gloved hand. It throbbed, she had forgotten it was a machine. A knife zipped through the air from behind her. Before it could phase through her she dodged it, but that made a cut along her thigh, luckly it had only tore the black suit. She ran right at the one and phased through it, the other that was behind her threw another knife hitting the other machine. She ran and phased through the other one and roundhouse kicked the robot leaving it paralyzed on the green grassy floor.

Everything disappeared and Kitty looked at Prof. Xavier

"Very good" He said.

This made Kitty happy because she passed. But she's like that most of the time.
OOC: Hope this isnt too long. PM if I need to edit ^.^'

EDIT:I changed some stuff and the reason it wasn't long was because I didn't want to go over your limit.
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[SIZE=1][B]"Ready, Remy LeBeau?"[/B] Xavier said as he looked over his new, sixteen year old Louisianan recruit. The young man smiled slightly as he walked through the doors into the Danger Room and stopped. He gave it a once over through his sqaure rimmed shades and turned to the professor. He grinned and shuffled his deck of cards between his hands; both of which were covered by fingerless gloves.

[B]"Don't much favor Remy. Gambit'll do. And yah."[/B] Gambit unbuttoned the flap over the neck of his leather jackets and then unzipped, revealing his black tangtop underneath. He strode into the room, and the doors closed as he moved further in. The lights dimmed significantly over Gambit, and then went out altogether. Gambit stood and waited, listening to every sound in the room. [I]A pick-pocket's always gotta be ready for his nex' score.[/I] The professors voice emanated from all around him.

[B]"Start!"[/B] Gambit backflipped out of the way of a metallic fist. The lights came back on a second later, revealing five 'Soldiers' surronding Gambit, in a Cathedral looking building. At first he wass caught by surprise. When his powers had arisen, he had been on the run from men looking to take him in for shoplifting. Their chase had eventually led them into a cathedral, quite like this one. Gambit quickly charged his mind with kinetic energy, attempting to keep out Xavier. He knew he had gone into his mind, and he wasn't quite keen on the idea.

He looked at them and smiled, shooting his cards back and forth between his hands as they took on an intensive red glow. He knew the soldeirs were no more than robots, holograms, and thought of them as nothing more than that. The kinetic charge in his mind also allowed him to see through the hologram, so he had no trouble seeing what they were.

[B]"Re'y? Bring it then!"[/B] Gambit launched himself forward, kicking one of the robots in it's chest and using the force to propel himself backwards. He landed crouching, and shot one card into each of the robots' right legs. The cards hit and exploded upon contact. The robots were significantly damaged, and proved little threat. Gambit grinned and ignored them, addressing the recently risen robot that he had knocked onto it's *** earlier. It knocked over a bench and charged at him.

He jumped over the immobile robots and kicked the standing one in its 'face'. It staggered a little, but came back full force, knocking Gambit squarely in the chect and onto his back. Gambit lost no time in a recovery, however, by taking out his bo staff and securing it in the robot behind him, thrusting it forward and him onto his feet. The two robots hit severely and went plummeting towards the wall. Gambit tossed a sing card at them, but he charged it dramatically with kinetic energy causing both to explode.

The other three rose and connected in a sort, discarding worthless pieces and becoming one slightly-larger-than-human-sized robot. It bent over and charged at him, missing completely, but almost smashing through the wall it collided with. Gambit raised an eyebrow in confusion. The proffesors voice boomed down again.

[B]"The Second part of your test it to defeat a robotic replica of one of Magneto's cohorts: The Juggernaut."[/B] Juggernaut turned and charged at Gambit again, this time hitting him with such a force that Gambit was under the impression that his body had been shattered. He flew backwards and smashed against the wall, and watched as the hologram became visible in his mind again, and the massive Juggernaut hit the cathedral wall. Gambit fell to the ground and held his back.

[B]"Bloody hell... That hurt."[/B] He quickly rolled out of the way as Juggernaut's foot came down above him. Gambit attacked Juggernaut's leg with his staff, but to no avail. He was unphased as he stomped on the ground again. Gambit quickly saw the solution to his problem, however. [I]His legs![/I]

Remy rolled over and sprinted to the other side of the court. He boldly faced Juggernaut head on. Juggernaut's grin slowly faded back into it's mechanical face as Gambit's senses returned. Gambit waited as Juggernaut charged him. Right as they were almost face to face, Remy sent a Kinetic charge through his hand, flipping over Juggernaut and grabbin ghis legs, causing them to explode violently. Gambit lay on the round for a moment smiling before Xavier's voice reached his ears.

[B]"Very good. Welcome to the X-Men."[/B]


[B]OOC:[/B] I'll edit this later. I'm pressed for time right now.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]A blue figure crouched on top of a cliff, her two arms balancing in between her knees. The cool breeze seemed to caress her face, she closed her eyes and let the breeze relax her. Down below was a city, her goal, wreak havoc on the city. She didn?t know exactly why she had to do this, but she felt she HAD to.


Nocturne materialized in an alley, somewhere in the shopping district of the city. A man walked into the alley, a perfect target. Without hesitation, Nocturne pounced literally, INTO the man. The man was now possessed by Nocturne.

?What a whimp.? Nocturne dusted off her body and loosened herself up. As Nocturne exited the alley, she spotted exactly where she could plan her attack. The local gas station. She quickly searched her new body for a lighter, and luckily found on.

Nocturne looked both ways before crossing the street, and jogged toward the gas station. She then quickly picked up a pump, places a few dollars in, and started pouring gas all over the gas station, the cars, pumps, ceiling, everything.

A gas station attendant ran up to Nocturne.

?Excuse me sir, but I?m afraid you can?t do that.?

Nocturne?s host?s eyes turned a dark yellow, then she emerged from the body letting it fall to the floor with a loud THUNK.

?Well why not??

The gas attendant stumbled backwards slowly.


Nocturne let out a demonic laugh, but was cut off with the sirens of police cars.

?Mutant! Put your hands in the air now!?

Thalia Darkholme, a 20 year old evil mutant, turned around to face her foes. Her mother was the one who had taught her to fight and use her powers for evil, young Thalia was taught to destroy anyone who stood in her way and goals. Mutant or not. It wasn?t long until her mother, Mystique, revealed that she was part of the mutant terrorist group, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.



Nocturne appeared behind a police officer and hit him in the back of his neck, making him fall to the ground unconscious

A series of [B]-BAMFS[/B]- went on as Nocturne reigned terror on the police unit. By the time she was done, Nocturne saw a unit of SWAT arrived.

Then in what seemed a heart beat, a piece of metal from the gas station removed itself from it?s place and whacked the SWAT down to the floor. Nocturne turned around to see who or what was doing this.

[B]?Welcome to the Brotherhood, Darkholme.? [/B] [/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]A young man stood in the danger room, looking around at the emptiness of this enormous room. Wondering how this could provide any challenge, and why it was called the "Danger Room". He twirled ever so slowly to get the full view of his new environment, a second after he had finished his viewing a man in a wheel chair appeared from behind. He pushed the lever on his chair until he was on the youth?s right side.
"Ready to go, Peter?"[/B] Xavier said as he looked up to the unusually tall youth, he was only seventeen and he already stood at a height of 6"8'. He had short brown hair, almost like a crew cut and a stern face. His eyes were a dark green and definition and tone of his muscles could be seen easily with fair skin. Peter smiled gently and nodded his head.
"Yes Professor."[/B] Xavier couldn't even tell that Peter was from Russia; his American accent was very good. Peter looked straight ahead, and then a coat of metal started to spread across his skin. At the same time he started to grow in size and mass. His muscles growing bigger, his height increasing as did his weight.

The organic metal soon engulfed his entire body, he then looked to the Professor and the Professor signaled for it to start. Peter took off into the training program. Right away, small groups of robots appeared and tried to form a barrier, he just bulldozed through the machines. Ripping them apart as they tried to pierce his metallic body and failed.

Soon the robots found that trying to block him would do nothing, so they then proceeded to fight in more strategic matter. As did Peter. He started to grab robot pieces and either used them to smash others with them or hurling them at the groups. Eventually, hordes of bots began to appear, all of them focusing on brining him down.

The massive groups then leaped on top of him, trying to use their collective weight to push him to the floor. He started to give under the weight, then with a powerful push. He launched all of the bots off of him, sending them flying off in different directions, all of them smashing into the ground. Parts being spewed every where.

More robots began to appear, picking up the parts from the others and using them as weapons. Peter readied himself for the growing numbers of the robots; he looked through the numbers, thinking of something to eliminate the numbers quickly. The collective began to move in on him. Peter looked to the floor and saw what he was going to do; all he had to do now was wait a few more seconds.

The robots moved in quicker, trying to end this quickly and to finish off this lone defender. They soon entered Peters designated area. And in a split second, he smashed the ground in front of him and sent a tidal wave of metal hurdling towards the rows of bots. The robots lost their footing and all of them flew into the air, or tumbled to the ground, or were smashed by another.

Peter soon stood alone in the room, facing a pile of scrap and broken pieces. The training exercise ended and the metal was re-absorbed into his skin and his body returned to his normal state. Xavier wheeled up to him, a smile on his face. Peter turned to face him.
"Excellent, Peter. Now, it is time to see how you fair against yourself."[/B] Peter looked at him questionable then looked into the room. Out of the shadows of the room, a figure appeared, it looked exactly like Peter. Peter?s organic steel began to engulf his body; the doppelganger did it as well. Peter then started to strafe to his right, his look alike did the same.

Peter waited to see what the doppelganger would do, but all it did was follow his moves. Just mimicking his exact movements, but he continued to wait; thinking the look alike wouldn't have the same patients as he had. And soon enough, the doppelganger charge him.

Peter readied himself for the charge, the look alike soon hit him with such force that Peter flew across the training room. He felt the blow even through his steel covering; he stood up and looked for his look alike quickly. He was several yards away, reading for another attack. Peter quickly devised a plan to knock this foe down, it came to him quickly and was easy to execute.

He waits for the doppelganger to charge first, and then Peter followed. These two giants heading straight for one another, the doppelganger had his body leaning down. While Peter was running normally, when they were within reaching distance of each other, the look alike was low and ready to take out his waist.

Peter had pushed off from the ground and went for the neck, his legs were clear off the ground and he was horizontal in the air. He brought his left arm around the look likes neck and effectively pulled the doppelganger to the ground. He quickly jumped onto of it and started smashing his fists into the look likes face, mutilating the metal on its face.

The look likes face soon was denting in, the metal scraping away with each blow, growing closer to the flesh underneath. He continued to pound, even after he had reached the flesh and has scraped that away as well. He found more metal underneath the flesh; the machines gave way to Peter?s strength and crumbled.

The bot stopped moving all together. Peter stood up and re-absorbed the metal, and went to normal size. Xavier wheeled up to him; the smile grew a bit bigger on his face. He nodded his head to Peter.

[B]"Welcome to the X-Men, Colossus."[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=teal][size=1]I'm still waiting for a few more sign-ups but here's a list of who's in so far.

[b][u]The X-Men[/u][/b]

The Boss - Nightcrawler
Crucifix - Gambit
Sin - Colossus

[b][u]The Brotherhood of Mutants[/u][/b]

Blayze - Pyro
Monkatraz - Tesla
Grace - Nocturne


For those not in the list I've got my own notes for you:

[strike][b]Monkatraz:[/b] What you've written is good but it's not exactly what I wanted. If you redo it as the solo training course I asked for I would reconsider letting you in the Brotherhood, also maybe you could further elaborate on your powers and further flesh out your character.[/strike]

[b]Rurouni922:[/b] Not much I can say other than if you have a spell check program please use it and in the future make your character snippets longer and more involved.

[strike][b]Kura:[/b] A perfect sign-up, just not what I asked for. Please change it so all that information can be in a character snippet like everyone elses and I'm sure I'll accept you.[/strike][/size][/color]
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Hank McCoy sat hunched on the balls of his feet in the centre of one of his finest creations, the Danger Room. Infamous among students at Xavier?s School for the Gifted for its ability to injure as well as educate. At only twenty four, perhaps the only thing more surprising than Hank?s large, blue furred frame was the heightened intellect that lay behind it. His navy eyes stared into the abyss as one clawed hand gently stroked the thick blue hair on his chin. As usual, he was lost deeply in thought. He was about to become the first victim to his latest modifications to the Danger Room. The fact that he was always the first test subject of his own work never failed to produce a satisfyingly deep irony within him.

?Are you ready Beast??

He was shook from his meditations suddenly by the calm yet assured voice of the leader of the School, the infamous Charles Xavier.

?Am I the only one that finds the term ?Beast? slightly derogatory? Especially considering present companies? credentials? Professor.?

Hank had, over time, grown accustomed to the name Beast, and even grew to enjoy the affection in the voices of some of the younger students who called him by such a term. Yet, he never passed on an opportunity to nudge the Professor in the ribs at every available opportunity. It seemed satirical that of the two people in the School with a Doctorate, one would unfailingly be called Professor for the duration of his years on the Earth, where as the other would be given the title of a mindless savage creature.

?Not now Hank. I don?t have time for your banter today, as enjoyable as I find it. My time is limited.?

?Point made Charles. I am, as ever, ready for whatever my work wants to throw at me.?

?Then lets begin??

The overhead and floor lights dimmed to total darkness for a few moments. As they re-lit, Hank allowed a moment for his eyes to adjust, and found himself in a small forest outcropping, complete with overcast skies, and pounding rain.

?Remind me Charles when this is over to thank you again for testing the weather simulators? which I may remind you have not been altered in my latest upgrades.?

Hank was aware of the task ahead of him already. He had, after all, designed the programme. He was to rescue a trapped figure from a cage, and in doing so would have to overcome a variety of hostile targets. The task, set in the jungle, was designed to improve special awareness and periphery.

Soon enough, about two hundred yards ahead, his enhanced sense of hearing picked up a low rumble as a cage began to rise from the ground. It was your stereotypical zoo cage, a prism shaped structure lined by vertical steel bars on all sides. The cage rose completely out of the ground, to reveal a figure lying at its base. Hank couldn?t help but utter a gasp of shock, for he found himself staring into the face of his racist father. Charles had a knack for introducing elements into the Danger Room that would cause you to lose focus. Through Cerebro he had calibrated vast amounts of information on each of his students and colleagues, and so was aware of certain events, situations or people that could cause them to falter. For Hank, he had decided to use the most prejudice figure of his childhood, the man who had hated and taunted him even before he had developed his elongated ears, fangs and claws, and had been covered in blue fur. Then he had just been a boy with a huge, hunched, muscular frame and enlarged hands and feet.

Hank allowed a moment to collect his thoughts, Charles was not going to divert his attentions so easily. He leant back slightly further onto his toes, digging his clawed fingers into the ground, then sprang forward, charging towards the target on all fours. Though his figure was often likened to an ape, he ran more similarly to a large cat, and was, at a full bound, able to reach a speed of up to forty miles an hour.

The fur on his face and arms and short, scruffy navy hair on his head swayed in the force of his run, and suddenly a 50mm cannon rose up out of the ground roughly 30 yards ahead, aiming straight at him. The guns were designed to release a small canister of a highly viscous substance that would trap you in place, effectively neutralising your efforts. The cannon fired, but Hank was already in the air. He planted two hands on a tree to his left, his claws digging in as the canister passed under him. As the cannon altered its trajectory, Hank brought his legs between his planted arms and sprang forward, feet first. The target was only half was to finding Hank when the full force of his frame launched a two footed kick into the cannons chamber, denting it heavily as it ripped apart at the base. As the cannon crashed skidding several feet away, Hank sprang backwards from the kick, leaning back, grasping the ground with one hand as he flipped and landed in a graceful crouch on both feet.

As he did so, two more cannons rose from the ground adjacent to the frame of the cage. [I]Simple trig[/I], Hank muttered to himself as he sprang forward into a handstand, two canisters criss-crossing the area he was but moments ago. He landed in a spot of ground directly infront of the left cannon, then immediately went into a one handed cartwheel to the right as the left cannon fired into a tree some yards off. This manoeuvre had left the right cannon tracking him, and as of yet unable to fire. His cartwheel, however, had brought him to a spot directly between the two cannons, with the right one significantly closer now to acquiring him than the left one he had just avoided. Just as the chasm of the barrel met his glare he launched into a backflip, with first his feet, and then his hnds gripping the cage, leaving him in an upside down position, his head arcing upwards from the floor just in time to see the canister from the right cannon, originally intended for him, strike the swivelling left cannon, clogging the hinges and leaving it jolting in vein as it tried to move. A few moments later the motors burned out, leaving it dead, for all intents and purposes. Hank did not have time to witness this however, as he was already in the air. He had pushed up with his arms, bringing him up into a horizontal position about ¾ way up the cage, his legs retracted. Using the full force of his massive leg muscles, he pounced headlong as the remaining cannon. His arms wrapped around the frame in a tackle, the force snapping the base as a child would crack a match between thumb and forefinger. Still airborne, Hank released the now useless cannon, letting it fall to the floor as he landed in a foreward roll. Combined with his intelligence, his enhanced agility and reflexes made him a lethal weapon indeed.

Immediately there after, Hank sprang into a backwards arc, his hands gripping the upper frame, forcing his body into a sweep, allowing him to land on the roof of the cage, where the door was. Wrapping his toes around the end bar of the roof, he wrapped his large, burly hands around two bars and began to pull. The veins in his arms dilated, his eyes whitened and teeth clenched. The unmistakable screech of contorting metal wrang through the trees as suddenly the door ripped from its hinges. Were it not for Hank?s superior balance and full pedal dexterity he would surely have been thrown from the cage. He managed to retain control of himself, and tossed the door aside as he dropped elegantly down to land next to the figure of his parent.

?Well father, at least this time your ignorance is not entirely your fault.?

With one hand Hank easily picked up the much smaller frame of his father and propped him up on his shoulder as he, in a single jump, cleared the cage and landed back on the soil outside. His attentions were interrupted suddenly by a voice seemingly from the abyss.

?Okay Hank, that?s enough for now. Everything seems to be in order, and I?m afraid my attentions are required elsewhere.?

In a sweeping low moan, the canopy of trees and grass suddenly moulded into curves of steel and titanium as the Danger Room reverted back to it?s neutral state. Hank shook as a wet dog would, sending water flicking off him. He was beginning to curse the day he?d ever installed weather simulators.

?It seems I have no choice but to hit the showers.? Hank uttered sarcastically as headed towards the exit.
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][i]So sorry to do this to you Rurouni922, but Joko said it 'twas alright. Also, this is renactment of Kitty's acceptence into the X-Men, which is the "sigificant event," but everything is made up by little 'ol me...as in not all the abilities, etc, line up with the actual comic-line of when she was accepted into the X-Men. Hope that's alright, Joko. ~.^[/i]

Walking into the startling white room, she held a slight feeling of anticipation. She rairly had reserved feelings concerning any sort of test, but this was no ordinary test.

"Welcome, Kitty," came a warm, familiar voice.

"Hi, Professor," replied Kitty. She had always considered Professor Xavier to be a great man, worthy of her respect. "You needed me?"

"Yes, Kitty," came the Professor's calm, reasuring voice. "This is your last test. The one that will decide whether or not you will join the ranks as an X-Man."

Kitty's heart began to race already, and the test hadn't even began.
[center]Test: Final, 77...Testee:Katherine "Kitty" Pride, a.k.a. Shadowcat[/center][/COLOR]

The computer voiced out the info, and Kitty fealt shivers tackle her spine. [i]That voice always sends shivers down my spine.[/i]

As she was standing there, waiting for the computer to load the program, she started to absently twirl her mid-length brown hair around her fingers. Her hazle eyes focusing on something seen only by her. The tight-fitting cat-suite, paired with her elagant cape, where what would possibly become her X-Man outfit...hopefully.

"The test will begin now, Kitty. I cannot help you, unless the event of fatality is eminent."

With that, Kitty was on her own...

With her powers at ready, she gathered herself to face whatever the test Professor X had designed for her. The room began to shift, the white walls faiding into a lush forest. Kitty looked around her new surroundings, familiarizing herself with every detail.

A branch snap grabbed her attention. It had come from her right. She slowly moved towards the sound, using her phasing ablities to soundlessly stalk whatever had made the noise. She reached where she had thought the sound had come from. Standing there was nothing more than a rabbit. Kitty let out a sigh of relief, and momentarily let her powers go back into her subconcience.

That was her first mistake. Seemingly from nowhere, she heard a faint poping noise, the smell of something...burning...and fealt a sharp blow across her cheek.

"Kurt! Why did you do that?" she yelled once she noticed that it was indeed Nightcrawler who had smitten her with his tail. "Kurt?"

But he didn't seem to recognize her. "You vill die, trespassor."

Kitty knew that this wasn't the real Kurt. She turned to run, although she knew it was pointless. Her new enemy followed her closely, using his teleportic abilities to stay just behind her. Her own powers where almost useless against him, unless...

Running through a tree, she saw the fake Kurt pop up. Seizing the opportunity, she grabbed ahold of his leg, and started to phase into the ground. The blue simulation was caught off guard, and was dragged below along with Kitty.

She phased back up, noticing that the scenery hadn't changed. [i]It's not over?[/i] she asked herself. From directly behind her, a yell pierced her ear. As she had developed her phasing ablity to become second-nature, she automatically became temporarly invincable.

When she opened her eyes, two sets of three claws protruded from her chest. [i]Wolverine.[/i] Turning, then backing away, she phased back and assumed the martial position. [i]Fighting Logan won't be easy, even with my phasing abilities.[/i]

Racing towards her, Wolverine's deadly claws raked at the air. Phasing again, she let Logan pass through her, then phased out and kicked his back, hard. He flew head-first into a tree, but easily shook it off and assumed the assult. Again Kitty repeated the process, but it was getting her nowhere.

Assuming that the best way was to get away from him, she used her powers to walk on the air. Higher and higher she went, until it looked as if she was walking on the tree tops themselves. Logan followed via climbing one said tree, and leaped towards her. Being phased, she could do nothing but watch as he reached her, went through her, and start to fall. "Kitty, help me!" Logan yelled.

"No!" She screamed. She unphased, fell towards Wolverine, grabbed him, then phased again. Both of them hit the ground, but fell through. [i]Darn it...[/i]

They both stopped, and then Kitty made the work of getting them back to the surface. Running out of air steadily, she knew she needed to get them both back fast. Logan might already be dead.

Once she finally reached the surface, Logan was lying on his back and the white room was back. [i]So, I wasn't alone after all...[/i]

Gasping for air, she faintly heard Professor Xavier's words:

"Kitty, you did well. You used your abilites, fought without shame, utilized your surroundings, and won a battle you hopefully will never have to endure again. Yet, you showed compassion, and fought out of necessity, not out of spite. Congratulations, Shadowcat. You'll make a fine X-Man."

[i]Hope this isn't tooooo long for you Joko...I just got carried away.[/i][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: Sorry Jokopoko. Just needed to get my character in the RPG. I didn't have enough time to edit it to the character snippet you wanted when I posted this.

[color=DarkRed][size=1]Oriel shivered. The path she tred down was a lonely street. Streetlights flicked above her as she walked along the concrete footpath. Every step echoed loudly. The young woman winced at her every step, her very long dirty blonde hair fluttering out behind her. It echoed too loudly, and there was no way she could muffle her steps.

Through the darkness, Oriel used her wine red eyes to try to see any potential threats that might leer in the shadows. She pulled her thick overcoat up around her neck. The night was indeed bitterly cold.

A sudden rummage in a nearby trash can made Oriel jump, her heart thumping heavily upon her chest. She wasn't a fighter, but nor was she a lover. The young woman was in the grey matter between the two. Her fists raised nervously in a defensive position.

[b]" Wh-who's there?"[/b] Oriel asked, her voice quaking with anxiety.

She looked at the now side-ways trash can intently. Suddenly, a black cat sprinted out of the metal cyclinder, scooting off into the darkness. Oriel let out a relieved sigh.

[b]" Yet another black cat walked across my path... fate, it seems."[/b]

As she turned around, a menancing black shadow rose up before her, gleaming red eyes looking at her madly. The young woman let out a scream before her white-and-grey feathered wings burst out of their restraints and flared open to take off. However, the shadow wasn't going to let Oriel get away that easily.

What seemed like a black vine shot out at her and wrapped itself around her ankle as the 'angel' tried to take off. With the vine tightly wrapped around Oriel's ankle, the shadow heaved her over into a brick wall. A slight yelp escaped from her mouth as she tried to prevent herself crashing into the wall, but to no avail.

With a slight blood ooze from the back of her head, Oriel looked at the shadow and whimpered. [b]" I'm a healer..... plus, nothing can cut shadow!"[/b]

[i]You cannot accomplish anything if you start by doing nothing...[/i] a voice inside her head muttered to her.

Oriel cringed but made her resolve. Reaching deep into her left pocket, she withdrew a reel of fine silver string, the end in which she took between her fingers. The 'angel' curled a length of it around her finger and cut the end with her teeth. As the string fluttered in the wind, Oriel looked down at the shadow, her eyes narrowing.

The shadow gave her a wide smile before yanking her towards itself. Oriel quickly drew the length of the string tight between her two hands, slicing the so-shadow in half.

As she landed at a half-crouch, the shadow and the street landscape disappeared, as did Oriel's wound. Her breath came out in heavy pants. The scrapping sound of metal wheels on a metal floor became louder as a wheelchair stopped in front of her.

[b]" You did well Oriel."[/b]
The young woman stood slowly, her wings flaring slightly out behind her, and looked at the older, bald man sitting in the wheelchair. [b]" Thank you... Professor."[/b]
He gave her a warm smile. [b]" Welcome to the X-Men."[/b]

The Professor turned and wheeled away, however, his thoughts still stayed on the new mutant that had just joined their ranks.
[i]Oriel.... the name of God's angel of destiny.... tragic that she chose that name for herself.[/i][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]A heavy black boot crunched over dry soil, leaves, all dead, scattered around limply on the ground. A teenage boy around the age of 19 crept as quietly as he possibly could, his oddly coloured purple eyes reflecting what little moonlight showed through the clouds. He glanced to the sky, then over his shoulder, noticing the nod and smile of the professor.

[B]?Go on, Drake.?[/B] The boy nodded and walked a little more confidently than before, his hands fisted in the pockets of his baggy black jeans, the chain from his leather belt jingling lightly as he walked.

[B]?So?this is a graveyard? Party party.?[/B] His voice was elegant, soft, and clearly British, but there was a cocky tone in it that the professor feared was a large part of his students? personality.

[B]?Mr Stevenson, this is no joke. I will leave you know, please try to be serious.?[/B]

Drake merely nodded and raised a hand before sprinting into the murky graveyard, taking note of the way plants seem to wilt beneath his feet. A childhood memory hit him then as he stood with mists curling around his feet. He was young, only seven years old, and stood in the middle of his brother's birthday party. His parents had started to worry about him, noticing how all the plants in the house seemed to wilt and blacken after Drake had tended to them. He'd always loved plants and even had his own patch out back.

Now, however, he stood alone on a patch of brown grass. His parents watched with horror as every step he took seemed to burn and destroy the vegetation beneath his feet. He looked up at them, meeting their gazes, and tears began to leak form his eyes.

Now Drake embraced what the professor called a gift. Most viewed the ability to suck the very life from a living thing pretty horrible, but Drake had at least found a use for himself. He could, at the very least, control his power and had made a promise to the professor to never attempt to use it on a person unless he had no other choice. Drake was happy with that and now turned his attention to the dark graveyard, a scuttling, screeching sound meeting his ears from the gloom.

He readied himself and all but yelped as a huge spider/man hybrid leapt out at him, knocking him sprawling across the dead grass. He groaned and got to his feet, taking note of the large oak tree standing only a few feet away, it's branches casting long shadows on the path. "Right..." he gasped, trying to regain his breath before rolling away from the spider, it's body crashing down heavily where he'd lay only a moment before.

Drake lifted his hand and let his purple gaze fall on the tree feeling the life start to drain away from the plant. It's branches creaked and drooped, the bark turning black and dropping from the trees large trunk. Using his hands as a puppeteer might, Drake pulled the tree forward, it's branches lashing out all at once to gouge and shred the spider. It's shrieked as sticky rivulets of blood began to flow from its extensive wounds, finally falling to the dirt with the trees branches still impaled in its swollen body.

With his opponent dead Drake watched as the graveyard began to melt away and was replaced by a white dome of a room, the professor now nowhere in sight. A large circular door opened and Drake stepped through, his lean body clad all in black a stark contrast against the wide white corridors. [B]?So, how did I do?? [/B] he asked, the cocky tone seeping through once again.

[B]?Fairly, Drake Stevenson.?[/B] The professor smiled, [B]?But you?ll be needing a new name.?[/B]

Drake considered for a moment before smirking, head coked almost playfully to one side, [B]?Necromancer will suit me fine.?[/B]

[B]?As you wish. Welcome to the X-Men.?[/B]

[B]EDIT: I see your point, Will, I got a little carried away =/ If I was a little unclear, Drake's power is basically being able to drain the life from a living thing and manipulate it like an extension of his body. Hope this is okay now.[/B][/SIZE]
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Logan wasn’t quite sure how he’d managed to attack her as viscously as he did, but it was over now. His breathing quickly righted itself and he was back on his feet to congratulate her. He pulled her up from her knees so that she could face him.

“Congratulations kiddo!” He said with an uncharacteristic smile on his face.

“Thanks Logan, I couldn’t have done it without your training!” She squeaked with a similar smile on her face.

“Training? You’ve haven’t seen training yet Kiddo! We’ll kick off with the real survival stuff now that you’re a full member!” He replied with something of a sadistic smirk.

As Kitty quickly left thinking about what he’d said, he decided that he’d need to get into the Danger room himself, especially after that somewhat sloppy performance. Xavier, naturally one step ahead of him, had already made preparations and the soft humming of the computer signalled the simulation was to begin.

[B]“Loading Simulation 00872067 … Logan’s Run … Begin!”[/B]

The dense forest from Kitty’s test returned with one key difference. Right next to him stood a flag on a poll with the word ‘Start’ on it. Some 100 metres further down the trail was a similar flag with ‘End’ written. Wolverine inwardly grimaced as his 6-adamantium claws extended from his knuckles. He instinctively crouched slightly and began jogging towards the flag.

Almost immediately trees began falling at his feet, cannons blasted from the floor and something akin to ninja stars came flying from the trees that didn’t fall. With an animalistic snarl Wolverine charged through, ducking diving and cutting a path of carnage as he went. The odd star that struck him left nothing more than a scratch, which naturally, healed long before the next star got anywhere near him.

With relative grace, Wolverine threw himself up onto one of the cannons and began tearing its innards out. Another growl and he was heading towards the flag again, deflecting stars and projectiles with little difficulty.

Just as he neared the flag, when victory seemed assured, a huge red blast of concussive force threw him backwards, tearing some of his uniform and skin in the process. With a slight twitch of his nostrils he leapt into the bushes and threw both his clawed hands down forcefully into the throat and face of Cyclops.

“I don’t remember that being there the last time Chuck…” Wolverine spoke calmly as the Danger room deactivated.

“A little something extra Beast put in for you.” The professor replied.

Running his hand through his unruly black mane of hair, Wolverine left the room and headed back upstairs. The blast from Cyclops had burned through his black jump suit and damaged most of the skin covering his abdominal muscles. Already the skin was reforming and within a few minutes there wouldn’t even be scar tissue.

[I]I guess the perks are good … But I only wish I knew more … [/I]
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[color=teal][size=1]Glad to see this RP is getting popular, so here's the current list of accepted anew.

[b][u]The X-Men[/u][/b]

The Boss - Nightcrawler
Crucifix - Gambit
Sin - Colossus
Yoda - Beast
Ectasy - Kitty
Kura - Oriel
Andrew - Logan
Ezekial - Necromancer

[b][u]The Brotherhood of Mutants[/u][/b]

Blayze - Pyro
Monkatraz - Tesla
Grace - Nocturne
[i]Boy, does the Brotherhood ever need members HINT HINT.[/i]

[strike][b]Ezekiel:[/b] As per usual your application as a piece of writing is perfectly fine but I've got a problem with the characters mutation. Corpse control doesn't really fit in with the Marvel Universe and would be hard to explain as a genetic mutation and I just have a problem with it :(. So if you could change the power to something less...extreme I'm sure you'd get in.[/strike][/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]The young woman closing and locking the door to the apartment looked to be in her early twenties. She pulled the key from the lock and dropped it into the potted plant that sat on the table behind her before she strode down the hallway and out the door. Judging by her slow cautious movement one would suspect she was trying not to draw attention to herself, but going by her vibrant colored dress and the knee-high white boots?it was a moot point ? it was hard to miss someone who dressed like that.

The woman ? Woodstock ? continued down the hall until she came to the stairwell and headed down the stairs, moving slower as she neared the floor that the landlord lived on. Nervously she brushed her short brown hair behind her ears and moved to the other side of the stairs. But it was unnecessary as the door remained shut and she made it outside without speaking to anyone.

Woodstock grinned widely - or [i]smirked[/i] rather - as she slid her slim body into driver?s seat of her car ? she?d managed to skip out on rent again, this was the fourth time she?d managed to do so. The car once she had the key in the ignition started easily and she pulled smoothly out of the parking lot, rapidly merging into the San Fran traffic and heading for Chinatown were she knew [i]just[/i] the restaurant to celebrate her latest conquest. She was always worried that her powers would fail as she left an apartment but, once again, they?d proven trustworthy.

The trip to Chinatown didn?t take long and soon Woodstock was standing impatiently in a long line in front of a counter. She tapped her foot against the floor in annoyance ? she was American! [i]I should be allowed be first at the counter, not these?foreigners with their strange accents.[/i]

As the line continued to move forward at a snail?s pace she growled low under her breath and focused ? stopping time. Woodstock grinned for the first time in a half hour as everyone seemed to freeze and she moved to the top of the line after detour to make a quick perusal of the other customers meals which showed that everyone was eating something with meat ? which she wouldn?t eat.

Once Woodstock had slid between the customer in front and the counter, she unstopped time and grinned again as the voices of confused customers met her ears. She ordered and received her food quickly before moving to one of the tables in the garden behind the restaurant.

As she ate she became lost in the memory of what had led her to living in apartments that she almost never paid the rent on. The memory of her unplanned trip to England ? the one she hadn?t told her parents about and which had led to them on her return telling her, their own daughter, that she was no longer welcome to live in her family?s Beverly Hills mansion and would have to make her own way in the world. After that she?d moved to San Francisco.

Woodstock sighed as she slid a forkful of rice into her mouth. [i]At least they let me keep the car?[/i] She swallowed and loaded more rice onto her fork before she stiffened, turning her head to look at the man who had now joined her at the table. [B]?Who are you? If my landlord sent y-?[/B] She trailed off as he shook his head.

[B]?No, no one sent me??[/B] He picked up the chopsticks on the tray which Woodstock had ignored, using them to lift a sugar pea from the dish in front of her. [B]"I just wanted you to know I want you in my Brotherhood, Lacuna. There was no landlord, this was a test."[/B] The chopsticks pointed at Woodstock. [b]"That was another of the Brotherhood you froze time for back there in the apartment. I'm Magneto."[/b] He smiled pleasantly and lifted the sugar pea to his mouth as Woodstock tapped the table thoughtfully.

[B]?Lacuna?groovy, I dig.?[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=#CD6619]The night was particularly calm with a few breezes passing by, yet everything within it was wild and active. The sounds of training and skills resounded all around her and filled her with such content feeling, though it was only the feeling of power that could content her. [B]Mystique[/B] watched as Magneto trained his underlings for battle, creating them into powerful machines of destruction. It was a beautiful sight and nothing was more riveting than to watch as the [B]Brotherhood of Mutants[/B] began to strengthen their powers and refine them into finesse weapons.

Their training was nearly complete when Magneto called them all to a meeting. They gathered before him and listened to his words, never noticing that Mystique had left his side, though she was his Girl Friday. Magneto explained to them that the final test would be searching for his left hand woman: Mystique; it was a simple game of hide-and-seek: she hides and they seek. Albeit, the only catch was she was thought of as a spy for the X-men. They looked at each other with a cocky attitude and chuckled to themselves, knowing that all Mystique could do was transform herself into anyone she pleased, what they didn?t understand was that this would ultimately test their powers and how well they?ve been trained. Magneto said no more and let them go, in search of Mystique.

The training took place in the forest nearby the abandoned estate that Mystique and Magneto took as theirs. He simply watched nonchalantly as the Brotherhood searched fervently for Mystique. Unbeknownst to them, she had changed into one of them and was ?searching? alongside; Mystique was a sly and coy mutant who knew how to use her powers to her advantage and keep it that way. She walked beside a rookie by the name of Jake, Magneto preferred to call him Tesla. He seemed weary and alert but had many weak openings that Mystique had found.

[B]?So, who?s this Mystique person? I mean, like, what?s so great about her that we need to take her out??[/B] Jake stayed silent. He muttered under his breath but it seemed as if the ?girl? had heard him and swiftly changed into her own form. [B]?You should always know who your enemies are, kid.?[/B]

With a swift kick, Mystique knocked Jake to the ground, who held his wiped away blood from the corner of his mouth. Mystique began to walk away but Jake reached for her leg, thinking he could grab hold and shock her. Unlike other mutants, Mystique was in many forces to have heightened senses, nearly greater than the average human, and know the shifting movements, the sounds underneath her feet, and the change. Before Jake could even touch her, he was knocked out instantly; Mystique smirked and changed into the ?girl? but appeared to be bruised and called for help. Those who had heard ran to her aid and found Jake unconscious with the ?girl? pointing in a wild direction, making the Brotherhood go on a wild goose chase. Looking back at Jake, Mystique?s eyes had changed to her original colors for a moment before she got up and left.[/size][/color]
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"So you want to change the world, do you? Good." Magneto's form floated high over Ryan's head, blocking most of the light in the cramped chamber. Ryan already didn't like this Magneto character. He thought long and hard about just yanking him down out of the sky and then laughing in his face.

"That's why I'm here, I guess." Ryan answered open-ended.

"But you could've gone to CHarle's school. In fact, you did. Why did you leave?" Magneto lowered himself to the ground.

"The Professor's methods weren't my methods. I prefer action. I don't think sitting around waiting for humanity to figure out a way to kill us is the answer to the problem." Ryan stooped down to tie his shoe.

"What, then, is the answer to the problem?" Magneto began walking slowly towards the door as he spoke.

"We fight back."

"In order to fight back, you must be able to fight. Can you fight, boy?" Magneto turned, catching Ryan's gaze.

"Oh, I can fight." Ryan answered, sensing some kind of trap about to spring.

"Let's see it, then." Magneto didn't break his stare with Ryan. A moment passed of silent staring when suddenly, Ryan heard a creaking sound above him. He looked up to see a giant steel beam had come off it's rivets and was now falling toward him.

Ryan didn't flinch. The beam was falling uninhibited down, down, down. It's path would end dirctly on his position. He returned a confident gaze to Magneto. Then, just as the beam had finally closed the gap between itself and Ryan, it stopped. But not only did it stop fallling, the steel plates along the floor beneath Ryan lifted up, followed by the concrete foundation. Beneath Ryan was now a crater where the floor had once been. Above Ryan was the large steel beam, along with all the remnants of the floor and foundation. Ryan floated effortlessly inbetween.

"Good, young man. Most impressive."

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[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]Playing with his shaggy blonde hair, Jaret Hannison walked elegeantly through the forest, feet crushing the leaves below him. He was looking for something, and wasn't exactly sure what it was. Magneto had just told him to find it.

It had been exactly 3 days since Magneto had requested his assistance. Although not sure why, Jaret had accepted. A gut feeling, perhaps. After a few minutes of taking a short breather on a nearby bench, he saw it.

It had to be it.

Clinging to a branch of a tree out of sight of the naked eye, a small, green-coloured squirrel hung for his dear... life? It wasn't alive, though. It was not green. It was emerald, and made of pure rock. Jaret figured it would be extremely expensive, so he carefully shook the tree with all his might to get it down. It wiggled, but did not fall until he threw a rock at the branch it was on.

He caught it just before it hit the ground, and the minute it touched his hands, he was right infront of Magneto.

"You have such a talent, m'boy." Magneto said, grabbing the statue away from him. "I ask you to find [i]it[/i] and you bring me a Squirrel Statue made of emeralds. Tell me, how did you find it?"

"Um.. I don't know."

"Increased sight range, perhaps? You are one of us. A mutant." said Magneto. Jaret looked at his tanned body with pride. He knew that he was a mutant. All his life had been a pro at hide and go seek. He was a wonderful observer and spotted things coming before anyone could even see them.

"What would be an appropriate name for you...? How about Scout?"

"Sure. I like it." Jaret stopped. "..Why do I need a name?"

Magneto chuckled whole-heartedly and put his hand on Scout's shoulder. "You are joining the Brotherhood. We could use someone like you. Someone to tell us when anyone is coming. Your name will suit you perfectly."

The two of them kept walking until they reached the temporary base camp where other young ones were being recruited.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[Font=Arial]Manuel Alfonso Rodrigo de la Rocha sat on the bench in the park, awaiting something. What, he would find out shortly, but for now, he contemplated on the workings of society. A lonely woman walked passed him and Manuel snapped out of his trance-like state. He followed her with his eyes until she fell out of sight.

Manuel closed his eyes and focused on his power, feeling for the woman. He found her quickly and could feel why she was walking so fast. Desperation and depression clung to this woman like plastic wrap to a plate and made Manuel question what was wrong with her.

Manuel concentrated harder and tried to pry the emotions off the woman to try to get to her. He succeeded and the woman stopped walking. Manuel quickly tapped into her emotions and sent a wave of calm throughout her body. He then pulled up a hint of happiness and let her back on her way, a small smile on her face.

That smile reminded the young Castillian of that fateful day back in Barcelona when he first discovered his power. Manuel had not always been such a ladies man. Before he discovered how to control people?s emotions, Manuel was a one-woman man, because no other women wanted him.

He and Pia Maria Pilar Jerez had been dating for about two years when Pia dumped him. It had been after Manuel had left school to have some vocational training in the field of mechanics and Pia stayed in school to finish and go to college after the Bachillerato. Pia couldn?t understand why Manuel would throw away his talents to do something like that and Manuel couldn?t understand why she didn?t support him.

It lead to an argument in a restaurant which lead to Pia running from Manuel. Manuel, on brink of a breakdown himself, called out for Pia to be happy again and she was. From that day on, Manuel refined his powers until Magneto found him.

Magneto told him of The Brotherhood and what they wanted to accomplish and Manuel quickly accepted, if only to try out his powers on a mutant such as himself. Tonight was his first training exercise with The Brotherhood and Manuel had been suppressing his nervousness. A second woman walked by and Manuel extended his senses out to her.

Manuel was stopped almost by a wall of some sorts. He tried again and felt the woman blocking him. Manuel stopped and tried to think for a second. The woman that started towards him and Manuel stood up. The woman broke out into a ran and rushed Manuel, causing him to leap to the side.

Manuel quickly tried again to tap into the woman?s emotions and found a crack in her shield, slipping down into her. Manuel turned down her feelings of glee and giddiness and instead invoked calm, which slowed the woman down shortly. Manuel then charged her and knocked her down with a blow to the neck.

As Manuel held the strangely peaceful woman in a headlock, Mangneto floated down, nodding. ?Very good work Manuel Alfonso Rodrigo de la Rocha, for an 18 year old, your skills are impressive. I do say you?ll need to have a codename but other than that, you are officially a part of The Brotherhood now.?

?Empath. My name will be Empath.? Manuel answered.[/font]
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