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What makes it worth it for you?


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[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][color=#333333]So I was browsing the tinternet (as I do lol) and came across some quote pages. One of them was a quote from a film I've never seen before, Woody Allen's "Manhattan" which goes:[/font][/size][/color]

[quote name='Isaac Davis][size=1][font=verdana]Why is life worth living? It's a very good question. Um...Well, There are certain things I guess that make it worthwhile. uh...Like what... okay...um...For me, uh... ooh... I would say ... what, Groucho Marx, to name one thing... uh...um... and Willie Mays... and um ... the 2nd movement of the Jupiter Symphony ... and um... Louis Armstrong, recording of Potato Head Blues ... um ... Swedish movies, naturally ... Sentimental Education by Flaubert ... uh... Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra ... um ... those incredible Apples and Pears by Cezanne... uh...the crabs at Sam Wo's... uh... Tracy's face ...[/font'][/size][/quote][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=#333333]And um yeah. It kinda just made me wonder what things make life worth living for me right now. I dont mean cheesy general things like 'my family & friends' but specific things. So this right here's my off-the-top list of 20:

- Saturdays and summer
- Doodling
- Daydreaming
- Music (including all those guilty pleasures :o)
- Scrubs & Futurama
- Excuses to dress up in a suit
- Fun :) And Funnyness
- Listening to my babysister's views on the world, lol
- um.. the World Cup :D
- Emoticons! :o :o :o =)
- Seeing your impact on and in others ^_^
- That cool blue colour.. the one you're not quite sure whether it's really blue or green or aqua each and every single time you see it
- Dutch pancakes with maple syrup & vanilla icecream =p
- Pretty girlies
- Moneys, when you have it.. and on that note:
- Monopoly!
- Free text messages
- Latenight walks, with or without other people
- Stealing my sister's accessories lol
- Vimto lollies

So um yeah. [b]What would make your list?[/b] Try not to get overly serious with them =p[/font][/size][/color]
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[size=1]I've never seen Manhattan, but a few friends of mine rave about it.

? Sandals, because feet open to the air while still protected is awesome.
? My Bike
? Disc Golf
? Coffee
? My Job, even though I'm getting a new one.
? Latenight fires with my friends.
? Staying up late enough on a bidaily basis to watch the sun rise.
? Music
? Beast Wars
? Full Metal Alchemist
? PS2 & XBox
? Poker
? Chess
? Long Conversations with my friends.
? Pink Floyd[/size]
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[quote name='AJeh][size=1']- Dutch pancakes with maple syrup & vanilla icecream =p[/size][/quote]

[size=1]You, sir, have style.
[*] Music
[*] Really soft rain on a not-so-cold-day
[*] My bunny! :3
[*] Communicating with certain people
[*] My photocamera
[*] Well, yes. Dutch pancakes with maple syrup & vanilla icecream,
[*] but also Dutch pancakes with apple, raisins and cinnamon
[*] Baking yummy stuff like cinnamon buttercook
[*] Playing guitar every now and then
[*] When I'm at the mall and people do something really ridiculous and I can't hold my laughter while they stand right infront of me. Oh yeah, that's one of the best things ever. The laughter keeps building up XP
[*] Talking nonsense
[*] Looking at people who smile honestly, while cycling with a few sunrays through the trees. This almost never happens though ¬¬'
[*] Playing Medal of Honor with my dad every now and then
[*] Being good in a videogame :X
[*] My PC *hugs it*
[*] Optimism.
[*] Probably more stuff, but I won't be able to list them right now, since I suddenly remember that I have to go. [/list][/size]
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what make life worth living for Mr. Fury:

[*]video games
[*]friends and family
[*]walking/wandering aimlessly with/without other people late at night
[*]getting up really really early during the summer hoilday to watch the sunrise

1. without music, life would just be plain boring and dull, it's pretty damn essential for me, the ear plugs never come out for my ears, unless I'm at work or at a banquet

2. videogames basically show the creative side of me, and lets people get to literally know me.....long live sony.....EA......R*....and microsoft? and they help me blow off A TON of stress, and increase my logical reasoning and reaction time.

3. without parents, relatives and friends...I'd be more of a human disaster site than I am now.

4. it helps me reflect on my life and what's happening around me...

5. I dont know, I just think it's pretty cool.

6. if we didnt have opinons, there'd be alot of conflict and such.

isnt there a thread like this around here somwhere?

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1. Jesus

Alright, what a long list.
I really can't think of anything else that I live for.
But family is nice. I wouldn't know about friends,
I don't have any friends that I can talk to literally.
I could live without music, I could live without Tv.
I could live without this Pc and any other Pc.
Theres nothing else that I love for!

Edit- Family goes into Jesus ;)

^,^ Please don't flame me!
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[SIZE=1]A list of things worth living for? Sure I suppose I could do that.

[*]Coldstone's cake batter ice cream with hot chocolate fudge on top
[*]Hanging out with friends on a nice summer day
[*]My dreams in becoming extremely successful in whatever my career may be
[*]Dancing as I can't seem to stop
[*]Old couples who smile at you in the park even if it's kind of strange
[*]My job in retail so I can build a resume for jobs in the future
[*]The feeling you get when you've accomplished something worthwhile
[*]Barnes & Nobles = <3
[*]Baking lots of goodies in the oven!
[*]My [STRIKE]retarded[/STRIKE] cute boyfriend who I [STRIKE]hate[/STRIKE] love very much
[*]My cute kitty [b]Harley-kins[/b]
[*]Music seeing as without it, there would be no dancing
[*]Anime, it just makes life more fun
[*]Clothing, because without it where is there individuality?
[*]My grandmother, because she's cool like that
[*]Having those intimate talks with total strangers that make you feel like you've known them forever. What? It happens XD
[*]Otakuboards, yup it saves me from those boring days
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This list probably would have been a lot shorter a few years ago...but i've been doing my best to find more reasons to appreciate being alive. So heres what I got:

[list]My faith in god[/list]
[list]Being able to express my imagination through writing[/list]
[list]The hope that one day i will become succesful in my main goal[/list]
[list]My best friend whom i love very much, and the feeling i get even still today when i hug her (no, were not going out though we used to)[/list]
[list]Rainy days, i'm never happier then when it rains...i'll sit outside and read or just take a walk because it's raining.[/list]
[list]Staying home and watching anime or playing a good RPG, i can lose myself for hours...possibly days.[/list]
[list]Handball, to fullfill my neccesity for competition and because nothing else matters when i'm on the court...it's a vacation from reality.[/list]
[list]Live baseball (Mets) games with friends and a good basket of chicken fingers and french fries[/list]
[list]Being able to help my friends or other deserving individuals with their problems through sound and intellegent advice.[/list]
[list]The hope that one day i will have a dog of my own...either a corgie (like Ein, hehe) or a golden retriever.[/list]
[list]Quiznos turkey, ranch, and swiss sandwhiches.[/list]
[list]The hope that one day i will be able to visit or even live in japan.

Eh, if i think of or accumulate more i will add them.
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Ahh... Such relaxing things... even just thinking about them makes me happy. :animesmil

1.Just sitting reading with a hot chocolate while it raining outside.
2.Writing (and RPGing) and drawing
3.Random reanacment of books, anime or RPGs at lunch time with friends at school.
4.Sitting around on a Saturday with a bunch of friends playing video games or watching anime.
5.Going into town with friends, and spending hours in Forrbiden Planet.
6.Going down hills really fast on a bicycle
7.Cantering through a feild on horse back - don't get much better than that.
8.The feeling of finishing something as best you could.
9.French pancakes
10.Day dreaming
12.Talking nonsense with my friends.
13.Literally talking 'gogiligok' with my friend.
15.When someone tells you you've helped them, or they need you.
16.Long talks with friends at sleepovers.
17. Staring out the window
18. Imaginary games I played when I was young.
19. Seeing my grandma gardening even though shes so old now. She still does it. No matter what anyone says. 'Its her garden, she'll look after it'.

Theres so many little things...
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[SIZE=1]Don't know if I can make 20, but you never know. I think some of these may be a little stupid because I'm right in the middle of my final high school exams. Some things that are keeping me going now may not apply in a months time, heh.

1. [B]My mum[/B]- She's my best friend and I honestly have no idea what I would do if I couldn't talk to her.
2. [B]Trevor[/B]- Because he's wonderful and squishy and I love him. <3
3. [B]Drawing[/B]- A wonderful way to get out emotions and frustrations. I need that currently.
4. [B]Music[/B]- I can't sleep if I don't listen to at least one song before bed. It relaxes me.
5. [B]Reading[/B]- At the moment, I can't live without the Dark Tower. For the last three months not a day has gone by where I haven't read at least a couple of pages from one of the novels.
6. [B]My friends[/B]- They're idiots, but I love them.
7. [B]Thunderstorms[/B]
8. [B]Going on walking holidays with my dad.[/B]
9. [B]Seeing a movie every week with my mum[/B].
10. [B]Writing[/B]
11. [B]Naruto[/B]- Because everyone needs another place to escape to. Currently my mind is just full of ninjas. ^_^;
12.[B] Doodling[/B]
13. [B]Making people laugh, even if it's at my own expense.[/B]
14. [B]The knowledge that I have been accepted into a high quality college and that I can go further with my qualifications[/B].
15. [B]Independance as I grow older[/B]
16. Those little [B]Brioche rolls with chocolate chips[/B] in, ten minutes in the oven. Mmm.
17. [B]Microwave popcorn[/B]
18. Knowing that in the not too ditstant future, [B]Trevor and I can be silly and watch movies together[/B] again.
19. [B]Daydreaming[/B]
20. [B]Standing up for what I believe in.[/B]

Wow, I got twenty. Huh. They're probably in the wrong order, but whatever. This is such a happy thread. ^_^[/SIZE]
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[quote name='AJeh][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][color=#333333]- Excuses to dress up in a suit[/font][/size'][/color][/quote]
[SIZE=1]Oh my, heh. I'm really looking forward to my uncle's wedding in a few months time. Not just because I get to[I] wear[/I] a suit, but my dad's agreed to buy me a new one. Hurrah!

[COLOR=DimGray][I]- [B]Family[/B] - They can annoy the crap out of me at times, but I'd be lost without them.
- [B]Friends[/B] - Most of 'em live about an hour's walk or more from my house, but when we do get together, it's bliss.
- [B]Princess[/B] [don't ask] [B]Harriet[/B] - Even after 4 years I haven't asked her out [except for ice-cream and a chat], but she still makes me feel all giddy.
- [B]Downhill walking [/B]- It fills me with energy and happiness, unlike uphill.
- [B]Ice-cream[/B]
- [B]Combination of the above three[/B] - Oh my... waffle...
- [B]Daydreaming 'n' doodles[/B] - They get me through the college day. Sadly, they're not too good for exam success, heh.
- [B]Acting strange and/or eccentric[/B]
- [B]Making people laugh[/B]
- [B]Confusing people[/B]
- [B]Camping[/B] - for some reason, I absolutely love sleeping in a tent.
- [B]Being helpful[/B] - I even like it when I'm in a bad mood... I just don't do it as often. : P
- [B]My PS2 and PC[/B] - It's sad that my life pretty much revolves around them, but that doesn't stop me from loving them. Which I do! Very much!
- [B]Good TV comedy[/B] - Often British stuff, but includes the likes of Scrubs... *drools*
- [B]Good movies[/B] - 'Nuf said.[/I][/COLOR]

Nowhere near in order, but I don't care too much. Still, overall the first three're probably the most important to me. Yep, they even beat the PS2 and PC.
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[COLOR=SeaGreen]I can think of lots of things that make life worthwhile.

[INDENT][B]My Dog:[/B] No matter what I do she?s almost always a part of it. From curling up on my lap while I play a video game, to laying on the grass while I read a good book to going on walks and just having fun together. I always look forward to doing stuff with her.

[B]Books:[/B] I love coming home from the library with a sack full of new books to read. It just doesn?t seem right if I haven?t spent part of my day reading.
Thunder Storms:[/B] Perhaps because they are so rare where I live, so when they do happen it?s fun to sit back and watch the lightning, it?s just so pretty. Especially at night.
Family and friends:[/B] It just wouldn?t be the same without them. Even though we have our arguments I still love my mom.
Music:[/B] I?m a big classical and movie soundtrack fan. I love going to classical concerts with my mom.[/INDENT]

I?m sure I could come up with more, but these are the things I look forward to the most. [/COLOR][list]
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[*] [b]Walking barefoot in grass.[/b] Free feet are happy feet.
[*] [b]Pineapple sherbet.[/b] And on that note,
[*] [b]Pistachio gelato.[/b] Could life [i]be[/i] any more delicious?
[*] [b]Stickers.[/b] Oh, I love them so.
[*] [b]Novelty socks![/b] Toe socks, striped socks, knee-highs, ankle-socks, socks with candy on them, socks with butterflies, socks with spaceships, socks with crayons, super-fuzzy soft socks, green socks, blue socks, red socks, pink socks--I love socks. =]
[*] [b]Catbusses and Totoros[/b]. I cannot watch that movie without grinning like an idiot.
[*] [b]Bad movies[/b], particularly when watched with friends.
[*] [b]Friends [/b] who will watch bad movies with me. ;]
[*] [b]Hard Times Café[/b] at 1 in the morning, not to mention
[*] [b]being deliciously dizzy with caffeine and lack of sleep.[/b] I love college.
[*] [b]Dried cherries[/b]. And dried, unsweetened pineapple. And dried currants, and dried plums, and dried apricots...
[*] [b]Puns[/b]. Hate me if you must, but I adore them.
[*] [b]LETTERS[/b]. How I love them.
[*] [b]"Long walks. Beach optional."[/b][/list][/size][/color]
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[B]Good/Interesting Music[/b] : Discovering artists such as Beck, Daft Punk, and Gorillaz in particular.

[b]Gettin' Crunk[/b]

[b]Break Dancing[/b]

[b]Martial Arts[/b] : Almost a black belt in Tae Kwan Do. Root for I.


[b]Great Movies[/b] : My life wouldn't be the same without Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction.

[b]Comic Books[/B] : My inspiration to draw.

[b]Drawing[/B] : My quest to be the best I can be.

[b]Chillin' with my Friends[/b]

[b]Greek/Japanese/Chinese/Italian/Mexican Food[/b]

[b]PS2 and X-Box[/b]

[b]Traveling[/b] : I wanna see the world.

[b]The Otakuboards[/b] : I Heart You Guys.

Yep. I find life to be worth living regardless. Not something to be wasted, but these things are what make life more fun to live. Heh.
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Guest Gun Preacher
things that are worth living for
-having fun
-a romantic silence in the arms of your lover
-the future
-one day setleing down
-just to live
-have kids
-grand kids
-great grand kids etc.
-true love
-a place to call my own
-a car
-thats all
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[size=1][color=slategray]What makes my life worth it? I suppose I've never really thought about it...

+ [b]That crazy, happy/sad feeling I get when I'm doing various things.[/b] An example is when I watch Spirited Away, I don't know what comes over me, but it feels... strangely wonderful. Sad... and happy... into one. O.o

+ [b]Wheatus.[/b] Possibly the first band I've ever come across that I simply [I]cannot stop listening to[/I].

+ [b]Hersheys Milk Chocolate.[/b] Bliss; in the simplest form yet.

+ [b]Hugs.[/b] I have yet to receive a hug that I have not liked.

+ [b]Potatos.[/b] Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew. ;D

+ [b]The tickling feeling I get when people run their fingernails down my inner forearm.[/b] It feels nice, try it sometime.

+ [b]Slash Fan Fictions.[/b] The greatness of well-written fan fictions... multiplied by one hundred. Man love is just that awesome. Especially when it's Sasuke/Naruto or Draco/Harry. *drools*

+ [b]Taking Late Night Walks.[/b] Talking and a partner optional. But the luminous light from the moon and stars is enough to make anyone feel good. That cool night-time breeze is also very refreshing.

+ [b]Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, and Cupcakes.[/b] Hell, give me the whole bakery.

+ [b]Sneaking Out at Night.[/b] Nothing funner than rounding up a good friend or two and hanging out at the nearest convenience store at two in the morning.

+ [b]Morrowind.[/b] Best. Game. I've. Ever. Wasted. A. Year. With. Ever. Period. Sitting in a chilly air conditioned room for hours on end during the summer is even better with a brilliant computer game.

+ [b]Writing.[/b] Possibly the one true thing I can get passionate about without teachers and parental units becoming concerned.

+ [b]Lucas.[/b] My cat. He may be crazy, but he is oh-so-adorable. And probably the only being on this earth that accepts me when I'm clucking like a chicken and dancing like mad on the couch. (We have some pretty awesome parties when the two of us are home alone.)

+ [b]Teen Titans.[/b] The only American cartoon I ever allowed myself to get serious about.

+ [b]Dr Pepper.[/b] The only good product the Pepsi company ever got pregnant with. It's my legal drug.

+ [b]My Nintendo 64.[/b] It's a Nintendo. Of course it makes life worth it.

+ [b]Cloud Watching.[/b] Those lovely seventy-five degree days sitting on the side of a hill by myself, watching those chunks of fluff. Ah.

+ [b]Jak and Daxter.[/b] I cannot figure out my obsession with this series, I really can't.

+ [b]Anime.[/b] Romance to action, horror to sci-fi... it totally floats my boat.

+ [b]Julie Anne Peter's Novels.[/b] <3

+ [b]Watching people play Squirrel Tag.[/b] XD

There is more, there is always more. But those are what you'd call... more of the essentials, I guess.[/color][/size]
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1. Jesus's everlasting [B]love[/B]
2. Music.
3. my trumpet
4. my family
5. my real friends
6. people saying nice things
7. collide by howie day
8. lyrics that mean something
9. emotional music (like october by eric whitacre)
10. hugs
11. pick-up trucks
12. going out for a ride
13. coffee dates
14. youth retreats
15. did i mention music?
16. the saxophone
17. being barefoot
18. sand
19. blow-dried hair
20. jesus (again)
[FONT=Impact][COLOR=SandyBrown][SIZE=4]21. LOVE[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[font=trebuchet ms][color=red][b]Bláse[/b] has the right idea with this thread. [b]taperson[/b] and [b]Gun Preacher,[/b] you don't. Just posting a simple list isn't interesting to read - make sure you expand on at least [b]some[/b] of your points, even if it's only a few words.[/color][/font]
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1.)my principles in life or course that is how i live and i will stand up for it
2.)anime this is something worthwhile
3.)Mushrums like my name says i love mushrums
4.)my family they're the ones who gave me life and giving me a future
5.)my life the reason's pretty obvious
6.)RAMEN besides mushrooms i also love ramen and craving for one right now
7.)television can't live without that.
8.)friends gotta love 'em they're the ones who supports in my time of needs
9.)arts without it, there'll be no anime no television, there'll be nothing so they are very worth it
10.)my loved ones they're very worth it that's why they're called loved ones.
11.)my story idea beacause i've been thinking about it for 5months and up to now with editing
12.)Food especially japanese foods they're making it worthwhile and it also goes with other foods
13.)my "Boyish GirlFriend" although she's like that she's ok
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Guest aoi_ame_tenshi
[COLOR=DarkOrchid]1) Love, sounds corny but it's true
2) RolePlaying, it's one of my forms of enertainment
3) Midday naps in a comfy bed or even under the sun
4) Music, another form of enertainment
5) Reading, enertaining exercise for the brain
6) Anime and manga
7) My religion, May the Goddess guide me through my life
8) My, friends, BF's, BFFs and BF, ^________________________^ I love them so much
9) My kitty cats, they are like my children
10) The future, I want to live, have a career, have children, fall in love and such
11) Television provides some enertainment
12) Swimming in pools, at the beach, in my bikini, tanning and others things like that
13) The 'Fairy Tale Moments' in life, they really do happen
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To be truthful, there isn't much I have to live for. Nothing is really ALL that worth while to me. There are a few things I enjoy doing while I'm alive, but I wouldn't miss them too much when I die. So here's the list of things I like to do with the time I have on this earth.

1. [B]Church[/B]- Not much to explain here. Once I get to church, I'm always up lifted and renewed. The preaching always makes the highlight of my day.( Some people said Jesus, which is to say things he did for them and/or anything else you would put there. I say church because it keeps it general enough so that I don't offend anyone else. Whither they are believers or not.)

2. [B]Hugs[/B] and/or [B]Expressions of love[/B]- True, hugs count as an expression of love but there's other things that go into it. People can hug without accually loving someone else. There is, however, hugs that make you accually FEEL the love. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. Just like everything else in this world, there's real and then there's fake. Which is why I put," Expressions of love" because you can't fake an expression of love. If you think you can, then it's no longer an expression of love.
(By the way, I like hugs and such from anyone.)

3.[B] Being happy[/B]- Pretty self explanitory. Spiritual things aside, I can't find much that makes me happy. More things I know of make me mad than happy. I guess that's with everyone though. The things that make me happy are, more or less, the things in this post. I would like to do some other things like; bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, water skiing... Things I don't get to do very often.

4. [B]Purpose[/B]-Just like it says, trying to live for a purpose. [QUOTE]Forget perfect,I'm trying not to be worthless[/QUOTE] As said by Fort Minor. When I do end up leaving this earth, I want it to be remembered. Enough said.

5. [B]Myself[/B]- As selfish as it may sound, I want to live for myself. There are certain things I need to do as a human. Not only as a human, but as a Christian man and an individual. I know some ' fellow christians' are going to read this. So to clearify, I don't come first. It's the work that God( Father,son,Holy Ghost/ Jesus) wants.

(EDIT: Pushed "submit" instead of "preview")
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Right now I guess they'd have to be...
[*]My job. I love what I do.
[*]My brothers and sisters in arms. The boys counting on me in my squad.
[*]Video games. I'm a gamer at heart, regardless of anything else.
[*]Martial arts. I love to learn and practice. I probably enjoy sparring a little too much, but nothing I can do about that, right.
[*]My GF. My day is always better when I get to spend it with her.
[*]My future. I've got plans with what I'm doing, so I've got to get up and keep moving.

I think that's about it, but it's enough for me to get going.
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i've never really thought about it and i tend not to look to deep into my own life because it will only mess up my already tidy sub-concious but off the top of my head most of them would be food

macadamian nuts
blueberry muffins
ginger cookies
oh and the obvious
anime/ manga.

basically the really obvious stuff i guess

[COLOR=Red]Edit: Please remember to use proper punctuation and capitalization in your responses. Thanks. -Panda[/COLOR]
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[font=georgia][size=1]Woo. Not in any specific order.

[b]Computer:[/b] The source of my many outlets to the world, the thing that gives me fanfiction, the thing that allows me to [i]write[/i] fanfiction and much more. It's made me become lazy, I hate to admit.

[b]PS2:[/b] What can I say. Without this thing, I would've never known Final Fantasy or Dance Dance Revolution ever existed. They are really the only two games I play, and my PS2 makes them available to play, so..yeah.

[b]To Make People Happy:[/b] I don't know about you, but when people get overly negative about people or things I feel uncomfortable and somewhat guilty even if I'm not involved the least bit. So, why not spread the optimism.

[b]Babysitting:[/b] My source of money at the age of thirteen (Ten bucks the hour, aren't I a lucky brat). I don't really like babies, but being with three to five year olds is really fun to me. They can have fun and it just really makes me happy and all 'proud' feeling like.

[b]To Change:[/b] Knowing I can be like this one moment and this other person the next. Seeing people grow up and not still be the same gives an interesting twist to my choice of friends and all.

[b]Learning:[/b] Not just by math and things like that, but by learning from experience and from history you learn a lot and it makes me feel good to know I know so and so information and I have the ability to share it with people.

[b]Experiences:[/b] Hell, who knows what will ever happen. Some experiences good and bad, but hey, that's life. I enjoy them; this ties in with the learning.

Ah well, that mainly sums it up.[/font][/size]
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  • 4 weeks later...
Some things that make it worth it for me are as the following-
-anime because I love watching it
-manga because I love to read it and draw it.
-my friends because being around them makes life fun
-summer because I get a break from school.
-God because without god the world would come to an and.
-Books because they take me to another world when I get lost inside of them.
-music because it frees my soul from darkness
-my family, even though they can be annoying somtimes
Those are most of the things that make life worth living for me.
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