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Fifteen Random Songs

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[FONT=Arial]I had a thread like this a while ago, and I decided to bring it back. The gist of it is that you open your media player (or iPod, whatever you use to listen to music) and put it on shuffle. Then you post the next fifteen songs that play, no matter how embarassing it is. If one artist comes on twice or more in a row, you're allowed to skip them, but you don't have to. In order to make this more than just posting a random list, try to explain what it reflects on your musical interests.

[*]AFI - "Bleed Black"
[*]Nightwish - "Slaying the Dreamer"
[*]AFI - "But Home is Nowhere"
[*]Queen - "Bicycle Race"
[*]The Killers - "All These Things That I've Done"
[*]Nightwish - "Phantom of the Opera"
[*]Misfits - "Nike A Go Go"
[*]Trans-Siberian Orchestra - "Christmas Canon Rock"
[*]The Cure - "Lovecats"
[*]Joel Grey - "A Sentimental Man"
[*]Misfits - "She"
[*]AFI - "Narrative of Soul Against Soul"
[*]AFI - "Days of the Phoenix"
[*]AFI - "This Celluloid Dream"
[*]Adicts - "4321"
[*]Apocalyptica - "Legend of Zelda theme"

Other than showing how much I love AFI, most of the things that played are either punk (Adicts, Misfits) or metal (Nightwish, TSO, Apocalyptica). There's also a a smidgeon of Broadway and alternative. I don't really listen to the Killers, so I'm not sure why I left them on my iTunes. I only have 181 songs on this computer as well, so I may come back later, armed with my near 600 song playlist computer.[/FONT]

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[COLOR=Sienna]Sounds... cool.

1: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Into the Great Wide Open
2: The Beatles - Mean Mr. Mustard
3: Rush - Twilight Zone
4: The Tragically Hip - Flamenco
5: The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping
6: Rush - Cygnus X-1 Book II: The Journey
7: George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers - Night Time (Live)
8: CCR - Born on the Bayou
9: Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee
10: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone
11: Jethro Tull - Too Old to Rock n' Roll, Too Young to Die
12: Trooper - Round Round We Go
13: The Police - Roxanne
14: The Tragically Hip - Save the Planet
15: Sandbox - Curious

Those were the first 15. I think they pretty accuratly reflect my tastes in music. I'm a big fan of classic rock and progressive rock. Oh, and the only reason I have Sandbox on my computer is that the guitarist for them is Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys, and I love that guy so I had to pick up some of his tunes. He's pretty good on the guitar, too. [/COLOR]

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1. I Know What You Buried Last Summer / Senses Fail vs. Taking Back Sunday
2. The Artist In The Ambluance / Thrice
3. Go / Andy Hunter
4. Luno [Bloc Party vs. Death From Above 1979] / Bloc Party
5. Supermassive Black Hole / Muse
6. Decadence / Disturbed
7. The Great Escape / We Are Scientists
8. Destroy All Vampires / A Static Lullaby vs. My Chemical Romance
9. Minority / Green Day
10. Time To Escape / Hot Snakes
11. Today / Junkie XL
12. Bite To Break Skin [The Legion Of Doom Remix] / Senses Fail
13. Everyday Combat / Lostprphets
14. Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning / Senses Fail
15. Insistutionalized / Senses Fail

It reflects my taste in music, mostly techno and punk rock, with hints of alternative metal, I can only play a select few of those songs, though.

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1. Lacuna Coil - "Heaven's a Lie"
2. Sleater-Kinney - "Jumpers"
3. Siouxsie and the Banshees - "Dear Prudence"
4. Neil Perry - "If This Is A Show About God, I'm Going to Kill U, Mauro"
5. Queens of the Stone Age - "Mosquito Song"
6. Sonic Youth - "Sleepin Around"
7. The Studiofix - "Antideluvian Love"
8. Zeromancer - "Neo Geisha"
9. Pere Ubu - "30 Seconds Over Tokyo"
10. Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
11. YouInSeries - "The Watcher"
12. Vera Lynn - "We'll Meet Again"
13. Beastie Boys - "Intergalactic"
14. I Would Set Myself On Fire For You - "So This Is Our Home"
15. Johnny Cash - "Folsom Prison Blues"

Basically, I guess that this shows that I listen to a decent variety of music lol. There's alternative (Sonic Youth), indie rock (Sleater-Kinney), hard rock (Queens of the Stone Age), hip hop (Beastie Boys), post-punk (Siouxsie and the Banshees, though they did more than that lol), screamo (Neil Perry), country (Johnny Cash), and so on and so forth. I'm not sure whether it's because I have a good ear for music, or a tin one for it, but lots of different bands appeal to me. I like hearing bands approach music in vastly different ways, so I'm open to giving any genre a try. Still, it took a while for me to get to fifteen different artists. I only have a little over 200 songs on my computer... I mostly stick to CDs to get my musical fix, haha.

The most random artist inclusion on here is probably Vera Lynn... I have that song because [i]Dr. Strangelove[/i] is my all-time favorite movie, and "We'll Meet Again" plays over its credits. The song just stuck with me, I guess lol. It's the same thing with another song I have on my computer, "I Will Wait For You" by Connie Francis, which plays during a very sad sequence in the "Jurassic Bark" episode of [b]Futurama[/b].

EDIT: Sure, maybe on my computer. :p

BTW, more Sonic Youth on people's lists = Happy Shin.

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[font=arial][size=1]So it's safe to say I account for 2/15 of your music library, Shin? :p

1. Wolverines - [Demo 2005 #01] Henry McCoy [2:51]
2. The Locust - [Flight Of The Wounded Locust #01] Gluing Carpet To Your Genitals Does Not Make You A Cantaloupe [0:50]
3. Usurp Synapse - [Disinformation Fix Disc 2 #26] Energy Condom [1:47]
4. Mutiny - [Rum Rebellion #01] Bligh [3:42]
5. Fugazi - [The Argument #06] The Kill [5:27]
6. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - [Orange #03] Dang [1:59]
7. Neil Perry - [Lineage Situation #16] Breathing With One Bad Lung [1:18]
8. Sonic Youth - [Expermental Jet Set #07] Bone [3:58]
9. Orchid - [Gatefold #18] None More Black [2:46]
10. Hot Cross - [Fair Trades And Farewells #06] Consonants [2:58]
11. pg. 99 - [Document #14: .singles. #07] Goin South [2:19]
12. Circle Takes the Square - [As the Roots Undo #07] Kill the Switch [9:33]
13. Prayer for Cleansing - [The Rain in Endless Fall #05] Sonnet [4:36]
14. Björk - [Medúlla #13] Miðvikudags [1:24]
15. Daughters - [Canada Songs #02] Jones From Indiana [1:04]

So, I listen to a whole lotta Screamo (Wolverines, Neil Perry, Orchid, pg. 99, Circle Takes the Square), Grindcore (Usurp Synapse, Orchid [again], and Prayer For Cleansing), Noisecore (The Locust, Daughters), awesome rock bands (Hot Cross, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion), Folk Punk (Mutiny), and ambient keyboards and women moaning (Bjork). :D

Aside from the Bjork, which I hardly listen to, I'm quite happy with my random list.[/font][/size]

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oh my, this shall be interesting....oh by the way, this is my first time here, so I have no idea of whats really going on, but im putting it on random.....wait, does Japanese count??? hmm....ill skip em i guess :catgirl:

1: Seether--"Remedy"
2: Panic! At The Disco-- "Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks"
3: AFI--"Affilcition"
4: My Chemical Romance--"Helena"
5: New Found Glory--"All Down Hill From Here"
6: Trapt--"Headstrong"
7: Panic! At The Disco-- "Build God, Then We'll Talk"
8: Adema--"Freaking Out"
9: Fall Out Boy--"A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More touch Me"
10: Green Day-- "American Idiot"
11: KoRn-- "Hating"
12: Panic! At The Disco--"Time to Dance"
13: AFI--"Prelude 12/21"
14: Fall Out Boy: "Dance, Dance"
15: KoRn--"Twisted Transister"

WOAH......I havent heard alot of those songs in a long while! :D hmmm...thats pretty sad how many Japanese songs poped up during it, and yet I barely remember Remedy and Dance Dance! :animesigh I cant handle too much at once, hold on, let me regain my saneness....[innerself: WHAT SANENESS?? And is that even a word?? :therock: ] Me: ahahaha.... :animesweahmm...I wonder if it is! Lets look it up inner Kae-chan!! :D

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[FONT=Arial]Okay, I'm back with my 600 song playlist. It's strange how addictive this thing is, when there's not much to it.

[*]AFI - "Girls Not Grey"
[*]Five Iron Frenzy - "Canada"
[*]Placebo - "Plasticine"
[*]See-Saw - "Mai"
[*]Trans-Siberian Orchestra - "Christmas Nights in Blue"
[*]Johann Sebastian Bach - "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor"
[*]Yuki Kajiura - "Labyrinth"
[*]Trans-Siberian Orchestra - "O Come All Ye Faithful/O Holy Night"
[*]Rasputina - "Dig Ophelia"
[*]Rasputina - "Cooped"
[*]AFI - "Days of the Phoenix"
[*]Taking Back Sunday - "Cute Without the E (Acoustic)"
[*]AFI - "Who Said You Could Touch Me Anyway?"
[*]Nightwish - "Phantom of the Opera"
[*]Five Iron Frenzy - "When I Go Out"

This one isn't that much different from my first one, except for the newly added anime and ska. There's also an early AFI song, which further proves my infinite love for everything they've ever done.[/FONT]

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1)Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
2)Fireflies in a Steel Mill - The Elected
3)Who Loves The Sun - The Velvet Underground
4)The Guns of Brixton - The Clash
5)Reptilia - The Strokes
6)A Gentleman Caller - Cursive
7)Hey Teacher - Louis XIV
8)Halloween - Mudhoney
9)Down South Blues - Old Crow Medicine Show
10)Glory of War - The Redwalls
11)You Will - Bright Eyes
12)5 on the 5 - The Raconteurs
13)Hey Ladies - Beastie Boys
14)Its a Hit - Rilo Kiley
15)Your Southern Can Is Mine - The White Stripes

Wow. My next button is broken. This took me an hour to post.

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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial][i]We Believe[/i] - Red Hot Chili Peppers
[i]Sequence Erase[/i] - The Aquabats
[i]Missed Me[/i] - The Dresden Dolls
[i]'Heroes'[/i] - David Bowie
[i]Winners[/i] - Deadsy
[i]Open Book[/i] - Cake
[i]Disposable Teens[/i] - Marilyn Manson
[i]She Hates Me[/i] - Local H
[i]Opus[/i] - The Flaming Tsunamis
[i]Lightning Song[/i] - Queens of the Stone Age
[i]Mind's Eye[/i] - Wolfmother
[i]Hell Below, Stars Above[/i] - The Toadies
[i]The Fall of Adam[/i] - Marilyn Manson
[i]Cygnet Commitee[/i] - David Bowie
[i]Rabiteen[/i] - Jack Off Jill

I don't think it says much except that my music taste is very varied. lol It doesn't show much of my Industrial bent, either.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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[size=1]I had to skip over a lot of tracks by The Magnetic Fields that kept repeating, for some reason my iTunes is in love with it.
[indent][i]A Sunny Day[/i] - Donovan
[i]World Love[/i] - The Magnetic Fields
[i]Finale Part I[/i] - Batman Sountrack
[i]The Big Guns[/i] - Jenny Lewis
[i]No Bravery[/i] - James Blunt
[i]Interlude[/i] - YMCK
[i]Such Great Heights[/i] - Iron & Wine
[i]A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes[/i] - Cinderella Soundtrack
[i]At The Bottom of Everything[/i] - Bright Eyes
[i]Danny Boy[/i] - Johnny Cash
[i]T.E.A.M.[/i] - You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Soundtrack
[i]Home of the Blues[/i] - Walk the Line Soundtrack
[i]Lake of Fire[/i] - Nirvana
[i]Bend and Break[/i] - Keane
[i]Science vs. Romance[/i] - Rilo Kiley[/indent]
As you can tell I listen to a lot of soundtracks, hm. Beyond that, I'm not terribly embarassed by my list.


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[size=1][B]Mogwai[/B] - [I]Punk Rock[/I]
[B]Asian Kung-Fu Generation[/B] - [I]RIRAITO[/I]
[B]MC Lars[/B] - [I]Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock[/I]
[B]Incubus[/B] - [I]Under My Umbrella[/I]
[B]Beck[/B] - [I]Black Tambourine[/I]
[B]Yoko Kanno[/B] - [I]PIANO BLACK[/I]
[B]Tony Scott[/B] - [I]Hare Krishna[/I]
[B]A Perfect Circle[/B] - [I]The Outsider[/I]
[B]Green Day[/B] - [I]Hitchin' a Ride[/I]
[B]John Mayer[/B] - [I]83[/I]
[B]The Bravery[/B] - [I]Rites Of Spring[/I]
[B]Third Eye Blind[/B] - [I]Darwin[/I]
[B]Depeche Mode[/B] - [I]Tora! Tora! Tora![/I]
[B]Jack's Mannequin[/B] - [I]Into The Airwaves[/I]
[B]Radiohead[/B] - [I]Just[/I]

Somewhat broad, but I think it reflects what I like pretty well. That was fun.[/size]

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1.) Breaking Benjamin- So Cold
2.) Angels & Airwaves- Start The Machine
3.) Placebo- Every You, Every Me
4.) Angels & Airwaves- The Adventure
5.) The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony
6.) Blink-182- Stay Together For The Kids
7.) The Killers- Mr. Brightside
8.) Blue October- Hate Me
9.) Red Hot Chili Peppers- Dani California
10.) Boxcar Racer- There Is
11.) Boxcar Racer- I Feel So
12.) Breaking Benjamin- The Diary of Jane
13.) Angels & Airwaves- The War
14.) Blink-182- Carousel
15.) Blink-182- Adam's Song

What does it say about me? It says I raided my brother's iTunes one too many times, and that I have a Tom Delonge fetish.

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[list=1][*]633. [b]Franz Ferdinand[/b] ? Outsiders
[*]2151. [b]Staind[/b] ? It?s Been A While
[*]1100. [b]Monsieur Cannibale[/b] ? Little Room of Secrets
[*]1654. [b]Queen[/b] ? Friends Will Be Friends
[*]816. [b]Kayak[/b] ? Irene
[*]1641. [b]Queen[/b] ? Radio Ga Ga
[*]664. [b]Gerry Rafferty[/b] ? Night Owl
[*]1911. [b]Robbie Williams[/b] ? It Was A Very Good Year
[*]1345. [b]Pearl Jam[/b] ? Crazy Mary
[*]1285. [b]Nirvana[/b] ? Lake of Fire
[*]2147. [b]Simon & Garfunkel[/b] ? The Sun Is Burning In The Sky
[*]2120. [b]Simon & Garfunkel[/b] ? Blessed
[*]304. [b]Dire Straits[/b] ? Solid Rock
[*]2091. [b]Simon & Garfunkel[/b] ? The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin? Groovy)
[*]1593. [b]Portishead[/b] ? Sour Times
Okay, I expected some Pink Floyd between these songs, oh well. Franz Ferdinand is pretty much one of my favourite bands ever, so it had to be in there. My parents listen a lot to music so they have sort of passed on their taste to me, through time. I?ve grown up with the kind of classic rock that had great guitarists playing in it (or just had the guitar as the main instrument), hence the amount of Simon & Garfunkel in my list.

There?s no real reason why Pearl Jam and Nirvana are in that list, though. I think I obtained some of their music and didn?t bother myself getting it rid out of my play list as it didn?t bother me enough.

Portishead is a nice change every now and then (just like my amounts of Jamiroquai or Faithless that aren?t in the random 15).

I don?t like screamo, metal (or any kind of ridiculous sub-category of that), emo, punk or whatever. Heck, I prefer artists that can?t easily have a label pasted on their forehead, but it?s kind of unavoidable, so let?s say I like ?Rock?. Rock with good, controlled guitar play and vocals.

Oh, and Robbie Williams is in between, because he's plain cool (and my brother has all of his albums, which I just ripped from him once). [/size]

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Here's what i got (out of about 200+ songs on this particular playlist, aka my "current favorites" list where i combine all the genres of songs i like into one list)

-Fort Minor - Believe Me
-Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous
-Orange Range - Thank you
-Anberlin - Paperthin Hymn
-Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Kona Yuki
-AFI - Miseria Cantare (The Beggining)
-High and Mighty Color - Over
-RHCP - Scar Tissue
-Aerosmith - Fly Away From Here
-Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists
-Queen - Bohemian Rahpsody
-Nightwish - Wish I had an Angel
-Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Rewrite
-Sevendust - Trust
-Velvet Revolver - Slither

That's what makes up the majority of my musical interest altogether let alone the list.

Obviously i'm very into rock and several types of japanese music. Orange Range and AKFG are two of my favorites, i thank Bleach and FMA for introducing me to the bands. High and Mighty Color was another band i found when i looked up bands from the same record label (theres also about 5 other bands on my list from the same label) and Over happens to be my favorite song from them as well.

-Rock wise i like many kinds, old school, new stuff, alternative, etc etc...Aerosmith and RHCP have to be my two all time favorite bands.
-I don't actually like Velvet Revolver, but i love Slither...it's also the only song from them on the list.
-Sevendust is one of my top favorite bands and Trust is one of my favorite songs (along with Xmas Day and Enemy).
-Breaking Benjamin is the second most recent band i really started getting into...story behind them is i'm a big wrestling fan, and one of the latest SD games for PS2 had 2 Breaking Benjamin songs on it, and i pretty much DLed everything from their albums. My favorites from them include Forget It, So Cold, Forever, Polyamorous, Believe, and Breakdown.
-Anberlin is the MOST recent band i started getting into. I still havn't heard all of their songs, but Paperthin Hymn is my absolute favorite, along with Feel Good Drag and Cadence. If anyone else who likes em has any suggestions for good songs i'm all ears.
-I'm not a huge AFI fan, but i like a good portion of their songs. Miseria Cantare is another song i discovered via wrestling (the name CM Punk might ring a few bells for some people)
-Nightwish is an awesome band, and I just started getting into them as well. Wish I Had an Angel also happens to be my favorite song from them (I got a lot of #1 favorites on this little shuffle expedition). I'm still looking for more similar bands to them, i'm really into their music. Other favorites are Everdream, Phantom of the Opera, and She is my Sin.
-I'm a fan of Linkin Park so that's what made me DL Fort Minor stuff. Most of it is pretty good, Believe me is also my top favorite from them.
-Bohemian Rahpsody just happens to be one of my all time top favorite songs, simple as that.
-Disturbed has been a long time favorite band, Ten Thousand Fists is on the list along with most of their older stuff.

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[size=1][color=royalblue]I couldn't find my mp3 player for a while...then I realized it was still in my messenger pack. X3

Avenue Q - "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist"
Masaki Kurihara - "New School Term 2"
L'arc~en~Cial - "Ready Steady Go"
Frank Zappa - "Valley Girl"
403 - "Northern Lights"
Avenue Q - "For Now" (I stayed on this song the whole way through...ah...)
Utada Hikaru - "Simple and Clean"
Yoko Kanno - "Waltz for Zizi"
Frank Zappa - "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" (Single Version)
Evanescene - "Everybody's Fool"
The Pillows - "Pink" (A-6)
Frank Zappa - "My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama"
Kazuki Kuriyama - "Fukai Mori" (Symphonic Version)
The Pillows - "Another Morning"
Michiru Oshima, BEPA - "Brothers"

Sooo...both my anime interests and American interests showed through...Huh. My mp3 player seemed to like Frank Zappa a lot. Poor dead Frank.
My latest infatuation has been my Avenue Q soundtrack, so I was glad when two songs came on. =)[/color][/size]

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let me say that i... ALMOST forgot about the english language.
1) Supernova by Bump of Chicken
2)....Breaking Free from High School Musical(about that... my sister put it in...)
3)White Line by Junko Minagawa
4)Aoi Jidai by Aozu
5)Realize by Junko Minagawa
6)Sakura Sake by Arashi
7)Little Sky by Kentarou Fukushi
8)Once in a Lifetime by Freestyle
9)Noypi by Bamboo
10)Ni Yao De Ai by F4(not sure bout that...)
11)What I've Been Looking For by Ahley Tidale and Lucas Gabreel(same as #2)
12)Deep River by Utada Hikaru
13)We are One from Lion King 2(same as #2 and 11)
14)Glamorous Sky by Mika Nakashima
15)You Set Me Free by Michelle Branch(same as #2,11, and 13 xD)

finally done with that... i [B]think [/B] it reflects that i like foreign music(japanese and chinese and... yeah..) since i dont really care about the language as long as it sounds good to me o and that i let my sister put those... songs in. not that i dont like em but still... :animeswea

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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]Love Like Winter-AFI
Lady Marmalade- Christina,Pink,Mya,Lil' Kim
Fully Alive-Flyleaf
Face Down-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Writing On The Walls-UnderOATH
Snap Yo Fingers-Lil' John ('Cause some days you gotta be a gangsta)
Just Feel Better-Santana feat. Steven Tyler
Good Day-Jewel
Kiss and Control-AFI
Fred Jones Part 2-Ben Folds
I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab For Cutie
Ordinary People- John Legend
The Kill- 30 Seconds to Mars
100s and 1000s of Stars- The Class of 98

I guess it describes my taste in music alrightly. (wtd.)
I mostly listen to alternative stuff, but some oddball stuff (Ben Folds, Lady Marmalade).[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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1)Ashtray Heart - Captain Beefheart
2)Offend In Every Way - The White Stripes
3)A Time For Emily - The Elected
4)Lazy Gun - Jet
5)Sleeping In - The Postal Service
6)Danger! (High Voltage) - Electric Six
7)I'm Sticking With You - The Velvet Underground
8)The Way We Get By - Spoon
9)Goodnight Goodnight - Hot Hot Heat
10)E-Pro - Beck
11)Biggest Fan - Brendan Benson
12)She's A Rainbow - The Rolling Stones
13)The Way It Is - The Strokes
14)Hands - The Raconteurs
15)Paw Paw Tree - The Fiery Furnaces

Yeah Buddy.

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Mad World - Gary Jules.
Friday I'm in Love - The Cure.
Yellow Brick Road - Jack off Jill.
Benighted - Opeth.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles.
Emo Kid - Adam and Andrew.
I write Sins not Tragedies - Panic! At the Disco.
You can call me Al - Paul Simon.
Over my Head - The Fray.
Polygraph, Right Now! - The Spill Canvas.
One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head.
Girls - Beastie Boys.
Not ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks.
I'm Sorry - Flyleaf.
Yoda - Wierd Al.

A rather strange list, I must say.

But really, that's pretty well-rounded. A good list of my current favorites. But it is missing MSI and Nirvana, which is rather sad. I figured they'd show up al least once. Ah, well.


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i did it twice, once with ending tracks and once with beginning. No repeating bands.


New World (Acoustic Version) - .hack//LEGEND OF THE TWILIGHT OST
Death of a Martian - Red hot chili Peppers
City Hall - Tenacious D
Shuggah - System of a Down
She's In Parties - Bauhaus
Prosthetic Head - Green Day
Left Hand suzuki Method - Gorillaz
Beware The Little People With Terrible Visions - Bad Acid Trip
Ride On Shooting Star - the Pillows
I Don't Want To Go Back Empty handed - Serart
Rainbow Cruise - Taizo Takemoto (SSBM ST)
The Willing Well IV - The Final Cut - Coheed And Cambria
The Summer Of Guns - Amen
Jeffery Are You listening? - Axis of Justice
Third Eye - Tool[/COLOR]

What's funy about that one is that I like pretty much all of those bands, but those are some of my least favorite of their songs XD. Some of my favorites made it in there... I could honestly care less about Axis of Justice, bauhaus, .hack, or SSBM. The others are all great.


All The Love In the World - Nine Inch Nails
CK Killer - Amen
Warning - Green day
Prelude 3.0 - Slipknot
Hell Intro - GWAR
??? - Rurouni kenshin
Intolerance - Tool
Prison song - System of a down
Voices - Disturbed
Second Stage Turbine Blade - Coheed And Cambria
Re-hash - Gorillaz
Testify - Rage Against The Machine
Kielbasa - Tenacious D
A god in An Alcove - Bauhaus
Dani California - Red Hot chili Peppers[/COLOR]

*sigh* I just knew I'd end up catching a frikkin slipknot song. Once again, a lot of my favorites and some I don't really care about. Most of these songs are intros.

What does all this say? I'm into a wide variety of rock-genred bands. the only one of my favorites I really wanted to see on there but isn't is the mars volta...

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[*]Because I You [Ladyton Club Mix] / Placebo
[*]Stupid Kill / Alkaline Trio Vs. Thrice
[*]Destroy All Vampires / My Chemical Romance Vs. A Static Lullaby
[*]Image Of The Invisble / Thrice
[*]All The Rage / Funeral For A Friend
[*]Like Eating Glass [Ladytron Zapatista Mix] / Bloc Party
[*]Start Today / Fall 0ut Boy
[*]Tuned To A Different Station / Dogs
[*]Song 2 / Blur
[*]Dance, Dance / Fall 0ut Boy
[*]Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning / Senses Fail
[*]Banquet [Phones Disco Edit] / Bloc Party
[*]Mr. Brightside [Brian Walker's Deathwish Mix] / The Killers
[*]Run / Snow Patrol
[*]Compliments [Shbuyaka Remix By Nick Zinner] / Bloc Party

[FONT=Times New Roman] [SIZE=2] [COLOR=Black]a little different for my last list it starts out loud with the punk and then techno then back to punk, and it winds down to a complete stop with the last two. I'm kinda suprised...only one remix by me this time around. [number 13]

Leon Fury[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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[SIZE=1]1. [B]Powderfinger: [/B] Passenger
2. [B]Fightstar:[/B] Until Then
3. [B]Final Fantasy Advent Children Sound Track:[/B] Tifa?s Theme
4. [B]Powderfinger: [/B] D.A.F
5. [B]Everclear: [/B] Santa Monica
6. [B]Antiskeptic:[/B] Beautiful in White
7. [B]Collective Soul: [/B] Run
8. [B]Fightstar:[/B] Paint Your Target
9. [B]Fightstar:[/B] Waste A Moment
10. [B]Linkin Park: [/B] In the End
11. [B]Nickelback: [/B] How You Remind Me
12. [B]Bon Jovi: [/B] Blaze of Glory
13. [B]Citizen Cope: [/B] Bullet and a Target
14. [B]Diesel: [/B] Cryin Shame
15. [B]Massive Attack:[/B] Teardrop[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Well thoes are the songs that appeared, I'm in love with Fightstar at the moment, Powderfinger are high up on my list at the moment too, alot of people like AFI it seems. I dunno what my taste in music is, *shrugs*[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=1][color=red]1. [B]Guns N' Roses: [/B] Yesterdays
2. [B]Dragonforce:[/B] Valley of the Damned
3. [B]Hot Snakes:[/B] Time to Escape
4. [B]System of a Down: [/B] Suite-Pee
5. [B]Dope: [/B] Always
6. [B]As I Lay Dying:[/B] The Darkest Nights
7. [B]Judas Priest: [/B] A Touch of Evil
8. [B]Down:[/B] Pillars of Eternity
9. [B]Desolation:[/B] Hate Trend
10. [B]Mudvayne: [/B] Death Blooms
11. [B]Six Feet Under: [/B] The Poison Hand
12. [B]In Flames: [/B] Food For the Gods
13. [B]The Texas Drag Queen Massacre: [/B] Z.O.M.B.I.E
14. [B]Nothingface: [/B] Filthy
15. [B]Dry Kill Logic:[/B] The Stength I Call My Own[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Yeah. I guess this could say I listen to a variety of rock music. You've got a bit of power metal, some nu metal, some death metal, some horror-punk, and some hardcore punk. I have broad spectrum of tastes. [/color][/SIZE]

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1. Sonata Arctica - [I]Weballergy[/I]
2. Nocturnal Rites - [I]Birth of Chaos[/I]
3. Warmen - [I]Treasure Within[/I]
4. Children of Bodom - [I]Touch Like Angel of Death[/I]
5. Ensiferum - [I]Old Man (Väinämöinen pt. I)[/I]
6. Mortician - [I]Bloodcraving[/I]
7. In Flames - [I]Brush the Dust Away[/I]
8. Mayhem - [I]Slaughter of Dreams[/I]
9. Opeth - [I]Weakness[/I]
10. Winterlong - [I]Messiah[/I]
11. Mercury Tide - [I]Souls of the Ocean[/I]
12. Holymarsh - [I]Put Me On End[/I]
13. Avian - [I]The Depths of Time[/I]
14. Behemoth - [I]The Nephilim Rising[/I]
15. Within Temptation - [I]Restless[/I]

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1. Bliss-Muse
2. The Fourth Avenue Cafe-L'acr en Ciel
3. Starlight-Muse
4. All These Things That I've Done-The Killers
5. Seize the Day-AX7
6. Melissa-Porno Graffitti
6. Rasen-Nana Kitade
7. Time is Running Out-Muse
8. Everything Zen-Bush
9. Golden Touch-Razorlight
10. Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead
11. Give Me Novacain-Greenday
12. Headfirst for Halos-My Chemical Romance
13. Angels Losing Sleep-Our Lady Peace
14. Strawberry-SADS
15. Life Is-Antique Cafe

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