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Sign Up Esper Jam! [PG - VLS]


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[B]Esper Jam! [PG-13 - VSL][/CENTER][/B]

[I]What the hell isn?t subject to change? Nothing! Anything can be edited. The universe is the playground of the mind! Don?t you agree? Ah, but of course it?s not like everyone has that kind of ability. Some of us are lucky, though. With the right kind of power, anyone can mold reality to their liking - we are the ones with that power. We are espers![/I]

Naturally, the enthusiastic words of our leader don?t necessarily explain our power all that well. I mean, he?s right, but that pompous jackass is definitely working to make us sound like some all-powerful mages or something. Oh, right, I haven?t even told you who I am yet (silly me). The name?s Joe; Joe Deadrien. I?m the guy who?s giving the tour. Welcome to Esper Hall. What the hell is going on you ask? Well, this conveniently placed back-story should help a little?


Some of the people here, like myself, are fairly powerful, and others are new just like yourself. Don?t worry - most of the folks around here are nice and more than willing to help you out, plus I?m sure you?ll get along with the other new people. Let me show you around.

[CENTER][url=http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/DSC02006.jpg] [B]the Building[/B][/url][/CENTER]

Sorry you had to drive for so long to get out here. I can?t think of a good reason why they built this thing so far out in the middle of nowhere, but it?s a pain in the *** for new members. Gives you an extra incentive to learn how to teleport, though. That?s most people?s first objective, heh. You probably won?t listen to me, but I warn you, it ain?t easy.

[CENTER][url=http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?jji8pbd1zg0] [B]the Lounge[/B][/url][/CENTER]

Ah, one of the many hangout rooms around here. Some have game consoles set up if you?re into that kind of thing. Since this is a live-in ?community? it?s important to have things like this to keep people from going completely insane with boredom? ah, let?s see.

[CENTER][url=http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?jji9btyekno] [B]the Study Hall[/B][/url][/CENTER]

Here?s the study hall. Being an esper requires important knowledge in quite a few fields. While you can be good without studying - you can?t be great. Also, it?s cool to know just what the hell your power?s actually doing. It also doubles as a library? gimme a second, I need to return volume 9 of Death Note?

[CENTER][url=http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?jji9rc6f37o] [B]Your Room[/B][/url][/CENTER]

And lastly, here?s your room. I?m sure you?re ready to unpack your stuff about now, so I?ll leave you be. If you need anything, ask anyone, and if you have troubles come get me and I?ll be sure to help you out. Good luck and good learning.


Okay, whether you?ve yet guessed what this is about or not, here?s a little explanation. Firstly, Espers. For those who don?t know, espers are sort of like psychics. They can do all kinds of things using their minds. In this rp, an esper is defined as someone who can use their mind to bend reality. A weak esper might be able to levitate, move objects, or use a force of their mind. A strong esper can teleport anywhere in the universe, erase minds, or bend space-time itself. Legend has it that the most powerful esper to ever live made himself immortal.

Next, Esper Hall. This is not meant to be like X-men -- we aren?t in hiding or something and this is most definitely not a school. If anything it could be compared to a scholaric community where people live their lives and train their talents at the same time. The design is meant to be like a university in a way, and naturally there are occasional evaluations of progress, since it?s not like they can have people freeloading off of them forever. What an esper aspires for or what they do later in life is all up to them.

Your character is a new person at Esper Hall. Your powers are weak, and your training has just begun.

As you can see, this RP requires loads of creativity to make it interesting. There are no boundaries here - god-modding is your middle name. For the most part, this will be a sort of slice-of-life story about espers as they grow up in Esper Hall. Everything from rivalries, battles, relationships, the hardships of life and love, and the ultimate mastery of the mind will be covered here. This is world for you to mold with your mind.

Now, naturally, there will still be some structure. As the host, I will surely keep things interesting with sub-plots and event that will keep you on your toes and keep things interesting till the very end. And yes, there is an ending.

If you?re interested, go ahead and sign up!

[B]Name[/B]: [can be absolutely anything. If they have a nickname, list also]
[B]Age[/B]: [between 13 and 25]
[B]Gender[/B]: [male, female, transvestite, what have you]
[B]Appearance[/B]: [a picture or paragraph will suffice]
[B]Biography[/B]: [doesn?t have to be too long, but not too short. Just stuff about their past and how they got here.]
[B]Powers[/B]: [nothing mind-blowing powerful; they?re just starting off after all]
[B]Affinity[/B]: [which way do they swing?]
[B]Other facts[/B]: [favorite things? Mental or physical conditions? Quirks?]

I?ll post for Joe Deadrien after I see some of yall?s sign-ups. Sign ups close June 23rd unless i get enough good sign-ups beforehand.[/COLOR]
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[color=purple][b]Name:[/b] Dustin Aimee Johnson – called Dusky
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment
[b]Biography:[/b] Dusky is the middle child in a family of six, and the only girl. As such, she was expected to do a whole lot more than her friend Amelia in her family with three sisters. With two older brothers and one younger, it was no wonder her parents gave her a boys name. Her dad wouldn’t have it otherwise. Still, she loves them. Having three brothers turned Dusky into somewhat of a tomboy, and this disappointed her mother.

Dusky lived a relatively normal life, especially for a budding esper. Her powers started to show at a young age, and as her whole family had a sort of mental link no one thought anything of it. Her telekenisis had never been much use so she never used it. However, one year she did tap a new power: pyrokenisis. It caused a big fire that everyone said was really just an accident, a spark from the bonfire that went awry, but Dusky knew better. Staring into the fire, wathcing the flames dance back and forth, she had wondered what would happen if she could just [i]push[/i] it to be a little hotter, a little bigger and it snapped. Since then – and the death of her cousin Miles – Dusky has refused to use it, and sometimes even refuses to acknowledge that she has powers because of it. Still, here she is.

[b]Powers:[/b] Telepathy (tapped), telekenisis (untrained), and pyrokenisis/firestarting (suppressed)

[b]Affinity:[/b] Bisexual but refuses to admit to it.
[b]Other facts:[/b] Dusky’s favorite color is red, hates having long hair, and has a soft spot for young children that doesn’t show beneath a solid exterior. She has a habit of talking to inanimate objects.

I hope this is okay. Tell me if I need to change anything.

[b]EDIT:[/b] All better.[/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Aleksandr Nóvikov (goes by Alek)

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] [See Attachment] Alek has light brown hair and dark brown eyes, and is known not to stand out in a crowd. He clothes are mostly ordinary, with t-shirts and jeans in the summer and the addition of hoodies during fall and winter. He?s near-sighted, but usually wears contacts outside.

[b]Biography:[/b] The only son of Russian immigrates, Alek ended up never learning a spec of his native tongue (or so he tells his parents). He was known to create small imaginary friends when young, except everyone could see them. As time went by Alek learned to use his powers to his advantage, and began to have no qualms with using them liberally. He found them weak though, and set to improved them for his own gain, but could not do so without guidance.

Alek soon heard of Esper Hall while flipping through channels. He had found the guidance needed for his goals, set off to learn more about the building blocks he needed for them.

[b]Powers:[/b] He is able to create small illusions, has weak control over time, and some telepathy (mostly mind reading, which is useful for gossip).

[b]Affinity:[/b] Straight

[b]Other facts:[/b] -Likes to cut his hair short during the summer.
-Alek actually knows Russian, he just never speaks it to his parents because he enjoys listening to their conversations.
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[COLOR=Navy][COLOR=Purple][B]Name: [/B][/COLOR] Thomas Arthur
[COLOR=Purple][B]Age: [/B] [/COLOR] 16
[COLOR=Purple][B]Gender:[/B][/COLOR] male
[COLOR=Purple][B]Appearance:[/B] [/COLOR] [URL=http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i1/ryu_of_the_gods/tenjoutengewallpaper.jpg]Thomas[/URL]
[COLOR=Purple][B]Biography:[/B][/COLOR] Thomas was born into a family without morals. His family was a group escaping from the law. When his mother stole 5,000,000 million dollars, and his father stole a priceless gem from a museum, they were put onto the wanted list. After about 10 years of running their dead bodies were fouund, scorched to death after a fire burned own their house. They were all presumed dead. But no one could find the body of 10 year old Thomas. He was put on the missing list.

He was found by family who saw him on the side of the road. about 2 years after those events. He can?t remember how the fire started, nor who his real parents were. When he discovered his poweres he didn?t know how to use them to their fllest extent.. He can only make small fires. Lighting candles, matches, and wood objects on fire.

The secret to controling his power would be the so called ?Esper Community.? There he wants to train and hopefully one day learn the truth about his past.

[COLOR=Purple][B]Powers:[/B][/COLOR] Pyromaniac - can start fires at random. Starts with only the ability to light wax and wood objects.
[COLOR=Purple][B]Affinity: [/B] [/COLOR] Straight
[COLOR=Purple][B]Other facts: [/B] [/COLOR] Thomas has two personalities. When he is angered his second person comes out.
Thomas has a crush on a popular girl who doesn?t acknowledge his existence. He has had a crush for about 2 years, but he thinks it?s true love.
Loves Italian food.
Listens to rock music day in and day out.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]P.S. Tell me if it's better DB![/COLOR]
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[color=black][b]Name[/b]: Matthew Wayne Duffey - Matt, Matty, anything anyone can think of with the last name of Duffey[/color]
[b]Age[/b]: 19
[b]Gender[/b]: Male
[b]Appearance[/b]: See attachment - eyes are emerald green, for those who can't tell.

[b]Biography[/b]: Born to a Christian family, Matthew was never allowed to learn anything about espers, and was punished every time he even mentioned anything about them. Thusly, throughout all his childhood, Matthew never knew of real espers until he entered middle school.

His friends when he entered middle school was a small group of kids, shunned by their classmates for one reason only. All of them had some sort of esper power that made everyone else afraid. But when Matthew learned of why they were outcasts, he wanted to stay with them and learn more about them. And although he was considered a 'weirdo' as well, Matthew didn't care. He found people that accepted him for who he was and he found people whom he could actually be friends with.

It was during his sophomore year that his first esper power awoke. After 4 years of being mocked and made fun of, Matthew focused in his mind all of the students he hated in pain. Suddenly, they all fell to their knees in pain. His small group realised that this wasn't some weird coincidense, but that it was Matthew that causes it. Hence forth, from that point on, they decided to teach him much more about espers and also teach him to enhance and control his abilities.

After graduation from high school, his esper friends told him of a place called Esper Hall. It was far away, but after hearing so much about this place, Matthew decided to head out for it.

[b]Powers[/b]: Force Push (push any object up to 25 lbs a distance of 30 feet. 26-100 lbs only 15 feet, 101-200 only 5 feet), Psychic Pain (causes your mind to think your body is in pain, even though it is not. Amount of pain felt varies on the mental power of the opponent), Hydrokenesis (opposite of pyrokenesis, Matthew is able to condense the water molecules on the air around him into a massive form and blast anyone or anything with it), Electrokenesis (using static electricity in the air around him, Matthew is able to focus it into physical energy and shock someone. Highest voltage he recorded was 200 volts. Surpressed)

[b]Affinity[/b]: Straight

[b]Other facts[/b]: Likes fast paced music, mainly the ones with a loud beat. Has a more punkish look. Likes petit girls, although he also likes large breasts depending. Matthew also has an upbeat attitude that shows in his psychotic laugh and crazy comments and critizism. He likes to stand up for others that have low self esteems or can't defend themselves altogether.

-EDIT- Done. This RP will rock. ^_^

-EDITEDED- Changed picture and bio a bit for ya DB.

-EDITEDEDED- Remade some abilities.[/color]
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[COLOR=Magenta]Ah, I should've been more clear on this, but some seem to be confused. Everyone seems to have a completely different perspective of how people show up at esper hall. Ayokano, may I remind you, Esper Hall is [B][U][I]NOT[/I][/U][/B] a school. It is a community. This is a place where people come to, they are not sent nor are they recruited or anything. It's not like this is a well-known place or something. Prem, it's also not something you 'get into'. You just go there.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed]This sounds interesting! I don't have time to fill out a sign-up yet, but I'll have one soon. I'll update this post with my sign-up, so wait for it!

*Spot Reserved*

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[COLOR=Magenta]XD I love how quickly you all edited your posts.

[B]Name[/B]: Joe Deadrien

[B]Age[/B]: 29

[B]Gender[/B]: male

[B]Appearance[/B]: [IMG]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/kyon.jpg[/IMG]

[B]Biography[/B]: Joe has been at Esper Hall for 11 years now, and is one of the higher-ranked espers in both power and overall standing. Joe knows all the ropes and is well-acquainted with just about everyone on the premise. Despite his demeanor, always seeming completely uninterested in the surroundings, he is very knowledgeable in many fields. Joe is one of the older members who strongly believes in keeping Esper hall from becoming a school in any way. He is occasionally gives speeches about advances in research since he is one of the most knowledgeable when it comes to esper powers.

Joe is almost constantly busy and is always being tugged away at random to be put onto some kind of job. Between being an important member of the community and trying to help others, he doesn?t have much time to himself it seems. Many people have noted that he moves so fast he seems to be in two places at once. This has never been confirmed.

Joe seems to know a detailed amount about any given person in the community and acts as counselor to some. Aside from the people who are deliberately his enemies, most consider him a friend. Joe hates the leader of Esper Hall with an undying passion, as do most residents of the community, and he has gotten into trouble countless times for striking against him.

[B]Powers[/B]: Joe has a pallet of powers that cannot easily be explained. He rarely showcases them unless in a demonstration. Many seem to think he can be in two places at once, though no one is sure if this is even possible. Some people theorize that he is a mage, but this is not true.

[B]Affinity[/B]: Dude, quit giving me that look.

[B]Other facts[/B]: Loves instrumental rock, published 1/11 of all (non-fiction) books on espers, is a certified genius.[/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Dante Wilkenson

[B]Age: [/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [IMG]http://imgplace.com/directory/dir4187/1181767267_4499.jpg[/IMG]

[B]Biography:[/B] He was abandoned at the age of 9 and just left out on the streets, he was picked up by a patroling police officer. The officer later adopted him and raised him. The fact that he was abandoned at a young age may be the cause of him being an outcast from everyone else. He got in many fights throughout highschool, he hid his high intellect from everyone else, he didn't want to draw attention to himself, he discovered his powers at the age of 13. One day at school he saw a kid playing with marbles he saw one that he really wanted, after begging the kid for the marble he went off by himself in a corner some where he the marble so bad it was the only thing that he could think about and when he looked down he saw the marble floating in front of him.

From then on he could materialize small objects, he later discovered his telekenetic powers. At the end of highschool just before his 19th birthday and graduation he got in a fight with a group of kids at his school, he beat off a few of them but there was too many for him to take and as he lay on the ground with the kids beating him he blacked out and the next thing he knew he woke up on scorched earth with smoldering bodies lying around. After the incident he began wondering from place to place. One day he ended up outside of a large group of buildings and something just told him to have a look around.

[B]Powers:[/B] minor telekenisis, able to materialize small objects, suppressed pyrokenisis.

[B]Affinity:[/B] straight

[B]Other facts:[/B] Loves music, plays guitar, listens to rock mostly, kinda a punk rock type kid, likes privacy.
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[COLOR=Magenta]Oi. Everyone, please take not of Hell's sign-up. That's kinda how I want the characters to show up - just out of the blue. Having it make sense is way more difficult for me, and besides making sense is not something this rp really requires.

That said, so far the only sign-ups I'm willing to accept thus far are [B]Caiomhe [/B] and [B]Hell's Minion[/B]. [B]Venge[/B], I already PMed you about what I need you to fix, [B]Ayokano[/B], yours could do with a little beefing and change how they got here, and [B]Prem[/B], read over yours, you contradicted yourself a few times and your grammer is horrible.

also, I should note that I'm looking for a decent amount of creativity here. Your powers can range outside of telekenisis and stuff. We're espers, not psychics.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Well, since you asked so nicely, DB. :D

[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Name:[/B] Chloe Verena (Clover to some)

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/2861/chloeiw9.jpg]Chole[/URL] has long silver hair, which is thought to be a side-effect of the manifestion of her esper power. She stands at 5'8" and weighs 125 lbs; she's very athletic.

[B]Biography:[/B] Chloe was actually born in Esper Hall's medical wing. Her father was an esper and her mother wasn't. Ameila Torrence, just happened to be in need of a job and stumbled across a position for a gardener. Even though there weren't many human's living in Esper Hall, the higher up's saw how desperate she was so they let her stay in a small room at the community. That's when she met Chloe's father, Alfred Verena. The two fell in love and later got married, allowing Amelia to move into his home just outside of the community.

However, Alfred got sick just shortly after Chloe's birth and died only two weeks later. They never found out what happened, but Amelia didn't wish to stay there with the heavy memories of her husband, so she took Chloe and left for Texas.

Amelia, unlike most people, didn't hide what Chloe's father was and what she could possibly end up being. She filled Chloe's head with ideas that Esper Hall was a beautiful place full of wonderful people and she told her bed time stories of how she and Alfred went flying over the crystal blue lakes one romantic evening.

Chloe first developed her power when she was seven. After one of the many stories her mother had told her, she dreamt of flying just like her father used to do. And when she woke up, she found herself hovering above her bed. Her mother was excited to hear the news and soon after, Chloe discoverd that she could generate an inch-thick layer of energy around her body to use as protection. Even more recently, Chloe has had suspicions that she could revive dead plants. She's never actually seen herself do it, and if she did do it, it wasn't conscious. It's just one of those things that Chloe feels; she has great intuition.

To Chloe, Esper Hall sounded like heaven. So much so, that when she turned 18 just after graduation, she decided to take a year off from college and go to Esper Hall and Amelia thought that it was a great idea. Chloe is now at Esper Hall trying to find her old roots and maybe a few details about her father along the way.

[B]Powers:[/B] Very limited levitation, small protective forcefield, and (though, not proven) the ability to heal or control nature. (Flora and Fauna)

[B]Affinity:[/B] Straight

[B]Quirks:[/B] Chloe is very bubbly, random, and completely [U]immature[/U] with her head often stuck up in the clouds. That's not to say that she doesn't have her moments of seriousness or depression, but she's the type of person to put others first and always see the glass as half full. She has a love of all fairy tales, and has been known to ask (rather, beg) the stronger espers to create a unicorn for her. She loves all living things, (vegetarian) but her favorite animals are lizards and geckos; she thinks they're the cutest things. In fact, she has a pet gecko named [URL=http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/4829/uroplatusphantasticus00xx2.jpg]Xander[/URL].(Xander is a Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko and if you don't say it right, she'll have a fit) She has a fixation on anything that comes from Japan and is constantly vowing to see it someday. (Hence the shirt in her appearance) She likes long gloves for some unknown reason. And she loves to pretend that the last day in every month is Halloween. She always dresses up in different costumes and wears them on that day. People have gotten used to her strange behavior and she has gotten used to how boring they are even though she's still considered new. It makes her very angry when someone says that she looks just like her father or her mother. And yet, she wears a locket with her parents' picture on it. She would actually risk her life to protect that locket.[/COLOR]


[B]OOC:[/B] The quirks section is a little over the top, I know. Sorry DB, but I wanted a lot since there wasn't a space for personality...[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Magenta]Don't worry about it Darren, I absolutely love your sign-up! Your character is [i]exactly[/i] what I like to see. I'm sure she'll fit right into the zany kewlness that is Esper Jam! And also, I've already seen you in action plenty of times, and you are one of my favorite people to rp with. That makes 3 definite and a few shaky. Prem should be coming in with his revised one soon...[/COLOR]
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[I][COLOR=Navy]Here's the new sign-up. DB's already approved of it. And I'll be good this time around.[/COLOR][/I][COLOR=Navy][B]Name: [/B] Thomas Arthur
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Gender: [/B] male
[B]Appearance: [/B] [same as one in thread]
Biography: Thomas was put into a daycare center when he was three. His mother was on her way to get him when she got into an accident. The single mother of 1 died on the spot. Little Thomas didn?t know what death was at the time. His first words were? Mommy?s gone.?

After he was adopted he saw something weird things pop out of his head.. He could make monsters come out of his head. They were only projections at the time. He didn?t have any friends at his elementary school, so he talked to hose monsters. As he grew so did they. They were cute creatures, but not real at all. Thomas couldn?t touch them or hug them. He just talked to them, and they talked back. Almost like robots.

One day when he was experimenting with his powers his head grew tight, it felt like it had burst, then he fell to the ground. He woke up in some weird community. Now at the age of 16 he has learned that he can control his powers. Now his powers have grown to some extent. But they?re not too powerful at the moment.

[B]Powers:[/B] Project-kinesis Thomas can project creatures. He hasn?t tried, but he can also project objects as well.
[B]Affinity:[/B] ...
[B]Other facts: [/B] Thomas has a detachment disease due to the fact that he really had no one to love. He can?t get along well with others.
Loves rock music. Preferably J-rock.
Writes stories to get away from the mundane.
Doesn't believe in god or Jesus.
Loves spicy food.
Steers away from ove so that he doesn't hurt his heart much more


[I][B][COLOR=Navy]I added a couple of things and changed those grammer mistakes you told me about in the PM.[/COLOR][/B][/I]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Indigo][B]Name:[/B] Vanyel Ashkevron [nickname: Ashke]

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] Female [because you have way to many males in here DB]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img391.imageshack.us/img391/7489/vanyelashkevronky3.jpg][COLOR=Indigo][B]Vanyel[/B][/COLOR][/URL] [URL=http://themerrymurderess.deviantart.com/][COLOR=Indigo]TheMerryMurderess@deviantart [/COLOR][/URL]
[Yes I know the picture has wings...for the sake of the story though pretend they aren't there.]

[B]Biography:[/B] Vanyel or rather Ashke as she prefers to be called was orphaned when she was three years old. She does not remember the car crash that claimed the lives of her parents, though she on occasion has nightmares with flashes from the accident. She does not realize that the images are from the crash though. With no other living relatives she was quickly adopted by what she thought was a caring family.

At first she was a fairly easygoing child until her abilities started showing up at age six. As a result her adoptive family, a highly religious one, believed that she was ?possessed? and after failing to exorcise the demons from her essentially disowned her by virtue of abandoning her while on vacation. Literally leaving her in the middle of Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Vanyel wandered the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah for a while before being picked up and eventually placed in foster home after foster home. Many of her foster parents were far from ideal and it was at that point that she started becoming unmanageable. Until finally at age twelve she simply disappeared. Depending on her abilities to survive. Using her tiny bit of control over teleportation to steal food and supplies from stores. In this manner she went from town to town, stealing what she needed until she ran across Esper Hall by virtue of checking it to see if there was anything she could take to survive.

[B]Powers:[/B] Vanyel has quite a few powers, from telepathy, teleportation, fire starter, the ability to see far away as well as into the future. She can also heal. However?most of these abilities are suppressed and only show up in a very weak form when she is either stressed or in danger. The only active abilities are teleporting small objects as she has yet to learn to teleport herself or anyone else. Limited mind speech, she?s better at keeping people out of her mind than at actually talking to anyone. And finally fire starting. Of all her active abilities this one is the strongest, though she?s far from being powerful.

An important note here, many of her abilities have sub-categories if you will that require mastery of the first aspect to unlock them. Like the fire starting. There is more to it than simply starting fires. Though that's all she knows how to do for now. Also due to her upbringing she has killed others with it to defend herself though she refuses to talk about it.

[B]Affinity:[/B] Uncertain, she?s never been in a situation to really find out.
Other facts:[/B] Withdrawn and distant as she does not trust easily. Vanyel is fanatical about keeping clean, as she hates being dirty. She also hates being touched by anyone. Vanyel can and will beat the hell out of anyone who tries to get too familiar with her beyond simple friendship.

She also hates loud music preferring softer instrumentation such as classical. This is due to the various encounters she had with different gangs while she was on the street as she has negatively associated rap and other forms of rock music with what happened. She?ll tolerate it but if she can hear another person?s music in the middle of the night and they won?t turn it down when she asks them, Vanyel will do it for them by smashing or setting their equipment on fire.

She also loves fantasy novels and will spend hours somewhere private to read them.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Name:[/B] Chora S. Park (Cho)

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[I]Height:[/I] 153cm (5 feet)
[I]Weight:[/I] 46kg (101 pounds)
[I]Eye Color:[/I] Black
[I]Hair:[/I] Purple (for now), shoulder-length, in lots of little braids.
[I]Blood Type:[/I] AB

[B]Biography:[/B] When she was a little girl, Cho would find injured birds and bringing them home to nurse them back to health. One day, when she came home from school with a box of about five birds, her mom asked her how she found so many of them. When Cho said that she could hear them calling for help, her mom looked at her kind of strangely, then laughed and walked away. That was when she realised that not everyone could communicate with birds like she could.

A few years later, her family moved to India, and Cho rescued a kite (the bird, not the paper thing) she found tangled up in some telephone wires. After she nursed him back to health, she tried to let him go, just like every other bird she'd rescued; but the bird refused to leave. Cho didn't have the heart to force him to leave, so she named him Raj, and let him stay. When she and her family moved once again, this time to Canada, it took a lot of begging to get her parents to let her bring Raj along, but they finally relented. A few months after they moved to Canada, Cho's mom died in a freak car accident, and her dad, unable to deal with the loss, killed himself.

After the death of their parents, Cho, convinced that her mom's death hadn't been an accident, left her little brother with their uncle, and set off to find out who or what was behind the car crash that cost her mom's life. After some of digging, Cho heard about a place where people with powers lived, and, after a bit of inquiry (sparrows are rather good sources of information... at least when they're being stared down by a mean-looking bird with a beak that could rip them apart in no time flat...), decided that even if no one there knew anything about her mom, that it would be a good place to learn more about her powers.

[B]Powers:[/B] Can communicate with birds. Also, she never gets hurt... this may be related to her powers in some way, but hell, maybe she's just lucky...

[B]Affinity:[/B] Straight, more or less...

[B]Other facts:[/B]
She hates her middle name, so she never tells anyone what it is, and has an affinity for temporary hair dye. She won't talk about her mom very much, but she always carries a picture of her.
When Cho was growing up, her family moved around a lot, and, as a result, wherever she happens to be staying at the moment is "home" for her, be it an apartment over a traditional medicine shop in Chinatown or a hotel room in Singapore. She has a knack for languages too, being able to pick up almost any language in a few months without trying very hard.

If there's anything wrong w/this tell me...[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Shayla L'mei (most people call her Shay)
[b]Age:[/b] 20
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Appearance:[/b] See attatchment

Shay prefers baggy button-up blouses, and is quite partial to men's jeans. A pair of Vans unicon slip on shoes tend to fit her feet snug. In contrast to her somewhat "butch" appearance, she always wears a lot of make-up.

[b]Biography:[/b] Shay dropped out of high school at sixteen, with her parent's consent, and demanded to move out of her boring country town. She moved to the big city, chasing dreams of bigger and better opportunities... and girls.
Unable to hold any of her normal jobs (she was often caught stealing from the stores she was hired into), she started up a streetside business.
Ever since she was small, Shay could change her appearance to others thru illusion. Nothing big, and nothing for long. She could also read people's memories. Not exactly mind reading, such as, she could not read their thoughts. But, upon contact, Shay could see whatever memory someone was thinking of.
Using these gifts to her advantage, she told people on the street that she could "contact the dead." The way this would work: She'd ask to touch someone's hand, and tell them to think of a deceased loved one. By looking at the appearance of this past person, she would then make the illusion of changing her face to that person's. Therefore, giving the customer the chance to "speak with their loved one" for a brief time.
Needless to say, this business began getting popular, and Shay was raking in the cash.
A man came to her one day, and saw thru her fascade. He did not reveal her to her customers, however, and simply told her of Esper Hall. Gave her a card, a vanished. Giving it some thought, Shay thought, "What the hell?" and made her way onward.

[b]Powers:[/b] Illusion; changing her appearance in the eyes of others. Reading other's memories.

[b]Affinity:[/b] A girl that loooves the ladies.

[b]Other facts:[/b] Shay seems like a very nice, reserved girl at first glance. Doesn't get too involved with things, stays very withdrawn. She likes to stay mysterious, kind, and artistic from afar. Sensual and romantic. But this is just part of her charm. Once she draws someone in, she is very manipulative. She is also a pathological liar. She cannot help but lie about just about everything. However, there is always a truth to the lie, right? Deep down, Shay is just as she seems from far away.
Her life is to draw. If she loves you, you can tell, because she will constantly use you as her muse and model.
Has a strong predjudice against heterosexuals.
Will treat her present girlfriend like a princess.

Hope that's fine, but I can always change things, of course.[/size]
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[COLOR=Magenta]Yay! I like how the sign-ups are going!!! Alright, so far the ofllowing people have nothing to worry about...

[B]Hell's Minion

And the following people will most likely make it in, assuming I don't end up with like 8 great sign-ups and no room XD


Everyone else I'm only considering thus far :p[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]OOC: Ok, well, this is probably a little bit way too long, but whatever, it's my signup, love it or hate it...

[B]Name:[/B] Levon LeVaughn

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://www.hyung-taekim.org/gallery/albums/userpics/10001/normal_christian.jpg]Levon[/url]

[B]Biography:[/B] Levon?s father was a career diplomat, who typically represented Canada internationally. However, the job required that he be out of the country most of the time, and on the move almost constantly? which presented many opportunities for philandering. While married, it wasn?t his wife who would be Levon?s father, but a Finnish nurse. When Levon was confirmed to be his dad?s, his father took him away and put him with a distant relative in Brussels, much to his mother?s protest.

His uncle wasn?t a rich man, but he was happy to take Levon ? partly because he?d always wanted a child, bust mostly because Levon?s father sent him checks every month to keep him silent. Things progressed normally for a while ? Levon went to a school in Brussels and learned French and English, although he wasn?t terribly good at any of the other subjects, nor interested.

Things progressed normally for a while, until one of Levon?s real father?s assistants died and he realized he?d need a new one. Rather than spend money hiring somebody, he decided he?d just train his son to be one and recruit him when he turned fifteen. So Levon was taken from his uncle and flown to London, where he was put into a school-for-the-gifted. Because he wasn?t a very bright individual, he generally struggled to keep up with the other kids, but his father?s money kept him progressing through school.

After a while, Levon realized he could do nothing at all and still pass his courses; so he stopped doing homework or participating in class. His father saw this and was disappointed ? realizing that this wasn?t going to help him in the future, his father suddenly pulled the cash rug from under Levon?s feet. Within a week, he found himself out of a school and, more importantly, without a dorm to stay in. At the age of fourteen Levon found himself homeless on the streets of London.

His father buried him, erasing him from his life and pretending like he didn?t exist. The market for homeless underage labour being what it is, Levon couldn?t find a job to make money ? however, his years as a layabout wannbe-rebel had given him some connections within the city, so he usually found somewhere to stay overnight; however, far too often he was forced to spend a rainy, dark night in one of the city?s many alleyways. It was on just such a night that, at sixteen, Levon?s life changed dramatically.

Levon had never shown himself to be anything special, especially in the mental aspect of things; however, all it took was a spark to reveal the uniqueness inside of him. On one of his many nights sleeping in a back-alley dumpster, he was awoken by a loud banging sound ? when he roused himself to investigate, he found that he wasn?t alone in the alley. Four men more desperate than he were also in the alleyway; their eyes glistened when they saw him. As one might expect, the beating he received was savage ? he was barely even a teenager, they were full grown men with clubs. As he lay in a pool of his own drippings, he saw one of them wind up for the final swing, when he screamed like he?d never screamed before; with a groan, the man?s hands clutched at his eyes, dropping the club as he did so. He screamed aswell, and soon the other three assailants followed suit. Not one to push his luck, Levon took off.

Over the next year, Levon?s powers began to expose themselves ? from light suddenly swerving to the right on him and causing him to tumble to the ground or be struck dizzy, to looking down and finding his torso ending at the waist, there were some strange things happening to Levon LeVaughn. At some point, he overheard a conversation about people with similar powers ? ?E-S-Pers?, the person had called them. At the age of eighteen, having lived as a vagrant for four years, Levon finally joined his people at Esper Hall.

[B]Powers: [/B]Levon has the ability to [i]bend[/i] light, to a certain extent. He can curve it around corners, allowing him to see around things without putting himself into normal view. Furthermore, he can (partially) bend the light around himself, in effect making him invisible to the naked eye. He's also, on certain occasions, managed to deflect light away from people's eyes, basically blinding them.

[B]Affinity:[/B] Autosexual

[B]Other facts: [/B]Has a thing for wearing long overcoats, heat be damned.
Is a fan of folk music; can play acoustic guitar and sing in a low voice.
Has a varied apitite; can eat virtually anything and everything, and usually intends too.
Is a fan of Westerns and 70's cop dramas, with a strong appreciation for older film. Considers Eli Wallach the best actor of all time.
While he loves violence in films, he is a very nonagressive person and somewhat of a pacifist. He doesn't get angry easy, and is perfectly willing to concede almost anything to avoid a confrontation.
Is not attracted to either male or female... game. His fragile ego is just one rejection away from being shattered - as a defense mechanism, he only loves himself, as he's not likely to be rejected any time soon that way. As they say: You need something done right, do it yourself. [/COLOR]
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Name:yami michi (mickey)
Age: 16
Gender: female
Appearance: she'll wear anything british punk, that means, plaid miniskirts w/ black leggings(she does not like her legs) and white button up shirts!
Biography: she was ingulfed in her powers, she loved them so much she would study from the town library, but as her powers grew the library shrank in knowledge, so, she moved out and headed to esper hall!
Powers:levetating, bending objects, can freeze time for about two secs, can teleport an apple three feet.
Affinity:no idea what that means but, if you mean lesbo or straight, she's straight.
Other facts:she's a quiet girl, not a bookworm or wall flower,just a little shy. she loves cute guys, but she has a passion for nerdy boys, she'll take a dungeon and dragons boy over a hunky football player any day! but you get her a smart, cute, passionate, and did i mention smart? type of guy, she'll pick him up, hold him tight, and never let go! she hates show offs and over active people, she likes nice long conversations, walks on beaches(corny, i know), riding with dolphins, and anything gothic or wicken! bad habits? she bites her nails, she kills if you piss her off enough, she has a very short fuse, and she can never for her life get a spoon to bend with her mind(she can get everything else though!)
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[FONT=Arial]I think I'll give it a try. I've never really RP'd in a forum, but I guess everyone has to get started somewhere.

Name: Julian Amery.

Age: 19.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: He's tall and lanky (and yes, he's heard the tree joke before). His hair reaches his shoulders and is wild (yet very well maintained) and brown. On top of jokes about his height, he's used to being called "zombie" or "vampire," due to his pale skin. He thinks his eyes are his best feature, as they're extremely green and bright. As if to compliment his skin, all of his clothing is black or some other dark color. He also likes to dabble in makeup and is very rarely seen without eyeliner, at the very least. He pretty much plays up the stereotypical loner as bet he can so people will get his point.

Biography: He was born in New York, but his family moved to California when he was only two years old. Fitting in was impossible for him his entire life, as he developed an unshakable introversion at a young age. This was made even worse when he discovered the first of his powers as a freshman in high school: he accidentally cut himself on a scalpel during a dissection lesson in biology (see Powers for the full story, so to speak).

Julian never even tried to make friends after that. He only decided to come to Esper Hall after his Uncle Adam convinced him that it would help him beyond belief. The uncle himself has abilities very similar to Julian's, but to a far greater extent.

1. He doesn't bleed. In the beginning, this only applies to small wounds.
2. On top of this, all his injuries heal much faster than they should. The scalpel injury had completely healed as if he had never been cut before school let out that day.
3. He doesn't really consider this a power, but he can hold his breath for up to ten minutes (but only eight minutes under water).
4. This power was only discovered recently, and it was only an accident. He can levitate a few inches off the ground and glide for very short distances.

Affinity: It's very hard to tell, at a glance. Whenever anyone would ask, he would simply say "it's none of your business."

Other facts:
After having to dissect a fetal pig in ninth grade biology, he became vegan and refused to participate in any activities of that sort from then on.
He has a very slow, soft heartbeat--doctors usually had difficulty taking his pulse because of how unnoticeable it is.
He always has cold hands, even after warming them by a fire. His body temperature averages an unusual 93.7 degrees (Fahrenheit).
His worst fears include drowning, people wearing masks, snakes, and heights. (Kind of ironic considering his levitation skills).
He has sporadic bouts of insomnia, ranging from one to two nights a week. He once couldn't fall asleep for an entire week during high school and fell into a failing range in many of his classes.[/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Name: Ronark Marth
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ronark has spiky black hai, that is hard to stick down. Topaz eyes and always ahs a said face on. He usally is wearinga black t-shirt with ripped blue jeans. He also most of the time either wheres a vest or a headband.
Biography: Ronark was born in a rundown apartment complex; Ronark is an only child. He had a simple life, he did not like his dad but put up with his constant yelling. They did not buy him much of anything, only things they thought he needed like, Clothes, a toothbrush, and shoes. He put up with it but he always had a burning rage he wanted to use on his dad. Until one day when he was 3 days away from being 14, he started a fire in his apartment, as the fire kept eating away at his house, he felt connected to the fire. He started to swing his arms, and eventually the fire went out. During the whole thing his mother was watching, She walked over to him and said, ? GET! Go Away from here! You freak!? The whole thing crushed Ronark?s heart, so he ran, and eventually came to an ally, and hid in an empty dumpster. On his 14th birthday (2 days after the fire) He was walking and came upon a building in the middle of nowhere. He didn?t think there would be anything all the way out where he was. So after camping outside of it that night, he finally decided to check the place out.
Powers: 1.Psycho kinesis over fire 2.He can become invisible for short amounts of time. 3.He can levitate himself a couple inches in the air.
Affinity: Straight
Other facts: He has a problem with his arm since birth that hurts painfully every now and then.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Magenta]Okay,I've decided to close the sign-ups now. I know i said it would be 7 days from now, but I've got enough great sign-ups already. Mind you, the sign-ups I accepted were based purely on wether I like the characters or not. If you don't think it's fair or you want to complain, you can contact me, but I'm just going to yell at you :p

[B]Clurr [/B] as [B]Julian Amery[/B]
[B]Wet Cement [/B] as [B]Levon LeVaughn[/B]
[B]Fyxe [/B] as [B]Shayla L'mei [/B]
[B]Caoimhe [/B] as [B]Dustin Aimee Johnson [/B]
[B]Hell'sMinion6676 [/B] as [B]Dante Wilenson[/B]
[B]Darren [/B] as [B]Chloe Verena[/B]
[B]Premonition [/B] as [B]Thomas Arthur[/B]
[B]indifference [/B] as [B]Vanyel Ashkevron [/B]
[B]Jiazu [/B] as [B]Chora S. Park [/B]
[B]2007DigitalBoy [/B] as [B]Joe Deadrien[/B][/CENTER]

the 2 threads will go up shortly ^_^ I'll leave this open, but I will not take more than 1 more person and only if it's really special. In the meantime, if you guys are interested (and you are) go check out my post in the Ultimate RPG thread to see my intentions for this.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Indigo]If you need characters later in the rpg let me know i will place a sign up then K? Send a PM or a E-Mail. liked the idea didn't want to mess with too much at one time but one this gets started i should have my other stuff cleared up anyhow..[/COLOR][/FONT]
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  • 2 weeks later...
[COLOR=goldenrod]All right DB, here it is. ^_~ And just so the rest of you know... Acording to DB Tasha will be arriving at Esper Hall in the next chapter. Should be fun! :catgirl:

[B]Name:[/B] Tasha Sanders

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Gender:[/B] Female
Appearance:[/B] Tall and graceful with pale blonde hair half way down her back. With green eyes, generous curves and an almost unearthly look to her. Tasha has always been considered beautiful.
Biography:[/B] Tasha is fairly normal. Even though she realized at an early age that she could hear other?s thoughts and make things move if she wanted them to, she never really cared one way or the other since she had lots of friends and a good family. Tasha finished High School and was about halfway through college when a latent power of essentially charming others appeared. She didn?t even realize that she was doing it.

The resulting rush of guys as well as girls practically following her everywhere finally resulted in her quitting school and returning home to isolate herself from everyone. A year later, on her twenty-first birthday she finally returned to society since she finally figured out how to block it partially.

But also because she had heard rumors of a place called Esper Hall and she was determined to try and find it. For months she tried tracking down a location by virtue of following people?s thoughts, until ironically, when she was about to quit and go home she got on the wrong bus. She had been up all night tracking down a rumor and tiredly dragged her luggage onto the wrong bus, not realizing what she had done until half-way there she woke up and realized that the bus was out in the middle of no where. At Esper Hall no less.

[B]Powers:[/B] Telepathy, tapped. Transporting, semi-tapped. Hasn?t figured out how to transport herself. Charm, the ability to cause others to be infatuated with you, in her case it?s out of control and barely kept in check.

[B]Affinity:[/B] Bisexual. Very open about it.
Other Facts: [/B]Tasha is a bit naïve, well other than having relationships that is. But she?s never faced hardship and has no grasp of the concept of doing without. She?s pretty laid back and easy going. The only exception is she dislikes people who aren?t honest.

She?s also into cute things like animals and stuffed animals and loves frilly things. In fact her wardrobe, though tasteful is full of more pretty styled clothing. She doesn?t wear dresses, but plain jeans and shirts are a definite no no.[/COLOR]
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Like Aaryanna, my character will arrive at the start of the next chapter.

[color=gray]Name: Treana Selmokar[/color]

[color=#808080]Age: 23[/color]

[color=#808080]Gender: Female[/color]

[color=#808080]Biography: Treana had always preferred to be by herself. She never socialized very much, instead being involved in her own pursuits. Even at school, she didn't play with the other children. She was always off by herself. Often she was studing, or reading, or other things, but she was always doing it alone. She would work with others, but only when necessary, and she never saidanything more than she had to.[/color]

[color=#808080]As she reached adulthood, Treana had her first telepathic experiences. She began working with the ability, learning to control it. She started experimenting with it, seeing just how far she could push it. It was durring one of these experiments that... well, that something happened. Treana hadn't intended for it to happen, but once she realized just what was happening, she made no effort to stop it. She realized that it would have certain advantages, and even if it wouldn't have, she'd probably have let it happen anyways, just because she was curious about what it would be like.[/color]
[color=#808080]What had happened was a duplication of Treana's mental self. In other words, there were now two of her in one body. Only one self can be in control of the body at a time, but they can switch which one's in control. Her two selves aren't completely identical, but they're extremely similar. After all, they are the same person. Treana began trying to determine exactly what had caused this mental duplication, but she has yet to figure it out.[/color]
[color=gray]Eventually, Treana picked up thoughts of a place called Esper Hall in the minds of a few people. She learned that it was basicaly a community for espers, people with abilities like hers. She thought that it would be an ideal place for her to learn about and develop her abilities, so she gathered her belongings and tracked down the Esper Hall bus.[/color]
[color=gray]Powers: Treana's telepathic abilities are well-developed, considering that she started with basically no information or information resources on the subject (no reliable ones, at least). She can get through simpler mental shields, and create a decent shield around her own mind.[/color]
[color=gray]Treana's dual selves afford her an advantage, as each self has the same abilities. So she can essentially double her abilities by her two selves working in tandem. This is useful in getting through mental shields, as one self can attack first, followed by the sudden intrusion of the second self attacking on a second front. It's useful for defense, as well; if someone's starting to break her mental shield, one self can maintain the shield alone while the other raises another mental barrier. Not even this will keep a skilled telepath out indefinitely, but it does give the skilled telepath a much harder time. And when the telepath does gain access, he/she still may not get anything useful out of Treana's mind. Her dual selves give her something of a natural telepathic defense; it's not easy for an intruding telepath to make sense of the dual selves, especially when the telepath doesn't know to expect it. And even when this is known, it can still be hard to make sense of what's found in Treana's mind.[/color]
[color=#808080]Affinity: Homosexual[/color]
[color=#808080]Other: Treana often seems to use 'I' and 'we' interchangably. She uses 'I' when referring to the specific self that's speaking. She uses 'we' when referring to herself as a whole. I realize this may be confusing to write, so don't worry about it. Just remember that she usually uses 'we' more often that 'I'.[/color]
[color=#808080]When I post, I'll use different colors to indicate which self is in control, speaking or thinking. [/color][color=royalblue]This color[/color][color=gray]is for one self, and [/color][color=seagreen]this color[/color][color=gray] is for the other self. Speach or thoughts from a self will be in that self's color, as will actions taken while that self is in control of the body. If it ever gets too confusing, please tell me and I'll try to make it clearer.[/color]
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