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What's in your bag?


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[size=1][color=indigo][font=arial]Left front pocket: Phone, always, and car keys. Cause my phone has (had?) a gloss shine, and the car keys have a 'scratch the **** out of everything' effect, my phone looks like it's worth a lot less than $850 now.

Right front pocket: Cigarettes, lighter. Winfield Blue unless they have none at the servo, in which case Winfield Red.

Back pocket: Wallet, with such thrilling things as: my driver's license (ooh), my keycard (aah) and my Medicare card (aaaaaah). Also, two condoms, have a dozen receipts, and $9 in change scattered throughout it's various pockets and compartments.

Most of this stuff gets moved around when I'm wearing a jacket, or all jammed into one pocket if I'm wearing my shorts with only one pocket. I've crushed more cigarettes that way....[/font][/color][/size]
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[SIZE="1"][B]Right Pocket:[/B] Wallet (with assorted cards) and change, as the wallet doesn't have storage for coins.

[b]Left Pocket:[/b] Phone and keys, occasionally a comb for my hair when it gets too fly away to handle, pain in the *** that one.

[b]Back Pocket[/b] Unused. Prefer not to keep stuff in it because it's uncomfortable to sit on and I generally keep a thumb in my pockets to prevent them from being picked.

As you can see, I don't generally pack a lot going anywhere. It amazes me some people carry around so much.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkRed"]Usually what is in my purse are:

2 water bottles or at least 1
a book I'm currently reading
3 chap stick (I always lose 'em!)
cell phone
digital camera
my wallet
mp3 player
curve perfume
2 gig thumb drive
house keys

my wallet contains:

random quarters and pennies
a 20 dollar bill
yu-gi-oh cards for doodling when I'm bored
student id card
military id card
hastings card
county library card
city library card
bus pass
pharmacy insurance card
borders/waldenbooks card
EB games card
voting card
old bus passes
hot topic cards
college cafe coffee card
picture of my nephew

So I am basically set for anything. And no, my purse is actually normal sized. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR="HotPink"][B]Left Pocket[/B]- I usually just keep my iPod and cellphone in this pocket.

[B]Right[/B]- This is used for loose money...change...cards...whatever.

[B]Back[/B]- Wallet(which is basically just filled with green and a few quarters)

And...when I'm at school...I have my backpack...and my locker.

[B]Backpack[/B]- Haha...School text books I forgot to turn in because I skipped the last days of school. Manga, notes, notebooks...pencils....hats, gloves and shades.

[B]Locker[/B]- More books I didn't turn in...a mirror...a rack...manga, and some Adio Heart-o-gram shoes that I used for soccer.[/COLOR]
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In my bag (really, it's far too big to be called a purse), I always have

wallet [bank card and bus pass!]
cell phone
house keys
one or two books
homework or study materials
a couple of bags of elastics for my braces
dental floss or other assorted dental devices to keep my teeth clean
a bottle of vodka ;D
I kid! That was only one time! Really!
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[COLOR="Magenta"]I don't know if you consider it a purse but it works for me. I have a huge bag from Hollister.

[U]Normal Days:[/U]
I have keys to get into the house
A giant wallet to keep my change, cash, coupons, giftcards, and ID
I have my sunglasses in a nice pocket away from my other heavy items(So they don't break)
I have my cellphone
Occasionally my Zune
A pack of gum
Sometimes a water bottle
Hair ties- I need them for doing work, gets in the way or to just pull it back(I have really long hair)^_^

[U]SunSplash Days[/U]
I have all of the above with:
A towel
My extra clothes so I can go out to eat with my friends to a restuarant nearby
Sandals (Love to walk around bare foot)

I simply love big bags to hold everything and not have to have multiple things to carry around. One trip and one thing to carry only. ^_^
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[COLOR="Navy"]Okay here's the contents of my man purse. Or murse to be more precise. Well, it's more of my book bag, but whatever!

-Ruined journal I use
-Another journal my friend gave me that I never use
-Bass guitar how-to book that I never use
-Old key I never use
-Crushed MP3 that I [b]can't[/b] use
-Idiot's guide to sex (seriously)
-FMA books
-Old gum wrappers
-Old dreams that were shattered
-Old songs I never liked that [B]I [/B]made

I don't have a wallet because I always lose them, I'm an idiot when it comes to wallets.[/COLOR]
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[color=crimson]Front right pocket: Keys.

Front left pocket: Cell phone and a pen.

Back left pocket: Wallet with cash, cards, DL, condom, other essentials.

I operate under the presumption the apocalypse won't occur if I don't carry around every single remotely useful item I own.[/color]
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I don't like carrying a bag because I have a silly habit of putting things down and leaving them there, in the corners of bookshops or under tables in coffee shops. So I usually wear a casual suitjacket and stuff all the pockets full of stuff - though I do have a messenger bag for if it's too hot for a jacket.

The things I carry at all times are: wallet, phone, keys, notebook and pen.

My wallet isn't that interesting. The usual stuff: cashcard, driver's licence, National Insurance card, railcard, condom and a passport photo of all my housemates crammed into one photo booth, that we took in Freshers' Week.

My keyring used to have a Lego man on it, but he broke off and I've recently replaced him with Urahara from Bleach, who is unfortunately a bit bigger and can get a bit uncomfortable in my pocket.

And I have to have a notebook and pen at all times because most of my good ideas come while I'm walking from A to B, and B has this odd effect of erasing said ideas from my brain... useful for writing down phone numbers, addresses or errand reminders as well.
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[SIZE="1"]I carry a purse, and I'm tired of it. Its just that its so convenient.

In there I have a combination lock; which I use for work, a few writing utensils, a little vitamin keychain with three Ibuprofen in it, a zipped bag thing with a few hair things, blah blah, tissue, bandaids, my wallet, some other random things. I really can't renmember everything.

In my wallet I have my drivers lisence, a library card that is probebly expired, a card for Panera, an old SunCoast card, my Debit card, the Credit card I took to Japan and never used, a paper card for Tomo(Japanese food), and one for Asian Feast(Chinese), tons of reciets I need to put in my book from my Debit card(it piled up since I never put them in before I left), about thirty something dollars, plus about thirty cents, probebly a few cards I can't remember.

I should probebly go through and edit this post, heh. Oh well, those are the basics.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1] I have four pairs of cargo pants and six pairs of shorts [all Quiksilver] and a pair of black jeans but I never use the extra pockets:

* list taken from the current pair of shorts I'm wearing

[B][U]Front Right Pocket[/B][/U]
- Playstation Portable

and I'm out of pocket space because of the bloody thing, but it has over six hours of music and [currently] Tekken V: Dark Ressurection, it's one hell of a life saver.

[B][U]Front Left Pocket[/B][/U]
- one pair of house keys
- one pair of moped keys
- one pair of car keys

as you can see, my left pocket is my "sharp pointy objects" pocket.

[B][U]Front Right Zipper Pocket[/B][/U]
- one coke glass bottle cap
- one corina bottle cap
- 3 cents

yea, there's not alot of space in there, so I usually leave random junk in there

[B][U]Left Leg Pocket[/B][/U]
- one wallet [$32.50 / military ID / slip of paper with Ash's phone number on it]
- one mobile phone
- two eyeglasses cases [one of them conceals my back up pair of glasses]

yep, that's where all the important junk goes.[/SIZE]
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[quote name='SaiyanPrincessX'][SIZE="1"]In my wallet I have my drivers lisence, a library card that is probebly expired...[/SIZE][/QUOTE][color=#db2007]Really? Your library cards expire? All the ones I've seen are good forever.[/color]
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I like to follow through on the american stereotype and always keep myslef armed. I usually carry my pocket knife on me, but I've been known to also carry my 9mm pistol from time to time as well. I enjoy the feeling of securtiy since I don't live in the safest part of town. When you live in a neighborhood known for muggers, rapists, and pedophiles your going to want to be able to protect yourself at a moments notice.
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[size=1]I wear a suit jacket to work, so describing it is a bit complicated. Whenever I'm not going to work, I have my camera on me as well.

[b][I]Within my suit jacket:[/I]
Inner upper-left-hand pocket[/b]
- Cash (I forget how much I have right now)

[b]Inner lower-left-hand pocket[/b]
- Metro Smartcard
- Congressional Federal Credit Union check card

[b]Inner right-hand pocket[/b]
- Comb

[b]Outer right-hand pocket[/b]
- Cellphone

[b]Outer left-hand pocket[/b]
- iPod[/size]
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[color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy] My daughter emptied the contents of my purse into a laundry basket over the weekend. Before she did, this is what was in my itty bitty bag:

[B]Cell Phone[/B] I can't leave home without it because there's always a change to my schedule. Either an addition or a cancellation

[B]wallet[/B]- Since it has my DL it's another necessity. Although because of my two year old I have two licenses. One is always in my car and the other is always in my wallet... unless Abby gets to it.

[B]Excendrine Migraine[/B] I'm prone to head aches. If I pop 2 of these, I'm good all day

[B]Philosophy Mint Body Lotion[/B]- This stuff is so thick and smells like a Peppermint patty. Of course it's also a bit of money so I have to use it sparingly.

[B]Glasses wipes[/B] Because sometimes you're just too lazy to wear contacts. I stick a few of them in my wallet

[B]$50 USD[/B] I'm trying to break myself of my debit card habit. And I think I'm doing rather well.

[B]Lip gloss[/B]- One by Philosophy in raspberry sorbet and the other one from Victoria's Secret in Cherry bomb. I'm a brand whore.

[B]Hawaiian Vanilla Lip balm[/B] My mom got it for me in Hawaii and it smells more like maple syrup than vanilla. But it works great.

Well, that's all that I could stick in that purse... and now I have to go to work.[/color][/font]
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][COLOR="Green"]Ok well I have about 3-4 different bags that I use different days depending on where I'm going.

If I'm going to a party I usually take my small little black purse. I don't exactly what kind of a bag it is 'cause it was a hand-me-down from one of my older sisters. Usually in this bag I put:
-sucking candies
-a blue pen
-some post it paper
-a small nail filer
-my keys
-my cell phone
-whatever makeup I am wearing that day/night
-my small commerce bank card holder that has most of my cards and ID's in it(My Commerce debit card, my credit card, my license, and my metro card)
-my small pill case that has Midol and Aleve in it
-my allergy eye drops
-my asthma inhaler

Then I have my forest green Jansport bookbag. I mostly use this one 'cause I have the bad habbit of caring a lot of junk around in my bag, but the funny thing is that I use it all. My friends used to love calling me the walking pharmacy lol ^^ In this bag I have:
-my keys
-my cell phone
-the Commerce Bank holder with all my IDs
-my allergy eye drops
-pill case
-my ipod 4G
-my 2006-2007 pocket calendar book (Can't go anywhere without it)
-LOTS of pens in all different colors and varieties ^^
-4 different highlighters
-tampons (for just in case emergencies)
-post it notes pad
-my USB memory thingy 128MB
-white out
-small bottle of hand lotion
-small spiral pad
-my glasses (I only use these for distance)
-my green composition notebook that I use to write my stories in
-my Sudoku book
-whatever novel I am reading at the time
-my wallet
-(sometimes dvds or video games that I am playing at the time)
-(sometimes food/drinks)

Now for my last bag lol. I got this new Kenneth Cole Reaction bag in green (could you tell that's my favorite color ^^) from my sister as a graduation present from college. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!! Its small enough to carry around like a purse, but its big enough and has enough pockets to put most of my crap in and still has room to fit my book and my wallet in it! Anyway it also has an outside pocket and two small pockets(for ur cell phone or water bottle) on the sides of the bag. I bring this bag to work with me. I put in it:
-my keys
-my cell phone
-my eye drops
-my inhaler
-my pill case
-my ipod
-my Commerce Bank card holder with IDs
-my book
-post it notes pad
-blue pen
-bag of pretzels
-my glasses
-my pocket calendar book
-Pack of tissues
-Orbit sugar free gum in sweet mint
-mint tic tacs
-my softlips chapstick in vanilla
-small bottle of hand lotion
-small bottle oh hand sanitizer
-nail filer
-powder foundation with mirror
-(If wearing make-up it gets thrown in)
-my wallet (LOTS of change!{I'm known as the change queen}, $173 cash{This is only 'cause I got paid yesterday from 1 of my 3 jobs}, a Best Buy $25 gift card, my security guard license that expired in Feb, HSBC bank card, my John Jay College ID, TGI Fridays gold points card, Best buy card, The Body Shop card, Borders card, pictures of my niece, nephew, cats, family, and Matt)[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[quote name='Starwind']I usually carry my pocket knife on me, but I've been known to also carry my 9mm pistol from time to time as well.[/quote]At first I thought this was a stupid trollish thing to say - you know, making outlandish claims because it's the Internet and no one can prove you [i]don't[/i] carry a gun around ...

... and then I remembered that people actually do that in America. :animeswea
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[quote name='Retribution'][size=1]Yeah, it really is unfortunate. Can you believe that people are pushing for concealed weapons to be legal?[/size][/QUOTE]

[size=1]Some weapons are kind of hard to carry otherwise. I'd agree with you about it being unfortunate, except that the stricter our laws get the worse crime gets. It's just like telling a toddler they can't do something - it gives them one more reason to try it anyway.

And yes, I am referring to some Americans as toddlers. Even if it could be considered a hypocritical comment. ^_~

w00t! Mopeds! >.>

Lemme see... I think, since everyone is naming what brands and such they carry... that I shall do the same! *dramatic pose*



[b]Lipgloss -[/b] sweet jelly by Rimmel London in Sweetie

[b]Lipstick -[/b] One that I love, don't know what it's called or who it's by so will be sad when it runs out (pale), then from Avon, Pure Color in Tiger's Eye (dark). ^_^ I always carry these two.

[b]Eyes -[/b] Maybelline Volume Express, Maybelline New York expertwear in ebony, Bon Bons bronze eyeshadow powder, BeautyTime Pearl Eyez in - OMG! - pink

And then some CG bronzer... like I need it. xD[/size]
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[quote name='Retribution'][size=1]Yeah, it really is unfortunate. Can you believe that people are pushing for concealed weapons to be legal?[/size][/QUOTE]

[color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=3]It depends on what state you live in and if you have a permit to carry a concealed weapon such as a hand gun. But it just goes back to our second ammendment (?) which grants us (Americans) the right to bear arms.

Speaking of hand guns, they're prohibited in Canada because they can be easily concealed.

And hey, I smell a debate thread coming on.[/color][/font][/size]
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