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This is Earth. It is a planet of war, destruction, culture, power, death and life. After thirty years of war, only five truly safe places remain: the British Empire (Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland and France), the Imperial (Russia and China), Japan, half of the USA and Canada. All other areas are regarded as ‘no man’s land’, an area wherein society has completely fallen, creating vast wastelands of soldiers, fighting without a cause and cannibals. In each country, desperate measures have been taken to keep out these beasts in their land – defences. The war is on standby.

Each superpower is credited for its unique invention. The British Empire, for example, created the cybernetic soldier – androids, surpassing human fighters, although only a few remain. The Imperial created space vessels surpassing recent models for intergalactic surveillance and a marvelous advantage on their part, whilst Japan came into the game with an overly large defence system – they kept safe and could attack the world from their keep. The remainder of the USA were credited for their weapons manufacturing and Canada for its genetically engineered humans.

…but let me give you a glimpse into society…

Those young hopefuls trained in the art of fighting for their country have been forgotten. They have been left to dwell in their hometowns, bored, unable to cope with the lack of war for their amusement. These fighting machines were created and now they have nothing. As payment for their purgatory, they acted out. With violence, drugs, rape, gang warfare, murder…

This wasn’t the case everywhere. It seemed that only in large areas where gangs were concentrated the destruction was present. And this, my dear friends, is where we come into the equitation.

Septu (formerly Mongolia) is placed between the two allies of the Imperial, Russia and China. Mongolia had since fall during the Imperial’s early years and had risen during the war whilst those were busy defending themselves. Septu was born – a country never perfect, but always open for suggestions. We prided ourselves on our separate justice system and our own police force, indeed we were not saints but we were safe.

And now with the younger generations becoming increasingly more violent, the Imperial created a grand scheme – “Cheap Solutions to Expensive Problems”. As it turns out, Septu is property of the Imperial. Guards have been posted on the boarders and, for a small fee, those youngsters trialed with more than one act of murder or rape are sent here. What of the original inhabitants? Nothing. We were not allowed to leave.

Morals and equality doesn’t matter to those who have the power and the means to survive.

But to stand ideally by while our country is overrun by the world’s problemed super-soldiers? That would be immoral itself. This is Earth – and [i]this[/i] is our story…


Welcome to Earth. There are no good guys in this RPG. There are no sides to take. There are only us, the players. No matter who your character is or where they are from they will all be playing revolutionaries, for either the good of the world or the sake of playing a revolutionary. This game will take place in Septu (formerly Mongolia), under the Imperial Authority. Here, law breakers are sent from all countries – ie very, very dangerous people. You will be playing either an immigrant to Septu, a resident of Septu, a prisoner or a military officer [doing a not-so-good-job] defending the area.

Basically, in this game, you will develop your characters and we’ll create a story involving revolutionaries. We’ll be saving our arses on the brink of destruction, flying space ships; overthrowing Governments… you name it. Science Fiction creativity is all yours.

If you have seen or read ‘A Clockwork Orange’, then imagine the world like that. Your origins can be anywhere, keeping in mind the special talents of each superpower. You don’t have to be Russian to be from Russia – it’s the future, kids, anything happens.


Right now I am leaving a lot to be figured out. If you’re lost, send me a message, otherwise the story and the rest will be kept a secret. Now, here’s what I want.

You must create a sign-up including:
[*]Your name
[*]and an Appearance [picture, is possible]

You may add whatever you wish. You can go about this by creating a government form with this information, a criminal record, an RPG post containing it, a military record, a psychological profile… the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is provide this information in any means possible, and it can be as long or short as you want (make sure it shows off your abilities though). If you note the ‘species’ section, you can either be a human, a genetically modified human (Canadian in that case) or a cybernetic soldier (both human/cyber and fully cybernetic, British in origin). Buuuut, if you're feeling very creative, create something inbetween, as long as it isn't completely outlandish.

I’d also like the appearances to be pictures, possibly real life photographs (not cartoons or anime please) if you can. 3D images that look moderately life like will do, but it’s necessary for the game. You’ll see. If this is too much of a problem for a lot of people please contact me.

You may also wish to include how you got to Septu.

Remember, this is [i]our[/i] story, so we’re creating the story of revolutionaries. Big things are going to happen… so wait for the game to start and we’ll see =). I'll give you an example character... well, mine.

[CENTER][B][U]Unit 3456-A[/U]
A.C.I.D. Class Android

Unique Systems[/B]
Neuraltronic Net Shielding
Bioelectric Shielding
Computer Interface
Universal Language Programme

[B]Construction Date[/B]
August 1st 2200

Code Name: [url= http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs6/i/2005/094/8/8/Cyberspace_and_Matter4_by_xxporcelinaxx.jpg ]‘Gotik Lex’[/URL] [< Link]. The android was programmed with basic military tactics and training, designed to learn from culture, war, society and adapt its learning’s to military strategies. The unit was designed to process information and function as a ‘spy robot’, programmed to explore and develop.

The unit was fitted with a neuraltronic net shielding to prevent permanent damage to its artificial brain via electric shocks, feedback and viruses. A bioelectric shielding was placed to hide the unit’s artificial components from scans, designed to pass off as human until close inspection. It has also been fitted with a computer interface for British Empire-designed technology and an Universal Language Programme, complete with 500+ languages.

The unit was designed with the first working emotional programming. The unit shows basic emotional responses, such as smirking, smiling, frowning and tone of voice. Whether the unit can fully comprehend emotions is not known. The unit was a part of the British Empire Military, awarded the status of Lieutenant.

The unit is regarded as failed experiment and confirmed missing as of July 21st, 2229. Unit 3456-A ‘Gotik Lex’ is the only A series A.C.I.D. android not programmed for military fighting. It is not classed as a threat to society but is classed as a renegade and ordered to be apprehended when its identity is confirmed.


[I]Lieutenant Gotik Lex is the only android of his kind. Although many have improved on his design, Lex is the only android created for a purpose other than fighting. He was designed to interact, learn and, in a sense, become human and allow his advantage to be downloaded into other androids. Lex posses’ strength almost four times that of a human being, though he does not fight. He is an insanely curious creature, prone to asking questions and learning.

Although Lex has an admirable rank in his country, he did stay in the military forever. During one mission, Lex was convinced by a follow human soldier to experiment with his emotional programming, although it was limited. In doing so, Lex design his own ‘ethical’ programming – it was due to this that Lex requested he be discharged from the military. His request was denied, as he was the property of the British Empire. It was then that Lex was reported missing, residing in Septu.

As an android, Lex is rather blunt sometimes. But, for a machine, he is modest and polite, having mastered the art of smiling and smirking. He is talkative, thorough, precise and incredibly intelligent. Lex is not a killing machine, although he will defend himself and has a great need for friendship and protects those he considers his friends with all of his programming.

Currently, Lex is a renegade military officer, working as a self-employed cybernetics engineer in the suddenly-doomed Septu with his cross-bred guard dog, Miles.[/I][/SIZE]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Name: Melstreth Spyrus

Species: Biosoldier. Genetically enhanced female human

Age: 30, but has not physically appeared to age beyond 21.

Origin: Government Laboratories; The Kyung Project

Occupation: Formerly an agent of the government, used as an operative in the name of taking down threats with a mix of sex and raw power. Currently? She's a sexual predator with a serious personality disorder.

Personality: A true sexual predator, Mel's programing went faulty sometime between her last successful mission and the current one she's been assigned to. Shockingly, she didn't complete it and to the government's dismay, has disappeared into the urban underworld. Using her programing as well as her remaining human ingenuity, she's managed to blend in except for the frequently reoccurring incidents she participates in which tend to involve the vicious rape of both males and females as well as their untimely end.

Appearance: see attachment.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#001824][FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="1"]Program start.

/run profileupdater.exe


Redirecting to X drive.


File found; now displaying research on subject 3DA

Subject: Syntic Yszay (Sin-tick Yuh-Zay) goes by Syn

Species: Born human, subject underwent genetic enhancement and given Electrokinesis, affecting anything from electronics to magnetism. Upon arrival back into The Imperial, Surgery was done to enable electronic interaction via ports located on the back of the subject’s neck.

Age: 27

Origin: Exact location unknown. Subject originated in parts of Canada for genetic modification and slight biological enhancement. Upon completion was sent back to the imperial for final inspection and system integration.

Occupation: Former Lead of Space Mechanical Design of the Imperial. While the subject had promise in the beginning, the subject quickly proved to be too unstable for further use. Currently being imported into Septu

Appearance: Please refer to the attached photo [URL="http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/5415/hotguyxl3.jpg"](click)[/URL]

Personality: Subject tends to prefer to be in isolation. Whether this stems from earlier manipulations on the subjects psyche is currently unknown. Subject seems to enjoy rudimentary testing on humans, be it his own performance or another. Despite being a technological prodigy, if isolated long enough subject’s mental stability is put into question which compliments his preferred isolation. If subject is kept occupied while isolated mental stability will not decline. Whilst stable the subject seems innocent, upon further research the subject seemed to



Unauthorized Use Detected.

Now erasing all relevant data on subject 3DA

P.S. I love you too Vicky <3
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[center][SIZE=1][U][B]Septu Criminal Profile

[/B][/U][B][URL="http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/images/40062000/jpg/_40062917_kbgallery_premiere10ap.jpg"]Prisoner #265/4[/URL] [/B][click for surveillance image]
[B]Name: [/B]Kessel [no last name given]
[B]Age: [/B]appears to be early thirties - biological age could be vastly different to this. Require full medical report.
[B]Gender: [/B]Male
[B]Species: [/B]Outwardly, Kessel appears to be a human, but a medical outline shows that this is far from the truth. He was one of the first genetically-enhanced biosoldiers to come from the labs in Canada, but after the modification was complete, he was transferred to his home country of Britain to be fitted with cybernetic implants. The reasons given for this cross-modification was that the genetic technique had not been mastered at the stage of his modification. The creators felt that it would be prudent to add in additional improvements. As such, his strength is far in advance of any ordinary human, as are his agility, speed, and reflexes. His left arm is almost totally cybernetic, allowing him to interface with almost any computer system, as well as granting his left arm extreme strength. His right eye is similarly totally cybernetic, allowing a number of different types of scope to become part of his arsenal. Infra-red, night vision, telescopic zoom and X-Ray are just a few of the scopes he can utilise.

[B]Origin: [/B]Born in Britain, Kessel moved to Canada at a young age, and was discovered as a prime candidate for the genetic enhancement programme. He underwent extensive genetic modification for almost ten years, before he was transferred back to Britain for his cybernetic enhancements.

[B]Past Occupations: [/B]Kessel was one of a kind, enhanced by the government for the government. He was the very first of the covert-ops specialists to be created by the British Empire - using black-ops relations with Canada in order to complete the genetic enhancements necessary. He was engineered and trained to be the ultimate in black-ops soldiers, stealthy and deadly, with no need to question orders, and no mercy when it came to dispatching enemies. But he went AWOL [see Psychological Profile for details], and rampaged for a number of months before we were finally able to contain him.

[B]Special Skills: [/B]As stated above, Kessel is extremely strong, more so in his cybernetic left arm than anywhere else, but still stronger than any human elsewhere. He is also more agile, faster and with better reflexes than humans should have. His right eye [also cybernetic] contains a large quantity of high-tech equipment, including a small laser [only good for cutting through thin metal - restrain him with thick enough shackles and this shouldn't cause any problems], and a number of different visual scopes. He has also been trained to become a deadly opponent with any number of different weapons - from crossbows to nunchaku to high-power rifles. The one drawback to his design is that both his right eye and his left arm can be shut off totally with the application of electricity [suggest that this would be prudent when containing prisoner]. A flaw with his genetic enhancement also means that his lungs are more susceptible to damage from toxic chemicals - should he breathe in smoke or any other kind of fumes, he will be incapacitated for a few minutes while his body removes the fumes.

[B]Psychological Profile: [/B]Kessel is a soldier, by nature, as it is all he has known in life. His memories of the five years before he was transferred to Canada for his genetic enhancement have all been wiped, although he claims to have shards, fragments of them flash back to him every so often. Whether this is true or just a cry for attention is unknown - however it is suggested that this is kept a close eye on in future. He is a perfect soldier, programmed not to ask any questions, to follow orders to the letter, and not to show any mercy whatsoever when he kills. However, there is one problem with Kessel's psychological make-up, and this is that he has become a psychopath. He is not a madman, not a feral beast who rips his "prey" apart, far from it. He is clever, far too clever, and takes an insane kind of joy in torturing others - but not physically. Kessel has, recently, become a man who will torment other human beings until their minds break down, leaving them begging to be killed - and then he grants them their final wish, in the most horrific and brutal fashions imaginable. Kessel is not only dangerous, insane and psychopathic, but he is also cool, calm and collected, up until the moment of the kill, when the bloodlust sets in. He should be treated with extreme caution, and I mean extreme.
[Psychological Profile written by Dr H. Neric Pryor]

[B]Criminal Record:
[/B]Desertion of the British Armed Forces [1 count]
Criminal Damage [18 counts]
Burglary [1 count]
Armed Robbery [5 counts]
Battery [4 counts]
ABH [8 counts]
GBH [6 counts]
Kidnapping [2 counts]
Attempted Rape [1 count]
Murder [31 counts]

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[I][COLOR="DarkRed"]Dear Jessie, I heard about your problems with that "merchandise" and getting it through the Imperial checkpoints, well I have a pilot I use and he is one of the best you can get for this sort of thing. Here is his resume... actually its his police record but you will find out what you want to know about him from it, if you have any other questions or want some more information on him just give me a ring.

Yours, Donovan Finch[/I]
P.S. You might want to wait a bit, he just purchased a new ship and he hasn't got the kinks out of it yet.[/COLOR][/I]

[COLOR="Navy"][U][B]Imperial Police Record[/B][/U]

Name: Kole Gaffin

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Species:[/B] Enhanced Human, From the information that we could gather Kole was placed into a program for a cheaper version of the Biosoldier. Instead of replacing his entire body structure he received tech implants in certain areas of his body to help enhance his performance, one behind the neck, and two in the arms and legs. He became faster stronger and had better reflexes with the implants, but this all came at a price just under that of a Biosoilder and the enhanced soldiers were about half as effective as the Biosoldiers. The program was deemed wasteful and was closed down, discharging all officers involved.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/untitled.jpg"][U]File Photo[/U][/URL]

[B]Birthplace:[/B] Limerick, Ireland

[B]Past Occupations:[/B] Navy pilot & Special Forces operative, Quenspress shipping pilot.

[B]Current Occupation:[/B] Freelance pilot

[B]Psychiatric Evaluation:[/B] Kole is has deep seeded aggression toward superiors and officials due to his unjust discharge from the military. He has a apparent sense of right and wrong that comes into play but this is overshadowed by a somewhat, enjoyment (for a lack of better words), he gets from breaking the law. He dose not trust easily and only makes friendships when he has something to gain from them. He is incredibly attached from his emotions which makes him a efficient fighter.

[B]Criminal Record:[/B]
3 counts of Armed Robbery
19 counts of Damage to Imperial Vehicles*
5 counts of Assault on Imperial Official
1 count of Manslaughter
5 counts of Murder
218 counts of carrying illegal narcotics**
150 counts of carrying illegal firearms*
3 counts of Criminal Mischief
1 count of escape from a Imperial Penitentiary

* the counts are linked to the amount of items involved
** the counts are linked to the amount of kilos involved

[B]Other Information:[/B] Kole was arrested after being stopped at a checkpoint and prosecuted and sentenced to death for the crimes he has committed. Two days before he was set to be executed there was a prison riot and in the confusion he made an escape and has not been located since. He has been recorded to fly in three different ships, a [URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/V-Wing.jpg"][U]F2311[/U][/URL], a [URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/firefly.jpg"][U]A Shield model 13[/U][/URL], and a [URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/Sheathipede_OS.jpg"][U]MarQ78 Support Ship[/U][/URL]. The only recent information we have on the subject is a large credit transaction for a junkship ([URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/kimogila.jpg"][U]File Photo[/U][/URL] of ship model) but we haven't been able to locate him or the ship.[/COLOR]

[B]OCC: Sorry about changing it on a daily basis, I keep getting good ideas, but this is the last one, have any changes you want me to make just PM me.[/B]
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[COLOR="DimGray"][SIZE="1"][FONT="Fixedsys"][B]"Test Subject E-2351, Log. Time: 4:51 pm, October 21. Doctor Thomas Presiding over the operation with the assistance of Professors Connaway and Timula.

Subject will be recieving bionic leg and arm, experimental neurophase technology, muscular regulatory system, and optic scanners.


Subject's heart rate and REM pattern is normal halfway through the operation.

Optic scanners are installed and confirmed to be working properly.

Bionic systems online...

Neruophase tech. seems to be causing strain on the subject's heart. regulatory system is running at 50%

Heart rate and BP is falling rapidly. Regulator seems to be going sending electric shocks throughout the body. Subject begins convulsing.

Heart stops. Subject: Failed"[/B][/FONT]


Doctor Varick Saxton rolled the metal cart, carrying a black body back, down into the basement where the subject was to be disposed of. The human E-2351 would not be missed. If he had any family, they wouldn't care if he were alive or not; this was life and this was how Saxton made his money.
Little did the doctor know that inside the body bag, the regulatory system was still functioning. A volt of electricity shot throught the subject's corpse before finally settling into harmony with the neurophase technology. The bag twitched with the life of the human inside, but it was so subtle that the doctor never noticed.
Fear spread throughout E-2351 and he ripped open the bag. Doctor Saxton was standing horrified at the site of a failed experiement's hands suddenly around his neck. The bionic arm was giving him increased stength and Doctor Saxton couldn't hope to escape. His windpipe was crushed in only a few seconds and he was dead. The naked E-2351 picked up Saxton's lab coat and left the body, but not before activating his neurophase technology. E-2351 was officially Varick Saxton.


[B][U]Test Subject E-2351[/U]
Bionic Experiment, Echo Class[/B]


[B]Height:[/B] 6'1"

[B]Weight:[/B] 120 (without bionic limbs)

[B]Blood Type:[/B] AB+

[B]Age:[/B] 58 (most of his bionic stystems are outdated) but appears to be no older than 26

-Bionic Right Arm
-Bionic Left Leg
-Muscular Regulatory Interface System
-Neurophase Technology
-Optic Scanners

[B]Known Aliases:[/B]
(Dr.) Varick Saxton*
Amelia Cornwall
Sean Schulter
Devon Jackson
Vernon Airell[/CENTER]

Echo Class Bionics is a series of 2500 humans who volunteered to recieve advanced upgrades developed by the American Government for stealth warfare. None of the volunteers were made aware of the risks involved with their operation and all of the subjects died except for 2351.
Echo Class Bionics was deemed a failure and it is still widely debated weather 2351 is actually alive or not. A secret team of government officials follows all leads which could lead to his body. For this reason, 2351 has retreated to Septu.
The Bionic stystems work in sequence with the Interface Stystem, which is esentially the subject's heart. Not only does it give E-2351 increased strength, endurance, stamina, and speed, but it also increases bloodflow and brain activity. It increases all metabolic reactions within the body and the only downside that is presented is the overwhelming hunger that Echo Class experiences.
Optic Scanners were implanted in the subject to allow for photographic images, sharp sight, and to allow for the detection of concealed weapons, machinery, and minor android units.
The Neruophase System is unique to Echo class, and is widely believed to be the cause of death during all operations. It allows the subject, by touch, to "steal" the identity of anybody he wants. Just as E-2351 killed Dr. Saxton, he was able to steal his identity. He fingertips, iris patterns, and DNA all morph to match that of the, "doner." Unfortunately, the subject cannot actually change his apperance. Because of the failed experiement, officials are still not sure if the technology works.


[I]E-2351 had his memory erased, as required before volunteering, and is forced to live off of the DNA of the people he meets. Because Dr. Saxton is actually dead, 2351 prefers to live off of his identity. He was highly disoriented upon revival, but his brain functions faster and more efficient than ever. The world may have seemed new to him, but he adjusted and was able to pass off as just another citizen withing 24 hours. He also managed to learn basic defense and martial arts after only watching TV. Upon learing of Septu, 2351 decided to escape there, thinking that the governement would be less likely to find him.
He's still the same person he was before volunteering, but now he has no friends and he can't remember his life before hand. Varick shows a deep loathing for most humans residing in Septu, but he still posesses his natural human instincts. (For instance, he obtained Amelia Cornwall's "Mask," as he refers to it, after meeting her unexpectedly in a dark alleyway. He doesn't like to cause harm but he won't hestitate to attack or kill when he's provoked or startled. His bionic limbs sometimes react without him even thinking about it.
He's still finding himself and his old personality, but until that time comes, 2351 a.k.a. Varick Saxton, resolves to be left alone.[/I][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1]So far so good, but no verdict on the players yet. I think Ikillion and Prem live in a country were their night time lasts several days... =p, I'm joking though guys, try and get your sign-ups done as soon as you can. I'm a bit worried about letting people into the game who won't be able to post as often, is all.

I'm still waiting on a few people who said they'd be interesting in joining, so I'd like to post to say that there is a glossary with only three entries in the Underground thread at the moment, where all questions should be directed. The glossary will be used so that no one gets their concepts mixed up - we all have different imaginations and I'm sure we all have different opinions on android functions.

You do not need to know everything in the glossary, there'll just be a few things in there you might find helpful and if you would like to include them in your post, you can, as the information will be there =). The glossary will be updated through the game.

There is no verdict, as I said, or sign-up closure date as of yet, but I will keep everyone posted. Good work guys.

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[SIZE="1"]"Fuck 'em."

The rest of the guards hooted and hollered at that. He hissed it to them, and the drinks went around and around until everyone stumbled back to the barracks.

Was that all it would take? No, he didn't think so. They were always watching now, and sometimes he thought his headaches might be them searching his brain for what he really believed.

[I]Fuck 'em[/I]

No, he didn't want that. He [I]understood[/I] 'em. Never would he grasp why or how he began to empathize with the 'scum' in the streets, but he did. If he ever showed it to the force, his body would be out with the rest of the garbage before another breath escaped him. Dead, like the dissenting civilians, the ones he knew were right though he couldn't explain why.

[I]Fuck [U]me[/U][/I] escaped his lips before settling in for another sleepless night. Did it matter if he wanted to help them? Fool them once, he knew he could. Twice, and they would find out.

Rolling over on his cot he took an exasperated breath. Was he scared? Certainly. They loved making a show of executions within ranks. A dissenting soldiers blood spilled on the ground was, to most of the guards, all the entertainment one could wish for. "Self-cleansing," the Imperial called it, and they would certainly wash their hands of him if he ever tried to aid Septu.

Two adjacent soldiers argued in a drunken stupor as he stumbled into sleep. He knew happiness did not exist in his life. Hope existed only under the intense gaze of fear, and he dared not look it in the eye. For now.

Darius Thompson, soldier #26410, finally succumbed to sleep remembering how his home in the USA burned to the ground all those years ago with his family inside.[/SIZE]
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What happened to "I'm never creating another RPG"?

I should update this within the next half hour. :) So, by one am my time. So, it should be up by the time you get up. Yeah.

[b]EDIT:[/b] Or not. Grr. I was typing it and fell asleep. Now I can't remember where I was going with the stupid character. *sigh* Sorry.
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[FONT=Calibri][align=justify]I hate this place.

I'm not sure why, really; after you spend so much of your life here, it kind of grows on you. Either that or you just get numb. After all, it's not like we really have a choice. I've seen the people who didn't get used to it. They never lasted long.

Even the nice days somehow manage to drag your spirit down. You'd think that a warm spring day, with a clear blue sky and a cool breeze, would make you happy to just be alive, but here it's as if nature mocks us, taunting us with visions of what the world should be, what it is outside the walls of the city. Inside, it's the same fight as it always is: the strong fight to dominate, the weak fight to survive, and the rest of us fight to stay out of the way.

It's easier for people like me, I suppose. We were born here, so we never had anything else to compare it to. My first memories of my mother are of me clinging to her skirts in fright, listening to the screams of a woman below our apartment as a local gang raped her. I don't even flinch when I hear them now.

I didn't understand until much later the complete unfairness of our lives. It was my grandparents who'd been sent here first, the last subjects of a Canadian genome project that never worked. Somewhere amid the scramble for cybernetic super soldiers and mankind's next level of evolution, someone got it into their heads to attempt splicing human and animal genes together.

It didn't work, at least not in the way they'd hoped. In their first attempt, the only attribute that transferred over was an almost uncontrollable feral nature. They kept trying, though, despite repeated failures and the deaths of many of their subjects, and towards the end of the project they had almost perfected the procedure, partially enhancing a few of their subject's senses in the best cases.

But then the war was halted, and the project scrapped. The few remaining subjects, my grandparents among them, were immediately imprisoned and shipped to this glorious cage they call Septu; though their 'treatment' had been finished, they had yet to be released at the time of experimentation, so their capture and relocation had been a simple process, allowing the governments involved to put a face of successful action on the situation while simultaneously continuing to search for those earlier 'projects' that were no doubt striving to remain free.

When I was old enough, [I]Abuela[/I] would tell me terrible stories of their transition to Septu; of how day after day they had faced fear-inspired persecution from their fellow man for crimes that they had not committed and could not hope to atone for; of how her best friend from the laboratory had been captured, raped, tortured, lynched, and burned by a mob of 'Pure-Bloods', as they so unimaginatively called themselves. The only times that had been reasonably safe for her and the others to venture outside for food had been around midday, when the police were out in droves, or at night, when no one was supposed to be out at all.

But my grandmother was a strong woman, and the wolf in her only amplified that strength. She'd been the one that had begun rallying our kind secretly for protection, and she'd been the one to organize the first safe houses. It had been she that had held her family together, and later, after my mother had conceived us, she'd held us together as well.

Something strange had happened as the rejects had come together and bonded. The children they produced were more balanced genetically then their parents had been, becoming closer to their animal counterparts in almost every attribute. It is possible that reproduction was a facet of the blending process that the scientists in charge of the experiments had either forgotten or neglected to take into account. Either way, though it served to solidify our kind's independence as species, it also drove us further away from our human brothers, and the second generation had their own trials of persecution to face.

My mother, for whatever reason, did not share [I]Abuela's[/I] strength. She couldn't cope with the constant derision, and the notion of inferiority, of sub-humanity, that the rest of society screamed relentlessly at us became firmly rooted in her mind. She couldn't manage to become completely independent of Grandmother's roof or protection.

I never knew my father. I doubt I ever will. He was one of us, or so my mother claims, but he was a stray, here one night and gone the next. My mother says that he loved her, but both my brother and I know better.

His abandonment drove my mother into the depression that society had prepared her for. She almost killed us at birth, but [I]Abuela[/I] mercifully intervened and somehow found in her daughter the resolve to become our mother, and so I owed my grandmother my life before I was yet a day old.

Now, almost twenty-five years later, I owe it to my brother as well. It happened as I was coming home from my job at a local restaurantâ??even us 'Half-Breeds' have to earn money somehow, and there are certain people who gain great pleasure from gawking lewdly at a tamed animal. I don't mind anymore, of course. Whenever they drop comments about my chest, I think about caving theirs in.

It had been more crowded than usual on the streets that day. I had tried to avoid a knot of people by sidestepping into an alley, as one does when one is numbered among society's rejects and wishes to avoid causing unnecessary scenes. But someone had stepped in after me, shoving me harshly to the ground, further into the alley, and before I knew it I had been surrounded by large men with leering faces.

I don't know where my brother came from, nor do I know how he got to me, but I had blinked once in terror and Alejandro had been there, between me and the men. I have never seen him so angry; he defended me furiously, snarling and snapping, his body a blur as he fought off my assailants. At some point they must have realized that sheer numbers were not enough, because they brought out their guns towards the end.

I confess now with no small degree of pride that my brother took twelve bullets from them before they dropped him to one knee, but it tore my heart open when he at last went down. I wish that I could have stood beside him as he fought, but the unexpectedness of the attack had stunned me, and I could only lie on the ground while he'd absorbed all the punishment intended for me, and then some for interfering. The police, summoned by some blessed passerby, had saved him, arriving and dispersing the mob before they had beaten him to death.

The rest is a fog for a while; I can't remember any of it clearly. The article hidden in the recesses of the newspaper says that I lay across his body, screaming, until the ambulance had arrived. [I]Abuela[/I] says that I didn't leave his side until he'd been released, and that I'd even forced my way into the emergency room, despite the vehement protests of the doctors. My mother says that I'd brought him home, which is probably true, though how I managed such a feat is also lost in the fog.

I don't think they would have released him as early as they did had he been just another human. They said it was because he healed abnormally fast; I think it was because they were afraid of keeping one of us for too long.

But he is sleeping now, his head resting in my lap, his long body stretched across our couch. I run my fingers through his thick hair, my nails scratching gently across his scalp, because he says it feels good. Sitting like this, I can't help but shove my anger at what has been done aside. But I will not always be able to sit here like this, and my anger will return.

I am Elena de Mercado, and I hate this place.[/align][/FONT]


[FONT=Arial]Well, the face seems a bit young, but the personality is right.[/FONT] Edited by Allamorph
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((Hope I'm not too late to sign up, but PM if there's anything I can do to improve this))

[FONT="Fixedsys"][SIZE="2"]US Army Personnel Files: Sgt. Jonathon J. Iroquois (Ret.)[/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"][B]Eyes Only[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"][B]Age:[/B] 29/31 (Medical and military records are not congruent)

[b]Career History:[/b] Enlisted (stated age 18, though according to medical records 16), but was to be discharged during basic training due to assault on fellow trainee. His commanding officer however, said he was 'valuable enough to salvage' and allowed to remain in training with heavy disciplinary measures. Graduated basic, and was immediately placed in the 75th Ranger Regiment, midway through the West African Campaign.

Was promoted to Sergeant near the end of his combat tour despite continued disciplinary actions against his alcoholism. Also received Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Cross for his performance during the retreat from the Ivory Coast and was to be recommended for transfer to Delta Force.

Accused and convicted of murder of his commanding officer during combat operations, and was stripped of medals and rank. Pleaded innocent against witness by his platoon. Immediately discharged following psyche evaluation, and sent to Septa.

[b]Performance evaluation:[/b] In top physical condition throughout career and shown particular ability as a marksman, despite losing right eye in combat. Has also proven himself to be a gifted combat leader, having taken control of his platoon after the murder of his lieutenant.

[b]Mental Condition:[/b] Exhibits strong aggression and rage at times, and is prone to losing self control especially to superiors. Despite being very intelligent has a strong dependancy to alcohol and seems incapable of quitting on his own and seems to suffer delusions of grandeur. Has also shown great disdain towards genetically modified or bionically enhanced humans.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Photo attached, taken at time of arrest and discharge.[/SIZE][/font]

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[size=1]If my species description makes little sense, just imagine the villain T-1000 from Terminator 2, lol.
M.A.E. (Morphing Android Experiment) 7, Project Code 1149057 ? aka Mae

Nanomorph: A robot entirely made of nanomachines. Its brain is distributed throughout its whole body, which also acts as an all-around sensor, hence making it impossible to surprise as long as the target is on line of sight. A nanomorph is arguably the robotic ultimate in versatility, but the difficulty of properly creating and maintaining nanomachines has made it an unfavorable design type, even in the industrially advanced British Empire. It is also capable of using parts of its body as a tracking device, splitting the body for doing several tasks, flatting the body until paper-thin, or even gliding/flying. Another feature is the ability to cover itself with specific colors and textures in a realistic looking manner (the ultimate being to look and dress like a human).

49, appears to be in early to mid-twenties.

Built in France in 2220, under orders of the British Empire's military robotics unit.


Mae was created during the time period when ?robots with feelings? were the favored creations. Thus, all of her nanomachines were embedded with the necessary ?emotions? required for her to pass as a human until examined very closely. Her ?default mood? seems to be pissed off, as can be confirmed by any person lucky enough to witness her and not be killed soon afterwards. She wears a grimace at almost all times, is always extremely determined and focused on the task at hand, and is quick to violence (though that may just be because she was built to kill). She does, however, recognize when keeping something or someone functioning or alive is essential to completing her mission. When this is the case, she tends to become somewhat overprotective of it/them, to the point where it could be considered ?caring? (though she would never consider it so). Since being discarded (reasons, thus far, being unknown to her), she has adopted ?escaping Septu and returning to Professor Green (the man leading the project she was created for) for next assignment? as her current mission.

[url=http://www.ivetfashion.com/women/Milena%20Georgieva/big/milena-georgieva-woman-19.jpg][i]Mae[/i][/url] right after completion.
She has tanned skin, dirty blond hair, and gray eyes. Also of note, on her right hip, shortly after she passed inspection, she was branded with a bar code and her project code number. Because of her ability to mimic whatever she comes in contact with, and her ?personality?, she has become partial to ?wearing? [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/Marla_feels_beautiful_II_by_skeev.jpg][i]this[/i][/url] outfit. (photo credit to [url=skeev.deviantart.com]skeev@devart.com[/url])[/center][/indent][/size]
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[size=1]OOC: Major apologies for the late sign-up Vick, I was kinda delayed. ^_^’

[B]Name:[/B] Samuel Strong

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Species:[/B] Human

[B]Place of Birth:[/B] New Cardiff City, South Wales, British Empire.

[B]Analysis Report of Subject Samuel Strong, Group 21[/B]

[I]Subject 3, Group 21, Samuel Strong has proven to be a most interesting one indeed. He was put into my care but one week ago for the special treatment I had on offer. It was his father I dealt with, a wealthy, arrogant man who thought his money would save his only son and heir. Naturally, I wasn’t very sure that the treatment would work at all, especially after the failures in the previous twenty test groups, but that’s another report all together.

Anyway, Samuel has only just reached his twenty-first year and what was once a bright, healthy and promising young lad has been reduced to less than a spectre of his former self. The reason for this is what we’ve begun to call the McGuiness Disease (after the late Henry McGuiness, the first known carrier of the disease). Through all my testing I have no idea how the disease is carried/transferred between individuals or its capabilities with various species, I just know the symptoms.
These include (but are not limited to):-
- A massive reduction in weight (See upper section of Reference Photo),
- Excessive vomiting,
- Organ failure on a massive degree,
- Rapid destruction of the retina (leading to blindness),
- And uncontrollable insomnia.

To be put bluntly, it’s a most horrific infliction and the carrier normally dies within less than a month of the first symptoms arising. My research shows promise in all its theoretical stages but fails miserably during practical testing. I have hypothesised that perhaps the virus constantly adapts and mutates to combat all my attempts at an anti-virus.

However, in Samuel’s case (and several others in his test group, see specific reports) rather than just dying within minutes of the anti-virus administration he recovered slightly. His symptoms eased, his vision remained (although heavily damaged beyond repair) and he was able to sleep relatively un-disturbed.

After two days however, something unforeseen occurred. The subjects symptoms re-appeared on a far worse scale. Where as only the inner parts of the body seemed to decay before anti-virus administration, the outer body showed signs also. Many of the surviving test subjects lost limbs, ears, eyes, including Samuel. Watching as someone screams in horror as one of their eyes falls out is something that will forever haunt my slumber.

While the other test subjects died very soon after, Samuel’s torture continued for days and days, and despite my pleas to my superiors to terminate his life and end the suffering they insisted we continue to study the advancements of the virus and the progress of the anti-virus. That same night I left Samuel in the lab, his body in tatters, hoping that his suffering would end soon.

It didn’t take too long however, the lab assistants, insisting that I report to Samuel’s observation cell woke me in the middle of the night. Quite frankly, I was amazed. Totally and utterly speechless at the advancement in him (See lower segment of Reference Photograph). To even ponder how his body could have reformed after the amazing deformity that had taken place. I really have no possible conclusions or ideas as to how such a thing could be possible.

Any chance to study this miraculous recovery was stolen from me when Samuel broke out later the next day. Any of the guards on duty that survived against him reported that Samuel took bullets as if they were nothing and any wounds seemed to close instantly. Such a scientific break-through is amazing and mind-boggling also. I only wish I’d been given the opportunity to discover what went on within him.

Reported by Dr. Robert Cornel.[/I]

[B]Reference Photograph:[/B] [img]http://oldnick.coraider.com/uploaded_images/christianbale-770999.jpg[/img]

[B]Short Bio:[/B] Having miraculously survived the deadly disease and recovered impossibly, Sam is now resilient to pain and injury in almost any form. Whether other diseases, poisons or toxins can affect him is not yet known, but it is assumed they can’t. It is also assumed that should enough injury befall him, he can recover almost fully, including limbs and important other body parts. Whether the removal of Sam’s head would actually kill him or fail to grow back has also yet to be proven.

It also appears that whatever strange workings are now powering Sam, keep him very healthy, as fit as an olympic athlete. He is also capable of surviving longer periods without the usual food and water that most living creatures require.

How Sam managed to escape from the British Empires Viral Labs and end up in Septu is all but a mystery. While his body might have fully recovered after the trauma, his mind was a little slower. For the most part during his escape he was a mindless beast with no other goals in mind than self-defence and self-preservation. As such, many of the Lab staff who stood in his way were mauled (some even eaten) and mostly killed.

Upon his arrival in Septu, Sam quickly began to recover odd memories and a basic way of life. So far he has remained fairly undetected by The Imperial and caused little trouble. From his vague memories and what information he has gathered, Sam believes it to be little over two weeks since his escape.

As someone who survived the decay of their own body, Sam is very thankful and respects life very much, but also has a few screws loose. Something about trauma and death, blah, blah, blah. He normally masks this with trying to be funny.[/size]
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[SIZE=1]And we're done.

I'm sorry I couldn't wait longer, but it was either now or Monday, haha. Now after some thought, I have dropped one player. It was quite a tough choice really, but I'm afraid it has to be [b]YawnBoy[/B]. Don't take this to heart, my friend, I just wanted to numbers to be even at the start of the game. I might need some cameo's for later on as well, so maybe, just maybe ^_~ You had quite an impressive sign-up, and thank you very much for trying out for the game. I'm sorry I had to drop you.

The game will start tonight. For the first Chapter, don't worry about doing anything huge. What I want you to focus on is getting to know characters - use the underground to discuss and whatnot.

Thank you all for joining but please note the first few posts will be the most important. I reckon most of you are gonna make this cut easily... but I tend to take first impressions from the first few posts, so make them count in all ways possible ^_~

Heeey ho, let's go! XD[/SIZE]
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