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Your Favorite Bands - Lets get it out of the way

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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Okay. Lets just clariffy this so that everyon here in our ever-raging discussions can have a real idea of what exactly we're all obsessing over so that we can see it in plain sight and not try to guess around. Amber streams from sol are NOT UNLIKE THE WAVES.

[B]Top Tier - Nonstop awesome[/B]

1. The Mars Volta
2. Agalloch
3. Shabutie/Coheed and Cambria

Top Tier Overview: The Mars Volta, in my opinion, is far above over bands as simply the most creative and amazing musical experience out there. There's reeally nothing that can even be compared to them. Their music goes beyond transcendence of genre into a universe that is simply "Volta". They've never written a bad album, and their technical and spiritual prowess is unmatched.

Agalloch is amazing, pure and simple. They evoke more emotion in their music than anything I've ever heard, and they write songs that are purely magical. Between Falling Snow and Not Unlike the Waves is an untouchable void that stands above any other song ever written, period.

Coheed is a bit of a mixed bag, which for anything else would have knocked them out of the top spot. However, the things that they write which are truly excellent are just that. Their first album is one of my favorite albums of all time and then we get to Shabutie, which is one of the more unique musical experiences, and one of the only things I've ever heard where the lyrical and vocal addition actually enhance the music. I like things dark and unique and Shabutie delivers.

[B]High Tier - Mostly awesome[/B]

1. Dredg
2. Pearls and Brass
3. Opeth
4. Tool
5. Isis

Dredg is on the list mostly due to their first album, Leitmotif, which, while short, is an amazing experience thasat is really incomperable to anything. However, due to it's tiny length it gets tiring easily and so I have actually listened to El Cielo more. El Cielo is great, half of it being amazing and the other half rather monotonous. this band might have made top-tier if their third album wasn't god-awful.

Pearls and Brass is the god-band of riffage. If they had more than just one album (available) they might have the push to make it higher, although it's more just because I only get to hear the one occasionally.

Opeth are an amazing transitional band who's albums Ghost Reveries and Damnation blow me away, but unfortuanetally their other albums just aren't really my style - they're so dark it eats your soul. However the music I do like I love and their deserve to be recognized.

Tool and I haven't met very much lately because my 2 favorite albums are trapped on my old computer where I almost never get to hear them, however, it's always a beautiful reminder of how good music gets when I get to hear them again. It sucks that 10000 Days is pretty lame, but man I really need to go retrieve those other albums.

Isis's 3 post-metal albums are all brilliant, epecially Oceanic. Their music doesn't leave to much of an impact on me, but it makes the best kind of background music.

[B]Low Tier - I like one album, but not so much any other. Even so, that one album is less circulated than above bands.[/B]

1. Dream Theater - Train of Thought
2. Ayreon - The Human Equation
3. Mastodon - Blood Mountain
4. Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses
5. Avenged Sevenfold - City of Evil
6. Mindless Self Indulgence (I like a lot of random songs)

[B]Honorable Mentions[/B]
1. Rush (2112 and some other sings are brilliant)
2. Gorillaz (I don't listen as much any more, see: Tool, but I've enver stopped liking them)
3. Queens of the Stone Age (I only know their latest album, and I haven't spent enough time with it, but it's excellet nonetheless)
4. Mogwai
5. Dragonforce
6. Bad Acid Trip

Okay, so here's [B]the most important section.[/B] These are the bands that I absolutely love to the point that they would be in one of the highest tiers if it wasn't for something holding them back. In most cases, it's the fact that I only know 4-5 of their songs, or can't find an album anywhere. Remember: I probably like some of these more than half the bands above.

1. Ensiferum
2. The Sound of Animals Fighting
3. Primordial
4. Amon Amarth
5. Blind Guardian
6. Maps and Atlases
7. Russian Circles
8. Woods of Ypres

I listen to lots of other crap that doesn't make it - even these lists were all pretty forgiving. [/COLOR]
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[COLOR="77656"][B][U]Top Tier[/U][/B]

[B]Coheed and Cambria[/B] - Yes, these guys knocked BB down one nitch on the food cahin for me. They have a brand of sound that I haven't heard of, and they are ushering in the wave of new music I have been listening to. Each album has it's ups and downs. But all in all, I love these guys.

[B]Breaking Benjamin[/B] - They are generic, yet they have soemthing other Post-Grunge Bands DON'T have: Persistance. every album of theirs gets better and better. while otehr bands like Papa Roach and Nickleback get constistantly suckier and quite frankly I hate them after I started listeing to "Look at this photograph." But BB does leave me wanting more. And I'm sure their next album will be as good, if not better than Phobia.

[B]Avenged Sevenfold[/B] - From their metalcore days to their heavy rock these gys are awesome. Now, I hate most metalcore artists. With exceptions like the Number 12 Looks Like You. But waking the Fallen is one of the best albums amung the ****** metacore crowd. City of Evil brought them an EPIC album, despite it's bad sides (Sieze the Day + Betrayed. Ick :p)

[B][U]Second Tier[/U][/B]

[B]Linkin Park[/B] - Ah, the olden days. I loved tehir angsty nu-metal. But after Minutes to Midnight was release, all I can say is this... YOU AREN'T THAT GOOD ANYMORE.
Disturbed[/B] - They are one of the best Nu-Metal bands out there. The sickness is an a okay album, but it still had a few crappy soongs. They were good, but tehlyrics and style through me off. And Ten Thousand Fists is just plain awesome. still a few crapp songs that I can't shake off.

[B]Tool [/B]- These guys are awesome. I only have Lateralus though, so I can't say much. But they are an amazing band, of the likes I've never heard before.

[B][U]Honorable Mentions[/U][/B]

Three Days Grace
Fair to Midland [/B][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Arial"][B]AFI[/B] is my most favorite band of all-time, and I've adored them for almost five years now. I own almost every single song they have recorded, I know all the words and how to play about twenty of them on guitar, and I'm a member of the Despair Faction (which is basically the AFI fan club, but the dedication of the DF members often goes much further than that...the DF is more like a family). When AFI came to my city last February, I thought I would die from the excitement, and I still consider that the best night of my life.

They write the most amazing songs I've ever heard; the instrumentation is perfect, never too complex but always so incredible, and Davey Havok is a very gifted writer. Don't let "Miss Murder" fool you (all biases aside, it's a rather dumb song that I can't help but like), AFI has so many good songs to listen to. My favorite of theirs is "Now the World," but really I love so many of them that it's hard to pick just one.

They have an EP coming out in December featuring a song the fan base have known about since they released Sing the Sorrow but have yet to hear, so I am EXTREMELY excited for it. "Miss Murder" is also a master track in Guitar Hero 3, and it's a very simple song to play so I'm sure it will be in one of the first couple of levels.

Other than the music, the people in AFI are part of what makes it so lovable. They're all actually very cheerful and have great senses of humor: when asked if "his glass was half-empty or half-full," the bassist, Hunter Burgan, replied "it's all the way full." <3

They're also very pleasing to look at, which is always a plus. Davey Havok was my first real "celebrity" crush, and I swoon over him all the time.

Now, it's been a very long time since I've been able to consider any band my "second favorite" (about since the time AFI released Decemberunderground, well over a year ago now), but I've finally been able to fall in love with an entirely different band: [B]The Academy Is.[/B]

I only own their Santi record and a few songs from Almost Here, but that was enough to get me quite obsessed with them. While I don't really remember getting AFI songs stuck in my head very often, I've had tons of TAI songs (usually more than one) stuck in my head for the past two weeks. I couldn't stop listening to Santi last week, as I went to see them Thursday evening and I just didn't want to listen to anything else before then (and I also wanted to know plenty of lyrics so that I could sing along. D: )

I can't really say for sure which song of theirs is my favorite, because I honestly love each track I've heard about the same. I suppose I could say I like "We've Got a Big Mess On Our Hands Tonight" the most, though.

And the singer, William Beckett, is seriously the most adorable man I've ever seen. He's super tall but super skinny so he looks awkward, but I find it very attractive. When I was waiting in line at the concert, the other band members would walk by and I would go "Hey look, there's the bassist/guitarist/other guitarist," but when William stepped out of the bus I almost screamed. xD. I can't tell who I have a bigger crush on now: William or Davey. D:

Some other bands I enjoy a lot are Rasputina (who I was obsessed with in the ninth grade), Placebo, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra (who put on the GREATEST concert I have ever seen. I'm going to see them next Friday and I'm incredibly stoked). [/FONT]
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[B]Tool[/B]-They are the most unique thing in music I have ever heard. Almost every song is a completely different journey. These guys experiment with ideas and blow them out of the park. My favorite song right now is[I] AEnima[/I]. The aggression is there and you can almost feel the hate. But even though that is true you can still hear the beauty in Maynard's voice.

[U]Second Best[/U]
A Perfect Circle[/B]-They don't seem as unique as Tool. Hell they even have a few songs I don't like. But Maynard manages to sing more beautifully for them than Tool most of the time. Right now [I]Believe[/I] is my favorite song. It has an amazing first 30 seconds.
Third Best[/U]
Acid Bath[/B]-Innovators and legends of their genre. They have probably the most grimy vocals ever but they don't have to gut scream the whole time. They even play some soft non metal songs pretty well. Even when they tone down the noise though the lyrical content is still pretty fricken hardcore. My favorite song is Dead Gil. A more melodic and soft song. The lyrics flow out so nicely and the tune is so catchy I just gotta love em.
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[COLOR="SlateGray"]I get the feeling most of these bands won't be known to this board, but whatever:

(Favorite song in brackets)

[u]Guys I Like[/u]
Humble Pie (30 Days in the Hole)
Sly and the Family Stone (Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again)
The Temptations (Papa Was a Rollin' Stone)
Daft Punk (Better, Harder, Faster, Stronger)
Lynyrd Skynyrd (Free Bird)
Meatloaf (Bat Out of Hell)
The Guess Who/BTO (American Woman)
Janis Joplin (Try)[/B]

[u]A Little More[/u][B]

George Thorogood and the Destroyers (One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer)
Stan Rogers (The Witch of the Westmoreland)
Deep Purple (Child in Time)
Chris de Burgh (Don't Pay the Ferryman)
Captain Beefheart (Making Love to a Vampire with a Monkey on my Knee)
Neil Young and Crazy Horse (Cortez the Killer)[/B]

[u]The Better of the Best[/u]
Boston (More Than a Feeling)
Eric Clapton/Cream/Blind Faith/Derek and the Dominoes (Layla)
Blue Oyster Cult (Godzilla)
Supertramp (Goodbye Stranger)[/B]

[u]And the Top Five![/u]

Five: [b]Jethro Tull[/b] The unconventional use of the rock-flute is only one of the reasons I love this quirky band; they simply kill. They can be both funny and down-right amazing technically, they are never hard on the ears. Not particularly profound - they generally sing about homeless pedophiles and how hard it is to be a rockstar - but I don't care, they're just great. (Thick as a Brick)

Four: [b]Queen[/b] Freddy Mercury is simply amazing, the best vocalist to ever live, and one of the better frontmen. But he doesn't make the band - the amazing guitarist Steve May carries the lion's share, providing some of the catchiest and most rockable riffs ever. (Who Wants to Live Forever)

Three: [b]Gogol Bordello[/b] Eugene Hutz's crazy multi-national Gypsy Punk band is simply insane. Totally nuts. With inane, high-energy music, they simply captivate you. Feautring an accordion player from Russia, an Isreali fiddler, a Ukrainian for a lead singer, and an American on the drums, they're the closest globalization has ever come to being rockable. (Start Wearing Purple)

Two: [b]Bela Fleck and the Flecktones[/b] Bela Fleck is the god of the banjo. He's Banjodon. He can make a very simple instrument produce [I]rediculously awesome[/I] sounds. The band itself is a sort of pseudo-funk group, driven primarily by the best bassist to ever live, Victor Wooten. The one-man brass section, Jeff Coffin, is sick aswell - I've seen him make a saxophone sound like a guitar solo. The power of the wa-wa peddle... The eccentric drumitaring of the Futurman is pretty slick aswell. But what makes them so amazing is that they're almost entirely a live band - they can do everything [I]better[/I] on the stage than in the studio, and that is a rarity. Much props to their frequent guest musicians, too, including a Tartan throat-singer and a tabla master. (Big Country)

One: [b]Frank Zappa[/b] As a person and as a musician, Frank Zappa is the man I worship. He's simply an unreal musician - no, a composer. He's so unconventional, so profound, so amazingly talented... there's no one better. (Broken Hearts are for ********)[/COLOR]
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I really don't have any definite favorite musicians/bands, so my list is probably pretty subject to change, even between tiers. As it is, I'll avoid even trying to order them within their tiers by how much I like them.

[U][B]Top Tier[/B][/U]

[B]David Bowie [/B]- I'm most familiar with his '70s work, but that alone was consistently good enough to guarantee him a spot very close (probably dead-on at) the top of my list.

[B]Pavement[/B] - They were my gateway drug into the world of good music, and they represent everything that's right and good about indie rock. None of that "So I'm in a band and, like, we have an accordion player" bull**** here.

[B]Guided By Voices[/B] - Somewhat experimental, and yet always stupidly, ridiculously catchy.

[B]King Crimson[/B] - The godfather band of progressive rock. They're always changing, yet always staying the same, much like Bowie in that regard.

[B]Morphine[/B] - Morphine was fantastic at making smooth, jazzy, and very hard to describe music that might qualify as rock and might not. They're not hard to get into at all, and I think many more people from my generation could get into them if they just heard their stuff.

[U][B]Higher Tier[/B][/U]

[B]The Mighty Mighty Bosstones[/B] - Their catchy, ballsy ska-core would be good enough to give them a lot of listens from me, but I think it's the lyrics that give this band the real staying power for me. Because franky, they aren't anything amazing--they're just ok. But you can tell that they know that, and that they're not really writing them for you, nor do they care how simple they sound. If Dicky (the singer) wants to get a point across in a song, he just says it without trying to make a big deal of how he says it. It's just a small thing, but I admire them for that.

[B]Pixies[/B] - Maybe these guys should be in the top tier, but I haven't listened to them in a while. Anyway, the Pixies are awesome because they're awesome.

[B]Kyuss[/B] - Straddling the line between stoner rock and stoner metal, Kyuss were the undisputed masters of their genre. And however arrogant Josh Homme may actually be, it never came across in the music, which was a major draw for me. Like the Bosstones, they didn't try to put themselves up on a pedestal their music with pomp and pretention like so many heavy bands around them. Unlike the Bosstones, they succeed in getting on that pedestal anyway because they rule your freaking world.

[B]Fugazi[/B] - Post-hardcore with a strong emphasis on the "post". They were the masters of their craft, but then again so is everyone else on my list lol. I'm kind of incapable of finding fantastic bands by myself. :X

[B]Hum[/B] - Hum has a very definite sound that puts them as one of my favorite bands (maybe they should be top tier as well), and it's fairly straightforward, but I just can't find the words to describe it. It's got nuances, see. Can't describe nuances.

[B]My Bloody Valentine[/B] - The only shoegazer band that I'm really into (wish that would change). [U]Loveless[/U] is praised endlessly by everyone, and for good reason, but I've been going through their earlier stuff lately and I'm finding that it's pretty great too, though much different.

[U][B]Low Tier

[/B][/U][B]Andrew W.K.[/B] - Usually, when rock gets harder and harder it eventually becomes metal. Andew W.K. is what happens when rock keeps getting harder, but somehow manages to avoid turning into metal. I speak mostly of the album [U]I Get Wet[/U] here, which I find more fulfilling than his later two (though I do respect the change of direction he started to take).

[B]The Velvet Underground[/B] - Their noise experimentation was top-notch, and when you're not in the mood for something like that, Lou Reed can still hook you up with some solid pop ditties.

[B]Husker Du[/B] - Husker Du's just... a damn solid band. lol

[B]Mission of Burma[/B] - Because I really love [U]Signals, Calls, and Marches[/U]. Their other stuff is good, but in a different and more experimental way that I'm not in the mood for as often.

[U][B]Almost Made It[/B][/U]

[B]Pearls and Brass
Local H
The Aquabats
Slint [/B](and I mean [I]almost)

In conclusion, old music > current music.
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[font=arial][size=1][b][u]**** YEAH! -bands[/u][/b]

[b]Circle Takes the Square:[/b] Love endures a lot, like not recording an album in almost half a decade, and not playing in North Carolina. Ever. It wasn't love at first sight, but this band was my gateway drug into extremely heavy music. If you are looking for the epic without the "metal," this is your band.

[b]I Would Set Myself on Fire for You:[/b] I first heard of them when I saw them live at a show CTTS was supposed to play at. What they are is BEAUTIFUL lyrics, sometimes chanted in a round, accompanied by sweeping textures of guitars, bass, drums, electronic beats, and a viola. This is seriously the most incredible band EVER. EVER. Better than whichever pre-80's band you think kicks ***, iwouldetc. is better.

[b]Gospel:[/b] Progressive Rock plus Hardcore, no, not like The Number Twelve Looks Like You, not even close. Think a really even mix, heavy, but textured and flowing, veering into Post-Rock territory but then coming back to shred and scream until your face melts. Their lyrics range from being fun to being really meaningful. Them recording only one full-length before splitting up is the biggest tragedy 2006 has ever seen.

[b]This Will Destroy You:[/b] Epic, and I mean EPIC post-rock. Their lonesome album is amazing, and it kept me going for a year before they rocked my face live this summer. You have to see them to truly appreciate what's going on in the music. Go find "The World is Our ______" or "I Believe in Your Victory" and TRY to tell me it's not the most beautiful thing you've ever heard.

[b][u]Kinda my faves[/u][/b]

[b]Pretty Girls Make Graves:[/b] I could listen to Andrea Zollo's voice all day long. Also, their early works (see Good Health) contains some AMAZING guitarwork.

[b]Hot Cross:[/b] Same as PGMG. Better guitars, more punk, less pretty.

[b]Drive Like Jehu:[/b] Thanks, John!

[b]Pageninetynine:[/b] If you're wondering where the artwork in my avatars has been coming from, it's from the insert of pg.99's Document #8. This band is something that nobody but me understands. You know how something just arrives in your life at just the right time? For me, that was this band. There isn't anything I can write about them that can really mean anything. You just have to listen and find your own meaning.

[b][u]& also[/b][/u]
We Versus the Shark
So Many Dynamos
Hot Snakes
Explosions in the Sky
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[COLOR="DarkRed"][SIZE="1"]Forever my Favorite:

[B]The Beatles[/B]. I've listened to them too much, learned too many things, watched too many videos, read too many books, and delved into the world that is The Beatles for them not to be my favorite band.


[B]The Mars Volta[/B]: It was the most original, bombastic, uneven-yet-sensible eargasm I heard in a while. They sure have staying power among fans (see Deus ex Machina), and have produced some fantastic, mindblowing things on a disc.


[B]Frank Zappa/ The Mothers of Invention[/B]: The musicians' musician. I reccomend him if you are a musician, because if you aren't, it will be total ****. If you are, you will see the quirky, eccentric genius of the moustachioed maestro. No joke, the guy came out with 80+ albums. He's a genius.


[B]Queens of the Stone Age[/B]: Josh Homme & Co. have thrown some righteous jams this side of the music world, and they keep going. They can be compared to The Beatles, seeing as how no two songs sound completely similar, yet you know its QOTSA. The revolving lineup keeps things fresh too. [B][U]THEY ARE STILL HEAVY, REGARDLESS OF NICK OLIVERI'S PRESENCE, AND MONDO GENERATOR SUCKS[/U][/B].[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE="1"][COLOR="HotPink"][I]Love them-[/I]

[B]From A Second Story Window
Iron Maiden[/B]

[I]But the absolute EPIC bands- [/I]

[B]The Number 12 Looks Like You[/B]- My jaw dropped.
[B]The Human Abstract[/B]- I cried the second I heard the solo in "Mea Culpa", got their songs and knew they would be as awesome as I thought they'd be.

[I]Love them but...just one album made me think of them as being "Awesome."-[/I]

[B]My Chemical Romance- "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" [/b]
This is actually, well to me, just wonderful. Nice happey melodies...and not as quite dark as their other albums, and I liek the concepts of the songs, dealing with 9/11, and of course love.

[B]HORSE the band- "R. Borlax"[/B]
This album is filled with the awesome hardcore mixed in with math and nintendo, that I love. Thoug hthe singer annoys me quite a bit on this album, the band can play their instruments like angels. Okay, definitely not angels. But they're pretty good.

[B]Fear Before The March of Flames- "Odd How People Shake"[/B]
I love this album as well, and it's one of the few that I think of the term "genius" when I hear it. They were so young when they made it, and I like their old style better than their newer-heavier stuff.

[B]Coheed And Cambria- "3: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth" [/B]

I never really grew onto the other albums...and I've been listeningto this album longest, and Co&Ca's style on this album is great, and has elements to please so many fans of different music genres... It's original music too, them being a watered-down band... mixed in with dark bits without having to get "heavy" or whatever.

[B]underOATH- "The Changing of Times"[/B]

To be honest. I cried on alot of the songs on this album. Another "genius" album, leading away from typical metalcore, and into alot of that sad stuff...the key riffs are mostly what are making me cry, mixed in with the light riffs and lyrics about broken hearts and Jesus, lol xD

[B]The Devil Wears Prada- "Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord"[/B]

Wayyy better than their new album "Plagues" which blends too much into post-hardcore-pop crap. But this one is just metalcore, unlike As I Lay Dying, however. Like uO, they have sad parts, but unlike uO, they have many heavy breaks, dual vocals, and don't whine about broke neharts that much. But I cried on this album too. lol

[B]The Sound of Animals Fighting- "Tiger and the Duke"[/B]

Well, this album was exactly I was looking for. Something original in the less-heavier genres. And what can I say? It's one of the best put together albums I've ever heard, and epic, but doesn't belong in my epic section because of the fact that "Lover.." wasn't that great to me.

[I]I don't really have many songs from you guys, but you rule anyway-[/I]

[B]I Set My Friends on Fire[/B]- Most likely to get a label before the end of the year, alot of different stuff packed into one hardcore band.

[B]Iwouldetc[/B]- I'm with Kevin on this one. I don't have many songs but them, but from what I've heard, I love it.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]All-time favourites:

1. Depeche Mode
2. David Bowie
3. Cradle of Filth
4. Manic Street Preachers
5. Daft Punk

[B]Depeche Mode[/b] was my brother's favourite band so I grew up with him blasting it through the windows. For the majority of the time, I liked them because they were groovy, but later on it was the lyrics. Like the Manics, [B]Depeche Mode[/B] has a special place on my list because the lyrics - whether or not they speak to me - are plain cool.

Again, [B]David Bowie[/b] is a family thing, my mum's really. It's his image I adore, and his creativity. He's a genius, and he'll stay that way. [B]Cradle of Filth[/b] may be hated by most people, but Cradle got me into the alternative scene. They're concerts are my favourites in Manchester and although I'm not like the way I was when I got into Cradle, me and the rest of the fans in my friends share this cool little goth bond - it's where we started and it's fun to know all the words to a band everyone hates.

The [B]Manic Street Preachers[/b] have some good lyrics, too, and some amazing songs. Plus, I'm a Richey fan. Richey fans don't die. [b]Daft Punk[/B] earns a place for its grooviness. And the name.

Cool Bands I Really Like:

1. Crass
2. The Ramones
3. Gorillaz
4. Mindless Self Indulgence
5. Deathstars

I'm not even going into the [B]Crass[/b] thing. It's a long story unless you know 'em. Now [B]The Ramones[/B] I'm not sure why I like, I just do. I own a lot of songs and albums, plus a shirt... and a belt. I just like them. [B]Gorillaz[/B] has been one of my favourite bands since they brought out their first album, god knows when, and they're just clever. Cartoons. I love cartoons. They make amazing posters, too.

[B]Mindless Self Indulgence[/b] is a recent band, but I went to see them the other night. That's why they're now on my list - class as ****. The atmosphere was amazing, the crowd was awesome and they did a brilliant show. You can have so much fun singing along.

[B]Deathstars[/B] are also considered new comers and probably are hated by everyone who goes on about 'real industrial' and yada yada yada genre crap I don't give a **** about... they're cool. They supported Cradle of Filth the last show I went to see and their energy is amazing. Their songs are dark, military, evil... Whiplasher's voice just carries the words really well - Blitzkrieg and Synthetic Generation are among my favourite tunes. They do some good videos, as well. You guys should check them out ("Cyanide", "Blitzkrieg" and "Synthetic Generation" being the best, the rest are probably fanmade).

Bands I like:

1. VNV Nation
2. Marilyn Manson
3. Dope Stars Inc.
4. Dimmu Borgir
5. Combichrist

[B]VNV Nation[/B] has some of the coolest stuff I own, great to play on repeat. It's mellow, or up-beat, or heavy... good guys. They're both bald, too, hahaha. Now [B]Marilyn Manson[/B] is again because of his image and the way he portrays his music in this trashy sense. Some of his stuff I don't like, but songs like Speed of Pain, Mechanical Animals and even Heart Shaped Glasses are among my favourite. [B]Dope Stars Inc[/B] are fairly new to my collection, though I love their songs - they're catchy, fun, and the song Can You Imagine is really... umm... good?

[B]Dimmu Borgir[/B] is just fun.

Ah, [B]Combichrist[/B]. I love them. They should be further up in the list, but I really can't be arsed editing everything again. Good tunes to dance to. Good tunes to turn up LOUD and put the bass up LOUD and jump on desks to. Love 'em.

Honourable Mentions:
The Clash
The Exploited
Bad Religion
The Prodigy
The Cure
Sex Pistols[/SIZE]
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[quote name='Jakehammaren'][B]1. Green Day
2. Fallout Boy
3. Yellowcard
4. Hawthorne Heights
5. Linkin Park[/B][/QUOTE]
[COLOR="77656"]I don't know weather to laugh or die inside. I mean, that's funny casue Jake hates those bands. (or I'm just missing something) And I might die inside becasue the top 4 bands make me cringe.[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Gunslinger'][COLOR="77656"]I don't know weather to laugh or die inside. I mean, that's funny casue Jake hates those bands. (or I'm just missing something) And I might die inside becasue the top 4 bands make me cringe.[/COLOR][/QUOTE]


@ [B]Woah, Mann[/B]: that stuff is WAY too hardcore. I mean, I could never be edgy enough to go against my parents' wishes and listen bands as angry and satanic as Slipknot or Korn.
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[I][B]music I HUG:[/B][/I]

- Stars
- My Chemical Romance
- Kill Hannah
- DJ Tiesto
- Shiny Toy Guns
- Scar Symmetry
- The Birthday Massacre
- Muse
- Melody Club

[I][b]music I KISS:[/b][/I]

- Wheatus
- Jack Off Jill
- Cansei De Ser Sexy
- The Unicorns
- The Faint
- System of a Down
- t.A.T.u.
- scarling.

[I][b]music I HUMP:[/b][/I]

- the LoveCrave
- Disarmonia Mundi
- Moonspell
- Killwhitneydead
- Dragonette
- cornandbeans

aaaand... The Greatest in my book as of Now...

- [B]I Am Ghost[/B]
- [B]Tegan and Sara[/B]
- [B]Porcelain and the Tramps[/B]

I'm not one for explaining when it comes to music... I just listen. ;) But, eh... yeah, my musical pleasures are a melting pot.[/size]
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[COLOR="77656"]Okay, the sarcastic favorite bands are getting old..

DAMN! I forgot the most harcore of hardcore, the greatest of the greatest. Michael Booblay! ****, why didn't someone else think of that?!

@ Fyxe: Tegen & Sara isn't my cup of tea, but I like them. They're supposed to be having a show on MTV, I dont' if it's a whole series, but they had a commercial for it. I heard that song where she was playing the piano and they switched. [/COLOR]
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[quote name='Gunslinger'][COLOR="77656"]
@ Fyxe: Tegen & Sara isn't my cup of tea, but I like them. They're supposed to be having a show on MTV, I dont' if it's a whole series, but they had a commercial for it. I heard that song where she was playing the piano and they switched. [/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[size=1]:O Tegan and Sara? On MTV? The world has changed a lot, for the mainstream world to actually appreaciate [i]music[/i].

I sort of miss the old days were everything was very hush-hush and all of their concerts were an underground deal. :)[/size]
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I'm just going to give you guys my top 10 then explain each one to the reason why I like them, here it goes.

3.King Crimson
4.Led Zeppelin
5.Miles Davis
7.Clint Mansell
8.Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
9.The Mars Volta

First is Boris, their a band who hail from the land of the rising sun, Japan.They are very experimental with their music but staying in the realm of drone/ambient most of the time while also putting out a stoner rock album here and there.They do many collaborations with many different artists in different genres (ex. Merzbow, Sunn O))), Michio Kurihara).But one of the things that impress me the most about Boris is that their guitarist is a woman, and is very impressive.Second is Earth almost like Boris with being a drone band, but stick solely with drone/doom with some songs lasting up to an hour long.It's more meditative, but is very heavy.Earth's early days consisted of only two guitarist, but now a three piece band with guitar, bass, and drums.Third is King Crimson, who are the Fathers of Progressive Rock, and influenced Tool greatly.They are also very experimental using very different instruments other than the typical vocals, guitar, bass, and drums.They also gone through many line-up changes which I think is why every album is so differebt in a way with Robert Fripp being the only consistent member really.Fourth I think needs no description really since they are one of the greatest bands of all-time, if not the greatest.Fifth is Miles Davis, which is probably one of the greatest jazz performers in the history of music itself.He is the founder of jazz fusion which is a combination of jazz and rock, and with his greatest record ******* Brew shows the genre at it's greatest, I think, which will just make you melt in your seat.Sixth is Isis who also fall under the doom genre, but are progressive and have more structure in their music rather than most doom metal.If anyone has ever listened Neurosis, they were one of Isis's biggest influences along with Godflesh which you can tell in their music and all musicians in the band play their parts well with each showing their abilities in just about every song.Isis is definitely one of the greatest bands to emerge from the 21st century.Seventh is Clint Mansell who is a film composer.He has scored films for Requiem for a Dream, The Foutain, and Pi.All his music is very atmospheric which is how it is with all film scores, but his music just sets the mood for a particular scene as well as the film as a whole.Eighteth is Omar Rodriguez-Lopez who is member of The Mars Volta.His solo work sounds almost like TMV, but what makes them different is that he's way more experimental in his solo work than in TMV and it is also more jazzier, and is also mainly all instrumental.Nineth is The Mars Volta, who is also another great band out of the 21st century, like Omar's solo work, they are very experimental but have more structure to their music, and I think every band member plays their part in the band very well, and I like how they integrate some mexican folk music into their music as well.And last but not least is Agalloch.One of the few progressive black metal out their as well as being original.I like the folky sound to Agalloch as well as the atmosphere that they create with their music as with a lot of black metal, that they make you feel like you are in some cold, dark, desolate place.These are my top 10 favorite bands and I hope I gave everyone a good to decent description of all 10 of them.
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[size=1]My absolute, most favouritest band in the entire Omni-verse that's never ever gonna change regardless of how much other shÍt I listen to: [B]Metallica[/B], without doubt.

It's gotta be said, Gods describe these well. I'm actually enough of a fan to admit that even the crazy, blusy type stuff they tried in Load and Reload as well as the less than average performance of St. Anger is awesome. These guys changed my life and are the reason I can actually continue living to this day. They don't come any better than this mein freunds.

The other members of my top 5 take in no particular order but I'll number them anyway to make it easier.

2: [B]Nine Inch Nails[/B] - Trent Renzor is a God of music, nothing else needs to be said.
3: [B]Rammstein[/B] - Sheer brilliance in music form. The best thing outta Germany since Hitler. These guys know how to make the simplest (and sometimes whackiest) of songs heavy, enjoyable, and outright classy!
4: [B]Disturbed[/B] - Although there's a fair few songs on each album that I would descirbe simply as 'Filler-nonsense', the songs that these guys do right, are done VERY right!
5: [B]System of a Down (And Serj's solo act!)[/B] - These guys are more situational and depends heavily on my mood but are still really good. I'm more so refering to the first 3 albums, before Daron started taking liberties with vocals (that man really SHOULD NOT sing. Ever!)[/size]
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Alright. One more thing of my list of "Things I have yet to list on Otakuboards."

[U]Top 5[/U]

[B]Gorillaz:[/B] These guys have a wide array of musical styles and genres on their albums, so it's really hard to define them in a specific genre. I always liked Damon Albarn's lyrical style in Blur, so when Clint Eastwood came out, it was like..."Whoa! Damon Albarn has a new band?" I digged the first album a little bit better than Demon Days, but they are both awesome albums. Plus that iPod commercial was wicked cool.

[B]Green Day:[/B] I know I'm gonna get body slammed by the metal heads, but I like my music a little bit more on the alternative side. Green Day is my alternative band of choice because of their overly caffinated sound. My favorite stuff comes out of their earlier albums, pre American Idiot. I don't really care for their slower songs, but some of them are pretty decent. I like songs like Minority, Nice Guys Finish Last, Walking Contradiction and Longview.

[B]Foo Fighters:[/B] Among the "hard rock, but not necessarily metal" genre, the Foo Fighters are the gods of their realm. I always thought their songs were really epic sounding and their newest single "The Pretender" really captured that early Foo Fighter spirit , with songs like "My Hero" and "These Days". I always like to play the Foo Fighters when I need a quick pick me up and get into a really good mood. I always scream my lungs out when I sing the Foo Fighters and always end up feeling good afterwards. That must be some sort of testament to their musicality.

[B]Avenged Sevenfold: [/B]Again, the more hardcore metal guys will hate me for even typing this, but I love Avenged Sevenfold's stuff. The Jury is still out on their newest album, but City of Evil really captured my attention with their overall sound. The sticking in that album was nothing short of awesome and the guitars were some of the best I've heard recently. I'm not into death metal, ain't my scene. But Avenged Sevenfold will do nicely. Can't wait to find that one song off of their new album that captures my attention.

[B]Red Hot Chili Peppers:[/B] I was always a fan of these guys since I was younger. I actually started listening to them about the time that Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik came out. I like the bass parts in all of their songs. Flea is a slap bassist god. I have yet to hear a better bass line than the one that was in Higher Ground. Some people may disagree with me, but I think that John Frusciante is one of the better guitarists out there. He's not on the same level as Page and Hendrix, but he's around that general area. People think that his guitar parts are too simple, but let me say this. Honk if you can pull out the opening lick from Snow with no errors. That one will twist your fingers into a not.

[B][U]Not Music:[/U][/B]

[B]Cannibal Corpse[/B]: I could put out an album of power chords and screaming. Give me a break. I laugh at them because of their song titles. That is just plain old "Your mom will probably sue us for this" kind of music. If you can call what they do music.

[B]My Chemical Romance[/B]: Their lead singer, *shudders*, really annoys me with his lyrical style. The music is sometimes bearable, but that's few and far in between. I can't be rid of them though, because my sister is the largest MCR fan in the world.
Fall Out Boy[/B]: These guys never sat right with me at first, and then it all went south when they decided they were cool because they made it on MTV. If your lead singer has a whiny voice and you have a teeny bopper's version of a hot bassist, ( I wanna personally bang the chick from the Donnas. That'd be sweet) then you can make it on MTV. In fact....:animesmil

[B][U]Honorable Mentions:[/U][/B]

[B]The Killers:[/B] Brandon Flowers' voicework in Sam's Town was nothing short of amazing. If their new album is any as good, then they will probably be up there soon.

[B]Metallica:[/B] I used to be a Metallica fan, until the whole Napster deal and St. Anger came out. When Metallica goes corporate, music in general goes down. Score is corporations, 1. "Satanic Music" that makes your momma cry, 0. I still listen to their old stuff a lot. The guitar part for Seek and Destroy is just plain fantastic.

[B]ACDC:[/B] Everyone has at least one AC/DC song on their iPod/ MP3 device. Their songs are just so anthemic, it's hard to keep them off of your music list. I loved Angus Young's onstage antics. He is one of the best guitarists ever. AC/DC is just shy of being great, if not for the fact that I've listened to them for so long, it's kind of hard to put them back in, because I've heard AC/DC songs on the rock station about once every half hour.[/FONT]
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