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[size=3]His steps echoed through the long halls of the Mirror Palace, followed by the rhythmic clank of his cane. He was surrounded by a thousand reflections of himself: an elderly gentleman in a top hat and a suit, with a stern impression on his face focused on the double doors he was approaching. Two guards opened the doors for him, and he entered the Chamber of the Crystalline Throne. On that sparkling siege sat the Dynast King, Mideus Prosperous.

He descended to one knee and bowed his head.

“[b]My liege.[/b]”

“[b]Rise, my friend,[/b]” the king said benevolently. “[b]We have to discuss matters too urgent for cumbersome formalities.[/b]”

The gentleman stood back up, and saw that there were other people in the room. Next to the majestic throne were three much smaller seats where the three heirs of the Dynasty sat – like vultures waiting eagerly for their chance to invade their father’s place.

There was also a woman nearly his age, who he knew well. He walked next to her and nodded his head.


“[b]Leonhart[/b]”, the woman replied with the thinnest of smiles. Her luxurious pure white dress and the silvery headpiece holding her black hair to the back did not show it, but Callisto Prometheo was the leading scientist in the whole kingdom of Czenovia. But even she couldn’t hope to match the genius of Leonhart’s grandfather, Dr. Celsius Almagest, the inventor of Magitechnology and the one who Czenovia owed thanks for it’s wealth.

Callisto Prometheo was also the only employee of Leonhart Almagest who was allowed to call him by his first name. They both turned their attention to the Dynast King.

“[b]I understand you are going to check the progress of Project Alchimaera tomorrow, Leonhart? Professor Prometheo hasn’t given us very convincing news yet.[/b]”

“[b]Your Majesty, although most of the specimens have deceased in the process, there is still hope. There is this one b… excuse me, [i]specimen[/i]…[/b]” the woman explained in haste. Unlike Leonhart, Callisto wasn’t used to being in front of the Dynast King.

“[b]One? How will one suffice when Czenovia needs an army?[/b]” Mideus asked, frowning his forehead. The tension in the chamber rose quickly. “[b]I need results, Professor![/b]”

“[b]One is a start, my liege,[/b]” Leonhart said with a mediating tone. “[b]Once we find out how this one specimen has managed to survive, you will have your army. I will come back tomorrow to give you my report, my liege.[/b]”

“[b]Very well.[/b]” the Dynast King nodded. Then his face suddenly lit up with realization. “[b]Ah, I almost forgot! Today is your special day, isn’t it, Leonhart?[/b]”

“[b]Yes, it is my sixty-fifth birthday tonight, my liege. I wouldn’t care for it myself, but my family insists on throwing me another one of their tedious banquets,[/b]” Leonhart explained with a bit of awkwardness. Callisto Prometheo was almost gaping for breath for witnessing the Dynast King chatting idly about someone’s birthday.

“[b]My friend, you should be grateful for such a loving family,[/b]” the Dynast King said seriously. His children moved uneasily in their chairs. “[b]Go to your own, and rejoice the years you have been able to spend in their presence. You are excused.[/b]”

Leonhart Almagest bowed deeply and backtracked out of the room, followed by Professor Prometheo. Leonhart smiled at the king’s remark; “loving” wasn’t the first word he would have used from the Almagest family.[/size][/font][/indent]
[indent][size=1]Welcome to the auditions of [b]The Almagest Legacy[/b], a revolutionary new Steampunk RPG from the minds of [b]Sandy[/b] and [b]Shy[/b]!

In this game, all players will be related to the Almagests, an aristocratic family living in [b]Czenovia[/b], a kingdom of steampower, alchemy and a deep divide of the population. The Almagests are lucky to be one of the most influential and wealthy families in the whole country, thanks to their ancestor, Celsius Almagest, who discovered the miraculous [b]Magitechnology[/b]. This science combines machines and magic with [B]alchemy[/B], and gives power to all Czenovia.

But that power comes with a steep price, for when one part of the nation collects the fruits, the rest of them have to do the labor. And that work is done with sweat, blood and tears. Nothing can stop the rising rebellion, and eventually even the Almagests get involved in it. What is the legacy that the family will leave for the coming generations?

More information about the world of the game as well as the history of the Almagests can be found from the backstage thread, accessible [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58301][u]here[/u][/url].[/size][/indent]
[size=3]In order to join the family, please fill in the following sign-up sheet. Shy and I will help you with any problems you might have with creating a fitting character.

[B]Your name:[/B]
[INDENT]Note that there’s a law in Czenovia stating that married couples will both get the name of the more influential family regardless of gender – and there are but a few families more influential than the Almagests.[/INDENT]

[B]Your age:[/B]
[INDENT]There are no real limitations to your character’s age, but keep in mind that the family’s patriarch is 65 years old, so your character’s age should reflect that.[/INDENT]

[B]Your position inside the Almagest family:[/B]
[INDENT]The easiest way for you to define this is to tell how your character relates to the patriarch of the family, Leonhart Almagest. Your character can be his direct descendant, one of his siblings or their descendants, a spouse or a fiancé of someone in the family, or even a very close family friend.[/INDENT]
[B]Your portrait:[/B]
[INDENT]The picture of your character should be a realistic drawing or painting of a human, not a photograph or too cartoony. Anime or manga characters are fine just as long they don’t have super deformed features.[/indent]
[B]Your occupation:[/B]
[INDENT]Besides the family, your character should also be tied to the world of the game. Here is a list of potential places where your character can work at. If your character works with alchemy, please specify his or her specialty, as well.

[U]Magitech Corporation:[/U] a company founded by the House of Almagest. It owns several massive Magitechnology factories in the New Czenoble as well as most of the mines in Brigit Town. The president of the company is Leonhart Almagest.

[U]Prometheo Laboratories:[/U] a secretive research center funded by the Magitech Corp, it focuses on testing how to combine alchemy with living organisms. The process is highly lethal, but the researchers have decided to move on to test it on humans nevertheless. The Laboratories are lead by Professor Callisto Prometheo.

[U]Artemis Air Transports:[/U] an enterprise responsible with the manufacturing and running airships powered by Magitechnology. They are also in charge of the Aerodromes, airship stations located in all of the largest cities in Czenovia. Needless to say, they cooperate closely with Magitech Corporation. Meredyne Artemis is it’s president, having inherited it from her father.

[U]Czenoble High Academy of Sciences (CHAOS):[/U] the most prestigious school in all Czenovia, the youth of almost every aristocratic family in the kingdom go there after they turn fifteen. The head master is a renown historian, Lector Moebius.

[U]Royal Police Guard:[/U] the militia responsible for keeping the law and order in both Czenobles. They guard the gates and factories and aerodromes, patrol the streets and maintain the prison. In New Czenoble they are feared because of their brutal and merciless attitude towards the workers. Their leader is Police Commander Gaul Rosier.

[U]Chimaera Circuit:[/U] a racing track in High Czenoble, where monstrous creatures constructed from different animal species with alchemy fiercely compete against each other to amuse the aristocracy. It’s also a popular hobby of reckless young aristocrats to become Chimaera Jockeys. The latest fashion is to combine machines to the beasts with the aid of Magitechnology. The Chimaera Circuit is kept up by the cunning Thames Dreadnaught.

Note that this list doesn’t prevent you from creating a job for your character yourself, but it should also fit with the theme of the game. And since we’re playing as aristocrats, it’s not out-of-place if some of the characters don’t have a job at all.[/INDENT]

[B]Your story:[/B]
[INDENT]Please write a short history and description of your character. The story should reflect your character’s personality, position in the family and in the case of characters outside the bloodline, his or her background.[/size][/INDENT][/font]
[indent][size=1]Any additional questions, comments or concerns about Auditions can be asked within this thread. Other more generalized questions about the world itself should be asked in the Backstage thread.[/size][/indent]
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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][B]Name:[/B] Alecia Leanna Almagest

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Your Position inside the Almagest family:[/B] Leonheart is Alecia’s grandfather.

[B]Your Portrait: [/B][URL="http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/2306/alecia01xt2.jpg"][U]Alecia[/U][/URL]

[B]Your occupation:[/B] Alecia is currently serving her residency in Potionism at one of the many medical centers in High Czenoble.

[B]Your Story:[/B] Alecia took an interest in Potionism at an early age and has spent most of her youth studying at various schools including Czenoble High Academy of Sciences until she was ready to start her residency at one of the medical centers in High Czenoble.

While working on her residency she met Alexander Edward Madison, a member of the Royal Police Guard responsible for patrols in the area where the medical center she works at is located. A year later, after getting permission from her family, Alecia and Alexander were married. The two have been married for four months.

Though soft spoken, Alecia is very determined and dedicated to her studies and work as a result of her schooling. Alecia is also a bit of a pacifist and though she is not open about it, she strongly disapproves of any form of warfare. It is an opinion that often puts her at odds with other members of the Almagest whenever the topic is brought up.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I will now give you my character, who is not directly related to the Almagests, but will become attached to them [I]very[/I] soon after the game starts. He is meant to bring an outsider's view on the family's life.

[font=Georgia][B]Your name:[/B] Gerrault “Gadget” Knotting
[B]Your age:[/B] 19 years
[B]Your position inside the Almagest family:[/B] employee in Magitech Corps
[B]Your portrait:[/B]
[B]Your occupation:[/B] factory mechanic
[B]Your story:[/B]
[indent]My story’s the usual: I grew up in an orphanage down at the Wailing Quarters. They said my parents died in a gas explosion at the blimp factory. They did not even know my name, so they named me Knotting, [i]Gerrault[/i] Knotting. Blimey how I hate that name! Every time I hear it, it reminds me of Mrs. Charcoal yelling it with her croaking voice.

I got out of the orphanage when I was fourteen, and went working to a Magitech factory straight away. I barely knew how to read or write, but I had always been quite handy with them machinery. That’s how I got my nickname, “Gadget”. Beats [i]Gerrault[/i] every time of the day, it does.

I can’t say my work at the factory was a pleasant one, though. Long hours, no vacations, strict order… At least I got to move around the place fixing things, unlike those unlucky bastards who worked at the conveyors. And don’t even get me started on what they served us for food! I think that crap was meant to keep us in poor health, so we wouldn’t gang up on the supervisors.

I also blame the lousy food for making me stay as short and skinny as I am. Despite being nineteen already, I’m still often mistaken as a child. I of course know how to use that for my advantage. I’ve become quite the sneaky devil in getting the sympathy of my neighbors at the Gearloose Street, where my “penthouse apartment” lies. It’s just a dusty corner of an attic I share with ten other youngsters and three times as many rats, but it’s something to come back home to after a rough day at work. Yes, looking like a twelve-year old has it’s benefits, like not having to pay any rent…

Speaking of Gearloose Street, there’s something funny going on here. Just yesterday night, I could’ve sworn that I saw some men from the Royal Police Guard with a fancy woman clad in white stop by our building. What business could a party like that have here?[/indent][/font]
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[B]Name:[/B] Alexander Edward Madison Almagest

[B]Age:[/B] 25
Your Position inside the Almagest family: [/B]Alexander is married to Alecia Leanna Almagest, granddaughter of Leonheart Almagest.

[B]Your Portrait:[/B] [URL="http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/5043/alexander01hq8.jpg"][U]Alexander[/U][/URL]

[B]Your occupation:[/B] Alexander is a member of the Royal Police Guard assigned to patrol parts of the city in High Czenoble.

[B]Your Story:[/B] Alexander’s family, the Madison’s have no influence other than most if not all of them have served in either the military in the past or in the current militia. Alexander has several older brothers who serve in the Guard in New Czenoble, but unlike his brothers, Alexander’s sense of duty for upholding the law does not include a tendency to be brutal or merciless towards others. Alexander has a keen interest in studying law and in fair treatment for all citizens regardless of rank or status.

This kinder attitude resulted in him being assigned to High Czenoble when Alexander finished his training to become a member of the Royal Police Guard. As well as his eventual meeting of Alecia Leanna Almagest who worked at one of the medical clinics in the area he patrols.

After obtaining permission from Alecia’s relatives to court her, a year later the two of them, after gaining permission were married. Adjusting to being a part of the Almagest family is something that has been difficult for Alexander due to the resentment he has faced from fellow members of the Royal Police Guard as as well as from some members of the Almagest family since he married Alecia.
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][i]Name:[/i] Macey Ellen Almagest (Formerly Macey Ellen Achard-Almagest)

[i]Age:[/i] 27

[i]Your Position inside the Almagest family:[/i] Last daughter of Leonheart Almagest through Lady Patrice.

[i]Your Portrait:[/i] First Published under the society notes portion of the local newspapers. Taken when Macey appeared for the first time in public after her divorce.

[i]Your occupation:[/i] Scientist and Liasion for Prometheo Laboratories.

[i]Your Story:[/i] The youngest daughter produced of Leonheart's first marriage, Macey married young to a man severaly years her senior whilst witstanding a great deal of family pressure. The marriage, unfortunately, was a near complete disaster due to the obvoius family interference as well as Macey's passion for her work. Vincent Achard was not a bad husband in his way any more than Macey was a nagging bitch of a wife, but the true reason for their separation remains shrouded in mystery. To the public anyway. It is hard to say whether the marriage was one sparked by love or by a need for a business merger. In retrospect, Macey's come to the realization that it was most definitely a merger.

Despite the obvious flaws in her character that led to the downfall of her marriage, Macey remains completely dedicated to her work, with her obvious social failures driving her like a goad. This naturally involves work that could be considered morally questionable, but Macey's all consuming passion for her research leads her to make remarkable discoveries more often than the average scientist working at Prometheo.

Besides her dedications to the success of Prometheo's experiments, she also has a pet project that has very nearly taken over her entire life. Her goal is to discover the inner workings of the human heart, by whatever means necessary. Out of her entire family, perhaps two people know of it's existence, as Macey can be both close mouthed, and extremely secretive when motivated properly. She's also an expert at rhetorical fencing and hedging, and thus, is often set up as the 'face' of Prometheo to avoid suspicions, and to reassure the public of the Laboratory's legitimacy.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=navy][size=1][COLOR="Black"]Went by Neuvoxraiha's sign up even though my questions have yet to be answered. If there's a problem I'll edit accordingly. Very creepy how I've been working on my sign up most of the day, but as I was finishing I refreshed to see Raiha's sign up and it is oddly similar to mine....*shrug*
[B]EDIT:[/B] Made the changes as discussed, Sandy, with some extra details.
[B]Your name:[/B] Marie Evangeline Almagest (Hates her full name and Prefers [I]Evangeline[/I] or [I]Eva[/I])

[B]Your age:[/B] Twenty-six

[B]Your position inside the Almagest family:[/B] Daughter of the family’s patriarch, Leonhart and Lady Patrice, elder twin to Macey Ellen Almagest by 1 minute and 37 seconds.

[B]Your portrait:[/B] [url=http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/1746/50nup4nt.jpg]Evangeline[/url] - Drawn when she was spending time in Czenoble by a street artist who gave it to her when completed as a gift.

[B]Your occupation:[/B] Evangeline uses her Alchemic skills in the Prometheo Laboratories to work on Chimaera Creation, working alongside Professor Callisto and the other employees. She also aids in creating some of the Chimaera for the racing circuit.

[B]Your story:[/B] As a child of the family’s patriarch, I have been expected to be very up-class from birth. I had to excel at my school studies so as not to bring dishonour to the family, but as I went through school I started to research different occupations I could potentially get into. This was more a question of what I was interested in doing than what I could get into due to the influence of the Almagest family.

When I started work with my alchemic abilities I tried a number of different work; Gadgetry, Weaponsmithing and Chimaera Creation were the three specifics that I enjoyed the most but when it came down to the decision I took up Chimaera Creation because it was what I was best at and I was very interested in it.

As soon as I finished my studies I started working at Prometheo Laboratories because it is one of the only places that experiments with Chimaeras despite the potential lethalness. Over the years I have worked my way up, as even though I’m in the Almagest family they treat me fairly normal and made me start at the bottom. At this point I am under Professor Callisto and have seen many experiments gone wrong. It does sadden me whenever an experiment fails because I love all living creatures. Now you may ask why I work in such a field if I love organisms? I do so because it is all about making advancements for all creatures through modification and hopefully the experiments will work on humans as it will be a revolution for our world. It is a little bit of a coincidence that Macey also decided to work in this particular area, but we're not competitive about it, in fact sometimes we have to work together in order to get things done.

While I love the life of high society, I don't necessarily like being pampered. If I gain a high position, I want it to be because I earned my way to that spot, and not because of my lineage. Spending time with animals is a hobby of mine that is looked down upon by some of my relatives, but I really do love creatures, and taking care of them brings me joy. I also enjoy the skills of fencing and horse riding, for competitions and just as a hobby, both of which I have been taught from a young age. I get along with most of my siblings and other relatives unless they have very different views from me. But large age gaps between some of us does make it more difficult to be close. Unlike some of the others, I go past the gates of High Czenoble and mingle with the workers. It saddens me to see their plight and I want to eventually be able to aid them, and if the Chimaera experiments are successful with humans, that has a strong possibility of happening.

I have been asked on numerous occasions about why it is my hair and eye colour are so different from the rest of the members of my family, and some writers of the tabloids have suggested that I am not a legitimate child of my father, Leonhart Almagest and his deceased wife, my mother, Beatrice. I have decided to end all of the questions here by explaining why it is so. Firstly I assure all the readers of this document that I am 100% legitimate, and the fact of the matter is that it is a result of a potion gone awry. One of my friends from CHAOS decided to become a Potions Master when we graduated and the year we started at our disciplines, she tested a new potion on me. It was supposed to revitalize hair follicles to bring health, life and colour back into dull hair, not that I needed it at the time but I was a close friend and decided to help out. Instead of doing as it was supposed to do, it somehow managed to alter my hair and eye colour. I looked at myself and compared it to how I had previously looked, and I came to the realisation that I liked the new me and declined the offer to come up with a cure for it. It doesn't seem to fade at all and has become a part of me, acting exactly the same as how an original hair or eye colour would act. I enjoy being unique and set apart, though I could live without all the inquiries, but I suppose that is the life of an aristocrat.[/size][/color]
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[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=Black][LEFT][size=1][b]Your name:[/b] Daedalus Almagest

[b]Your age:[/b] 67

[b]Your position inside the Almagest family:[/b] Daedalus is Leonhart's elder brother.

[b]Your portrait:[/b] [b][url=http://zeitgeistglee.250free.com/Vinci.jpg]One of Daedalus' rare public photos[/url][/b], taken recently during the official demonstration of his latest completed project.

[b]Your occupation:[/b] As one of the elder Almagest?s still living, Daedalus serves a variety of roles within Magitech Corporation. He is one of the company?s directors, responsible for ensuring that the path of success, control and profitability that the company has attained since Celsius? time is maintained and expanded upon. In reality though, Daedalus has little interest in commercial matters and prefers to leave them to his younger brother, choosing to support him in his decisions.

Primarily, Daedalus spends him time in Magitech Corporation?s main industrial laboratory, a huge complex dealing with the production of new fusions of magic and technology, overseeing his own personal area of development, mechanical dynamics. Despite other Almagests having a distinct interest in the combination of the biological and the alchemical, Daedalus prefers clockwork-run machines of iron to do his bidding. A veteran soldier, many of his creations fall strictly within the confines of weapons, war-machines and armours.

[b]Your story:[/b]

Daedalus looked up from his workbench to find Leonhart staring at him again, even though his brother was twelve, and developing quite a potent intelligence of his own, it still annoyed Daedalus to no end to have an audience watching his every move. He pushed the lens from in front of his eyes and sighed, wondering when exactly how he would cope another year before he entered the Academy of Sciences.

?[b]Yes Leonhart ?[/b]?

He allowed a fraction of his frustration to pour into his voice, hoping his brother would get the message and leave.

?[b]What?re you doing brother ?[/b]?

Leonhart tilted his head, trying to get a better look at the collection of parts on the workbench.


?[b]On what ?[/b]?

?[b]Something I want to show father.[/b]?

He did not elabourate, because if did, his brother would waste another hour asking more pointless questions.

?[b]Do you want to be alone ?[/b]?

?[b]I prefer privacy while I work.[/b]?

More irritation slipped into his voice.

?[b]Do you think I?m a bother Daedalus ?[/b]?

He sighed again, leaving down the tools in his hand, before removing his gloves and brushing his pale hands against his chest. Leonhart had one of those expressions on his face that Daedalus knew meant the wrong word could sent him crying to their mother, and he didn?t need to be lectured again. He walked slowly up to his brother and sat down on the staircase next to him. roughly tussling Leonhart?s hair.

?[b]No, you?re not a bother little brother, but I want to impress father with what I?m making. To do that, I need to be able to focus fully on my work. When I?m finished though, we?ll go for a trip on the airship OK ?[/b]?

His brother?s mood perked up immediately, as he reached over and hugged his elder brother tightly, or at least as tightly as Leonhart could wrap his arms around his far larger brother. Even though he was only fourteen, Daedalus already stood nearly six foot and had a distinctive muscular build from working with heavy machines, his shaggy greasy hair was wrapped up in a pony tail to keep it out of his eyes.

?[b]OK, I?ll let you get back to work, but promise me you?ll show what you?ve built after you show father.[/b]?

?[b]Alright, see you later.[/b]?

[b][u]Fifty-One Years Later[/b][/u]

Daedalus looked up from his workbench to find Leonhart staring at him... after fifty year, he had simply accepted some things never change.

?[b]Yes Leonhart ?[/b]? Daedalus had a small smile on his face.

?[b]What?re you doing brother ?[/b]?


Both brothers simply laughed together, enjoying the memory of their youth.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[B]Your name:[/B] Fauntleroy Almagest
[B]Your age:[/B] 33
[B]Your position inside the Almagest family:[/B] Son of Leonhart and Lady Patrice.
[B]Your occupation:[/B] Photog. Fauntleroy works for “The Chronicle,” one of Czenovia’s most popular news journals, as a writer and photographer.

[B]Your story:[/B] [indent]Fauntleroy is a clever, if not sometimes flamboyant young man struggling to escape from the Almagest’s large shadow. Despite attending the best schools and academies in Czenovia Fauntleroy has yet to make a name for himself. There have been several failed attempts at various occupations, including one within Magitech Corps., but each turns out to be an even greater disaster than the last. Currently Fauntleroy is exploring his newfound passion for photography by working for The Chronicle: his family is already taking bets on how long it will be before he gets fired.

Fauntleroy and his father haven’t spoken for several years, despite the fact that they both regularly attend Almagest family functions. Leonhart sees his son as a disappointment for his lack of ambition, and prefers to pretend that he doesn’t exist. Other members of his family are more forgiving, but Fauntleroy would do anything for his father’s approval.

High society fits Fauntleroy like a glove, and he rarely ventures outside of High Czenoble. While not politically minded, Fauntleroy is a strong supporter of the military and class system that puts him in a life of luxury. Like many other members of the nobility, it would seem he is unwilling to look past the stone gates of High Czenoble to the looming crises facing all of Czenovia and its’ citizens.[/font][/indent]
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[B]Name:[/B] Catherine Sara Almagest

[B]Age:[/B] 49
Your Position inside the Almagest family: [/B] Catherine is Leonheart's younger sister.

[B]Your Portrait:[/B] [URL="http://img108.imageshack.us/img108/5889/catherine01ru6.jpg"][U]Catherine[/U][/URL]

[B]Your occupation:[/B] Catherine is a professor at Czenoble High Academy of Sciences.

[B]Your Story:[/B] Catherine grew up with a keen interest in most fields and yet could never settle on just one. Weaponsmithing, Potionism, Gadgetry, Transports and Chimaera Creation, all have equally fascinated her since she was a small child. As a result, Catherine has a firm grasp on the basics and theory behind a lot of different fields of Magitechnology, especially Potionism as she also has a keen interest in the health and well being of the Almagest family.

At one time Catherine was engaged to be married, but before they could marry he was killed in an accident at the Artemis Air Transport facility where he worked. Catherine never speaks of the incident and since then has gone on to teach introduction and basic theory classes for the different technologies at CHAOS.

In the last twenty five years, Catherine has become a bit eccentric in that much to the dismay of some of the more [I]proper[/I] members of the Almagest family, she openly dresses in flamboyant colors and dyes her hair to hide the many gray hairs she now has. She is often heard to say that appearing older is meaningless.

Catherine is unfailingly cheerful to everyone, regardless of station and yet stern and demanding as a teacher. Her motto is simple, if you earn the grade you'll recieve it and if you don't... then you deserve to be flunked out of school. Though she is well liked by the students, those who would attempt to use their families influence to get by have learned to their dismay that when it comes to learning, there is no short cut with Catherine. After all, she remembers all to well how a [I]short cut[/I] claimed the life of her dear finance. So long as she is teaching, there will be no short cuts.
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[SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed][B][FONT=Arial]Your name:[/FONT][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed] Benjamin “Benny” Grimalkin[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed]
Your age:[/FONT][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed] 23[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed]
Your position inside the Almagest family: [/B]The adopted son of close family friend Dame Anna Grimalkin.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkRed]
Your portrait:[/FONT][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2] [URL="http://i119.photobucket.com/albums/o159/pjmckrafty/070927_Tim_for_JP_by_Pseudocognitio.jpg"][U]Benny[/U][/URL][B][COLOR=darkred][FONT=Arial]

Your occupation: [/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkred][FONT=Arial]One of the lead Gadgeteers at Magitech Corporation.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkred][FONT=Arial][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkred][FONT=Arial]
Your story:
[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][/SIZE][/FONT][INDENT][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkred][FONT=Arial]I don’t know much about my parents, I know that my mother died giving birth to me and my father took his own life a couple moths after in depression, leaving me in the care of close family friend Dame Anna Grimalkin. She raised me up with Leonhart Almagest’s children, them almost becoming siblings to me, so many of my childhood memories are on the Almagest estate.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkred] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkred] I was enrolled into Czenoble High Academy of Sciences and was considered one of the best and brightest of my graduating class. The only reason I didn't graduate as valedictorian of my class was because of my behavior. I work in a way that some people would call eccentric, but most refer to as crazy or loony, but effective in the way that my work is considered exemplary for a man of my age. My major ticks in working are that I find it more comfortable and conductive to crouch on my seat and take on a twitch when I am talking and an idea hits me.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkred] I applied for a position at the Magitech Corporation and was placed into the Gadgetry department where my true potential was revealed. My ideas and skills, not to mention creativity, were quickly put to use as I was placed as lead of the department where I am today. I am somewhat obsessed by my work in the way that I use it as a hobby, which I find completely understandable, that has some people developing opinions and what not about me.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=darkred] As of late my Adopted mother has been trying to find me a wife, saying that the life of a bachelor at my age is frowned upon in our society. She has introduced me to many young women and the relationships, however short most were, have all ended the same, either I am not a suitable husband for them or vice versa.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
OCC: I hope this picture works out.[/SIZE]
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[B][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Name: [/FONT][/B][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Dawlish Almagest
[B]Age: [/B]39

[B]Your Position Inside The Almagest Family: [/B]Dawlish is Leonhart's youngest cousin, the son of his youngest brother.

[B]Your Portrait: [URL="http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c323/SamSandy/Final%20Fantasy/ff12-chara-basch.jpg"]Dawlish[/URL][/B]
Your Occupation: [/B]Dawlish is one of the head researchers at the Magitech Corporation. He oversees the Weaponsmiths, the Potionists, the Gadgeteers, everyone who works there, and reports directly back to his cousin, Leonhart.

Dawlish is also quite an accomplished Gadgeteer, being quite proficient in the form of Magitechnology that applies itself to Gadget-making. When he is not supervising in the many labs of the Corporation, he will often be found in his lab, tinkering with any number of new inventions.

[B]Your Story: [/B]Dawlish was one of the less promising Almagests. He always seemed to live in the shadow of his cousins, both Leonhart and Daedalus, both of whom were far more intelligent, stronger, faster and just overall better than him. He was a good-looking child, but not as good-looking as Leonhart. He was strong, but not as strong as Daedalus. With no brothers of his own, the only figures he was ever compared to were his cousins.

However, Dawlish grew up, and focused his mind. He believed firmly that while some were born with greatness, others were supposed to work hard towards it, and that he was one of the ones who needed to work. As soon as he was old enough, he made sure to grab a job in the Magitech Corporation, as a supervisor of the mining facilities in Brigit Town. However, when he was just twenty years old, he was caught in a horrific explosion, which ripped part of the facility apart, and injured him quite badly.

He was bed-ridden for a number of months, and almost lost his vision. However, the finest Potionists were employed to create a salve to ease the burns, and eventually they healed up. He was left, however, with a scar across his left eyebrow, and he completely lost his right leg, having to have it replaced with a mechanical replica, powered entirely by Magitechnology.

He has since taken up a safer position at Magitech Corporation, and worked his way up through the ranks to become one of the head researchers. But the accident which left him limping and, in his opinion, "crippled," has made him a much older man than his years. He is cynical and often employs his extremely dark sense of humour.
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[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="1"][B]Name:[/B] Harrison Almagest (prefers to be called Harry)

[B]Age:[/B] 14
Your Position inside the Almagest family: [/B] Leonheart Almagest is Harrison's uncle.

[B]Your Portrait:[/B] [URL="http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/4177/boy01vg9.jpg"][U]Harrison[/U][/URL]

[B]Your occupation:[/B] Harrison's only occupation is school and learning about Weaponsmithing since it is his intent to join the Royal Police Guard when he gets older.

[B]Your Story:[/B]
[INDENT]Harrison is a headstrong and stubborn youth who has spent most of his time daydreaming about becoming renowned with his skill at fighting. He is quite the brat about skipping classes in favor of lessons of any kind on how to use different weapons. From creating them to fighting with them, he spends all of his time in this endeavor. As well as reading any and all books he can get his hands on that relate to law and the rules and regulations that all members of the Royal Police Guard are required to know.

Though Harrison does have a knack for learning things quickly, he is often getting into trouble as he will butt into situations that are way over his head. He has yet to learn to discern between being truly brave instead of being reckless as he lacks the experience to realize when a situation is beyond his current capabilities. Harrison has been fortunate that many of the true Royal Police Guard know him on sight and often keep an eye on him when he is out and about, often extracting him from the messes he gets into.

Harrison is currently at odds with the Almagest family with his fifteenth birthday approaching as he does not want to attend Czenoble High Academy of Sciences but the Academy for those who are training to become members of the Royal Police Guard. He has argued extensively with those who make the decision for him and as a result is often absent from dinner or other social obligations in protest of their decision to send him to CHAOS instead of the Academy he wishes to attend.

Given a choice Harrison would leave his connection to the Almagest family behind to pursue his dream. He cares little for what is expected of him and he feels that he should have the right to choose what he does with his life instead of doing what someone else expects of him.[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][B]Your name:[/B] Daedalus Zelgadis Almagest (Named for his Uncle but usually just called Zelgadis to avoid confusion.)

[B]Your age:[/B] 43

[B]Your position inside the Almagest family:[/B] Son of Leonhart and Lady Patrice.

[B]Your portrait:[/B] [url=http://www.jaestudio.com/OathSworn.jpg]Zelgadis[/url] (Providing no-one signs-up as Zelgadis' wife, then I'd like for the woman in the picture to represent that character.)

[B]Your occupation:[/B] Zelgadis has no paid occupation per se. He is, however, a master swordsmith and is responsible for molding the majority of swords used both in and outside of Czenovia.

[B]Your story:[/B] Very little of Zelgadis' early life stands out. He was good student with promising talent in alchemy like his father and nothing else. He began to work with potions in his spare time and kept very much to himself. After the tragedy of Lady Patrice's passing, Zelgadis became unstable with grief and began experimenting with mind-altering potions and various strong ales.

After several years of wasting away (much to his father's displeasure) Zelgadis dropped his potions and his grief and became more physically active, training his alchemic skills for crafting swords. Using his links as an Almagest, Zelgadis trained under some of the oldest masters in both crafting and weilding the sword and devoted his life to the art.

In this way, Zelgadis was able to make peace with his mother's departure and even came to be one of the only family members not openly hostile toward Lady Bavaria. In the many years now past, Zelgadis has become a regarded master for young swordsmen and alchemists alike.

It should also be nooted that Zelgadis is opposed to all forms of violence and uses his art strictly for the physical and spiritual enlightenment it provides.[/size]
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WOW! I go away for a little bit only to return to a steampunk RPG! This is so excititng, I hope I'm not too late to join. Here 'goes...

[SIZE=1][B]Your Name:[/B] Charles "Charlie" Garnett Cornwall Almagest

[B]Your Age:[/B] 31

[B]Your position inside the Almagest family:[/B] Widower to Leonhart's eldest granddaughter, Elizabeth.

[B]Your portrait: [/B][URL="http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/7020/victorianbyeleganzedn1.jpg"]Charles[/URL]

[B]Your Occupation:[/B] Train Conductor

[B]Your Story:[/B] [I]Leonhart and Lady Patrice bore their first child Angelina at the age of 18. Angelina Almagest married Arthur Wellington at the age of 20 and bore her only child, Elizabeth, at the age of 21, just before Arthur was killed. Charles Cornwall married Elizabeth Almagest when she was 19. (He was 24) She gave him two children, before dying of a strange illness. A boy named Bertram, (age 7) and a baby girl named Pearl. (age 5)[/I]

Charles Cornwall was the only child of Maryanne and Robert Cornwall, successful and hardworking citizens of Czenovia. Charles discovered a talent for alchemy at a young age, and his parents quickly sent him off to various academies to better his education. He was a good student, but was known widely as a trouble-maker. After he turned 15, and was expelled from his fifth school, his parents decided to give him one final chance to make something of himself. They send him to Czenoble High Academy of Sciences.

Strangely, a change did occur in Charles, and he began to mature. Many thought it was the fear of becoming just another miner that straightened him out. Or perhaps, the strict rules and difficult coursework left no room for running rampant. Truth be told, Charles fell in love with Meredyne Artemis, heiress to Artemis Air Transports. They were together for quite some time, and naturally, Charles was given a job at Artemis when Meredyne inherited the company. Rumor was the couple were to be married, but that never happened.

Charles discovered that Meredyne had another love that far surpassed her own for Charles: Work. Meredyne was a control-freak, workaholic, who hardly spent any time with Charles. They slowly drifted apart and when Charles met Elizabeth Almagest, they fell in love. Outraged and embarrassed, Meredyn fired Charles and promised to never allow him work at Artemis again. Even though, his education with alchemy and magitechnology was great, Charles never really needed to work due to the inheritance Elizabeth was receiving. They married and Elizabeth gave birth to Bertram and Pearl, just before she passed.

Elizabeth's untimely death, was quickly followed by the death of both of Charles's parents. He lived in depression for the longest time. His only family left were his children and mother-in-law, Angelina. She supported him for some time, until he refused to accept her money any longer. The painful memories of were too great for Charles and he left the city, using his knowledge of magitechnology to become a train conductor. The life suited him; he didn't have to be tied down for too long and didn't risk getting hurt again. Charles used alchemy to improve the travel of the basic machines and uses he troubleshoots any problems that may occur during transport. His two children live with their grandmother.[/SIZE]
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[b] Your Name:[/b] Bartholomew “The Dart” Almagest

[b]Your Age:[/b] 21

[b]Your Position in the Almagest Family[/b]: Illigetimate son of Leonhart Almagest and an unknown mistress. He was summarily taken into the Almagest house as a son, and raised as one of the family. Leonhart saw to take good care of Bart, despite some animosity coming from his half-siblings, Fauntleroy and Macey.

[b]Your Portrait:[/b] [url=http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/b/bc/Steve5.jpg] Bartholomew[/url]

[b]Your Occupation:[/b] Bartholomew is the young face of the Almagest clan, due to his celebrity status as the welterweight champion within the Gladiator Games. A rather refined sport, yet a bit brutal, the Gladiator Games acts as an arena where two trained competitors may fight using only their bodies.

The Games have a strict set of civilized rules, including no hair pulling, eye-gouging, groin attacks, spinal attacks, among others. The fights continue on ground or standing until one fighter admits defeat, is knocked unconscious, or the fight is deemed finished by the umpire. Death has never occurred in this arena, and injury is minimal compared to other popular sports. Due to this, the otherwise harsh-seeming sport has grown into one of Czenovia’s favorites.

Bartholomew has gained celebrity status as one of the sports finest athletes, and an honorable champion. Due to his father’s vast wealth, he was able to gain the finest training in all of Czenovia. An expert boxer, grappler, and savate-player, the handsome man’s outright skill and accuracy have earned him the ring-name “The Dart”.

Apart from his fighting career, Bartholomew helps his family’s company by acting as their prime promoter and advertiser, often endorsing new technologies through public appearance and as special guest speaker at press-conferences. He attends CHAOS, studying business practices should he ever need to end his fighting career for one in his family’s company.

[b]Your Story:[/b]

Bartholomew grew up in the privileged settings that the Almagest family had provided all its children. Attending the finest schools that Czenovia had to offer, early on Bartholomew showed great talent as a natural athlete. Combined with his sharp good looks and his renowned family, he was a rather popular individual through out his schooling age. Bartholomew began training in wrestling at the age of eight for his schools and showed great talent, which eventually lead to the school’s boxing team and eventually, the savate club. Excelling at all, he began his career as a Gladiator with the good wishes of his family at the age of eighteen and quickly excelled.

Gaining celebrity status almost immediately, he has become a media darling for his dashing physicality, civilized charm, and athletic skill. He is one of the many faces of the great Almagest family, and one of the most popular amongst the common people due to his highly publicized exploits. He has also garnered some negative attention due to his reputation as a playboy amongst the young noble women of the Czenovian houses. Try as he might, due to the begging of his family, he has a difficult time avoiding attention for his youthful romanticism.

With a charming, yet, reserved personality, Bartholomew wishes to be taken seriously by the others members of the family as a future business man once his athletic career is over. However, he often feels shunned due to his youth and reputation, and is rarely seen as an adult amongst the older family members. He studies steadfastly when not training in order to hopefully bring success to the company his family built one day. However, he often feels a great deal of negative feelings coming from his half-siblings, which often leads him to seek their approval from his accomplishments.

Please inform me if there are any issues concerning my character.[/color][/size]
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[b]Your name:[/b] Henry Grimalkin
[b]Your age:[/b] 22
[b]Your position inside the Almagest family:[/b] Son of Dame Anne Grimalkin, honorary member of the Almagest family.
[b]Your portrait:[/b] [url="http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/talesoftheabyss/art-006.jpg"]Henry[/url]

[b]Your occupation:[/b] Henry, for his young age, is especially adept at Transport alchemy, and has subsequently been offered a job at Artemis Air Transports as an airship engineer. However, at this point Henry is unsure as to whether or not he wants to take the job. So he spends his time as a Chimaera Jockey, working his way to the top of the Circuit.

[b]Your story:[/b]
Henry is the illegitimate child of Dame Anne Grimalkin and Leonhart Almagest. This information, however often gossiped upon, is denied by both parties, and thus, Henry does not know for sure who his father is, nor does he particularly care. Due to the nature of his birth, and his mother’s status, Henry grew up inside of Rosengard and was raised alongside the Almagest children.

His mother, being the House Matron of Rosengard, never paid Henry any extra attention, as she cared for the other Almagest children at the same time as he was growing up. He has never felt any special attachment to any one of his “siblings”, not even his adopted brother Benny. Instead he has a fairly congenial attitude towards each one, despite what they may think of him. He has, however, been known to indulge in jealousy streaks towards his family, and when prompted, Henry can be extremely competitive in any field. He has always been treated just as a regular member of the family, for which he has always been (albeit secretly) grateful.

He feels little resentment towards his rather confusing upbringing and childhood, even now. In fact, he feels little resentment for anything; his mood goes from carefree to raging, nothing in between, though the latter is very rarely evoked. He is, generally, extremely laid-back, to the point of being utterly lackadaisical when it comes to important matters. He can almost always be seen with a lazy grin on his face and an easy retort to any hostility. The grin could very possibly be a simple facade to trick those around him, but if it is he hides it well. Although he lives for excitement and craves adrenaline, his cool and seemingly collected exterior gives him the perfect disguise as a proper aristocrat.

Due to his attendance of the finest schools available, and his inherent talent for Transportation alchemy, Henry has every possibility in the world to do something great, to have his name written down in history along with the other members of his family. Despite his love for airships he is, as of now, climbing the Chimarea Circuits as a Jockey, much to the disdain of his mother and surrogate family.

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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][B]Your name:[/B] Belfram Coritheus Almagest

[B]Your age:[/B] 14

[B]Your position inside the Almagest family:[/B] Grandson of Leonhart Almagest

[B]Your portrait:[/B] [URL="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/1172167188584.jpg"]Belfram[/URL]

[B]Your occupation:[/B] Belfram is soon to attend CHAOS with the coming of his 15th birthday, with dreams of learning transport alchemy there so he can manufacture and fly airships. He's already recieving personal lessons on transport alchemy from his family.

[B]Your story:[/B] [INDENT]Belfram, though relatively young, already knows how he wants to spend the rest of his life: his one dream and passion is to one day work for Artemis Air Transports, so he can build and fly airships, and to one day have his very own. This passion of his, though adequately fueling his desire to excel at Transport Alchemy, does have some drawbacks; he can become so overwhelmed with his love for the great expansive sky and the beautiful iron gods that are airships that he can easily fall right into a fantasy daydream where he is the “Sky Pirate Belfram”. The signature goggles he wears firmly around his neck often give way to when one of his daydreams begin; the moment they snap over his eyes, he’s definitely gone. Knowing that he will soon attend CHAOS, however, he is working furtively to suppress this habit of his- not to much avail of course.

His older sister and his father readily support him, but the other members of his family, though acknowledging that a career with Transport Magitechnology is respectable, scoff at Belfram‘s dreams of visiting foreign lands. Like stereotypical aristocrats, they have advised him not to leave their “haven in the sky“ to mingle with those who dwell “beneath the Earth“. Fauntleroy, Belfram‘s uncle, seems most adamant in this point. Belfram, though respectful of his uncle and other family members, remains firm in his resolve to see the world. Often he is caught trying to sneak down to New Czenoble, just to try and get a look around.

This innate curiosity of Belfram‘s has an extreme tendency to get him into trouble. He‘s not a mischievous child, per se, his curiosity just gets the better of him ten times out of ten. He has a knack for being in places where he’s not exactly welcome, or walking into a conversation not appropriate for a “child”, though he is far from one. Whenever Belfram is sent away or scolded for being “nosey” he merely apologizes for his wrongdoing, like the proper gentlemanly young man that he is, and makes his way off to the Aerodromes to watch the airships undock, or he heads off to the Chimera Circuit or Gladiator Games. [/INDENT]

[SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] Another young playmate, eh?[/SIZE]
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[B]His name[/B]: Jacob Mason Almagest

[B]His age[/B]: 34

[B]His position inside the Almagest family[/B]: He is a nephew of Leonhart Almagest.

[B]His portrait[/B]: [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v143/Doublehex/RP/the_Victorian__DETAIL_by_mazzdad.jpg][Portrait][/url]

[B]His occupation[/B]: Writer. Jacob is an established reporter for “The Chronicle”, being noted by many critics as one of the most intellectual minds in his field. He is also an avid fighter, knowing a little bit of a good deal of firearms.

[B]His story[/B]: Jacob was born as a strong child to Bartholomew and Vanessa Almagest. Bartholomew may of have been related to Leonhart by blood, but he had little to say in the affairs of the Magitech Corporation. He was thought of someone who was just a little bit above a failure – a predecessor of Fauntleroy – due to his extreme political ambitions. Bartholomew would pour thousands upon thousands of money into his elections, with him barely able to gather even a fourth of the votes.

Jacob, in comparison, would be far more successful in his endeavors. Early on, he was a creative individual – whereas most children would be far more intrigued in sword fights, he would spend hours making miniature clay models. His uncle saw this, and decided to hire an art teacher.

Big mistake. Jacob was not into the arts as much as the written word. Instead of practicing the proper ways to proportion the human body, he would try to find new ways to describe the sun rising over the horizon. This became very evident when he attended the Czenoble High Academy of Sciences. He was an abysmal failure in the technical sciences, but when it came to creative writing, he was amongst the best in his class.

Upon graduation at the age of twenty-one, he was unemployed for only a week. He was hired by the Chronicler. Ever since then, he has been hailed as amongst the best writer the country has ever created. His first novel, ‘Dark Hearts’, delved into the psychology of a group of individuals isolated on an island after an airship class. It got rave reviews – it earned a golden harp, one of the most prestigious rewards for a written work. A first time novelist getting such a reward was not unknown, but it was extremely rare.

Jacob, after six years as reporter and feature writer, was offered the position of editor. He turned it down – he said he had “things left to do”.
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[COLOR="goldenrod"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][B]Name:[/B] Victoria Ann Almagest

[B]Age:[/B] 11
Your Position inside the Almagest family: [/B] Leonheart is her grandfather.

[B]Your Portrait:[/B] [URL="http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/6013/victoriaannzo1.jpg"][U]Victoria[/U][/URL]

[B]Your occupation:[/B] Student at one of the schools children of the Almagest are required to attend before they are old enough to go to CHAOS. Victoria is fascinated with airships and spends most of her spare time at the Aerodromes watching the ships come and go.

[B]Your Story:[/B] There's not much to tell really, I've yet to go on my grand adventure of exploring the world. I intend to learn how to fly and repair an airship so when I'm old enough I can leave High Czenoble and explore the world. Reading about other places is nothing like seeing it first hand. And I want to see things for myself!

You could also say that I'm obsessed with airships as I've built quite a few models that I have on display in my room at home. Though I'm working on my own design since most airships are impractical in my opinion...

Which is what Victoria is known to say when asked about what she plans to do when she gets older. From the time she was little, she has always wanted to go flying and explore other places. She often gets herself into trouble by looking for new places in the city of High Czenoble and New Czenoble to explore since she has no understanding of the concept of crime.

She is not gifted like other members of her family, but she is smart and quick to pick up on things for someone her age and is unfailingly blunt about any topic that is brought up since she tends to think of herself as being older than she really is. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[font=georgia][b]Name:[/b]Vincent Achard (formerly Vincent Achard-Almagest)

[b]Age:[/b] 40

[b]Family Position:[/b] Former husband of Macey Ellen Almagest



[b]Occupation:[/b] Upon moving to High Czenoble to marry his former wife, Vincent began working at the prestigeous Magitech Corporation as General Manager.

However, when Vincent and Macey Ellen divorced, the family's patriarch insisted that Vincent work elsewhere; it would be impossible to employ a foreigner within his own company in such a high position without him being linked to the family in some form.

Vincent remained in High Czenoble and made a life for himself. He utilised the military experience he had acquired in his home country to begin working in the Royal Police Guard.

Presently, Vincent is the Assistant Commander of the Guard. He answers directly to Gaul Rosier.

[b]Story:[/b] Vincent was born in the small nation of Anova, which borders Czenovia to its north-west.

Anova is culturally very different from Czenovia, but at one point in history it was considered to be a province of its larger neighbour. Eventually Anova was granted independence, largely thanks to several influential families in the region who controlled the country's highly-specialised industries.

The Achard family has a similar position in Anova as the Almagests in Czenovia.

During the early years of Vincent's life, Anova was undergoing something of a rivalry with Czenovia. This rivalry was so intense that some Anovans were afraid of a potential military conflict between the two countries.

In an effort to settle any potential disputes, Anova's Prime Minister at the time (Laurent Asaud) invited several of Czenovia and Anova's most prominent public figures to a lavish banquet at his home - this included the rich and powerful Leonhart Almagest and Vincent's father, Olivier Achard.

Olivier and Leonhart became good friends and it was decided that one of Leonhart's daughters should marry one of Olivier's sons as a gesture of friendship between the two countries (as was not uncommon in the cultures of both nations).

Vincent was much older than Macey Ellen, but this was considered a positive attribute, as he had held a senior position at this father's company and was a decorated ex-Anova Special Security Officer; it was believed that he could provide well for Macey Ellen. The pair hyphenated their surnames, as a way of symbolising the enduring friendship between Czenovia and Anova.

The pair moved back to High Czenoble and lived happily for several years, although the marriage quickly dissolved for reasons unknown to the public. Several journalists still speculate to this day about "the greatest scandal of recent times".

Vincent resigned from his position at the Magitech Corporation and took another role at the Royal Police Guard. Within a relatively short time - only a matter of years - Vincent managed to prove himself within the Guard and rise to the senior ranks of the organisation.[/font]
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[B]Name:[/B] Johnathan "Jack" Deacon

[B] Age:[/B] 31

[B] Position in the Almagest family:[/B] Youngest brother of Lady Bavaria and brother-in-law to Leonhart Almagest.

[B] Portrait:[/B] [I][COLOR=Navy][URL="http://www.geocities.com/yen1703/saga/char_knights1.jpg"]drawn from memory after his last visit to High Czenoble[/URL].[/COLOR][/I] He didn't stay long enough for a proper portrait.

[B] Occupation:[/B] Captain of the airship, Cygnus. Jack's a merchant, adventurer, and occasional black market dealer and weapons smuggler. He conducts the "black" part of his business outside of New Czenoble at the behest of his sister. Also, for a fee, he acts as an off the record consultant engineer for the building of airships. He's one of the few private airmen who works outside of, although still in affiliation with, the Artemis umbrella that can say he's successful.

[B] Story:[/B] From a young age two pillars have dominated Jack's life, his independence and love of flying. He's never been a fan of the aristocracy and is easily bored by the life of parties and high society politics that come along with it. Because of this, his closest friends are commoners, which his family shuns. He was raised for the most part by his sister Bavaria, who is the only member of the family that he considers a kindred spirit to him. Being able to blend in with the commoners as well as aristocrats, it is well known that he grew up with two accents.

He attempted to build his first small airship at the age of 13 with his friends from New Czenoble. However, on its inaugural flight, it crashed into one of the wings of his family's estate, causing them a small fortune in damages. His father attempted to have his friends arrested, but they ran away from New Czenoble, as did Jack, and went into hiding at one of the other cities. Jack was not seen again until he was 15, when he came back after running out of money and places to run to. By this time, the family had labeled him a black sheep and his relationships with all but his sister became strained.

After a stint at CHAOS marred by near expulsions yet stellar grades. Jack commissioned into the Royal Police Guard as an Airman but left citing disinterest. At this time he was in his early 20s and began work on the Airship Cygnus almost completely independent of Artemis Air Transports, using his savings and donations from investors. He began his company, the Deacon Group, and funded it by treasure hunting, exploring, and consulting. No one knows exactly when he got into black market dealing, but the family thinks he was just bored and looking for thrills. His father has repeatedly asked him to stop trading under his name, but Jack insists that he owns the name as much as his father and has the right to use it how he pleases.

He's currently raising funding to build his next airship
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Sorry about the trouble Sandy; I ended up making a cut anyway. ^_^;; And sorry about the length...

[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Indigo"][b]Name:[/b] Morphia Celios Markham
[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Position:[/b] As a half-sister of Lady Bavaria, Morphia considers the older woman a mentor of hers, and as a result also became close to Leonhart Almagest. She is extremely fond of the aging patriarch and enjoys visiting him often, although she is much less affectionate of his children (because of their own grudge against Lady Bavaria). Morphia considers Leonhart Almagest something of a father or grandfather figure.

[b]Portrait:[/b] [url=http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c135/Minneymin/Morphia.jpg][u]Morphia[/u][/url]

Though she has no real or steady occupation, nor any need for one, Morphia can often be found at the Chimaera Circuits. She is a fearless jockey and is well-known not only for her aggressive riding, but also for antagonizing other jockeys. On the racetrack she can be as brutal as any rider, both physically and mentally. With a flair for drama at the Circuits, she has become one of the more renowned riders. Morphia also has a talent in Chimaera creation and enjoys designing her own creatures, with a knack for producing vicious beasts with violent tempers.

[indent]The younger half-sister of Lady Bavaria Almagest and Jonathan Deacon, Morphia has relations to many of the noble and powerful families in Czenovia. Her father is Lord Agron Deacon, a close political advisor of King Mideus Prosperous with political ties to the majority of the aristocracy. Morphia’s mother is Lady Odilie Markham (once Odilie Deacon), a noble-borne cousin of Meredyne Artemis. From her mother's line Morphia is the heiress to the Hyperion treasure, a collection of some of the most precious gems and stones mined from Mount Grail. Throughout her life both Lady Bavaria and Meredyne Artemis have been mentors to Morphia, providing her with guidance in place of her parents.

Her father Agron Deacon is highly ambitious and cunningly intelligent. His marriage to his second wife Odilie Markham was one of political convenience, and the union lasted only a few years past Morphia’s birth. With both parents being strong-willed, stubborn, and unyielding, Morphia was constantly being pushed and pulled between her mother and father, with each attempting to be the stronger influence in her life. Her childhood was privileged but unhappy, and her parents’ bitterness embroiled itself into her own temperament. Despite being gifted and skilled in her studies, Morphia soon turned into a willful and fiercely rebellious girl, dropping out of CHAOS at 17 and throwing herself into the Chimaera Circuit. There she became known for her fiery and vicious temper, as well as her fearlessness and suicidal strategy.

Had things progressed Morphia would no doubt have fallen into a cycle of self-destruction, if Lady Bavaria and Meredyne Artemis had not come to her rescue. They became her refuge in an otherwise ruthless family, and taught Morphia how to channel her rage to more industrious uses. Through Lady Bavaria she also became familiar with Leonhart Almagest, who became the warm father-figure Morphia never knew. Despite her affection for the patriarch of the Almagest family and her regular visits to Rosengard, Morphia is less-than-fond of the rest of the members of the family due to the poor treatment of Lady Bavaria. After Lady Bavaria interrupted the downward spiral of her life, Morphia also became closer to her older half-brother Jonathan. Morphia now has nurtured relationships with both of her half-siblings, a change from the previous distances they held due to the tension between her parents.

Since that time Morphia has transformed from a raging tempest to a more restrained and controlled individual, although she is still known for her mercurial moods and riding at the Circuit. She is contemptuous of the aristocracy, preferring to mingle with commoners, much to her family’s chagrin. Now at 20 Morphia has bloomed into a stunning young woman, and she has more than enough passion to match her beauty. With a will that is entirely her own, even her mother and father know better than to try and control her now, although they do make suggestions and threats from time to time.

Morphia has been schooled since birth in preparation for marriage, although there are few now that will take such a willful bride. Agron Deacon has worked tirelessly to try and arrange a marriage for Morphia with one of the heirs to the Dynasty throne, although the outcome is highly unlikely. Her mother Odilie, on the other hand, is trying to arrange a match between Morphia and a member of the Almagest family (in an attempt to ally the Markhams and the Almagests). Despite whatever she may hold against her parents, Morphia carries the same ambition and pride as her family to seek power in the world (but for entirely different reasons), and has no qualms of using whatever means necessary to grasp the control she seeks.[/FONT][/indent][/COLOR]
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Let me know if I need to change anything.

[FONT="Book Antiqua"][COLOR="Purple"][B]Your name:[/B]

Helen ?Nellie? Almagest

[B]Your age:[/B]


[B]Your position inside the Almagest family:[/B]

Leonhart Almagest?s niece

[B]Your portrait:[/B]

Your occupation:[/B]

When Helen completed her military training to become a member of the Royal Police Guard she was temporarily stationed at the aerodrome of New Czenoble. Although the occupation was usually reserved for men, she held her own for the short time that she worked there. She had no qualms with the way some of the Guard treated local workers, and she often treated them the same way.
The moment a more ?proper? position was found for her she was relocated. Since then she has been working as the personal bodyguard of one of the heirs to the Crystalline Throne, Augustine Beauteous.

[B]Your story:[/B]

Yet another party meant yet another night of observing the heiress amongst her flock for Helen Almagest. She leaned against the wall several feet away from Augustine?s group, the desire to discuss the best manner of tightening corset strings eluding her. She glanced at the people dancing in the center of the room and pondered what it would be like to dance with a man, always keeping the heiress in the corner of her eye. Then he appeared.

?[B]May I have this dance?[/B]? he asked.

Helen sighed, wondering how a man could be so rash to speak to a woman clearly above his station. She surveyed his appearance. His clothes, although expensive, were a year out of fashion. His stature, rather like that of a young flamingo, stretched too high to be warranted by confidence alone.
Her analysis determined that he was most likely a businessman new to the world of riches and power. All things considered, she could think of one response to his question.

?[B]No[/B],? she said.

Undaunted by both the guard?s rejection and her glare, he spoke yet again.

?[B]You are an Almagest, correct?[/B]?

?[B]Yes?[/B]? she said. Her voice trailed off as she noticed a stray thread on the tip of the pinky of her right glove. Helen resisted the urge to pull if, for doing so would ruin the entire glove.

While her mind wandered she came to the conclusion that her relationship with the Almagests was much the same as that string?s relationship with her glove. A single change or tug towards or away from her family could tear apart the gossamer threads that connected them. The family name allowed her to do whatever she wanted, and this was the only source of warmth she felt involving the Almagest family. As the daughter of one of the family patriarch?s siblings, she had no motivation to learn the family disciplines alchemy and technology. She thrived in only two situations: in battle and in social gatherings. The notion of sitting behind a book all day gave her nothing but a yearning to break things.

Without her realizing it, the man continued to talk. This fact changed nothing about their encounter.

?[B]?it is remarkable that such a beautiful woman would take up such a violent occupation.[/B]?

Paying no attention to the compliment, Helen looked at Augustine, who was now on the topic of how to cultivate silky-smooth skin.

?[B]It is not remarkable at all[/B],? she said as of in a daze. ?[B]It is nothing short of inevitable.[/B]?

With the realization of the time she had wasted, she left the businessman. She joined the group of aristocratic women. They bored her as well, she admitted, but at least they were on her social level. The party continued without further interruptions to her waking reverie.
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[FONT="Georgia"]People, the sign-ups are now closed. We have also reached a decision on the players already, and they are in alphabetical order:
Chikara Kokoro

Congratulations, the eighteen of us will have a blast, I'm sure of that. Also note that a new issue of [B]the Chronicle[/B] is up at the Backstage thread, featuring the Almagest family.

And my apologies for the ones who didn't made the cut. It was a really tough decision, but we had to choose from a few very similar characters, and leave out those who we didn't feel fit the world we've created very well.

In any case, Shy will be starting the game tomorrow on [B]Wednesday[/B], so keep your eyes on Theater main page. See you there![/FONT]
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