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[color=darkblue][size=1]Morty looked over the expanse of his hometown, or rather, what remained of it. The coalition of Leaders that had sided with the corrupted Elite had taken up a campaign of absolute devastation against those bold enough to express their differentiating opinions openly, and Morty, having been the loudest of them, was the easiest target. He watched now as the latest legion of trainers marched on the decimated walls of the city: a clean-up battalion to sweep the town as the main front made ready to launch a full assault on his position.

"What are we going to do, Morty? It won't be long now before he decides to take the base."

He looked at Haunter, one of the first Pokémon he had ever befriended. They had had many battles together in the past and seen many victories, but now, the both of them held doubts about their immediate futures. The siege they were currently in had been going on for the better part of a week. Both morale and troops were low, and the arrival of this new force was doing little to help them. Despite the odds that they faced, Morty couldn't help but laugh.

"I really don't see anything funny about this. We're in a bad way here," Haunter said, his overly large hands placed not so squarely on his nonexistent hips. "There's a very real chance that we won't survive this."

He let the chuckle faded gradually as he continued watching as Beedrills and Scizors checked every possible outlet for rebel soldiers, their owners not far behind. A seemingly younger trainer bolted from behind a building, spooked by their approach. Then he stopped suddenly. Too suddenly. Morty couldn't hear the screams of fear as the two Ariados that had spun the invisible web closed in on their latest catch—something he found himself glad of.

"Forgive me. I was just thinking about how it was dear little Bugsy from Azaela Town that orchestrated all this. He's come a long way from the kid I used to know."

"Well, there's a reason they call him a prodigy. He was at an obvious disadvantage when he came here and now look at us. Forced to hole up with our tails between our legs and prayers that our message for back-up got out."

Morty sighed heavily, the truth of Haunter's words forcing him to consider the fact that their current situation may indeed be the end. They had been at the forefront of the rebellion for the past two years and for all that to be coming to a close now...

"They'll come. I know they will. We just have to hold out until then."

Morty turned on his heel, making for the doorway leading downstairs. He would fight with the other 75 or so troops that had survived the onslaught so far. He knew that the fight would be hard and bloody, but he had to have faith that help would arrive.

"Ho-oh protect us," he whispered as he heard the first sounds of battle erupt in front of him.


The nations of Kanto and Johto are embroiled in war. Both are ruled by the Federation, a collection of the most powerful and influential Pokémon trainers in their small part of the world. Since its inception, the Champion of the region, along with the Elite, have ruled over the area, creating a fairly stable and prosperous government.

However, since the disappearance of the current Champion, Red, the Elite have taken it upon themselves to take complete control of the Federation, resulting in a twisted take on a once honorable institution. In partnership with the more tyrannous members of the regional Leaders, they have established an iron rule over the countries, kept in place through fear and harsh capital punishment against those that would speak out against them.

But there are those that have decided to take a stand. Other Leaders in Kanto and Johto, outraged by what the Elite and their fellow Leaders have done, have formed a coalition in an attempt to overthrow the Elite. With their own troops of trainers, they now attempt to set their world right with what has been dubbed The Great Rebellion.


In this RPG, you will play as a trainer in one of the Leader armies. You may choose whether you wish to play on the side of the Federation or the Coalition. You may also choose your rank within your chosen army, but you must explain how you attained it in your sign-up (see sheet for explanation).
To help you in choosing who you wish to side with, here is a brief rundown of the Leaders:

[CENTER][B]The Federation[/B][/CENTER]

[B]Name:[/B] Lt. Surge
[B]Base of Operations: [/B]Vermillion City, Kanto
[B]Preferred Type: [/B]Electric
[B]Signature Pokémon: [/B]Raichu

Lt. Surge was one of the first to side with the Federation when the Elite took over the government. He has gone on record as stating that he believes the way of the Elite is a far better way to rule, especially since the disappearance of the Champion four years ago.
Never afraid to take on an opponent, his army excels in both offensive and defensive combat and he has been deemed to be one of the best generals in the Federation by many.
His base city, Vermillion, is home to the port where supplies for most of the troops in the Kanto region are received from other areas of the world, namely The Orange Archipelago.

[B]Name:[/B] Sabrina
[B]Base of Operations:[/B] Saffron City, Kanto
[B]Preferred Type:[/B] Psychic
[B]Signature Pokémon:[/B] Alakazam

Sabrina is one of the more mysterious members of the Federation's forces. Never speaking unless she deems it absolutely necessary, she and her troops have never actually seen true combat. This is because she and her troops have erected a barrier around Saffron City, only weakened temporarily in areas to receive deliveries or accept soldiers that have been reassigned to the city.
Saffron is home to Silph Co., famed for creating the Master Ball, among other items, that trainers use on an everyday basis. The company is currently backing the Federation both technologically and financially and provides them with most of their healing items and other necessities for troops in other cities. Saffron also serves as a base for technological research for Pokémon enhancement.

[B]Name:[/B] Blaine
[B]Base of Operations: [/B]Cinnabar Island, Kanto
[B]Preferred Type:[/B] Fire
[B]Signature Pokémon: [/B]Magmar

Blaine is one of the more...outspoken members of the Federation's forces. Some have even dared to call him insane. He is always the first to offer a raze on a city that has shown disloyalty to the Federation. His troops are known to possess the same lust for battle and fire, earning them the nickname of "The Mad Bombers" around the regions.
Cinnabar Island serves as a back-up laboratory and research facility to Saffron City on the main continent. They specialize in fossil reanimation and Pokémon enhancement.

[B]Name: [/B]Falkner
[B]Base of Operations: [/B]Violet City, Johto
[B]Preferred Type:[/B] Flying
[B]Signature Pokémon: [/B]Pidgeot

Falkner has been described as one of the more cruel members of the Federation, seemingly taking great pleasure in the destruction of cities and individuals that have been named as threats. As the Federation's lone aerial unit, his is also one of the most feared, as there are few people that can stand against him. However, he has also been known to have one of the bigger egos in the Federation, gaining him more than a bit of enmity among the other Federation Leaders.
Violet City does not presently house any major operation base.

[B]Name: [/B]Bugsy
[B]Base of Operations: [/B]Azaela Town, Johto
[B]Preferred Type:[/B] Bug
[B]Signature Pokémon:[/B] Ariados

Bugsy is one of the more prominent members of the Federation and also one of the newest. Known as the "Prodigal Tactician," his renown grows daily for bringing in victory after victory for the Federation. Despite his growing fame, he is also known for being one of the more humble Leaders and one of the few that shows mercy during his battles…by taking prisoners.
Azaela Town hosts the main training facility for Federation forces. The base currently hosts 7,500 troops-in-training.

[B]Name:[/B] Jasmine
[B]Base of Operations:[/B] Olivine City, Johto
[B]Preferred Type:[/B] Steel
[B]Signature Pokémon:[/B] Steelix

Among the troops of the Federation, Jasmine has long been in contention with Blaine for the title of most insane. Known for being completely demure one moment and savagely violent the next, most of Jasmine's troops live in the fear of not knowing whether they'll be killed in battle or during one of her rages. She has rarely seen battle, but the fights she has been part of have seen heavy casualties on both sides.
Olivine City hosts Olivine Port, the intake source for supplies for troops in the Johto Region from outside areas, namely the Hoenn Region.

[B]Name:[/B] Chuck
[B]Base of Operations:[/B] Cianwood City, Johto
[B]Preferred Type: [/B]Fighting
[B]Signature Pokémon: [/B]Poliwrath

Many of Chuck's followers would look to Chuck as someone to be admired. The rest, along with all other members of the Federation, would look at him as he really is: a liability. The few occasions where Chuck has seen battle have been fiascoes at best. Despite this, Chuck considers himself a fine leader and has an open "rivalry" with Vermillion's Surge.
Cianwood City does not presently house any major operations base.

[B][CENTER]The Coalition[/CENTER][/B]

[B]Name: [/B]Flint
[B]Base of Operations: [/B]Pewter City, Kanto
[B]Preferred Type:[/B] Rock
[B]Signature Pokémon:[/B] Golem

Flint, as one of the older members of the Coalition, often serves in the position of adviser for the group. He has proven himself to be quite formidable in battle and has shown a steadfast resolve to defeat the Federation, odds be damned.
Pewter City currently hosts the Pewter City War Museum, which houses the Wall of Heroes, an obsidian wall where the names of those Coalition soldiers that have died in battle are carved for remembrance. It also hosts a small laboratory specializing in fossil excavation and revival.

[B]Name: [/B]Misty
[B]Base of Operations:[/B] Cerulean City, Kanto
[B]Preferred Type:[/B] Water
[B]Signature Pokémon:[/B] Starmie

Misty's reputation doesn't come from her victories on the battlefield: it mostly stems from her time as a stage performer with her sisters, better known as The Waterflowers. However, she is still quite the force to be reckoned with, as many who have underestimated her have found out first hand. She acts as a major financial backer to the Coalition.
Cerulean City does not presently house any major operations base.

[B]Name: [/B]Morty
[B]Base of Operations: [/B]Ecruteak City, Johto
[B]Preferred Type:[/B] Ghost
[B]Signature Pokémon:[/B] Haunter

Morty is the most forefront member of the Coalition, overseeing the various operations from his base in Ecruteak. Having a strong sense of justice, he was the first to openly stand against the Federation when they announced their takeover of the government and, thusly, was the first to have a target placed on his back. Despite the brutal onslaughts his city has faced, Morty's steadfast resolve has enabled him to survive all of them, though his personal numbers have dwindled heavily as a result. He is currently under siege by Azaela's Bugsy and is waiting for reinforcements.
Ecruteak is the home of the Tri-Towers: the Burned Tower, the Tin Tower and the Sprout Tower, all of which functioned together as the home base of the Coalition until two years ago, when the base was secretly moved to an undisclosed location. It currently houses no major operations base.

[B]Name: [/B]Claire
[B]Base of Operations: [/B]Blackthorn City, Johto
[B]Preferred Type: [/B]Dragon
[B]Signature Pokémon: [/B]Kingdra

Claire is the leader of the lone aerial/tactical strike unit of the Coalition, and, it consisting mainly of Dragons and Dragon-subtypes, boasts the most attack power. She has a take no prisoners attitude and settles for nothing less than complete achievement of her missions. She is steadfast to the cause of the Coalition, though some have said there are ulterior motives behind this.
Blackthorn City currently houses the main training facilities of the Coalition, due to its naturally protected positions in the mountains of Johto. Presently, there are 5,000 Coalition troops-in-training at the city.

[B][CENTER]Neutral Parties[/CENTER][/B]

[B]Name: [/B]Erika
[B]Location: [/B]Celadon City, Kanto
[B]Preferred Type:[/B] Grass
[B]Signature Pokémon: [/B]Vileplume

Celadon City's Erika was the first Leader to take a stance of neutrality once the Federation initiated their plans to take over the government. She has gone on record as stating that Celadon will stay a neutral zone and will not take part in the war. She has, however, allowed Coalition forces to use the city as an R&R area for injured and vacationing troops.
Celadon City is home to the world-famous Celadon Department Store and the Game Corner. Both of these are well-visited by troops and civilians alike for obvious reasons.

[B]Name: [/B]Pryce
[B]Base of Operations:[/B] Mahogany Town, Johto
[B]Preferred Type:[/B] Ice
[B]Signature Pokémon:[/B] Piloswine

Pryce is the lone Leader in Johto that has not taken a side in the battle. He has given no reason for his stationary stance, but has consistently refused advances by both sides to recruit him. He has made it very clear that any troops caught wandering in Mahogany Town for any reason will be expelled with prejudice.
Mahogany Town hosts no major landmark of note.


Please use the following sheet for sign-ups.

Biography:[/B] (Please include rank and explanation of rank acquisition if higher than Private)
[B]List of Service Pokémon:[/B]

That should be all. There will be a Backstage thread posted shortly after sign-ups have closed for all questions and updates. Feel free to PM until then. Have fun and see you on the battlefield.

[b]Note:[/b] It is not required for people to post levels with their Pokémon, but it is good to keep in mind to determine known moves. Please use [url=http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/]this site[/url] for determination of level and moveset (though moveset also need not be posted).

Additionally, for the purposes of this RPG, the use of Legendary Pokémon is prohibited, as they are figures of mythology and have not been encountered in the world as of yet.[/color][/size]
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Name: Lex

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Description: [URL="http://photobucket.com/mediadetail/?media=http%3A%2F%2Fi224.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fdd179%2Fwhite_wolf14%2Fbrexipunkyhk01.jpg&searchTerm=anime%20goth%20girl&pageOffset=9"]http://photobucket.com/mediadetail/?media=http%3A%2F%2Fi224.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fdd179%2Fwhite_wolf14%2Fbrexipunkyhk01.jpg&searchTerm=anime%20goth%20girl&pageOffset=9[/URL]

Faction: Federation

Commander: Blaine

Biography: Lex heard of the take over from her grandmother Agatha. Since Agatha is an Elite Four, She had to join the federation, she would never betray family. When Lex was younger she had won many battles with her trusted Oddish, and gained many compaions along the way. Her Oddish is her most trusted ally and is never seen inside his pokeball, he hates it. After Oddish was well trained, Lex started to collect pokemon, mostly dark and psychic. When she was fourteen she beat the Elite Four with her current pokemon and was put in the Hall Of Fame.

Once the take over came about, it wasn't long before Blaine recruited her into his squad. She had always had an obcession for fighting, and his squad was perfect. Though she had no fire pokemon with her, she was still a good member. She quickly worked her way past private, and is now a Corporal. Her experience and lust for winning helped her with this greatly.

List of Service Pokemon:

(Tell me if you want anything more)
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[COLOR="DarkGreen"][SIZE="1"][b]Name:[/b] Jennie Smith
[b]Age: [/b] 19
[b]Gender: [/b] Femalehttp://otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=58718
OtakuBoards - Pokémon: The Great Rebellion
[b]Description: [/b] Five feet, one inch tall with short, curly red-orange hair and light grey eyes. Her face is freckled, narrow and makes her look younger than she really is. She’s skinny, and wears green cargo pants and jacket, and a yellow shirt.
[b]Faction: [/b] Coalition
[b]Commander: [/b] Claire
[b]Biography: [/b] Jennie is a private in the coalition forces. She wasn't that into Pokemon as a young child (the youngest of seven). She wanted to be a librarian. Her oldest brother died in a freak accident when she was seventeen, leaving all his Pokemon to his siblings.

She wound up, specifically, with the Dratini, and very careful instructions to take it (and any dragon type Pokemon she wound up with out of his collection) to Claire for training. So, she packed up her Pokemon (including the House-Meowth she'd had since she was little) and took them to Claire.

She almost wishes she hadn't. Claire knew what she was doing, alright, but Jennie had to keep the Meowth (the only non-dragon she had) hidden for fear of what the Dragon-obsessed Claire would think. She doesn't really like this war; she wishes it had never happened, but she's quite willing to fight now that it has, though she fears her Pokemon might be years behind the others in training.
[b]List of Service Pokémon: [/b]
1. Dratini
2. Bagon
3. Swablu
4. Meowth
5. Trapinch
6. Charmeleon
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[left][font=verdana][size=1][color=black]Afraid this is going to be semi-complete for the moment Kei, as I've not really had an opportunity to work on the sign up. Do we need to include levels for the Pokémon ? I thought for this RPG it wouldn't really be necessary.


Referred to as "Prior" by the Coalition for his ability to convert captured troops to the Federation's side.

Unknown. Appearance indicates early twenties.


[Will Edit]



[Will Edit]

[b]Rank:[/b] Vice-Commander.

[B]List of Service Pokémon[/B]
[list][*][size=1][font=verdana][url=http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/282.shtml]Gardevoir [Signature Pokémon][/url][/size][/font][/list]

Remainder unknown.[/LEFT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Yea, are the pokemon levels really necessary?. Well I'm in anyways. I love pokemon.

Dart Taylor

Dart is 5'6", short dark brown hair easily mistakened for black, 140lbs, and wears blue jeans and t-shirts.



Dart is a private.

Bio: Dart was a young trainer to start with in his home town in Kanto. He was always an outspoken individual against the Elites' actions. When his town was attacked by the Federation, his father went to protect the town. His father was never seen again. Dart was 14 then and wanted to avenge his fathers death on the Elites. Taken by his mom to a town near Rock Tunnel, He learned about Dragon type pokemon through his mom. This facinated Dart. When he turned 18 his mother gave him Steelix which, he called Shinner, his his most trusted pokemon even though he wasn't a dragon pokemon. When Dart turned 19, he entered the Coalition without telling his mother.

He hopes that one day he would avenge his father and the peace of the nations would be restored.

Main: Steelix-Shiner
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[color=darkblue][size=1]As I've said before in the opening post, it is not required to post Pokémon levels. However, you should keep the levels in mind for techniques that your Pokémon know. Please use [url=http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/]this site[/url] to determine what moves your Pokémon know (and thus, their corresponding level).

Also, I will again state that the use of Legendary Pokémon is [b][i]prohibited[/b][/i] under any circumstance. In this universe, no Trainer, Leader or any other person has come across those Pokémon. They are figures of legend at this point in time and nothing more. All potential players that have listed Legendaries in their roster are kindly asked to replace them.[/color][/size]
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Name: Oliver
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Description: Oliver has shoulder length blond hair and amber eyes. He is about 5’11” and weighs about 145 lbs. He usually wears a tight black shirt (similar to under armour) and a white jacket over that along with matching white, baggy pants.
Faction: Coalition
Commander: Misty
Biography: Oliver was born in Hoenn’s Sootopolis City. He received his first Pokemon Feebas from the local gym leader when he was 10 years old and it took about 1 year for his Pokemon to become beautiful enough (Feebas only evolves into Milotic when it gets to its maximum beauty) it evolved into Milotic and Oliver was on his way to becoming a first class Coordinator. (note: Sootopolis is located inside of a dead volcano, the only way to leave the city is by flight or by moving through an underwater passage so Oliver needed a water Pokemon since he didn’t have a flyer that could carry him at the time). He actually traveled around the region proving to be a very skilled Coordinator and Trainer. By the age of 17 he had achieved a super star status as one of the top trainers and coordinators in the region, even featuring in his own TV show. As he was traveling to the Kanto region his Milotic fell sick and died and was buried at Mount Pyre (a graveyard for Pokemon). It is said that after this Oliver went mad and moved away to the secluded Pacifidlog Town (A small town built on coral in the middle of the ocean with nothing around) where he wasted three years of his life. On one of his routine visits to Milotic’s grave he swore that he saw the spirit of his dead Pokemon and as he was leaving the mountain he found another Feebas. He believed that this was his Milotic reincarnated and caught it and raised it into another Milotic. After this he returned to a regular life, moving back to the main land at 21. He was in the spot light again but he found that it didn’t have the same appeal that it once did so he moved to Kanto to start a new life. He lived in the region for about two more years, competing in Pokemon Contests and even placed in the Pokemon Leagues top eight.
Then the war broke out, since he was living in Cerulean City at the time he joined the Coalition as a private but his talent with Pokemon helped him move through the ranks at a break neck speed and soon he found himself on of Misty’s Lieutenant General (assuming Misty is a General herself). He became notorious on the battlefield for playing dirty, even going as far as to sacrifice his own men if he feels that he will help him win the battle. He is also extremely sarcastic, which some times cause miscommunications on the field, which has been disastrous many times. The only reason that Misty allows him to keep such a high rank is because like herself he as dumped the majority of the money he made in Hoenn into the campaign of the Coalition. Most of the time he tries to exert as little effort on the battlefield by walking out to the opposing commanding officer and challenges him/her to a battle directly. He usually wins (and his opponent is usually injured for being attacked during some part of the battle), which causes the enemy to retreat or fight leaderless, which is never smart. He is currently on his way to help Morty in Ecruteak. Morty needed him and Misty needed a break from him.

List of Service Pokemon:
Milotic (Signature Pokemon)
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[FONT="Palatino Linotype"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Name: Captain Fox

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Description: [URL="http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t139/JimitheGreat11/guy2.jpg"]Here[/URL], [URL="http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t139/JimitheGreat11/guy.jpg"]Here[/URL]

Faction: Federation

Commander: Jasmine

Biography: Captain Fox's actual name has nothing to do with a fox or anything of the sort, the name being more of an alias than anything else. Fox was born and raised in Olivine city, although for the later ten or fifteen years of his life he hadn't even set foot in the city. Fox returned to his former hometown after hearing of the turmoil between the two regions, but other than that his actual motives of becoming involved in the war are unknown. He has been a long time friend of Janette, which helped quickly propel him to the rank of captain within Janette's own personal army. Captain Fox is also known for his sharp mind and excellent tactician skills, which leads others to wonder how Chuck became a Commander rather than he. When it comes to his actual training skills, Fox is known as a jack of all trades.

List of Service Pokémon: Blastoise, Sceptile, Tyranitar, Skarmory, Garchomp

P.S.- Is Janette actually supposed to be Jasmine, or somebody that I'm just not familiar with? It doesn't really matter, I'm just trying to figure out who they are.

Oh, and if anyone needs it, here's a list of actual [URL="http://www.militaryfactory.com/ranks/army_ranks.asp"]Army rankings[/URL] if you're not sure what's what.
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Name: Cody Gabreil

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: Silver, slicked back hair. Army cargo shorts, a white T-shirt, and random tennis shoes is what he usually wears.

Faction: Federation

Commander: Falkner

Biography: Cody was born in sinnoh. He beat every gym in sinnoh then moved on to johto. The first gym he went to there was Falkner, but Falkner was out in war. Cody thought that would be a bigger chalenge. So he signed up as a private for falkner's squadron because it was the only one he knew.

List of Servace Pokemon: Poliwrath LV62
Walrein LV65
Meganium LV64
Ambipom LV64
Weavile LV65
Dusknoir LV70
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[COLOR=indigo]Name: Aesera Alkalero[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]Age: 27[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]Gender: Female[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]Description: Aesera is a rather tall woman, standing at well over 6 feet in height. She's pretty good-looking, but not someone who would usually be described as beautiful, as she keeps herself in good physical shape and many people's idea of 'beautiful' would be unhealthy. Aesera is in very good shape and looks like it. She has a couple small scars on her arms and one large one on her upper left leg that's usually under her clothing.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]Faction: Federation[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]Commander: Bugsy[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]Biography: Aesera was born in Hoeen, in Lilycove City. She's from a family of successful trainers, and her interest was in the same area from childhood. She knew a good deal about being a trainer before she ever got started, thanks to her brother and sister. And it was because of her brother that she discovered another topic of interest to her.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera's brother is extremely interested the the Pokemon Absol, to the point of obsession. He heard many of the stories about Absol when he was young and was absolutely fascinated with that particular Pokemon, especially its tendancy to appear prior to natural disasters. He introduced Aesera to those stories, and though she likes the Pokemon, she was never that interested in her brother's research. but she went from there to the legends and stories about the various legendary Pokemon, which she found quite interesting. She's familiar with essentially every legendary Pokemon from the legends of Jhoto, Kanto, and Hoenn, although currently she's only familiar with a few from the legends of Sinnoh. During her travels as a trainer, she learned more about each regions's legends as well as experiencing each reagon, and eventually she decided to settle in Johto, in Azaela Town.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Aesera's interest in the various legendary Pokemon is somewhat ironic, considering that she's a very pragmatic individual, but she knows that personal interests have their place, so she doesn't really consider it ironic. It's her pragmatic attitude that lead to her decision to support the Federation, as she believes that the best course of action to take is the one most likely to produce the desired result, with considerations such as the feelings of other people and even herself taking a backseat. She doesn't agree with all of the Federation's methods, but she finds it preferable to the Coalition's views.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]When the war began, Aesera joined the Federation army under Bugsy. Of the Federation leaders, she agrees with him the most, especially on how to proceed in battle. For one, she preferrs taking prisoners whenever possible, and Bugsy is one of the few Federation leaders who shows any kind of mercy. She also dislikes the purely brute-force approach, preferring to fight strategically whenever psosible. And she's always had something of a flair for tactics.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]Despite haveing substantial skill as a trainer and being willing to fight, Aesera prefers her current assignment, despite the irony of it. Instead of being a regular soldier, Aesera is an instructor at Azaela's training academy. She enjoys the chance to train new recruits, and she takes the opportunity to present her own values to the students in hopes of decreasing the number of unnecessary deaths. But Aesera finds her assigned course to be quite ironic.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#4b0082]The academy includes not just direct millitary courses, but includes other subjects as well. Aesera is in the history department, specializing in the myths and legends of legendary Pokemon, not exactly the most practical subject for soldiers in an army. But she still enjoys the job, and she's found that she can relate the subject to more immediately practical areas. She does things like have her students devise plalns for fighting legendary Pokemon based on their capabilities as described in the legends, or has them describe how specific legendary Pokemon would be best employed in a battle situation. Though the legendary Pokemon are just legends, Aesera's found that such exercises can be very useful experiences for her students. So although Aesera will fight if she has to, she's perfectly content in her current role.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=indigo]List of Service Pokémon:[/COLOR]

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=Red][B]Name: [/B]Aethon Liam Elocine
Age: [/B]19
Gender: [/B]Male
Description: [/B]5'9", 157 lbs. Short black hair with dark blue highlights, light tan skin, sapphire eyes. Black/Blue t-shirt, with black Tripp pants with blue stitching. He has snake bites. (Both sides of his lip pierced for those that don't know.)
Faction: [/B]Ex-Team Rocket, Federation
Commander: [/B]Sabrina
Biography:[/B] Aethon originally joined up for Team Rocket, under the promise of power and money. After Red single handedly thwarted Giovanni's plans, and effectively disbanding Team Rocket, Aethon traveled the world in search of strong pokemon. After returning to Kanto, Aethon caught himself up with the recent news. Learning that since Red's disappearance, that the Federation has gripped the regions in it's iron grasp. Not wanting to be left out of this opportunity for power, Aethon sided with the Federation.
List of Service Pokémon:
[/B]Gengar (Lv 55; Note: Gengar hides in Aethon's shadow all the time. He has a pokeball he's assigned to, but prefers to hide in Aethon's shadow.)
Gardevoir (Lv 65)
Metagross (Lv 53)
Froslass (Lv 59)

(I know levels aren't necessary, but I thought I'd put them in their for other people's reference, just in-case they'd like to take into account stats. Also, I use [URL="http://www.psypokes.com/dex/index.php"]this site[/URL] when I need pokemon stats, moves, etc. I find it to be more effective.)
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OOC: Hmm, I guess I'm obviously not good at making signups short. I [i]used[/i] to be good at it, but it's an ability I've lost completely...


[u]Real Name:[/u] Ryan Inistacht
[u]Age:[/u] 25
[u]Gender:[/u] Male
[u]Description:[/u] Halberd is 5'10" tall, just barely the tallest of the Black Cat Bandits. His coarse black hair is tied back and loosely braided, and runs halfway down his back, and he also has a trace of a moustache. His skin is lightly coloured but slightly tanned for the most part. He really does have a large figure, and would look muscular were it not for the thickish layer of fat covering it. Now, as far as outfit is concerned, he tends to be pretty casual. One such garment is a fading gray shirt with no sleeves, kind of like a loose muscle shirt or simply a T-shirt with the sleeves cut off--call it whatever you want. Then he wears plain-looking black pants (which look reasonably faded when he stands next to Lupin or Yamiko), plain-looking grey socks, plain-looking black sandals... Yet, something about this whole scheme gives him a sort of handsome air. Maybe it's the way his chocolate-coloured eyes sparkle when he's calm as usual, or maybe it's his humble choice to not wear anything particularly colourful. Whatever it is...
[u]Faction:[/u] Ally with Coalition
[u]Commander:[/u] Morty, sort of
The Inistacht family was one of those stubborn little families that refused to leave its hometown no matter what happened. Their house was always in the same location in the same little block in the same corner of Hearthome City, Sinnoh. Ryan proved to be a pleasant and interesting individual through his early life, although his family life was rather boring. Both of his parents were working hard in jobs, one in the teaching field and one in the medical field. And at home, they spent most of their time talking about what was new in their jobs, and not much time with Ryan. They didn't even have any Pokemon for Ryan to play with. His parents did earn a lot of money from these two high-paying jobs, but something was missing...

Then a miracle happened: one day, both of his parents quit their jobs, and came home one day with a little boy. A new brother! What's more, his parents promised to spend more time with Ryan (and Raymond as well) from then on. This was perfect!

(For next part, see the "Chronicles" at the end of this signup)

[i]Within BCB[/i]
During the Black Cat Bandits' golden age, Halberd was the unofficial leader of the group. When the group wasn't traveling, Halberd worked on building a small aircraft, having had an interest in mechanics ever since he was a little boy. However, for some reason he only showed a moderate interest in flying such an aircraft, and thus Lupin became the owner of it. But that "Nightcraft" was still indicated as Halberd's most notable contribution to the group.

Unfortunately, the very nature of the Black Cat Bandits caused it to split up after six years since its creation. But all was not lost for Halberd; he stell kept in touch with the other three in the five years afterward, during which he started a repair shop and earned pretty reasonable business. Later on, that shop doubled as a small Pokemon gym--both were based in Slateport City, all the way in Hoenn. Also, as a side project, secret to everyone except the other Black Cat Bandits, he worked on designing a larger and awesomer (hopefully) aircraft that would function as a sort of movable house as well. The other Black Cat Bandits were always on his mind as he built the "Sky Pirate", and in fact functioned as a major inspiration for everything he did during those lonely yet productive five years.

But far away in Kanto and Johto, trouble was brewing--the champion Red and the Elites established an almost totalitarian rule over Kanto and Johto, causing much unrest among the citizens of those two continents. Over time, Halberd began to hear about this conflict about the news, and also that some of the gym leaders of Kanto and Johto were setting up an army to take on the "Federation". Ohh, wonderful! Another evil organisation to work on taking down! With that, Halberd decided to get the other Black Cat Bandits together and travel to Johto...

[b]Magnezone[/b] (Coil) (Genderless) *Halberd's first Pokemon*
[b]Butterfree[/b] (Pinky) (Female) *Is pink in colour*
[b]Starmie[/b] (no nickname) (Genderless)
[b]Ditto:[/b] (Metamon) (Genderless)
[b]Skarmory:[/b] (Airmor) (Male)
[b]Gorebyss[/b] (Sakurabyss) (Female) *Often called Sakura for short*


[u]Real Name:[/u] Raymond Donly
[u]Age:[/u] 18
[u]Gender:[/u] Male
[u]Description:[/u] Warren is 5'5" tall, caucasian, with blond hair only a few inches long and blue eyes, nothing special... Erm...?? Anyways, Warren would probably look a little thin if it wasn't for the attention paid to his cute, boyish face, or if he's not standing next to Lupin. But ah well, many people would say he's kind of cute in a little boy-ish way anyways, especially with the tiny little freckles still visible on his face. Little bunny freckes... Anyways, Warren's usual outfit consists of a yellow T-shirt with a happy face on it, faded jeans with holes at the knees, old-looking white sneakers... Oh, but you can't forget the most important thing: the racoon hat! He doesn't go anywhere without wearing this, except maybe school.
[u]Faction:[/u] Allied with Coalition
[u]Commander:[/u] Morty, sort of
[u]Bio:[/u] Raymond came from a family of artists. Specifically, his mother loved to paint, and specialised in Hoenn's scenery. Dad was a poet, and a Pokemon Coordinator as well. But Raymond liked them, not to mention he was thrilled by watching Dad in a contest. The shiny belly-dancing Medicham accompanied by Psychic attacks... whee! Anyways, when Raymond was five years old, his parents took him on a "cruise" around the Orange Islands. However, the timing of the cruise was terrible: the cruise ship happened to be stuck in a storm on the way there, and a huge rock coming from the not-too-far away Tangelo Island collided with and sank the ship, in what Raymond often referred to as the "tropical Titanic". But among those who drowned were Raymond's mum and dad, and Mum's Smeargle. Raymond was among the survivors, as was Dad's Medicham, and both kept each other company in a Stranded Child Refuge back in Hoenn. However, both of them were far from happy--Raymond had just lost his parents, and "Nimerta" lost her trainer. What was to become of them?

(For next part, see the "Chronicles" at the end of this signup)

[i]Within BCB[/i]
As a Black Cat Bandit, Warren was the one to suggest trying out things, but he was also the one to panic whenever potential trouble arose, especially when the group ended up doing something illegal or risky. But hey--he was the youngest in the group, so what else was he supposed to think? Warren also entered a few Pokemon contests with his late father's Medicham, but never won any of them. Perhaps it was just bad luck...

After the Black Cat Bandits went their separate ways, Warren got into a relationship with a girl named Lucy, who was interested in becoming a nurse. But the two made a happy couple anyways and decided to get married after traveling around the Orange Islands for a while. Yes, eighteen is kind of a young age to get married, but for some reason Warren couldn't wait. Not to mention it was an excuse to move into a new house--so from then on he lived in a quaint little duplex in Veilstone City, Sinnoh.

Things were good with this happy couple, but after a few years, there was a time when Halberd, of all people, came knocking on his door, with some news about corruption in the government of Kanto and Johto. He also presented the idea of the Black Cat Bandits getting back together again, and to try again to overthrow an evil organisation... Anyways, Warren was excited about the opportunity, but Lucy wasn't--besides, she didn't want to give up school. Oh well, hopefully this mission wouldn't last too long...

[b]Buneary[/b] (Mimi) (Female) *Warren's first Pokemon, not counting Nimerta*
[b]Raichu[/b] (Pika) (Male)
[b]Furret:[/b] (Itachi) (Male) *Sometimes called "Tachi-tachi"*
[b]Ambipom[/b] (No nickname) (Male)
[b]Bibarel[/b] (Beatrice) (Female)
[b]Medicham[/b] (Nimerta) (Female) (Shiny) *Acquired from Warren's late father*


[u]Real Name:[/u] Vincent Estrel
[u]Age:[/u] 21
[u]Gender:[/u] Male
[u]Description:[/u] Merlin is the shortest Black Cat Bandit and also the one with the darkest skin. But not by much--he's just five feet tall with moderately tanned skin, and is not particularly skinny or fat or muscular in figure. His eyes are a dark, dull green in colour, so they don't stand out by themselves. But his eyes do stand out, because Merlin usually puts on green eyeshadow. But people also pay much attention to his hair, his outfit, or the expression on his face. His straight black hair is fairly short in some places, but fairly long in the form of wispy bangs in the front, and even longer in a sort of ponytail in the back. What makes it stand out is the fact it's dyed deep purple in most places. Merlin really does dare to be different and stylish!

Yes, different and stylish--this goes for his outfit as well, which consists of clothes he sewed together himself (except for the shoes). His shirt is made of white satin and is covered with a tightly fitting (which also means he can't button it up), long-sleeved, light jacket that is dark purple on the outside but is coated with hot pink satin on the inside (which shows up on the collar), and little bright green buttons. Hehheh, Merlin especially has talent and flair in designing jackets. Anyways, Merlin also wears deep blue pants which flare out similarly to bell-bottoms, and shoes made of a grayish leather. Also, lastly, Merlin wears two rings on his left hand, one with an amethyst stone and one with a ruby one, both with rune designs on them.
[u]Faction:[/u] Allied with Coalition
[u]Commander:[/u] Morty, sort of
Vincent was born in Ecruteak City, Johto. His parents studied the history of Pokemon, and made a side study of how Pokemon acquired their various abilities, and also how psychic abilities worked. They usually attended meetings with people who conducted similar studies, and decided to bring Vincent along to these meetings as well. But little Vincent learned quite a bit from these discussions--and made a friend along the way. For the building in which the meetings took place happened to be the Ecruteak Pokemon Gym, which was at the time owned by one person from the meetings, who also used Ghost-type Pokemon. His grandson, Morty, became a good friend of Vincent soon enough. They had some memorable times together, but a job change forced the Estrel family to move away to Sinnoh...

Jubilife City was awkwardly bustling and lively, and got to be a little too much for young Vincent. He liked Ecruteak a lot better, with its nice atmosphere and the two towers nearby... and of course with Morty. Vincent really missed Morty, and could not find a replacement for him. He tried looking for potential friends when he started attending the Pokemon Academy there, but for a long while, nobody really captivated him... and some people were freaked out because he had a little obsession about wanting to be able to use psychic abilities.

(For next part, see the "Chronicles" at the end of this signup)

[i]Within BCB[/i]
As a Black Cat Bandit, Merlin probably made the least amount of contribution, but he was still accepted by the rest. Well, he was good-looking (in his own weird way), charismatic, charming, and quite intelligent, and if you were a Black Cat Bandit, you might say that Merlin is the most fun to be around of all of them. Not to mention Merlin showed a strong interest in Pokemon throughout, and earned the most badges out of all the Black Cat Bandits.

When Merlin left the group, he immediately headed for Johto, in pursuit of Ecruteak City. When he finally walked into the Ecruteak gym, Merlin and Morty rejoiced in their reunion, and Morty even offered Merlin a little home in a little room on top of the gym. Times were good... At home Merlin spent much of his time pondering about things, meditating, and even attempting to use telekinesis on small objects. (Without success.)

But a year or so later, news came of the formation of a sort of coalition between the Elite Four and some of the gym leaders in Kanto and Johto. (To Merlin's dismay, one of the gym leaders was Sabrina, who he had heard of and admired in his youth.) In response to this, Morty announced taking a stand against this "Federation", which only got him into trouble. Merlin wanted to travel to Kanto to try to convince Sabrina to turn against the Federation, but he found himself unable to even enter Saffron City. So he had to come up with a better plan...

Two years later, Ecruteak's base, headed by Morty in the three towers, moved to a secret location, which Merlin was not told about. After all, Merlin had grown more and more distant from Morty over time, because Merlin didn't want anything to do with the war at first. He just kept on biding his time in his little room atop the gym.

Then came the day when Merlin received an e-mail from Halberd, telling him to meet the newly reunited Black Cat Bandits in Mahogany Town...

[b]Dusknoir[/b] (Pluto) (Male)
[b]Espeon[/b] (Oracle) (Male) *Merlin's first Pokemon; evolved to Espeon because of Merlin's interest in psychic abilities*
[b]Mismagius[/b] (Imperio) (Male)
[b]Lunatone[/b] (no nickname) (Genderless)
[b]Mime Jr.[/b] (Loony) (Female)
[b]Honchkrow[/b] (Raven) (Female)


[u]Real Name:[/u] Edwin Tasselbury
[u]Age:[/u] 23
[u]Gender:[/u] Male
[u]Description:[/u] Lupin is about 5'9" tall. His hair is fairly curly and long--as in almost touching his shoulders--and a light brown in colour. (More specifically, various shades of blond.) His eyes are a deeper, darker brown, an interesting contrast to his skin, a very pale shade thanks to lack of sunlight. Gaunt best describes his figure, yet he manages to avoid looking weak or dead. Besides, at least his face and hands don't look that bony. You won't find a whole lot of muscle on him (except maybe on his legs, since he's a very fast runner)--just enough to be able to move around and such. And with absence of strength there is flexibility anyways. Form really does follow function...

Lupin wears a fairly long black jacket that fits him perfectly, so it doesn't look big on him or anything. There is the occasional golden button on the end of a sleeve or near the collar. He wears a shirt underneath the jacket, but it can't be seen at all anyways because he always buttons the jacket all the way up to his neck. Also he wears what look like black jeans, except they're made from a slightly more comfortable material. These too are not too tight or baggy. He's not a firm believer in sneakers, and thus instead wears another kind of shoe made from black leather. He also wears a pair of glasses that have rectangular lenses and barely visible frames. Without them, his vision is still pretty good, but not as good as with them. Besides, the lenses (which look very slightly tinted) allow him to see invisible laser beams used for security and such. Also, he doesn't carry around any sort of bag or backpack or anything--he just keeps everything his jacket pockets for the most part.
[u]Faction:[/u] Allied with the Coalition
[u]Commander:[/u] Morty, sort of
Edwin lived with a relatively poor family in Vermilion City, Kanto. Hehheh, poor in Vermilion? The city of beach resorts, cruises, sunshine, and a quite interesting gym leader? Well, Edwin's parents were poor because housing prices were high, and the only financial support came from his father's little job in a nearby convenience store. His mother was unable to find a job, yet she still wanted a child in these meager conditions. Dad was even angry at her for wanting a child so badly ("How are you going to support him, eh?"), but decided to take out most of that anger on Edwin instead. He even took to hitting him and torturing him, in as many ways as possible. (It would probably not be wise to go into detail at this point.) Though over the next couple of years, Edwin started to venture out into town at night to be free from his father. While out, however, there were occasional times when he nearly got into trouble for spying or pickpocketing or encountering small, petty, child gangs. Oh well, at least it was better than hiding in his room all the time. Over time, he started to take advantage of the time when his parents were asleep, usually to steal food or money from them. ...Although this only led to a mad Dad. Anyways, eventually Edwin got really desperate and decided to try running away.

The journey was long and uncomfortable (he had to stay hidden), but Edwin finally ended up in Sinnoh. Something fortunate finally happened to him shortly after his arrival: some generous woman brought him to an orphanage that was there. It took Edwin quite a while to get used to being treated with kindness, but a couple years later, he met a girl named Kelsey. Kelsey really stood out to him, mostly because she was much more respectful than the others, and because she was sort of a miserable girl as well. But, they barely had time to talk to each other before someone came along to adopt Edwin...

(For next part, see the "Chronicles" at the end of this signup)

[i]Within BCB[/i]
In the group, Lupin played a huge factor in helping the group stay out of trouble, especially when around Team Magma/Aqua. However, he also proved to be the most selfish out of the group, and most often went by his own ideas when the group was out and about. Not to mention that he continued his normal acts of thievery, even after one or two protests by Merlin and Warren. Also it could be noted that Lupin was the one most likely to let his Pokemon wander about outside their Pokeballs.

After the Black Cat Bandits split up, Lupin took the Nightcraft and left. Just as he was leaving Sinnoh, two people from Team Rocket, specifically Butch and Cassidy, wanted to recruit him, because other Rockets had been "watching him". Hmm, Team Rocket didn't seem dedicated to any foolish and destructive mission like Teams Magma/Aqua were, so he mildly agreed. Yes, [i]mildly[/i]--he refused to take Pokemon from other trainers, but at least he proved to be excellent at stealing rare items and such. However, things changed when he saw Butch and Cassidy take a Kirlia from someone he knew from the past: Kelsey, the girl he had met in the orphanage! Soon after, Lupin left Team Rocket, after taking a Pokemon from a trainer from the first time. But that was taking Kelsey's Kirlia from Cassidy's grasp, so that was a different matter.

For the next month or so, Lupin did not do his traveling alone--this time he was with Kelsey. Their time together was full of happiness and adventure (they were wandering around Sinnoh at the time), but one sunny afternoon (oddly enough), it was interrupted. Kelsey and Lupin were walking around in Veilstone City, when all of a sudden the police came by and took Lupin away. Oh no--if he's being arrested for theft, that amounts to an extremely long prison sentence... Actually, it was worse--he was arrested for stealing four Chanseys and two Blisseys from different Nurse Joys throughout Sinnoh. ...Which was something various people in Team Rocket did a week or so before. Apparently they had taken their worst recent crime and blamed it on him, as a little act of revenge and/or jealousy. But it wasn't that bad--after a couple of weeks, he escaped from the prison he was taken to--and continued his travels with his Pokemon.

Two years passed, and it wasn't long before Lupin met up with Kelsey again. To make a long story short, the two of them did three things: continue their Pokemon journey through Sinnoh (and its underground), enter the Pokemon League there (but neither of them won), and help defeat Team Galactic (although Dawn did most of the actual fighting). By that time it had also become widely known that the Chansey and Blissey fiasco was quite possibly not Lupin's fault. Note I said [i]quite possibly[/i]...

(For the rest, see Yamiko's bio)

[b]Absol[/b] (Scout) (Male)
[b]Mightyena[/b] (Sirius) (Male) *Lupin's first Pokemon*
[b]Arcanine[/b] (No nickname) (Male)
[b]Umbreon[/b] (Alice) (Female)
[b]Lucario:[/b] (Zorro) (Male)
[b]Weavile[/b] (No nickname) (Female)


[u]Real Name:[/u] Kelsey Murakage
[u]Age:[/u] 18
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Description:[/u] Yamiko is 5'2" tall, and quite thin-figured. Although this is more due to smaller bones than anything else. (It can also be noted that she's the lightest of all the Black Cat Bandits.) But anyways, then there's her lightly-coloured yellowish peach-ish (how many other "ish"'s can I mention?) skin , her blood-coloured hair which looks quite fiery in the sunlight, her bluish purple eyes... Now as far as outfit goes, Yamiko wears a pair of black velvet pants, a nice match to a light purple shirt on top. It would look like a turtleneck sweater if the sleeves weren't so short, the neck part so wide (it must fit a huge-necked person snugly), and the bottom only going down to just above her belly button. Over this she wears a soft, darker purple sweater, which instead of buttons has a tie around the waist, is long enough to almost cover her knees, and has two large pockets on the sides. Oh, and she wears black sneakers too, if it really matters. Who would pay much attention to her feet anyways? They'd more likely pay attention to the way her soft-looking black hat looks so perfect there on her little red head.
[u]Faction:[/u] Allied with Coalition
[u]Commander:[/u] Morty, sort of
Kelsey's mother died upon her birth, so Dad was left with Kelsey and had to raise her on his own, in his quaint little house in Saffron City. Kelsey and her dad were very poor, and spent most of their time sitting inside their little house and holding each other close. This continued for four miserable years, until the police "rescued" Kelsey by taking her away, to an orphanage nearby. There, she was immediately met with name-calling from the other children, but she did talk to one older boy who sat far away from the other children and did not make fun of her at all. The boy was named Edwin and seemed really friendly, but the moment only lasted a few minutes before someone came along to adopt him. So Kelsey was left friendless...

However, her life started to improve at that point, especially when she went away to a Pokemon academy near Cerulean City somewhere. Kelsey received a Pokemon after her short stay there--a Ralts. Things were okay on the early parts of her Pokemon journey--she didn't earn any badges, but at least she and Ralts got along very well. While on the journey, she even visited her father once.

...That is, until shortly after Ralts evolved. All of a sudden two people from Team Rocket came and took her Kirlia away from her. This really sent Kelsey into a state of shock and depression, so much that she ran back to Saffron City and found her father. Dad didn't want her to stay with him for long, but he did give her a Pokemon egg as a present before she left two weeks later... What's more, he told Kelsey of Celia, her great-grandmother who had supposedly put a curse on the whole Murakage family. Supposedly, the only way to remove a curse was to defeat her in a Pokemon battle. Oh well, at least that was a possible cause of her misfortune...

The egg hatched into a Drowzee, and after a while Kelsey traveled to Sinnoh to explore there a bit. Kanto had gotten too depressing for her... Anyways, to make a long story short, after a while, Kelsey got her Kirlia back--someone familiar had rescued her from Team Rocket... It was Edwin, the boy she met in the orphanage! Except he was much older now, and had changed his name to Lupin. Anyways, after that, the two of them started journeying together. ...Wait, did that make sense, journeying with someone who used to be in Team Rocket and who was a highly skilled thief? When those two things had been the reason why Dad was broke and Kirlia was so miserable? Nevertheless, Lupin really seemed to be a wonderful person to be around--it could even be said that at this point Kelsey had a crush on him.

Good things and bad things happened on their journey, but it was mostly for the good. A few interesting things happened to Kelsey on her journey--it was almost as if her luck turned good for a while. Over time, she developed a telepathic connection to all her Pokemon except Persian and Bellossom--this was mostly due to the otherwise passionate bond Kelsey shared with everyone she cared about since day one of her life, and due to the fact that most of her Pokemon had some sort of psychic ability. (It can be noted that this ability only worked with Ninetales rather than Vulpix.) Also, Kelsey became quite interested in Pokemon contests as well--it was her way of expressing the unique styles of her Pokemon. And, thirdly, there was her action against Team Galactic. Most notable of her actions against them was releasing Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf from their captivity while Dawn battled Cyrus, Galactic's main boss. Fourthly was her participation in the Pokemon League, which she got to the semifinals in before easily losing to someone else...

And lastly of all was Kelsey's defeat of Celia in a Pokemon battle. Wow--did this free her curse? Nope--the curse on the Murakage family went back to when Celia's father grabbed a Ninetales by the tail, so it still had a few hundred years to go. Celia only wanted Kelsey to think this would solve the curse, so as to set up a goal for her to set for herself. Celia spoke these wonderful words to Kelsey about this with the most unlucky timing: on her deathbed. Greeeeaaaattt... Yet in her honour, Kelsey took care of her Banette, and called herself Yamiko from then on--Yamiko was what Celia called her all the time.

Ahh, so Yamiko would have a good life ahead of her at last. Perhaps she would marry Lupin, and the two of them would move into a nice little house in Lavender Town, where Yamiko would start a sort of sanctuary for abandoned Pokemon. Or not--as usual, Yamiko's dreams were shattered. Well, maybe not shattered--maybe "delayed" is a better word. For Yamiko then heard about the Elites in Kanto and Johto taking over the continent, setting up a very strict rule over it. Hmm, this was an idea. Didn't she and Lupin have a knack for defeating evil organisations like this? Anyways, just as the idea came up, Halberd arrived in his new airship and took them to Johto, so as to meet up with Merlin and reunite the Black Cat Bandits. All together, they would form a plan to stop the Federation in its tracks...

[b]Gardevoir[/b] (no nickname) (Female) *Yamiko's first Pokemon*
[b]Bellossom[/b] (Bella) (Female) *Wow, what a creative nickname!* :nope:
[b]Ninetales[/b] (Fulva) (Female)
[b]Persian[/b] (Maneki) (Female)
[b]Hypno[/b] (Mesmeria) (Female)
[b]Banette[/b] (no nickname) (Female) *Inherited from her late great-grandmother*


[u]Chronicles of the Black Cat Bandits[/u] (briefly)
1. The Inistacht family adopted Raymond.
2. Ryan and Raymond attended the Pokemon Academy in Jubilife City.
3. The Inistacht family adopted Edwin.
4. Raymond and Vincent became friends in the academy; Vincent began staying at the Inistacht residence for lengths of time.
5. The four boys called themselves the "Black Cat Bandits" just for fun, and gave themselves nicknames in the process. (It can be noted that my avatar is their logo.)
6. The Black Cat Bandits got their first Pokemon from the Pokemon Academy in Jubilife City, Sinnoh.
7. Travel to Hoenn, catch Pokemon, earn badges, blah blah blah...
8. At the same time, the group began investigations of Teams Magma and Aqua. They did various things to the teams, such as spy on them to find out their motives, dress up as grunts and enter their bases to foil some of their assignments, and they even managed to steal the Blue Orb from Team Magma...
9. The fiasco with Kyogre and Groudon caused the Red/Blue Orbs to vanish, and Teams Magma/Aqua to realise the danger of their motives and disband.
10. ("Well, at least we managed to prevent Team Magma from capturing Groudon before Team Aqua got there...")
11. The Black Cat Bandits went back to Sinnoh to earn more badges.
12. Partway into the journey, they decided that they needed to get their lives together a bit more... so they split up, although still keeping in touch with one another.
13. (In the present) The Black Cat Bandits join together again with one new member, and plan to defeat the Federation![/size]


OOC: Hmm, I guess if I had to pick one of those five as my "main" character, it would probably have to be Lupin... simply because he's my favourite of the five. And Halberd's only the [i]unofficial[/i] leader of the group.
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[SIZE="2"]Name: Matthew McCloud

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: 6’0”, 200 lbs, Red hair down to mid-back in a ponytail, and emerald eyes. His clothing is usually a simple pants and button up shirt combination. When in battle, however he wears a uniform that has been modified for mobility.

Faction: federation

Commander: Blaine

Biography: Harbors a hatred for the coalition, due to the lies that he had been told that put the blame for the destruction of fuschia on the colalition. His hard work has caused him to go up in the ranks to the point of Master chief. He has been promoted past it before, but he prefers to stay at his current rank due to the work required to achieve that rank. ((Master chief’s have to spend a LOT of time to gain such a rank, and though they are technically enlisted men, they still command a lot of respect…you don’t fuck with a Master chief my friend)

List of Service Pokémon:

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Name: Timber Colbert

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description: Stands at 5'9" and weighs around 183 lbs. Deep blue hair running to his shoulders combed back into small spikes at the top. He wears a camo shirt and pants with a white undershirt in combat and outside of combat wears black slacks with a red collared shirt. He always wears combat boots.

Faction: Coalition

Commander: Misty

Biography: Timber was born in Kanto. His parents are both well known pokemon trainers as well as his older brother Tyson. He grew up learning about pokemon from the town Gym Leader Misty, who is his best friend. When he was 15 he obtained a Charmander and started his journey in the Hoenn region.

When he came back however, he had learned about the current war between regions and decided to join in on Misty's side. He trusts Misty very much and stood by that trust when he enlisted. He worked his way up to First Lieutenant with hard work, determination, and a bit of knowledge in war tactics.

List of Service Pokémon:
Swampert (Deluge)
Charizard (Volcano)
Gallade (Whisper)
Electivire (Doom)
Tyranitar (Rampage)
Salamence (FireBreath)
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[SIZE="2"][COLOR="DarkRed"][CENTER][b]Name:[/b] Hario Benton

[b]Age:[/b] 21

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Description:[/b] [URL="http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k256/Sesshomaru735/Anime%20Guys/machodude.jpg"]http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k256/Sesshomaru735/Anime%20Guys/machodude.jpg[/URL]

[b]Faction:[/b] Coalition

[b]Commander:[/b] Morty


[b]Biography:[/b] Born and raised on Navel Island in the Orange Islands, Hario was always an athletic and adventurous boy who always loved to set and accomplish goals. Always valuing friendship and family, he's not one to be shy or afraid of anything either. By the age of 15, Hario had already entererd the Orange League and wiped the floor with his competitors, therefore becoming an Orange League Champion and Hall Of Famer. In the spur of his adventurous attitude, Hario set off to began his Pokemon Journey a year later when he was 16. He traveled to Kanto and entered the Kanto League. While there he beat every gym leader, but when he got to the elite four, Hario only got as far as Bruno before he was beaten. Hario took the defeat hard, and Bruno noticed this, so Bruno oversaw his training for a year. During his training Hario and Bruno became great friends, and even though Hario wanted to get his Pokemon stronger, Bruno taught him how to train his body and mind as well so that Hario and his Pokemon could work together as one. Hario never did grasp the concept, but before he knew it, a year had passed and he was 18 years old, and this time he took on the Elite Four and the Champion Lance with better tactics and won, becoming a Kanto/Johto League Hall Of Famer.

With two league victories under his belt, Hario's adventurous spirit began to stir, so he gave his thank yous to Bruno and temporarily bid him farewell, but before Hario set off, Bruno told him this, " Hario, even though you're leaving, don't forget what you've learned, and remember that you must become one with your Pokemon or else you'll never know whats really important." Hario, thought about these word and still didn't quite understand what Bruno meant, but he took heed to Bruno's advice. After a brief detour into the Shinnoh region for some rare Pokemon, Hario made his way to Johto. Upon his arival in Olivine City and a trip to the Olivine Light house, Hario spotted a Squirtle swimming towards the beach as if it were trying to escape something, and to Hario's dismay 2 Chinchou and a Lanturn arose from the water trailing quickly behind the Squirtle firing thunderbolts at his shell. Seeing this Hario Darted toward the beach reaching for his Pokeballs, " Help me out Politoed!" the trainer commanded as Politoed made his apperance from his pokeball, " Use Psychic on those Chinchou and Lanturn!" and with that being said Politoed began his attack, but not before a final Thunderbolt from Lanturn rendering Squirtle unconscious. After Politoed sent the Chinchou and Lanturn flying, Hario ran towards the Squirtle and got it to the Olivine Pokemon Center. The Squirtle was diagnosed as having severe third degree burns and had to stay until it fully recovered. Hario for some odd reason decided to stay and nurture the Pokemon back to health. During the month that Hario spent there, he and Squirtle became great friends, and when Nurse Joy diagnosed that it was okay for Squirtle to leave, Hario asked Squirtle to come with him, and at that moment he finally understood what Bruno meant, the two have been inseparable since.

After leaving Olivine City, Hario's next destination was Eckruteak City to see the three towers, but upon arrival in the city's Pokemon Center, a message was being broadcast on the monitors about Red's sudden disappearance and the leader's sudden takeover. While the announcement was being made, Photos of the country's leaders were being displayed, along with a list of all the major changes that were being made to country and how everything would be be under their control, along with news of a coalition forming.

2 Years Later

After arriving in Eckruteak 2 years ago, Hario decided that he didn't quite agree with the Federation's laws, since the decisions being made were also affecting his home in the Orange Islands, so he decided to find this coalition and contribute in any way he could. Thats when he ran into Morty and volunteered his services, and since then Hario's been a valuable asset to both Morty and the Coalition, so much that he has acquired the rank of Captain. Right now Hario's in route back to Eckruteak from Hawthorne, from discussing strategies with Claire. he just got word of Morty needing back-up....

[b]Service Pokemon:
Squirtle (Male/ Signature Pokemon)
Politoed (Male)
Eevee (Male)
Chimchar (Male)
Togekiss (Female)
Arcanine (Male)

OOC: Sorry its soooo late!
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Name: Damian Lee


Gender: Male

Descripton:About 6'1" toned body wearing a pair of black cargo pants, a tight white tank top,and a over shirt with the sleeves rolled half way up. with black gloves with half the fingers cut off. and white spikey hair. and a necklace with his girlfriends ring on it.



Bio: He was born and raised in pallet town and lived next door to Jade. She turned out to be his best friend. They both had bad households with their abusive parents.They spent most of their time outside in the woods together to stay away from the house.His Zangoose Found them out there when they were young He couldnt capture it though cause his parents wouldnt allow it. So that Zangoose just met them out there everyday and they became best friends. Damian made a promise to them that they would run away and never come back. So when He was 15 and she was 14 they met and ran away to live in Cerulean City. Now they are a couple and he swears to protect her.

Now its 3 years later and they live together happily. they was sitting at the table eating breakfast when damian heard the news of the war. He had to help Misty was one of their great friends. So he left on his way to help and he swore to Jade that he would be back.

Service Pokemon:
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