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Whats in your manga collection?


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Through the Manga Alley, there is not one thread about any manga collection so I decided to start on my own. I am sorry if there is one like this out there and I didn't even see it. So what manga have you bought for your own collection and explain why you bought it, someone bought it for you, or was given to by someone. (WARNING: please don't list what you have in your collection without any explanation. This will make it harder for people who only just list down without any explanation. Thank you and enjoy this thread.)

Here is my collections of manga that I bought, was bought for me, or was given to me:

1. [B]Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Vol. 1[/B] - When I was little I was kind of cheap, so I went to the Thrift store and I saw this manga on the book case. I was looking at it and read a couple of the first page and ask my mom to buy it for me. I thought someone threw away a pretty good manga.

2.[B]Rave Master Vol.1[/B] - When I was in middle school I had this book catalog and as I was going through it, I saw the manga of it and I really wanted it for my puni little manga collection I had. So I ask my mom to get it for me and she was ok with it, I think.

3. [B]Yu-Gi-Oh Vol.1[/B] - The same reason as #2.

4.[B]Jinki Extend! Vol. 1-3[/B] - During my time in high school, I was into anime and manga. When I was at barns and noble, I saw this series and pretty much got into it. By the time I waited until the fourth book was suppose to come out they didn't have it, so I was kinda pissed off and so I never got to complete this series yet.

5. [B]Fruit Basket Vol. 3 & 7[/B] - These were given to me, and they were in kind of in a bad condition. I even read them, but I like the series.

6. [B]Negima Vol. 2 & 3[/B] - They were given to me by my friends. I don't know the details, but I never figure it out why they given it to me.

7. [B]Chobits Completed series[/B] - When I was in my younger high school day, I saw the first volume of Chobits and I pretty much love this series. I bought it at barns and noble. They at least got the whole series while I was waiting for the next volume to come out.

8. [B]Ai Yori Aoshi Vol. 1-10 [/B]- During the middle of my hiigh school days, I eventually bought the series at barns and noble, where I only thought this place was where I only could get my manga there. When I saw the cover for the first Volume in a New-Type magazine, I pretty much wanna get the series. Right now I want to finish my Ai Yori Aoshi series, but times like these I am buy getting different series.

9. [B]Hana-Kimi Vol. 1 -21 [/B]- A few months ago, I was reading the first volume, and I pretty much fell in love with the series. The storyline is pretty good and I am almost done with the series. I'm hoping that I wil finish this series soon. Right now I'm on book 15 and the story is still good.

10. [B]Eiken Vol. 1-4[/B] - Same situation as the #9, but I like it, but not as much as the Hana-Kimi series.

11. [B]Pretty Face Completed series [/B]- A few weeks ago, I bought the first volume and it was pretty good. It has lots of funny stuff happening in the story. This is one of my favorite series so far, so I'm hoping to continue reading Pretty Face. I just finish book 1 and going to start on book two pretty soon.
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[color=#9933ff]What's in my manga collection? Not much sadly. But let's take a look

[B]1.) [U]Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 1 and Vol. 6-10[/U] [/B] I got this for Christmas from my friend's cousin. Where are volumes 2-5? In stores. I don't know why she insisted on getting me 6-10. First I was excited, but now I'm just confused. But it is a good way to see more of Mori Sempai and get into the story so I know what some of my friends are going on about.

[B]2.) [U]Mars Vol1-10[/U][/B] I started reading this one way back when they still made [B]Smile Magazine[/B] The story was great and soon I was buying the manga. But I stopped either because I stopped being interested or I didn't have the money. However I did cheat and read the rest while sitting in Barnes and Noble. Maybe I should go find it on Amazon?

[B] 3.) [U] Full Metal Alchemist Vol 1[/U][/B] The only reason I have this manga is because it came in a set with my 2 DVDs.

[B]4.)[U] Magic Knight Rayearth Vol. 4[/U][/B] I used to have all six, but I really don't know what happened to the rest of them. But I did love the anime and manga and maybe I can get them again some time right?

[B]5.) [U]Peach girl vol 1&2 4&8 then 1-5 of the 2nd half[/U][/B] Like [B]Mars[/B] I got into this Manga through [B]Smile Magazine[/B]. There were some slight changes, but it's still good. Don't ask why I'm missing a few volumes. It's about the same reason I don't have all of Mars. Money and some disinterest. Oh yeah and I lost volume 2 I just don't know where. But I want to buy the rest and the 3 books of [B]Sae's Story[/B].

[B]6.) [U]Pokemon Vol 1[/U][/B] I have this one thanks to my ex and it's in Korean not English.

[B]7.) [U]Dragon Ball Z I forget which volume[/U][/B] This is for the same reason I have the [B]Pokemon[/B] manga (or really it's kinda Manwa... eh nope) and it's also in Korean

[B]8.) [U]Kodocha, Sana's Stage Vol 1&2[/U][/B] I just thought it was a cute Manga. Although Sana is quite mature for her age. I love all the cracks about her gigalo.

[B]9.) [U]Fushigi Yugi Vol 1[/U][/B] I know at one time I had more than just the one, but I don't know what happened. Probably moving or dogs. BuT I loved the story- I should go look for this on Amazon.

I think that covers it[/color]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]I recently obtained most of Claymore except for the first couple because I felt those were the most boring and dull stories ever. Also the Gothic Bible Extra vol. 2. I'm not sure that counts as manga though. But I prefer to get my manga through the internet. Ikillion is my *sniff* supplier.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Raiha'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]I recently obtained most of Claymore except for the first couple because I felt those were the most boring and dull stories ever. Also the Gothic Bible Extra vol. 2. I'm not sure that counts as manga though. But I prefer to get my manga through the internet. Ikillion is my *sniff* supplier.[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[color=#9933ff]The first step to over comming an addiction is admitting it... And you don't have to rely only on Ikillion. There are pleanty of manga online- that's how I got through Imadoki! [/color]
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I don't collect manga's since I do all my manga reading online. But my sister bought me [b]Death Note volumes 3 and 4[/b] for Christmas back in 2007. She also bought [b]Samurai Deeper Kyo volume 1[/b] for me a long time ago. I think back in 2003 or 2004.
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[quote name='ChibiHorsewoman'][color=#9933ff][B]8.) [U]Kodocha, Sana's Stage Vol 1&2[/U][/B] I just thought it was a cute Manga. Although Sana is quite mature for her age. I love all the cracks about her gigalo.[/color][/QUOTE]

You should work on finishing the manga series. It can be really touching at times and is very good overall.

Thanks to parents hating anime, I could get away with manga a lot easier than I could anime. It was cheaper and I didn't need technology to enjoy it. Here is what I have:

Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances (Entire collection Vol. 1- 21) My first manga. I remember being at Hastings and deciding upon two new arrivals. I.M.V.U or Kare Kano. After reading the first twenty pages or so I decided on Kare Kano. It took four years to complete this series. FOUR YEARS. I love it though. I cute love story with comedy put in.

Vampire Knight (Vol. 1-5) My current mission and obsession. I never subcribed to Shojo Beat but I read it when bored at Barnes and Nobles. I instantly fell in love with this series. I have been collecting it since. Volume six is due in April =3

XXXHolic (Vol. 1-3) I kind of bought this on a whim. I usually prefer to stick with one series before I buy other manga series. Being a fan of Tsubasa and no longer dating my last ex...(He was collecting Tsubasa) I decided to read this to see how it related to Tsubasa.

MegaTokyo (Vol. 1-2, 4) I love this webcomic but it confuses me with where I left off on the site, so these have been enjoyable to read.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Last Outpost (Vol. 1) I was obsessed with Gundam Wing and this is a side story set in the same time frame of Gundam Wing but in an entirely different area. Never seen the next volume.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz (Vol. 1) One of my all time favorite anime movies. Just HAD to get the manga of it. 'Nuff said.

If I had tons of money I'd own: Tsubasa, Fruits Basket, Kodocha, Mars, and Fushigi Yuugi. I read all of those (For the most part.) Borrowed from my ex, friends, etc. I am poor too... and I need to budget for Vampire Knight.
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hmm were to start with my collection o.0, largest first:

Naruto vol1-41 (missing 38 and 40)
- Including:
Naruto vol 1 collectors edition
Naruto innocent heart, demonic blood
Naruto fan book 1

.hack//Legend Of The Twilight vol 1-3
.hack//XXXX vol 1-2
.hack//G.U+ vol 1-2
.hack//AI Buster vol 1-2

Death Note vols 1,5,6,11,12

Peachgirl Change Of Heart vol 1-10 (i dont read these they were a gift)

Vampire Knight vol 1-5

Kingdom Hearts 1-4
Kingdom Hearts 2 1-2
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories 1-2

Tsubasa 1-14 (missing 8,10,11)

Higurashi: When They Cry 1-2

+Anima 1-10 (missing 2 and i have 2 copies of vol 1 XD)

D. Grey-Man 1,4,5,9

Chobits vol 1

xxxHolic vol 1

Pita Ten vol 1

Pretear vol 1

Bleach vol 1

Updated my list i now have 103 manga books! zomg o.o
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[quote name='Japan_86']You should work on finishing the manga series. It can be really touching at times and is very good overall.

If I had tons of money I'd own: Tsubasa, Fruits Basket, Kodocha, Mars, and Fushigi Yuugi. I read all of those (For the most part.) Borrowed from my ex, friends, etc. I am poor too... and I need to budget for Vampire Knight.[/QUOTE]

[color=#9933ff]I kinda cheated and read the last few volumes at the library. It was very touching. I loved [spoiler]Sana and Akito's relationship at the end it was just adorble[/spoiler]

I've never read [B]Tsubasa[/B]. But my friend Titi loves [B]Fruitsbasket[/B]- she says it's one of her favorites. [B]Mars[/B] is another great one that I especially recommend. Didn't you [spoiler]Love the little twists in Sei how he ended up killing himself because he found out about his mother's affair. BUt what was even better was all the stuff about Rei and Sei's mother. Now that was one twisted woman. I believe in one of the books I read she had ended up stabbing a neighbor's dog to death because it had bitten one of the boys. Then how she killed herself! Whoa![/spoiler] Plus the motorcycle racing and Rei being a white knight to Kira was nice too.

Finally [B]Vampire Knight[/B] I haven't read it yet, but my friend Angel is in love with it. I bought her two of the books for CHristmas and peeked into them before I mailed them out. Too bad I'd bought four and five instead of one and two :confused:

Hmm, what Manga would I like to own? [B]Imadoki[/B]! for one (the literal translation is Nowadays.) It's also by Watase Yu (one of the best Mangaka ever) which means that Tanpopo the main character looks a lot like Miaka and the other guy looks a bit like Tamahome.

I'd also like to have [B]Ayashi no Ceres[/B] yeah, another older manga/ anime, but still great. Drama and incest wee! As well as [B]Instant Teen[/B] I read a few from the library and I thought it was kinda cool. Man I need to find it again.

And also this Manwa (for those who may not know, Manwa is Korean manga) that I've currently forgotten the name of. Make that two manwa. One is about this girl who is tired of her brother being a moron so she's about to do something about it. The other is about some Vampire whose name is Michael, I used to buy it for my ex when he was in Iraq. Now I think I should find it again.

Oh! I forgot one manga I have [B]Code name Wa Sailor V Vol. 2[/B] I only have it because it was cheap on Ebay and I wanted to see what it was all about. Though I can't read a word of Kanji. I also just wanted to get reaquainted with Naoko Takeuchi's artwork. Which come to think of it is part of the reason I only have volume four of [B]Magic Knight Rayearth[/B].[/color]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="Sienna"]I have next to nothing. What little manga reading I do is online. o_O I have too many other regular books that I'd rather get first. I do have one series though.

[B]DNAngel volumes 1-11:[/B] I got it mainly because it was given to me. I have the series on DVD and I have the music too so I guess it made sense to give me that too. XD I really like it though since it has a lot of stuff in it that wasn't included in the anime.

It's not done though because the author took a break. The author is working on it again and volume 12 is slated to be released next month. I can't wait! :catgirl:[/COLOR][/FONT]
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In my physical collection?
Not much. I'm an internet junkie. And what I have is primarily from gifts.

The first couple volumes of [B]Naruto[/B] (before the fansplosion)
A couple volumes of [B]Fushigi Yuugi[/B]
First volume of [B]Battle Royale[/B]
Half of the [B]Kenshin[/B] series
First volume of [B]Shaman King[/B]
A volume of [B]Detective Conan[/B]
and a volume of one of the [B].hack[/B] series
And I'm waiting for Borders to get more copies of Gyo in.

And that's pretty much it.
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[quote name='DragonRider11']At the moment, just Fruits Basket and DN Angel, but I've got my eye on Anima+ and a few others. Ther just isn't a very good selection where I'm from, especially with a few local bookstores closeing recently.[/QUOTE]

I think you will be very pleased with Anima+. I've read the first couple of volumes and it is a pretty good read. Check it out.

[quote name='ChibiHorsewoman'][color=#9933ff]I'd also like to have [B]Ayashi no Ceres[/B] yeah, another older manga/ anime, but still great. [/color][/QUOTE]

Oooooh, I loved what I read/watched of this. If I ever got enough money to spend I'd love to work on collecting this series. It's pretty disturbing but not as disturbing as Battle Royale. I've seen both movies and read the book. Now I am too scared to read the manga. (AND FOR GOOD REASON)

Instant Teen? I am afraid to ask...but what is that about?
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I don't really read a lot of manga let alone collect it. I have some of the first season for Yu-Gi-Oh and a few volumes of Tsubasa. Other than to eventually getting around to collecting all of those series... that's all I have in mind. I might start collecting xxxHolic, but we'll see. I tend to spend my money on music instead of books. >_>
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Yesterday I finally bought the last two volume of Hana-Kimi and can't wait to read them. It took me awhile to save some money because I know I am poor right now and it sucks to be poor. Thats all I have bought recently, but I might have more series in the future.
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[color=#9933ff][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]Well I went out over the weekend and bought some new manga to add to my collection.

1.) [b]Ceres the Celestial Legend Volumes one and two[/b] (Japan will either be happy or jealous now) Part of the reason I bought these was because they were 2$ each! Sadly when I got home I got to reading book two and found that due to a printing error it ends at page 64 then goes from page 131 back to page 106 then to the end. So now I have to go buy a new copy of it. Onemanga just doesn't cut it.

2.) [b]Mars prequel Horse with no name[/b] This was just an extra edition to the Mars series and I decided I had to have it. It also includes two bonus short stories which are very nice as well. Plus the fact that it was a 5$ manga didn't hurt either

3.) [b]Mars volume 14[/b] Yes I'm still missing most of the books. But this was at a small comic store with a very small manga selection in a small town posing as a city. I was helping to boost local economy and it's really hard to find the manga in the first place.

Also Japan, from what I remember [B]Instant Teen [/B]is about this girl who just wants to be older. She does so by getting these nuts from I forgot where and they make her older. I did see volume 5 where I bought my discount manga, but since I haven't read 1 or 2 in a while I didn't bother.

I really need to finish up with [B]Peach Girl[/B] and also have Sae's story as well. Maybe I can luck out and get those in soon.[/color][/size][/font]
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Okay, these are the ones that aren't in my enormous plastic bin, the ones on my shelf...

Fruits Basket vol. 1-21 plus some other F.B. related stuff
Vampire Doll vol. 1-5
St. Lunatic High School vol. 1
Pet Shop of Horrors Tokyo vol. 1-3
Gakuen Alice vol. 1-6
Pick of the Litter vol. 1-2
Nightmare Inspector vol. 1
Rozen Maiden vol. 1-3
Kamichama Karin vol. 1-3
Mamotte! Lollipop vol. 1-7
Skip Beat vol. 1-5

And as mentioned before, I have a big plastic container with maaany more series inside.
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.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet 1-3
Bleach 1-10
Fruits Basket 1-14
Hellsing 1-7
G Gundam 1-3
Tsubasa 1-14
Death Note 1-10
Kingdom Hearts 1-3

and probably more, I just can't remember and they're all packed in bags waiting to be sold on eBay or something. Free online manga ftw.
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I have well I don't think I have much but here's what I have.

Black Cat Vol. 1-4
Loveless vol. 1-8 ( missing 5 witch is my fav.!:animecry:)
Monochrome Factor Vol. 1-4
Nora Vol. 1-3
The 9 lives Vol. 1
Kanpai! Vol. 1-2 (they stopped drawing it and it pisses me off!)
Vampire Doll Vol. 1-5
Zelda Vol. 2
Inuyasha Vol. 1-9
Tokyo Mew Mew Vol. 1-7
Tokyo Mew Mew:A La Mode Vol. 1-2
+Anima Vol. 1-3 ( Ihave 2 volumes of Vol2)
Saiyuki Reload Vol. 7-9
Amazing Agent Luna: Omnibus Vol. 1-3
Ragnarok Vol. 1-4 (Have 2 volume of Vol 1)
Princess Resurrection Vol. 1-4
King of Hell Vol. 1-3
Jade of Bango Vol. 1
Chibi Vampire Vol. 1-2
Soul Rescue Vol. 1-2
Ranma 1/2 Vol. 17 (Uncle gave it to me for christmas) (Don't really like it.)
No Need For Tenchi! Vol. 1,10,11( Uncle gave to me for christmas)
El-Hazard Vol. 3 (Again uncle gave to me)
Chibi Vampire Novels !-4
The Outcast Vol 1
D. Gray-Man Vol. 1
Othello Vol. 1
Alichino Vol. 1
The Dreaming Vol. 1
Kitchen Princess Vol. 1
Spiral Vol. 1
Princess Ai Vol. 1
Kamui Vol. 1
Blood+ Vol. 1
Mamotte Shugoetten vol. 1
Silver Diamond Vol. 1

Okay. I have a lot more then I thought.
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[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="2"][COLOR="maroon"]I have a really strange manga collection, even though I acquired them by gifts.

Rurouni Kenshin vols 26-27
D. Grayman vols 6-7
Fruits Basket vols. 2-11
King of Hell vol. 1
Clamp School Detectives vols 1-2
Mahou Sensei Negima vol. 13
Rosario + Vampire vol. 1 [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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