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RPG Band of the Blood Moon 2: Sins of the Father

Drizzt Do'urden

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Dean looked at the pyramids with an admiration he hadn't felt since he'd first set eyes on...on Calil more then 10 years ago.

"Dean, please tell me again why you brought me all the way down here to see these dirty pyramids?" Stephen, one of the ex support members of the band, had ran into Dean while they were both trying to excersise a restless spirit that was wreaking havoc in London a year ago.

"Well Stephen, during my digging around about the demons that were released I learned an interesting fact. It seems that there is a way for those of us in the mortal plane to actually [I]kill[/I] demons." The look on Stephen's face at that moment painted the same picture as Dean's had just 3 months before when he found the relics that pointed him here, Cairo Egypt.

The two spurred their camels onward to the center pyramid, the only one not to have a member of the royal family buried beneath...or so it was told.

"Are you sure about this Dean? I hear some nasty things about the curses placed on these things. Why just a few years ago my friend Jeremiah's friend entered a tomb like this and there were no survivors."

Dean cast a sideways smile at Stephen and threw him a torch, "Stephen if there were no survivors then who told the stories?"


As the two entered the deapest chamber the air changed the slightest bit that Dean's vampiric senses didn't pick up on it. The main chamber was behind a wall that nobody had noticed, as they were already going to be arrested if they got caught, Dean had no remorse breaking threw the wall.

What they wanted was immediatelly revealed to them, surrounded by mummies that littered the ground as "guardians" the mural on the wall told of the way to defeat demons without just sending them to hell.

As Dean inspected the mural, he heard a muffled cry from behind him. Turning he saw Stephen...or at least half of Stephen lying on the floor his face frozen in fear.

As his eyes scanned upward, Dean noticed the mummies had risen. Perhaps to protect this ancient secret, or prehaps not.

Dean turned and threw a dagger splitting one of the mummie's head and inbedding it into the picture on the wall just next to the shadowy figures head. As it stepped out the man appeared as mortal as they come, but Dean knew no human could cast such a powerfull zombification spell.

"Before I send you back Demon, tell me what you want."

The all to familiar arrogance of the demon kind wasn't lost on this specimen. "I don't think you're going anywhere, Dean Remingoton. For you see I do my homework, and since the onlyway to kill even one of my pets is to incinerate it, and unless my hosts eyes have gone bad in these past ten years I don't see your little vampire witch pet around here anywhere...oh wait one of my friends is probably already feasting on his insides."

"Even a demon cannot control that many zombie puppets at one time." Dean rose up, drawing his blade from the sheath on his back. His blade would severe limbs that would reattach in an instant, but he could at least cut himself a path to the door...he hoped.

"I'm afraid you're right, not even a higher level demon as myself can weild that much power. But I'm speaking of my fellow officers of Lady Death. I won't bother on the details since you will be meeting our leader in a few moments."

Dean charged the demon, his eyes blazing with a fury he kept deap within. A fury that hadn't surfaced since...Sile. As Dean drew close he felt a hand grab at his leg, then another on his other. He'd never felt such strength.

Looking down Dean saw clawed hands gripping tightly, Dean hacked and slashed but to no avail. Slowly he was pulled down, his last thought was the necklace he wore. He prayed at least one of his friends still wore there's, though with the way he left them and disbanded the team so suddenly, he doubted any of them would come...

"Cairo...demon plot...be on guard...demons watching..." The last thought Dean tried to convey was scattered. The ingredients to creating demon slaying weaponry. If the whole team didn't make it together then surely all would be lost...
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24 year old Karyn Lox was sleeping at the time. Lying under a mountain of blankets, the half-werewolf was in a peaceful dream state. Unexpectedly, a crackling noise woke Karyn. She leaped from the bed, dagger in hand. After looking around the room, Karyn found that the noise was coming from the ankh around her neck. It was a memento of her happiest days. She held the ankh up and heard Dean's message. Karyn dropped the dagger, letting it fall clattering onto the wooden floor.

"D-dean?! Wait, I-! Does this mean...the band...again?" Karyn gasped. She put the ankh around her neck again. She stomped over to her bedroom door and threw it open. "AGGIE!!!" Karyn howled. A door down the hall burst open and a small, nervous looking woman scurried out.

"Yes, Ms. Lox?" Aggie asked nervously.

"I told you to call me Karyn! Anyway, I'm going on a journey of great importance, and I don't know when I'll be back, if ever. Fenris is in charge while I'm gone, alright? Now then, I'll have to back a couple important things, oh, and I must contact my old buddies..."

"Ms. Lo-! K-karyn, ma'am! Th-this is-! I don't-! Oh, dear me... Well at least put some clothes on before barging out into the hallway! Really!"

Karyn looked down at herself. She was, in fact, naked, a sleeping habit she had developed in rememberance of the late Sile. Shrugging, she slammed the door closed and began changing, as well as packing. A few minutes later, she was out of the castle and headed down the dirt road to town. She would try to contact the others via ankh, but she wanted to at least be near the docks once she decided where it was she would need to go. After all, she also managed to make out the word "wolfsbane". Now she just needed to figure out where to go to find the plant that werewolves were incredibly allergic to.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Calil leaned on a piece of rubble that used to be her old home, she picked up a binder from what undoubtedly was once one of Deans books. Taking a drag from the cigarette pinched between her two fingers she blew out a puff of smoke and threw the binder of the book behind her head, all without showing any emotion what so ever. She looked up as the wind blew and took a deep breath, her last moment in this old mansion swimming forth to haunt her like it usually did, Dean's face, the pain she had felt that he didn't take her with him...She looked at her feet and wiped her cheek as a warm tear slid across her ivory skin, her expression still blank and bored. She took another drag off the cigarette and than threw it to the ground and walking away from the reminder of her life, her large combat boot crushing the burning ember into the ground. She walked into the woods and towards the old tower to the north, not really caring to go back, Penbrooke would be furious that she had been gone the last month with no note or letter of where she had been. Her arms now covered in scars that laced together and made a web on her arms and hands. As she walked in, just as expected, Penbrooke stood at the top of the stairs, his face red with anger.
"Calil, I thought we agreed you would warn me before you took off like that again, I told you I forgave you about your sister and I wanted to start over, but that's hard to do when your never here. Your always running around the place looking for stronger demons to vanguish or looking for a way to get your self killed."
She looked up at him, showing nothing for him to go on and than back at her feet.
"And that's all you ever say anymore, 'hmph' you can at least speak to me, I am giving you a new body within the next month or so once all the preparations are complete."
She walked past him and up the stairs and opened her door as he followed her and cleared his throat as she was about to walk in.
"I don't know what it means, but this thing made a noise as Lilly was cleaning your room. It said something about a demon plot, and Cario."
She looked at it and shook it hard hitting it against the wall, the message repeated itself and she felt her heart jump. It was Dean. She looked up at Penbrooke and than walked into her room sitting on the bed, looking at the necklace she felt the tears flowing from her eyes but her face betrayed no emotion and she made no sound. After all this time, ten years, no hello; how are you, no I'm alive and you? Nothing and out of the blue he sends this message. She wanted to hate him, ignore the message and act like nothing had ever come up but deep down she was happy, she was able to hear his voice. After making the message repeat it self for a tenth time she felt the anger well up in her chest again and threw the necklace across the room. Getting up she headed for her window and opened it, as she was about to leap out she looked back at the necklace as it repeated the message again and walked over snatching it off the floor she jumped out the window and headed for the ruined mansion, lighting a cigarette on the way as she linked the chain around her neck. Her face set in the same bored expression it had been in for years, her tears dried up and gone. She felt so empty... [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Anya pulled the ankh from her pocket, the one she had been given so many years ago when she had just become a member of the Band.

The words came to her, clear as crystal. However, with it came a sense of being clawed at. She knew who she was feeling.

"DEAN?! DEAN!" She cried, clutching at the ankh, praying she would hear something else.

Slowly, she stopped trembling. She had felt where the psychic reverberations were coming from, and they were strong. They had come from the Valley of the Kings. For the feeling to be so strong, it had to have been close. Anya took a deep breath, and walked outside into the stifling evening air. Anya already knew it was far too late for Dean. She held back tears as she walked, her new limbs aiding her quite readily.

Anya held up the ankh once more, but nothing came to her.

"Oh, Dean...." Being that the message had come with sensory input as well, she had not felt Dean die. But, there was nothing left of the feeling she had gotten before. What had happened to him? Where was he now?

Anya hailed a taxi mule, and she handed the man six gold pieces. "Take me to the Hawthorne River archeological encampment."

"Right away, ma'am."
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Gabriel stood in the trees watching Calil as she strode, emotionless in the direction of Dean Remington's old mansion. The increase in the demonic activity, and the movement of Dean's old team must've meant that he was captured.

Everything seemed to be going according to plan, only why didn't this one seem to be in a hurry? Why did she just stroll along? Didn't she know that with Dean's capture it would only be a matter of time before the demons came after the others that were involved at the closing of the gate?

Deciding that the ambushes would be sprung at anytime, Gabriel stayed his course maintaining stride with Calil trying to be as silent as can be.



Dean watched the looking glasses on the wall of his cell. His captures swore he would watch all of his friends die, over and over again and they were preparing to do their best to make it a reality. He was happy to see his message made it to at least some of his old allies. Karyn, Calil and Anya were all jumping to action. Or rather Karyn and Anya were, Dean was hurt by Calil's reaction to his message. Though he knew the way he left and stayed under the radar wouldn't make any sense to any of the others, if they only knew how many times he'd been jumped by demons due to the price on his head...

His cell door swung open casting light on his "shackels". The steal hooks the demons ran through his flesh, and in some cases solid bone, he hated the light and the demons knew it. They'd sometime leave the cell door open, knowing the light often times caused him to vomit at the sight of his chains.

The same demon that entraped him entered, it seemed he was one of the "top dogs" in this group. "The Squadron of Lady Death" is what they called theirselves, though Dean didn't know why. He assumed their leader was most likely a female demon, but he'd never heard of this group in all his demon lore.

"Let me change the channel for you Dean, I'm sure you're getting sick and tired of the same old same old. The demon waved his arms infront of the mirrors, and in an instant the ambushes that were set were visible to Dean. He could see groups of Zombies surrounding Dunan and Dawner, Werewolves surrounding Draco, still in America, and Anya. Vampires were arriving in mass at Karyn's location.

And possibly the worst of all, full blooded demons steadily surrounding Calil.

Dean tried to muster up the strength to cry out to them, but all his belongings had been burnt. Including the item Draco had given him years ago, hopefully that would act as a tracking beacon to his location, which he assumed was somewhere in Sumaria due to the surroundings outside of the castle they took him too.

"Just think, all of this can be avoided with a simple reciepe. Just tell us the ingredients needed in the forging of Demon killing weapons and we'll let your team live." The demons eyes were pure black, revealing his true nature underneath.

"Won't...won't give it to you." Dean muttered out of a dry mouth.

"Well that's too bad, hell this wouldn't have been needed if you wouldn't have scratched the damn glyph off while I was introducing myself to you in the pyramid. But, we'll make you talk sooner or later my friend I promise. Perhaps the death of your friends will loosen your tounge a bit." Turning the demon poked his head out the window and said words that Dean knew would be burned into this brain for eternity.

"Hold their insides into the air so Mr. Remington can see what they look like." As he stepped out and started to shut the door the demon, in the most sincere voice Dean had ever heard, said to him. "This all would've been avoided if you had just played ball Dean. Who knows our leader may have allowed you to leave here and live out the rest of your realms days playing house with that tasty tart Calil."

As the door shut, Dean eyed the monitor to watch and see if his team could win out on the day.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Calil walked back and forth in front of the mansion ruins, her face blank, her head was swimming. She stopped seeing something out of the corner of her eye, it was one of the tea cups that Dean kept in his room, picking it up she looked at it. She felt it boiling in her chest, building up til she couldn't hold it anymore. Screaming she threw the cup against a piece of wall that was still standing and fell onto her knees crying.
"Why!? Why couldn't you take me with you! I could have helped you damnit!"
Slamming her fists on the ground, she stood up and screamed again, this time at the sky in vain.
"I loved you damnit, the lest you could have done was tell me why!"
Hearing movement behind her she spun around and pulled out her dagger slicing her hand open, ready for a fight.
"Who ever is there come out right now!"
She took a step back regretting those words as a horde of demons surged forward towards her. She ran her dagger down her arm gashing it deeply and allowing her blood to flow freely. She knew she had to end this soon, her body was giving out quicker and quicker these days. As the first wave rushed forward she threw her forward the first line of demons screamed in agony as her acidic blood began to eat away at them, spinning she kicked a nearby demon in the jaw and screamed as one bit down on her arm and howled in pain as her blood ran down it's throat. She shook her head as her vision became fuzzy, she was wearing down sooner than usual. She flipped onto her hands and spun kicking out and clearing a few of the demons closer to her, as she tried to regain her footing she fell to one knee coughing, pulling her hand away from her mouth she felt her pulse quicken but showed no emotion as she saw blood covering her hand, she was running out of time. Taking a deep breath she sliced open her other arm and began to run through the demons hitting them in vulnerable spots, the stomach, mouth, throat, where her blood would eat away at them til they fell dead. She stood up ready to walk away when she felt pain, sharp and piercing, it was unlike anything she had ever felt since the teams first fight where she had gotten beaten to a pulp. Looking down she blinked slowly as she saw a demon biting her midsection and smiling. Turning her head sideways she showed no emotion and waited, within moments the beast was shrieking and rolling on the ground. Striding over she picked him up and shook him.
"Who sent you?"
She didn't flinch when he spit in her face to her question.
Shoving her arm down the demon's throat she watched as the monster slowly melted away due to her poison. Standing up she put a hand on her stomach and pulled it back covered in blood, she merely looked at it. Spinning she sliced open the throat of what she hoped was the last demon. Her watch beeped at her.
"Time's up."
She felt her body get light and her vision swam, swaying on the spot she hit her knees and than fell forward supporting her self on her hand and vomited, black with blood. Wiping her mouth she coughed as she heaved again, more blood.
"I'm getting worse...if Penbrooke doesn't find me a body soon...I'm dead."
As she finished the sentence she looked up to see a young woman walk into the clearing, by the look in her eyes Calil knew she was no ordinary human.
"A lesser? Dropped in for some fun have we?"
"I watched you fight, your on a time limit."
"Borrowed time, yeah it sucks to be me."
The woman walked forward and grabbed Calil by her hair and pulled her head back putting her own dagger to her throat.
"You seem unfazed by my actions, does death no frighten you?"
"On the contrary. I wish for it everyday."
Biting her lip she spit into the girls face and blinked as nothing happened.
"I took over this girl for a reason she's special. Like you."
Calil looked down as the girl's hand engulfed in fire, she touched it to Calil's skin over and over but got no response. Calill fell forward as the girl screamed and slumped to the ground, Penbrooke standing over her with the exorcising weapon he created.
"Told you it worked."
As he went to finish the girl off Calil coughed bringing up more blood.
"Don't she's not hurt by my poison. Take the body...it can hold me."
He nodded and went to pick Calil up off the ground and was not shocked as she pushed him away and slowly got up on her own.
"Your going to kill your self before I can get you into her body, we need your friend Dawner before we can do anything. Come on, lets get you home so we can patch you up...again."
Calil didn't answer or even show she heard him, wiping her mouth free from the blood she had expelled from her body she looked at the leftover demons scattered on the ground and than looked forward. The whole time, her face had stayed as emotionless and blank as when she was pacing. A few hours, and many strands of thread later she dropped down from her window at the tower and began to roam the forest yet again, lighting a cigarette she walked, her feet moving on their own and her mind racing, she only had a few more weeks maybe a month before this body gave out and died. She needed Dawner, sighing she looked at her arms wrapped in bandages, more scars. Taking a drag and blowing out a plume of smoke she walked with no destination, her mind on Dean and where he might be. [/FONT][/COLOR]
Hope that's alright. By the way, please take a look at the three pictures I put up everyone and let me know which one I should make Calil's new body. Thanks!
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Karyn was pacing back and forth at the dock. She was simotaneously reading the book she had just bought that detailed harmful herbs. She stared blankly at the section about Wolfsbane. There was an enormous picture at the top of the page showing a lovely plant with a yellow bloom that curled over, shaping it almost like a hood. Under the picture was written the scientific name of Aconitum Vulparia. Karyn's skin crawled at the very sight of the picture, her werewolf instincts warning her to stay away. Being half werewolf, Karyn would only have a slightly serious reaction, unlike the purebloods who would receive the side effects and death. Karyn quickly skimmed over the information she already knew. She finally found what she was looking for- location. Apparently there were very few natural growing places. But one was in Germany, where the natives grew Wolsbane in their very gardens to keep werewolves at bay. Karyn now knew where she would be heading.

Karyn had secured a boat that would take her to Germany. She sat on a bench at the dock waiting for the departure time to come. Suddenly, Karyn's ears flinched and the tip of her tail twitched.

"Vampires..." she muttered with a smile. Suddenly there was a circle of the creatures surrounding her. Without even uttering a sound, they sprang at her. Karyn jumped up and landed behind the mass of vampires that had swarmed the bench. "Too bad guys, I'm not going anywhere!" Karyn growled. Then she let out a howl that made bystanders' stomachs churn. But it made the vampires' ears bleed. They collapsed to the ground, except for two who were still holding out.

"What the hell?!" one of the vampires shouted, holding his hands to his ears.

"Hmmm... I still need to practice more. That should have dropped you. Oh well!" Karyn giggled. The two vampires lunged for her. One threw a punch. Karyn leaped up and balanced on the vampire's fist with her own hands. In a split second, she whirled around on the fist and kicked the vampire's head clean off. The other vampire threw a kick. Karyn caught the leg and snapped it in two. The vampire screamed in pain. "Who sent you?" Karyn demanded with a sweet, but threatening tone.

"You'll die... You and your friends will all die..." the vampire muttered. Karyn rolled her eyes and punched a hole through the vampire's stomach.

"Okay, I'd better go catch my boat now. And on the trip I can try to think of how I'm going to transport that plant without killing myself..." Karyn sighed, jogging off toward the boats.
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“Professor… Professor Twuerte?” Dawner’s assistant pulled at his robes nervously. Dawner shook his head trying to rid the vivid vision’s of Dean from his mind… He haunted his dreams and now Dean triggered day dreams also? Dawner was worried… something was very wrong.. but this was not the place to contemplate such things.

“Oh… I’m sorry Deleur, Did you say something?” Dawner said, just now noticing the frantic girl.

“Sir…You were about to dismiss the class but then you stopped mid sentence and had this blank look in your eyes… So I told the class to hurry along to their next class. Is everything alright Monsieur?”

“Yes…yes… Everything is fine” Dawner gave the Woman a charming smile to reassure her. “I guess I’m just a little tired, luckily that was my last class for today” Dawner Began to gather his things.

Deleur looked at him suspiciously then shrugged it off, “Well I’m going to take off Sir, Please be careful and take it easy.”

“You too Deleur have a great weekend” Dawner called after her as she shut the door behind herself.

Dawner groaned, He had planed on going to see Dunan at his club but he was too drained and his thoughts were heavy as soon as he’d walk through the door the whole club’s atmosphere would become gloomy. It had been ten years and he still had trouble with projecting his emotions on to other people, he had become better at staying calm though but on days like this it was a different story.

Dawner was walking up the hill to his and Dunan’s cozy house near the woods. Dawner was thankful he talked Dunan into getting this place… secluded from preying eyes and the hustle and bustle of the city. He also loved the fact that it wasn’t far from the wizarding school.

“Baiser!..” Dawner swore in French as it started to pour down rain out of nowhere.

The house was in view… but then a snarl escaped Dawner’s lips. How could he have been so caught up to not notice he was being surrounded. Dawner dropped his things and stood completely still.

“Show yourselves now.” Dawner said in a calm voice. There was no other explanation to why he hadn’t sense them earlier, his guess was they were zombies. Without any brain activity how else wouldn’t he have sensed them. But where there were Zombie hoards there was someone controlling them.

It had to be a Necromancing Mage of some sort… that would explain the sudden down pour. Dawner chuckled to himself. “He summoned this weather thinking I would have trouble flinging fireballs to end this quicky” Dawner had to admit it was a good strategy but useless to use on someone like himself… Dawner would soon show this Mage he was going up against a pro.

The Zombies began to emerge from the shadows and began closing in on Dawner who still stood at attention. When they got close enough Dawner pulled his wand from his drenched wizard’s robe and pointed it above his head purple lightning-like energy struck the clouds above him and the weather got worst. The winds picked up reaching the boarder line standards to become categorized as hurricane winds. Lightning began crashing down randomly striking Zombies. Dawner’s increasing the wheater conditions would most likely throw of whoever was controlling the zombies… he had to be close. And with everything going on he would break concentration.

Dawner watched as some zombies just stopped in their tracts with a dumb look in their face, it had happen the necromancing mage must have broken the link he had with the zombies preoccupied with maybe… trying to gain footing in this horrible weather.

Dawner flicked his wand again and thick shards of ice began storming down. As Dawner was casting these weather spells he was psychically scaning the area for the necromancer. He was serching for the faintess feelings or frantic thoughts until…. He heard it.

“Damn it… what have I gotten myself into.”

“Big trouble is what.” Dawner was in the man’s head speaking to him. “Now, you could call off your little army and tell me who sent you… or I could accomplish this the hard way…”

“I..i’m not afraid of you!” The man said out load. Dawner’s head snapped in the direction the Necromancer was.

“You should have been” Dawner mind-spoke to him. Dawner quickly scanned his mind then telepathically and viciously attacked it. The poor sap slumped down on the ground, foaming at the mouth a bit, his eyes wide in horror… He was brain dead now. He was mentally weak which made this very easy. But he knew nothing of his employers.

“Useless” Dawner sighed… Well at least he’d have real blood to drink tonight, which he has not had for quite some time. Dawner dispersed the weather and then started blasting away at the Zombies until they were no more….

Dawner pulled his damp bloodred waist long hair into a pony tail. “Good thing I cant catch colds” He picked up his briefcase and Headed toward the house… “Dunan usually has entertaining stories from the club, this time I’m sure I’ll have him beat in ‘who’s day was more exciting’.” Dawner laughed to himself.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Calil stumbled through the large door of the tower, smelling strongly of whiskey and smoke. Looking up she squinted as Penbrooke flashed the candle light into her eyes.
"Had fun did we? And I see that you reopened some of your wounds, bar brawls again I presume."
He shook his head and walked down the stairs to her and put her arm around his shoulders supporting her.
"You know, keep this up and your going to die before I can get you into that girls body."
She merely blinked in response as he sat her down on a steel table in the basement and began to take off some of her bloody bandages to replace them with clean ones. As he finished he took her face in his hands and looked at her.
"He really hurt you didn't he, when he left you here like that ten years ago...You were so determined to find a way to be with him when you first came to see me...Calil I wish that there was something I could do to break you out of what ever hole you've fallen into."
He brushed her face lightly with one of his hands and leaned forward to kiss her, he heaved a sigh when she pulled back, nothing, no response but to pull away from him yet again. No anger, no sadness. Nothing. She just stared over his shoulder with a blank look on her face. It broke his heart and worse yet, there was nothing he could do.
"Calil why won't you let me help you...You know I could. I could love you so much more than he could. You don't even know where he is. For all you know he found some one else and has a family now. Why do you cling to him so desperately?"
She didn't respond to this either. He was prying for something to get a reaction out of her now.
"He probably doesn't even remember your name let alone your face, he just left you here, not that I can blame him you are kind of a wet towel these days. And besides, every man has needs and the way you are you can't fulfill them. He most likely went off and found someone who could."
She looked up at him now, her face still set in it's usual blank stare but the only difference was there were tears streaming down her face. A breakthrough from the usual.
"So you are in there some where aren't you?"
She looked back at the wall and remained silent as he fixed a few of her stitches and finished wrapping her up. Heaving another sigh he went to the desk close by and picked up a piece of paper.
"I had Tobais run into town today and go through the library researching the item you said you needed. Bloodroot right?"
She looked up at him.
"It can be many things, here's a small list of just some of those. I don't know why you would need such a menacing item Calil but I know where you can find one. Here on this land, there used to be an old sycamore tree that in the arcane days was used to hang people convicted of crimes. Most of them were innocent and about a third of them were children... They hung there for days, the ropes loose enough for them to breath but tight enough so they couldn't escape. They were flogged and stoned every day by the people in the village til they died, it was said that so many people were killed at that tree that their blood soaked the ground turning the leaves on the tree and the tree itself red. Now I dunno if that's where you'll find this item you need, but I have a hunch it'll be there. It sounds like as a good a place as any. Don't you think?"
She blinked and slid off the table heading for the door when her sight shifted, her head swam and she retched, covering her mouth she coughed as bile and blood spilled from her mouth yet again, Penbrooke was at her side in an instant.
"Calil! Are you alright?!"
She looked down at the pool of blood on the floor and than at her hand, covered in blood, her head swam and her vision went black as she fell to the floor.
"Calil! Calil! Tobais! Get her in her room now and get a transfusion going, I didn't realize it's been a full day since her last one. If we don't hurry she's going to go into a coma. Move!"
The young assistant nodded and plucked Calil from the floor as if she were a feather and rushed her up the stairs to her bed, within moments they had her hooked up to her monitors and IVs . Penbrooke sat in a chair by her bed, a few hours later with his face in his hands, she hasn't woken up yet which meant they were to late. Cursing he picked up the ankh from her bed side table and slammed it down yelling.
"I don't know if this thing is working but damnit Dawner, Dunan; if you guys can hear me please...I have a body for Calil, we need to transfer her soon otherwise she's going to die. She just fell into the final stages a few hours ago...she's in a coma...in 48 hours she'll be dead...if you can hear me please...please hurry..."
He threw the ankh across the room and took Calil's hand tears in his eyes.
"Calil, I know you hurt, and I know you don't think you have anything to live for...but please, please hold on..."
He looked up horrified as her heart monitor flat lined.
The nurse rushed in and shoved him out as she began to try and bring Calil's heart back to life. Penbrooke slammed his fist against the wall.
Damnit, if I ever get my hands on this Dean guy, I'll kill him for what he's done to her..."
He slid down the wall leaning his back on it and let his silent tears fall freely as he listened at the sounds of a defibrillator working to make Calil's heart beat again. Holy came out shaking her head.
"She doesn't have much time...I'm afraid if those friends of her's don't make it back soon, we'll lose her for good next time."
He nodded and went to sit by her bed again, listening to the gentle sound of her breathing and the slow, exhausted sound of her worn out and broken heart beeping. He buried his face in her blankets and sobbed as she turned her head and sighed.
"Just hang in there Calil, be strong. You can make it...please."
Sitting back in the chair he stayed with her, hopeful that Dawner and Dunan had gotten his message. [/FONT][/COLOR]

*scratches head* Wow, word diarrhea...lol.
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Draco was out a few miles out at sea when Pet came out of the captains quaters and rushed down the ladders towards him.

"Hey, Draco, this thing you gave to me started to say weird things." Pet.

Draco stopped fishing and a few other guys came over and took over for him.

"This thing? What did it say?" Draco holding the Ank in his hand.

"It said something about a demon plot and Cairo. Cairo, thats Egypt. Where are heading back to port. Now" Pet yelled has the helmsmand nodded his head.

"But we arent down yet. Another 2,000lbs and we'll have reached our quata." Draco.

"Come to the CQ. We need to have a talk." Pet said walking back inside the room he came from.

Draco followed him inside and was looking around for him.

"Draco, its been 10 years and you still havnt recovered your memory. You have been a very hard worker, infact. Your stronger, taller, smarter, and more agile than anyman that I have ever seen. Im guessing that this ank you gave me has to lead towards the people who know you. I think its time." Pet said with a said look in his eyes.

"Pet, I don't want to leave. I made a new life........" Draco trailed off looking around the cabin.

"Whats wrong?" Pet asked.

"Do you smell something?" Draco looked at him.

"Besides fish and coal ash? No, why?" Pet turned around and saw Draco with a blank look in his face. "Draco? Are you ok?"

Draco was seeing images of demons, vampires, werewolves, and other things from his past life that was lost in memory.

"I don't know. I'm seeing images from books that depicted mythical creatures. That smell, Its soo strong. I can almost point the direction to it." Draco.

"Mythical creatures? A smell that no one else can smell? Thats not weird but you not even aging a day is weird." Pet laughed.

"Pet, I asked nothing for working for you besides a bed to sleep in and place to work, but I need a favor." Draco looked out the port window.

"Draco, I knew from the day I pulled you from the cold waters that you wheren't meant for this life of a fisherman. I'll do this favor for you." Pet said.

"I need a small boat with a small crew to sail me to South America." Draco said turning to look at Pet.

"If this leads you to your real identity. Then it shall be done. But it will take a day or so before I can send you on your way." Pet said running his beard through his rough hands.

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Pet. I have another question for you." Draco said standing infront of the cabin door.

"Go ahead Draco." Pet said standing up.

"Will I remember any of this when I get my memory back?" Draco look kind of sad.

"Hard to say, I would beleive so. Most cases never where like yours. If you do get your memory back and remember these past ten years. Just come back and tell me." Pet said standing next him.

"I will, Pet. I'll be down in the mess hall." Draco said leaving the cabin and into another cabin.

"Draco, your destiny will guide you back to the ones who love you. Whether or not you remember me and this crew. We'll be here if you ever want to be back with us. May God show you who you really are." Pet said looking at a photo of him and Draco by the very boat he is on. "When the world seems the darkest, a glimmer of hope can shine through the toughest clouds. All the people in the world will become clear. Fight and strive to continue your life the way you want to."

(It'll be one or two more post before Im im SA. If thats where Sumaria is.)
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Dunan was sitting at a desk at his night club, readying his girls for another performance. His gorls were infamous, and known as the 'Diamond Dogs." Few could afford a night in paradise, though anyone could attend the show. Dunan's night club had quite the reputation, as it WAS a gentleman's club and theatre house.

Dunan's ears heard something talking. He pulled open a drawer and then knew what was going off.

The ankh.... Dean's voice.

"Oh god... no....." Dunan breathed. "Dean...." He picked up the ankh, but nothing else came from it. Dunan stood up, and he was met with a knock at the door.

"Come in, Mira."

"That nose of yours must come in handy." Saif the rather volupturous woman who walked in. Her eyes glimmered an icy blue, filled with the same vampiric power as Dunan.

"Indeed. What's up?"

"Dunan.. the girls are ready for tonight's performance."

"How many do you think will attend?"

"The usual crowd. The rich old perverts and those who saved up enough to come into our establishment."

"Eh, well, those old perverts come to see such lovely women such as yourself."

"Or my undies. Pick one."

"I'll pass on the thought of your underwear. Anyway, something has come up. I must go home."

Mira snorted. "What, your lover boy is horny?"

"I wish. No, someone I know has been captured or worse. I have to find them, and if possible, save him. I can't stand by and watch events unfold. Whatever is happening, it's big."

"So, you're off to save the world."

"More or less." Dunan sighed. "Ten years ago, the Band of the Blood Moon disbanded. We had fought a powerful and evil being. But, our leader back then has been captured now."

"You're a rarity, you know that? A vampire who seeks to protect, not dominate. Far too often you see the vampire who desire the latter."

"You're not so different from me. That's why you're here. I can rely on you to protect our other cohorts, human or otherwise."

"True enough. I like it here. Humans and vampires living together happily."

"Well, none of us are exactly upstanding citizens.... but yeah, sure."

The ankh went off again. This time, it was a message about Cali. His heart stopping, Dunan looked at Mira, who had heard it to. She nodded her head. "Go. Your friend needs you."

Dunan opened the window to his office, and looked around. Seeing no one, he jumped, sailing across the street and onto a roof. Clamoring across it, he took off running, jumping across the rooftops and streets. A scent came to his nose. He jumped down into a dimmly lit street. It was growing dark, but there were fools who would seek him.

Dunan turned, to find those who would be so foolish as to attack him. Se sees they are a mix of people, none of them human. The vampires each have muscles bulky enough to squash TVs. They smell faintly of snake venom, signifying they're newly turned. The werewolves are not much better off. However, strength depends on age and purity of the blood. None of these guys stand a chance.

"An army of goons, just for me? I'm flattered." Dunan runs his fingers back through his hair. "Of course, there should be more of you. I'm afraid there's plenty more me to go around than to just you shmucks."

"You're going down!"

"I beg to differ." Dunan yawned. "Can we get this going? I have to get home."

Two of them charge Dunan, and it is a simple matter of stepping aside to let them stumble by. Not waisting a second, Dunan plunges his hand through the chest of one. His hand emerges out his chest, holding the man's heart. Tossing the carcas aside, Dunan takes a large bite from, savoring the taste. The second vampire that had charged come running at him again. Dunan, while not even looking, slams his fist through the vampire's head.

Dunan drops the heart, and looks at his feet to the two bodies. "Anyone else wand a piece of me?"

The werewolves all smile and smirk, the vampires chuckling with them. The werewolves all charge Dunan at once, snarling. Dunan sighs. "This ios getting old quick." Dunan lifts his leg to kick one, and then he pivots around to bring the same leg over to slam into the head of another wolf. His head goes flying, but Dunan isn't done yet. Flipping onto his hands, he brings his legs down around the neck of another, and he brings his abdomen up, and twists off the head of him. Flipping back down onto his hands, he flings the body at another, causing him to topple backwards. Dunan launches himself at yet another, and punches him in the jaw with enough force to twist his head around, much to the sounds of every vertebrae in his neck breaking.

Turning his attention to the final wolf, he jumps, bring his weight down onto him, and forcing him to the ground. "Tell me who sent you, and I might be inclined to kill you quickly."

?Go to hell.? He snarled. Dunan only smirked.

?After you.? Dunan snaps the poor bastard?s head all the way around. Turning his attention to the remainder of the vampires, Dunan cocked his head. ?Any other contenders? I?m just getting warmed up.?

The vampires look rather frightened, and Dunan takes full advantage of this. ?Who sent you? If you answer me, I?ll be inclined to be merciful.? Dunan took a gigantic step forward, and was suddenly on them, grasping one by the hair. Smiling, he asks once more. ?Please??

?We don?t know his name! He only told us to kill you!?

?I see. Well, do you know where to find him??

The vampire falls silent, trying in vain to resist Dunan. He fails. Dunan lifts him into the air, and throws him into a wall, the force enough to crush his ribcage. He slumps, Dunan had heard his bones pierce the man?s heart.

There is only one more. Dunan grasps him, and holds him close. He smiles, revealing his very long fangs as they lengthened, Dunan?s dark hunger so very apparent. ?Now. Hold still, I hate gushers. They might stain my clothes.? Dunan bites, and he savors the taste. Vampire blood is like a rare treat: salt and pepper sprinkled on a rare steak. Dunan feasts, and then drops the final assailant when he?s good and dead.

?Well?. I hope Dawner had a less eventful day?.? He said to himself, as he began to run home once more.
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"That's all I know about them. Solid truth..." said a rather bulky man standing behind a counter. Yuin simply turned around upon hearing this.
"...another rumor..." Yuin said lowly. He was desperately searching for the locations of two woman whom he had been trying to pinpoint. For the past few years he has had little luck, but today was a bit different.

"Yeah...there's a boat coming in soon and I guess she's on it, but tell me...what do you want with her?" said a man with an slight snarl. Yuin narrowed his eyes at the man and looked away.
"...when will she be here?" he said in near monotone. The man snarled again and assumed a fighting stance towards Yuin as if preparing to attack.
"I'll ask you again what do you want with her!" he snapped. Yuin was completely oblivious to the angered man. He continued to look into the distance.
"Alright, that's it you freak! I'm going to skin you alive right here and now!" the man said lunging at Yuin. It seems this man was an were-wolf. His figure changing in seconds to a large canine-like creature, but still this did not phase Yuin for he continued to stare into the horizon. The beast clawed at Yuin's over-coat surprised at the feeling of it as he slashed.
"You got on some type of armor hu? Well that won't help you for long!" the wolf-man said preparing to swing a mighty blow, but as he did he was stopped as a swarm of tiny needles shot at his body like the wind itself. At each zone of impact the were-wolf's fur and skin began to burn as if lit on fire.
"Ahh! Silver needles!? What...!?" as the beast continued he began to feel dizzy and soon found himself unable to stand. The poison on the tiny silver needles of Yuin was taking their devastating effects.
"...you are of the Lox clan...." Yuin said without any emotion in his voice. The wolf-man was trying to muster up some strength to get back upon his feet but couldn't. He was unable to feel his very body anymore.
"Wha...what have y-you done to m-me!?" howled the crippled wolf as he layed on the ground motionless.
"...you did this to yourself wolf...my fight is not with you..." Yuin replied again without emotion.
"...w-what do you want with...Karyn?" the wolf muffled out. Yuin in turn simply reached into his coat and pulled out a cigarette. Slowly he lit it and inhaled softly.
"...information...if she can provide that..." he said while taking another puff of his cigarette, but this time he inhaled deeply. A second later two more were-wolves bolted down at Yuin with critical blows. Triumphantly the two watched as his body twisted and twirled from the mighty impacts.
"That'll teach you to mess with our clan!" one of wolves said. Yuin layed motionless on the ground for a couple of seconds then simply turned his head to meet his two attacker's eyes. As their eyes met the wolves suddenly had a great feeling of forlorn. They felt as though they were staring into the eyes of their deaths. In seconds hundreds of images appeared before them. So horrifying were these images that the two just fell to their knees. Tears streaming from their eyes and their bodies trembling.
"...I have no business with neither of you..." Yuin said seemingly directly to their minds. He then dragged them closer to him as he continued to wait for the boat with this 'Karyn' on board.
"...perhaps I do have business with you three after all...you'll be bait..." he said inhaling the cigarette smoke gently.

OOC: Hope you guys like my first post. Heh heh.
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Karyn was buckled over the side of the boat. "Urgh..." she grumbled. Sailing had never been a favorite form of travel for her. She always got seasick. She pulled her head up and saw the shore.

"LAND!" she squealed. Karyn leaped from the deck of the boat and into the water. She swam to the shore in her wolf form. When she got onto the solid ground, Karyn shook off the water and morphed into her regular humanoid with wolf ears and tail form. She inhaled the smell of the earth.

"Karyn!" someone called out to her. Karyn's ears perked up and she turned to face the werewolf that was running toward her.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Karyn asked, tilting her head.

"Some-! Some guy showed up and beat some of us up! I saw from the window! But he was a human! He's looking for you! You have to leave now!"

"...What? I will do no such thing! I'm gonna go over there right now!"

"Wh-what?! What are you going to do?!"

"I'm going to have tea and cake with him while negotiating peace. WHAT DO YOU FRICKIN' [B]THINK[/B] I'M GOING TO DO?! I'M GONNA BEAT HIS ASS!"

"B-but he-!"

"You have ten seconds to lead me to him. Any longer and I'm making you eat my special punishment pancakes." Karyn snarled. The werewolf's head drooped.

"This way..."

"I don't know who you are, but you're going to pay for harming my clan..." Karyn growled.
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After reaching port Pet, waved Draco to come over. Draco came over and so did the crew.

"Draco, something is wrong here. This is a lively port. Wheres all the people?" Pet.

"I think their in their homes sir." One of the crew did.

"Your right. Look, *Points towards a house* the windows a borded up. Draco take two guys with you and check the house closest to the dock. Find out whats going on. The rest of us with offload and prepare for the journy to South America." Pet.

"Right, Brian, Alex, come with me." Draco.

"Yes sir!" Both of them said.

The ship docked and the three got off and started to walk towards the houses. About half way their, a group of people surounded the trio.

"Ah, Draco, time for you to die!" The one who appears to be the leader.

"How do you know my name?" Draco said giving a little nod towards his friends.

"Your Draco, former member of the Band of the Blood Moon. You and your friends closed the gate to hell. Someone wants you dead and we are here to make sure of it!" The leader said has more came out of alleys and from buildings.

"What are you talking about. Im just a fisherman." Draco.

"Dont act coy with me. We know who you are. You and your friends will die!" The leader said pointing at the group.

"Guys, I'll hold them off. Go back to the ship and get the harpons." Draco said.

"Theirs too many. We arnt leaving you here." Brian said.

"Look, Im not a normal human. Im different. Your not. I've seen these people before." Draco said has the attacking people started to change into were-wolves.

"All right Draco but dont get your self killed. You owe us that beer from last night." Alex said.

"Yea, I know but run. Now!" Draco said has one of the small ones attacked first.

Draco grabbed it and tossed it at another one jumping into the fray. Their were focused on him soo much that they didnt notice Alex and Brian slip off back towards the docks.

"When I'm done with all of you. Your going to tell me who sent you and who I really am!" Draco said punching one straight in the face breaking its head.

"You won't even get a scratch on me." The leader said standing in the back of the group.

Two attacked him at once but their where sloppy. They wherent trained in any style of combat. Draco didnt know how he knew how to fight but it seemed natural to him.

The leader grunted in emberassment at the 4 Draco just beat down with out even moving from his spot. Draco took a step forward and the group took a step back.

"Hey, I smell fear. I must have been some strong guy to put fear into mythical creatures." Draco laughed.

"Hey, guys, he isnt in his real form. He is weak. Attack!" The leader shouted.

"Real form? I'll make you talk. Painfull has possible." Draco.

He knew that he wouldnt last long against all of them so it was time he made a tatcial retreat to the ship. Hopefully they got the harpons loaded.

Draco knocked two more to the ground and started to run towards the ship.

"We got him now! Kill him so we can feast on his body!" The leader said laughing.

(Next post tomorrow.)
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As the angered Karyn approached Yuin he released the hold he had on the two wolves at his feet and leaned down and blew a tiny cloud of smoke into the other's face. Quickly they ran to Karyn's side.
"Hey wise-guy! What the hell is the meaning of this!" Karyn said harshly. Yuin turned to face her slowly. He eyed her for a few seconds and then took out a picture from his coat.
"...yes...you are Karyn of the Lox clan..." Yuin said vaguely.
"Weirdo...what the hell do you want!?" Karyn with a growl. Yuin removed his cigarette from his mouth and lowered the collar of his white overcoat. Again staring deeply into her eyes but as he did this the two wolves quickly stepped in front of her.
"Karyn, his eyes! Don't look at them!" one of the wolves yelled. As he did this the two within seconds of morphing into their were-wolf states were again crippled.
"What the hell...?!" Karyn said instinctively leaping backwards.
"It's his eyes!" the other wolf said with his tail between his legs.
"...all of this could of been so much easier..." Yuin said blankly.
"I'll gouge your damn eyes out!" Karyn shouted as she swiftly charged at Yuin. He in turn waved his coat and at that exact moment Karyn's body seemed to act on its on. For some reason she rolled hard to the left. As she gathered herself she noticed light reflecting off the tiny needles dug in the ground.
"...silver...Who the hell are you!?" Karyn growled. Her natural instinct told her to stay away and for some reason her eyes narrowed as if they were trying to shield themselves.
"...your instincts are sharp..." Yuin mumbled. He then went on to an full assault. Rapidly he waved his coat and with each swing a gust of wind filled with the deadly needles swarmed out. Karyn dodged each barrage with near flawless timing. She grew angrier and angrier as the waves came and came. It seemed near impossible to counter-attack, but as she was preparing to yet again dodge another attack the two thought to be crippled wolves grabbed her legs and arms holding her tightly.
"...all just a diversion...all I need is your eyes..." he whispered as he glared at her. Slowly he was beginning to infect her mind with images. Karyn tried desperately to escape the gaze, but she was immobile.
"...so...that is her name and she is someone that you care about...?" Yuin said releasing his icy gaze. He then cut the hold he had on the wolves.
"...Anya...take me to this woman..." Yuin demanded. As he finished this sentence he received Karyn's foot to the head. It was a near comical scene as she held her foot to his weirdly unflinching head.
"...I stopped attacking you...why do you still attack?" Yuin replied still with the foot to the head. Karyn attacked again, this time with her claws. This time the hit connected smacking Yuin square on the cheek. Oddly again he did not flinch.
"...I apologize for my assault...I wish only to know the location of your...friend...Anya..." he continued to say with utter 'blankness' to his voice.
As he said this Karyn looked at him all the while thinking, "What the hell!?".

OOC: Didn't know if I could double post or not...sorry if no...o.o
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"K-karyn! We're so sorry! It wasn't our fault! We would never attack our leader, you know that, right?" the werewolves begged.

"Don't worry you guys, I know it wasn't something you could control. Anyway, Anya? What do you want with her you scumbag?!" Karyn demanded, glaring at Yuin.

"...I would rather not say." her replied in a the monotone voice Karyn hated.

"Are you planning to harm her in any way?" Karyn asked in an icy tone.


"Answer me or I'll take those damned eyes of yours right out of their sockets!"

"...I wish to see her."

"What kind of answer is that?!" Karyn barked. Yuin stared at her, his expression blank. "Hey, you're kind of a douche, y'know?"

"Will you tell me her location now?"

"...Tell you what. I'll tell you [B]if[/B] you change my clan members here back to normal, and help me transport a certain plant that I've come her to look for. Actually, I just need you to pick it and put it into this here pouch!" Karyn said, lifting up a small bag that had "Karyn's Special Baggy Bag" embroidered onto the front.

"What plant?"


"...Agreed." Yuin said blandly. Yuin healed the werewolves and left the building with Karyn. Karyn smiled happily. Actually, she planned to tell Yuin a false location. Russia, to be exact.
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“Dawner!” Dunan burst in the house searching for his beloved, after seeing the rotten corpses surrounding his home he started to worry.

“Dunan, in here!” Dawner called from their bedroom.

Upon seeing Dawner, Dunan met him in a full embrace. “I knew you showed those poor excuses for undead trash what’s what.”

“We can talk about that later, Right now we have big trouble on our hands…” Dawner said pulling chalk from his nightstand.

“So you got Deans message too….” Dunan put his hand on Dawner’s shoulder and squeezed it affectionately. He knew how much Dean meant to his lover. Dawner faced Dunan, and Dunan noticed how red and puffy his eyes were…

“Yeah… I did… I’ve been having dreams about him for weeks now, I should have done something.” Dawner said a tear rolling down his face.

“He’s alive Dawn, and as long as we follow his instructions we’ll have a better chance at finding and saving him.”

Dawner smiled brightly, and held Dunan’s hand. “First things first… Something is terribly wrong with Calil and we need to get to her…. Now.”

“I’ll arrange for a train right away.” Dunan started to turn away but Dawner held fast to his hand.

“No love… I’m getting us there now… Magically”

“Woah… I have a limited knowledge of magic but I know teleportation is quite the energy drainer… plus we’d be warping to a far place, are you sure?”

“I have to be… Calil’s life depends on it. Once we get there I’ll be drained… I’m going to need you to share some blood with me just enough to do whatever I can for Calil.”

“Okay. Well… Lets do this.” Dunan said…. Ever the readied trooper.

Dawner began chanting in an ancient tongue and drawing a large rectangular door shape on the wall, he added a glyph to the door and it started to glow a pulsing green color.

Dawner and Dunan hand in hand walked through the portal.

It felt as if space and time instantly ripped their bodied to shreds and then put them back together just as fast. Dawner fell to his knees hitting the stone floor hard… He notice a pair of shoes in his line of sight that involved the floor…

“Sir Penbrook, I presume?” Dawner said between gasp for air.
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Courier New"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]"It's been a while but I didn't think you wouldn't forget what I look like. I'm glad you guys came. She's up the stairs to the right."
He led the way to her room, upon entering it Dawner leaned on the door looking very pale.
"She's feels so far away."
"She's in a coma, I would imagine so."
"No, she's there, she can hear us, but her emotions are so dark."
Penbrooke didn't ask what he meant just simply nodded.
"Tobais, bring her to the basement so we can fix her up."
The youth nodded and followed the older men out of her room and down to the basement, Calil in his arms. Upon entering the basement Penbrooke showed them her new body.
"What happened to the original body, her sister?"
"The tower was raided by some one or something a few years back, she was taken."
"That must have been hard for you, she was your lover correct?"
"Yes, but I've moved on."
Looking back at Calil his eyes got soft and over bright with unshed tears.
"Come one, lets get this done, she doesn't have a lot of time."
Tobais set her onto the steel table and took a step back as she groaned.
"Sir, I think she's coming to."
Penbrooke rushed to her side and lifted her head up.
"Calil? Can you hear me?"
She opened her mouth to answer but instead pushed him aside and retched just like all the times before the only thing that she released was blood.
"Hurry Dawner, we don't have any more time!"
He watched as Calil began to get black circles around her eyes, red patches began to show up on her face, arms and legs and slowly turned into raw, bleeding sores, greed poison steam seeping from them. It was eating her alive.
"Dawner hurry!"
Dunan stepped between them and frowned.
"He's going as fast as he can."
Penbrooke nodded, tears welling up in his eyes. Without warning Calil screamed, a bright flash of light took over the basement and Calil slumped forward, no heart beat, no pulse.
"She's dead! You killed her!"
As Penbrooke rushed for Dawner, Dunan stood between them and jumped as a jet of fire flashed infront of Penbrooke.
"Who's dead?"
They turned and looked as the you girl's body turned and twisted letting her look at her self all over.
"Nice, I think I can get used to this."
Hopping off the table he had her on she nodded and walked past him to Dawner and gave him a hug.
"Thanks for coming."
Dawner flashed a brilliant smile and nodded.
"Of coarse, I wish I had known you were hurting so badly, I would have insisted we came to visit more often."
At the mention of her pain she stopped and looked down.
"Calil, did you get Dean's message?"
She nodded and looked up at Dawner and Dunan, her face was blank again, her eyes dull and full of pain. Penbrooke sighed.
"Not again, I was hoping this would be gone with the transformation."
Dawner shook his head.
"I can only get rid of the body, not memories, or feelings."
He nodded and she looked up at them taking a deep breath she headed out the door and towards the tree that Penbrooke had told her about, there under the tree was a small plant that was red, that had to be it, it seemed to easy and as she reached for it she back flipped as a large demon came from the ground, the next thing she knew she was surrounded by fire, looking around and was shocked to see it coming from her hands. In no time at all all the vegetation was scotched and she had her item but as soon as she touched it her thoughts turned dark and depressed. It felt as if it were feeding on the only happy thoughts she had left. Shrugging she made her way back to the tower and stepped inside. It wasn't like she had much to be happy about anyway. Walking back to her room she noticed that Penbrooke was there.
"I'm going with you, Dawner and Dunan already left to look for what they needed to get. They told me to tell you that they love you and hope to see you soon."
She just nodded, the longer she held the root the more she felt like killing her self. Picking up the Ankh, she laced it around her neck and walked out of the tower, Penbrooke on her heels.[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR]

Okay, if your wondering about Calil's new look, I put 3 pictures up and went with the third one, they're posted up in the backstage.
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The two vampires had teleported again, and this time, on landing, Dawner had swooned and fell back into Dunan's arms.

"You need to really watch what you're doing." Dunan said, and sighed. "Always over exerting yourself..."

"I... I'm sorry." Dawner took a deep breath, and tried to stand. Dunan picked him up, and carried him. "It's okay... You know I like taking care of you...."

"So... sweet.."

"For you? Always." Dunan looked around the dark city streets. "Looks like we made it to our destination alright... I suggest we stay in a hotel tonight. We're going to need our strengths for anything we go up against."

"We have some time... so sure.... I don't mind..."

"Good. By the way, have you heard from Anya? I'm beginning to worry about her. I know she was headed for Egypt last time we saw her, but I have't even gotten a leter or a message through the Ankh."

"No... I'm worried too. But... she's a big girl, Dunan. She can handle herself. She does act like you, after all."

Dunan snorted. "I'm not an alcoholic. But, in any case, we'll be sure to find out anyway."
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Anya now pulled up to the encampment, and got out of the cab. She nodded her thanks and continued on towards the pyramids. She had felt Dean from here... but there were no more messages coming from the ankh. She was now worried.

"Man... I wish Dunan was here." She muttered. "He'd know what to do..." Then she smiled. "Bah, he'd be doing the same thing."

Anya walked on, heading ever closer to the Pyramids. But, something caught her eye. A tomb that had been discovered recently was..... leaking. Looking closer at it from a distance, she could see that it was oozing black liquids from the entrance. From that black gunk she could feel the presence of sheer and unwavering evil. She crossed her arms, unsure what to do.

She removed the ankh from her pocket, and held it to her mouth.

"Dunan... Dawner.... Are you there? I'm near the Pyramids in Egypt.... Dean was close by. There's a tomb that's looking like it's gushing out black stuff. I don't know what it is, but I think it's where Dean was last."

Dunan's voice came through loud and clear to Anya, and it was a relief to hear from him. "Anya? Is that you?"

"No, dumbass. It's the Queen of England. Yeah, it's me. Think I should-"

Suddenly, the fluid began to congregate, and then it began to seal off the entrance to the tomb. Soon enough, the face of the cliff looked like all of the rest of them.


"Yeah, I'm fine. The tomb... it's no more. So much for that aspect...."

"Anya, it's time to get the Band back together. I suggest we meet up."

"Mn? Why? I can look for other leads as to what might be going on."

This time, Dawner's voice cam through. "Come on, Anya. We're safer in numbers. We need to meet up. We have a better chance of survival if we do."

"Alright.... Where are you two?"

"We're in Cairo. We were coming to get you before we went looking for this..... plant thing Dawner needs to find." Dunan sounded like he wasn't all that enthusiastic about trekking for a plant in a desert. "Fine. Meet me at the bar across from the Cairo Museum in an hour. "

"Fine. We'll be there."

An hour passed, and Anya made it back to the bar with plenty of time to spare. She sat down at a table, and the waitress smiled. Anya was a regular here, and able to drink anyone under the table who challenged her. Thanks to the fact that Anya now dressed more like a school girl now, they all thought she was easy pickings. That, and she was a champ at arm wrestling. No one knew how she could possibly be winning against all of the usually much bigger and burlier men (and a few women) but they all rooted for her anyway when she showed up.

"What Can I get for you, sweetie?"

"The strngest poison you got...what else?"

The woman laughed, and produced a bottle of some rather frighteningly colored liquor. Anya popped opened the bottle and took a gigantic swig. "Ah, yummy."

"You and your booze." the woman laughed. "Oh, by the way, Burber was in here earlier. He.... ah.. was looking for you."

"That punk? God, when is he going to give up? I already told him no..."

"Never. He was in here with a few of his 'buddies' and I don't think he wants to exchange pleasantries this time."

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Anya.. the girl champ." said a voice from behind the two of the girls.

Anya turned. There was Burber, and he was indeed with a few of his buddies.

"Can you go away? I'm too busy to deal with you right now, ass wipe."

"You're coming home with me, wether you like it or not."

"You know, for someone who looks like they got beaten with an ugly stick, you sure are cocky. Fine, come on. Try to take me home."

Anya took a drink of her booze again, and smiled. "You heard me."

Burber tried to grab Anya, planting his hand on her shoulder, gripping it hard. "There's no need to fight, You can't take all of us on. Now, be a good girl and come with us."

Anya responds with grasping the poor bastards had, squeezing it with her gloved hand. Bones began to snap, leaving him in agonizing pain.

"I said no, you fucking ass hole. It's men like you that make me want to be a lesbian." Anya lifted up her leg, and landed a blow where the sun doesn't shine on Barber. Then for good measure, she flipped him over her, slamming him down onto his backside. "Is this obvious enough of an answer? Leave me the hell alone or next time I won't just break your hand."

"You can't do that to him!" Said one of his cronies, and he started to charge her, when an arm covered in black leather wrapped around his nck and yanked him away.

"Dunan! So nice to see you!" Anya chortled, while Dawner appeared behind the other one and more or les one shotted him in the balls before whirling around to plant a kick to send the bastard into a wall.

"I see you're as violent as ever... Just once I'd like to walk into a bar and not have you start a brawl." Dawner quipped.

"Yeah, well, keep dreaming, blood sucker." Anya then took another drink from her bottle, bringing it down to half-empty. Holding i out, she offered Dunan a drink. "Want some?"

Dunan still held the last one by the throat. With his free hand, he took the bottle and took a swig. "Blegh.... this crap again?" He stuck his tongue out, making a face at the taste.

"Hey! Don't knock it! It's great for knocking you out on your ass!"

"Hm. Really? Let's see...." Dunan let the man go, and brought the bottle down hard onto his head, shattering it. He slumped, falling back onto his back side.

"Hey, you're right!" Dunan smirked. Anya looked down at the three unconcious men. "Not exactly what I meant..... but it works....."
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Calil stepped off of Penbrooke's plane, a sand colored cloak covering her body and face to sheld her from the wind and sand that it carried. She looked on silently as she saw three unconsious men get thrown from the small pub on the side of the road. She walked over and stepped over the men and into the pub seeing Anya, Dawner, and Dunan all talking and having drinks, Anya of coarse was drinking the strongest thing she could buy and who knew what the others were drinking. As she walked up to the bar and the others looked at her with smiles the only thing she could do was just nod. She felt the root in her pocket give off a pulse and felt her stomach lurch. Again she felt the feeling to kill her self again, this time stronger. She shook it off as rock music began to play in the pub and Anya dragged Dunan into the middle and started dancing with him, both moving together as i they had rehearsed it so many times, Danwer looked at her and held out his hand giving her a friendly smile, shaking her head she picked up the bottle Anya was drinking from and downed it in a single knock. Slamming the bottle down she took a deep breath as she looked up to see the three of them dancing together, Dunan in the middle. Penbrooke looked at her and frowned.
"Hey, you alright? You look pale."
Shaking her head she just stood up and walked out, catching sight of Anya point at her and proceed to ask the boys who she was, closing the door behind her she guessed the were filling Anya in on her little scene back at the tower a few hours ago. She walked around to the side of the building and leaned on the wall, pinching the bridge of her nose she pulled the root from her pocket and looked at it. She slid down the wall til she was crouching and buried her face in her hands and shook her head. She had been depressed for a while, ever since Dean had left but ever since she had gotten the root she felt as if thee was nothing to live for. Slipping the root back into her pocket she began to walk through the town trying to get her thoughts together. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Karyn and Yuin were in the garden of a local witch.

"You just take zeht plehnt zehre. Is volfsbahyne. You, volf girl, you must stay avay from plehnt, yes? Is...how you seh, death, yes?" the suprisingly youthful woman said in a thick accent. Karyn nodded and opened her pouch. Yuin carefully plucked the plant and placed it into Karyn's pouch.

"Thanks, Astrid, I owe you one!" Karyn grinned. Astrid waved her hand dismissively.

"Eh, is nahzing. You do mehny good things for me since become alpha. Ehm glehd to heelp," she drawled, brushing back her long, straight, silver hair.

"...Have I ever told you that your accent doesn't sound German? More like Russian, really."

"Mehny times, Kehrehn," Astrid replied, rolling her slim, golden eyes.

After leaving Astrid's garden, Karyn and Yuin stood in the middle of the town. It was now evening, and the sky was blood red.

"I did as requested. Now where is Anya?" Yuin asked. Karyn turned her back.


"We made a deal. Follow through, or you will regret it."

"...Russia. She's in Russia. She's trying to find someone. Wouldn't tell anyone who it was she was searching for, though...," Karyn lied, her voice breaking in the first statement, attempting to convey self-loathing for "selling out" her friend. After finishing the "confession", Karyn sprinted away. She held in her palm a transportation orb obtained from Astrid. It was good for one use, and she was going to Cairo. She wasn't sure if Yuin believed her, but at least she could get to Cairo, Anya's real location, and warn her about the weirdo that was searching for her.

Meanwhile, Yuin stood where Karyn left him.

".....She lied....." he monotoned.
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Yuin reached into his overcoat and pulled out an single cigarette. He lit it and inhaled slowly.
"...she wished to protect her...is that because she is a...friend?" he said to himself. As he exhaled a small cloud of smoke it began to create several images. One was of Karyn yelling at another woman, another of a figure that towered over Karyn whom Yuin devised that she must hate, but the last image is the one that caught Yuin's attention. He saw her desperately trying to communicate with something around her neck.
"...I should have searched her mind a bit more..." he said dispersing the smokey images. He knew that Karyn had lied to him by the tone of her voice, but following her now would be far too obvious so he instead decided to return to the witch's house.
"Eh...you back again, vriend of Kehrehn?" Astrid said while coming to meet Yuin in the middle of her garden.
"...where did Karyn say she was going?" he replied.
"...she not tell you...?" Astrid said raising her brow.
"...she was in a hurry apparently..." he said looking directly at her revealing a rather weird smile. This was strange to Astrid and she suddenly became very tense.
"...you not a vriend ov Kehrehn..are you?"
"...again, where did she say she was going?" Yuin said narrowing his eyes.
"I von't tell you...whoever you are..." she remarked as the plants around her began to grow. Yuin reacted to this by reaching again for an single cigarette.
"My garden vake you talk!" she yelled as gigantic vines wrapped themselves around Yuin.
"...last chance...where did she go?" Yuin said blowing a bit of smoke into the air.
"You von't harm her!" Astrid hollered as the huge vines crashed Yuin deeply into the ground. Feeling confident that she had injured him Astrid walked up to the huge hole in the middle of her garden. What she saw next would result in her involuntary help.
"...enough..." Yuin said with a cold gaze into her eyes. Astrid was completely unable to move. Yuin's hazel eyes were holding her now.
"...vhat...is this..." Astrid feebly said as she began to see pictures right before her very eyes.
"...Egypt...where in Egypt?" he demanded, but to this Astrid's mind gave no answer.
He then released his gaze from Astrid and began to walk away.
"YOU FIEND!" screamed Astrid as she again attacked Yuin with the giant vines, but this time his body simply vanished into the air.
Yuin, using a bit of his ocular magic created an giant snow-white hawk to travel to Egypt. He would be there in 6 hours.
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Dunan sighed. Anya by now was plastered. Cali walked in again, and sat down beside Anya. She grasped the bottle Anya was still drinking from, and took a swig from it.

"So, you're a drinker now, eh?" Anya said, slurring her words. Cali's eye brow twitched, but she said nothing. Anya drooped her arm over the sullen Cali, and burped.

Dunan's face curled up, and he remarked, "Sexy... real sexy..."


At this point Cali blinks at Anya, but her face is still as unmoving as porceiln. "How.... drunk are you?"

Dawner snorted. "Plenty. She's been drinking steadily for the past three hours."


Anya! Can you be any louder??" Dawner scolded.

"Sure I can! MAKE IT QUICK!"

Dunan groaned, and patted the now dazed Dawner on the back.

Anya yanked on her Ankh, and began to babble into it. "KARYN! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" She started laughing, and Dunan plucked the ankh from her hand.

"I'm hurrying, damn it." came Karyn's voice, sound unamused. Dunan started speaking. "Well, howdy, Karyn! How ya been?"

"Busy, but good. How are you and Dawner?"

"We're good. Happy as peaches. So, where are you right now?"

"I'm on my way to Cairo. I'll be there within a few minutes.... one of my clan is a spell caster. He'll be-"

There was a loud screech, and Karyn popped into existence next to the table. Looking around, she was startled. Dunan stood up, and laughed. He picked her up in a hug, swinging her around. She hugged him back, smiling. Anya got up, and promptly fell on her face. She shok herself, and got up again. "Hi, Karyn!"

"Anya! I.... Someone ambushed me today, wanting to know where you are! We have to get moving! He's like... obsessed with finding you or something!

Anya cocked her head. "Who the hell would be after me?"

"I don't know who the bastard is..... But I lied to him and told him you were in Russia. But.... I don't know if he fell for it.... He's got some weird power... he's a telepath.... I think...."

Dunan crossed his arms. "Anya, who'd you piss off?"


Dunan shushed her, only to make her grow louder. "I WILL NOT SHUT UP! BRING IT ON WHOEVER YOU ARE!"

Anya stompped out of the bar, Dunan following her with the others tagging on not far behind.

They all manage to make it to Dunan and Dawner's hotel, and they pay for another room for them all to stay in.The rag tag group makes their way up to the rooms, and Dunan opens the door to their suite.

Cali looks around, while Karyn whistles. "A honeymoon suite, right? You two really splurged on this....."

Dunan opened a liquor cabinet, and poured himself a glass of wine, while Anya was already asleep on the couch.

"Looks like we're missing Wolfie-boy.... I wonder where he is...." Dunan said, offering a glass to everyone. They all clinked glasses, to the toast of 'Freeing Dean'

They all began to turn in for the night, eventually, Dunan joined Dawner on the terrace.

"It's a beautiful night..." Dunan started, knowing Dawner's mind was in turmoil. Dunan handed him a flask, filled with cow's blood.

"Yeah...."Dawner took a drink, and looked off into the sky.

"So what's on your mind?"

"Lots of things...I.... I just don't know what to do.. or if I'm strong enough to deal with the... possibility......Dean...." Dawner started to fumble as his eyes filled with tears. Dunan embraced him, and began to pet his hair. "Shhhhhh.... It's alright.... Dean's strong... it will take a lot to do him in. And even if he's gone, then we all know he did everything in his power to get that message out. We can't start feeling sorry now.. We have to be strong, both for Dean and for everyone else's sakes. We have to be the strength they can rely on. We're their protectors now."

Dawner hugged Dunan tighter. "I know...."

Dunan smiled. "You know I'll always be here for you. You're my shining star, my life, my love, and the most precious person I have ever known or have."

Dawner looked up, and his lips played host to a faint smile. Dunan wiped the tears from Dawner's eyes. "There's a smile.... Come on, let's go to bed."
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Karyn sat in a chair and stared out a window. She was thinking about what Dunan said about Draco not being there.

[I]Why would he be? He didn't contact me these past 10 years at all. I can't believe him![/I], Karyn thought angrily. Suddenly she stood up, one fist in the air and one foot on the chair. "YEAH! THE NEXT TIME I SEE THAT-TH-THAT STUPID HEAD, I'M GONNA SHOW HIM WHAT KIND OF GRUDGE A SHE-WOLF CAN HOLD FOR 10 DAMN YEARS!!!" she howled, swallowing a sob mid-sentence.

"YYYYYEAAAH!!!" Anya hollered in agreement. "Wait, what stupid head? Is 'e a guy? When did you start datin'? Is 'e cheatin'?! I know, let's bust 'im up rrrrreal good!"

"It's not like that... And no, I haven't been dating...," Karyn sighed, wiping at her eyes.

"But you're a hundred years old or somethin' now... You're a big girl now...," Anya slurred.

"24, Anya. 24. And I don't wanna talk about it. Anyway, I think I'll go to sleep now... I'm tired from today...," Karyn said with a yawn. She abruptly fell to the floor, asleep.
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