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This world is one of never ending winter. No one is really sure how the sun was blocked, or who did it. Maybe we did...maybe they did. It's been so long. All we know is that when they finally stopped, it didn't matter. We had won, but in winning, we got the prize of watching our race go extinct in this endless world of snow. The Skycleaner hasn't worked since the key was stolen by them. The Scraps...in this world of never ending winter, humanity will take it's final breath.
((Welcome to Scrapworld. In this story, it is the aftermath of a war between man and machine. The Scraps, clockwork automatons, have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Sometime during the war, the sun was blotted out by a giant machine that changed the climate to one of perpetual winter. No one is sure who built this, mankind or Scrap. But without the sun, humanity is slowly dying. Their only hope was the Skycleaner, but the key that started it has been stolen and broken by the Scraps. The world is drained of resources, a new key can't be made. In desperation, a group from those inhabiting the run down Skycleaner has been organized to try and find the Key. You can be either a human in search of the key, or a Scrap who retains a heart or even both. Scraps who still have hearts are not mindless automatons seeking the annihilation of humanity, but instead choose their own paths based on their own ideals. Feel free to get creative with the characters.

Note: There's some background and terms in the [URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=841409#post841409"]Backstage area here[/URL] to help out anyone with questions about some of the stuff I just said. And yes, you are MORE then welcome to make two or more characters!

[B]DON'T JOIN IF YOU AREN'T GONNA STICK AROUND! I'd rather this never start then have it end three pages in.[/B]))

Human Sign Up
Profession: ((In this world, there are few if any surviving soldiers from the war. Most are too old to be of use. Your profession is a job that would make sense in a struggling arctic world in which there are no more enemies, but the land itself is more dangerous then you can imagine. Think mechanic, medic, scavenger, etc. There are no soldiers anymore.))
Appearance: ((BE. DESCRIPTIVE.))
Personality: ((What makes you tick?))
Background: ((A little bit about yourself. Were you born at the Skycleaner or did you find it and were taken in? Family, friends, your life before the group was formed basically.
Why Are You Searching: ((Why does your character even care to find the Key and reactivate the Skycleaner?))

Scrap Sign Up
Age: ((A Scrap can be a max of 500, but remember! The older you are, the more run down your body is.))
Purpose: ((What were you originally designed for? Heavy labor, construction, search and rescue?))
Appearance: ((You are a Scrap in the clockwork world. Meaning you are not a streamlined robot of shiny awesome. You are a rusting pile of bolts and a series of clicking gears. Be creative, and think of how you would have been made for a specific purpose.))
Personality: ((You're a Scrap with a heart, meaning you do have a personality. Whether you fully understand it yet is another matter entirely.))
Background: ((Did you fight in the war with the humans, how did you end up in the Skycleaner, does anyone take care of you, maintain you, or are you just kind of a junker who helps out?))
Name: Archimedes
Age: 77
Gender: Male
Profession: Archimedes was a doctor at one point, but at his current age, most people come to him for advice on various matters.
Appearance: Hazel eyes, gray/white hair, pale skin. Archimedes hasn't aged particularly well. A long scraggly beard and mustache dominate his face. His bushy eyebrows and sagging skin serve well to remind everyone of his age. His wild hair is rarely brushed or cut, sticking out at all angles from underneath his sable hat. He wears a heavy faded red parka and uses a long brass pipe as a walking stick. His somewhat frail appearance is increased by the layers of clothes he wears. Standing at about 5'7" and weighing around 100 lbs, one would think Archimedes wouldn't be able to take a fall very well.
Personality: Archimedes is curious about everything and anything. He holds vast knowledge of history, including the time before the war started. He loves nothing more then sharing his knowledge to a willing audience *and sometimes unwilling* and can talk for hours on end about the history of a single brick. Very compassionate towards others, Archimedes loves curious people and strives to be of help to everyone who needs it. He loathes to feel like a burden and hates being treated like he's senile or useless.
Background: Archimedes was a field medic during the war, and one of the few survivors of those years. When the war ended, he and a couple of soldiers attempted to survive in the Wastes, salvaging what they could and moving between shelters. No one is really sure of much about what happened to the group, as there's a gap of two years where they went missing. Archimedes was found stumbling around outside the Skycleaner, disoriented and suffering from severe fatigue. He was taken in and became a doctor for the shelter. Now retired, he still makes himself useful cleaning old knickknacks, repairing small items for free, and dispensing wisdom to anyone who needs it. He took residence in an old study, and gathers old books, notes, and bits of paper anyone finds while out scavenging, making him an unofficial historian and librarian.
Why Are You Searching: Archimedes has read about what the world was like and longs to see it's former beauty. Above all else, he wants to see a flower with his own eyes. He goes with the group mostly to offer his advice and knowledge when needed, but he does worry that he slows them down.

Name: Heat
Age: 124
Purpose: Waste Disposal
Appearance: Heat is made entirely of brass, to prevent him from rusting in the damp conditions he would have been used for. His frame is heavy and lanky, with oversized arms and legs and large hands with claws at the end. The claws are fully articulate to help with gripping junk. His head is little more then a brass cylinder with a camera eye mounted in the center. He's able to rotate the eye all around his head for a 360 degree view. Made for heavy lifting, His body is covered in large gears, stands around 13 feet tall, and he weighs in at about 3 tons. Other then his claws, his only other method of self defense is a small flamer attached to his left hand, inside his thumb. However, it ran out of fuel years ago and can only create a tiny flame, much like a lighter. His voice is a small speaker mounted in the throat, though his vocabulary is limited.
Personality: Heat doesn't understand his own sentience, and seems to have a problem with the concept of time. He'll recall events that happened decades ago, but won't remember if they were years or minutes in the past. He wants to understand his purpose, why he's here, but he has difficulties grasping elaborate concepts like self awareness.
Background: Heat was repaired inside the Skycleaner and is used mostly to clear debris and do the heavy lifting. He is sent with the group as a packhorse mostly, and is generally thought of as a broken tool that should probably be thrown out. Archimedes has kept him around and operational, but Heat is beginning to break down completely, and will most likely cease functioning sometime soon.
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Name: Rose

Age: Unknown

Appearence: She is a pretty life sized doll, though her face is all that remains of her once flawless skin. She wears an ancient hand made victorian-style dress that's a deep red hue with many dark green ruffles, all of it now faded and dirty. Her head still looks like the doll she was designed to be, with rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes, though one of them has shattered, revealing her robotic eye underneath.Her hair is a lovely shade of blue, hanging in loose curls around her face and over her exposed inhuman eye. She wears a ruffled headband, the many decorations that once made her so pretty are now tattered or gone. Her arms and legs are yet another story, as her psudo-skin has fallen off, revealing her now dull under skin and ball joints. As such, the remanents of elegant white gloves and tights are quite visible. She truly is a vision of desecrated beauty, standing in at 4'7" and weighing only 84.7 lbs.

Purpose: Originally a child's toy, or so she says.

Personality: She is a quiet and sweet, always ready to take orders or be asked for advice. She speaks as if she has seen many years, belying her rather trusseled appearence, leaving people to wonder just how old she is. Yet, she speaks and acts as if she was designed for much more than being an ordinary child's toy, leading some to suspect that she was much more in her time, possibly more so built to be a companion.

Background: Being the dainty figure she is, she was turned 'off' and left aboard the Skycleaner ages ago, and has been sitting in one of the storage rooms, collecting dust and cobwebs. No one is sure exactly where she came from or how old she is, but no one has bothered to turn her 'on' and ask. Instead, they poke and prod her, remarking at how pretty she is for something so old and fragile.

Why is she searching: She searches because it seems the sun will make everyone happy once more.
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Name: Julian Rosenfeild

Age: 23

Gender: male

Profession: Archeologist/ Scavenger

Appearence: With his shock red hair, and ample muscles, he's quite a sight to behold. He stands about 6'6" and weighs almost 175 lbs. He has many tattoos, the most visible ones being a bar code on his right shoulder, and ankh on his left, a bio-hazard symbol on his back, and the japanese kanji for 'love, peace, and family' on the right side of his neck. He's usually seen wearing googles and a beater with camoflauge cargo pants. When in the bitter cold, he also wears a black parka.

Personality: A rather jovial guy, he prides himself on the fact he's the most renowned historian aboard the Sky cleaner, and his knowledge often comes in handy when working with his other profession as a Scavenger. He's always willing to crack a joke or two, and always there to someone when they need someone to talk to.

Background: He was born in the ruins of what was once a well populated city on the eastern coast of another continent, its name lost to time. He came across the Skycleaner after he had traveled for many days, after all of his family died in a disaster, which he doesn't speak of. Since, he has come to call the Skycleaner home, taking to exploring its many rooms and teaching the children about the history of the human race.

Reason for searching: He wants to see the light of the sun... and bring hope back to his people
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[COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Name: Duo
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Profession: Medic
Appearance: Standing at 5'6 she has long legs giving her a tall appearance, a long torso and well defined features make her look slightly elegant. Weighing in at 160 lbs she is muscular and lean with jet black hair that reaches the back of her thighs and remains in a thick braid at all times to keep from getting in her way and shocking violet eyes. She is taken for granted most of the time due to her lithe build but she can lift and work as hard as most men aboard the Skeycleaner. Usually in a simple attire consisting of black thin leg hip huger jeans and a white tank top with black steel toed boots that come up to her calves trapping her jeans within them, she wears black open fingered gloves and a black ball cap. She has a few tatoos, the one that is always seen is the wolf on her right shoulder blade that is howling at the moon. She also wears a spartan of jewelry, a silver chain with a simple silver cross hanging from it, three thin silver bangles on her left wrist and a single silver band on her right middle finger. What completes her outfit is the pair of dark black sunglasses that remain perched on top of her head at all times even though there is no sun. When out in the element she wears a thick heavy black utility jacket.
Personality: Hyper and very active she is said to 'bounce' everywhere she goes; upbeat and talkative she is rarely in a bad mood. Not one for being a wet towel she goes out of her way most of the time to make others laugh and have a good time. A jokster and playful person she has a bad habit of playing jokes on some of her patients, always hungry is considered a human garbage disposal not letting even the most disgusting of food go to waste she eats everything and anything and is always hungry for more. The only down fall to her personality is the fact that she a major gutter brain and can make an innuendo out of almost anything said.
Background: Found in an alley no one knows her real name and gave her the name of Duo. She is an orphan and can't remember her real family. Taken in at the age of 3 she was taught everything the medic before her knew and has grown up on the Skycleaner for most of her life. Not much else is known about her and she can't remember anything but the day she was found.
Why Are You Searching: She is more than concerned with how the never ending winter is effecting the health of people.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Maya Kane

Age: 7

Gender: Female

Profession: Maya is a scavenger, and a dang good one at that.

Appearance: Maya has average length, straight, silvery white hair, contrary to her young age. She has milky silver-grey eyes that lead some people to assume she is blind, though she is not. She is about 3' 5" and is very thin, seeing as food must be scarce in times of eternal winter. She often wears an old, dirty parka and thick snow boots she scavenged from an abandoned home.

Personality: Maya is actually a child genius. She has an advanced vocabulary and is able to read and write at a high school level. But she still retains some of her childlike traits such as her impatience, curiousity, and stubborness. She talks a lot and doesn't like it when people aren't listening to her every word, hence her catchphrase, "Are you getting all of this?"

Background: Maya was found at age 2 by a scavenger living at the Skycleaner. She had no memories other than that she fell from somewhere really high up. She was taken to the Skycleaner and has lived there ever since.

Reason for Searching: Maya wants to find the key because she wants to challenge her intelligence. She also wants to find the key and see what a "desert" looks like.
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[color=darkred]Name: Grahm "Kilo" Francis

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Profession: Miner/Search and Rescue

Appearance: His hair is a deep brown and is kept in a fohawk style with the sides shaved down to a close buzz. Deep green emerald eyes that are actually implants due to an accident when he was younger. He stands at about almost 6'2" and is extremely stocky and muscualer due to all his years picking away at the caves for anything of use. When not at work he is normally seen wearing a white skintight underarmor type shirt with a black shirt, with white jeans a black leather belt and black steel toed boots. He wears his dead dog's chain choke collar around his neck and a simple brown leather band with his mom and dad's name on it around his wrist. He has only a few tattoos pieces one being an image of Cerberus the three headed dog surrounded by fire and the spirits of the undead taking up his entire back. His left arm is one huge black tribal peice reaching all the way up to his neck and has his name woven into it in green. On his right arm his blood type, social security number, date of birth, and his name in blue on the bottom of his wrist and the staff with two snakes wrapped around it medical symbol and search and rescue in red on his shoulder. On the right side of his chest he has an image of three rescuers pulling someone out of the snow and on the left side of his abs their is the head of a cobra and a viper hissing at each other and the snakes bodies wrap and intertwine all the way down his left leg. When out in the tundra he has donned a white baclava, white ski mask goggles, a white scarf around his neck follwed by a white parka with a large red cross on the back. He has white parka leggings that connect to white snow boots that slip over his over black ones with spikes built into the soles for better traction.

Personality: He has a very kind and gentle heart and a slow temper but can turn colder then the tempature outside when someone hits the wrong button. One to always joke and help just about anyone out in a time of need. He hates talking about his dead parents and just about anything to do with hsi past life but prefers to listen to other people instead. His escape for when ever he is down or bored is the gym where he vents everything.

Background: He has spent most his life in the city where his family lived, working the mines to find anything they could use to survive on and tending the farm they had growing down in the depths of the earth where it is warmer. One day another miner set the wrong time on a explosive and cause a huge cave in that killed his mom and dad. a spray of rocks peltered him shattering his eye where and causing him to go blind. He stumbled out of the caves and fell to the ground. Luckily there happened to be a search group that Duo just so happened to be a part of from the Skycleaner that rushed him back and an old expeircend doctor by the name of Archimedes used the eyes from an old search and destroy Scrap and allowed him to see again. Since then he has continued mining and searching for more people in need of help.

Reason for Searching: So no more poeple have to lose their loved ones to this forsaken climate.[/color]
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Well done, we got some interesting characters here. People seem to enjoy tattoos. Alright, to be perfectly honest I thought this was dying, but it seems to have come back in stride, SO!

I shall keep sign ups open for a few more days, and we will begin shortly. Sign ups will probably remain open even after we start for a spell, but not for long. I'll send PM's to everyone when we start.
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[U][B]Human Sign Up[/B][/U]
[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Ishild
[B]Age:[/B] 26
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Profession:[/B] Mechanic/Scavenger
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i29.tinypic.com/hrakvk.jpg"]Ishild[/URL] wearing the inner layer of her scavenging survival suit. Ishild has all of the features of her mother, although she doesn't realize it. Her dirty blond hair she keeps in a long pixie cut, so that she has easy access in and out of her scavenging outfit. She has olive colored eyes that have an unexplainable charm when you look into them. Her body is quite toned but lanky, from all of the mechanic work she does and her personal workouts, although usually a bit grimy if she has been hard at work on one of her projects. She has the usual tattoos identifiying her name and job on her body, in case she dies and needs to be indentified. Besides that though, Zlota has given her many tattoos that not many people have seen, thanks to Ishild's modest attire. The only ones that Ishild has ever mentioned are a large moon hooked by a Gemini symbol on her back, two symbols of Venus somewhere else on her body and strangely the symbol of Mercury also in another spot somewhere else. Ishild is almost always seen wearing a dark blue jumpsuit and safety goggles for her mechanic jobs. However, if you catch her in between jobs, she will usually wear a sleeveless carmine turtleneck, her safety goggles though she doesn't need them, a long black skirt and brown leather, fur-lined boots.
[B]Personality:[/B] Unlike most mechanics that she has met at the Skycleaner, Ishild can be a social person when she is not talking to Maya or working on Zlota. It is part of the reason she continued to be a tattoo artist. Since she gets to know a lot of interesting people. Besides, it makes things a lot more interesting than just scavenging for parts. Ishild doesn't let her easy going nature ever get the best of her though, and she can be both serious and responsible when the situation calls for it. She is also a very tough woman, thanks to her upbringing outside of the Skycleaner.
[B]Background:[/B] Ishild was born somewhere outside of the Skycleaner. She was too young to remember her parents or what happened to them, and just barely remembers her home before Zlota found her traveling alone in the snow. Next thing Ishild knew, she woke up in a strange metal house, with a medic standing nearby. It was the Skycleaner. Ishild spent the rest of her childhood there learning how to fix Zlota and other Scraps and pieces of machinery. She also dabbled in inventing a little bit, although none of her creations made it past the prototype phase. She watched as childhood friends died thanks to sickness and snow, and then her teenage years ended. Finding a good amount of ink on a scavenge mission with Zlota, Ishild learned how to tattoo thanks to the help of a friend. She died shortly after this however, so Ishild carried on her tattooing hobby and even taught it to Zlota at one time. She is the one to thank for most of the tattoos on the Skycleaner. Then, after she had turned twenty-one, Ishild heard the cries of a child while she was out scavenging. She quickly wrapped the child and brought her into the Skycleaner. Ishild named her Maya Kane, and even though she was considered young herself, she raised Maya as her own. Now, five years later, Maya is seven and they both live and survive together as mother and sister.
[B]Why Are You Searching:[/B] Ishild would be fine without searching for the key, if it was just her and Zlota that she had to worry about. (Of course she would like to be free of the cold, but she would rather just work and survive instead of spending her life looking for a key that might not exist.) However, she now has Maya to care for. So for her sake, Ishild will keep searching for the key until she dies.[/COLOR]

[B][U]Scrap Sign Up[/U][/B]
[COLOR=Purple][B]Name:[/B] Zlota
[B]Age:[/B] Only seventy years old, by Ishild's guess
[B]Purpose:[/B] Search and rescue
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i32.tinypic.com/vo95qx.jpg"]Zlota[/URL] is almost seven feet tall, so she might seem a little intimidating if you meet her alone in the hallway. She has short black hair, although the length and color will change every few years depending on the materials that Ishild finds to replace it with. Hair might seem strange on something so machine, but Zlota asked for it from Ishild herself. She is also the one that asks for it to be changed. Besides all of this, Zlota is not very different from any other Scrap.
[B]Personality:[/B] Zlota is usually a bit quiet. But not because she is shy, like some humans were before the war. No, she just sometimes forgets that she has to speak to get her thoughts across. She prefers body language to spoken language, most likely because she couldn't talk for quite a long time until Ishild had fixed her up. She is overly cautious when it comes to the safety of others, although thanks to the limitations of her worn down gears and primitive power source, she is sometimes not as helpful as she would like to be. However, when it comes to her own life, she is always self sacrificing.
[B]Background:[/B] Judging by her speed, Zlota might have been a scout in the war against the humans. All she knows is she sees herself as a search and rescue scrap. She ended up in the Skycleaner after finding a young girl and rescuing her. The humans inside though didn't realize that she was a scrap with a heart however, and shot at her until she stopped moving. Then they found the child in Zlota's arms, who was luckily unarmed, and brought them both inside. Now Ishild takes care of all of Zlota's upgrades and maintenance.[/COLOR]
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I may need to make something very clear here folks:

Clockwork is NOT streamlined. It's bulky, it's complex. This isn't our world, it's a different world. Think steam powered. Steam punk would be a way to describe this. Technology is not what we have, electricity is unknown.

To the Scrap Characters: You are clockwork. Think old fashioned robots. While I have no problem with certain aspects such as cameras, speakers, radio blah blah, there is no electricity that YOU know of. Alot of the technology that the Scraps use is unknown and ancient. WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT. THE PAST IS FORGOTTEN.

To the human characters: You all seem to have done it well, but I want to make sure of something: Please no special powers. That is all.

[URL="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=60617"]PLEASE GOD READ THE BACKSTAGE AREA HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION![/URL]
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[color=darkblue][b]Name[/b] Lucy Nere
[b]Age:[/b] 22
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Profession:[/b] Scavenger
[b]Appearance:[/b][URL="http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c377/Rurouni922/reicopy.png"]Lucy's[/url] hair is a dark shade that seems to shine almost blue in some light. It extends to just below her somewhat pale lips. Lucy's got somewhat of a sharp face, and her sharp eyes accentuate that. Her eyes are dark reddish brown shade and often lay relaxed. While out scavenging, Lucy wears a very heavy coat and baggy pants to stay warm in the frigid temperatures.Accompanying these is a tan scarf that she wraps around her neck and mouth and a pair of boots that were made to survive the snow. When in the Skycleaner or the dorm she often doesn't care what she wears as she doesn't really care about clothes; she'll just grab whatever is around, or lack there of.
[b]Personality:[/b]Like some of the other "civillians" of the Skycleaner, Lucy's a very quiet person because of her loneliness. Ever since her parent's death aboard the Skycleaner her personality changed and she tended to bottle those emotions up, leaving a cold exterior, no pun intended. That's one of the reasons she decided to be a scavenger; time to be by yourself as you look for useful things. Although she's quiet, she doesn't mind being spoken too and is in fact very disciplined and obedient as well as loyal to those close to her.
[b]Background:[/b] Lucy was born and raised aboard the Skycleaner. She dormed with her mother, and the family often met up afterwards to do various things before her parents went out to scavenge the area for things useful to the inhabitants of the Skycleaner. Despite the hardships, Lucy had a fairly decent outlook on life and didn't really understand how drastic the situation the world was in; afterall, she didn't know anything else besides the winter. By the time she was around ten years old, both of her parents were killed when a wave of snow toppled onto them during a hunt. It was this time when Lucy took a change and started her lonesome life. At first, she avoided everyone as much as possible, but gradually just stopped caring. Lucy retained her quiet demeanor, but she didn't mind interacting with others. However, the way she acted, not many chose too. Lucy decided to be like her parents, and be a scavenger, not only did it give her more time to think by herself, but in a way she was possibly saving lives and preventing others from going through what she did. Around her twentieth birthday, something happened with the dorm situation and she was moved from her current dorm to another, which the inhabitants included a woman mechanic, a child, and what appeared to be some metal "being." They introduced themselves as Ishild, Maya, and the Scrap being Zlota. Over the next two years, Lucy was starting to come out of her "shell" after being around the three of them.
[b]Why are you Searching:[/b] Lucy searches for nearly the same reason she started being a scavenger. She doesn't want people to experience loss, or she wants it to happen as little as possible. Once she found there was a way to make this everlasting winter end, she eagerly hopped aboard.[/color]
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[SIZE="1"]Name: Grettel
Age: 46 (Deactivated for years, however.)
Purpose: Mechanical repair.
Appearance: Being made for repair work, Grettel has very long arms and dexterous hands that can fit into the smaller spaces of machines and other Scraps to repair delicate parts or the hard to reach. Grettel's slightly elongated neck allows her to see things from many view points, from which her eyes can zoom, calculate, and find potential damage and or spots where repair and mechanical malfunctions need to be corrected. Her body doesn't look quite as human as some Scraps, not as 'friendlied up' as others. The repair Scrap developed an odd quirk when she was reactivated, namely her need to constantly cover herself in any clothing she can find, often wrapping the material around every inch of herself she can reach. Often times Grettel can be found searching for old clothes and the like in storage rooms.

Personality: Grettel is still not accustomed to her own awareness, so communicating with other Scraps and humans is difficult. Most of the time she simply stays on the fringes of groups, watching their behavior. She keeps to herself unless it involves repair work or questions about mechanics. Since her reactivation however she is slowly coming out of her shell, learning to communicate with others. She is still somewhat awkward when it comes to conversing with humans.

Background: Grettel has no memory past her reactivation date, but there is evidence that she might have been in the war. Odd marks and holes adorn her exterior skeleton, leading many to believe that she may have been one of the many Scraps to fight in the war, although not for very long. She was brought on board the Skycleaner after being found, inactive, in the wastes.[/SIZE]
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(Alright, let me know if anything needs to be changed or clarified)

[COLOR="Purple"][B]Name[/B]: Vangelios
[B]Age:[/B] 78
[B]Purpose:[/B] Originally designed to retain supposedly important information that was implanted into him, which he assumed was for the purpose of reciting to a certain group or individual, that could make use of it. Currently in the sky cleaner, he has been designated the task of assisting the scavenger teams in the waste.
[B]Appearance:[/B] A large construct reaching a height of over eight feet tall, and weighing over a ton. Vangelios is a very sturdy and simple design, his body is overlapped by heavy metal plates made of a dense nickel alloy, which fall over his body like a metal cloak. The components that make up his head are encased in a heavy metal spire that juts from the neck of his protective plates, however, beyond the open vents of his “face” you can see the lens of a camera observing it’s environments. The heavy shell that surrounds Vangelios gives the impression that he was meant to have a knightly or even angelic appearance, yet Vangelios remains a cruel aberration of metal parts. Many of his parts have been refined with platinum metals such as iridium which has distorted some of his parts do to the complications in the use of these metals. Despite his great resistance the corrosion and harsh environments, his silvery sheen has quickly stained to a pale yellow with sanguine tinting. Poor refining and self-experimentation has left the structure under Vangelios’ plates an almost ineffable compilation of various metals stained a violent red color. Descriptions of this part of him are difficult due to Vangelios constant tampering with it, and has almost no consistency in build. The last feature of worthy notice are his arms, which are long enough that they could almost scrap the ground below, and fitted with rather articulate hands. Though his left hand has been rendered unusable through experimentation, so it has had it’s grip locked on a crude rod manufactured by Vangelios.
[B]Personality:[/B] Vangelios acts in a very stoic fashion, and the only real way anyone can perceive any sort of emotion in his words are when he uses flares his dialogue with grandiose phrases and words. When he is at his most flamboyant he will brandish his rod almost like a knight with a sword. With the great amount of knowledge that has been imputed into Vangelios’ memory, he has developed both a sense of destiny and confusion, eager to relay the contents of his mind to those who can use it, but frustrated at his lack of comprehension of the material. He has turned to the texts of many religions in order to help perceive this knowledge, and has obtained a spiritual way of thinking and a grand sense of hope. Though his spiritual enlightenment has distorted the knowledge implanted into him and has rendered it rather incomprehensible to those other that Vangelios, and this leads him to believe that the time of his revelation is yet still in the future. Unfortunately this has also lead to a rather unsettling sense of paranoia, with subconscious fears of following a false destiny and feelings of inadequacy, yet his hopeful insight often overshadows this. He also possesses a morbid curiosity of his own body, which leads to a compulsive desire to experiment with it, along with questionable results.
[B]Background:[/B] Vangelios was built in a facility near clay mine where a number of rare metals where uncovered and he was constructed to test the abilities of these elements. Vangelios was seen as a relative success and thus was uploaded with the knowledge of these metals as well as possible discoveries that might be ushered in from their use. Along with knowledge about societies workings, and an overwhelming amount of other things Vangelios was only able to memorize most of the content, but was unable to truly comprehend almost non of it. Once the war started, Vangelios became a participant, feeling dependant on humanity in order for him to have any sort meaningful existence, and he protected them with his life. In one particular instance he was damaged to a great extent and was forced to take shelter for repairs, and was deactivated until he woke up rather anew by the hands of the people living in the sky cleaner. When he relayed his information to the inhabitants of the sky cleaner they hardly managed to trace a word he said, so in order to make himself useful to then he had to take the undesirable job of scavenger so that he may simply live.

(Oh, if it makes things easier you can call him Van.)[/COLOR]
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