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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"][CENTER][b][i]2076, Global Warming not yet fully realized or even a concern due to ingenious solutions to the 'energy problem.' Some would say the world is closer to utopia than ever before, forgetting, perhaps momentarily, that human nature is still human nature. Greed is still a highly motivating factor, with pride, passion, and starvation only inches behind. As such the climate of San Francisco's bastions of organized crime is, shall we say, elevated somewhat. Unique innovations in technology and reawakening of alchemical and other 'magical' methodologies have changed the standards of living, as well as the everyday concerns people have. These days you're just as likely to be hit with a truck as you are by a trained gryphon. Alchemy has solved the once insurmountable problem of fresh water, and San Francisco is a slightly less desperate place these days.

That is unless you're in the sway or pay of one of the several Brotherhoods that permeate the city like the rats (They still haven't made a better rat trap). Your concerns would then be somewhat more pressing than the average citizen's. I.E. how to pay your debt plus the vig, how to coerce that prostitute from the Sisterhood of the Serpent into not calling your place of employment. Either way, you certainly can't fight them off. So time to pay the piper and eat your ego down to the point where you'd seriously consider joining them. Or at least establishing friendly and mutually beneficial relationships. Don't let the grue get you on the way out.[/i][/b]


[i][b]The Brotherhood of Eternal Repose; nickname: The Sleepers[/b]

Expansive territory, rigid hierarchical structure with the main Patriarch, The Bear General, acting as CEO of what could be considered by some to be a multinational corporation. Their interests involve imports and exports, as well as some organized fighting, gambling, and the medical businesses. This has lead to some spillover into drug markets, but that has always been a mildly touchy realm, given tensions between the Sleepers and the Brotherhood of the Jade Forest. They have a tenuous, but recently more warm agreement with the Sisterhood of the Serpent, given the Silver Fairy’s very excellent diplomacy and policy of détente that her father has been altogether too happy to allow her to pursue.

[b]The Sisterhood of the Serpent;[/b]

(Person of Interest/Playable)Lady of a Hundred Paces: owner of one of the most exclusive Serpent run brothels, efficient, neat, and also considered by many to be part demon. This may or may not be true, as such questions usually are never directed at the Lady herself. Granted she does appear to have a remarkably flat face, and canted eyes that may or may not be ...well... serpent like. Nobody knows, and nobody cares to find out for sure.

A very carefully maintained grouping of prostitutes and madams that functions very neatly within the greater expanse of various brotherhood’s territories. They do not tolerate violence towards their women unless it is in a controlled state, and do not use violence as a means to control their employees. However, they use violence to a terrific degree to control any intrusions into their territory, and, like their namesakes, can be somewhat poisonous. It is rumored that they have a heavy hand in the poison trafficking business as well as other forms of subterfuge and biological weaponry.

[b]The Brotherhood of the Jade Forest;[/b]

More like a business consortium than anything, this brotherhood favors decentralized power structures in order to boost productivity without fear of reprisals. The drug market is their area of expertise, and developing new versions of old favorites is a common past time, even amongst the highest ranked members. Generally considered by other organizations to be a mite unstable, the Jade Forest doesn’t seem to particularly care and goes on about their business of subverting other people’s wills through chemical means.

[b]The Brotherhood of Heavenly Peace;[/b]

A fighting brotherhood that owes fealty to the Sleepers but also has some autonomy due to some very shrewd political games played by their leader. The numerous underground and above board fighting rings under their ownership are notoriously well run and very carefully kept up. Deaths are uncommon in the ring, as the brotherhood does not allow any outside influence on their fighters.

[b]Free Agents;[/b]

...are just what they sound like. They act without any particular predictability and are generally focused on their own material and literal well-being. Some have allegiances and favors owed to different groups and relationships with more than one are not uncommon.

[b]The SFPD;[/b]

If you've joined the city's finest, odds are you are a complete schmooze and also a total sellout. If you're not corrupt it's only a matter of time, and if you're corrupt, your death is also only a matter of time. But since that goes for virtually everyone else too, that's not such a big deal. I hope you like doughnuts.


[b]Name[/b]: Silver Fairy
[size=1]Make sure you reference either an element, emotion, and/or flora and fauna that are native to China. Wiki is immensely helpful in this endeavor. And make sure you haven't picked a famous moniker from a kung fu movie.[/size]

[b]Birth Name[/b]: Ginling Ling-Sum
[size=1]Last name first.[/size]

[b]Sex:[/b] Female

[b]Age:[/b] 19
[size=1]With the zodiac, make sure it matches up. Yes, you will probably have to count.[/size]

[b]Zodiac Sign:[/b] Earth Tiger

[b]Social Status/Occupation[/b]: Stockholder in the Brotherhood of Eternal Repose’s holdings, Diplomat, Ambassador, Public Relations

[b]Affiliation(s)Notable Relationship(s)[/b]: Daughter of the Bear General, first cousin of the Lady of a Hundred Paces.

[b]Personality:[/b] Strong-willed and competitive, highly charismatic, and capable of adapting quickly to bizarre circumstances. Also taught to not show any truly negative emotions in public to avoid losing face. When in a more private setting, Ling has somewhat more riotous behavior, often flinging furniture and clothing while avoiding doing any long term damage to her personal property.
[size=1]Please note that your zodiac sign will affect your personality, read up. And for the love of plunder, don't give me an entire personality manifest.[/size]

[b]Biography/Motivation[/b]:The Bear General’s only progeny, a creature of both exquisite and delicate beauty and great cunning. She has a serious stake in his business, which she is somewhat responsible for while he is traveling internationally. Using her own appearance as well as her considerable influence to promote her family’s interests is more or less a matter of reflex to her as well as a never ending desire to find a suitable mate to cement her social status.
[size=1]Wow me with your ability write in coherent, pretty sentences. 200 word limit.[/size]

[size=1]Picture helpful, not necessary, real people or at least reasonably proportioned people please.[/size]

[b]Please note that the general tenor of this story will be reasonably mature, given the subject matter, the fact that it's me, and the part where it's relatively unbelievable to have gang members who do not engage in a certain amount of indecency. This is not to say that this will be a purely lewd or perverse story, but don't kid yourself into thinking it'll be suitable for people under the age of...oh...15.[/b][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Jade Servant of the August Personage (Jade Servant)

Birth Name: Liu Fenghui

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Zodiac Sign: Fire Rabbit

Social Status/Occupation: Negotiator, therapist, and errand boy for the Lady of a Hundred Paces at the behest of his Aunt.

Affiliation(s)Notable Relationship(s): Sisterhood of the Serpent. Former lover of the Lady of a Hundred Paces and nephew to Thousand Crane Mother also of the sisterhood.

Personality: A private individual, a bit introverted and withdrawn. Would rather work behind-the-scenes instead of being the center of attention in any situation. Do not misunderstand? he is not a recluse. In fact, he is a reasonably friendly individual who enjoys the company of a group of good friends whether at a business dinner or a holiday party. He just likes to be a part of the gang as opposed to the leader of it, although if called to action he will lead with conviction, albeit not zeal. At times, but very rarely he is prone to tantrums if everything gets too out of order for his lifestyle.

Biography/Motivation: A child prodigy excelling in mathematics and logic, Fenghui found himself adopted by his aunt and raised to be an academic. Speeding through compulsory school he went to the London School of Economics and subsequently left with a MSc degree in Applicable Mathematics when summoned by his aunt to go into the family business. Upon returning to San Francisco, he finished his graduate studies at Berkeley. When he earned his PhD in Psychology, he was barely 24. Loyal to his aunt and her doings he now investigates the brothels under her command, counseling and evaluating the various high dollar courtesans for her.
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[B][COLOR=darkorchid][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=sienna]Name[/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/B][COLOR=darkorchid][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=sienna]: Lady of a Hundred Paces (The Lady)[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid][B]Birth Name[/B]: MuRong Zhenzhen[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid][B]Sex:[/B] Female[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid][B]Age:[/B] 30[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid][B]Zodiac Sign:[/B] Fire Dragon[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid][B]Social Status/Occupation[/B]: Lady of a Hundred Paces, owner of one of the most exclusive brothels run by the Sisterhood, all around mysterious figure[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid][B]Affiliation(s)Notable Relationship(s)[/B]: Niece of the Bear General, first cousin of Water Fairy, High ranking member of The Sisterhood of the Serpent, has her fingers in everything she can get them in[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid][B]Personality:[/B] One doesn’t receive the title of Lady of a Hundred Paces for nothing. Zhenzhen is a power-hungry, dominant and ambitious woman, only settling for the best. Her climb to the top was all by her rules, as Zhenzhen doesn’t respect those set by others. Her fiery temper and recklessness have also gotten her into a couple of tight spots, but nothing her sheer dominance couldn’t deal with in a quick manner. [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid][B]Biography/Motivation[/B]: It was a simple start for The Lady. She used her cunning, her beauty and her sexuality to gain entrance into the brothel she now owns and slept her way to the top. Once she made it to the top, Zhenzhen, in an attempt to shed any resemblance with the girl she once was for those that did not know her, began using simple spells to change her looks. Using the glamour and the idea of the Sisterhood, Zhenzhen has given herself a rather demonic look, to strike fear into the hearts of those that oppose her and to remind those that work for her how powerful she really is. [/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=darkorchid][B]Appearance: [/B]see attchment due to size, her non-magicked appearence of course[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Edit: I hope it's okay that I applied for the Lady, if not, I can change some things. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[FONT="Tahoma"][b]Name[/b]: Crimson Steed

[b]Birth Name[/b]: Fei Wo Han

[b]Sex[/b]: Male

[b]Age[/b]: 26

[b]Zodiac Sign[/b]: Metal Horse

[b]Social Status/Occupation[/b]: Free agent loyal to money and other noteworthy rewards. Effective in many odd jobs, no aversion to killing, stealing, and deceiving to achieve his goal. Adept gambler.

[b]Affiliation(s)Notable Relationship(s)[/b]: Formerly of the Brotherhood of Heavenly Peace, leaving amidst controversy involving fight ring scams. Frequents the casinos and fight rings of The Brotherhood of Eternal Repose when off jobs (and sometimes on), has a somewhat mutual yet unstable relationship with the Bear General after performing several tasks for the brotherhood to implicate no connections when necessary. Claims no absolute loyalty to any group, but despises SFPD and has been blacklisted by the authorities.


Wo Han is a seemingly carefree wandering spirit who believes in his own survival and prosperity. He is witty and quick-thinking which allows him to worm his way out of some heavy situations and win over others with his charisma and deception. He can often be found alone when on jobs or with groups of woman he has no actual emotional connection to, and has a weakness for gambling whether it be the card tables or the fight rings. Enjoys making grand entrances, being flashy, and flaunting his physical agility and skills on his [URL="http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b191/Bklynstyles/nin.jpg?t=1262626565"][u]Ninja ZZR1400[/u][/URL]. When dealing with others he can be quite stubborn and has been known to go out of his way to earn himself a little extra here and there. All in all Wo Han is used to getting his way, and always has a smile on his face when doing so.


Wo Han's parents died when he was a teenager, and he was left on his own ever since. His rogue-like demeanor has put him in hot water with the SFPD several times including once conflict where he was put on the SFPD's most wanted list for killing a powerful Captain out of self-defense. He does not see the appeal in aligning himself only to one gang, only for seeing the potential for personal gain in spreading his services. He has dealt with the Brotherhoods of Eternal Repose, Jade Forest, and the Sisterhood of the Serpent before. He views Lady of a Hundred Paces somewhat awkwardly in the few times he has met with her, and prefers to avoid her in favor of her attractive and more easy to charm underlings.

While in a Brotherhood of Eternal Repose fight club one day, he was forced into an altercation after being accused of taking a cheap shot at one of the fighters on the sidelines. He caught the attention of an underling to the Bear General and was offered an opportunity for a couple of jobs that were best to be done by someone outside of the Brotherhood. The Bear General has offered audiences in person with Wo Han since his multiple successes and they have had a mutual understanding, though there is little genuine trust between the two. In addition the Bear General feels that Wo Han has motives in his mind concerning his daughter, Ling-Sum.



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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Jade Serpent

[b]Birth Name:[/b] Gan Xingba

[b]Age:[/b] 20

[b]Zodiac Sign:[/b] Fire Rat

[b]Social Status/Occupation:[/b] Male Prostitute, Escort, Enforcer, Bodyguard, and Spy.

[b]Affiliation/Notable Relationships:[/b] Sisterhood of the Serpent. One of few male prostitutes sold to and adopted by the Sisterhood of the Serpent in his early childhood. Jade was groomed by The Sisterhood to be an enforcer, disguised amongst the prostitute ranks; he is often selected as the Lady’s bodyguard during her social and business outings.

[b]Personality:[/b] Xingba is both calmly docile and fiercely passionate. In social situations, Xingba is known for his polite, passive demeanor and androgynous mannerisms. Bisexual, and highly attractive to both sexes, Xingba is also known for his ability to switch his sexual roles from domineering and powerful to delicate and submissive, whichever pleases his lover (or customer) most. Xingba maintains this duality of ferocity and docility during combat, depending upon the given situation. An extremely gifted melee fighter, Xingba is capable of both silent assassination and one-one-one close combat. Highly faithful to his mistress, The Lady of the Hundred Paces, Xingba takes true enjoyment in his job, along with everything it entails. Apart from his occupation, Xingba takes interest in the arts, particularly music and literature, and often quotes poetry, prose, and lyrics during conversation.

[b]Biography/Motivation:[/b] Xingba was sold very early in his childhood into the servitude of the Sisterhood of the Serpent under unclear circumstances, which must have in some part involved sex, money, or violence, or any combination of the three. Being as male children are rarely sold into their services, the Sisterhood took advantage of the young man’s potential and groomed him as both an assassin and an escort. Xingba, at first resistant, eventually bent to the will of the organization, and quickly took to the lessons he was taught. Due to the combination of talents and his striking beauty, Xingba has been used as both a high profile prostitute for the female and male costumers of the Sisterhood, as well as a skilled spy, assassin, and bodyguard. The mental and physical training that Xingba has undergone since childhood has turned him into a loyal agent of the Sisterhood of the Serpent. He lives in the service of humanity’s two greatest passions. Sex and violence.[/size]

[url=http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/26710305/miyavi.png]Xingba 1[/url]

[url=http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/3558/64746126d45eyf9.jpg]Xingba 2[/url]
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Name: Black Claw

Birth Name: Fei Xen

Age: 19

Zodiac Sign: Fire Tiger

Affiliations/Notable Relationships: Sisterhood of the Serpent. He is one of the few Exotics they possess, and paired with his various skills he's a treasure they soon won't part with, even with his personality quirks.

Social Status/Occupation: Performer, prostitute, spy, information broker, assassin. For the most part, he is the beast they unleash when they want something handled, and handled in a messy manner.

Xen exudes pure emotional intensity and is always on the hunt for a new and exciting love conquest. Beware of if he sets his sights on you, he has explosives.

Watch out boys he'll chew you up and spit you out.

Fighting off an approach from Xen is like trying to protect your privacy against the patriot act, resistance is futile. You can try to resist his unique style of in-your-face charm and you may even succeed, but you will be kicking your own ass later for not hopping on the Vespa.

...he's a man eater.

If you do find yourself spending a night with Xen you should expect on remembering about half of the experience. It will go so fast and end so quick you will be lucky to make it into his email list.

In spite of the meticulously honed aggression and confidence Xen portrays, he can also be very vulnerable. So what is the Xen kryptonite? Innocence and submission. Xen believes in the Drew Barrymore of Adam Sandler movies. If you can convince Xen that you are pure of heart and soul you just might be able to get a copy of the AmEx.

Xen usually carries a fantasy checklist in his wallet and is usually just waiting for the oppurtunity to cross another one off. Xen won't mess around when he wants to get it on. You will know. You also won't likely get much say in how it will be going down. Xen will take control and you will be forced to give in or call the cops.

Good luck with that.

What to expect on a date with Xen:

- Mass quantities of Red Bull or speed.
- Drum and Bass or Jungle.
- Clubs and bars followed by a bar and a club. Hey DJ.
- Non-stop seduction. That never stops.
- Lots of awkward introductions with old "friends".
- Lots of great introductions to potentially new friends.
- Not spending a nickel, unless you get a defective one.
- Possibility of 3 or 4 ways.
- Sex in any location that you replied you haven't had it.
- A "Need for Speed" inspired ride home.

Biography/Motivation: Xen's past is a complete mystery to all but the oldest and highest ranking members of the Sisterhood. However, to those whom Xen is closest to, he will confide in them completely. As a young child, his mother belonged to the Sisterhood, and she slipped out of the major loops, sitting back as a means to guide the Sisterhood in a leadership position. However, the father was a high ranking police officer, and when he found out he had a child, he took many of his closest allies trusted men to a safe house belonging to Xen's mother. He wanted her and Xen dead. For what reason, no one ever knew. Xen's mother was killed in the ensuing gun fight, as well as all but the dirty cop who killed her. Xen was only five at the time.

Xen was immediately brought into the ranks and folds of the Sisterhood, he having seen the darkest of mankind. However, he proved remarkably talented, and some questioned if his mother hadn't already been teaching him the ways of the warrior and the ways of powerful magics. Xen, in but a few years, managed to bypass security in the police station, he holding a small teddy bear, his clothing ripped and dirty. The police officer, it was said, was a pedophile and liked little boys. Xen was the perfect age then, and an inviting target. The cop soon learned the ultimate price for corruption as Xen slit his throat.

Since, Xen has been uncontrollable, unpredictable, andfar more wild than the Sisterhood could possibly imagine. He serves as their leading weapon against anyone who even thinks of crossing them, for death at the hands of Xen is a more frightening thought than any other assassin. The sisterhood usually allows him to do as he pleases, out of fear of retribution if they don't. Many others within the ranks of the Sisterhood fear him, having heard of his willing attittude to slaughter anyone who betrays the Sisterhood. His alleigence seems true, and he has always turned a kind face to the children brought into the fold. Often, he occupies his time overseeing them, making sure they are well taken care of.

Appearence: [IMG]http://i680.photobucket.com/albums/vv167/K_a_y_i_t_a/Asian%20Boys/img234.jpg[/IMG]
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[SIZE=1]This is essentially a commitment post. I have a design in my head but have been occupied with trivial things lately, such as Resident Evil 5.[/SIZE]

[FONT=Calibri][B]Name:[/B] Serpent's Tongue

[B]Birth Name:[/B] Gabriel Yu[/FONT][SIZE=1] (order deliberate; Gabriel is only half Chinese)[/SIZE]

[FONT=Calibri][B]Sex:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Zodiac Sign:[/B] Earth Snake

[B]Status/Occupation:[/B] Information Broker

[B]Affiliation:[/B] Free Agent, depending on treatment received.

[B]Personality:[/B] Slippery and smooth. Gabriel can be as suave as the best high-class gentleman and as harsh and uncaring as he feels you deserve, and he gives as good as he gets. Go out of your way to tread on him and expect your fortune to quickly deteriorate. Show him respect and you may see favors more willingly given.

[B]Biography/Motivation:[/B] Gabriel was conceived to an American call girl and discarded at a Chinese soup kitchen almost immediately. Though he was fortunate enough to be taken in and nurtured, he was always an outcast, a half-breed—a ‘chink’, to the less polite. Gabriel never developed the physique to silence his tormentors through straightforward means, and so as he grew older he turned more and more information as defense.

Eventually he realised that the knowledge he acquired and contacts he developed had more than a personal worth, and he began to push for it, making himself invaluable to the right people and indispensable to the wrong. His network is far-reaching and well-hidden, making use of others looked down upon or taken for granted. He calls himself Pi-his’ Mouth, but those who do not respect him refer to him as the more commonly heard Serpent’s Tongue . . . if they grace him with [I]that[/I].


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[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=Black]I'll throw up the rest later D, neighbour died suddenly and the funeral is tonight.
Name[/B]: N/A (Sometimes impolitely referred to as "Fucking Besson")

[B]Birth Name[/B]: Sebastien "Bastien" Besson

[B]Sex:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 34

[B]Zodiac Sign:[/B] Water Dog

[B]Social Status/Occupation[/B]: Detective Lieutenant SFPD

[B]Affiliation(s)Notable Relationship(s)[/B]: SFPD, SFPD Internal Affairs, some Free Agents

[B]Personality: [/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=1]?The law exists only as long as there are men to enforce it.?

Bastien is marked by his grave nature as well as being perceptive, deductive and highly-intelligent. Forced to stay one step ahead of the corruption through quick-thinking and adaptability he has managed to bring down several elements within the criminal sector. Somewhat cynical, he is as honourable and honest as his position allows him to be, and as close to a good cop as the city is going to get.

[B]Biography/Motivation:[/B] A cargo container headed east, a kid of fourteen, a capital city left with too many districts alight after years of riots and military counter-strikes. The choice wasn?t hard to make. His mother had tucked a roll of currency in his pocket with a last desperate embrace; he had no idea what it would be worth, a couple of meals, maybe a place to sleep.

Three years of drifting and surviving brought him to San Francisco in 2057, an underfed boy having grown into a lean, hard man. Like their east-coast brothers, perhaps even more so, the SFPD didn't give a damn who or what you were so long as you the dollars to maintain their apathy. It became an unconscious reaction to just hand them the cash without asking.

He found the body in a dumpster, shot once, the wound indicating he?d been on his knees when it happened. More importantly the dead man?s clothes were clean and just about his size. Rifling through the pockets he found an SAPD application, though what caught his eye was the fact it was blank but had acceptance and processing marks on it. Something like this was expensive, more than he?d earn in year. Another easy decision.

Nobody asked his name when he?d handed in the completed form, a woman in her forties had taken a glance at him, then at the markings on the form and punched in the information into the screen in front of her. He?d bussed out with a group of other cadets later that week, forgetting his old life and everything in it.
[/SIZE] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=Black]
[B]Appearance: [IMG]http://zeitgeistglee.250free.com/Sleepers.jpg[/IMG]
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Name: N/A

Birth Name: Hua Xiu

Sex: Female

Age: 22

Zodiac Sign: Wild Boar

Social Status/Occupation: SFPD Takedown Squad Member

Affiliation/Notable Relationships: SFPD, unknown if associated with other factions within the city.

Personality: People are a little frightened of what appears at first glance to be a bubbly, sparkly, and air headed cheerleader type. And while Xiu may be a bubbly, sparkly and seemingly air headed cheerleader type, chaos, mayhem and destruction have a tendency to follow her around wherever she goes. Charming and sweet, she's a bouncy china girl and fighting for what she believes is justice. She can always get out of trouble with a smile and a twirl, even if she's feeling less than perky. She uses her demeanor as a psycological tactic in this city, as because of this, people often underestimate her with dire consequences.

Biography/Motivation: Xiu is one of the few police officers who isn't a wash out or a sell out. She can't be bought by money, or swayed by politics. She has no family, and no real home half the time. She's immensely wealthy; her job as a cop is just something to help her pass the time and to help her make a difference in the world for the better.

Xiu was orphaned as a baby, and so grew up in an orphanage. She learned quickly to always keep a smile on her face, and always be tough. Weakness is just not her style. She became a cheerleader in high school, and often used her agility and strength in street brawl fights to win money growing up. As such she often saw the darker side of life. She knows all too well the price when the various factions within the city have gang wars, she's been in the middle of more than one and lost many friends to them.

Xiu decided to become a police officer to help lower the crime rate, which is perhaps a naive concept, but one she's willing to keep going for. For her personally, if she can keep even one child from going through what she had to endure, her life has meaning. After becoming an officer, she was quickly assigned to the Takedown Squad, a special department within the SFPD that was created specificly to handle the more powerful and violent criminals in the city. Xiu has on more than one occasion been single handedly responsible for uprooting and eliminating many of the worst criminals, though now has her sights set on taking out the city's most notorious power players. Included in her little black book of felons are Fei Xen, Gan Xingba, Ginling Ling-Sum, Fei Wo Han, Liu Fenghui, and MuRong Zhenzhen. The leaders of all of the factions are within her little black book. Xiu feels that by taking them all down, she might shake the criminal world to its very foundation, thus dealing a blow that it might never be able to recover from.

Appearence: [IMG]http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt303/DRAGONHUESO/Queen%20of%20fighters%20sexy%20cosplay/mai29.jpg[/IMG]

(yes, i know she looks like a chun-li rip off but that wasn't why i picked it as her appearence.... she's pretty.)
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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Name: Yellow Plum

Birth Name: Yang Meili

Sex: Female

Age: 28

Zodiac Sign: Earth Dragon

Social Status/Occupation: Madam, Former Prostitute

Affiliation(s) Notable Relationship(s): One-time colleague of the Lady of a Hundred Paces when they were both still prostitutes, the two are still civil to one another, and, in fact, Meili feels that the Lady owes her a favor.

Personality: Meili thoroughly enjoys the excitement and danger surrounding her, and over the years, she has learned how to keep her hands in the pool without getting wet. After her years as a prostitute, her ego has grown, and she looks down on most everyone around her; however, she has a soft spot for those she considers beautiful.

Biography/Motivation: Raised primarily by her poor father, Meili entered the prostitution industry as a means to live an easier life. However, upon entering the industry, she discovered the intrigue and peril of being affiliated with the Sisterhood of the Serpent. The danger, though, excited young Meili, and she sought ways to incite it. During her career as a prostitute, Meili was one of the highest earners. That, coupled with her shrewd business sense, assured her position as a Madam of one of the more prominent brothels. Once becoming a Madam, Meili went through several procedures to enhance her abilities. One of these procedures altered her saliva into a poisonous substance.

Appearance: [/FONT]
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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]Starting Monday, the Sleepers will officially begin, however sign ups will remain open as inclusions into the story at later dates are not entirely impossible.

Plus, they make perfect sense in context when explained properly. Business trip, jail time, etc. And even if you are already signed up, you don't have to start out at the same time or place as other characters. How lucky you are.

Look to the Underground thread to see if your sign up was in fact accepted.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#0147FA][B]Name-[/B] Zhang Long Mu [Named after the Mother of Dragons]
[B]Alias-[/B] Flying Dragon Crane
[B]Sex-[/B] Female
[B]Age/Zodiac Sign-[/B] 28/ Earth Dragon
[B]Social Status/Occupation-[/B] Free Agent; Ambassador; Owner of Huang Long [Yellow Dragon] Tea House
[B]Affiliation(s)/Notable Relationship(s)-[/B] Although a Free Agent, Long Mu was once part of the [B]Brotherhood of Heavenly Peace[/B]; Family friend to Silver Fairy and Bear General

[B]Personality-[/B] Long Mu is a self-assured and proud woman, supportive and admired. One of very few who uphold the traditions of old China thus making her a loyal, proud and noble person. Though she may appear rational and level-headed, she has a tendency to be dogmatic, violent, and brash. In more times than less, this leads to a variety of unreported “accidents”.

[B]Biography/Motivation-[/B] Where there was peace, there was war...except in Long Mu’s tea house. It was a place of solitude and quiet, camaraderie and brotherhood. The Zhang clan extended the Huang Long tea house from China to San Francisco, creating one of the most widely known franchises not owned by a Brotherhood or Sisterhood. However this may be, the Huang Long tea house is a reflection of Zhang Long Mu- how she presents herself shows how the tea house is presented.

[B]Appearance-[/B] [img]http://nd03.blog.cz/853/093/4de4108043_54957001_o2.jpg[/img][/size][/color]
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Obsidian Butterfly

[b]Birth Name:[/b]
Tseng Zhen-Yin



[b]Zodiac Sign:[/b]
Earth Tiger

[b]Social Status/Occupation:[/b]
Prostitute, Linguist, Spy

[b]Affiliation(s)Notable Relationship(s):[/b]
Sisterhood of the Serpent, Lady of a Hundred Paces' personal ?whipping post?

Zhen-Yin has a very single-minded approach to anything; she stays focused easily. Her wild streak occurs in her tendency to play a deceptive submissive in the bedroom and her strongly masochistic tendancies. She has a sharp tongue that she frequently doesn't remember to shut up; this often gets her in trouble with her clients. Her apologies are always sincere, but watch for the flicker of amusement and mischief in her eyes ? she's usually up to no good.

She holds no motivation excepting the thirst for knowledge; this means people, language, arts of all sorts. Zhen-Yin strives ever to be closer to the Lady in hopes of higher knowledge. With no family remaining (that she knows of), she has nothing to hold her back from her goals. She voluntarily entered the Sisterhood as a spontaneous gesture, seeking to better herself and earn enough money to get by on. What she had not counted on was the notoriety of the madam she chose and her ability to incur love and passion from her ?children?. Instead of an obligation to live, Zhen-Yin found herself bound to the brothel and the sisterhood of her own free will and has never once looked back.

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