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[font="Calibri"]Rules for this thread are simple, and fall under two categories.

[/font][indent][font="Calibri"][b]What to bring up.[/b][/font]
[font="Calibri"][list][*][u]The car, or cars, that make you drool:[/u] Sport cars, muscle cars, old cars, concept cars, trucks, bikes, choppers, crotch rockets; if it has wheels and doesn't fly it's fair game. I want to know what you could stick in your garage that would let you wake up every morning, walk down to it and giggle because you own it.[*][u]Pictures of said car(s):[/u] Show off them chassis. Please, though, be conscious of fellow browsers and link to those delicious, pornographically-large pinups you find.[*][u]Discussion of various cars and/or tastes:[/u] You got an opinion about a make or model or year, lay it on us. This is a thread for car-o-philes, so just cut loose.[/list][/font][/indent]
[indent][font="Calibri"][b]What [color="#ff0000"]not[/color] to bring up.[/b][/font]
[font="Calibri"][list][*][u]Responsible selections:[/u] If your 'fantasy' could in any way be summarised by the phrase "This car is my dream car because it is a reliable, safe, economically-conscious, environmentally-friendly, financially-responsible vehicle and I really don't need anything else," then get the hell out. This is a thread about your fantasy, not your practicality.[*][u]The El Camino or the Pinto:[/u] I think this goes without saying. But in case some troll out there decided to pretend like he thought he was funny, I'll go ahead and say it.[/list][/font][/indent][font="Calibri"]

So let's kick this thing off.

And because we're in the realm of the utter make-believe right now, my first entry will be the Aston Martin [url="http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z158/Allamorph/Misc/photos/DBSVolante.jpg"]DBS Volante[/url]. I first discovered the Aston Martin in some Bond-related thing or otherâ??probably a movie although I have a distinct recollection of something selectableâ??when they were still using the Vanquish as their flagship . . . um, car. So to speak. (Flagcar?) I rediscovered them at some point last fall, I believe, when I was rummaging around for high-brow car makes for a game of [color="#8b0000"]Raiha's[/color] that I'd joined, and although I did use it for the character at first, the more I looked at it the more I decided that I would very much like to own it. The only downside about it, I think, is that I can't shake the thought that it bears a slight and odd resemblance to the Chrysler Sebring, which is a touch depressing. However, it's still gorgeously sleek, and it's a freaking Aston Martin, so what are you going to do?

My other thought, and one which I have shared probably several times before, is pretty specific. It's an American muscle car, the [url="http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z158/Allamorph/Misc/photos/70stingray.jpg"]1970 Corvette Stingray[/url]. (Well. To be honest, the year is actually more like 1968-1971. I was going to just up and say 1971 but the best photo which I could find and which was labeled properly said 1970 so whatever.) This car is, to me, the epitome of voluptuous body design. I actually saw it first in the (super-fun) Nintendo 64 game Vigilante 8, under the label of Manta for legal issues and humor (they renamed the Gremlin to Leprechaun), and thought it was a made-up body design until I saw one driving around one day. It is without exception and without fail the only car that can make me turn my head [i]and[/i] utter "...nnnh," as it drives by.

Hit me up.
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My first favorite car was the Corvette, but I never really liked any of the older cars. I like the more recent shiny, sleek cars. But my favorite Corvette would have to be the [url="http://www.autos4fast.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Chevrolet-Corvette-Z06-4.jpg"]Z06[/url]. And I just saw a picture of the 2011/2012 Corvette and it is turning into a Lamborghini. ._.

And my second favorite car, the [url="http://supercartrends.com/Lamborghini-Murcielago-supercar.jpg"]Lamborghini Murcielago[/url], was introduced to me by Need for Speed: Most Wanted. That NfS game has a lot of nice cars. =D I even like the Dodge Viper and the Ford GT, even though I am not a Ford fan (Chevrolet fan all the way).

Some time in the future...I will get a Corvette... Don't know when, but I will get one. (Or a Lamborghini, but those are way more expensive)
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I would like to have a [url="http://static.cargurus.com/images/site/2009/01/12/19/59/1988_ferrari_testarossa-pic-36301.jpeg"]Ferrari Testarossa[/url] even though it's hardly my style of vehicle.  I think a [url="http://www.supercars.dk/cars/hummer/wallpapers-hummer-h2.jpg"]Hummer[/url] would be more my style.  

If you want to know about my actual "Dream Machine" I'd like a customized job similar to this one:


Mine would be jacked up like that but it'd have big smokestacks like a semi's and a pair of bull horns mounted on the hood.  Naturally there'd be a custom pain job to go along with it.  Flames on the hood and the words "The Short Bus" written across the side.   Edited by The Tentacle
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This car is my dream car because it is a reliable, safe, economically-conscious, environmentally-friendly, financially-responsible vehicle and I really don't need anything else.

[spoiler][size=3]AAAH JOKES NO I WANT THIS [url=http://www.geekologie.com/2008/02/01/splash-car-1.jpg]BAD BOY[/URL]. Zoom zoom!!! And of course SPLASH SPLASH. How cool?[/spoiler][/size] Edited by Vicky
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[font="Comic Sans MS"][url="http://www.whitehousemuseum.org/images/AF1/Air_Force_One_over_Mt._Rushmore.jpg"]This thing[/url].

In all seriousness, though. I am infatuated with Vespa scooters. I'm hoping it's not just from watching too much FLCL, but I'm a huge nerd and it seems like a nerdy thing to drive, so naturally I want one.

[img]http://www.chilebkn.info/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Vespa_19702.jpg[/img][/font] Edited by The Professor
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[size="1"]My favorite dream car has always been a Lamborghini Diablo. I love super cars, mmm, delicious. But I also like others. My boyfriend has introduced me to Top Gear, an amazing show, lol. There are others.

[url="http://media.photobucket.com/image/lamborghini%20diablo/ypx3/Diablo_GT_01.jpg"]Lamborghini Diablo[/url]

My boyfriend's love is the Ferrari F430, while in Chicago we past a show room of some sort; with Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, and other equisite beauties. He saw the Ferrari F430 and proceeded to hump the glass.

[url="http://www.zcars.com.au/userimages/hamannf430spider01.jpg"]Ferrari F430[/url][/size]
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[url="http://www.carinsurancecomparison.com/Images/Ford-Mustang.jpg"]Mustang's[/url] and [url="http://www.carinsurancecomparison.com/Images/Chevy-Camaro-Bumblebee.jpg"]Camaro's[/url] have pretty much always been my kind of car, but I must admit that I didn't start falling for the Camaro until I saw Bumblebee.

But at the moment my dream car is still and probably will always be until I get one, [url="http://rds.yahoo.com/_ylt=A0WTefcddwRNcGUAchyjzbkF/SIG=12jucpv3a/EXP=1292224669/**http%3a//farm4.static.flickr.com/3515/3457687337_0d181cb9a2_o.jpg"]67 Shelby GT 500[/url] aka Eleanor. Yep, Gone in 60 Seconds introduced me to my dream car. That's probably the only oldschool car I would actually get because I prefer the new shiny stuff.

Before the Camaro's and Mustangs my dream car was the Viper but I just don't like the look of it these days. If I go the import route the [url="http://cars.88000.org/wallpapers/70/Nissan_Skyline_GT-R_R34.jpg"]Skyline R34[/url] would be a top contender for my dream car as well.

I'm a fan of speed, power and muscle lol.

It's also good to see another Top Gear fan as well, although it's been hard for me to catch it since I don't know the times it suppose to come on. Edited by Magus
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[quote name='SaiyanPrincessX' date='11 December 2010 - 06:20 PM' timestamp='1292116853' post='702663']

Ah, the Zonda. Easily one of the most exquisite to behold vehicles EVER.

That said, my dream car is old school muscle. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS (blue, with white rally stripes).


I don't know exactly what it is. I really could not tell you. But I love these cars.
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Aston Martin Vanquish


Pagani Zonda R

Nissan Skyline R34


My current vehicle is also one of my dream cars...

My Nissan 350z

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my dream car? Is this:


or maybe this?


how about this?


Yes, I am slightly morbid. But hey, these are awesome!
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